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Abourt 'thie 'Tecl'inica,lIR.eviewer

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Ack iii owiled gme nits; . - .
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Intrn ductl on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Dlrawi n:g: ,iIIl1d P,i ilnt bru sh E,ffeets. _. . _. . .. . . . . . . , . . . . . . . 11
. _.
! _ • • • _ ,
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CIt1:l2ipter 2: 'Ife:x,t E'ff@cts








1[111 a plelr' ;): Illen d iin (1. . . . . ~ CI.lllmJ pter 4: '" 11111"\O,n y Eff- - 1~,-IL:3 .' ""~ 1JI

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .'
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C~la,pt;elf' 5: ,3D Eff,e,cD IClhla.p,ter'


s: ,Addiill1l'



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r • • •


ICha pter 1: I Uu:str;'t.or Ani mlat lioln Tecih" iiqU eSi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
C~lapter 8: The Great (] utdoers.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1911

'CII1I;pttelr 9: Ca rtoon

a,nd Glalm €! Eftf'ects, . . . . . . . . . . " . . . . . . . . . , . . . 213

ICh iii pter 110,: Th e' B.u'5 in iE!;55Si de lof IIbJstr,atolr.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 243
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Proilect ',: I so metrh: ICity . - . , , . , , - . .'

















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Prollect Z:



Ph nto. . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.5
e , _ _ • , _ " • • _ • • • • • • _ . • _ _

Projiect ],: Retiro IEfff~cts . . . . ., . _ _ . . . ,. . _

Index. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . .







ef Adobe Illl!J~trator. Without sophi:£t1rc:atedclirawing tanLs, UIY$· a or would dt er btl l fro m .',do b Ph otcsll 0li:t

toolcs ~r. at the veryeart

In U'Ii:s chapter, yo Lion lea rn es5'~ntl a 1 techr r ues nd e feen tha yo na til to ,. . d ra in g ~n !thJS rate r to tlhe· n ext I'€'l.fei. 'fou'U learn how 'tCI work with l:JIbiistrator"s drawil1g and pain'fl"ll t~o~§, !i;o you (fin le~ Iltus,tr'"atior help you perfect yOIUi' palth~ and painlbn'!;.$ ~E!'S1 I aV~U1gou with rno re t me fiDr th ~ creiltJlv y

a'S, c:t 0" illllJ~tratJiol1.11"10 ~e a1re.ady am ilia r wi th Ulustrator''S Pen tool will one t most from ti'1l$ topic, as I don't co r the

b I5U::~ of d fiJw~ng p h, In~tead. you'lI delve if'lto rna re: advane d path oper jon~ such M §tro n, compound, joi ~ I ,; and avera on ~ilth_ ~oLl'H h~-aH! to add, miimipul te, and delete oil! ncher poio . , rr n ill lly, _you'll lea rn how to ere. te you r own ru stOI!'l1bru sn!f5, to aid you in you r de51grrs (I r b FU~h1!5th~t will e'llentuan~ become he d~s ign.

•••• 1

• •• ••••

'~rfifll'.I~ _ _dar

5Iinl' ... mp'~altllIlalY.rs iin


me -

and rhOQSJe



~Hu"S u-a~ ["\ I[ormplate la}!"Gl!fi '1!:i:l1lI Ib 12: a ~re'~~ ilScS~t ¥hen it cernes to rl!!zt:reatilllB UIl1II.'!' or '[racing an ~keady rasali:
~riil~d ~milige'to make it _[~or bil~d, ~fYOIiir'e alfll"3dy wl'h l a.y€ F'5, th e f!i IU~_ i!; .1 t"" -I_~.~~ 1-·' ~__ - - _ , __ - 'in _ l!,II;;:m~W ay~r Wi!"ll
'ille 'to Yillll. Abo. all the tiPS YQIlJ!'ll lei.a,min U"Ii'S e:t:elrti~e~you·U be' rready to '~~antvectorbri IINI you r liflWOn'lk in I'i! 01 ~i me,

nnedt f~te [0 S a"'r, J ! Ir~l!S_ FI !"I 21 1ljJ, click PlilC~-

ue,,!'~td, If yo~ d~fII'-' h:;Jve a work with. uss [ha Jl t L?T 0 i_ •..._,; from this chapte fs SOg ir(,e

a SUn1mhe~


51!'em veuy lntlui"

1~ Vo UI'I~ n~ed toO ~o,mp~etJea ftw ta;J~'s. tle,rare yQo~ IliVtaQ open Illlf<UratuJr. ¥GU'U Ill! ~~d scan a Id~~!111 'IIefsion of JOIH' alit 'lork.. Some guide II1m eli for '1hl~ IP,F(m~s~~fiu:lude Sicaill iii i!'1g at (I I~rg.e re~olUrtion (y~u (.all ,a~dIYSreduce it. liit€i~) Jnd 'l1Jing to K,Ul as,


en your .artwork, ,A,ftJ!2f you've 'K~Aned tli Ii!: piece', save Die 'file in a fnmnau 'lin{lt lIIustntor ca n Ir€!~d. Tl'F fd@~ wo rk great h)r U"lI~_S' preeess. bUI other fOlfmaH ~lIuJa a~ GilF and JP eG,

.any "o~d!5i~mca't may

a~ ~c~:5.~ble,~'fyo u've d rBwn '5Iei rnetn i 111 Ib)' hand, mae ~mre that any era§;~r merks 1m ~ve' b(:! en r Jl'!o~e;;a ,~1fI [j1 flil!ake 311 a~t'll!m ~'l to s~rac&hltn





1iI~ I



' l!I


will do as well.
2., N9~. epen UI(UI'5tJiiatQJ',

stain n d ~r~wo ~fno rrk
click OK.

,~lil1 '~O pla~e lIc1Jr n ew fil.e-. Cho.o5le Fi h~')!o N~w. Se~~r;:'~RGll Colc.u as lh~ Color Made i:!~d

5. ilUus-tr-.a h s nO~~ ~mi>OMled your scanm-ed n1lMOf llOr and !,!;en@riiltet:l a n entnel~ n@w !,a~@ r oilS II oomf:llla'ti~ I~¥~:ill ~faull. '1h~~ ptate IL yer w~ll,iii 01 prl 1iI1t. By tern is h)(ke rd, and is dillllJl"led to 5~ o,aCitJ to m,jgk~ tracing 'il!ifJ:!i>ie,F I,o~yOU!.

~ II] lei


3. CJhGo!ii(!'m~l:.,.. P!aU". f

to In i.dstrator's
fhilllige them

Be'fore maw.ng on, keep in, mind 'lh .t you i!]i\en't limiled

de'~ u1't terrnplat:e ~ettTni~' yo~ pf!rfOrHfIlnil& the fOllowing step'S.



Eii. Co Ltblle-dj~k the templal

l_aye r; Alte rnal:lV- 11, you , ~ObJld open tile ILayers p[l:~eUe'~roptioos; m mJ: by e ll c:~i!'i!g trhe ~ma II i:lril"OW In:side tn circ(r~ at th~ up per:-lI"~sjn co rner Q'~ 'the ~i1len.~ and 5e!~cting
fQ l



n ... f"I, m

it. will b ' ne primal} drawio col ,you U:5:'E! throughoLJ this boo' HOWEver. you may notice now (or durill'lg ~hi tr C in pro'e~s. ,I that yo LlI r '5.C nned ar - ofik isn"t, quite

·s in iUUS"tgWII, you're re ely I~O Ya~ • right? The !iii F!lswer i~m.aybe. If y.o~·~"f WI aPP)' with th,e' artlMonk. Hi en &@'t right ,tto it and sta Ft 'tracinlThe IPen 001 is 'e mOs.I,Bt:CUrr8'b~ tool fur thls t s,t and OK. now thtiit_your artwcu

7, IHu:5ibl'atOf will bring up thf Layer Op iom dialog bO)t, No'· it'I' ''11at y-a liI ta rfl cftl~nge sever ~ ~ett~i'i,gs. sueh a s !:Jhe' narn e ,orf h I! tern ptalte laY!l::r <ilIllG ithe' to lor of th e lily~r that Ulu ~1sr,no uses to represent r It in tne taylers pafet~e. and you ean choCl~e to

loc:klunlock. '§itJow/hfd • and p,rinUnot

print the personal

warkJing for ylOUi ,acin- needs. Yo have tw.o options lat thiS! PG~nt YOti i:;;J1!'!i move into !i'o. WI r fa\i'otil'tl!: imal leditinc, progl"ilm (sue:i'n a~ Photoshop 0 r F1 reworks). orp"en yo,ur sea nned file. and ma'k'1! mod if! cati on 5 Itlt'll ut ttua wHI make it eail@r lor more iIIc.rerur:3Jte for you "01 - aee, Ui'llfortunil' ,!ly. lIIu~ttalor doesn' offer B 'umpin point thnKUy into PhotO!ihOp (Dr FiFl war !t, f'or th t rna 'r)r so YOllm need to. man a~lys rt up. f'j:1tl" OS ho 1:1 andepen your ft @ f,or me . I u:ation. When yo.y'r,e den , .s~\4'e th e 11 and re-,i mport yQ~ If" artwork in to I HilLS ~rato r. le Alb!H1a'iv~~y. YQLa ean make ~ome ~in1ple~changes ri,liht' here in tltustrstcr, Sinc~ t le' 5&Jblec:~ QI~ 'lthis l100k is Iltu ~tr.le r; I be you can gue\S$ which meth 00 1"11. cover h re.

tl,a"eJ. ALso. rernernb Ii" that Ulustr30 ~ulomatii:all!f d~m 5 this hl ' ,IF te 50'lt ropaoity. Vou can rh n e til a

. One: yo

p. -n.entlr.e here too. d!p@.r~di~gon,-our

prefe enee,

templa e. you JU't need to (on", r- it to a lFeglJ.ilaii' layer, Do thls by dmJble-:dlcki!'11 ~. Iilye,r, nd unch~ck~n,g T~1'I1rl,]r' in the Layer O~~ion:5, dlCllrJg bo)l,., Click OK. and 've decided

to modi-·· ymJr

yo u're now free to ' ~:ht, that laye r hQwev@r y@u !!iie'~'fit.


You dOll't always halle 0 otlo th~ r Ilr. ,.. PI me-lhln'i of r(ff!atirry a emploU! Jr1yer. You lQn JUS

as ea~fi.t cr&lte an by d~spla~ng thre layer Of) iolts G;5i describ2.d in strl!.f) 6 for any layer. Tllfllr1. j~$ t check the Temp I;:L~e i';;t box cmd your regular ch IDyer WlU becom e a ~lE!'mplQt layer jUjl' miC' l'I~Gt.

plGt9' ~ayef highlighted. Ifou 'J~ lee a smr:;U cheek m~r~ nekt. to ,~heward 1i ITII}rLli'>. (lelu tnt? Templnte check aD); (jnd ,Youremplate lay.f'l" w,U 0, (orne Q fegulfJ~ faye,.

You ran a/.50 die rh men u afrow wlt.h th tern-


9. You


now use a ew lIIustr.ator iii tters tnl helpl

NOW '!i:e~mt~a good time

to ~x:plaifl the dUffQF~nCe

Yil:U,IJ"U '~e Y!l)ur an~




Image. mf


choo~e Iflll~1I" .. l("nIOf.

Ur'Si~h;1I eK~Il:'I,~ 'rIO~ he'lpj ng 0 ut

~l\ I CtIIl ~~! Fdt~ r ~tid IfJf;ect m.emWl~. 8a'5ltally. when1E!\I'i~r app~ lEI' Iller til your artwork. you·re~ m~k:ifl;S a ~j,ou Ij:lermanent rh mlie. You l[a mI"· modify lor rt!HiI0W 'th 1s




do(umi!nt or ~haun the' nunm~e~ o~: undos ,y,ou ca n f@vert to.. you _ U 110 tongE r b-e able: to It In a fille the ~e't'.. 'I] n~ apphetl b the' d ~ r, EJ1:ecb. on 'ttl otherr hd;rUi. ,a~' IIIIV~ Thi!5; m' ani th::n you can l1!'!odJ~ Of d~hHr.! tlIi!~ It;taaI1gt'S ap~li :d Ill'.a eMe.r1 in any time by US!:1I11 ttl Appl1!arante pi!ltene. 5.0. ~n. !tem,jj~ questJioO iiJI 3ri~e~: Why use a fil r nhpn yaLl cam IUS!!' an 'eftet't? ,1m e ~f! ~W~r is you do I'i(' Unless ye u wi~h te lL~e. one of ~~ few (and I mean ~ i fi lien that only eJ:i$ 111 til'n~ 1F,lltew
Ii"I WI,



'lief. om:e

vou close

IUndo funclton

wit:IM i~

JI"OlJr Ulu~tr.arrau

'UM re''5I.no reasen [0 UI§Ie iii fill@r, 1lU5!e ~fI cft"~n

10. Once
)1.0 u",e:



again an~ d\!( fau
Ij!I p

(on\l'er~ YO!JI ~aYi!r ba c r

~Lmply do ub\e:~chck ~k1e lay!!! r In T 'mplalC ttu!ck mlt. Thi~ Ii' UI

a ~m~l.ab~ and] set

'Inu:jlll onc:'! ,a,ga1n,

~ 'dj IIlI Color;! Thl:5 (jpti~ n is 'faii'\1y ~EJ~f~,l!anattory, ~ Wim thi~ 'fiU!!r. you can adju!i( thf: (o1crs i:,J~ youii' arlw.o~ te, brl fliig OLUl~enain d ~taRs. c • Cflft'l:: on to Grayo§C;:de: Th 1'5 oprtJio rrI c'OI"!~'lfb the im S!ge W b~ (k. wlliljb~. anml slitard'e5i 10'" I"ay. It"s ~e:ry lI~eTul when VOIlJ w.r.i mli~ ['f! ~mO'fie aU eo'tor hom j'(UU temjlla~e. • ~I9.veri CClh.. ~: Thi~ 0 ~tloln createoS u valueS of yOUi' 'S~ leered ima~.



.' s.a ~ur,,1~;

Th!'5 'f] ~relr hgnter!~, or IC a~k~n5, th i!! COIOfS h~ ,our wl!!ct~ iJ1llltil~~. 'fIhiS i~i.neful when rou needl {(JI ~:rin& eu t detal1,,- UJ1 ,amid (OIOfl@d ~~~i so yo II.! C311

that you"we !.~t up for tracl!li:l:. J,III! st ~oeeet yo ur Pell t . O.Q~ amid S art elm 'n -, JOur Iine1. H~~ 's OfU! mo:re quick ti p fo r YO!!J, ~f you v~ used U'!e Pe n 1l'O befo re, el !t0u 1k1\0\-'I ~J!I.at au ~ \l a s.lJ'ok~ and aJ Itt aS~OCJi ~l,ed with every tO~i (I YOLidraw. 5:0. Milt hilppens if Ji'iO!!!!'II'£ tf"ating you,uJl artwork nd JOu ~era'lize that )fQU fo:rg.ot to cl~a rout )toour 'fill tel l~r "Of tll~~shilpt? 'NQ.\~ the- 'III co 10r lIt.,i U ~~a1 ~ettl il~ j n the way of what fO~' re tracing. Sure. you I:~"I: teaf 'Out th· 'fill fQ rr mat ,obJect. It! Lf~what Ii:! a~ P nil ilfte yQu'trle trseed your e'l'!lt:1~epiece' or n1vlork 31td 'IiiLlEd your obJect~, accordingly" and yo~ r@iiJllle 'that yOU! furgo- to trace a ~r1I'i3n poniQU'I al'f the

~li1ice thern mere 1~3iny.

oriljlma~ ~hars h~dd 'R un!l11.em~ath a filled object? Now you have to 1,0 11!1 and FE!mO\1'e 'l~ e fill for dli;U objli!iC'l Ilred of th~ hypothQ'ti cat ~liC~1:J1 yet? Hope \111)1.you f1ii1~.
ItailfI ~hat th~~ rs ~;ildlng lOOt an !!1$en~lal, t!l!(hn ~~Wl,e: IlhJstnror has a n opti on calle d Ou tl in.


r-~ ~ Shnrpen ,.. LJ n~n..'Jrp Mri!)k option i!li also 'Ier use'rut when you n~ed ~o dev'e top some 'CoIil~ilst In a ray
~c mcil artwork ItJhat yo~iv~ $t,)n ned,

}fOCIToNyiaai j:S ta< .,miJOft

ORI flUe/$. you QPp.'Y to Jrour 611',,",ork are ~oIUffla~en r chatrges 10 the IfJytf. They oren 't I~~ed(ectl ..se the only W.t!l} lo revet: OOCK ~c

Ke:rp '0 mind mar

11. To us,e '~In . Outline !leUin&, simply d'ioQ,1ie' Vie\.'o • OlJdll'U~ nus will remove alJlClir the '~,1Jrok>li!~ .. ;iilld filb JUS Oil: r;rtt,~ulVMl,.h yOIl! r object5 ,~1l'I dl lei!lw' you wi 11m ill

~1 n



It'ln er

- your pa'ths


To Jf'f'~1i.j rn

rhe ofJginei


t{) in mrmt 'hal ttl~ p~K'e.at tte I~.hu::ro'~: Vle\\' ~.• • 'to 'the default Preview fl''Uuie'.2i4!lon ~ow ro' UJ~eit i rlJ . ynu G"tln UIS~ the k'eyl:JGiord shortcut oodgmlJln~.' U r'l u.a~no QS P15 Ulilft 0' ot you.. rull eelered oo..t of mi!6n~remen f wiH yi~td tti{! ~om€lf5uH QI po~na.~ 3 d~i:Il~os bo:t: a~k~ng.II ~e5i&.m:d ~'v! r ooived .W..does.tmQP ptQ. the imaJe on ~h ~e' ~50 Il!~ . a f-ew ide. and bmchure~ teen tered \ en u~~s very ~hape.many mes.-m (Dr :SOme ~H bi.and h~rd 'work=-a mi!:$~a:ge 'that m Ily Wmpii!il"iI i es hOpl! ~lt) i£~ aorC$~?.e c p ~o Pfie~ ew moore~ the onl:!:en aifiode. (M!lCMD+¥.n. Ryeu' p 5 . c~ I ~. b t~.llJnj.:ttd w~~ nu~ 81ear/cog ~~ape l~ ~o 5iQIU ght after. you can ~rm~{}I d'loos.d like' yo~ r y ~ lellipse. 1~I!'1It~r 100 1]1 (poln~) for both \<Vi d~h and l"Ieigh t..d.. ~g.~lfS wOlullt.i wI Cratiln -. (i' n~ U~I ~. sh~~ .. U~liS ens .ib~e (\' Indow~' ' U$~I1~ new R~ B Il~u~tr.fiE'ffl~nt " jlO.'II'is.e F is it jun plain cool to I~ooka~'? Wha~e-v r the' Wl!'a150fl. S" ct ek. CIO LIlla It.ter.IF' Whl.a~ ·1 ~g.J nee In M~ (:. S:ell!!1:t: III E11~l5e tool ~ifo.m U1!1! ShiJpes. ou wh. If ID~ p kr.. you ml1J' be IJIm toO 1~~/fJ9 ~elJ. l. right is fie ~ me Image in Outline' ~~ w ]:DJr-:-p-1 VII fjigt de/b~lt must{~r@f U. iii !i8I1'U iDi( ~' '5"I'~ 6. r1it tfuly bo~hf~ y~rJ ~ouse pOlnu. 5el~c~t~e ~oO lYI0'" toQ~. Pr~v i rJ... Oi5p I Y PNfomrq.Pholtn:~p in rhe ~st' er J'f)1J have Q web-leJe'ed . mange Poi III ~ to P.allorOCIUPlnE! nt.. y'Our wish is my comm~liI. ..'~e P'oinU R1~Y b . ill aU. I've takelil a :5iCr1elmta jltun!! or iii botlH cap i m!lg@ Ma · you"U ere te later inl [h15 chap. till shaptl uUel~'slgntlfiM ~1'11f10"'iiitjon . d 7~ Now ~ I c't b o'tn ilJif th~ obje.I!ref "fE"f'I C!>. online hmJffis.1 ~fany aU~ ~nto tl1 e "Mmt Wanted n' caltejicny.i!it 'the imes ~III Sii188 Qu.• ~ Wit t!l1:so gdve' yo".~ ad:\. "~fkim. 5im~ly c:. the Selection l:. Next.ftDmJ: sud1 as . not ~ I!!I'~ . '~~i!' )~ Click 'the Anbo~rd Dn!i:!f.(~. 'IfI th ~ following ref~ renee ~mage.azifU. .me to !l: reate a \lJiton ~ on it 'ou'·U find LQgOi. This will hr'l ing rLi. lM{lkEl'sure your ~till1 Align). I'~e Seen thi§ effect li'eque'Sf!\ed (auntIe S$ rf' 'ect .~!ildl1J@IJ hor~ 'to '(Jn~~~ tin i. Howell~f. I'w a1. 5idf!o!. By rnm~~ A Itel1Jlii ~i~ly.! yo y \IVCj'U~.a~: ~iP. 'DIe nefiJ:t e' rKt will.' tOil"j~. th ' ArtDOBro and t!rlltJ-r 18 pc for th~ RiId~u~ and 6 fo~'the nlll mbe/' 10' .e f hi . 1~Cl'il!at@ me>iau.Mt: I dl'O(J=down menu.

5elet't the I h}l'll(Il'UIll All~n .e it 1mN@nt drde. Copy iE Coo (C1ll~/CMl) -F) of In . (f o 12.}1 optlon5. 'ho'lcl c!lown ~h.5. S -l~ct 5HJfT he rim er sma 1 po~ygon. g.A!ioct ICMO CJ ~n d p"~~t.8 Set the flU color to .1\1.1&1"1 . [Ell to..align 'the lwo obj -COs.(". Ho~d dOW!ll 'Ih~ f!'J and ere 5~ the down arrrow kejj' ] 5 'ri mes. \Vith t:h small po~son still 'Sl!i@dedl. to .rrow _.n1 Cenh~1 and the' \terti. 5 bmres. iJO and ~ e stre b~1:Ilck.:y . I 1:0\(1 F to 11. the small po~ygon Dilject.e 5HF ey and pre~ the UP .

Seled 'or the cale per- 16..] te. c hcese Obj t . . selec on[y IE! 30~1 lOCI pt drde Ii: rea d back in step )_ I hal yo u ~ • ~ C¥aI ~ ~ r 15.]nlrml'1l A. Create four rnc re rottIl'ted (opJe§ of you r po~ygon~ h t~o~. N ext... 1mnstnrrn Unh rn and enter a v.of !:errage. 1._. Enter ]0 in the AnI I" Id. '7 .~a In {Ol" CfRUC'i\oW+D} so 'hit .1 ' .. S.mall po~.. c: hcose ObJe.-'fran§ic rm .y~u n ai~e a 'tot~l. m • fr. I :. Rot. Sc Ie. of I ] 2 s. '..ygorn$around the lar~e dn:le.l1g 'j cl J!o Trans{. Click th Cil r butto il.a[u .

'Disp~ay the Stro!k. ~21 by ~YP'" Dllg."~ p!l::! ar~ CP'l~Oml. huh? In~tanl g@ar.. an of~cyl' slHlpe!t by ch(jo5~nl 5 'h. thi!! nU1me ne ~a1 ues ifun U'u.t UIIe ...irr IU yvu W!l:ll~ mOle wirh the PQth(Fnder effects..ge. !CDrrle. III!'! ~QLH I . il!.New s@l~d An (ClfRrJC'MD+A).Ii}~orto None a I'1Id'5:E!t ~e stroke (0 ler to R: G-:ll Stmke. ~1 ~ Ma~ sere CitUU.htuc~ ISyaun. ~ffct 15. CUe OK illnc then 5€:t th~ stlr@ke' r::olorr tt.lm wilj slm br . In the Pathfinder lP~lfU~! hotdl dQwJ1lihe AiTfOPflON ey .llihaqe tjr e fil~ eeter iiU1Id to IIiD'JiOg I!!!~' '[!f.. If jlou ChOOSE' nll:i r in hoM down the At rlOn~rmkey. s-et ~lIltr~ fill colnw to fit: 5 G:~l B.111'''9 the AHlOp naN k ty while yoo rnO:il~ your Pllrh{.UJID' Next.r'C~fce rfr~~ ~lIe AU'/OnliON iEfey pr.I If' J~... The !fe'oSa" fol this M" Mar . Set rtiI'I eo ~l (.ar 1ihiilpe: .s ~elil:J dmwba'b wh€1lj'OIl W. visible' tby Il!'Iclmlll'" Path n 1'lI[I~r (or S~rlR+fJ).eftJ(. Thl! gear mould look 2A. Change the: stro e \ Vci ~hl5.Se1ec.' "d D. 7 ..::11..CorrE1 po ndln~ te. £.dli111U:•• rom .e p~h:~tte Window'" With! lB.Qf~ wuh i1Juslratt.26.tJ cf the Parhfimler . SeleCI[aU o~ the ~hape~ (~~ I'" I'\I~). ~et"5 menu.uc" melllad hw d.fee' in fhf. ."Ii»~ 2ft. iI!I! compound f)lJ ~n wm be created ~nrr@ad and your cmginQ~ pa. The . YO~llj setthr. sone.e IS.l\5Ulg \ Pa thfuM er P le:ti. 27.etJ~il!llgto opeffltlOilS you "II . (oot.P!.i book.un:i 1~~ect diI E! ~1. in l'Q the method y.u '" r. (]itk PU!l!'J '~ilrmul~ar by n~w. )'01l.l!U~U }loUr warirfJow be'5t B . add a few e lira elefllll!n'l~ (0 spu:e I~l iii bit.l:1 bexes. wm ".tDU. Artboard and crealtJ: !lJ10lffil~' EfiI't}eor I60 p" for both wlttth and n eilht. t~e EIIi~5e '~oo~'fro~ tn@: 511 ~I) s Uyout.!.~lf1dl double~~ IIt:k the Fun se l!!:ction b{H( i n the 'to~lbol( ~o c.ndfr died lMu1t ill t:I Aew pl'nh 1J~/n9 t:~!ed.e Colcr Picker.~.(# dl!ilP~ ..

t's did I ew m QIF eleme:. and seme tell!: 10 1nishl i.PE::should J'lOW . falF. i 's ~Ioo~lng. :ihg~. .lll'l oml. In ' e Ali ~I P 1 [l:!iii'lt ad j 311 cd the' ~hap!:!5i Sh'ili.r 'M .p' .tC'. I igo enw~ bW!ttons In th~ Ahp pBlellle. .lilt lon~ to al'ign .d IW'J the middl€!> lit • One! ag II!1l ' Ugn ~is oval L usi tell ri onlal h 1111 f !Jnd .. od go '5. I 3S" 5 ~ect TIr. '" Or iiI.trenr'i!M and s.a: u!l!! th . :J!I!o' J •ogJ1 • IT! as!. iillL ' .'O §.n 5. mc !l:InCl05~ Object. bn ri :on!a liI'sn I lign (. NoW' I.0.. 'fQur e:w [ir<.hape~ shap .I • .l. PJ] mprii:titely.. did.l~ bE 11 [ret.' h oval shape' R:ll]Il.. OK.

l(llllli11 AliKll (!E'fltell' buuon in Allign ptal@U@'...[lInd! 1~~f1I c:h01051!!' d! I . MOl. _ . 1111 t~ -------- " " ------ --.. _. U:Ii ' the IFreilZ TranSf"orU1l!l ~oO~ re mQdi~1 fB pC!l!itjon the te:d betwl!f! 1"1 th.. J. artd po~Ujon ~l ~ ~howtil in ~~i 5.- - . .2 j. imaje: 4111" Mak@ the fiU color IR~5 G:91 B: U.Jjf!d ~ii!t U1ii! '5~rokecclor 'to ~···. .ht . 41. iII"h@1m lillUlVe It into ~~1ll11t1m f1ight u.J. (Jrf~te ~h~pes. rectangl.}p~ d-own ~y uSIng t. _ .I\e thiS n~lW recYJl1igle Sh. ] 91. '~:tFinally..ne illlmW keys.•S-Iect Edil Front 'tI1U! )i.wJt~ the S:@lectU~n I~~QI.:ll.(Jill: k 'he ArU)QtgJrd nll ente ~ 30'0 I"t fer ~h!e wi dth and I o pi 'Far the ~l!I£... S~~e(.. PJ. ChOO5i@i ('up • .~ . AUg~ fl'li~ :!Iihape hori~onlally wH~ the ethers by l IC~i(kiJ1gthe Hori.tthii! ~o~ngIE w@1 hom tjl!J~ '51·til~(l'S fI10tlt menu. . '50m!!! tI!X~· te "f~t oetweeFi the' retUin&lE' lb~low ~'filI~I~ar shape.: done.'ll!I1~.---..~ 'MO recta !ilgti!!5 !ill" cl ynUl)"..

S .cli... rap iUs 11~5p oJect bet om.k OJi'!l( i n h Arrt eea rei area. ext create a $ffiaU r (I rel([tck .ely. [ll ps tool "rom. 1. n .g To ma~e IllcS. ttla k and a a "'Oil . S 'l~ct til 'Yonn: Ii" [pat It@ te align d'le shapes haUl ver. nd I can get '5om~wnat confu~lfi'I. I' .and iii '$hape. I new RGI!3 lll!Js~.~ nd hOrlJontall b (lu:kln the ~JOp( . ~n~er 2 S [) I'll 'Wor both the j ~lh 'l1d hei_n :1 . II lie' e sier. C fII! '"I'i !lo!1. think of h followill'!~ boMle _0 [rHr' • J1' 5. eli c.ratorde fum ent.• 11l1"li le'fore yOi-fl &e' started rOn'! thr~ proJect.' Sinap 5. exercise. iOn as having "e1j. [~o'th tl'il ied [5..:~ (Vi ~~'---DUll! ill ~. s many d ufJ~~caed r '5ihapes. _7 pl:O 1.'0 0 '111111 0 h e "ooe. [I n ed to 1<plain oi3 few U'I!ngi.Artbollrd d h rmdl hedl' nd en a 'slmUar fas. . Th lsi llu strat 10I'll r quir. ~o ~t'm:oe5n't maUer \I'M ' in the. fm an !ttra If I cole s are C'liglM now. t I Go ah@~d and ~wil(h to If1 II' Outll!i1~ 'lJu. Filii .ion. Olill'lI .

fu a$SQ£~"led wjth. N Ow '5Ie~e(t t:lne otheJ' small ~iil'de.. r'tJ~f .fU1Cfi thtn. Se~tct th@l!1 fhe SITI a.obc's. of the IQJl!r thumbna~'l irAQ~f!~ You Si@I&t Ed!1 ~'Pa'Sit In [front o 9.tiall'1 ~e 'from eaeh rerm. rUck rhe small mearba""shaped r-i1 (l1"(Je (S~ 'he rlJJ(lnNlR~1 Nol~ /rJr more t.3 'lim S<. rtf'Ol'lliaro term.own ernpl. '~O.commj an Indusl. flit hMM i. The btif wcpJ (0 do . 12 . n otd dowfil iiind [~lfe_$the lIfP . o~hcr.cJ haVE dif(i'Culty selecting boUl cJreres WI~IJ(Uit seled_l1_g llae bl"JN ""de ~oo...fI'tru' Un:u j ft Gn ~tJ" way 10 er be.::.o}tes Jl:jt il rf'>tlH ~rm{f{Mc~.a..r 0' l>Byel ~~ ~/ed: ir 01 wen ~eorlJou·ii' &i1e 0/ 'hOSE' ~~chn'(~J terms for the ~a!l circle rJ~t ~c thl nmm t.'h's rs to did: rhe erptJnd layer5 arfClW iol4f~t to [he ltfr.3nu\" kejf S:HJF1' rIPen v/fw all 01 'Ire por. but J $Wftll I f'rsr lie-ord rerm frQm Afi.~ Oliff and' o. Wlth the new ii. ~f UlI'J you ~~l1nd like On odd mis believe thor. jt moy 50 whotros ~ mi!!'.I InrOfmQ(~Oi'1) t~ the nghl' earh path lliljef Ira setea that :pQth. Then SW17-cllrk Dno thet CI!'1r..ilttNU? m 'ro)_'me'5 . 1S19DJO--1t ~~...f lhi!' I~f ~'lJ th~ ltll€'1l' ~ar~ne.0py :s:tlU 5!ele'C{Jed.l~ drrJe ! i'1 UI e rn icld teo Co1p:y it a nodi 'IfolJ m. thjs rtljlef_ Ned. Ho lid down 511JFT a&ll~nand p~ th~ down iUllfOW fIt' 1. T~i50 'Wi n p~3CJI1' the ~i~de1an equal cli5.

'm . ~in ce you won·t be usl rig lit .: iul!! ~s 19" 'S!!led tJhe 1~lIIip(Set'Ool and [rea:te aJlflother.II).inB.lJIlh sti ~Pli::$.yer. a~ 3~Ji1::-1 role sh ~pes! rot. 'S~~P@:SI Qf! t~ e Art[H)~lrd ~SI2I{"cl' .lil he w[dlth '~O .ne ~ub!ri]d fronn Shilplf J'~ hutto i"I.1"7 p~an d the he liM to 50 ~L t ::n. and v@rtkJRl~Y. st.!' 'c~~. [reate a new La. goi ill! 'to be a iii oval i mtl~i3id lO.cle~ f 11. '4~ Crll~~N~1 mo Fe ro~tOOl (np[e~ IQf yOU! r drc [5 by c:hOfJ5Jlme. crearte IlIn oval !5jhape.e 'Hile:§tmr~i!ut.yet.::i!me''~kze' as iLhe: one' yOU! aeab. part (250 pt 1rn width and he.. Obj~ I )J.y slm i lall" to the bono m pa rt.A.d in U.going to run UI Fcugh lit rather '~U icldy~ 111u:Qi'iIly fIJI sm aJUerr~~ ill p@ th..t. G0 i1hfl~d .5~ S€Ie-ct ~U of the -"A.11~ E'r'l'~er1 2 d ~gree'-i. let's.e too I. 50 you nave a t'O'ta1.IJ}~hutto n~ . Nejlt.IliJrg~ clrCil'il! 1h.fmrrl • Tmn~rorlTI Aga in (or Uft.a 5UI'"f!m @nt .a t's the: 's. frans. 1. h~r ~el A ngf me.oK you"re !don e w~t:h tJle' bot"fuomaf i~h bolH~ cap e i UustratiCl~. !!i. Aga [n u5. The.the f:nips. CTRi/rMn+~. r/OnlON arnd did: .ind] ali&fi! U'i E!!1liI both h!Dr~oni"" 'laU.a rt 'tn e 't~p of t~e bolib1. 8 .a~t-d ~!f'Oundl tine' ~~rge (jr. arnCUJlll d the r'ff'li!flefll[ e is tlhat Ui I!!: >I.pn:N:e~ ~s ve r.ai wH I. 'S~le(t o.f a dociE'.igh:U_ 28. get rotat@d .e 'fT~t. 'Si:. 6~ In trhle P~th Im:l@f !:loal@llte" ho'la down .O I.aF1d ~Q(k the layer and ~ide' it: 'foil"now.. .aM~ cili(k bhe' C(1.

. 5e led: the s.. A 5 lee both 5Jm n ov ls.1jing Objl"Cl . o . of 3D ova' '5111 '$. hold ~!l!ne5 ~rn iey and pm~515 til u~ ~ITOW "i: 11 tim es. lU.1p .:r~ F-romn fe ~' ~~g Hghts and orne de~th {th ique~ 10 . l.. 'S! '1.t s b ciho(ll. Copy a rnd pa~t~ It. 9. mish I off. ~ eSifor the Angl Cilio(' the ( " button mtasu here. In Ih Path Inder ~!.B' me!re rota! d co i . With one o '11:31 i lett -tJ. rot.mall owl in the ce n r. mQW yo me rr and LIt .]~ !'.lorm . ~ preu 'the 0 "'0 k Imte d.. (1 a ~.cft -d areund the larger cirde.. frul1'1 _h.1nt. of yo UJ r cin.. Tr. hD~' down tlil key a nd dick tfi e 5uhlfild . YaU·I'i! gain h ~ th~ top ~a11. . Choose Ohj I:'" Tr. ROMI '. on top.lt1l arm" Tr' nslonn t'\oSLI 1111 [('mUONp Do).. 2S. Tim ~lJl) add 1 ~e$~is e. DOl the S. tnt r I ~ d.. rIO.21.1l buttoln. SO )'ou ha iI :olal.iII e ~or m 'rile ot ' real. 1~ ..

315.-~ . Be sur 00' S@~ ct Ul .. Also.'ry I:z 0 III the op red :sha~ .ck til firs' LiliYr you CTellt~d . bottom s. Now selec '.. Se~€!ct U'I. Add] an inner low to 'lhis dla~e ~tl1 :he same setl ngs shown In th oUcwing. l\IJ. th2fl1l horizon' al&y and 7.ilp. Y'OI. 11"1 Gil w.te 'the MocIc d op-dcwn menu one and dun e the colcr to btiiitk.l co~or to the stroke !LO lor to i1i medium Br~.ttle cap sh culd now ~nok 'SEHnewhat: )~rnilaf r h) this: 3 .w ~~~ ec ttl radio bu ton.Lc".. tly Iii 120 1 - 1) ] • Se.and Lake i' vi§. Be UlLfe to dirk the color swa 'ch n .ag.. 3 2. Ib l'Ii! ..n shap s and align vertkaUy.31. rreviif'\\1 510 you can view CiS Ett ec t ".. i G: 11 q IB~ q in t~i! !!)ta!rnpl 11 1 .~.D1Ii ~ 1pi. -ij-t. i(halo. 'ollowing OK CalDI III I you make them. n . alll d1'Set th ' fin colcr to lI"e~ ( ': J I) 80 iJ ~~C' B~O rnd e stroke color t\O .lect the top shape. n d ' nter the f'I 'settings.o..U-.. Urtlo.h. bottom white 8l'1d used R: 11 shape iH"I d' ~et '~Ine fi I..!! bo.dIOOSf' jlour changes . 5. en (Ii. box. S@'~@ct blJi.~rn. .

If it -.am-pte 40 'OK.of the 'IJ ne can eliTe r Iltiate hJ twee n the uses purple with a black stroke).38. Enter 100 pl for the width and heig~'t ~In th jj ill • Set ibhe fi 11 toto r te w'1'rI lte blade stroke' colD r to You ron ir. N e)l1. default se.the.stroke colo". th re.Oitnl'!r ti rde. you ~~. USing th e EJ[1TJs@ tael.g~: J :yo IIJ J U treated.p.to hf!. which ore whir. eth r two.e and bla'k.rst pfm the D ~i?J ~ore t your rW and . Dr(lp 5hildow and use tln~ fcollGwinl 42. 116 .:'lIllS chang 'III colo of 'his 0'101' .. 5.l1:!'.~ to ilnother cohn sa..yo Lfre ~~mo'it. . stH~selected" choose [ t~t tvH. "j-O LJI'regains to rre~te 3 1l1ilnligh'l and 5hadaw. "four image should 1110W logic ~ik~tlhi5i: ( 39. tn two (my ex. Create GI n~~ layer abov.. create another oval sh~pe a n se'ttnl.tting. With th bottom snap .5. respect've(y. Enle r 1 70 fQ r tihe width a I'IId 20 I for th~ height.eile~~ 'lh~ ElUp:ie 'teel a~d click t:t1 e Artboard to (reate ~n.

S 1 (t botl the purple ova\ ~RN:lP~1iId the wni ' drdte ~ha~e just bel(:!w ~t (twi3J't. UM Sub ~c~ 'rom 5h~pe Ii! .P.creat d roup nfb~.of the shapes he rizont1lUy aliH~'ii~rtic:ally using the Align pa~et~e. G f(UJP!I. e Pfi VIOW5 step . be tJieateill as a Shl~ gte uni M05t fl.a H. ~O!lJshouldr now /have ani Image '5~mir~~r te this. 5.lfd. . layer.. tcr!p!'the r after thev·re rIJI n. II f r yau f: In:k .In .. andl align !. notice that . e arrow to show tMle contents at 'In e 'I gfiJu.ath find' r co mma rnd~ automa ' (aJRv IrouP '5ep1Jat~ Sh a pe!i. hold down the Alr/QpTIM kE!~a rid r.~r. Enter 5 dh!&r@~s.. Tran!JRcnn . 5. .e~ ct Angl he purple oval an d choose .: Ii he Pathl'fi11ld .43.suremenrt afl~ dick 0 7. :. you 'H ~e~ 'twa p:aiths: _. for the iiru:~a. the expand arrow 'for thi§.JJr a buron. aUow re lated objects to. Ob r ect . Using ~al!'t e. If 'YfJU dick.ed f~ step 40). Select .' ROtal .

~j.. It.e:l ct He rkzonl. M a.. create a new tayer b!!llow 11'1 ~ ign HgJ1f3. S I 51 Now '5'electthe high~iClht {ItOp Opd II pe rc:entale tc! r.irng th e mealbaU . [han g. be le cap. ~L1(has H'!l!'fvetica orr Ari iii L.il11 '!nie roupad )llJbl~yer. bold sam-Sierif 'lY.E!cb.. Th pret. etttne O~Jd1)' per~lentag@ to 50.48. o .a~g . ~$ vi§ible Iby 1-.r nt.alb". to add some e t to t!h .y.y pi!l~er .e (re'e r to 'tn~~a" the Inigh light) and set !the ~trQke (Qlor to U ne. Sel... so.p·-'fan!. \~a rp • Ar-c. ~aYl!r and type the word 1111IUrllttr.u.end in g mode' of '~h '5 hap e ·to Mul~ipl~'. ehees . '" he Tronsparency pal1fttte OplJrJfU me.e.~h~cl-ed.al illnd. Th n with the word "Uh.r!on fall" tnts !patn wijtj.ke !!liUre. With the )h~dow path bottom right) 5. Frilil.nu. mod rfy tn~ e end 5· t 'I'hg U rntll iI rnatche 5 me ClJ! I'Ve of I " m e- the bo·Ue c p.pl~j of fulf QPtion:i on ana off by s~lecting Show Opti mWl'iid Oplion!!. and set ~h~ ~tfl!Jkll:calc r to No file. set at 1[1: p-t 'WO! weU heF .Wm he dts.Set the fin CD ler 0 ~hit.y .edfflf/ screensho t dlspio.·rn 5c~me . rhl! Iran spo1rrency pa l· tte rhJlo5i1ng \l'liindow )P lliL 05 pi .or black ( I:1JS wiU be. let ' pMtr and s t the 9.en 'rinE! bottQm-rJ~ht path in .Yf rh~fun options for the fMnSfla:rent. 5.trator selKted.and mike~ its ill col. t!liI b'l.~ 'shadow). I~ l& '~h e LOP_![" piil~h by . You C6n .

a I'1Id P@rI.' PI"lCC'.e yo ur al"'t'Vl{ork. t1iIe'affiv. di.gwo fuel te YCUJf wo:rk.e tit ln tfl~ fin~)fnr" thts thaprer.othe [. Sel'et:t tne' Pen 'tool. . 'l .o.( :1. Begl r"! 10 dr.o rk 'f! te '~ti. IdO'If!·t wor~ ~oow'tt IiH ceters y~ t.aw trfl as an d iLliJ fFve:§i al.8rlJ~hTefflplCl 119 .a1. (f@. ptmd~.i!! NCIl'I!e ~Jl d the' . )101. ~onme.1 (an u~e '~he l1and.a rs.~ff'ed wi U ~how you becau s. chi'i:lck lit"mpjJt~.at~ a !II€ilN HluiStr.. Cho-o:se " lie. " C Felllt.J1t5 and dkklng. the contours and 'oIl. djgit~.J- new I clye r on to.a[~igr~p~il: ~ffe('L (If YOIlJ pr.t bu t still retain some of the r~~li'Stic a~d lOll5e !1afild-dr(iwn I~ftfed'iof worki'n.\I\Iay~ '~O ma k. ~(ii5e tn a'~ h ~Ji'!d~~:k.k'ifwe~ght an d olthe r fad.onl. c'n !lOSe.'r·aph':'c br ush lIifflcts J un it. itne' PIJo~ button.Uor doCUrflPllfit 2.[Uil1e~of you!!"imag'~ w~e~ .you would ~ike' to .1=!ef yo UF tern p l&IJt~ ~~yer.~t)lou would ~i ke te COr1!vert Itt.g witjh pap@ r.apply va riOU!ii brush :5[¥e~. S~t tt'i!l!.) f=inaUy. aim ost totally.crawn ttl" s~e-t!:h (n<llptl::T 01 ~OllJr{:.lick rl~l[c. does fiI't 111H!aF! yo u h~lIif! 00.'lin~ 'the ch!!f31. Thers's no nf! ~dl W worry about bhe 5 ~ro. flU to !troke c:o·~or to bl_ack .Just cencen- ttate on the QU tlines ~eJi!. (.e D1rawinll nd call1i. The f'rJUt'lwin~.e i uu S'~~ti on has b-ec:owne. C lligrarn1L. AIs. Befr'Ore aC'l:eP. .~fer.

N'ow with 'tn e basic cutJli 1'lI'!!~ anclJ Sih.a'tyou"d eve A'~UJ" ally Uk@ to fill wlU'1 a.:~pdown to ~~~p 6.~D'irow' re d ene wi ttl tfite ooUines.o draw ~'he'5h~lJes I~t!. .hs. 8.l yo:u 6.y and di!.k iiuljiWhere en t1he An'tcoiird. Brush Libr.allow along with U1 lTl!Xl SU:ps- 7. Com ~~ me IIm3se~ yeti n ed to cr"eatie a taJ~~ig. YOIiII can ~!UtIMe perl'-ee:t&y wuth a . Now t!! cgin 't. your pO!h be II'Jct~~.r~pn b rush.~Or it :ships win~.. O'~ (flU i1L1 Q l'!1e that yQ u're uapllLi i: bA. if YfJV have an s~ihE~ et e(t ls vtry pa!v1rerly.re's no Ined to follow e:ve'ry~hu! get your bas m~to N(lIn~ ~nd 1IJ8!1!' a '~Ipt 1!'~cle.11.betw~1!1l l!Iiing 1f~(I...iI"ilphic. The following trnagl! ha~ ~1!1e OIJ'lllil1e~ dtmmemi ~o you can ~e~ 'llie Itl:il~ral 'flU shaperi.I~C(ll1]. that I'i' w ~:t~oIf!~~wn. u!iiefuL bu. I'f ~idl W"flli"!'~ to use 'IUlJlstii" tDr~ 'bmsh ~il!ts. a path arnd d'o lilI"t Will lIII't to dose' it off. :so' it''s ilOlt ru~()~~~ai7'~~ 'lo:5.~!.ii H elf your ~u'ti. W". yOU.r.!i5.Lock the 'OuW Illes.¥. .o It !iflt ap e:~ ~i'11 place. lhis wourd be 11 grt'Qt ~Jmefa u~ it !Iou C"{udd Sl. yo~ t!3JIII pr5l. At ~his point..9 brush first.~Si~t.nd l'rE'Dtli your . (0lI'l for I'Tlh[Pfe' u1fOFfflotu:m). la~e. J IOJ n alse r be:lmv ~~ OUI Un~ I..•• (iiUi.aJu 'iiI!n~lea ll it Filll§.t. GJrJwmg. se Ii!Iiu .elec.O'I!iI'we dr~w~nr. Tn i s i~ a lM'eJ1j teose . choani!! \~lndO"h.·~r.If y.are ~e".flit IWWW.a p~ that will.The diff~nr._ r Q50 . When you pffiI C~RLlQ"D and a wm .\ ... Qnd lhen drQw the cut/JIles ""til the brtiJh and you$' gi(jptr.to end d ~oth .nm did< lh~ ArtbDtJrd.rwaoom m oke5 0 great (iij1e. 01.i nd 'lflfcrfa.eight t.. color. llhis IIi3i!lE r WI U ~a'l\dl~he~ott! e~l'5f'c r your :5cl~d ' 'Ill CQlors~ I~ 'I'\ea~e ii!J new t~E'~ te your owo.~ pen ~lId Mblftl. ".ey when Yiil~ "rant .D key ml"thod r:f Milt by pl!!Umg fN1lfifFffnJSm.~ eff .t melllu:d arrQ the CflW'l'~.1CQII 015'" pl'tiS th~ fNrWR lJRR J. VO!lll1 .e . tl1 i2 C'rttLICMO ke.G.rlDfUc dr(Jl'W"tJ tobl ~.r. ~~iiJt .~ 'iii be feildJ ~IO5ta fit aoother p21tliii.f path ~sn"rseledw.ilsh~'5that . Ilh. To (]Ii~ate your own.

r: 1S.. an 1mrnedia1!!eiy !fe~og!ll i~~bh:! 5t}1h~.grap hie '5t)'!.t 1111El (] utl i1"!e5..tto 's£~~'t them sel.alfE r.he s:rn. on 'tht~r own I.." . tmi:E1 .l.Noti r.!.p. 'In rn ag~. '~~' rt 5IDf.ill fOund you ~~ ring '~Ih ~ ceune of yo LU call.. i.:1Il!' that all 'of the eutli nes aile !§ete~~ed.PJ!:lI create...s it '~eJJ' simple . 4 ... Ail: !ruiIm ~ Qfij'iW!...i3.rla1D1 r~ ei"""" rltni:m ::!OJ Wt~ 21 ..f . C:licik UU!! Oul ri nes ~ayefl" me. '~O I [ iIi ~I Pi' Pnro_ ~ ':oJ '1.en.~t ma"·e.e:t:a mples 'Qf thi~ .S.. L@Qk . iii brush that w~n slm uti3J'te a ["8 lHgtap~ic: Fl~t!L M any ~~ [b:l1Ibratnf5 .. "]. ~ _ ____! .f'lld csrUlO>Oii'il-st'SlliI Sl!: tlhiS tJIiP... ap~~~ it to th e seleded Ij'nes..in~s.~torv~ ~~ ~ . .... pu t the' CI uUfn ES. and on the Welb_ The Irnet.§f:12 .. undoubted l)t .11 Ill! MId seI!E!!UNew ml~ chfiingin. ". i!nd i'~IIJ rO~lJl:le.aYE:iF.:l~rately.~IJU can t i'j to b ring ~@meo.~Q n TV..g the' se'tlingS. C~ic:kyour !l~W brush in th ~ 8 rush es p~lette.all a rrow ~t th I! top ri ght .ca1tl.to o..fhi~ i~ a 11 rexamp!e c!'f wrnv' yOLJ.e o'fJ pen.. wei es pillette optic ns men 11.YOUj"111.u:===::!:::::::::!!::::.:1!: S'I€iP' i 5< to oii!lP~W '~h i 5 brush to' yo ur out= lin~s so .a tbaU 00 ta r~e.ttl i s 'sty:le into your drJ:lwling.

and ad)~ 1lh em 'bo you u S. FUI!.~Iec.3dow~.!'5!h to them.rs QC'Dmp"n~j'I' laye" to modify ~tThis f. Color P~cker_ Si2t Ut· ·rill coler to .: lOll tifi cned when dtlili9 ~ lib rhl$.2 55 - a:21 9 ~l:8 I f IEye color. In taa. onl change the fill (Qlar~TI'U~bri~~.a.Qf~ ioyels that .lc~ i"9 on be"GU~ you m .n.lre ~'OJng to be wo.your 1~I!s. . 'Sel~(.g.:i nd y.s.e..arm..!l: k the ~i l~ ~e~~!l:ti bo~ i rIJ t]"u~'~oolbo)l. 001 a!~tr s.i!Sielt WfJY to dill tfl! ls ii1i '~odouble-cl.eleetlen box to '~heSwatches pal tte'. iSimply di ck iI f1! indiv! d w 1J l liiile to §. Ttl [is ~t 'p rs C p'~1111 al You mill~ mn~ 101thr-o~gh 0 '1. to. • 1IHanr color: R:2 1'" c:~ D-. '11'. lacfwlg I to ger 'rroo wneon you us!!!' mLJIIt{~tor.: d 0 ne j ust th 21"". IR-'il:lick additionilllll'~~ bJ 5:e'e'c t mi1~tiple1in es ~n IOfLl1:e. e.pp~orP:rriat@' .e'a~.Wilbc he'S Pd teU'e. eileQftf'm~g is: Ia-yer bmed: _yo rJ ~lwGY~ leilO".n the [Ci!se ~'rI US'ftJ t~r.'olor • . ~1!'1l- 'n@ bn.§hap. ibil~ 'lh .~:! .1nd :5h. ~ ~fImus~mJ!IiW-UfJ!jke' UI 'hO'DSJ10P=YQIJ !Ill' obJpru (0 bf' sl'I'~tm JUS' .e Uit~ 5. f'1~It ~om e i:(illcn thai: Y'Il)LtI wOllllldl !~'kJe 1)0u~e fiOIr the 5kij111 tonn h~ir. yc'J1!I un ~e~ that I \r.r~EJtj It:ct-or. or apply inc ~@~:Se oriii eli eroml'l Iple.11 I You may wsn ~W 1m.o-u're done .mJ1dHum S.auJ d'loifng f#?f'RI.~ s 22 .. 5. highlj~h 1~. Tfl ~$Js bfclilllu:e' lOOn ~.i:j t:e colo r: ~'. I ill the' ~ollic-Mflg im~.t eaeh shape.&' lU' • Skifl!/f. m .h i:lPes' {oy. R: 11 j C:1 ~~ L).yOll'(#! ~8 ~ ur. chang.lmke' weight. dick Ok. III Pho:to.0 and 'Select 1!ildividual li nes I !)n rj d~lfI'.@'l1 til...@ lhe 'f! U lUI .Sel~~t None.ng rs (J SI"od h6b.f~ clid . and 'th~n drag &tI. f:rJt!~ '5 ha pe and s@'~ tI~e: stJroke' (:o~or 001 ~8." U_(lclJy what cbjerr: YSi. New that 'ttne eutllnes are 'tak@:ncare 01'" the rest is.

!fOUl cr ated a b usl'l to ace n- 1~Create a n m IRG13.rush IPJ e errtse. 01 .n Iltu s'ttra't..E3~corel. everytln trig ~USl be pe 'ec.'ttl. ~ drawin In 'tn'is lie you' re gU~ngto c r. In essence..tly ~1igned andl c J symm. :Z. ~ lmes and 5hapes.lng a .c I .linltb.anChor 31 echniq]1.ttern. bnrs n you'lI c tate w~uae uaUy b: n d alolli ttu:!' way.a~I .lIu!hua:tion and effect.ea't'e a pat[f!JirI brl!J~~i 'he key war if!. [15 .. ~inC)e you'lIe wo:rkin w ith pat~ u terns.'jIji &.s' r~ta r file. pattern brush. you used .lOre just go irng to· create 2 §!maU Ipar of i' and as"5 j n tin t obj ct as !ii.lllJJ. you·IL learn a I:}Olil ~ usi ni "~ snap settings.a tellllJat@ th OVi f.-'m '= .et teal. lEt t.! -~ t~<:It (an reany you h elll . do you? CH COUr1re' noltj Tn 13rt"'5. pa. wh~ yo !. Valli don't wan to ereat v~ry sil'1i~esertlen in the spir.ililg .piir J c'ord p.I' .o'f. "'!l. .

.' S.. 1(.orm ("rRtIC Clod lhe . ~fy(Ju.wG'd pe.ffCI. 'SJer. S..Z'gom tool and ditk ian II fiea in 'the' C n~Jf'rof YOLlll AlitcQi!I rd " our tlmes. Snap' {o 'Gfl d.~ImD:O~ Ob~l"'(I .~~r window..rcootage In ~1Je' r.l1 radio iCH. 'Sel ~d llille ~ef11 ~~O~ 3nd b~lil'n Id rawing. Ne](it.ard (. lI.'_ to iigJtt No ne and the ~tro k:e color 7' itO pl.Sie[ the 'Stro e ~. Tr. .B. ['i k '!l:'~~!!le \. lOll can .Op and lOne 5QU3l'if I~\O . warn ellen mo!'~ corU1o'. :Se~ectinl thi~. you con type your e.e fI H c010 r to blac.e right.. r A Ilenuilive(y. }fOil!!' re g.(&/( -lJ.es yo u r tfu~' IGnd~jn.i rSL d~fka grid point ~ ~u~e~ d~ and1 lI'iil'1t. 5@:~eU~~e :..~nrc. this path .~~El(t t~. ehees e Vi he ~p~ when Yoi.UttO!f! ~fifll dftk (apr· ill'lchof ~ilmts irnt:ersecl as it 'Wnn:. !Show Grid.-rfj'< I 14 .b"K al Me bQ~jfom~lefi: ~!1" C 0/ your mW.fojlou COil Mggle' bork and (onh quic II.anmil !(hoo~~'Ob~ ~I . i!)nd ~m~ndrag utfj one Blfid squar'i!.JII'1g Ji" 5e" el Ral:il:ut. CUle &Fill square.li'ire drniM'l'lIl.. o .{.~.t . f' ktybDiilD ~s ~ B. . 115. ~1i!I~'Opos~tioo p.oing to use Ulu!ftrarlor·'5..A rr'.'To ~id in U~ I~Ui .. '~l1l'i!1e ~qUi r~E. whlFlrt Rlf.irnm . 'Set itin.[1!Ii r shorrOO"I fOr 'hIS 0: CI'RfIC ~ This grmd Gille ro team .t J."""'"' . 1 '~ SJiim '1~ Place the uccrnd point. Your AI1iMi3ird s.1n. f. ':0 the' g~ ~ I:h th~ i!:.'f!ilectM . 1'.h1C1!.~ V. :5jgn. O'f ~1i'ie iWif'$~ fb(!l~niU'.I~ thi~.1i ld have a lP~Uern sim Itar..'11 ct.opy 15..es 4.

[put on tile c.. to lhop points 0' thE! 'tWo paths. ector 00 " n . . Turm.3. PI ce"_hi'S drd eLh r tM'o 0 bjecU by eheesfn g: Object . 'th! basic 511 Jil'or the (oreL Th next group of steps will wal yo u ttl ii"(}ull er 'a ifig ill h_Shlill. aJ::H)lJ t 1I!JO(]\t.. is. . Zo~m e a clrd{!.t to. S" the firl~coior te blaok TO in 'to. 10010w d ah:mg~ wt'lIi:O yo LJ chmn I CInee 'to pClrS~'tl (nil the duplicate in ou '§lI1ould ~ '10 press tiliJe nih'" the This.e too l'h'a't's.ord. liJ~in tm e £mps. off 11 p T rid and turn on marl.D.-bR). I1d tt Ba .. alig!'li'lnre center POLl!'lto'f 'Ihe eirel. (ClWVCM. GL!Jid • U5ung Sm~1ffl:Guid -5.11.(SHJR' CMLlCMo+:{J • 2S . th and Ihei:ght.

' n w iaYll!!r.. Change 'the III color of th: d!. Use the II~~~C' IPI From com miami ~o p'i1I:ste th e (QiP-Y on tJ. curre I'll ' ray ~rr nd C E'aile a rI one EI bov.U. a~ shown Ancho the dd here: . Q 17 use the [)e~ere Am:hor IP-aint to ell to remo'l.0.le t e tOWll!:f-t~ __ path tin at em1lpaif1 I~ Ttl lSI wnJ serve SaM igMigJlt.1 .llp1iC3'te tOI a b~m:po[fill) centrasnn ~ eeler (I used lorrange n this r€:J<iilm~Ie) and SE!'" he strok.e wej 1:"11: to ] P I 16 sI [~ailllt wo1 ~lnd add a poin on he [path near 'the poin\. produc s a shortened 15.e it called BLiE .att the bottom. Ma e a copy the ieft p tho a e.

1 stre k. Draw iii Iliew l~il~ in he (. '5e~ the stroke cap to oke pale-tte.es to. (lhoGse.ar obI erts . too l.and set CUnI.. Oullin Slruk~ te convert ~he §tu"k. r1 eeter ~i ht to O. Choose Obj t -' P. J'thlfll IBL NO.and s t .1th .. M If I This line s.enter of h: orrgin. repd.s le-ct ..di. UnlDck he.both stre '!M. 21.. . a li&h Gray as til e R: I 53 G:-I 53 8~~5]' .houldl IDe only 0 of the' lenpn of 'tti'ie stroke e IP set to I('ow Iil i inal and I.o u wJ·~n ith prou'u of mill 'ch~"'PJl the /ine5 up.~yhh!y@r below his new p~'.j r t.. Halling Smart Gufdf!5 fum~d all will he1py.

nd1lJnh)c.ilnd di elk 0 . l.t. 1 ~IMak...Hlend lJ!o' (O'MIC~rJ!).eObj . ChoolS@' ~ ifred 'SIL~' !'lom the Spadn ' dr..1. iNt)1..••••• • • •• 1 22. ~ ¥le'r the ~hi(k@$bott:(j UllI CC~Of ali Uilie' objects in lS" Ycull"n ootitle ItlJ t Utt~ p~(!!ce~s[JieiUm a D rood ~UbI3yer.olF clown mi!1!'1LJ and .~ tQ. Se~ectall objects (CmlCM&+Al or'! t~is ~ayerand cheese 1~1!.. poup rel!ie~jng '~etheii1" [C 'lie 'Q. I~el !:It ~tlm . All and . C:hoo~e' Ollie.aye f. and (hoo~.dlh ~. I}.. [~an~ the coloi' e bj ed le black (tlhe' same IOf ~h.· ~ru~h 'rom t1'U~.' bp'~Qw).. NoW let"s blend U'1e Wirl objed.objeaJ!ij. OUlUlilfi ~rMt~'10 m~~e r '~e '~rst ptllths lfQU drew into' regular oimjects.."'Clt. and fhco:Sel N.A'r/OPno.e. iUn loc-k the 8l EN D l.k the ~ilYer below . !Don' d~:set~ct 'Y t. Sii!llec~ Nt"w ~I tern Rm:5h d click OK. .~s.f1I ~mooth h~IIGll' 2l. C hGO's~ 5.i:l1 value' o'f 8. '1itiis C~e tes ~ smooth tr~rlsltiion betwe en 'th~ 'two ob]ec.a. . di~H>SQOhj.fitnd. d . Iinendl too~ Ito!'li i f"l! '~ii!I! tool~O')l. the ~m~n merUJ a'rrow !n ~h@ top ten @f ~h:{!IP~ri!tJt . IF-~.gel~ r to rreate . t .ente r . ... itllcnd Jioo [alcrnd O~~ionsO:r deu1Uc k ble-C: til.. this su'D~ayr.e your Brushes I)atlene 1Itirii Iill (FSt eli. IkL" 26" I~cd~ 'lh(1' BLEN[) Iilyf!r .. 'SeteL1. IBr"UI ~ '1iE15 pale'~~e opliom m nUL [lIn 29.. I .. 24 .

W'it1lfa ~lliIe p'ath ~e~edEd. Vou 1pirall. f 3l~ Clitlit t. to the path.0101" 'till' NuU1 ~ a I'!!d the stro ke '>oloil' ~nblaek. ~f1 =i ~ it J.tiJin the a'IPly . . e nJ~hl!_~ pahnt~ '10 29 . "- iJ filii 32.31.a n d . ~(llilrm OUI 50 yo IJ !till'1l 'S~f!! 'the @f!itire AirtbcilJid1.ll9en (~~'IDIi!i a path ~l1at: )'OU wou ~~ li!liie to lilP.pty Itch spir:a:~cord ro~U$tll~. set 'the III (.l.he' S:pi ra[ CIO rei ~ru5l.'Corrd bru5h i~ now cfle.j}ted~ 1Q use this brush.

a!'1d eifld imes "'!Dr your pattterrt lb rushes ('5£!..amy (iIlIJiYes Iml Jo(. (re.1! ali1J am-volt '[IllIl!l[yo~ 'li'~ (rie~tM ..'ffect In thi~ exertiri • YOUl'~ l tearn h ow to add a n::I~~ed. I il'I ~ liB l1i:§t. F~od_rrJJi1s ~tJ1m Y'OWI am! adj~s. hand-d IfilVfI'll f'eelo your a i1~or in jU!!iS\ minutE1- • Try to. drawl1 eets us. ~nd V~~ 'I!lcl b. and ~ hope you followed alolfl.•••• •••• 34~ At 'emii1iWeIy. fJi'2l~1)1 . 'lhe~e !1!1~UliJ~i~ wDy~drtl h.ecti n i '=I i. ~I'll the r:a'Se' of YOUir :sfJlfi31 eerd. just . :2. but.i!I ne'j. tern Brosh O~~ion15..1:I" p~th id._al help you ahl. ~~ n:Js~ ~I~)r'f1fl~:. INow 'the 'SPlFill brush wjllll~ bluc- 'Thi~ !s ~ yery power-h..~R. )iou can 1lJi5.perffi.!!I rlwor:k ~i5~ng IIiWll5tJi'atc r CS'5 rFI!'ew :S~rU~bl'eeHeel.at. ~Ou can dij)\I~'ec-clic: tho bru!!.lrag Shiifl~ CtlN>f"~ er eerners may fause Jour .J3tt:em b:ru~I'rie~ Ca jilj Silve yQIil tim e and i3JUCW you t'O prod uce eff'@ ets [hat may not ottie rnri-se be pO'§'Siible. Go to \l\lllldow .: to diSpl!liJ the p. the' t$ul's tallU bso:mewhat.t1 "5.GB lIIu~trntor deeumen t.lilg ~.~~B: I 65.IF!!' I~~e bo Co~onZJI iiOl'Ii M 'tnCK I settliPI.g to Ti nts lind ellek 0 K 1Qaccept the' fharag~l.:22 G: 11..ng ~mj ~lIow you to add a fine-art. I(rp.g~ (rn:iti t'ilg t. B~I.e nJr.Fn U [. Se:t tine s~jj'oke co~or to ~. already. have AQ fe~r:. Us. IWlI lII:ustntan. meir1~ with U'!l~S" lficugh.'t the' ~I rc k~ we iilln just a~ ltcu (an ( C*~f p.i]4.-. :Ji. une pecteri I entourage you '0 el.nl~. fh~ng. If'~ u're not. and .1'5 lea~lI.Jwi. In the Illustrator hel p file:§j).U e.\ in Uile IHrusnK g)a[ U. 1. keep .aUef'll roru§!rni@iS te b' COmiile sb&I!U~ (hnc rtEEIL Thefte iIl~ ways 101 uealle tomer tU~s. This toot -.a b!JI il'll. IOn~fi!: th I!fe .lIIt. ti ng bms.li'ng tlhe 5crilb~lllJ . HOWI!Yflllr.i~ if [feet.u'iiw:atCr brlJf5f1 for '~Ihi~ t.._ YoU"l'le Iclil'lll to u~e . !hafld~ !i!I raWA 's¥eo '~Q yo ur .etp mycl'ii..

elr. 110 to Obj iEl ' le.e drawirllg effec' Ilf tna . t s i~ s. ·e-r·' IJP'e ~ndl ga' i1' 0 r ' h ro ObI~l .id Uk .e t·= 'r'OHow 1()f.. IBut IT YOl. vis~b~e (Wlndm }Io-. th ls tern c's..1I<e of the u]p~Ol!ir'iln s.!lr oibj ct in place.he ~~Ius. Howellol.'te ~h ~nus ration in L ers. Tran fowm . of Scrrb bll! e~t'S.t_Hng..le~'§ for iiiu:n color and YOY·fe done. layer~.Uow illoiflg a rnd cream multi pt. YrliJ'n~ IOiif'lg to Uf'a. 5ul'ie!'. to build . the n F. l"ou'f\ ~oln to ~tar' ~mm the bottom and work your way IUp. )lour Appeaf~m:e palette Is. to pc rltray a ve I)" c iii i l. ti O~·~ 'me-a rt 100 ra G.is the: 100 yo It e go ing for. .d Uk. then 'fo. Jr'ou \:Q.li:lected. M~ke' ~UJre.produce something like this: ~elect each colcr and apply the 5cl'li.i51ic look. Pf C)fancc).uld ~u~t Ii!! Color brush to your Artboard.a more 3 t. to It ~fie Now !h~t YOli] have YOl.n~e u!. Sel& Un jfnrm a mel en er '00 31 .ob le efr:ed..

llrA -lj E~ Crtalmg M(Jlrlple 5rroJ:e fut . you'll fie dl -to il1h~~L!~e the Cjr-ett 'Sel~lIio. (ilk effects" ~NnsfOIrna~Olls. Aft~r you select tile red ~lI'Il1lP~. S-ee the U'l[C~se rn [hQpf~r '2 r. 'Set<et1the n~d shape w." a.a~~. eclpaml th!il GfOUp Ia.. to disp a Croup. :5:ubla. E'Mp.5 G:(l 8: O.~ Iwt of th to iilIpple l~yeF. jn.:'~Tid II a~e 1'5 (il'iif:QW.al~.rtfD .ml! lrh.s IiJt~ M~n ~j~. Tak~ p!iifllkulif II'1ICi1li1! of the . 5etecl the In ~~eIf and d'1~IllIle the color to IR:~~. Si"u~ yo~'lli"e W'(iurking 5.slo.Wlotice..aJ1l~~:e~ 9..nr~ Ai'p-eamn( p..Jog.e ED yow" al1WOu. that Imakes iliIl!) the majorutJ of ~J1!Ie ~p~le~s.fin. 5ublay.n t'hc' Appeal' (lee pal ' te.e. ~h~ ch.-er to rev~~~Jet another GrollJp 5iUb~~er. You r>D~ ~d(j many ~f(ect.er.fJ ~lliou9h m~A~~lE!ar~".itti . t WQ~ IJlwd 'to cf\eal:e I~e. fil!l·.r .stacking (Jrde:r.~II l..JlII ~~~ for thi!§. AI rn rhfl tCljffJ!'S pC1if!f:te.5 tlilumc!"!aH inl the lLaypl:§ Fha[.r:" tJp~ ~pveDr(mCe ~6/ette.r:r::.ztht toyrl!i p(J{ett~ m many Wll'y~..~ ml~ 7'.Y@lf"o' Ir@V@'a'l the mnaj@l'itty ·of ~rn~ art .t tka~ will ffJrnilianzf! yo~ w~.r wi~~jf1 th e Laye r~ p a teH.cncl!! aruiDt.alen" WG1!ks ~~~.a group. . and d. you can rn eve fhe Appear.tte5 up Gild dD IrlM c:hQn~e rbi.ltulf you l 00'1'1 ~jl rhem Q~ 61'1) ~.! ~O'jI'Ollf QfifWOtk l.etll~.rji:U~.o!d d~n9 pfnntJw !'len t aamag.2: .aJlld I[!hj~. er tn-set Ill!~ '5ublaye. ].!l'.e . FM a great tUi -e{f«.ce palen alDi1t\ Those ef(e. (I ic 'til e re.ii"§:t U.

n 12.ri]d ChiiUlge . ~O~Qrte F.5~ l . .~t!te'thilJjt .Nick t~'e: Stri1b~le !!ffe. 12~ N ext create '~11 m idd te iaye.r ~f U' e SCr11 b ble E:n~ct e ~ele C'~ U!:~ Fi II I~.~r.yo IJ just rFilO~ ifi ed and il:ilick the D up IICi] t~.d)!e~I.]3 . ou may I\~ed to 'first click the smail Y o'1iri" o.~. Dc:n. Sel ected Item b~1Uon .'IA! !o the left of the I~Jl@..~till §elected. rho [}S~ Eif ~ nhblf' Jna enter 'ttl~ flol~owrng !i.p:al.ct 'fOf t"at Fill' layer a rad modify tfl'E!' ~enjnlg~a~ ~hown in 'the 1'0ltowi jj'lJ:g !!Ilcri~en~hOlt.i!:155 G:l2~H3d 16. .. ~ Appafi3!r:'I ce' .f tn expand li'~~ conteJ'irt.. 11>"nt: e should now look :1i!irmfiLar thi~ limage~ tn 13~ ~~eli&t 'the in BiN Filii l~lHtr .FI1I L.e~tin~: us. ~FII.yell" i~ U..ayE!r .at tliIe' bo[tiI:! m of the Appe~:ralnl!:i~ pa lette '~O d u~1icatJeth i~ ~ay.. 14.

etth~ r~n (i~doro R:2. MfJi~ flf"tllm thlll ni ngi5 d ~Oil-d D' . 16. VOUf lao sim i lar to 'thrr~~ p. add al 'S:tribble @ Heel ItO the reen l~_f at Ule' top ~f the appl~. fi me iii! u. 5.eled. AliI i!Ill" modj ry 'the S.: ID' c: I. 10 ttl rou&~ '12 I~O (reat ilnolhe r AppearaJri ce pa.thinlj IIke thi5: --~~ lEt Finan. p.t . Repea~ ste 1!l5.0 B<~O." S.g.teU)~ ~ay~r. s.. new in ~ larye r to match thOs.eo ii'll the' ¥cUQ.wing ~tre7efl.(~ibbl se~tr~p' 'Of \hilS. a ppl ' sheuld I"IOW "9. Tfile Steoond Suibblill iIl!ffe(~~hould Le~)fQ1iI 50me. 'tim'e. 0 11. 'This..dlo..l'fl C:.

yet d . tn fd'tt '~he. 001. (hiS will make 'things Cti(k Ul!e Artbcilro all'ld c re- ins..a~i3 areund ~e top lett ~~!ect the (Inch or J)03nts on thl! top and le~' of Ui e ~~~ 1'1-1 ft ~i~d!:!.Q'lJn Clfic!.!..gy !jfJno de rft k. "hs~ RG I IIlu5tf~tor ~be "101' docl! m@nt.lFlo!imh: atSJ~ 1~V'!O!m San .ae .!l reeler to bl~dt and your 'Stroke 'e flew pilth~.]iS~e I~ ~101pl ~f~ ~~tethem usin g th!!. Ir1!.eS.Ji~re onlJ Gpefill an IPntll'tely 1i1~ " drawl nill----Ith~1 rest i~ 's.. !1"e r'IIO r the'~ h ow does 'tl1b fii~ in .iIldva meed S ' in Ilt~ ~'trator. e II([e al!il~ par.rand d~iillrr U .• .G'tcting. ~~ e-lere:iSle..el~r" OA ~ool W. 1m» ' 3!-iCI ~e lfGcU te'" !fig mustrator do id l olf lIMe ~bf~.a re ~ome .kfeen~allf~.se te cll'miques req i. of (aUl ~e! ~ 5ii1W a ~(J]'n IIU)lo. .: que. filled .path technlqu _5:: 10 . Now nu dge mg 'the d~"IJlI armw paten "-31 for youl. ISa show Itall~ed 'Nre . the D~. Once! you learn no hilt it . - ro 1m.. m~~ d s. ~le:af"tI'm II Tech1V L_ _ • 't@chrhOJc ).l. s. 'S~l~c'~ Ib..rliCiw whtit TechJfV c annel (b. and Copy .'50 151mFl ~e ~:o re-rreate.objects by 111~)@riJ!lg ~ OU p~ for 'Ih~ ~id Ib 5. Ii cirde 51 mi~ar '10 I~h 'foUowbn g !!ilc(l~en~hot lhe Boat is ttli nil i:i riQue€<f! Iilrfl. wled. N~)f. Ilo. Set YOL.o _n by -ey ] 1 "'mes..a~ ill prime It~ndidla ~efor ron ~ ((U'ft the two drcles d. ~m.te it iii! !front tI dQ1h! II '[he J ey and p~ce~5 e)· 11 tim es. l!lu!dg!!f1g the new elrh . with an.of tine: mo~t.anml Pi.go.~. channel"s.

: e irde 5Jh(jJu~d ~!i)O S ImHiillr "I. Wel~. rlilithe miilldl ' of le8lii::~ 5Iegme. th.lflolillar " IFi . the right bj( p.e'ft~~ir me n't with ttl e [hl'1ll1!ct 'Sel~ctl0 n t(Jo'l.glU M~ key 'three 'times" .: 1'~" 5eled the mjddl anchor point !1!!Hill the' 'top-~.poinb(.id~W!!I .hellow afllC"n0 r. -_ot~il:ehow thl~ dd~ ~n . D 1 110.nt 8. Notte!!. es~fiill the' . Now d IJ U'1..1l: sarn~ fo r the boU'Om~r~sht clrde.one~ a ~e tJiIJOS~' ClJl1ren~ ly ~-etedfd. afi'd Ile r i. so pr e5s ~U! .Re ~twl!l! l~1now look like this: _) . your [0 lhis.II".. the dleel .nm ki!y.ft1j three' limes. ChOO~f ODIC'l:l Ii" PilIlh •.:ihor ~cJntt dOIiMliil1 iln~ 00. Yenn il'lll!a. Add Anchor F\oinlli.d'ge the' carllr. Vou n~ed to we mo~e thl~se... Nu.OW . IU~d square a "ChOr poilUS ~!'iItJ itlfic.nilce' you ~elease.

4~ Pr'~~5'~H1~ down arrow key nine 'ti IIU!S.bal~ico iI!i next te the path.a'ttivl~ny. but nud~~ h PFf 5-5 ~~fr.n l N u . patn ~egment.~ ilightly. or the oUl er 5egmetrt. thre.gm~r1t but mov@ It lip and to the ~tft ins :e a d i rll!ed J move the two fOU n d l\!d $eg. Then Ul e ~gfl't !(!!wrt)w k@~ fI in ~ Ume~. '5. U!mlg ~tI :le teetlen toot (N/} e I~ . C e me same 'Jar t:f:1 ~ ot:ne u~e.e =~ o o Sl"reCl lins: p~l. te I .yv 1.e time-~ each. OUI Y Lay!r5 palette tOI setll!dt ~n path by e all me ::n. n down wilt! ttl f r O'i~ itoil!iY ) LJm~-li n I:i to [t'1~ tf'ft ) a mi!~ 'Ila. AI'~eril'1.e .

This shori('uf pf!rt~rms . .10 0 .cular 5'epn ent ~o et J lD~ i(hoo~"f 01»1.anchor PQin~ on eath end of IOnl~ (1.'[ '~ iap§.. Smoo~tII ption: o )i. I..tun and ~e! 'the l' UI inl the' IDir 'Ii: t 'Set eti Oinl tool.tl!l@c the' pori:ron 0 ' '111l are betwe the othe cin::les.. Del~1' Itlni!l'l portion of '~he~ath 1~)1 IF'm'~inl ~lme DRnE r ey.! n tl to' V. 5elfid: . 1 11. lWN +1.) your lwc ~elmen~ by' c~ic king with I the Oi rEC~:Ser~(tiOh'tool.~ camm d :5 wetl as I . ~ . anlu li'ltil a port on S I YOLII needl .~10 rmd 10 'n PQths. Jam mmma!'J" 'f' 38 . 'h ~ 'ntt fl ~f going ro gh he menu each ltme Om. Pa'LI1 "" .Y ~n1 $l'iOf"f€fd 'C LlCMo+Al1! 0. IOU con a~ Oy5 u l' e -!.only drOlw 0 smaU ~~I (~on marquee ttus pi .ttl 'Avfiag. and . N€llCt.do Ith 5ame' ~or tile oth I' (it'd!.

bu'~ I e cou~ag yOUl 00 look bac· l'loLIgh S:~ t@chJli q]UJ es if there's an(y liung 100 Id fd n't gra~p 'tin e -~rs ti m • Drawi n g techn[q u s rrd paUli ope rations iIreo (t::rtain~y' v_tal ~on r.mlilr way to this [mage: s or th e o ld ne@ r ~mill'J11 ~p5.§!O met Iii10 that resernb.at§li er. I "VI. '·0 rna ke ' hese task§. ~Qme'lhiflg IIke thiS to Of @ of 'thi~ i!'I2W objec' to r d lrst clnJlph:!f le by.. fin them w[lh bra.@' lik . YOUII'" h ad may be 'SpJnning with inrorf!l1ationll rig_ht. yo. I know ltOuVf calvered i3J lOot in ttl is charJptl! 's e'. cises and tn . ut 5 ~FT+CmdCMD A .th . flOW. .. "0 s· oke coior 'to on. e.ck. HGlpe1\i~IJ! YOIJ'rl! findmng a bit ' at lUu!itra' or is BluJeed a wonderful tee L. .xerWow! lit fe ~!J. and iPlJiSij]Of1l ~ em ~11 I ~. 5 :2 ~ C[1~ate ttl ree more 1OO}(1(1) ci rcles.u w.11 g~od foun-. d tion In sern of' he tools you can Ui .: pis. 01 undet~'tan d wiltlhin ~nu~lr<rtOf. ng e 5hil 'i. Tlhis chap-te provid.

~Imon me.atrons 'wi In ou t t. nlaga!lane ads. Photos. s.Yeffecihive WilY '0 cern rnunici1te iii se 5:1iage..e~ ftl&illle chent (hi!i:hly unUke11). Unlless.i!ible) ~aVf a y. I use of this.ext A cam pa ny's nam . Clares.8J~ te~1 I~ a h. and InDesign now share ~ n . tim cernp lily 5Io~f1. )Iou won"t be rrean rag.n u 'rater. :Solefs tackle .illunr. rtnen the ·text .s<e as. Ewn larger s. Des gn lind [)reamWea'IJef may aU be bett~r suited fer tIM o.engine in IUustr ater (S ro m the ground up'.XT ! ~i'tEn FF CT-· Ilery powerful 8 word is fry I lustratlen nu create will ~av.the·1fp!lfOgramos.se re a~1things au may !'1~ed te USE ~ ya-ur iU!.eal€ To fiilill'ke it ev n m ore ap~~i1ling.. the. Iln ol!Jlt1 o.lor.Ado b ~ has totally .I5t rion~.e 'lome form of' ext in it y1 Bec. 51J(h as Quaf . and w@'bi!iijteli call be rr a -ed In UIu~tI.• prod U CIt cunts of text fOil" menus. h 11 it chapter.~hl. ~llu strate r offers yQU many optio rrs wi ~h which '~O cr. he SAme rext .hop. you'r al very gifted de-sjgne:r (very p05'.

ongi iii ~ int~grity (!if the ~e and leasily add m lilt I pte s~rQfws 'to ~~n 'II'! ¥aricy~ tel:.)r frmNGrQ JlDu 'II ~ WDrkiR9 wilil tli!!' fJP~aroncepOlrM.irre happy wLlh ~hel spiil~irilj ~1I~1!'I mo¥e on to 'the ne t nifp. 'C!..m n fEtal!f\ '~11e 1111 i'n '~ert is one tI€'I!:$ 1{Skrn FQ maJh '~1Jl'ie your icSviii bte:_ Appeamfilce ~tileU)e 6.. can [lcc~mplh. lhis U FMm this pOi.JOI ("lD)'~ ~o gelil ~ 'fCi II'" tIM~S. ~1!fec~ (a 1 0 pt wijd'Lli1I r s i1de!:llU!~'bl2).right (Qrl'Ulif -:I~~ D~' 'til€: p.! O'f Un!! rna Sit pop i!..a(E!' that yOU1 5ieleded. At Ihis point you may ne ..$c' the i ~t'I2'&"f'wty of' the orismal type'f. Ch~racler.change ~he c.!uemil'~ U.a n w 1GB Ilh.. palett!e.ilH 'it I rde' i~ the IlJlD ".'Sil!ler:'~Add N' w Fill.. (tI~~e \\ 1I1d(h\' 1 I ~ . Open me Ap~eariiln~e pi:Illeue's optJQF1IS me~u by rht inl.~filce pa lptt~ ~nl IUru s.ed 42 .o~OIl"to while. i iii $ri'i.ph:~ s trQ1cie& arc MId tex . Now . I!~~em. V~..iL't~~J'I. w&th '~he 'Selection itti'OI. 111 $j mply tha flIg. !PU!' linc a )tro f' around yOUlr lhifl(~ many paint. 10'11.p ear. yo u ca n ~ilve it a!l [II st)lh~' ill nd ~ppLy it to otli1ef objeCI:$ WI 'n Just ilJmJedick.drnd .attribute in I[h. 1. H )'o.J ltl. 2.g· 200 'for ~lnl!§ effett 'lo v~lue 8~ ~~lecl ~he' fi II ... (reate .pl' tance palebJe . tiIt~ ~b~~ S~~ In to.a rt i~.. DHe I'll.j! Ilo. 7'.e (Dr rhls eff«l. I iliil creased t 'Ie If.t bring . IIJI'I by I!ICli!!lS..UiUf.lEO at 91 p[s.e the' '~~(kijng 11'. tyPI:! but f!Si1 EJ.!nt or.Iiihi§l is per~ 21 pS OiFIi.nt HfOf) 't R'POke ony modi/icalions to l'h~ Oduo' layers In the Lqvf!f'i poleu.lf:)lt Uii~rtJ(Ju W(j u1d Hke to use fo r '~Ih~ i!ff~t::ti I 1!J5ed th!l!l Afl ~~ 1 Blilit fomrt oiiI nd typed 1\.. beslt p.h I[h~ ta!5lk 'e3$~~y.Il~ te)il r mlistf~tor.e ' . Vou·1I up U"l~l (h!:lractlf! W.rta:sf' the $pacfn g. ~eIK~ the 'l)ipe tQQ~ and IpnU~1ttl~ 1. '5etect 'the ~~.\Us:r VVA '..1 . ad dl n S IT! l.E!ttt3tOfd~(lii ment. IQ i'Il tead I'-ot ~o ~foblems. lh~ Ap. r TI1 e 'that. prcpamcs.ii1 al ~~~ 5till thef!!. m'2!M 'S'IJ roe that yo\Ilr ltel f'S . yo-y'U 5W nt 'to illl. (h!llfader pahttl@. I you would like ~C1 im.ilIErltt~.5.

Al'U~rii lively.llErclickilng a rburte.gh . th e ~aye~5.ow each 0' her ill 'the s:allTl way you wou~.oke .e~..sirng \VindO\hl·U k or lb)' doul. open ~hf!App ra ee iJ'ilIl t~':!il roplton~ IT! en IJ iJg. 1. th AJ_p P arance palette wl'J'r j in 81 simila r way to. palet e vi"§~ble by diloQc..d layers. l. e Fill a' rt:iliJ~e. lmke attribute belo\. Appeara ill ce pah:~tI!l~j!ttnbut'e5 above and be I. . App~rim ce paleue. pale te'. t the stroke ector to R: 14 C:155 Ikl25 and th~ ~troke weigh 00 lfl p t .c~.Hddnga. tlIttrnibut 1cen at ttl e bottom of th and elic th sam e bu non. you caris II ct 'the 1. .ain and seled Add N c\: Stroke" ahead and dr b c.. Go 1Z~ N. with the type ~ll!le. Set tlhe 51:i0 e \ .\ ke 5 oke ~@@TI W~ TI~ 43 .t:rt. You can d ra& he .4. .j!' lrH::IIJ~e is ta ge'ted B g. Iilrag tl1~~s~r@keever the Dupli ue 5~ledl::'d lIem lrokr. s. e sore th Slr.0 l pts.• Remem b -II".

In ~ e followiog..'eli..~dlll.However. ~~ed he sa'ml! ~1fJ of 'SUet l~tcln&S.'11 .lIj you IIh.lIr!tl! fi~e~ ~O~. iiJ5 you uSl!!ld in U1lis e.kJ is the 11mI t Ion '~n eHed. to basic pa. II.corrnphilr~ .lUra'~'or''5IClrealte' (hf'lim. bottom 'iilbroke ite m ~iI:I dl ~h. (realeo Qui I ines Of CTR~rIYD+.eli!1. dIIe 5.cI to k~ ep your t~xt.L ~i'!l$e(t it err h:xL.!I~ate' Ou~~ IIIU~~ (~mm~Wld iilgai'" ~laJler in l~!!'S.!1 m:o~e centrel Oller the ou~line of the lets len" ~'~n s-elede-:d ~3cn letmr and repQ]~itjcned tJ~~rn en to give iii sli~'.w:trcise.c .aUy allows yo jj to edit your bPe' with 'S-electjon '(nolL'S a fllIdgj~s yoll.l ee Ibhl!' O btpe.:ng. 'QIJ al~o d orJ"'~nee. I've ir'lfiud@dllh~ outlinc 't)'j~ei~ thi~ chapter''S '50i. ~~basi- 'Il. (( J: rer ~ O.E lh@ S l(otoOa' to blatk .s~·rJifT"" ) tol f.:5 'f'ela~ure (lyp. You Ci1Ii1i'1 add as many 'S'u-ekes P! . ~ G~. :5. cd ft b~ .aU i~ C35!e you .~niId. woy~d lik:e to .:1 pIS. I ~t my type .' 5ele-c-'t 'thii... ~e:Urok(t hI igtn'l to .il:halD1. th-. @ffec t N$ Inow .1Il1iI~ u~ed nh.~y loc _IFjIi'lall~..!Ilia mpli!.VCH!)II't~ tee ' _I IIJIij ll: Cr. Re:mem'ber.

t~e tlM~mbf!>' II Of .'... :lcntlif: lirrn luck.an '~he i§lll'oke and fi l~~ far in yo ~ r typ e. Your 5~ til!' cr at n@:nd. so be abl' lC 'see ~t ual '1 ~ (m~lte lIusttr-aolr onilillen S 1."l:5 f ct to m'pl ' .. ~5 Mindif1iW .\le o.to I ~IIof tho~e UIl'C ' $ adiil tjme~ Wen. i 5 lay r ~ no name i 9A KGRQU N 0 1 • ' e.1~'~ fo. I:!.0(1< 'ti'.ve i~ me~nin_ul na e ~ucih . it Ii b -. cfld ? rio tdn't it b " Ili1k~ if' there 'fflIiS .I:' .lild..:Iret . in the' Circa Fill: p Styles pa'e te. f'5 ft. .flita.' ste P-~~ 6.5.eS!~tt ngs: a OK J J 11.cl[ U1' e-angt ttlO~ eU'1 e rei to er -a'~1!:a 'new fiedan. ll!.1JI r 'SW. Be sun: 'to dkk only he srn II S-Cj.'1low aicuig wiU.New! 'wn. e you s :OllItd 1m I :squar'e ' (b (atl 0 I au m mot ' yew a. Grdp '1 i ' ''V' I' s a'llbl ove to th Graphr. An d IbeIIeve m • Ith alJpl.. to black rid til stroke '0.just h 4S . &II §I lar5't I~'.hi! hi tmk~ f) . Allie.1 to l(lIiea'[le iii n rerd 3fr1d have 11 "III "instilil1Uy .ill lup of your App . I '0 IJfe-(~kk II .apJJt1ed i't' eu h~"vin.0 ap~!y t.. 1.gJe lind 'I!nUu ttl e!J.It h see .odll).I:h b1mall to ~i.ilr. 10 nee yow r new '!ityi .g. area when you d ral.JlU:. 'h r as.t S ~ S t the fill cotc. ~ich ijs a r r. Drag' or 5'HJR+fS).U happ!!ns if yOY Wlil'it '. r n (j ready to 'ri rst ~ me yo IU WIle d to 0 mlJ'~·ple ocj . pale.

'S]mI~ r.!i$ ~Ol Jf e your ('h. irn ~g'e.. one for ea!l:1M word: ·n·1 .larersls!Jbn~~ e)i~:tpt Ie e M lir~r." .to then: 110~ Nm: 7.tJt:e should now look.a!ill: camil S'tiiiri mQ<il!Iirylnl )\~Wlu te t Seh~'C-· the R~ct!iu\gle liDOI frOfJ1ll [11 !i!h~pt menu in the '~oolyc'1!JI bIOi(.and "MATR~~. totor of the \11\ TRIX wo rd :W }l'O~ [an '§.t MAT [{ I X 5.h ' '"1 H E.C1ne for e .i ld. s.word I~y-f and ch!iJog_e YO-Uif':!I:i!U. ~ Tfm~.il. till! 't'E:xt. 1100 Sll1!lljt r .. OL. f. Heuise. No~@ 'U'Ia't 'the I~r'§.@ the tM"ea:t Ihis roil1lm~liIIdl has. and . 11ereal@d M!J ~aye~ fon' ttl i s ~ff~ct. t.t 'h at y~it.. Do th e same for ~h MAlR IX Idyer.LI leI! (CMr/CMD Select.i WOi.a rnd choo~e r.a1. .~~d. setec 'lh e IW\T!RIX layer .i imite.. Set 'ttl ~ fiU colo r to a brfi:l:ht Ble@'1l1I '(IiZ:O C: 1 -5 UdJ) 9. Ii. like' ~Q use ~Qr this.rtII. Wi '.. 8~ NI )ft.to beth teo1d: layers.. ere ~_ rnded to 1illIo ub<~tlyer:i. l~'pC' Jio lhiiH.I!Se' these... N ~w R<Jlniilr'i'for th Ii! 'f-oru 'i*Oe" ~ 11 e~a m p~f!' S!'tOM I ~IEMAnti'. I~'lte d1~mmed t the fill. .~~ '~'~ro~e N.]u n.4~ CrFlale the t'@.~ U ~el r. Ma ~l tt!!' w-'§[ble by (homing \Vlndo\.'10 the foHowing.lI'.ext.Il. U' availabl . ~ Lee aU t.Fr+Gt Your Lilye:r~ p:. ~ • 'Crlo!i1e O~II ines (CrRLJCMo+SPi~FT+O').eUU'l~ .(hoo~e' Obja I • IIJ ngmup (CrllllCMo+SNr..

.H E -~~~_.i low::' n . to return to the' Normal Q§ way switching hetweE'" tilt!' view lUll choO$e Vi \ .anc s l et . af the..targer r s h ape wl I' . A~f/OlYrrON 11 . tJtiJeseco nd is the !porna tlh:at Wii. one.(I . Ais.st'. Next n idl~ tlh Ii! 'Punehed-c WIt rectan Ie '5hape. cne irig. Outl lJ) to make it f!'(15ier for yOlJ to see' what I'm drawirJ!l.) rve jWttr. rse n e by t11.nr~~ • • T . However. -e' recW~l'.o. it may be easie{ for YOllQ select QbjeClS this you to~lowolong...ngle . rectangle. Ufng 14.a! rec't.. When . .hed to Out~me viM (\ I '\'\0 .an te over th par ion of the Ilenr 'lh~t you wOUlld like' to eu r.moaU arroW' ne t to Ule group te el(p~nd i s ccnte. Draw. (Ilie . 2." PadIJlnde IpateLe P.'11hriFldcr) ~old down tn D i Id~ buuon. M 'th t was "'I CQ'iJe Fed 13. Pr~\'lf'W «rRc/Ci\(li'+r). 0 mjxture of two modes wrli most iikely l~ Off« be. The Irst is 1:1i'i e rp. 'tine 5. key rid 5eled 'the . illil d th e third! i5 your ree 'anGle with that M s ape punched out of <r.U'1 rn the ~. 'Set the fill and srrOIKe ~etUn gs 'for thi~ ..e patn~...You Wilt. o.• • .penl tn~ La~ yCJ1Jtr ts patetu~.rectuigi e to .. 11 ~ Vou£Unetie this produces a roup in YOl!Jr Layers palette. each path tayer re'Vl!l1Ils thCit th!e Patil'rr~ nde r opBI'atian ~rea d U"u:e.

g! (110CSE' Object )i!o Iransterm ~ Rolate. r by di c:kilrn fbi m ~U)~U icon. IEnt:@F arig'tlher re(~angJ@ areund the li.1 ~ U~lngthtt la~er5.rget . pal! te. -~ 100 d ~-----=--" ' ::+ d J .a nd '~t~ect'the rightt portio]'!! of th ~ laY' .. 21. g. nl~rge thi. treat bottlOM per- ~B[) d rces and click OK ..' 10. Note ~lha:tI've S'~ltdted back '~o Pre'. sh i1IP. . la.!'ew mode in this refel'\~nCr~ lmage. lD~g ~hatpath O\fe~to th [J'l'il!iitio n it as sh@wlfl ~ere~ - left ~Ideof me· M and I\. (f). . Usirljg ttl Ff1ee l1raru1orm tool. as I"ve done here:: 21.1 41 .oJl! of 'this ~hape.

be Lay... 51! h.' flU ~nd :5tmke ~eUirt . HolLal clown 'tb ALTIOPfWfIJ 1kif:)'f'J dl sel~ct the 1. on or thi~ sh:ape .ette. the M" crearle one more 21.te.·ers pale. INudg@ the ne:w shape over ~Ughttyw~th tlhl: nght- arrow key IUrnUI i appe.te . hope rea button in the FtIlJh inder pal. 'Select th 'n-dthe di~i:ol'1l ked rectangte shap~ 'tharr you ~u~t enl:arg d.1:.ars to be in place.. W _. 25.e. 2ft IFlind~ty! tJO comptete redafl~.d~lr. .:1from .U§ing '. A· ain.

group '~~erytJn!ngba(k to.OU reach $~te(t borh reclal'llr~5.daJng~f!path.atlThfiJlI~r e Ule' operrHIln'o'W ~ale'ue.iIl[:ddelil'taUy Every tiliJ!lle yo~ treate .50 .. miG thil ilruges.a1L hel. however.!!!Iedi rng th@l'ilI1. ste~ 13 .angie . The on\y and §jele. I jI'tllU Wi th@' S@lectiol!1 1001 yo w·!~.. '§. created in 3 '5lm irar MlIThe II reqlJir~. 1t:'4lia lood idea to It e'p the Cf her l. De: R.~ni!llthe The following 'two imag. _ '$in( IlndeJr cperaticJ!l~ 0011 at _lars 'f r -• ide' a group wh~n a ~ ~1 i.(\! i~hl e erdw requires 1i1!I~~m. Usii miSj IJiJe'L~~ Irnew r . will require 'ttla~ yQ~ ne<1'Ite '['1M) r.·2I.ayers .t:h Outline viGW' and ~~ Pn:vi!llw med~.:e ~s HL~t W"hen l.h and wpt ea ch shape wJUIl the l.~rtU.~t can pt m e~~y.y . but u. dOing thi~ r.~~ ~et. in y~W!~ 'Illes.· Soh i9JI>IJ Area ibultltolll r~ tbe ~. • Th~ A. l.es ~ow . YOtU oOIJ~d avoi ~ tJ1! Irs by ulilgro~~ log ~olmI'OUp the· nm le~1!lr. Ho~dl d@wn the A.!!ing on to l[)fJ1 ..iii l Jour M ~hould lQo~ tike iln' ~o. !5erect the 'iO la.§el'~~~ iRe en tirl~ Igroup. ~I Il!lnockou..JP' Sine. To clN :I. He ~e 'to un ~oc th@!' lay~r Dr U'nc Ie tic F' yo~·rE' iNoit"kin~ en.i@f'i. yo~ move ale Fig.~~~ ~ u<§e iliS. u3lngl~. Re. this I'S BOQd pra ctice' 'Fe r geneJi'al h!l)U5 eelli lllIg. I and S·UifO k~ seninp t@ No ne. th~' fi.rs lack~ Ito avoid .your te:t. dYoi d1 fa duthi! ~ed l~~ pZil[~tte.Ii you do" just be' '~~If@' to .~~1l.~etner before ~o'i. !HClWE\hL!I!'.!~ M 'sh~~~ ~n d c.I. G r~)I.~ 'for .h !:lOSe Qb jed ~. rs [l~~~tte'~ t3r. 5~ledu:m '1001..peat I Be lAgs up.Lr/Opnmr litey and ~e!E'll:it the SulJ1r:m:l if[]. 1m are a few ~ ~l§~ !!UI'i! th~ ~rE!viou~ ~:mJ(e~s~'Oreach le'tter.~!. 30.~ to dHierenr. reB at mill e up YOIl.:Jlf@rs p~lene er ::29. be sur thilt . you·U ne . t 11mil X ~ro all.yow neecil to 5et~L~ e ~ e Pa.g:e~ the' M paw .d HlI! r titalilgi@ a mn:dIt ICU@f. Al~o..

e~l@one: r . Dele from "tJ R !!oillape. :z The \ h~'ter.. fr ~ I '\ 'S .l"n ' foUQw Illi:.. !'Ul Kf -_r'I jIj pIes of e h IeU r nd th . I' pfO'lil'lded scm! Ii . n Ie. he hat· 0- ~ e lO-p neT._ I colo.. (rea-te' 'On re from the \ 1:5. Nud e the' lecfr tMie I down s li hUy and iii udg 't~e ri gh h~['f up sbglil y.gl -!.5ti'ok . [reate one re( t~1l~J@.'lwo r Itt if'I.' Gilil hl!:ml' 'to mlO¥! ealCh 1hape '" 'he' R tet . IC.'ShiJ)@'S that I drw to break them ~pa _ In ad a11ian. Ntld half bJ the Ifliht J.r..':'e!cute the Patihfind II' effec't..ea . rn~o IP'lace 2I'f er ~ou I .. 111 ten r. (r. to .

b&au~e 2.aran()~ p~lenJe N~w AppY::!ar nt:li:J) and 'S£lecl Add op ions melillJl~ (\l\!lndow :. wo!!. wiililoWit l~e1ypinl e.you've ~:dmr d 'to it Un).@ i" ~~ '('On t and .!:. The ifil~ is Chaptrr _Ol_JaTp~)t s. Sdec" • Open Thi~ is ill '..)pe like ItO i1ppl~ ~Irnl~ eflliect to.o rk be 5~ fie r this Il!f.'l pt lino MATR~ x worn- lij! fa ~'~h rest crf the ~in es w~thin Ulle' e Text. er for . IF~n from the .omi)l. ~thought a fUn fon . I'Ve 1li!~OOtil font . Ii wa ~p at.off! miln.t(lt L. Y0l!ll ~i!lV )!(nJr ~~l:l" ~r_ ! lhii2' Appe.[IU~d('omil< IHI eavy ('5i~e note 01'11 'th~s.e~ iFpin and di~tortinlltJlm ~ le~.. g~gle" CQfR f'or "COfil1ht ~ Htl avy" sh o~ td fI e~p.o yo~ C. ai. a.ild be sl!!'t~bl~'.11~ee. ~~n:roy -.xt. Usinl the' TYJe toot en1l1!fr'Somt I.G:t~ only alJQw J yo lJ t@ warp your text ~!!l!d fh~·li'Ile Ute 5@'tting.eMiBtib.iI.ptled ~o it The waJ'iP .Aoo.ct 'S. AJt·so~ the dO-'lNnlo.~nd (nfu~r If!! "@dj.U.a'~'ie but ~he: ~ff'eC'ts.)t thick fonts w. effe.ilcf'p!enshot O'f' my" Ch~filcl'@'r 1D~~eU. U~e a .ad 1iH~s.40.i51 eH ect involv. 1 ~t'''s~·t to kteep it: simple· Q' IfiIQW. m inil:tlJld'@d dDil Gu~imled cc~.l~IilliIe!i) of t Ime te~t ~i3rr l'rn us iflU 'for th~s. As yo~l\!e' seen so 'f. for ~lfeJe.mt li'O foil~DW alolll clo!!iiely •.d. m. He.inw rping ~e. hey are d¥nlm roe T live eff~c'ts tihit a~lQw QP~JOflS UhJ!triILtor"'~ wa "'Ping elen~.3 no in 1111.. W. lui you _re~I" hmJ'lred {(!II~t.f'e ct beeause you' II ~! ap p~¥in& riflultiple !ltrokes to it .ront ~~rer).~ftl. iI fLY tim e. $tJioke'5.• Crealte' a nfeW I!U~ ~ w{g y~d m~5~~'l'Qr do(~ment rYe ~ound th.:!'~er. At search Oiil \\'\(~.aw font rw "~m~ 3.s o'F'that yo u to Wcarp fhe' 'text you cre. Us.-"d1C-' OJ. 'IDe:d lli:iln have fdb.~~ [If! the char..~rpillnl! wile:JJl I( re~'lllIli~e.p.j_M 'fothlW alan&.. a!tailable at mtHW web~ale:5..y (by dih:nming Tvpe )io C!I't. Th@ (. .

as '9niI' 9.:.the' lrilll ~tbibute'.:lf ~e' lafe1f: (~~(.YO'llf gra\1!l ient III Uite IG~_:d i ent pale~l~ Or till! e SlloYlltd9e!o pa!ett~ to ilppl}!' r'~~@ 'tn e f i I~ilUfIi b ~~e.the Ole I~eight of JQur I~- l 'to PO&i~jOA shown here~ me mQ~ ao'Wfl '~O iladiel'llt.eled or 't-arlet: ttl e ~II ! attribute.2.g. ChO@5f: Eff~!t s .e a gr~di@l1t si rmilar ~o th e 1>o~~owl hn iiige. t:@ 1 0 ... Wa['pT~l(L.q~ B· 2 !lio lit: UI~ c:.a. In 11i! Appearan piill~eUil!i.I1 aUri'bul:e.tdI ~g trne Stroke . the SO!lJ ree' fi~e ((~21 pt e r _ O~_ liIii$ chapter..] B. '1~ Ciie .s.@nt will ~Ire~~ be' In'h. Wig If )"o!lir.u 5.a'IttJ'ij'cu~ be ow Ii f~1..~~3riii:. Drop ShJdO\~ and nte F' II-!~ Following '~~lU rng5: I .! using.l (Gt Dr. UlJe :gral!!ff. I inl ~h1e.F.r~ed n~ e $wllKhe5 lk!I~ette. St~~Hle .: .l1~ 6. 8~ '5etect '111e G ~diefll ~Ul(il.AJPpe..c~ Y03.: 2. '~Le. by d~'ldJ1g it.lU -(lOf It: 93 C.e p~~e1:lb~... Cfl:~t.i.

i1. 0 ZSif:!J .1 ~.~. '13m Duphtafte 'lhtllt SVoke at Inbute!:ii!L~ cha.. Your A. Enter 18 'r'Or 'Ih~ ~trQke' '-'ielgh~~ Cir'Dp~ !!URi. Th~(ut mu~tbe 'lfQjJ mQ)' notlC! rha! "m a'w. ~e't ~I...!]l:!h: 1 F'I 01'*"" !j FiJ ~III !J 11 til to Sf!/ecl'YOUf tell' at(rrbute. dLU05!1! Ufoci ':Jo.ge ~M~ eeler 1i9...ib!Jde (~an..&if: 'Ui! ~ celer to whil@. Jftlected tlrt(r)rf' you mDk~ modific(litiOll$ 10 ~he A.wU! Hledcd\" t if~ b . Uml~ Sha(J![.e~ G low arid e fII'ller the fnl= ~oWii118.~ilviiU1tl1 af«<r j~..IIiI. ~i1"ant:e' ale~te '!i~oo~d now ~Mk ~'kethii~ p ~I 11~V:OIlJ it' Appe. at~n~ the !ltroke W'f!ight te I S p1~..ran ce p~~c~lie ho~td IIi!iOW Icc~ nke ~lhls s irill its fully @~I~radGd s. ..liiH~ t~ 0[[1. 5E leet ~our ~e'.t .i:t and click the 51rukc attribu!tC'J an nge 'the colof to R:O G:90 B:15:. ~Slroke I~UT.tat~: I .!I • 'BIB!. OfU:'l: ag in dupliUlhi! that..rijlS fmlmefm" yOu 16. Er1ti~rl5 fer dlc' t)troke w~igM.e e!l!'lll!r the'!le 5f'Uings: . A~j. Oul.Gl1eornrtCe PQjE'j].0 r four charrle$' 'WIll nOtt choos.Slyl~ll-' :. :2.1::1(.e . 5~W!'t~ ~mrs new StJrokll!' attribute 'li'li!'t!!ded._.i'~tnlthe' 'wllilt'! Stf\Q~e' ttri:b.tiZ(i .

anr.e !tih ..o~' HI i:£ exa rnpl • II (rleated two r ct.click at he 'fiery op hem O'he Appearance IP:a1ette lNnere it n~'adi§T~ or Group (t:h15(ij. r.e:d so th~t they matrch up. text on.p shi:ldow to he l(. At this ptnnt you cou ld nnake th ls a.. and en ter these settlrnl $ ~I and . 55 . INe1tt . f'\~'C: • lOB Gr icIt! NoW' !tour te__1( is b~!iicany done.• '1.epefids on wh ther )"cntre 1J51'ng your own live tyjp or u~inl ~he Iroup d type in 1M' source Iile).ilIppll ~dI ~ white stre e i. ~ fiiUed them with diffe:re nt color .al and indudes ~he5e e' ~e(t5. Here h. Ji!' \V.~rad Ienl:S "lie . styli! SQ' you can ~ LJ!ick~y apply lIt f-a r fu lJire proJects.. 1 ~ [ho@sle Effocr.m nts 00 plac.d added a small dro.around ~em. ~ p.e~. the fini§hed produc.O!Jtrorted 'them in place tln.mdl hen a b'lac s:trok. lilhI~l'1! IIijpp~ied tile ~ame' warp eff~d en lach of them 'llhar' I appl~i!d on the t..Ll rp .DP I(blue) FeC' n~l The ~Oi1..in:e AII'ilia:r~ left to do IS make' ~ome backgtounC:i1 ele.is Chilpter_o2_ arpTex .

k 5CII"lpt or ~(U"s-s~rif fonts tend fo \Ntuk besl n mind thot jorer.: ·01 i later if Eted HlIl "CifRu'CMD !Hlff en. ect DI l· e and d oese '(OY m1l!. choo!§. I -.t the long . bar. Inu.it b r ore eu e['@ .:l~HIta·te . and pr ss C~CMD tC n~1 loe E la r. you"n IJ.1:T . "'U HU 'I P.net' indVllduQ/~i.0 you 'cam revert. you IG8r ch . far this dfi ~ 1Jo. fa ffmi (('f ·U1'{MD A.. ..." f'S aUo your t be dlrell m ".n.ability to Mit h rerl f self. the n~ UGHLI .' . m C1n:5V1o. ..t nave to go fhrough.Uf'PS you're going tc.:tth ndl !'lI~" e . Tn ir. J 56 .~p and hid .e Erli! J.Ywant toO dl!..CflWlJrrfl oul. /o:rl«Jm 'n. n Q utlin e$ 5. 90ulf 10 bl modft/IIJI sd1 . C •I lli ~m'.~ 5 ea~ n layer abaR' iiJ \"1: d call It HIGH- UGFT.u!JI1Y mar waY' Uran h I)'p However. lect the l)pe. he om 'yon ueGl [ mote .C §..·· -lee. pUqHiS • I Jugs start '119 w~th G JmsUer fJrd.. 1tu~{s ch leason I suggested to make' 117 copy uf rh type' be are you cO 11 IS rhn . 5-(:).

~n ce aT l(@ur .mo~ key ~jII(iI press Uiie. ~opy 5lelec:tii!dL 11.u:j" from Shape A~E'a button in '~he P-all''J'M nder Ipa1et . ~uhrr. ~Jh. the whIte ~shl~lpe5. HrJld the ~tfoke tc N on~. ill wi ll mot !lieled iii rnything on til .e'.iic!I'e. Se~~ctth ~ i n~et Ipa:~hlS" the fiI d~ ~ Copy . 8. '~Alen 1'iIl. ('om~u:nd An .~ bh. Hold crown itlhe A~ rr(J.!e~¥i!'llgcrdy 1 m~'iie~ed E!' uou.pe:d laj'@ f tm ~mduQjed ina chO@5e Obje!tl ).ght.. 'L:O pl. Ne:!d do ObJ~c.Drl5iJlarciI1CY pah. Si2led ~nof till: llf'!sett leitte (I' ~hape~. Ungroup. Sif:t 1th eo'fi U 100 le r to whlteo..ght:"'aHClW keJ. C mang@ tL'il@ 'iIUI color Gf the "opi ed p~lh to red (R:.I ••••• • ••• 1 A. ¥O IJ '~WlO IJItd now be ~eft with tll\lO ~ayers'for each ~ett'e One· is 't!te on.fCMD+F.. G:O B: 0) aFl!:l1 ke-:ep 'the hils bee!'i! uillllIted 'for you.5 5. you r IS\S[ ~ayelf ~lfIiOuld he lo(~ed :50 C. If you ei'tpan ell tltiJe' H I:CH UC HIS layer.d be '~li hUlI g ~i'II'!u~tor 'smn. ~ele ct . aJ grou p 12. i s gm up a Fe ih e !it! ~pe~ of t~e DrJgin a l 'ly~~ objetllS and the irn!ieitt 's~. 1.'t t~ls point yCy 5ti1o.iE '~e:Kt ~ha"e~ 'FiI'om 'tn e HIGHUGIITS lay.ei"1. HQw~Yelf.51 . • ..typ~.Qpera"tfc:m WJ mduc:ed.!i t::h. . that :5 he u1. MiJke YO'Llr "fl'~h fl n d er paleUe \iIlsible (\lVi In clrn.. (Rernem b1!!1". 1'1'.Ohf\g. U 10 the r'i..in Front ((rRt. Nudg...e:d pat 9. shape.2.er.t~t:~. tP~llf1lll"!der~ air!d 5€lel. IDele'iDe th~ orlg[ n ~. 5~ Open tne Tr..:J I1d P.:1tte C\t\Iir1dow .uldln~t i!'Ioth::e mud'rl of [II ditlereUl t:e in tille' i!lppear.M tliile~O'rr:5et .'-.m~p@JrCll1lcy). YOUI Sh~Hil~d1~e~ thai.. IIn U.)t tfrl e Oii'ke ~ Operailion 1 .i mal :shape 'fer each l~tt@1I""ilnd iI'.v .e' the h lei own twi ce usl rig tJhe dowll1 arroW. thl! ether ls the offs~t.illl~r..' MaJ(E. twiclE!' with [h@ rj. .' [Ij ~eted All (CFRlICM~+A) and '~OO~f ~ ~h .t the r~d amd white i liI!je't patn~..l'~ l~.ape.

!w layer abov.m erLlU..en15 not.' F In.ect Ur object choose Ol]~e~l.. i 2.aH. Lock the HIG IUGHTS layer iilnd Ulnloc:k the 6f\SE laye r.58 . O. S I&t the type obj eel aJ'I1d copy it LOClk the ~\S£ layer ag~i n.5sorto.It-1 I HT5 layer doein 'f look I. 2 • Beki re . De~ te tine tower ~al"~s.~hDt you may n~ halVeapplied the Compound Path operation til tlTe-m as sCIted m 11. in 'this 5cre.ke the L QIttllfou~ . Zl! Hold down the Sr. Narne this layer a P . FlU the copied l~jI'er with an i~ blue eeler (1R:ltJ4 G:1 j R:~S5).Qf th .r(~e.i.. [)r. U "group. I g.. Th 1'5 wi U se Fl'a e tnre: upper a"d ~ower ra cut pertlons of the type object. c'hijIiIge the blending mode'o verlar ana the opiLciLy to 80%. fI'Clul menu 'from t1.. Cr~at ' a rn.Qn't desel'ec:l the OP.gn.e n '~ui. 1{YOI1! II t.~ our ~ype 10 b.e 1jIe' BASE layer but be~ow the H leI-! LlCHTS l_d~e.bjec!t '5nowing thm)lliJ.1 .OX to. as sh own stEP H.Ool r 2J.j ects.you desel. P'~ste )l'OUlf type oblect il'il ffon'~ (CTIfUCMtJ+-Fj " ep f:'M'li!rytning atigi!'led prop@'rty- 25 . :U. I.type' cfbJ cts '50 10u ~Q! ean oll~Y $lee the 6A~£ layer o.I g i wavy U e acro§.'O~u:on in d'Le tOD~b. mak! the appear. HIlLS 'Will cut trl" Piiltf11 in h..d\cnY layer yet .i. . With' he H GI-l LlGHf 5 layer still 'S'efecte ct. Sl:lect the Knife it.

U ~ the 1'. I 31 ere'arte new ~ayer be low lh!! HAS . E! Op~t I iy 5ier~i ~ to ~511~l.mI t~Ii: OPAOITY ~Jye ~nill r 5.r'[C' going milS Off(J$ fJrtQ lhot ate Mock Wilt 100 rJ5L1 tni!i 9. as ~hO~"1ilIhere: 29.26.m). h~ OPACITY layer. Qrnce apin.e 'So 'that h . Wi~h 'r'ilJ'~.I2!CU en 'the O~ :A( lTV layer (the II" t [1llI otl!ett.t~ J n nor!i1 (OlllfflmaJn ~ iilnd pilUe }l'OUlr fOpy on to th~~ l. Choos.i\Yfif.enoomp.g.aYfr '"rid c~U It au iN ES.el~ ~t~d. Stice.~meJilu. lOf~ I. atij ecb oQ.a'i~es~!lm bottom and sid@-~ the' II)f tll:y bl~e 'l)fl~elobj eel. ~eltU. e iU1Ifili ~ lIe(taAgt! g:radi!ljl'1i'!I 001ll1.11. Fill'~-e relI'~nlle-r~~h a black till wnit@ I~ r yadlttnt (!b'lark 0 If\l ilcP! white 0 n nea b@Uo._\sF ![Iiji' r again. 'Select 'the tyPl:: objcct (QPY It.iJCily ThtS tUMlt5: lilat the pOnj'Dl" of rhe mQIk i'f'V!f!Q! ing de.eeIof opac~ly. n me' 7.. JI 0.I. 28. :u). all of IliI o~j.¥ m Pe'tWUIJ wJ/1 hallf var:r- thor are whIte wm hid~ ('he artwork the a~ b:stmY ftreo below I~'. 5!leet ~h~ Re(t~ I1gle '~oolfI nd dr(!w a '~ec~arng1.Inlock 'Htl2' BASE Layer. I...Qdfem as an Op. aJ . !tim en lock ~he8. any ~hQde' af ~ra.e Ma. old ~y~1a k from n!ill 'lFfa f'I""p[lJI'coql patette~5i Glpllof1l.f.

_ 33. s ]4. I b~lie~e the effl!U li~. yo uire almost dOmL • Select ~~t! lIAS . Ef(.aUYI add a gtiilW lO ~e lBA5f 'lyp.a ii1d USirlilg. Witln the N ·S layer s'tiU Sea ~r.!Ccl . pm 'litirli i ~ ~bjed w~th yet iilnolhe ~ blue' Uit::5~ G: I 5). l6~ 10K. pant 0:1 the Ifadi~ 'e.. DroP hJdm:'l. ~~20~).oci:s ~ ~1iS :IIi :iJ t r v~ lib ~~ "forr ~. lIou dldl •.er G tow and 'ente ring Uu~. The Jrgi~.uire 1!.Kk lt.r 'k! n n). mt. With the object 'selectH press SM'FT*J( to !fwa p ibhe' flU 'with ~h .jj~ ~Ilf iJ i1 iJ rlA1e'o" That.' . '- il . e~1 I' USi!"l i o~he.edini. Une 'Jolhlwlll:l ~~tlinl'$: 31 ~f I ~. I I know H was ~ long one but. a drop ~d'~ ~hi3Jdow by ~e1.!c.e reund ll)f' ~p.aw.nnber ffihIY d~H'er'.11l. up lhi~ m.nl ~e:fuaJ1 fills..~ Si y! i Z~ ~.e (l'I::iJtct by a UlU . ell wo ~lh the' tinte !!P!!i! L lets w lib gw.lPlause to Ml(hae~. StyH2i(> . s~~o e.. i' ne.IHtll'iI1rIii1 fo r Ii: o'nj uri ~g..ce>iSi3lY)1 ae apply the f'O~[Owl !'liE linea r gfildie ii!!'~ (if YD.'!j. Now ~et the 'stjio~e w~ight for iili~ object lOI 15 pl'i nhi~ ru.u 'siffil~l!itd tart ~It the i}{)'nom of Ille !type' obje~l.fOU.: 'i!)!V\!iIrG_ i: noo~ing ·1it. Ou t.:e:i1f!mo'th 0'[ j) type 'efi£'tct.32.::'r t)i'PI!'! Ci b[rf!!ct (lli:illh.~PliI wfU iillr-eady be il!1 the Swab:hes pa!eell'). the gr"Hji.15'Wlg the 50 UJI r~e 'r~h!fo r th! ls chap'll! F.1@d.

1~ Open the ( a gT\' m yo "liLead! '.

2.. fU1~.OU

·an h _let
blu oval


wm do Just

to create . p lih to whh:~ you·1I '. n . is illysr, tion. he e e as .
r -


You·U 1!11 IJItiCr . that the lop i5i liilldJng ~om@th1i 1Ig-lex't:~ F '0 eha i5. ),lJlWi e 101 to, add ill - ps JJonl . Ii,ed oval"s ~~,'lh,T s 1$ - t Ute- final n~ non wl[~t~Q. ~ike~



3. Se~er.~~he' in rI er


l laY!l!1Flind (OPY it


't.n@ dip.'

board ..

6~ Hold (!Iown th ~ Type too~ icon arnd 5)2iect 'the Path TY~i! tool from the Hyour me nu,

7, O~. ~ow yow'nl! rea db, to ,tiUach the 'ly~f~Wi l.h the
Path l)lpe too l iu::tj~e, dic.k 'the eval IJ i3.'tth~Jld 12i!11l~r yClUIi' [ext .I used .32 pt. Ar~al B~a[.k type wiU, the ·m~. celer '~et ['0 w~ tte an d: ~h e stroke set te NoniE:.

4. !Lock 'the I1A5 E and! ~f\1 N E~ layers. Cr~ailt
~~yel"~[rg.v~ '~t1,~ INNER layer callf!d 'TUfT,

QI r'! ~w

S~U~iji"f,g f','ute' In !front. command (CmuCMrJ+,F) te the kl!@p tlh~(agS illi~fle d! pwaste t~ e O\l'.al~en '~O the TE\'T


,B. I f your tm age leoiJ($ 5im i~ r te mine th~rn the I:y~e ill probQj~:dy Ijf"I't ce n'bered along U"Ji!~ath. w~lch is as p i sh eu ld1b~ ini .:~Il)'. Tto chflln ge this, s:elebt 'tiu:! Iyp.e layer wJth the Set!!c ion tool rf it is Itt alreVlldy !l:etec.~ed. Vou'U notice an 1-1:1 e!)m curse r ill ''rol'1!" of'

~hle 'b~)r[_
It will appear as it this new ovad i~ eVllffing up the center ()f lhe' la~o, T~is j'S fifre When you- attach type !o the" OVQ~ 'if .oath, (I,e itPctu~j flU cmd srl'vkf 5el flrtgj ~~'hin the oval will disoptJ!{Jf.

g,. Wi tl1 t:he S!le(~ian too ,dr.a, 'Ur!
the outer


0 ' yOILl

r bound IIlL,

your text in pl-ac.

I·ae am around DO' a!"lld po~m~u~

dm' aUy modifymQ tl'Je teA t rn thor IGjer when you die WIth rhe Path T'jp~ too/-

l.ockmg this tv: layer wIll prohibU you (rom aco-

1 I. S~lect the Path Type 'toed Ol"flce ag~in. Cliclk the b~u~ tom of tlile aval pa to a :tach type to i' and, lent r !the' res of )lour texl ~ use,a he sam.' Chfllracte.r pa'ette ~eU1Flgsas. in '~t@p 7. Y'CUI shouldl Inotlce tJhat tin 'el{t belil'1l5 ilt the point. 011 tin P~I n at which 'YQIJ ditk,
looks [good. rigmt? I' you've followed alan then jt: probably '~n't Il"Udy Most likely_ your t rt is uFl~ide


Bu'l Un chinge_-s you need 1:10 make are slm IIIleo

, I). Now you


ed 't,o add te~t along 'the bottom.
fQ r

U~lock the INNER layer and dupth:ab!: the ~am '

cval shape that you used

the pl'\eviow 5 ~t. Ielock the INNER llitJi r, USing lh~ Pa~te. 1m Front comm and paste !ih~ eval into the T[X ~ye. we, ' the. oisting t,~)fl thn you createdl in SUljp!," YOUf Layen P.it tie §ohould ~ow look Ii~e tl1lis=


, • S led your typ.- 'fI~th -h S~lectioflI tAlot D a th~ ~.B.E:' 1'111ursor roull1d ~. out,er' dg;f! jll~t ~5! yo U c
did P.~i'Ollili§lli. Notic,e ho th e teJll, CUD' . YIOU r CUlifSor a rQ.UO~ 'tI'I (I UJ'~SIde ed e of !the' oval?1 Bu~~if
DU ~.;

lit: tel dr~g your t1.Jlrsor

insrd@ 'lh
rn-e :

'0 al,


see 'JII

aI!)' ,ill round 1ilIS d 'j.. owl, and ls nghr-side 1I p. Go ahe _d .;Jndld a OLJ!r te:iC,

e If _ 1'0'


5C: ' eni~O:l

, )~ IN


e CI afllcter pa le~Jte vl!S<ib!eIn Iilb .' eh!lr.;)ctlEr) lIli1e!! elf1;5Ul'e t~alC you hi1V!! aU char cer OptiOIlS ~sibllf' ~)l die in thtl sm J~,aiifOWS '0
t. ma,e

15,. [lick

Il.I ntl ~ you r t );~ ilPp~

thll! , anraw iii1 UU~ 8 - Une Skrrn, Ie· t box







rs 'S!imilar ~o mine'. T~is win t );' off 'til ' baG- ~in p 1hl (~hto~al) that .d to oil :.3m ttl I' 'to. (Ire t· ,awo until J!I i· n aUy e flte ~ iiti(aUy in th ' fed








a~l.r I~.a: yo



d and

S'ft~tt ilt w~th the SeI r.t~OIl t@Q! or b~ targeti rn "th ~

me ball


Lay' rs p3IetJ~e.

it /itii ~'nplace,

did~ you may need t,o aOil..JStthe size af me t&r .ro

~you've r

lJsed a different font Dr (ant siZE! than ~

Ii. ~ei!l fro!! "0 ildju~t tihe triillckflflg as wEH at 'ttni§ poili'lt if YOlll would 1i~1li! W mod i '~11 spad Ii'I g befWee ' 'the leuer~,

1 .. Ortte

drop shad'O-w e,rn,c:Jl to. rna e i r, dan Clout more. I!)o thIS by 5 ~ai n'l.g each tnt. .2iyer (se eo on!! l;c,t IL.aj'er and hotd

me, l! rt IS in place'. add

cl'1.o0s,e , ftect ... Slylize ,..._IJMP ,hlldffi\'. C:lil't, r the s ttin s

down ~e SHIfT .flY 'to. '§>e~ectthe other)

sho.wn heTe~


5ee USing Tryp what Base/m

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7 Now do the 'S ame f,or 'the b Oi torn te!X't layer. Howev,er. c le ,'n dowm-3l1row key in 'the 1E!~seUi"le Shlft opuon to mev your te t c:iQ1wrnw~n;:l i'n"!' 0 pta!:: ,~ou, rniJY f'I,~ed tOI 1U'5 h e 5e~tCtiem tool and the I-Beam handle ~hile Cloif'll tt1i5, to moV.e you te'l( baf:k lnoo pl1aC!l!.~ ~lso adjusted th ' lracking s.ettiFig for this. ILayer 'to 4.00 to. s;p.read the type out

19, Of tO~fSl:!" you can !addl some teJ(rt in the midclll: of the' imag' tal (omplet tn ·1ffect The 'The G'reates;lIBo.o.'k On h~" text wa~firit '[!"e,ated with h ype tDo1 no then mod ified wi~'!! th warp


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InC ~ 1m1)1 n.~ 'SlI1l.al'E!! "I 5oame' '[ext efll-IIiI~. Wl~1'"I ~h~:inew t lft nine, Ad~be has ~dd d 5 ver13 I n~ iiJlUfe5 te IlI~5! a't.O. Th~' S'l _ i'J th L ~, I!Y ld ink ~o sho . \Q U lh- 5~ f iii ur - is to s't1tow 'th iifI'l 1rI hDloshop.

rttt!lI' 2 I Ii '0 ,Ulot "he products (lIIu~tr lC~r.

ar ~upp(;$ed '~O be - t tl'n. end a his .-cis Il~ millip 0h~s chapter I mentlonedthal



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s Thi"§opens J A@ \"lith IllIm-r 'or CoS,

Dutton r5 " on a ,- m p t rl{wd - ~ )

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.Qryn~mes· with .... r. __..IJolllr DoIrY . ~I 111 . .... III Styie .P!:'I_..r ~oiIU IMM I 1"'p....W_r.... ou"re BIOjt~g 'to wo~ wi~h in e.d@... ill" flo .~""'.!" a new dli3llidcte r ~ny1.....I 1I. in 'th~ en a racte r 5tyhH palette...e~v~5ible' M~irrujm'\l' .ea File! then you"ll..~ ~ >1....r. l~m tn~ Characler r S'l'yk~~ p!illet~(!"s. n...3.. Oof.. M KI~.I .exeni'lie....-11 IRI . . r 10' III_"'''L jl .·~~f~~ • ... d .""""'iN rrUhl..j ust one 'LI~ck_ .. apply U'I aJt ~tyte ~o the four cat<eg. Make: tnE!' Character S'tV1es..:J!..1....._ . ~ty~e Cm~(1y Ie.lpi~"J r. oq~.. fl.!'Iij jllIol 5......jl.a1eU. ~~ ~j .p.~new ~lyle now 3ppear~.. .. !!!...." E amine the layoLl~ of thls temp~i....i.. lnu.. •...(it "".-". . ~. Character S~yl~l.~ I. 4-"'1' ._ I •• H. Fer this . i .__nl ill ~ ~ ~ -.-i- .. [)ou ble-d i(~the R1rlW !i!tyieto edit Pb ~if'Op-· erties../ ·M ... . you 'll Cl'ieiill._. ~~ '..5rir~~ . ~... 'oUoIt categnry flam ~S...w.II'"'''''' ...... 1":.·l pe . .. Se~ect: f\'cw Ch~tilCrCilf nlJAo.111 t~ ~~ !IIII 4.opli@n~ menu~ ~ame ti'ilis.. First..: I..

'31 th~(k font. (U(. 5 !list ~t! d c:n a~Ie your r 1~ Now selecl he dlllrill..k OK iHlI..lr n.~TI a:p:p!y it . i 'tvJ~ dl yo U! !.ler J Color ltern frern thi! '~Q (!IpUO" U5~ GIm ~he Left.uU yoW! (.IImx.l~ .t! pp~yII 'f~mketic< Ual5 'font 1m tile. I'lrIe (~csen Nilli II1i!la.LI :1_ [l~~.~.iII~i1iUl III I ~ a. ~liiIi5 '(.g. lii11lY 'I . iO don! the (]h. 0 U1:~ tU~1\to (hOO!. Jour !5let:ilIn..H.~ttJ1 11&'5. (if@!lt 9_ ~QW th~'t th(! S~l~E! i 5 &i i~]IIl ~ype·.to ~mI that au . lIlIe~t'~re.1 f:i'~ton 5.crealle or.a1lowj IllI figui'\!!!.ck as my fOfllt t. Yo lire g. 'lID ma:tdh thtue shewn in th .-3r5e.p 'Him shawn he Ire~ -•__ IiI~1 :::J .~It. Chiilnle.oing ill .a~ I(Ilfi005e ~~!f o~n i'r ~I!l! wOl1l!l:d ~Ik.iliiII •.lim SeJe(t SlJsk (hil~C:~et' uITfl IS fill'cl11I the toeA:!Il.MJ.ariin:ter Sl}lite~ dJalo.

"..5i _ 1'1:$ f.lect@d t@'xt . ..t' ~a1'~~- Gm!lt ya U r r...n 8.e ~e1iing~ wi II autem ~ikal~y L!!:pdiitie .l!"i'":..~.. (~iclt th@ F!D~i'Ow!"ill DrJ:lI!ln I.ilMJ~ ~.. I! II. _ J~~5 dll'S Z'fJ'tQI!U-~ l'~ !'II~!lI... _~_..... A~)o be sure th~t·t~e ~rf'view (heck bQ~ is ~e. . ..:·~ th~t ~he .iii U at 0 nee._.~ut wl!ilat i~' want '~o (hall...m. ..'Ctlr! g..'.__ ._.~J' D. J.1J. itW cheratter !ityle i~n ow a[l:!ipll~d1to 'the §e... . DVlh.I •• ~. need '00110 bae:k and select 'Illile.. Alteli'n~tiv@~Y. A9J w ..lyers.iIi.. illS p..••• i.!lll I. P iI"'_~ IJ .leued soo you (an Viiew yo u r I~hal!lg@'s.. J u'St :FcLlow these' ite-p5.e the you ~harartell'" St}!'h.~'t)!le Iias. ~J ~I!" I. behind the di~~l)gbo)t. QuiSt Pm 1e-8~1 JJiI:fll O'lli .l._..g~nfh~Ch 1:1 ratter Sty1... :I. I~li..h and en al"lge the (o~or 1.~. ..u.. IL..:I_.ap ~ly ~t? Of (QU~~ not! eh i!I ngi fig the' ori.. Double-cti r k tln-e Cat.~ 12. (I ne ~ll and SHtFf~di!Cldng On tine atlh ers to '~elect the m .Y~lI can sele ct ~heml in '~Ine l(lyc. (tick the ChataCL{l'f Culm o'ptioli'!l.~lIiltf~.. ~.~.. .. _~ •.."" ~.h~ ..0 white'..s: Fill mi3rtil:.'" . .10. rJdj·i-.'JJju_....""I.. __ _." .<or)1 Te~1 ~t... ope FI the Ch~r~l:ter S..' 'n~ Now !iimtjjb~ clic:'k the Calegmy Te:tf! ttem in '!Lne (hiarrac'ter S'tyl is p!Jlet e ~nd YOiWr new ~ty~e will be ~pplied to' aU m the selecte~ '~@)l..!--. !i...3Jl"ldr~.r~ p-ale:ue' bt SJTlfT-droki n~ them III weU.~~~ of ~he category layers by s~le. .n' ilLi!!..j.~~ . he en ~ P IlJ li ed ta.J.t.tyh:! D prLon~dialog b~n::. Set. .JII~...." • .YIQ lQ. ".. 'teltt iO'bj~c. un •••• I •• n... 1]9 . .~ 5lelti rn~? DOl you..any t~:.9ll .._._.

.. as itJne: n a me 5uges. ".a('ter '~ly1 s. ~1enu IIlG._ .~f li'i~e ~eH1i1l1l inclu~! ~5 'the fcllo.gra:ph .] UlfiH'il1. (hm:n~ frk·)!. ~lun~s In IIIUlstf. U ~i'lIg ~~'i~ f ~tJu reo '~ome I .5.. .00 iTlI!!iiii-- t. ChOOS<t Rcstau.J 1!I~"fi. 'Ir(l. N w rrem TpmpILlII~'2..wlng: 1'8.!UOfi_ Tini~wi u ope MI 3 new In te IN1e~ on a temilDta ~e -... III& tes ~. yo UJ ~aill 5e~ G:.olrigi 11"1 [I Hy :applied to.I'pbl S~~.1aid IJIIl ~11 1iJ . ail and ctlc .re' !SimLtea f to >[ h.gf3ph !§I~le1.leve:1 ~I!ttingi.. Illustrator (S._-.. How@vt!i!".u.iira. s Qr ~i en am:ge.t It WiiI:5l . then ~CSI.g. [l--Jn~ ~ 1J1~!l:IIPl'U kTII 'J . 'it is inc [WJ til ed with I Uuur 'roOf ('5._ . ¥cmr ~o 'th i! Charactil!r St)lle: 0 ptl Oil'! sh CI!.1 14.s to Ie ~rn ene' o~ the new rti!@:d 'f.ral"li .I! lei ulldalbe the tJt:Kt 'tha.Y '~l1em....j!.erttllin para.. 3.r. P.auq..ar. r IliI S'taUatJon naVigrJlte to 'f. I ncl~H'I'~ and ~pal:ing I. H¥phef111 'aim ... 01 t:.1$ e)llp'!or ' 1GiIit~ 1Ia!§!' of paragraJ:l1 ~1¥~esL 1.. Navigate to yO!!!!f .a C!IlI hl ib'h is par 0'" h e e:Ker~!se" lfou·re io~n.ator as w~U .lde.the N :\\1 bu.. _ • 'r-O~-d:~r.. OK 'ltoy\re nlGWupdaled aU four ~e)l[la~eir5 " i~hou'l e~eclrlM8...ii~l ..

This ~lyl!i!win I[On~'ifl 81(usl[iQm t!3b ~e~de[''~bat will 'fi.....a rnirue 'lh ~ 13YOiJlt.iii parrl~J. Pilrilgr.U 1 N ~w IFb g@pn Sty IE Inl th e Para". rf .a! wtuJld Wre ro keep the' f!li'!iUng teo ~ gfDLI~ nut/n9s in tact. 4. It•• .. ~ . sele c't tne [\f.a~h Sty[es ra pl. af thi s Ie mp~3tE!~~ o:Uc: e (nat every item 1:5 r! ~m@d terem Ip!>LJ m Dolor_ llI:nde me~12h the me i.L..yl@ gal that you 'U a ppty t.t.tindrn\' . sed oJ i Jim volupl UCi.a gra p h 'Styte~ !=la!e:U.. Defer. m emu.J~lTIe 'S~le Oe~~ip'i(ln '~Flr~ Te::~... 51. Ma .. ~~ '!!I!"I( .il5('r~ tQI' "vW Qve_rmJe tnem W~f. y. FD~ thi!.aph st.... f@Uow€!d by th@ Ill'fIlC~ L56.J9 On!' rJ$iI' para9rrJ~h szyle..9 5 i n fra~scase). Delow the first h~~diIfIg) U srng the Setect~(mtcol. _ "Fine n.. .e yo LII c.lt gFOUp ijus.J J!'w."i u nte m is ~bbeJ'jsn tJext Sed diarn fII0fU.' Selectirrg ~he texl1'JI'CJJp before lfOiU ueafed a new paragraph rtyJ r! ffllformii m~J:!i:tr~ tnot you ~. a' in the 's-psce bi!~een the it~m dt:!5cripUon~~nd the price..rl@li3Jte iii !"! ~w styh!..~ me Par.'1 bore e~ dolore.ap.. Lil .\iile~ ~ptijo~s menu r.) § i te Pi menu ~~em n.o l i(IIf th e p[Mr.........o Lin~' rng to! cream ..e'l{i'511b1e by cheesiFilg\?. However. _.. i5 't]m il!.m~~' !J1I'I!S!"I!J 16.m 'Styl'E wi II now If! p P Ball' in tn'E Pan f!jr.Ex..hi Styl@s _!IJ pi3l~@tbe..ph S'I~'1'1l!'5" [-10 SiI!11H. you cheng'! C1ny Sl!!'ttmg5 the"" m>L. 5elut E'J rmnd i'cIli'IJ:K1r 1!'wLdunl lJIi 1.' li~'p[' . ... '""P""-_ .agrra~h~en tm Is. ffi[ell"d~e.

lakie pllrttCiU~r now of the (:j t~i!lt wWlIi .. yO!.a:rnd 'the' period 'ly~ into' 'the Lt:.om the te .H .G3 ( 12: .. J !iL $eL«~ Tabs. sh~~ il!!l 'the 'followin.mag'e. Clit . 'lh p into Ute X t~~ box Wilofir) ~ s~i.cp~ O~ ~s.aAd c:hiilill.~.~ntEnd rn the .ted bOil!:.ge s~t~~r!gS ~Ol !!i!Jilr. r. As you tyJ e.. .0 ..ch ItiIl1lQ~e..dl arrow apP!j!.JCJcr t~:tt bOiK..jir Qf1 top ~f the '6-1neh pt om '~e rutef.

... . . rifle' of the m05.lld~ ttl em and th i I'll k abou.a111 effects.alllicons. leadeN ore often u~:edj'n a ~ab/~ rJf Text eft ets a re sc. bJ rabbing. the Up of t~ keberg w11 III i" 00 mas 'to ~pe 'ffeets jn lIIu5.at'Ch :as perr.rerJ~ed ron ~fntt to draw lht refJder"s ry-e from the thap ret· name OiCN)H to the pcz§e. !t ll!fh~(t.er 'control o'irl'er ~o.t IPOIp-~il3f effects Iiii Wfhph i c. look end or bad.e. '5 elect rtie 'lh re ~ bloc~ of te.fff-dh:Jd~ g on t~c:h l.[lick on the Deu rip~Ion TClI. yOlJr lJ::e. d.s~III! eve·rywlh ere.A leader ~~Q cnareaer thot fills the ~pCJce r.~f1du5ing Q)pacTly ma'§ks are iMvatbYabie a nd will likJ ly bE! used In many o'F (I. ~heir meiillb..look at '[he world around you~ .sud.. Ttl a POSsiib~ntiiM are ~il']l11rtl~Sos. s adding mllJltip!e stro es ')0 YOll1r typo reducing typ~ to (Hi Hf'I'es" .es.e:d block 0 rib)' ta rgfiting... ~n tbe L~ers p~Ji!lt. Teeh f!llqllJe'5.xl~b~~e.number. it s:iM illiJldl Il'I ave . how.i'lln and iUustraticn. Ithey were tn:ated an Why (e. StL. 11.'[ pari! graph sLyle and w..trattthJii15.Dc1~ ilJre inserted b':ftw@en the descriptian text and tll1e' pri()e. Aithough 'ttnl§ dt'iapt~r is jus'. bu r it ill mpow r you to cr a~ your OWfI text effects as well. 'type iln Inbllstirator.dmus.rt. This II:J'ro[es~iU not Dnly allow you w to ha'ilt! b' .tratof.· in i' his m nu Iby 5I.giIVen you a good '0 UI1datlo Iii I 1. . 'b LJj~d fr'om.

s~vi flg techn i q ues ' h~t the lend Adob man_y of the hrlE'S betw mU5trarior OVE! the yean. .~E! dl~tllnct diff'erence~_ The' sGphbticiition iml 'im . I 'hope [0 in ow lIoU 5. they h ave kept r has blurred n Photoshop ~nd 001 a I 1 rs J llu 5..umol b m iasu e-d.Til 0 r us! rs c. E'llen lhough 5'0 me of the m very dis~iif1rl.The BllLl!nd tool I~ one of lhc. ~nthis rha FI- e er.ome essen lma t~c:hniques fo r UI~i I"i he lef'ld too~ ~Jld how 00 make tlh~S iln ndispens.L The Ilendl to:o~I~ one 0' IIhntrator''S old£s[ lotll~.ab'l'e pi:lr-t of yOU! 'Workflow.

HI nd J!.2. once openedi. ere t ne. cheose Obioc~ .C)ff r.hjng-li~n~. Your "5k lis going to be to (idld so me nght~ to. l)iio 'Obf M Itdll .ttin~ that yo ~ entered in ih~'1J'1.e..o 'the • (lhOO:5 Blend . iI '. (hgQse Cop . ale.ren ( p €I_03 Lighthouse.at This file centains ~ IlJ h tum lighthou5 e Sicel'! e. tiC thi~ re'fii!r.S:et.s re'f r nee nm8g~.ed on h e se. display@d i nil ~111. 81 nd ptinn you r seUI nis..tiolJ'1l bas.400% 'riO r the AlllOU 1111 S. .e~ted 'fgr yQIU to follow ah~1'b1 h.MJke ([ni'1ICM~ Atrl IOn~rm+S). the ~ighU~om. ~ 'Or:. color to R:"":55 G:255 8:217 and lhi! stroke • 5 led to -.Basic blendilng igh effectsl This effect r5 f -dinl 'ploring · WiUl th e circle Trm ~I Ill»' still !ieleeled. wi youil~no ice that jt'~ mi~5iog sorne't. Choose Ohljecl ..g this n' rignt cirdle . ..0 la r 1. Sleet Un i10I'm and enter §eUing. a great S'tarfng rp ace for 6 Thls will create 3 new Ickde 'that is (ons d@rab1y ViI [ai"ler '~lManl~h 'IliIrst Dra.~ la e en op of Ulli:! nam Il!!dSPOTLIGHT. "~elect t'IiI ElUpS! 'tool a d [re~te a drde rn 'the light tower of 'the liGhtho use as. cne. Ulustrartor wi1l bl nd E' area ~tw en 'the two clrdes with Us own lnt II1pretil. he two . be n u. t'lil'11n.e I malE' . the Ii: pa b ititles of h~ Biend 00 L An iHUI!itJratio n ~'1a'S.mit' dn:l!!s..eru:.

y frolilll SOuf'C@'.~1. 'i1l1l~ me'!1!lS a YOltU need ~ dlalllifi the ~ c~adlJ 0. o.fl9 rhe' Blend (001 in dJ.ns !5.ffect Sc dQ you rn mve' to backtr3tk . either ~Idle01' the 'blendl dy.~l!:ct Seh!tlilcfI 77' .81Mils Gre effeclS and C(III1 b!' f.'5. iii ~ as If the 5-pot.' one !i.er'j!rJIlI.s. b !'~t way to do 'th.eit.a~h!s as it ~e~ 'fLllrthia:l' aWay he rn the lig:hU'hllltS.1 iOlls 0. a[~jE'\fe tJile 't~ing E!.iIi W1U be retllJt~. I8I~ul . fGlIIr IIlmS! .m'Tools p'rl/eUll. 1 1.inti create 'L~12: bh~ d .llliJ.namiba~ly.'_~e\y~O\l ((auld !J~I!' ~lh~ D.s Iurther !]wa.omethin.a'tebt for' If yau Tff'~~JrQn. A l:er ym mi ~ ~lIiI~5j(hanF. Op~~ the: TranspafelltClt tim! tl'uU' Wr11trfrtar hom'~ added enou!j!11 stepr or tuu uled too mt. Bk~n U0. by doub/~djrk. 'VIi:!1')I coo~ DWl your IIsht ~~mi.Ol!Fr' C ~ Ell!iIg!i!:~..~s 'W~ll B Ilf. Tn ..ht g..ol (A} .aj§ mfidify f ~ Biend I~"m95. o~ of leur '~O. It.ilJ1} neps you ran iJJw.!nd laJ~ ers ill the Layers palette.· light f.jj'U Oil r a~ i n1 Df W!J! ~e not I Llul5trailoF ~l~1 rn ~now jNO!II! t. EIJI1~erI] a '.Is~(atfJr will calculat:e your ble nd {in d i<~ shou~d a~ p .d~le:d01 (U1Y ~mle by ml!:lOJlrlg Ob J l )!o. ngtl~? t MInt spotJI iShU f'ade s the li g.e' 50urce.'lIItC~M cnJltcmC!l~lcalty.omaric. ~el£!c~ the ~~rg~r (i'l!: Ue3 t 111 .)Uy redr~w the btend bat5-erJ ~ n Y.s l~ to tlilrge't the patlill in the.q).Layen p31~ue I~ cUe ing it AU.o 1liI~ e ell I1Iges to. win thefil aut.dpdi: OK r~ [hi! 191Ma' Optiom dialog 00Jt. OnctC:!yoLf .iitle !!!l'r the hrend to.

any .g~ing~oadd sern ~ refler..a. 'lli~f1 ttierns:el'lri:!S to.~ dl c·t..!ei n oW look sill'ili~~r l ItA) ing figug"e~ the 'F.! see th e blend paiths. the ~pine is a '5.o.K. .L1 city .r..! V@ ry II{ilteJl~sttins '~'~ch I q ue s.mlCMll*AlT/Qp~+. 'Tn I 5. rJ ~]. Choose lE{rcc~. ~I 14.. ss weU.ar to Ute way that. Your i m!llg.lre .ir btend5. Now that yDI!J know i"low Hi cf\eflte '~lfIe s~otlight" add i Fig 'so m~ r'eifle. yo u did P~\I1IO usly In this @. ~ ext. Sc.iii n d '!nl€!J'he followir! g ~et~1 ngs. The SP~11'I i 5 .t. '~opil: figain if'! 'the next e-xer'Ci~e and ie.Bl) as yOUJ old aa rlier. and 's...arn i1ow to meC! fly it Sebe(t tih~ La:rw~r oval path by !(:I~cki:nl the me~thall next 10 'the word Path.pln e.ri~bl~ Ii TWll:"lIk . However. 16. YOI!. Dio5. 1 s.of the la rge ovai to 0%. Sft the Op. rneen 0 II! t he w~ltelF_ JCr~i1te a 'new layer nam f:~ \'Vater Rellt:'drm'L Create ..:~i on tine on'S wale r f!Q r tne rnOOfl! should tre i3i blieleze. $imil. nere ~5 ill 5peci[!1 trest. you can at~c a p ply .:~n:hi. (floas I! Onjct"f • R I ~nd . makoes for somi. Iy default.~ 17.1ml .:'Uolfl {rom e.~ Trans orrn .~cts 'f1n~rm e E'tfects IT! e!n[jjl '~11 to YOt.1 ke f(..~ circle '~h8pes. e pallt~ '~ha!1 'the bh~nd ObjfCU.rai~nt iin~ b U!'~ 'U 1lI'~Et you this.c ltQ~ .of th~ f:ij. ~nrJ ~hen rhck OK. &pill1d 'the cliiiTOW en the fU!W Ilhmd ~alt@rso you in ca f. M..e.

.dule ob] ets you created but you'U also ~. . it 's-eem'li to be miss. and move tbe anther points 'na" 't:omprnlse 'th. ng (he Open (ha t _03_Spac 5 i ai.e. lP~m!ilp!i a mo'ttioll trail behind tIMe ~p~~lelt!l1lft 'Would add a lit-He fI!lo.ar ~atn.e you 10 nl u5'ed 'tvIlo obieds. This ruajght t' Jl...ann. You can atso modify U"i E1! handle'S iLU'5t' as you "~f1 ~I r~gu ~. To In~t.:ver:. rom Itl . del u '.'tho You CaJrlI add. r. select 'U"i ~ . III us stnr did a'it Clf ~I'I@ Wtl rk of in~rp.. tJl!ed a !§pine..entire W. €' a h' rd p-'~" n as we. Jhe de .irtg ~~Tu~'thlrng.i[ atso ana ng.au~t spine tla§ one paint' er aacn 'obj!d In the blend.ll This pat is bh 'S P ln ..: l''Fcy P' le te. ~'t.The spine bel'lla'lle~much ~ik iii n~glIl:ar p . I 1 .oi'[ n U~ht .v~rn~lI1t.1t you connect tnese fi.1!: is. Thfs file contain~ a space scene with In ~ien spaceship -Hying way .iVOI points togetl'1@1i'you wOl!JldJ :get a straigh'~ lliI . to 'tile iIIu~trf3J'Iicm. l!-ti~wl!'II~r. In Ith It' F@'i!'IOUS Ifxefiti se OLJ cn:at d ·~o oibje( and blended ln~m ro~ th r.ln-h ~tween '" objectJ.t':IlI'Ilayer U1at was Ir::reamc wn ~11 yo~ 3{h1ed ttl e ~potd n~ht Alt€'(n~tiv~ly.E: ~ou'lI le~m Imow '~C) creari€! a custom path to 8l~'Ply to.~:spirn . 0 ''':H [ion chan~e' the 1B~(mrll g rncde 'ffirom Norm(ll to .entalioJ'\l ss welL '(ou'U notice 'tme two.Q1 'n rn 10 a 1.o~a'tlli"l how tl1! . HOWiI. . \fOUl (:arJ see this by openinl ih BJ. 'Nt log ther. II'IJ this exe rds. vleliVlrnl lhe iUu:straUcn in OUI'IilT'l mode will give you a goo. U S1 t~ mrallis~n. 5inc.d r~pres. 1ilai sprl!le. a blend by rep~flc:iiilg time 0 rigi. ere wer ~ anty two pomts.:1~r ~ai~l"..:ligi'nt line.

:1O..Ie to' DU.t 'th ~ fill i(O~gr of thl' . 5 5 . Ttll! ova~ ~hculd lIle entirely Ihiddeii"l by th'~ rsP3[J. j iU.tfil'tL ~ ~r.-ua' P:ArECR FT.l.iii lar ova b'-him:l U!I ' 5paCe[fci'f~.0 ov~l~ ~ndchOQ5 l~l.ers ~11I1 thi5 '11 111 top t¥e ICemI' ms U1! sp.ima '.P1itON I.:uc. inti' -ed . 5 't tel . 'U~ i1l1ddl t~ la r MOTIONT RAJL wil! cO-altaln till e !'n@Uc:n tr. ChOQ.all~ Ith t )l'0u·lre . the 5. ene .IJ. -'III'.ll .'" ElIP.n id '0 I 0\1' r 8.~.nge is..bo ~ J1!I~ddl~ layer '§etect th' .1) ce 'Sce~1 b'!1lCk- 7._ smeoth b nd o Gyal S I pes. iii W!E!'rerE!iiI ce 1m.Alrl ~ho.lld now ha-ve . an . 51 ! ctlllil Ellipse'lool. VOLII .• • no of' la '. 'S : th stmkilHO Nonl 811 . ll'l fld • k (Cllllli'MC . ~liId 'the bottom layer e B~ KGROUN ((lim round..flId 91 I'1Id 0fl~ lar'! blter:5. bout to di'..!). Ujl'l p sim it i" to 'ttll 5 refe 1"I ' rn r !.ova '!o iii U hit yenow (R: ~5S G~J . rl1l1.' o.

that. Sf lett 'he Pen toot Cntiilh:! cUJrved path 'Simi~ar 0 t Pfe1lS ff.a paUl aiM d subject rut s . Draw a .lTmI~UU..at )l@U c~ated in ~tep8. much lilui! se leet t:ne small ov ~and change 'hre opacHy s. I wain sd tQ modi I ' the path SOl the CUNe' wa5 to .ge here.}nc:Jno r po~nts J ust as you would a u!!gUll. Select the curved path Il~t yiQllI [us drew. '~o e nu~ bb:flId layer lin I he yl!fS iP~1dh~'Y"OllU.e 10. InO ic a 5!ttraignt path 111 a layer on ~cp of tnl! M'o ov.~l objed~ .ghl effect. INo ce how 'h bll rid foUOM straight path rif'iud'l lik th' Sp01I~II'n'~Ued.:f lha you cr at . 1. Ilf y.Q In 5'tt1t!P 10.31 tCI re er nc.r yQ~1 like and the b~end will oUow. de let~ and I'l"lCiidi~ . the 5potli.aU Rem ~JlIlIber. Ttl 5 ls th 5pin~ Vm. In this insia nee.9. Now.ettings 110[~ in Ith iJiran~~rency pa et e:.ar pit'tiIl. .o Blend Jio Replao:~ Spn~ YOUlr blend ~~ould now foUow . )lDu'v.allan g the eurv d p:. miended ' ngether.o~ el(pand1 the . close the path.[Jlld regulation'S.RN . (hom:e able )r. Hold down tM 5nr key anel elett the blend ~.e j1ma. of ill p.J're fI ow gOll1g ttl dr.3th~ You e III add.~w a 'UN' d ipa 'In to rep~3c:e that sp~'!'"~e. ~@\!\e~ sed. i1ew ~ayef. thls new spine is m ~re~ 'n I. You (an 5 lsctth ifnti re p~' 'hi an cl roO'il it wheteve.arrow ne.xt.

le!3rl"1 hew to IJJ SlI! bll!nds 10 3dd 10 an 'effeb:~ lila wvU h Ip..s 1m' ~ te reality .cing (II I!XeMlI'5 harv used lh iii n J fh:~(t In i!t· erC~Si • . 'to Iloclk the blended au en't ace d1 mall' sel '0 e .!thIi! III e.a rnd yOUIF III ill'il~'an y. ii' lhpse au LI~ on~ 0[1 tin: rp :6-oL~iJr.t ltv. cub . rre meed lt~lter d1f. til '~:U!e10U5. 5.liI~d dr. .1lli1 artdel point in 'the tUN p th and he' fIi hit 1'lDpllet So ar.1 'tCt~1 'from ' he Pc III fill fibrout m~II1!.r in i" an' would 'e to us. fill a wi U D' ~pun ). ::_ r s I'. I have Rlred'rawn ~ shape 'for' yo SOUI'( e that there if IS I- )'O~ :IZ . IEitJhe'!l' 'Way e snap' n ds to be 5Qn1 na't 0 a blob.:e' . Yo . two tool ~oc:reiite d. N-x-~. 1shap You ( mI use the ' ~ 001 . rf r . W '.e p dlat In mine d to e wa new Ita.e thi~imi@aa.Opl. Se leer rh _ Co v rt An !:hor IP1(J.! the I palett'r! B"I.1 ¥ to do 1(1111 IS. [~llmulalti!' re lit)' 11th 'Iends----c 'e" .-r dflllPS areAI"1 pe ie. de nam 'ROP. round so· . point 1lI.' ERDR ~ 1'1 n erie tin this mape.11. R) to crest th 1~. ater Drag til.0 cr ate th-s or yo Cio. 7 Rc'[eas~' !(Our mouse blllien . r narn d \fl.~ no ice -ril ~ .

Set n Ii! Till celer to wh te i1:I nd the. ~tirlOke te None. 1. g IDra.w ~ sll1a'll I9jg~light similar to '.. 16. moving R: R:3J G! ~27 on.§"'N A ~RDROP arll'l'llshadow. Set the '. OW Next you hiJ'I. Befo In II!! p.e radial grad Lent that YO'iIJ created in srep 1 • N xt.e.11!~t to lee h b.F 4. 1J5in~ 'the Gnl(lit':fI paleue.. $@II~ctt tile' dmdow obJect ~udl' th objE!ct dO'wn and "0 'm Y u$iog E arrow ke~.e . US'irmg _ e Trnmpareru::y pa1._ Trans P fen ). Tn E!! bottom t::o. m . Copy it and do a Paste In FmrU (CrRLlC'I'Wi!} F).ack ilndl 'tn e ~troIcJe.tat:1f!.e' (\I Indow '. r~die!'llt '~i ilar te th i5 r f-efe. ir". -e Ole rujlj11 mod ~ err" e' $hadow Itt:! ~\'u~Hp IV a I"Id s t th opaC'i'ly rU~foen rage' 5 ill S@le!: the water-drop shape It'l 4W'~1.~II celer to bl.is rmer' nn image. the base of th e wat'r/'r drop you ne-ed to add sern hlrla~ght5.a.I'. 5ele~t t'n ~ wa r-drop shape. zoom ill on the water· drop olbje:c:tt.PJ '. Thill wrU rna e it easier to cr at and s l (I 'obj rts en tep of ]_ [~~ .1111 now become nLi!~-shadoW'. 83 . lFiU it wtth th. til NDn ~. 7.!t.5 proba b ly b.rnce irna g.. chilng.re~te 11 radIal .a i n. c:.

win -.Cle) I· fBI J"id . fioltowlii1 L- DI nd ::.tn l 111 Chng! (wh iell stl OIU ld b U IfI d. ~ettiMlgs. 3. B i ftd Opti Ur. bj cI -.O. and dick OK.ettil1!'51'110!. - ake [("mvCMD AtTI k lik the 1'0 l~ OJ! JIO +5). Path_ Ot~ 1.lh:.s: i 1 5 rhoo~e' bJ '2. Select rh ~'Hghlight and cheese :.r! Enler 'lieUing.:!lmall n ighli p.111:Hhe c o. .. 5 I'c ba Ii!i the. • OlGQ'-SE' Ob] ~n. . Your Lay'e~ ~a~.Enr_e the fo.ern:eacth the 5nliil I the' _11 COlD of the new [O'ff~et shap ter IhlhlLght ~lhap ) to R:6 G:192 --:50.!.lId IiiICW lowlrngrf'lIl!:li"@lf!ce mm ge: I.at't"! be hi nd i t s lap 'j.

oif.eenW hern" seU.' 16.1'5 and ch DOSce Obiet M~ke (CmflCMD At.2.1d alnrn Linear. I didn't D5k. Set ith s oke' to Non E!.1 a l hi rnl ilht.e simll r '0 this rrerer@!'1ot:ebTI~g. cnan!QtE! [~e 81ei7d Clpt4'ons..llli!~hlt-s.at'e.. Neither of th 051 m thods wi~l ere te ill grad. Me:sh too.0>0 m in on the Win'll" dropUSij'l"igthe Pen tool ItT a' a sh<ap. dna easy this 'Wac5 in Co. 'Seled the ne :shap 'Off t.! mOfE~~me ccnsumlng and may be CUi'trkili for !fa IdI r. you COil! ld US!! 'lh~ l. Notl t:e how Cj!). Also. Pil<tfn Alte rnatlvely. rIO PTIO N IB).ano.stroke to Non~.H'PQ$e~. 'Set I~h.trtJ!7tM You moy have no -iCed that ber the need to ptf!ViOlJ5 r.e I mlt~d to. but thtllt ls ~@. ou' II us ~lighUy dillt: fefill color§.ngs you c U' to wm re:mem~ lJ!etJ 50 there was.. • BI nrl .oth PC!' 1'.lI. ~'1.rt. YQu"r.d an ~l1.!.onl'0 clle:atill1g a cunom gradi n. Til e next Ue p ~1 Ito r C1l't!ate . n you ha~en·t alr~ild1.ffi(.e 'he llcelor 10 fit: 25 C: I -8 8:25. two optjons-~ di.k. rrC!l 85 ..ll(.l.Set the 'Il ~O'lor to R:bH G:2_b ~:6B.f tlu . w '5 elect ...i!lilgS and clic OK: .ct'the n path and c:h ng.Voo h a\!f now '~n.f. Path )i- Ente the 'oUowing sei .. m!. 1Ii( that roUOW§ a~ong [ttl e :shap o.11~pe ~n a slm t~ar w~y" E'xcept r hi~ ti'me .ttl!!~ [high! lIghtt 5. when IJsclng a gradtC!!ot. Sele. an~ choose Object .

w N'ell"..~.tlSi ng grad ien'~. Why not J !llll( H~c id~ea grm:fient wiU not tlOli'1rf. YOilM'H noth.nd toot t By ~$in& 'lh~' B~Ql'ldlO~1 you ~a'n 'SJi mulam' gr!ldlien(s. enee a grad i ent ls . ".~md why 'it 19'M...adiie1nrls Tlus e lC ~dS:e is . '~he 'ftower has Ii"lQ stem.a gradient you a~k?J _ an e .~traror.~:ale' m Ci'ieate .ap~lf!!d to a more 1:0 mph!x ':§jh3pe. to contolulred .Her-I! 1'5. I've added U d ro 1!)5 iiJlIl dl '5pr~ild 'them ~rOlJ.il'!d. a Ho. However. i~.'!lJ~t n~l!iil:inl j eut th!@l/fi So you fH::cd 1['0 ~n!d some'tliiing [0 hold It UlJiL '0"- Usi ng the.~mple. H~ final imale.e (h t I '1:11 Ii! shapE~ are pi rrf~t~y 1'lifalgh'~ 01" ~ound gradi~!iiI ~wi U 'lj'fgr!k firn:. .gr. "iI nliloline. Bllend too -_ ICF'.. lh~t foUow the co nt'C u r!i C!!'~ these !IlIiore '[:0 mplex shape~.1 u.jIbo IJt PJ !i.'lm·l~ tQ unlock the tnn2 power ~f the Blernd too~ . im aj~. i1in~ ~la. cootoun ~ o'~ 86 .b~~ i'fil@ an indl~p~m~ab~e paF~ of ~lh.rS ~~L 11lis file t~hu ant iIIunrat~on wi~h ~ flowsr on a sunny day. 1 ~OP~1l Ch~fJ "CT _03 F' .r~to iii pad mill I Will. ~nter ~lhe'lfiIl:e.es. lJ'Ollfli s.IID Ttl i s is b est d ~5it:ribf!~ l e.J.:rreillou5 im:ag. Few mme' wa~r ~ fI1 'the .lt.a r or noil'l cijrru l~~' ~h..Oinl'O the Bli!nd !lool 10 '5. Onc·e this lis 3~lmieiM'ed.omJe.

d enollJ~h to make !bile 5.i! ~.fER af'lld ~.om com manC)s.. I"ve r~moved tl1e' D8ickgroul'lld l~ye'n" to m!. path tOI Nn illl1 d 1t1rl ~ § tt(()~e 00 lor UlI R:] 86 C:204 8:5:. you'U netl t::e a lay. 11 . N.fe bee" lor:ked..e sler to see..tem look 'r~:i!l1.l:i\uJ!liru:! the and the SA KGROUND la~ r hii.1}·er!j n YO!. Oeste: a new p an wi tI. Far re' erene IlTh'3ie!ii.lUcSt J lime '~lnal's clIIrve. . the ~JQke color 8:5.1. • (11(. I 5. ID6Ipli cil'be tne path .e a d n wag it to th~ ~ight us i ng me' arrow keys. -'0 using Ul~ Cop)' and Poi'! ste In R:51 ': :204 . 5et th~ 'strok'!j!J w igh~ . pillE!tIl. The F[_QWER ILayer L. the Pen t-o c I 0 liJyef.h.2. !\I a me this. end ~h _' jD'id. tli'le furffilRffillm key to. and a ~ a~er named BA(lKG ROU ND.er named I' WESt a iayer narn 'dT -M..spatlh L[fT.to 1 Pi. _ t th dl color lof (hi5. tle~a U'5e you d on 't ne:ed to rrn~:u:lifyIi! em. NlcrU'Iing elaboraii@-j. .e.'ilke the paths. Select h dupljC3·.mne "ini. laye r CE .

e.pa'~h Ul the" ~f'.lI~en.5'@ the sire . 8.hou~d 1'!I(ilW' a Pp. colo r 01 th i'§ P ttl to white and Ute fill color to None."rrEIR path.ill@' path ou ts.Iitlh p .LiCcQrdilTig tt. ili"lstead. lt's as rf you cr.O G:153 8:Q. aH 0 ~:he'[om~cmel'llb needled [lQ your bl mjJ are 't1 placa N ow it's: a 5im p l' matt If of ble'l'~ding 1f'rom thE! I . L OK. •Hill. Y0l!. Uke macjc. Set tn It SlI'\CJ rte weil'ht to ] pl~ This. Nam this iI.a~~ to -he" R I rH pat 1.ld e 'Of the ~lcnd. _his path Mil be the' r.~ it . ~Olj used ttl e 9lelll d '100.'~mk.J rd place It.6 Duplicate the CENT R layer. te comrp\ete 'the effect.. Select all Uu.1..iplicaite '!hi:i using Il. '·U Cho~n!: bj l"_' BIend :J. Nu. !four sl!rttil"li!t to be )irrnlar . you did.e ~t'to the: rl.o naw wide yOUi t would like thl! 5 ern to ~e. 9." gradien ' andl . bu .tep l~ optional and has nothill1g to do willi the Bt~ndl tool[ but ~ feel irs necessary.e path~ (lErr. ER 1P. 1 .rer IfUGHT !lind set the s.d'g..e:~1I' irn ~U err its ..jJlPp~jedlt to your ste in shape.lmy. l . This. Set en th~ CENTERpath liilyer. (hQo'se Objecl .i _ h"t edge 0 the stem se [be.ght again. s. wl~ be your highlUllnt. 'th~ N. 0 thl'S re'ference ima e.aileod iii (USC.ilr' flower stern !j. i In essence. d Pa§1E in fron L TIh~ o pra' iiiJJI1 m SnOIl.. Your 'Stem ru~ed~ higll light a 1.. CIENTE~~. eclor ttl R. Ol.olU p 50 'that ~l will 1I10t afil ct th e :0 lend. ~Ucnd ~ Milke (CNCMllr+ AU"JOnwN-t-B). ~uni!! o pla[.io' B[iEfla 01 t~on~ and mange.

J1 adl'ieved .!'Us y01J.~'l'iIeJ!(liaUy. I! pef ' knew.)u$sii1'n H ur.. Whe. If you ha n't ft Ii' h'1'ed. Onlt1e I ~larti@d to think af my 11.'s will be -.t'rIilV been \11 11)' di..@ f Sl. to' P if:. 19 . fQ r Im~my i UIJJ'S ra ~ r'5.tfil~ien. ill turin rmll point.Im .choose p. AIi1hQuh it m y s rn diffu:ul" o us at li rst. . oo~ Ii S.e COnfI'iCH'II'~ed ith a di ~cult Itl!J5.r. ttl e COiie set . I !::ylt and1 'j m 1tiJ~ 'ILISiing 1~.apt~r iIiI '5 s own au mat ' II I~:oa is. Study I"@ah ' . : ccnsllImin h d DU creilte:d ' !il!R(lth f . I 'till!.h o iii' .n" a. of simple shapes Blend tool ~ould J'IId paUi<s~ BlUt ..c wl~h ~n~s tcot a r actually minima1.~trat~ons./I). IIIm1P_. [EI r m ' ~iati 'S UIseil!ec~ed. simply unriv~1 d.of e' ru ~e5 a WId opUons 3~C i ~I d3~e.lIlLi.Jj mOlilllc'lll he\1I able nd m he~J'.!tdiu." ~..1. .s. mil m~ w!efle ~:(lmpriiS. Thart~'s t'm be IIIILy 0:( it 'I!he exer~kSi s in 'Ulis o::'!. Vlnt.I. IIlu fil or'~ B~end1100 t5.I1'IJ 'r you'r. U as II. [I hop thb~du._. ~~e :O~' .t. ina.h C.i:lj'fjd~ook" t cb"&ts ln th world ufoynd you. In ac . nop and w 'lhink for . ls for Ih f ~d. 'case 'for . ad:¥ice' to yo f 'th~ pOint is.. ee.ased[ .]aplber wequ~n!d li'-'" U drawin.in t rrn ~f b~end5 my is in ls.

. So rna are f . Trends such as t'h.I apter 4 r . Others.len s begin to 5 e ese trends. and some ev n getting more _ular as time goes on." But alas. much tlke the ion industry.'i me go. By the v. a trend will even uaUy tade. ough typ~caUy as. more d esigners w'i U tend to u se ~t st wanted 'trendy effects.feets th at sxist now'. ~yolder ~~h 0" hers. Whatever the trend. rs '0 create them _S well Befcre you know rt an effect eff· ct is deemed po pula r. as of he writilng of hi'S .... same=-to teach you some of the . I hope to castrate scm e trendy . ago and are now becoming pcpul r again (if see any correlation her·! between graphic design and tashou're not alone). . .:nd up to date.a new style d veloped in rent years. " they re aU 'sta~ in U . In 'this chapter. ry ure of its d efinl ion..e aqua style are new cts that h avenit been re bern rom en other era. ocl t ·d with the fashion ~ndustry.8 trend mus b up to d teo Since ngs constantly ch nge as .. in use nd start asklng their si" n . such hie poster type and PlOP _ rt effects are styles tnat exist" d era I decades.:. .-rend.. 'trend! must also e or take on another form.'s be seen thrcu hout graphic de. lgn and illustration" Once ndy" is deflned as being very fashtcnab!e design sty I is de rnec "trendy. but rather i ed as . and inspire you to 'use Illustrator ergs these techniques with yc~r own style. rn owever. : he malin goal lot chapter remains the h'-ir artwork-much Uke a new style of denim jeans.· 5 on.

-(r f1S 'orm .- Choosa Ob j ct ::- -I· Enter the 3. G -RU' '. If yOlu ex .. b Iock -d. '! 1~ Open the source fille named Chap -c 4_ S.mln the layers you'll see (.. nsf I m followl ng s tt~ and c ick.a.. If you pay attentlo n to the advertising you see eve ry day. you'll most ~ike~ysee this effelct used on a billboard or in package design. Rot t . dialog box md enter the 'following settings 10 create a triangle. the-page" effect to.. .y 5.and SUN . re NI ~me i r. the horlzon line ~nthe center ooW the sun 92 . Choose Ob jcct . " ere" te a new layer abov S ARBIU R: _. Selct the Polygon tool Click the Arthoa rd to dispt y the Po. art. named SIKY. It works great for iliustratlons that you woulo like o apply a dynamic "jumping-out-of .~ygc. [Crag this object so the bottom point just touches... sure the other he rest i: ~ay. Click K. Enter 180 degrees 'for tl~.. tarsurs r ec t 5. .er5 .• Set the triangle's to ". 6. Miany times you'll see a starburst effect behind some type of product to make it lock like lights are behind it thereby displaYing the product in a II e f 1':5 g It ory.e Ang~ setti ngs a n d ctkk OK. ne+ o fill (010 r to w1hhe an d the stroik. Thls flile contains nice sunset scene in which you~U add your starburst. .. i.~ K.€! This effect nss belen around for qulte a while. m-.' Also.

any time. Ente r 450 pi for he width and height settings. choose rff cl ) Di tort & Ircnsforrn >Transform.clUck the Artboa rd area. Entr .to finish th left. Th. Tak ' particular note of the copies ane r .8i1You should now have an image slrn ilar to thi s. 93 .hese settlings into the dli" log box and click . ct off you need to fade the starburst into he Or ickgroundas the light gets fur therw y from' h ..veu'l see a Transform attribute tha can be modified at . This wiH creat ' a circle that is the s me size as the starburst _hape. ~ Next.If fe rene" pclnt locator is th smalt bounclng box icon just above the l~andoll1 check box" This wi'll aUow you to seal n oblec ret tlv _ to handle lorn "th object's bound i Fl. 1~Turn on Smart • luid '5 (CTRVCMl)+U)'. You'll also notice on ly th ~first st srburst ray i1ssetectabl I F~nall. How ver please t: ke not that this is a live effect ~fYOdU se lett 'the sta rbu rst sh pe .Y'..and examine t~ Appears nee IP h~"t . 1O~ Cr1eat' a n@w L yer above th _ oth rs. c nter.exiist~ngstarburst sh ~p'e.terence pc int locator settings.. 'K. Select the EIIU pS" tool andl . Align the new circle precisely over f.' box. r The basic effect is now in place. I ".

set the stroke. 3. Pres CrRvCMD+A to select all objects (the gradient ci rete and th e starb u r's. down SH'FT+AlTIOPTroN.e Trar1'5form tool (E). to No ne.Y palette (SN/Ff+F1' Q).. 16~Fi1naUYI seleet the sta rbu rst shape and cha r1 ge th e 1." 21 F~ll the circle with a rad iat grad lient 'simi [ar to this. .[e shape upward to enlarge lit T~is will expand the Starburst shape so it encompasses the en tire iuustratlon. pa lette's flyout me n u 94 . ~ Open the Tra n spa renc. dram the outer handle 'of the tri. select Make 01 acity Mask from the Trans parency Blondi ng mode to Safll ~ iRh[ in the Transparency palette. WhHe holding. 15~ Next select the fre.t tria ngle sha pes). S@!:t the opacity tOI 7 5 ~X~.arlr~.

However. You 'm ay a lSQI want to try moving 'the starburst sub~. Th e n red uce the op acity to a ro u ndl SO(l~ te i ofted~1 t~ e effec t.. 0 utlUned 0 ne 0 pt ion we u ~:d be' tOI S _ bstitute Ul e mode. t ings. Soft Light BI@ncirql mode ln step. 16 wiith the Overlay .ayer below the SIU -< subLat~~~@'lr.1C enhance or ImQtd~rty 2U1Y of the set . I enCIOU rlage' y10u t..This completes the steps for this exercise. This enhances the color of the illustration a bi t-11l! spec i.aUy aro U In d '_he 'SUI n.

OK now that )1'OlJr base tHe outline ls in place you need to add some guides.Qr.s.llow you to snap your guide to the center point. ng 'ew L Sii Create . Many tiine» P': 1. com!' 11 Create a new RGB ~IllLJI'stra'ttord Dey ment. .Osj and '70s for inspiration. IU~'st ator will then cd. center point so you cain se par-ate 't~ e sq u are vertically. Patterns must be perfectly symm etrical in '0 rd er fo r them to t~ seam ~.ines.g.to S€.glle tool and click once on the Arrboard.R: 1 02 G: 2 0 1 B:O and the stroke tc Non~'. L 96 .' I encourag·e you . old m ogo ?. As i mentioned previous ~y~ keep I the keyboard shortcut fer srnart GUides handy to minimize any 'frustration when using 'them (Cr. -€! also going to...elr SA: KGROUND and lock it.il new layet.Retro :backgro nd patterns Retro is back! Take . LJS! Smart Gu Id es In this exeretse.ry/weekly/blcpatomicage 196fJ5 PQlette~tt 'I 950s Palett~http://tlesktoppub i! iI htm aaeut.o~t.e square.. Name 'this. lllustrator offers le many tools that remove the guesswork when you're creat ing re pe at ~ g p atte rn 5 by allowi r1 . You. S how ~~I~ers ('[TRue MO+R).on when CFhooslnrJ colors and p'ottern.~ng ilt snap to the center poiint 'is to drag your cursor over the center point of' th. design and i llustration.ch for your own co I CJ r co m b In atio ru: WeQsitf:s1)' . and. ~. se 1 libra. essential tech n iq ues 'far creati ng patte rns with in Illustrator. Yo u may notice thls gu lde tryi ng 'to Sri ap to certel n poi nts because you have Smart Guides turned on. Select the Re'ctan.r. This ~ effect 'win walk you through creating a retro-style background patte rn to apply to you r :i llustrations so you can give them that nostalgic feet It will also teach you . Ab. they offer th~ RGB and CMYK equjva~ent"S so oU you need to do is tYP'f in' 'the setting!~a reai tlmesaver: library/weekly/blcpsixties~htm A.so~ so'me color index books nave preselected color combinations already inc{lJded.1fa und partieuiarly useful: . What was [~jin" 30 to 40 years ago is back in today This holds espe(. Dlrag a vertical guide from the left ruler area out towalrd the center 0" the' square and allow it to snap to the. 4 .es[sly.laUy true for graph 1J.a look aro und Y'o u. Color choice makes up a petro s~le image QS much a'S the tlctciul artwor:/{ itself. boo ks CD n edt be 50 U tees of' if1s{Jirar.ay. The K'ey' to mabk. Ente'F 100 pts for tfle Width and [ lclght setti ngs.1 desktoppub "'about comI 3. Many artists are turning to the ~5. yo UI to ere ate! n more (J rec ~ patte r ns.uICMo+U).~ V~ ~. two po te ties th (J t . First cheese view Smart Guides (CTRUCMD+U)~ Next.com 0ffl!f!.Osj '6. Thls targets that square as the object in focus.. Se't the fl U color to . turn on the' rulers if they aren't CU1 already by c h 00 5. 2.

tributes te ttl .avy and uneven sth spes are . This shape doesn't have te be perfect nor 'Should it W. on --011=' 0. Se'-' th'e _I~l .'the strok to Non . IInto fo u quadrants.l~mliiltalrtOI .e OIP u er a ea n '.n ~ . 1_. the l:yedlrop~J r 'tool (I).y ke ~pinl.g ~. Select 1lie P'leln toot .. 1 ns .'. _liU CO'_Ollr crf . .cO . 1..n sirnply click once O~ the origi. " Aga~nl dra'w another rectangle srn. IBy ere a tii n gl .: . f.s I I ~ .'~Il background square '0 appl . ". sleeted and '5e~ c't~ng. This wiU..·l. he:'~p~i"~ visJu. eV_IOIUS one..aUy ~-_y QUit your pat .and din) an irreguta I sctangular shape s. color of the rectangle to R: 165 G:235 8. rh.::13 and .I new tayer above the BA I(GI<OU NO layer.. r :Ie -e Ili1C@ image. s.-I hOllriizolnt I 'ui. th Ef. Now l ~.. 'tern to. r: if: .etro :s ' . Ch. shape . I!nSUf@ 'that it's sym metrical.similar w-y'~o separ te th _ square no lzorrn ly. (re1ait. s-l-=:cted shape.tls start with the tOIP ~eft 'qulaldliant. iderm _ of the .~u ides. 'IP' p'l. . yo U ve Ib roke n y'o r sq ua..E!' .'-' fro th.. iU an stroke .

te and enter I inzs. draw yet another rectangle shape on top of the previous Or1~. . not be selected). Sift the fiU color to R:2 G:122 B:187 11. I ' 5" bjle J :' Tran -'forrn . it wHl. 1 . 1"' . . Now dd a small stroked rectangular shape on tap of . . O. -: II 5. Duplicate them using the Copy and Paste ln Front commands. Th~s~m_ 'set the fill colo r to Non and ih e stroke eolor to 1~:2.5 '1. ChOOSA! .~h_ previous shsp you drew . Select all (CrRU('MD+A) of the shapes that you just drew (remember that your original BACKGROUND and the stroke 0 None.- ii finally. Rot.. ~I: . degrees "for the An. layer is locked sa.. 98 . o rag this duplicated set to the bottom right quadrant.

However. en butte n s... 5" Select ~. 16~ Make sure. Apple started it.r. use the reference im1age for CoO lor settings wh en creati ns th e recta ngles.'O'U0 ~aye. Swatches).~.ny contained elabora't €! steps to produce the l and just about everything that. ~ . After you do a Se~ectA ii ('CrRLlCMD +A) ~ use ttl e Free fran 5 form' tool (E) Or . one of the h attest tre ri ds 1n we b and grap h ic deslgn. and sa on) to create them. tnstant pattern: You can vary the size of 'the' tiled pattern by insertlng GJ step between steps .. the Swatches palette for Q smaller panem.6 and 17. To see this new patte rn 'Swatch ~n action. This time.d CJ n ~'tn fi. After that tutorla ls 011 how 'to create plastic b lue XIS have Now that you have 'the pattern tile created. i1s achlevec in Illustrator. -.Ushapes on the Artboa rd (CTRUCMD+cA).ects chapter could be complete with . draw a shape on the Artboard with the Pe'R1toot and set the fill attribute for this shape to the swatch that you just created..le down ta the QPpropriate size.ed them. Swatches palette. M. N appeared everywhe reo Tuto r'ia is. Then ar. out a plastic effect exercise? Aqua plastic effects have been. product This effect however. someone could find to add a plastic effect to followed soon after'. and sti II are. You may have noticed how . G: '1.e~ of{yetl do $Q now. un lock the BACKG I~~. i few years back wlth their release of the Mac OS X operating system.r. a arid 1. 'shapes" .they can become' anf1'oyJng ifyoiJ forget to turn them' off when you left quadrants. This means it remains editable and can rssterlzed be seated to Photo's hop. "..1100£e Objs'ct'" Transform" Scale and scale your ti. The benefit of this is that it's a vector shape.a. Int 2. e palette is visi ble the 1 " N rJ'w~ si mply d rag the 's'elected ob] ects into Fireworks.lc bu .smooth pi.erff.ag it int.1 'for the top ri. You'll notice a small swatch a ppear that i ndicates that you r selection has bee r1 turned i nto a patte rn final swatch.. you F Swatches (W'indow .glht and bottom 1 . your heart's content-s-try doing that ~n . 1311 Repeat steps If you havetft tumed Smart Guid.' 0.' Aqu. 1 Ii Fi rst. ~fs time to save It as a swatch so )N)U cam apply it to shapes tater orr.ns What 'trendy . most of these effects revo lved aFound usi ng pa int pre- grams (Photoshop. '-B'l Ulii 1 I.

_) 100 . 5~ Change the fHl color to '1~:2 G:"I. bottom of the' BLEND I layer shape. Oral.wing.3 B:255. Choose Object >Tra nsforrn )to SCOJ le. .~~==~---------------------------.1. ~~near gradient The light blue. jI Select the' Rounded R:ectangh~ tool. i j ~~ OU'tlmrm ~1E. create a new RGIBIlll~'stra'[ar document.~1~ . color stop is I~:138 G:219 B. FH~this shape with the fo. \. Set.22 B:"I87 and use the Transparen (. 4~ Copy the BASE layer shape. or nudge it down toward the.::255 and the dark blue color is stroke to' None. the i Change the fill color of this new shape to R: I D5 G:22. Select the BlENDl layer shape. layer BAS .y palette to set the opacity of this sha pe to 80~~{~. be yo u r button sha peg 6.[le. Click the Artboard and enter the following setttngs Name this. I B:'~ 5'). Lock the BAS layer and create a new layer above it named BLENI)L Paste 'the copy in 'front of the original (CTRLlCMD+F). r:o G:j. This wIU. Enter the fo [towing settings and click Copy.

1 t. and ere __ e t ne'w laY'e!1r abov BL'EN! " IcaUed ~II'.cts bing blended.er shape. create a smoorh blend with this . the BASE L_yer again.Blend Options.htly be. FiU this rectangl .9.m with lorg' r step vatu s. obje. the Bl.0 k -h .s recta ngl ~ extends s[ig.Paste th ~ cepled shape ii n fro nt to rnalntaln alignment on th. Set the fiU color of the II~ Ii I' ~H I layer to white and tb 5' rake' to Non . Choose 1 ObJect ~~. recta Ingle th It is slightly larger than the' wh lite shape you created ~ nl the previous step. JUu$trator will. t. Create a new layer ' bove he ~IiG I ~ H 101 .5" ..w~: h the following whlte to black linear gradient and set the stroke to None.t part. When erecting a blend based on this e ting Illustrator 'will Qttempt to apprCJNimate Q smooth colar transition between th' .olo. SA'" [:llr. if it doesn It you may need to resort to tne p r ifie Step' setting and expet» ml.e I HILL I T lay'er. . et ing However.j~~T.mpora Hy hilde the Bl 1 layer if you want tOI '5@@ the gradient shape..sV\a k'e (CT. S-lect the Rect ngle tool -nd Clreat __. You may need tOI 12 . Choose Object .R'i/CM'D+ 11~Select the IIGlllIGI1-lllay.8Iyer. Un 1. layer.. 1_'. sp acing tc Smooth Color and dick OK. H 1l~I" . Be' su re th i.yorldl the rounded rectangle shape ~n all directi a "..N+8) prply the BLEND-I layer at this point. ~J1gsetting named 511loath . 13.. Change the •.o: blend. Scs le. Enter th following settings and click O:K" ALTIOPTIO.cH Ie). Lock the As yeu VI witnessed in the previOLis 5tep. Select the I :A$ ta~er sha pand copy it (CrRvCM. AL tid -. Then choose Ob j ct Blend '-. nd Options diolo9 bos loffers Q Pl. Lack. Select the two shapes in the BLEN 0 1 l. Trr nsforrn . ~or the rna .r..

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