Ten seconds for $10K to

fight child sex slavery:
nominations needed

II the Geico Gecko says '15 minutes can save
you 15°¨, StreetLight USA has a better deal
Ior you. How about $10,000 Ior ten seconds
oI your time to help in the restoration oI girls
who have been enslaved in Iorced
Spirit & Word, the online non-denominational
spiritual resource created as a legacy Ior
Phoenix KEZ radio personality, Bill Austin,
wants to give away $10,000 to 5 deserving
non-proIit groups. The campaign is called
'Pass the Plate and Pass It Forward¨, and it is
simple to participate. Anyone can nominate a
Iavorite charity online by giving a little
inIormation about the organization. The
winners will be determined by a committee
selected by the radio station, with results
announced on the December 14th 'Beth and
Friends¨ show on KEZ 99.9FM.

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