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Hemp is the fiber that can be used for almost anything!
From what organism is hemp harvested?
Hemp is harvested from the plant called Cannabis. turned into crushed fiber it can be used in concrete or other building materials.

What ways do people use this fiber?
People use hemp for many things such as clothing, bracelets, necklaces, mulch, oil-based paints, creams, and even paper. In Europe and China hemp fibers are used to strengthen cement. Mercedes-Benz even uses hemp fiber to make interior panels in some of its cars!

How is hemp fiber processed from the organism to a usable fiber?
Hemp fiber is processed with a hammer mill, and is first harvested, and then milled. Once it has been

In what parts of the world is hemp grown?
Hemp is grown in the United States, Australia, Southern Asia, Europe, parts of Africa, and parts of South America.

Facts on Hemp

- The Declaration of Independence was first drafted on hemp paper. - The first American Flag was made out of hemp. - The original Levi’s jeans were made out of rugged hemp sailcloth.

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