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Good Darkness

Good Darkness

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Published by Arika Dodani

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Published by: Arika Dodani on Dec 01, 2011
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Good Darkness Ever saw any slasher at the age of five when your parents had clearly told

you not to watch? You did, didn’t you? It’s a primitive human nature to explore the dark side as our curiosity of not knowing eats us up from the inside. I remember I have sneaked watched several horror movies. After you watch a for example boogieman, did you just calmly get up, walk in the dark and fell asleep? It is very common to have nightmares about those. But yet people do not stop. Of course many might chichen outt during the movie or watch with a companion to cling on in case that boogieman jumped out of the screen and scared the living daylights out of you. Watching those frightening characters which you all know are only a bunch of masked or horrifyingly painted actors playing their part but the faces somehow imprint in your mind and than is when you have your first sleepless night where you cuddle in you sheets, afraid of that characters might being in your room watching you. Many researchers quote that this is the onset of any mental disorder or let us say Achluophobia (fear of darkness). You are afraid to walk alone as you might be afraid of let us say jigsaw waiting in dark in his pig mask waiting to kidnap you and than tying upo up in a freak game where he would like to‘play a game’. Or could be that little daughter from The ring waiting in cupboard for you. Ethically I should not really mention all those scenarios as some of you might have somewhat forgotten or partially coped with it and my reminder may trigger it off. It would not make any difference to you though if are; extremely religious and believe that god is all the time looking after you, if those characers never managed to scare you at all; if you made peace with your fears once and for all. Now since we have taken Achluophobia as an example, why not take a step ahed and explore it? You cant just cure it by keeping the lights on and having a good night sleep? This greatly affects your everyday functionality. You cannot focus at your work or in your class. you are no longer confident about yourself, not motivated to try something new, always hesitant and even cognitive activities are lower as compared to your peers. This in turn affects your social life, relationships and especially your own personal health. If a stress can increase your blood pressure and give you attacks and heart burns than what makes you think this phobia wont? Darkness is not really a never endingy abyss or like a bottomless pit where you get lost and come across ominous things, rthoretically speaking. It is a situation of no light or in our case little light. If you notice, whenever you enter into any dark room, your eyes adjust to the change snd you see dark grey shapes which would seem colorfull in case pof light. After some time more, you would see more clearly. Just like cats, you can walk through the darkness and you will see everything was they way it should be, just desaturated, and before you know it, you will familiarize with the darkness. That was step one. Now step two will be to actually look for those scary characters. What Mary did wa

One thing we can stop for this fear for this fear of darkness to sow is to rip off the roots by making friends with darkness. It can be used as a camouflage. The scary characters were talking like civilized people and also talking about what they are wearing and how that describes that ghost or that monster.that she searched online and looked at the behind the screen or making of those scary moies and found that the cast and crew along with that bad guys were digging tnto pastrami sandwiches and laughing together. Ofcourse we are no longer afraid of vampires and werewolves. it helps one person to sleep . vampire diaries and twilight saga have taken care of that problem.

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