velveteen rabbit - literary discussion guide velveteen rabbit by margery williams literary discussion guide a.

characters velveteen rabbit the boy skin horsemechanical toys nana real rabbitsthe doctor magic fairy 2. conflict person vs. self (inner conflicts of feelings & thoughts) person vs. person (protagonist vs. antagonist) person vs. society (larger organizations/belief systems of society) person vs. nature (battling the elements of nature) 3. themes/symbols analyze themes such as: friendship, acceptance, believing in yourself magic, becoming real, growing up, etc. compare and contrast the belief systems of adults, children, and toys. does the author/illustrator use foreshadowing? describe the relationship between picture and print, and how the illustrations enhance and strengthen the story. 4. pre-reading/post-reading activities science: rabbits, nature, scarlet fever. vocabulary of late 19th century/early 20th century. classroom projects: art, science, etc.

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