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Knight Templar

Knight Templar

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Published by Bradley Kester

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Published by: Bradley Kester on Dec 02, 2011
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Knight Templar "Nobody is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart, for his pu rity, by definition

, is unassailable." James Baldwin Sometimes the Forces of Light and Good get too hardcore. In a deadly combination of The Fundamentalist and the Well-Intentioned Extremist, they get blinded by t hemselves and their ideals, and this extreme becomes tyranny. It's not the Force s of Darkness's fault, but they are laughing their asses off. It doesn't mean th at they still won't fight to the death; but they take great satisfaction in that they were right. Usually the Knight Templar's primary step (or objective) is to get rid of that p esky "free will" thing that is the cause of crime and evil. Many Knight Templar types are utterly merciless in dealing with those whom they consider evil, and a re prone to consider all crimes to be equal. The lightest offenses are met with Draconian punishments such as full imprisonment, death, brainwashing or eternal torture. Note that the canonical "minor offense with staggeringly out-of-proport ion punishment" is jaywalking. If you're in a story like this, don't jaywalk. It's important to note that Knights Templar believe fully that they are on the s ide of righteousness and draw strength from that, and their opponents are not. I nvoking goodness and decency will have no effect, save for making Knights Templa r demonize your cause as the work of the Devil. After all, they are certain thei r cause is just and noble, and anyone who stands in the way is a deluded fool at best or another guilty soul to be "cleansed" or evildoer to be killed, and doin g so is not even Dirty Business (except, sometimes, for how much it makes them s uffer, having to hand out all this justice). Trying to reason with one isn't muc h good either, because many Knight Templar types believe that if you're not with them, you're against them. Indeed, it may take them a while to realize that a p erson with sense and good will really oppose them; the righteousness of their ca and their own selves is self-evident to them. Because of their obsession wit use h being "right," many Knight Templar types are The Fundamentalist by definition. If a Knight Templar is not the antagonist of the story expect to see What the H ell, Hero? and/or Not So Different come into play at least once. A Knight Templar in a fantasy setting is usually a Principles Zealot, religious or otherwise. In a modern or Sci-Fi setting, the Knight Templar is just as likel y to be a Totalitarian Utilitarian instead. In either case she's likely to be a bigot who hardly qualifies as noble but might be troubled by her own Black and W hite Insanity. Even utopias can be commonly ruled by Knights Templar. Sometimes the Knight Templar is an artificially intelligent computer that took i ts instructions to "protect humanity" just a bit too far. Knights Templar often make up the Ancient Conspiracy, and many can also be found in the ranks of the C orrupt Church, Church Militant, or Path of Inspiration. The Knight Templar is the ultimate incarnation of Light Is Not Good, and in seri es where Dark is Not Evil, you can count on this guy being the villain who belie ves that the "dark" characters are evil and must be destroyed. Contrast with Car d-Carrying Villain, a villain who completely believes that he is bad. A Knight T emplar can become this if he has a Heel Realization and decides to keep being a villain anyway. Alternatively, he might turn Necessarily Evil. Compare and contr ast with the Knight in Sour Armor who is what happens when a Lawful Good charact er chooses to err on the side of Good instead of erring towards Law. These guys are usually Lawful Evil. A mild, comedic version is the Lord Error Prone. See also Knight Templar Parent, Knight Templar Big Brother, and Lawful Evil. Sometimes they started out Fightin g Monsters, jumped off The Slippery Slope, or crossed the Despair Event Horizon. Those who will really do anything for their beliefs count among The Unfettered. Very prone to It's All About Me. Because Knights Templar usually have high-minde d goals, many are resistant to the Complete Monster treatment, though they're no t immune, especially if the acts they commit in pursuit of those goals are truly heinous and horrific.

Blind devotion to All Crimes Are Equal without the religious zealotry falls unde r Lawful Stupid. .

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