This printscreen shows the roles of each member in our group. I chose this font as it is easy to read, and looks simple yet sophisticated. For our logo:

For our production logo, we decided to use ‘Bleeding Cowboys’ as the font as we believed that it was an unusual, unique, mysterious, yet sophisticated font to use. We also believed that this font would clearly give it away that our film was not a comedy, but that it is a thriller.


For all of the titles in our film, I decided to use ‘Al Bayan’ as the font. I decided to colour the font red, and have a black backdrop as our film is a thriller and these colours are mysterious colours. Furthermore, red is the colour of blood.

Film title

For our film’s title, we used ‘Al Bayan’ as the font as we believed this looked like a simple, but mysterious font at the same time.

As for the blog, we always used the same font which was ‘Arial’. This was purely because we wanted our blog to look neat, tidy, and professional.

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