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Stanford Anthropology Catalog 2012

Stanford Anthropology Catalog 2012

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New scholarly books on Global Issues; Political and Legal Anthropology; Race, Class, and Gender; Medical and Psychological Anthropology.
New scholarly books on Global Issues; Political and Legal Anthropology; Race, Class, and Gender; Medical and Psychological Anthropology.

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Published by: Stanford University Press on Dec 02, 2011
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An Anatomy of Corporate Social Responsibility
Dinah Rajak

In Good Company

TAblE of ConTEnTS
Global Issues ......................... 2-5 Political and legal Anthropology ..........................6-8 Race, Class, and Gender ....................................... 9 -10 Medical and Psychological Anthropology ............................. 10 Theory.................................................11 Examination Copy Policy ...... 2 ordering .......................................... 11

Under the banner of corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporations have become increasingly important players in international development. These days, CSR’s union of economics and ethics is virtually unquestioned as an antidote to harsh neoliberal reforms and the delinquency of the state, but nothing is straightforward about this apparently win-win formula. Chronicling transnational mining corporation Anglo American’s pursuit of CSR, In Good Company explores what lies behind the movement’s marriage of moral imperative and market discipline.

“This is a particularly important book for our current moment. It Cover photo: Manu Sobti demonstrates with great clarity not only the failures and false promises of corporate social responsibility but also its dangers. Striking!”
—Catherine Besteman, Colby College

320 pp., 11 photos, 1 map, 2011 9780804776103 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804776097 Cloth $80.00 $64.00 sale


Global issues

Palestinian Village Gridlock Labor, Migration, Histories
Rochelle A. Davis
Palestinian Village Histories reveals how history is written, recorded, and contested, as well as the roles that Palestinian conceptions of their past play in contemporary life. Moving beyond the grand narratives of 20th century political struggles, this book analyzes individual and collective historical accounts of everyday life in pre-1948 Palestinian villages as composed today from the perspectives of these long-term refugees. “The study intertwines ethnography with anthropological theories, concluding with an examination of the role of memory in writing history . . . An added bonus to the book is the extensive bibliography that will serve the serious student well for further study.”
—AJL Reviews

Geographies of the Displaced

and Human Trafficking in Dubai
Pardis Mahdavi
Legislators hoping to combat human trafficking focus heavily on women and sex work, but there is real potential for abuse of both male and female migrants in a variety of areas of employment—whether on the street, in a field, at a restaurant, or at someone’s house. Gridlock explores how migrants’ actual experiences in Dubai contrast with the typical discussions— and global moral panic—about human trafficking.

Power and Pottery in an Afghan Market Town
Noah Coburn
After the fall of the Taliban, instability reigned across Afghanistan. However, in the small town of Istalif, located a little over an hour north of Kabul and not far from Bagram on the Shomali Plain, local politics remained relatively violencefree. Bazaar Politics examines this seemingly paradoxical situation, exploring how the town’s local politics maintained peace despite a long, violent history in a country dealing with a growing insurgency.

Bazaar Politics

360 pp., 5 illustrations, 5 maps, 2010 9780804773133 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804773126 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures

“Pardis Mahdavi provides a “The focus on a single village valuable service by exposing opens understanding of crucial the contradictions and comfactors about Afghanistan that plexities that so often muddle need comprehension. The the discussions and debates complexities of political power, surrounding the issue of huwhy decisions are often difficult man trafficking. She makes an to achieve, the superficiality of impassioned call for a more nGo and foreign interventions, rational policy for dealing with and the fictions that sustain this scourge, a call that eschews the sometimes simplistic political interactions are as enlightening as they are humbling and often melodramatic rhetoto our theorizing.” ric surrounding the problem of —Ronald Neumann, international human trafficking.” U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan,
—Reza Aslan, author of No god but God and Beyond Fundamentalism 2005–2007, author of The Other War: Winning and Losing in Afghanistan

264 pp., 7 photographs, 2011 9780804772204 Cloth $27.95 $22.36 sale

272 pp., 3 tables, 2 maps, 6 photos, 2011 9780804776721 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804776714 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures

Global issues


Paradise Redefined

Vanessa L. Fong

Transnational Chinese Students and the Quest for Flexible Citizenship in the Developed World

In 2004, Vanessa Fong offered a groundbreaking ethnographic exploration of the social, economic, and psychological development of children born since China’s one-child policy was introduced in 1979. Her book Only Hope left readers with a picture of stressed, ambitious adolescents for whom elite status was the ultimate goal, though relatively few were in a position to achieve it. In Paradise Redefined, Fong tracks the experiences of many in her initial cohort of Chinese only-children—now college-age—as they study abroad in Australia, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, North America, and Singapore. While earning a prestigious college education in China is the main path to elite status, study abroad provides an alternative channel by offering a particularly flexible “developed world” citizenship. This flexible citizenship promises the potential for greater happiness and freedom afforded by transnational mobility, but also brings with it unexpected suffering, ambivalence, and disappointment. Paradise Redefined offers insights into China’s globalization by examining the expectations and experiences that affect how various Chinese students make decisions about studying abroad, staying abroad, immigration, and returning home.
“from Only Hope to Paradise Redefined, fong’s unique, longitudinal research offers an invaluable key to better understand the singleton generation in China who have come of age in the first decade of the 21st century, and will to a great extent determine the future of the most populous country on earth.”
—Yunxiang Yan, University of California, Los Angeles

Modern Anxieties in a Pacific Island Nation
Niko Besnier
This illuminating ethnography explores the malaise present in postcolonial Tonga, analyzing the way in which segments of this small-scale society hold on to different understandings of what modernity is, how it should be made relevant to local contexts, and how it should mesh with practices and symbols of tradition. “Ethnographically acute and open-eared, interpretively imaginative and principled, and always engaging, besnier’s book takes Tonga from ‘the edge’ to the center of new ways of thinking about ‘the global.’” “besnier’s study of Tonga as a nervous kaleidoscope—of make-up, make-over, bodybuilding, and the pawning and reselling of everyday things—is sharply observed and beautifully drawn. Clear, smart, witty, and touching.”
—Anne Allison, Duke University

On the Edge of the Global

—Don Brenneis, University of California, Santa Cruz

“Those familiar with Only Hope will welcome this impressive transnational sequel, and a wider audience of globalization and migration scholars, educators, policy makers, and China scholars will find it a timely, authoritative, and unique source of insight into Chinese students abroad.”
—Nicole Constable, University of Pittsburgh

280 pp., 2011 9780804772679 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804772662 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

328 pp., 5 tables, 1 figure, 19 illustrations, 4 maps, 2011 9780804774062 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804774055 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Contemporary Issues in Asia and the Pacific


Global issues


Resources for Reform
Elana Shever

Oil and Neoliberalism in Argentina

Fashioning Latin American Nations and Histories
Florence E. Babb
“In a tourism landscape that is increasingly segmented, babb carefully examines and documents the role of ‘revolutionary nostalgia’ tourism . . . Recommended.”

The Tourism Encounter

Aspiring to Home
South Asians in America
Bakirathi Mani


While most people live far from the sites of oil production, oil politics involves us all. Resources for Reform explores how people’s lives intersect with the increasingly globalized and concentrated oil industry through a close look at Argentina’s experiment with privatizing its national oil company in the name of neoliberal reform. Examining Argentina’s conversion of its state-controlled oil market to a private market, Elana Shever reveals interconnections between large-scale transformations in society and small-scale shifts in everyday practice, intimate relationships, and identity. This engaging ethnography offers a window into the experiences of middle-class oil workers and their families, impoverished residents of shanty settlements bordering refineries, and affluent employees of transnational corporations as they struggle with rapid changes in the global economy, their country, and their lives. It reverberates far beyond the Argentine oil fields and offers a fresh approach to the critical study of neoliberalism, kinship, citizenship, and corporations. “Shever takes a critical look at the oil industry and the practices of oil companies like Shell— providing a clear, compelling exploration of the multiple sides of neoliberalism in Argentina. A major contribution.”

264 pp., 25 illustrations, 2010 9780804771566 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804771559 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

What does it mean to belong? At the turn of the 21st century, how are diasporic subjects fashioning identities and communities that bind them together in productive, multigenerational relationships? In Aspiring to Home, Bakirathi Mani examines these questions with a focus on immigrants from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Advancing a theory of locality—that is, the means through which highly diverse first- and second-generation immigrants, of varying regional, religious and linguistic backgrounds, experience what it means to belong— Mani showcases how ethnicity is produced through the intimate relationship between domestic racial formations and global movements of class and capital.
336 pp., 2011 9780804778008 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale 9780804777995 Cloth $85.00 $68.00 sale

Identity and Development Politics in Latin America
Monica C. DeHart
“A key contribution to studies of development and to the anthropological canon. DeHart successfully illuminates the myriad ways in which state power is being reformulated through diverse development actors.”
—Journal of Anthropological Research

Ethnic Entrepreneurs

208 pp., 9 figures, 2010 9780804769341 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804769334 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

Amy Stambach

Religion, Education, and American Evangelicals in East Africa

Faith in Schools

Asian America

University of New Orleans

“Relates a fascinating story of nondenominational Christian evangelism unfolding in four countries on two continents while simultaneously embedding it within the conceptual literature of classical and contemporary anthropology.” —Steve Striffler,
—Comparative Education Review

248 pp., 2012 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

248 pp., 2010 9780804768511 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804768504 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

Global issues


Civic Engagements

The Citizenship Practices of Indian and Vietnamese Immigrants

Caroline B. Brettell and Deborah Reed-Danahay

For refugees and immigrants in the United States, expressions of citizenship and belonging emerge not only during the naturalization process but also during more informal, everyday activities in the community. Based on research in the Dallas–Arlington–Fort Worth area of Texas, this book examines the sociocultural spaces in which Vietnamese and Indian immigrants are engaging with the wider civic sphere. As Civic Engagements reveals, religious and ethnic organizations provide arenas in which immigrants develop their own ways of being and becoming “American.” Skills honed at a meeting, festival, or banquet have resounding implications for the future political potential of these immigrant populations, both locally and nationally. Employing Lave and Wenger’s concept of “communities of practice” as a framework, this book emphasizes the variety of processes by which new citizens acquire the civic and leadership skills that help them to move from peripheral positions to more central roles in American society.
“A thoughtful and enlightening book based on detailed ethnographic research in one of America’s new immigrant gateways. Through wonderfully rich case studies and careful analysis, Civic Engagements provides important insights into how Vietnamese and Indian immigrants are learning to become American while also maintaining strong ethnic identities.”
—Nancy Foner, author of Across Generations: Immigrant Families in America

Andrew Bickford

The Military Other in Post-Unification Germany
Military officers are often the first to be considered politically dangerous when a state loses its authority. Overnight, actions once considered courageous are deemed criminal, and men once praised as heroes are redefined as villains. In Fallen Elites, Andrew Bickford examines how states make soldiers and what happens to fallen military elites when they no longer fit into the political spectrum.

Fallen Elites

“A graceful comparative look at two ‘new American’ communities. This book illustrates a crucial point about citizenship—that it is not to be measured simply by attainment of legal status but by engagement with others in activities that demonstrate belonging.”
—Karen Isaksen Leonard, University of California, Riverside

“bickford relates an exceptionally nuanced story of once powerful men with considerable humor and insight. Fallen Elites makes a brilliant contribution to our thinking about militarism and the military’s impact on social life. It has relevance well beyond the former East Germany and is a truly fascinating book.”
—Lesley Gill, Vanderbilt University, author of The School of the Americas

296 pp., 2011 9780804775298 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804775281 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

288 pp., 6 photographs, 2011 9780804773966 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804773959 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale


Political and Legal Anthropology

Security, Labor, and Policymaking in the European Union
Gregory Feldman
Every year, millions of people from around the world grapple with the European Union’s emerging migration management apparatus. Through border controls, biometric information technology, and circular migration programs, this amorphous system combines a whirlwind of disparate policies. The Migration Apparatus examines the daily practices of migration policy officials as they attempt to harmonize legal channels for labor migrants while simultaneously cracking down on illegal migration. “The Migration Apparatus will make major, cutting-edge contributions to several fields. both the specific arguments—for example, about how the concept of circular migration is easing tensions—and the general arguments—about how EU policy is made and works—are fresh and exciting.”
—Susan Greenhalgh, University of California, Irvine

The Migration Apparatus

After Secular Law
Edited by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Robert A. Yelle, and Mateo Taussig-Rubbo

Bringing together scholars with a variety of perspectives and orientations, this work examines the interconnections between law and religion and the unexpected histories and anthropologies of legal secularism in a globalizing modernity. “You will never again look at ‘secular’ law in the same way after reading this book. The topic of rethinking law and religion after the critique of secularity is important and timely, and this book reframes the entire debate through an ambitious, eclectic, and often brilliant series of interventions. It will be a benchmark in the many fields to which it contributes and is a major contribution to the study of law, religion, and politics.”
—Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Northwestern University

Latina Immigrants and New American Politics
Kathleen M. Coll
248 pp., 1 figure, 7 illustrations, 1 map, 2010 9780804758222 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804758215 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale AVAILABLE IN MAY 2012

Remaking Citizenship

Secular Rhythms in Palestinian Poetry
Khaled Furani

Silencing the Sea

400 pp., 2011 9780804775366 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

The Cultural Lives of Law

248 pp., 2011 9780804761079 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804761062 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Silencing the Sea follows Palestinian poets’ debates about their craft as they traverse multiple and competing realities of secularism and religion, expulsion and occupation, art, politics, immortality, death, fame, and obscurity. Khaled Furani takes his reader down ancient roads and across military checkpoints to join the poets’ worlds and engage with the rhythms of their lifelong journeys in Islamic and Arabic history, language, and verse. This excursion offers newfound understandings of how today’s secular age goes far beyond doctrine, to inhabit our very senses, imbuing all that we see, hear, feel, and say.
312 pp., 2012 9780804776462 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

Political and Legal Anthropology


introducing a new series

Anthropology of Policy
Cris Shore and Susan Wright
Advisory Board Donald Brenneis University of California, Santa Cruz Janine Wedel George Mason University Dvora Yanow University of Amsterdam A series edited by

Stanford Studies in Human Rights

The Anthropology of Policy series develops a new agenda for anthropology by promoting innovative methodological and theoretical approaches to the study of policy. The series explores policy as an anthropological phenomenon in its sharpest sense: from the way policies are conceptualised and performed and the roles they play in mobilizing actors and institutions and transforming political systems to the methodological challenges their study poses for anthropology itself. books in the series examine comparative and global issues in connection with local and regional processes. They also address themes of wider public debate, from neoliberalism, resource management, welfare reform, and poverty reduction measures to militarism, global security, the international financial crisis, and the construction of new regimes of governance and power. Coming from an anthropological perspective, the series challenges the assumption that policy is a top-down, linear, and rational process, and a field of study primarily for policy professionals. It analyses the contradictory nature and effects of policy, including the complex ways in which people engage with policy and the meanings it holds for different local, regional, national, and internationally based actors. In doing so, the series will advance anthropological understanding of contemporary political issues and of policy itself as a site of contestation and negotiation. for more information, including submission guidelines, visit www.sup.org/anthropolicy.

How African Activists Reclaim Human Rights to Challenge Global Poverty
Edited by Lucie E. White and Jeremy Perelman
280 pp., 2010 9780804769204 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804769198 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Stones of Hope


Disquieting Gifts
Humanitarianism in New Delhi
Erica Bornstein

Values in Translation


Disquieting Gifts takes a close look at people working on humanitarian projects in New Delhi to explore why they engage in philanthropic work, what humanitarianism looks like to them, and the ethical and political tangles they encounter.
248 pp., 2012 9780804770026 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804770019 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Human Rights and the Culture of the World Bank
Galit A. Sarfaty

Values in Translation analyzes Behind Truth and the organizational culture of the Reconciliation World Bank and addresses the question of why it has not adPierre Hazan opted a human rights framework. Translated by Academics and social advocates Sarah Meyer de have typically focused on legal Stadelhofen restrictions in the Bank’s Articles of Agreement. This work’s anthro- “Pierre Hazan, in a brilliant and pological analysis sheds light on erudite book beautifully written, internal obstacles, including the analyzes the fascinating account employee incentive system and a of the judicial and cultural revoclash of expertise between lawyers lution that started after the end and economists over how to deof the Cold War.” fine human rights and justify their —Le Monde Diplomatique relevance to the Bank’s mission. 240 pp., 2010
200 pp., 2012 9780804763523 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804763516 Cloth $80.00 $64.00 sale 9780804769563 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804769556 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Judging War, Judging History


Political and Legal Anthropology

Rekindled Memories of Imprisonment in Iran
Shahla Talebi
“This searing memoir of women’s visceral pain, principled resilience, and redemptive imagination in Iran’s brutal political prisons will leave you shaken, forever.”
—Lila Abu-Lughod, Columbia University

Ghosts of Revolution

Rights, Sexuality, and Law

Gender and Islam in Africa
Edited by Margot Badran

Racism, Governance, and the United States

State of White Supremacy

“This book both presents new and original work and provides a glimpse at the state of the art among scholars who have a sustained commitment to an extremely difficult and contentious topic.”

Edited by Moon-Kie Jung, João H. Costa Vargas, and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

264 pp., 12 illustrations, 2011 9780804772013 Cloth $24.00 $19.20 sale

Constructing China’s Jerusalem

Christians, Power, and Place in Contemporary Wenzhou
Nanlai Cao

Alisa Freedman

Japanese Culture on the Rails and Road

Tokyo in Transit

“A savvy blockbuster of a book, with prominent activists and scholars telling it like it really is: the U.S. state is systemically racist and imperialistic, with tentacles —Barbara M. Cooper, Rutgers University reaching into an array of societal arenas and operations, including Copublished with the Woodrow Wilson military institutions, immigration Center Press agencies, schools, the prison336 pp., 2011 industrial complex, the Supreme 9780804774819 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale Court, the welfare system, and the terrorism mislabeled ‘hate crimes.’”
—Joe R. Feagin, Texas A&M University, and author of Systemic Racism: A Theory of Oppression

“Cao gives us the best picture I have seen of the complex pattern of relationships among the different components of contemporary urban Christianity in China today. There is nothing to compare with this stimulating read.”
—Daniel H. Bays, Calvin College

232 pp., 1 table, 15 illustrations, 3 maps, 2010 9780804773607 Paper $21.95 $17.56 sale 9780804770804 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

Contemporary Issues in Asia and the Pacific

“An engaging literary ethnography, using the vast writings of the times centered on transportation and its effects on social mores during Tokyo’s dizzying jazz age. Commuter rail, department stores, cafes, and dance halls bustle with people on the move, and freedman captures the excitement of modern life through writers who celebrated (or deplored) the new city.”
—Theodore C. Bestor Harvard University

352 pp., 9 figures, 4 photographs, 1 map, 2011 9780804772198 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804772181 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

America’s National Conversation on Race
John Hartigan Jr.

What Can You Say?

“A provocative investigation and analysis of racial matters in the USA!”
—Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Duke University

352 pp., 16 figures, 3 illustrations, 2 maps, 2010 9780804771450 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804771443 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale

232 pp., 2010 9780804763363 Cloth $24.95 $19.96 sale

Race, class, and Gender


How Debt Bankrupts the Middle Class


Edited by Katherine Porter

About 1.5 million households filed bankruptcy in the last year, making bankruptcy as common as college graduation and divorce. The recession has pushed more and more families into financial collapse—with unemployment, declines in retirement wealth, and falling house values destabilizing the American middle class. Broke explores the consequences of this unprecedented growth in consumer debt and shows how excessive borrowing undermines the prosperity of middle class America. “Too many American families are deep in debt because their wages haven’t kept up, their jobs are vanishing, and their homes are worth less and less. It’s not only a human tragedy for them but also a national problem as their debt burden hobbles the American economy and their inability to repay cripples lenders. What should be done? Here’s a useful and insightful guide to policies that can help.”
—Robert B. Reich, author of Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future

The Lived Experiences Well-Being of the Elderly in Japan Health and the Edited by Working Bodies of Yoshiko Matsumoto Silicon Valley

Faces of Aging

Being and

Faces of Aging foregrounds a J.A. English-Lueck spectrum of elder-centered “Personal narratives vividly recount issues—social activity, caregiving, generational bias, suicide, how age cohorts—from adolescents to the adult workforce and beyond— sexuality, and communication define and deal with health, work, with medical professionals, to and careers . . . Highly recommended.” name a few—from the perspec—CHOICE tive of those who are living them. The volume offers a diverse 288 pp., 11 illustrations, 2010 9780804771580 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale selection of qualitative studies 9780804771573 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale of aging to researchers across the social sciences.

“Japan today is at a demographic Youth Migration, Heroin, crossroads unprecedented in and AIDS in Southwest history. It has the longest life China expectancy and it is the most rapidly aging society in the Shao-hua Liu world today. This timely and in“It is as impressive an anthropological novative volume is an important study as I have read of how the failintellectual contribution to this ure of the Chinese state and intercritical issue facing many postnational organizations to take into industrial nations. It creatively brings together multidisciplinary account the local moral experiences of real people both causes social sufcontributors from the humanifering and prevents the successful ties and the social sciences to implementation of intervention promedicine and caregiving, to shed light on new ways of grow- grams. A splendid achievement.” —Arthur Kleinman, Harvard University ing old in Japan.”
—Akiko Hashimoto, author of The Gift of Generations: Japanese and American Perspectives on Aging and the Social Contract

Passage to Manhood

336 pp., 2011 9780804777018 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804777001 Cloth $80.00 $64.00 sale

Studies in Social Inequality

304 pp., 11 tables, 6 figures, 1 illustration, 2011 9780804771498 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 9780804771481 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

248 pp., 1 table, 3 figures, 3 illustrations, 2 maps, 2010 9780804770255 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 9780804770248 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University


Race, class, and Gender | Medical and Psychological Anthropology

The Psychology and Anthropology of Fieldwork Experience
Edited by James Davies and Dimitrina Spencer

Emotions in the Field

Appropriation Through Pollution?
Translated by Anne-Marie Feenberg-Dibon

Michel Serres

“Malfeasance is a welcome introduction to, and an elegant dem“A powerful affirmation of the huonstration of, Michel Serres’s manity of the field encounter in recent work. In the face of polluall its ambivalence, and a timely tion’s calamities, Serres calls for call for social scientists to harness responsible action, a new social the rich potential of a peoplecontract, a peaceful compact centered research enterprise.” with the world. Reversing Rous—João Biehl, seau’s negative command— Princeton University ’This is mine’—he proffers, ‘This 288 pp., 1 table, 2010 is enough for me.’ ” 9780804769402 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
9780804769396 Cloth $70.00 $56.00 sale

Toward an Anthropology of the Will

—Pierre Saint-Amand, Brown University

Edited by Keith M. Murphy and C. Jason Throop

104 pp., 2010 9780804773034 Paper $15.95 $12.76 sale 9780804773027 Cloth $40.00 $32.00 sale

“The will and willing are extremely complex phenomena that have only begun to be explored. This work challenges implicit assumptions, revealing that, far from being free, the will is constrained by culture, morality, and conflicting goals.”
—Roger Ivar Lohmann, Trent University

Gift, Money, and Philosophy
Marcel Hénaff

The Price of Truth

Translated by Jean-Louis Morhange with the collaboration of AnneMarie Feenberg-Dibon
“one of the most important philosophical works of our time.”
—Dr. Hans Joas, Max Weber Center, University of Erfurt

240 pp., 2010 9780804768870 Cloth $55.00 $44.00 sale

496 pp., 2010 9780804760829 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale 9780804760812 Cloth $75.00 $60.00 sale

Cultural Memory in the Present

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