Culinary suggestions for Tim Horton’s

February 2, 2007

Soup sampling
• Wicked Thai

Puff pastry items
• Chunky beef and vegetable pot pie with a puff pastry topping

• Chunky chicken and vegetable in puff pastry cases

The Classics with a twist
• Macaroni and aged cheddar cheese served neat. • Chicken a la king with leeks over steamed rice. • Beef stroganoff with portabello mushrooms over noodles.

• Beef bourguignon served on garlic mash potatoes • Chicken tikka masala served on steamed basmati rice • Southwest chicken topped with a cornmeal crust

Just for fun!
• Mushroom cappuccino - Verve triple mushroom fusion • V8 caviar • Whipped ice cream

Extreme Creativity

Soup and salad Moto restaurant- Chicago

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