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1.  Introduction 2.  The Brand KitKat 3.  Stakeholder Touchpoints
1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  Products Advertising Internet Sites Sponsorships Events Marketing

4. Conclusion

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2. The Brand KitKat

The Nestlé Group: •  Founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé in Vevey, Switzerland •  World's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company •  Mission: "Good Food, Good Life“ •  Factories or operations all over the world

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Smarties Seite 6 . KitKat. Cailler. Häagen-Dasz. Nescafé Classic. Nescafé Decaff Dreyer’s. NaturNes Nescafé 3 in 1. Mövenpick Alpo. Beneful. The Brand KitKat Category: Baby Foods Coffee Ice Cream Petcare Chocolates & Confectionery Brands: Gerber. Crunch.2. Felix Butterfinger.

Seite 7 . The Brand KitKat What is KitKat? A KitKat is a chocolate confection first created by ‘Rowntree's’. now produced worldwide by ‘Nestlé’ except in the United States where it is made under licence by ‘The Hershey Company’.2.

2. The Brand KitKat History: •  1935: The first KitKat was launched under the name ‘Rowntree's Chocolate Crisp created by ‘Rowntree's’ and only sold in England •  1937: Renamed it into ‘KitKat Chocolate Crisp’ •  1942: ‘KitKat dark’. the first flavor appeared due to World War II •  1946: Launch of the two-finger version •  1950s: KitKat was shipped to Australia and New Zealand and at the same time the slogan ‘Have a Break. Have a Kit Kat’ has been created Seite 8 .

2010: KitKats 75th anniversary Seite 9 . The Brand KitKat •  1970s: ‘Rowntree’ created a distribution factory in Germany and expanded to the USA and Japan through ‘Hershey’ and ‘Fujiya’ •  1988: ‘Nestlé’ acquired KitKat through the purchase of ‘Rowntree’ and started to distribute KitKat in Malaysia.2. India and China •  1996: ‘KitKat Orange’ as the first real flavor variant was launched •  1999: Launch of the KitKat Chunky •  2000: ‘Nestlé’ acquired ‘Fujiya’’s share and expanded its marketplace •  10th of October.

3. Stakeholder Touchpoints with KitKat Seite 10 .


Products Standard Product Range •  KitKat original •  Two finger bar •  KitKat Chunky •  KitKat Minis Seite 12 . Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.

Stakeholder Touchpoints .Products KitKat products in Switzerland •  •  Limited range of KitKat products Competitive chocolate market Seite 13 .3.

Products KitKat products in Japan •  Local souvenirs series –  Souvenirs for international and domestic tourists –  Sold in railway stations.3. Stakeholder Touchpoints . airports. and expressway service area shops –  Variations reflect the local produce and palate of each region •  Limited-period products –  Sold at supermarkets and convenience stores –  Intended for routine daily consumption .

3.Products Strategy of the variety of KitKat s product range •  started offering the Kit Kat local souvenir series in 2007 –  Exploring new sales channels. finding new consumers. Stakeholder Touchpoints . 1 confectionery brand in Japan . and new times and places –  More advantageous from the viewpoint of brand communication within a non-routine space like tourist destinations •  No.

Stakeholder Touchpoints .Products Japan "Aloe Yogurt"   "Apple"   "Apple Vinegar"   "Azuki"   "Banana"   "Beet"   "Bitter Almond"   "Black Tea"   "Blueberry"   "Blueberry Cheesecake"   "Bubblegum"   "Brown Sugar Kinako"   "Cacao 61%"   "Cacao 72%"   "Café Latte with Hokkaidō Milk"   "Calpis"   "Caramac"   "Cantaloupe"   "Cappuccino"   "Caramel"   "Caramel and Salt"   "Caramel Macchiato"   "Caramel Pudding"   "Carb Alternatives"   "Chocolate Banana"   "Chocolate Overload"   "Cola and Lemon squash"   "Citrus Pepper"   "Cookies & Chocolate"   "Cookies and Milk"   "Cookies PLUS"   "Creamier Chocolate"   "Creamy Apple"   "Cucumber"   "Custard Pudding"   "Dark Chocolate"   "Dark Chocolate with Cookies for adults"   "Daigakuimo"   "European Cheese"   "Exotic Kansai"   "Fine Dark"   "Framboise"   "Fruit Parfait"   "Ginger Ale"   "Gold"   "Green Grape Muscat"   "Golden Peach"   "Hazelnut"   "Hascapp"   "Iced Tea"   "Houjicha"   "International Recipe"   "Itoen Juu-jitsu Yasai"   "White Creme"   "White Chocolate"   "White Peach"   "Wine"   "Yakimorokoshi"   "Jasmine Tea"   "Jyagaimo"   "Kobe Pudding"   "Kinako"   "Kinako Ohagi"   "Kiwifruit"   "Kokuto"   "Lemon Chocolate"   "Lemon Vinegar"   "Lite"   "Low Carb"   "Mango"   "Mango Pudding"   "Maple"   "Matcha"   "Melon"   "Mild Bitter"   "Milk Coffee"   "Milky White"   "Mint"   "Mint Chocolate"   "Miso"   "Mixed Juice"   "Noisette"   "Orange"   "Original"   "Passion fruit"   "Pepper"   "Pickled Plum"   "Pineapple"   "Pumpkin"   "Ramune"   "Raspberry and Passion fruit"   "Relaxation Cacao"   "Rose"   "Royal Milk Tea"   "Sakura"   "Sakura Macha"   "Semisweet"   "Sour Orange"   "Soy Sauce"   "Sports Drink"   "Sparkling Strawberry"   "Strawberry"   "Strawberry and Cranberry"   "Strawberry and Milk"   "Strawberry Cheesecake"   "Tiramisu"   "Tiramisu Macha"   "Triple Berry"   "Ume Soda"   "Vanilla Bean"   "Wa Guri"   "Wasabi"   "Watermelon and Salt"   "White"   Seite 16 .3.

Products KitKat Products in USA •  Distributed by Hershey Company –  In 1969 Hershey received the license from Rowntree's –  Hershey continued to make and market these brands in the USA under license from Nestlé. owner of the Rowntree brand •  •  Individual logo and appearance Seasonal Items –  Valentine s Days Minis –  Easter Bar 6er Pack –  Halloween Seite 17 . Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.

Products KitKat products in Turkey With milk Four finger bar with milk With dark choclate Seite 18 .3. Stakeholder Touchpoints .

India. Netherland. Germany.3. USA Small Pack Czech Rep. USA Seite 19 .Products Packaging Big Pack Arab Countries. Stakeholder Touchpoints . Turkey.

Products Packaging Specific note or sign on the pack Seite 20 . Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.

Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.Products As health consciousness and an infatuation with looking slim become increasingly common Seite 21 .

Stakeholder Touchpoints .Products Two finger bar from UK KitKat from Japan KitKat is now manufacturing two finger bars with natural flavourings.3. and for the first time KitKat is suitable for vegetarians. Seite 22 .

3. Stakeholder Touchpoints . Seite 23 .Products No information about calories on the pack.

Products Packing in Japan Colourful people Colourful Kit Kat package Seite 24 .3. Stakeholder Touchpoints .

Products Packing in UK More formal Not that much colourful like in Japan Seite 25 . Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.

Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.Products KitKat tastes in various products Seite 26 .


Stakeholder Touchpoints .Advertising Country: UAE Seite 28 .3.

Stakeholder Touchpoints .Advertising Country: Japan Seite 29 .3.

3. Stakeholder Touchpoints .Advertising Country: Australia Seite 30 .

Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.Advertising Vuvuzela. World Cup 2010 Seite 31 .

Advertising Wimbledon Match Seite 32 .3. Stakeholder Touchpoints .

Stakeholder Touchpoints .Advertising Country: India Seite 33 .3.

3. Stakeholder Touchpoints .Advertising Country: USA Seite 34 .

Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.Advertising Country: UK Seite 35 .

Stakeholder Touchpoints .Advertising Key Similarities •  Logo •  Slogan •  Concept Seite 36 .3.

Advertising Key Differences India Sounds Localized Concepts Actors Used Target Audience Language Loud music Bollywood music Indians Youth and Young Adults Hindi United Kingdom Mellow/Soft music English football Celebrities United States Medium level of music Rap Americans Youth and Young Adults English 30+ Age Group English Seite 37 .3. Stakeholder Touchpoints .


3. Stakeholder Touchpoints .Internet Sites •  United Kingdom •  Singapore Seite 39 .

Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.Internet Sites Key Similarities •  KitKat logo and slogan (except of the USA) •  Base color scheme •  Ideology •  Games •  Background history •  Listen to music •  Competitions Seite 40 .

Stakeholder Touchpoints . horns etc.3.. cycle bells.Internet Sites Key Differences UK Very structured and Simple Countryside Birds chirping. Used Singaporean Actor Singapore Design Clustered and Chaotic Feel Cosmopolitan City Sounds Nothing Localization Used British Actor Seite 41 . church bells.


3. Stakeholder Touchpoints .Sponsorships York – KitKat Crescent Stadium Seite 43 .

Sponsorships York – KitKat Crescent Stadium Seite 44 . Stakeholder Touchpoints .3.


3.Events Country: Netherland Seite 46 . Stakeholder Touchpoints .

3.Events •  Global hub for art •  Associate going to art galleries as a break •  Targets people in the upper strata of society and also a more mature audience Seite 47 . Stakeholder Touchpoints .


3.Marketing KitKat Mail: •  Discovery of Japanese translation ‘Kitto Katsu’ which means ‘you will surely win’ •  Link of KitKat to the term ‘Kitto Katsu’ •  Idea: promote the message ‘Kitto Katsu’ due to the tradition of sending good luck wishes before tough higher-education entrance exams •  Partnership with Japan’s postal service to create ‘KitKat Mail’ •  ‘KitKat Mail’: postcard-like product only sold at the post office Seite 49 . Stakeholder Touchpoints .

3.Marketing The KitKat Mail The inside of a Japanese post office decorated for the ‘KitKat Mail’ campaign Seite 50 . Stakeholder Touchpoints .

Stakeholder Touchpoints .Marketing KitKat Chair Posters: •  Marketing strategy to bring the brand KitKat to a younger audience •  Based on Australian summers: many concerts in parks where a lot of young people hang around but where is no opportunities to sit •  Solution: creation of a KitKat Chair poster that become real chairs •  Those were placed at the entrance of parks and squares so people could build their own chairs to ‘Have a Break’ Seite 51 .3.

3. Stakeholder Touchpoints .Marketing KitKat Chair posters Seite 52 .

Conclusion •  Some aspects of a product can be retained globally while others need to be differentiated according to the stakeholders concerened •  Advertising strategy is specified for each country due to the different target groups •  Different/special products available in every country •  KitKat involves the culture and people s behavior / traditions in their strategies Seite 53 .4.


Thank you for your attention! Seite 55 .

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