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First Blood


Heldenhammer Description: Sigmarite Temple-ship Captain: Jaego Roth Flaming Scimitar Description: Sorcerers War Barge Captain: The Golden Magus Swordfysh Description: Pirate Galleon Captain: Aranessa Saltspite

Bloody Reaver Description: Vampiric Castle-ship Captain: Count Noctilus Black Kraken Description: Chaos Dwarf Submersible Captain: Tordrek Hackheart Shadewraith Description: Ghostly Galleon Captain: Vangheist


Set the scenery up as shown on the deployment map below.

The Grand Alliance player deploys all three of his warships outside the ring of islands, making sure they are in the marked area at the top left quadrant of the seascape. The Dreadeet player then deploys all three of his warships in the bottom right quadrant of the seascape. Top tip try to get close to the enemy so you can make your shots count, and keep at least 2" between each of your warships if you can.

Grand Alliance

The game lasts until a pre-agreed time limit has elapsed. We recommend 15 minutes, but if you fancy a longer game, feel free to extend this period.

The players are attempting to cripple and destroy the enemy eet. After the agreed time limit has elapsed, each player counts the number of Damage cards next to his opponents Warship cards. The player who has inicted the most Damage cards upon his opponents eet is the winner. If both players eets have taken the same number of Damage cards, the game is a draw. Sunken warships: Note that if a warship sinks, the Damage cards that were next to its Warship card at the time of sinking still count towards the owning players total (keep such cards to one side if a warship is removed from play).


The Game Turn

Roll-off to nd out which player gets the initiative. The player with initiative chooses who will be the rst player. The rst players opponent is the second player. Fighting a Duel (p.40): Each player rolls a number of dice equal to his captains Swashbuckling value. Each roll of a 5 or 6 is one victory. If you have several captains involved in the same duel, add their victories together. Each player totals the number of victories they have. The player with the most is the winner of the duel. The captain(s) on the losing side takes a Wound card and places it under their Warship card so it shows the Flesh Wound result. If a captain already has a Wound card, move the Wound card up one degree of severity. If the result is a draw, a wound is taken by all captains involved in the duel. Fighting a Boarding Action (p.34): Each player now adds together the current Crew characteristics of all their warships involved in the boarding action and rolls that many dice. Each roll of a 5 or 6 is a victory. Each player totals the number of victories they have, and the player with the most is the winner of the boarding action. Subtract the losing sides total from the winning sides total to obtain the boarding action result. For instance, if the Grand Alliance player had scored 3 and the Dreadeet player 1, the boarding action result would be 2. The player that scored the fewest victories draws a number of Damage cards equal to the boarding action result for each of his warships on the losing side. If the players have scored the same number of victories, every warship involved in the boarding action draws one Damage card.

Resolve ongoing effects and any Status cards with a red background (at the beginning of the game, there will be no Status effects).

The rst player draws a Fate card and resolves its effects. The second player then does the same. Ignore the wind symbols for now (the numbered parts).

The rst player chooses a warship that has not been activated yet this turn and resolves its actions by resolving the following sub-phases: a) Orders You may attempt to issue an Order card by passing a Command check. b) Movement Move around the seascape using the warships Speed and Handling characteristics. Warships may make one turn of up to 45 degrees each time they move at least their Handling distance in inches. c) Broadside Choose a target within 18" and line of sight. Check that it is in your warships side arc. Measure the range between the two warships: RANGING CHART Range Short (0-6") Medium (6-12") Long (12-18") D6 result needed to hit 4+ 5+ 6+


The second player then chooses a warship that has not been activated yet this turn and resolves its actions in the same order as the rst player. The players alternate activating warships until all warships have acted.

Apply any applicable modiers: First broadside: Each warships rst broadside of the game has a +1 modier (for example, instead of needing a 6+ you would need a 5+). Raking re: If the majority of your warships base is in front of or behind the target, then you get a +1 modier to hit, as described above. Determine if the target is obscured or not. If it is, halve the number of broadside dice that you can roll, rounding up. Roll your broadside dice. Each dice result that equals or beats your required to hit value scores one hit. Your opponent can make one armour save for each hit inicted. The owner of the target warship draws one Damage card for each hit that is not saved and resolves it against the target of the broadside. d) Boarding Actions (p.22): In this sub-phase, you must ght a boarding action against any enemies in base contact. First off, the captains must ght a duel!


Assess the victory conditions. If a player has won, the game ends. Otherwise start a new turn!