It is an Ilocano term meaning “celebration of abundance”. This dance features women balancing on their heads a banga or clay pot which they use to fetch water from the river or well, or in which to cook rice. The dance culminates with the women laying stomach down on stage, and rolling from side to side, all while balancing the pot.

Binuyugan Festival A festival that celebrates the arrival of the “Maitum”, an Ilocano-speaking community, at Sarangani Province. It is the biggest event in the country which specifically use the traditional Ilocano dance.

The Maitum The term refers to the black stones of the Saub River. It has been a local folklore that the stones became black when the princess and her lover went through the said river when they were escaping the princess’ father who disapproved their union. It is a visayan term meaning “Black”. They are internationally famous for the “Maitum Anthropomorphic Potteries, ancient burial jars that look like humans. These were found at the Ayub Cave.


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