Get your family talking with the easy conversations starters and activities: Conversation Starters: o Draw a picture of the person next to you. Give them a funny hat. o Play tic-tac-toe or hangman o If you could be a zoo animal, draw what you’d be o Create a comic strip of your day o Play Pictionary, take turns guessing pictures o Make a word search with your favorite words Connection Activities: o Heart Charts-Draw what’s in your heart (family, God, etc) o Dreams-Create dream clouds and fill them with words o Prayers-Use pictures to describe your prayers o Draw a picture of your best day ever Create Teaching Moments: o Read the story of Peter getting out of the boat (Matt 14:22). Ask your child to draw/write their biggest fear. o Read David and Goliath. (I Sam. 17) Draw the scene. Talk about overcoming obstacles. o Read the Feeding of the 5000. (Matt 13:14). Illustrate all the leftover fish and bread. Talk about miracles. o Read about Paul and Silas. (Acts 16:25). Draw a symphony of praise. Talk about the importance of worship. Capture the Holidays: o Valentine’s Day-Draw as many hearts as you can o Mother’s Day-Give mom flowers (chalked, of course!) o Fourth of July-Doodle a giant flag o Father’s Day-Draw pictures of Dad o Thanksgiving-Create a chalk Thankful Tree o Christmas-Draw a Nativity

Most importantly, be creative!

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