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The IndIvIduuI`s perspecIIve on drIvIng susIuInubIe InnovuIIon wIIhIn un orgunIsuIIon.

IdenIIIyIng Ihe InIernuI burrIers Io securIng IundIng Ior u BudIcuI SusIuInubIe InnovuIIon,
wIIhIn un orgunIsuIIon.
IdenIIIyIng how Io overcome Ihese burrIers.
A purIIcuIur Iocus on consumer-IucIng orgunIsuIIons.
Radical Sustainable Innovation a new business model
that goes beyond the incremental to realise a new paradigm of
sustainable consumption
How can the intrapreneur help their organisations to achieve this?
Timing is everything, networking is key. NeIworkIng boIh InIernuIIy & exIernuIIy Is crucIuI
Io undersIundIng how Ihe InnovuIIon wIII IIe In wIIh currenI InIernuI Issues und Ihe wIder
murkeI Irends.
- BuiId a hrand around the innovation InIernuIIy us weII us exIernuIIy. Muke II excIIIng.
Muke peopIe wunI Io |oIn In.
- Bitesize works hest. The roud Io u susIuInubIe busIness modeI Is u Iong & duunIIng one.
PresenI II us severuI shorI |ourneys.
- Expert! experienced critics are an exceIIent design resource. LeI Ihem IeII you uII Ihe reusons
why Ihe InnovuIIon won`I work Ihen desIgn Ihese ouI oI Ihe proposuI.
1) What barriers have you experienced to innovation within your
organisation? And how have you overcome them?
2) How can we make Radical Sustainable Innovation appealing to
Description of area of study.
The Intrapreneurs Guide to Radical
Sustainable Innovation Nicola Robinson
What did I Iearn!
Questions for discussion.