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LT920/LT930 (C/V)

SPECIFICATIONS 4. If such contacts need to be used then contactor

LCD TIME TOTALISER and relay suppression is essential.
Display: LCD, 8 digit, ht 8.0mm
OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 5. If the length of the cable exceeds upto 5m, it would
Power Supply: 3 VDC (Battery built-in)
Battery Life: 5 Years (approx.) be necessary to use a local relay and command that
relay from a distance.
Range Selection: 1) 999999.99hrs(default)
2) 9999.59.59 (HHHH.MM.SS)
Signal Input: The unit should be kept away from solenoids, contactors,
24x48mm fans and other inductive devices.
Contact Input model(C): Potential free contact
Voltage Input model(V): 24-260 VAC/DC
1.To prevent the risk of electric shock power supply to
 Self Powered ,in-built battery 3 VDC Counting Direction: Up the equipment must be kept OFF while doing the wiring
Reset Input: arrangement.
 Large LCD display with 8 digit, 8.0mm height 1)Potential Free: 2.Terminals and electrically charged parts must not be
 Back light version available a. For C model: shorting terminals 3 & 4 touched when the power is ON.
b. For V model: Shorting terminals 4 & 5 3.Use standard 1.5 fork type lugs for connections.
 Two time range: 9999hrs.59min.59sec
999999.99hrs 2) Through Front Reset key (after shorting TERMINAL CONNECTIONS
terminals 6 & 4 press front key)
Contact Input To turn the unit ON short terminal 1 & 2.
Housing: Flame retardant plastic Model
Mounting: Panel mounting
1. SAFETY INFORMATION Temperature: Operating: 0 -50o C
Storage: -20 to 75 C 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Humidity: 95% RH
Weight: Approx. 60 gms. + -
+ -
Contact Input 24V DC

4. This unit is panel mounted type with its output terminals Voltage Input To turn the unit ON give input signal.
connecting to the host equipment. Such equipment Model
shall also comply with basic EMI/EMC and safety
requirements like BSEN 61326-1 and BSEN 61010 INP RST COM RNG EN BL
5. Clean the equipment with a clean soft cloth. Do not use 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

any organic cleaning agent.

6. Conforms to pollution degree 2 / installation category II
+ - + -
7. Lithium battery is used for memory retention , 24 - 260V AC/DC 24V DC
therefore do not disassemble. 45.5
Range Selection by using F.R (Front reset key)
Front key enable Short 6 & 4 and press F.R
CAUTION: HHHH.MM.SS Keep shorted 4 & 5 and press F.R
1. This equipment, being built-in-type,normally becomes HOURS (default) Remove shorting 4 & 5 and press F.R
a part of the main control panel and in such case the e unit. Note : 1) For Time Totaliser range selection, after sho-
terminals do not remain accessible to the end user 1. Input cable: The connection between the unit rting terminal 4 & 5, reset the unit.
2) Back light version model LT930 (C/V)
after installation and internal wiring. and the input device should be made via a 2 core
2.Conductors must not come in contact with the internal screen ca
circuitry of the equipment or else it may lead to a safety Selec Controls Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Selectron Process Controls Pvt. Ltd.)
hazard that may in turn endanger life or cause Tel.: 91-22-2847 6443/1882, Fax.: 91-22-2847 1733
Toll free: 1800 227 353
electrical shock to the operator. Email:, Web.:
3.The output terminals shall be strictly loaded to the uld not be interrupted by the
contacts of the contactor. Document name:Operating/0801/LCD Time Totaliser Version1
manufacturer specified values/range. OP227-V01-(Page 2 of 2)