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Systemic Change Nicola Millson

Systems change is the context within which innovation needs to occur in order to move toward a more sustainable planet. This type of change encompasses systems that provide us with basic necessities (e.g. food, shelter, water) and the enabling systems around them (e.g. Finance, transport, governance, etc.). It is differentiated from other change because it takes place over a long term and its scale and impact are both multi-faceted and large.

3 things an individual/company could learn:

1) Use an evaluation framework based on five critical characteristics to assess whether a programme of initiatives (or innovations) will support systemic change. 2) Develop a journey plan that contextualises a programme of change initiatives towards a long term paradigm shift. 3) Meet best practice and address glaring needs to access valuable opportunities for leadership.

Discussion question: Can companies support systemic change and still meet shareholder needs? How can innovators work at a systems level?