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M60 Main Battle Tank

M60 Main Battle Tank

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M60 Main Battle Tank


M60 Main Battle Tank
Gary's Combat Vehicle Reference Guide

GENERAL DATA M60 Country of USA Origin Role Main battle tank Date Of 1960 Introduction 1962 1974 1979 M60A1 M60A2 M60A3

Crew 4 (commander, driver, gunner, loader) Combat Weight 50.5 tons (45.8 mt) 57.6 tons (52.2 mt) 11.4 psi (0.80 kg/cm²) 31 ft (9.4 m) 11.9 ft (3.6 m) 10.5 ft (3.2 m) 57 tons (51.7 mt) 13.2 psi (0.93 kg/cm²) 24.1 ft (7.3 m) 11.9 ft (3.6 m) 10.9 ft (3.3 m) 57 tons (51.7 mt) 11.4 psi (0.80 kg/cm²) 31 ft (9.4 m) 11.9 ft (3.6 m) 10.5 ft (3.2 m)

Ground 10.8 psi (0.76 Pressure kg/cm²) Length, Overall Width, Overall Height, Overall 30.5 ft (9.3 m) 11.9 ft (3.6 m) 10.5 ft (3.2 m)

Ground 16 in (406 mm) Clearance PERFORMANCE M60, M60A1, M60A2, M60A3

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1/10/2011 2:44 PM

HEAT-MP. Applique Armor N/A Explosive N/A Reactive Armor Active Protective N/A System NBC Protection Gas particulate filtration System Smoke N/A Equipment Engine smoke generator Four smoke grenade launchers (M226 smoke grenades) on each side of turret bustle ARMAMENT M60.62mm M219 machine gun . M60A1: M140 mount Coaxial to main gun Turret cupola M60A2 Type 152mm M162 gun-launcher 7.M60 Main Battle Tank http://www. 33 conventional rounds. 12-cylinder 750 hp (559 kw) diesel Transmission Detroit Diesel Allison CD850 series. manual loading M60: M116 mount.inetres.M87 mount. 2 speed forward. manual loading Coaxial to main gun Turret cupola Engine smoke generator.html Engine Continental AVDS-1790 series turbosupercharged. M60A1 Type 105mm M68 rifled gun 7.50 Cal M85 machine gun Mount Turret.50 Cal M85 machine gun Mount Turret .000 900 2 of 7 1/10/2011 2:44 PM . 1 speed reverse Range 310 miles (500 km) Fuel Capacity 375 gal (1. HE 6. APERS-T.2 m) Grade 60% Side Slope 30% PROTECTION M60 M60A1 M60A2 M60A3 Cast homogeneous armor steel hull and turret. APFSDS-T. fuel injection.419 l) Road Speed 30 mph (48 km/h) Reverse Speed 5 mph (8 kph) Cross Country ? Speed Swim Speed N/A Fording Depth 4 ft (1. Armor Cast homogeneous armor steel hull and turret. 90° "V" type. Six smoke grenade launchers (66mm L8A1 smoke grenades) on each side of turret Typical Ammo Load 63. APDS-T. HEAT 6.62mm M73 machine gun . aircooled.com/gp/military/cv/tank/M60. Turret has Kevlar spall lining.000 900 Typical Ammo Load 13 Shillelagh guided missiles.

and braking unit.html M60A3 Type 105mm M68 rifled gun 7. Vehicle Engine Exhaust Smoke System (VEESS) M60A1. steering. manual loading Coaxial to main gun Turret cupola FIRE CONTROL M60 Fire Control ? System Main Gun N/A Stabilization Rangefinder Stereoscopic Infrared Yes Searchlight Yes. The vehicles are powered by air-cooled compression ignition engines. and tank commander. The vehicles are supported by a torsion-bar suspension system. heavily armored combat vehicles operated by a four-man crew: driver. gunner.62mm M240 machine gun . The VEESS operates by tapping fuel from the outlet of the engine driven fuel pump on the front of the engine downstream from the fuel/water separator. Fuel is then injected into the left and right exhaust pipes upstream of the turbochargers at a rate of approximately 1 gal/rein. The M9 bulldozer installed on the M60-series tank will increase the vehicle weight by 4. APERS-T.04 mt).M60 Main Battle Tank http://www.50 caliber M85 machine gun Mount Turret. with RISE Coincidence N/A ? Yes Laser M60A1 M60A2 M60A3 Typical Ammo Load 63. The fuel is then routed through a manual shut-off valve and through two solenoid valves at the rear of the engine. VARIANTS M60 (NSN 2350-00-678-5773) 3 of 7 1/10/2011 2:44 PM . Raw fuel injected into each hot turbo is instantly vaporized and a dense white cloud of smoke is emitted from the exhaust stacks.inetres. M60A1 (RISE). APFSDS-T.45 tons (4.000 900 NOTES The M60-series tanks are full-track-laying. HEAT 6. Power is transmitted to the final drive through a cross drive transmission differential. and to improve combat survivability. APDS-T.com/gp/military/cv/tank/M60. loader. and M60A3 tanks were modified during the 1980's to provide vehicles with smoke screen capabilities for tactical purpose.

M60A1 (RISE) (NSN 2350-00-116-9765) 1971-1977. Hydraulic brake system.html 1960. Full Tracked: 105-MM Gun. See data above. Changes include: Redesigned turret and commander's cupola. Mechanical brake system.948 M60A1s were built.com/gp/military/cv/tank/M60.M60 Main Battle Tank http://www. M60A1". Combat. Reliability Improved Selected Equipment (RISE) engine. See data above. Stereoscopic rangefinder. Combat. M60A1 (RISE)". "Tank. M60". "Tank. 4 of 7 1/10/2011 2:44 PM . Original production model. T-bar steering device. Electrical computer. Combat.inetres. Additional armor protection. Full Tracked: 105-MM Gun.205 M60s were built. gun stabilization system. Coincidence rangefinder. M60A1 (NSN 2350-00-756-8497) 1962. A total of 7. "Tank. A total of 2. Steering wheel. Full Tracked: 105-MM Gun.

The system consists of a turretless M60 tank. "Tank. M60A3 TTS (NSN 2350-01-061-2306) "Tank. M728 CEV (NSN 2350-00-795-1797) 5 of 7 1/10/2011 2:44 PM . Compact turret which reduced exposed frontal area by 40%. 152mm gun/missile launcher firing a conventional shell or a Shillelagh missile. Gun tube thermal sleeve. Combat. "Tank. See data above. Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge. Analog ballistic computer. Bridge Launcher M60A1 AVLB". an antimagnetic actuating device. See data above. M60A2". and it is used to proof lanes and assembly areas. The Panther is a remotely controlled vehicle with mine rollers. Changes include: Stabilized turret. Full Tracked: 105-MM Gun. the turrets of all M60A2 tanks had been replaced by M48A5 turrets with conventional 105mm guns. An M60A1 chassis modified to transport. M60A1E2 1965. By 1982. M60A1 (RISE Passive)". Full Tracked: 105-MM Gun. Laser range finder (LRF).M60 Main Battle Tank http://www. Israeli mine rollers. launch. Halon fire extinguisher system. Full Tracked: 152-MM Gun-Launcher. Combat. Combat. M60A2 (NSN 2350-00-930-3590) 1974. There were significant problems with the missile and launcher. Used to conduct engineering development tests of the M60/Shillelagh missile system with a new compact turret.inetres. M60A3". M60A3 TTS". a remote video camera allows the operator to see the road ahead. The M60A1E2 was redesignated as the M60A2 in 1971. Full Tracked: 105-MM Gun. and an remote-control unit that is mounted in a separate vehicle. Added a tank thermal sight (TTS). Combat. Additionally.com/gp/military/cv/tank/M60. M60A3 (NSN 2350-00-148-6548) 1979. and retrieve a 60-foot bridge. Only 540 M60A2s were built.html M60A1 (RISE Passive) (NSN 2350-01-059-1503) "Tank. M60 Panther One of several developmental countermine systems used by US forces during operations Joint Endeavor and Joint Task Force Eagle. M60A1 AVLB (NSN 5420-00-889-2020) "Armored Vehicle. M60A1E1.

62mm machine gun is coaxially-mounted with the demolition gun. Full Tracked. GIF M60 Photos . surmounted by a turret bearing a 165mm demolition gun.html "Vehicle. hydraulically-operated dozer blade. A . and a 7.50-caliber machine gun is cupola-mounted. The CEV is a full-tracked armored vehicle which consists of a basic M60A1 tank with a front-mounted.inetres. The winch is housed on the rear of the turret and is used in conjunction with the boom to lift. The demolition gun may be elevated or depressed for use at various ranges of up to 950 meters. GIF M60 AVDS-1790-2A Engine 700x815. 6 of 7 1/10/2011 2:44 PM . and a winch.M60 Main Battle Tank http://www. GIF M60A3 600x345. The vehicle and dozer blade are operated from the driver's compartment. 17K. a retractable boom of welded tubular construction.com/gp/military/cv/tank/M60. 22K. or without the boom to provide direct pull.Click on image sample to see full size image. The demolition gun is operated from within the vehicle.Click on image sample to see full size image. More M60 Art . M728". Combat Engineering. 76K. GIF M60A1 600x285. 30K. Combat Engineer Vehicle. M60 500x365.

291K. TM 9-2300-378-35/1 M60A1. JPEG M60A2 U. Opick 1024x768. Marine Corps website. 1st Brigade. U. B/W. Iraq 15-MAR-2006 Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Copyright ©2004-2006 Gary W. GTA 17-2-8 Armored Vehicle Recognition. DoD photo by Staff Sgt.S. 2nd Tank Battalion. 39K. U. Cooke To the best of my knowledge all military data and images presented in these pages are UNCLASSIFIED. Jon Long 1024x768. M60A2. Army Photo 600x300. "Pushing the Envelope of Battlefield Superiority" November-December 1998 ARMOR. in Bosnia and Herzegovina 16-MAY-1996 U. FM 17-97 Cavalry Troop (M60 AVLB).S. M728 Maintenance Manual. 80K. B/W. "History of the Shillelagh Missile System 1958-1982" Released by US Army Missile Command. FM 17-15 Tank Platoon. "American Tank Development During the Cold War" July-August 1998 ARMOR. JPEG 23rd Engineer Battalion. JPEG Last updated: 01-JUL-2006: Added more M60 art.M60 Main Battle Tank http://www. JPEG D Company.S. Sources: FM 5-103 Survivability (M728 CEV). DoD Defenselink website. 7 of 7 1/10/2011 2:44 PM .com/gp/military/cv/tank/M60. Ryan C. 1st Armored Division A remotely controlled Panther Operation Joint Endeavor near McGovern Base. and approved for public release. MWO 9-2300-378-34-2 VEESS Modification Work Order. TM 55-2350-215-10-15 M60-Series Transportability Guide. TM 9-2350-260-20-1-2 M60 Maintenance Manual.inetres.S. 236K. assigned to Regimental Combat Team 5 Marine AVLB Operation Iraqi Freedom near Gharmah. NON-SENSITIVE.html M60 U. Army Photo 720x576. FM 20-32 Mine/Countermine Operations (M60 Panther).S. February 1977.

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