1.1 Background of Studies

As part of the academic requirement for completing MBA (Banking and Finance) Master Business Administration of the students are required to under go six months of internship with an organization. The internship is to serve the purpose of acquainting the students with the practice of knowledge of the discipline of banking administration. This report is about National Bank Pakistan. NBP was established in 1949 and since then, it has expended its network, becoming the largest commercial Bank of the country. It offers different products of services to its customers. Purpose of the Studies The main of the study in hand is together relevant information to compile internship report on National Bank of Pakistan. To observe, analyze and interpret the relevant data competently and in a useful manner. • • To work practically in an organization. To develop interpersonal communication.

Scope of Studies As an internee in National Bank of Pakistan the main focus of my study research was on general banking procedures in one of the branches of NBP. These operations include remittances, deposits, advances and foreign exchange. Similarly different aspects of overall of NBP are also covered in this report.

Methodology. Formally arranged interviews and discussions also helped me in this regards. limitations and Scheme of the report. . Purpose. • Primary data: Personal observation Interviews of staff • Manuals Journals Magazine Annual reports Internet Secondary data: 1. Scope.Research Methodology The report is based on my two months internship program in National Bank of Pakistan. its Background. The methodology reported for collection of data is primary as well as secondary data. The biggest source of information is my personal observation while working with staff and having discussion with them.5 Scheme of Study SECTION 1 Chapter 1: An introductory chapter that discuss the introduction of study of report.

which are interested in financial performance of Bank. SECTION III Chapoter5: In this chapter the in this section the departmentation of NBP is explained. . Problems at the Branch. Weaknesses. SWOT analysis of NBP. Chapter 8: It covers the critical analysis of the bank.e. and Personal Management Analysis. Functional analysis.. Chapter4: In this chapter the services of NBP were discussed. mission statement. evolution of banking.SECTION 2 Chapter2 This chapter concludes brief history of banking in general. Chapter 7: It consists of comprehensive performance of NBP through past several years. its objectives and functions of National Bank of Pakistan. Administrative analysis. and also NBP Hayatabad township branch. SECTION IV Chapter6: It tells about Strengths. This chapter has been divided into four parts i. History of NBP.e. Chapter3: This chapter consist Nationalization of banking in Pakistan. Ratio analysis and those parties. Opportunities and Threats of i. banking in Pakistan.

. Chapter 10: Two implementation plans are given in this chapter.SECTION V Chapter 9: In this chapter recommendation for improvement on all aspects of the Bank are given. “Mare Gare Car Financing Scheme” and Need for Telephone Operator.

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