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Regional Development towards a Low-Carbon Economy in East London

CIIIes` envIronmenIuI IooIprInI und rupId urbunIsuIIon requIre Io reIhInk urbun ucIIvIIIes.
CIIIes ure Ihe pIuce where muny soIuIIons Io susIuInubIIIIy chuIIenges cun be creuIed due Io
hIgh concenIruIIons oI creuIIve IuIenI wIIh InnovuIIve Ideus.
A cuse sIudy on London`s upprouch Ihe Green LnIerprIse DIsIrIcI.
AnuIysIs oI economIc ucIIvIIy In Ihe DIsIrIcI Is shuped by Ihe socIuI und InsIIIuIIonuI
urrungemenIs, us weII us Ihe IerrIIorIuI condIIIons.
1) IInd un ureu`s USP und buIId on II.
2) IundIng Is needed Io sIgnuI commIImenI Io InvesIors und InIIIuIe pro|ecIs.
3) LeudershIp Is key Io drIve progress.
4) Need ecosysIem oI purIners Io muke chunge huppen on u cIIy IeveI.
5) Spreud besI prucIIce Irom pro|ecIs such us IndusIrIuI ecoIogy neIworks.
6) Use evenIs such us Ihe OIympIcs Io drIve ucIIon In u specIhc IIme Irume.
How can the solutions around sustainable cities created in the UK
be scaled up globally in order to have an impact?
How can the conditions to enable collaboration and shared learning
be created?
Denition/Description of area:
Urban Innovation: Isabella Gaupmann
Six insights an individual/company could learn:
Questions for discussion: