What is the text structure (e.g., narrative, expository)? What clues help me know this? What questions will the text answer? What questions do I have for this text? What clues does the cover (title, cover art, author) offer? What does the contents page tell me? What do the physical aspects (size, length, print size) of the book tell me? Is the author familiar? What do I know about the author? What connections can I make? Is the topic familiar? What do I know about the topic? What connections can I make? What clues do the genre and writing style provide for me? Is there a summary? What does it help me know? What does the information on the book jacket tell me? Summary of what I now know about the text:

Guided Comprehension: A Teaching Model for Grades 3-8 by Maureen McLaughlin and Mary Beth Allen. IRA, 2002. (May by copied for classroom use.)