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English for Secretaries and Administrative Personel SB

English for Secretaries and Administrative Personel SB

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Published by: Анна Скобелева on Dec 03, 2011
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CD-Rom Contents

Locating people

1 Making and receiving calls 2 Telephone expressions

People at work

1 Places in a company 2 Description of a company

Dealing with numbers

1 Understanding numbers 2 Number discrimination

Taking and giving messages

1 Taking a message 2 Taking a written message

Receiving visitors

1 A visitor arrives 2 Starting a conversation

FormsJ envelopes and letters

1 Looking at formal letters 2 A letter from the bank


1 Formal and informal language 2 Completing a formal letter

Quotations and orders

1 Booking a hotel room over the phone 2 Confirming a reservation by fax

evs and application letters

1 Introduction 2 Nora's resume (or Curriculum Vitae)

Int'er-office memos

1 Read an e-mail 2 The e-mail

Reading skills

1 Talking about buildings 2 Talking about what companies do

Describing qualities

1 Advertising slogans 2 Words that sell

OUice duties

1 A job vacancy 2 Asking questions

Office equipment

1 Prepositions of time

2 By
Working with computers 1 A mobile phone 2 Product analysis

.. StudentJs Book Contents






Future with wIll.; Q,uestion vroI:ds,(to be Present simple: qu_es"fions" for habit;"

Whena personJs not available; Spell itl Frequem-/y adverbs
Company organigrartl,;



People at

Possessive adjectives


CeaLil"19 with


ncuinilersi-wufrioeTf; :in


fJfJ/[NJ,Va. ~ff
Taldngeind giving


Pa$;b'simplE! :; \7e-ib ,6bjecf prQIl'qun


1JJJwi},l1 jMm(F)
F::feceiving vfsitors

Saiutations an¢: eloswgs;
Arhehc,an Xf'\gli;sh
1J[1/[]f1,Ua ~ww@ro

B:t'itiS~Engli~tt V-S,


Pr:es.ent continuous
Grarf;'tma,r in 'context




and orders

Orders' paym entsaad J... _.-. prices Jobs Requests


55:'60~ Past sitnpl:equestlon-s
and application letcers

fj[J.fl1J {ji] tntl::r -clfice r-




in 'context


cdJr1J(jJj(I100 Readiogi sMUe ~

'67·q~2: .G11attU:ntii: a} ?s{nJC:i:ures: a


T-VfleS~Qft~ Adj'e!a'ti~e:s

1JlJ/[![Jvlt YJ:~,@afQ,®


A-ii. ~rt~:.m fl!J/[JfJUfIJr_ilIw ~iJ·ljMjrJ4!fl.

War-king Wi~h

.9,,1 ~a6





Focus the III sound
Ptonunciation; /l/l/s'Ii:!


tvk, Mis.





Survey: Sqcfal title$
Debate: Hierarchies


.PtOl1une-iatfcln: the Ie! soqnd
'Polite questions


Debate; Punctuality

Pronunclatiorf the -ed suffix

Names' and gentfer
Meeting andgreeting'iJi: repJ countrie$ -.

Debate: Maiden names



Survey: Greetings Qthere-0un±ries .-. Personal style


Common phrases


WJ;iting style

in writing

Inquiries; Closing respon-

Opening sentences; ses


Internet abbreviaticns and acronyms 'E-shopping

Debate: Premotienal advertisements Debate: Shopping on

Opening and closing Sentehces Go sing; sentences in application letters .communication, .Asking someone to. do something
RefS!uing to previous

E-mail writmg

the Net

Irregular verbs:

Body language

Debate: Body language in different.countriesDebate: Emoticens

Gta.:rottlatical structures-in context ,D€scriptfve words

The Enghsh language

'Survey: the EnglisJ:\.Jan-


Stenilotypes Gender Tbles'j'uthe wlDikplace
Tel;ftnology and office jargon

Debate: Jobs and gender

"Nominal groups PreJ~:qsitiQns~ana pre~, p.osltiQualp!uHs_es Using 'comparis@n;s

Debate; The use of oifLce

LQrnpatative-s' anti

Businessand the Internet



Favourite websi-

while at the same time focusing on the central need of the secretary and office worker: to receive and to transmit information precisely and efficiently. English for Secretaries and Administrative The basic aim of English for Secretaries and Administrative Personnel is to develop language skills (. reintorrnent actvities. Personnel has been designed to meet the needs of secretaries and other professionals who wish to undertake administrative tasks in English. writing and reading) in English. both with an audio component.ngthem feel comfortable. such as socialisinq or receiving visitors and m. as well as to more personal areas related to office work.The materials cover topics common to typical office activities. Studentls Book Pack Indudes: Teaeher-ts Book Includes: . answer keys to the Student's Book and Workbook activities and evaluation material in the form of photacopiable worksheets."Introduction English for Secretaries and Administrative Personnel is an English course for business students or people working in business or office-related fields. The Student's Book is accompanied by a CD-Rom of interactive businesssituations.listening.Evaluation worksheets Workbook .listening component available on Student's Book Audio CD Online Learning Centre .Audio CD and CD-Rom . It is suitable for business schools. as well as for in-company training programmes. Course Compo.aki.Student's Book and Workbook answer keys . The course also aims to develop the students' general knowledge of the social customs and attitudes of the English-speaking world. technical/vocational schools. The Teacher's Book includes step-by-step instructions.nents Eng/ish for Secretaries and Administrative Personnel is a one-level course comprising of a Student's Book and a Workbook.Audio CD and CD-Rom -Integrated Grammar and language reference and Glossary . speaking. both orally and in written form ..

office-related matertals. gender roles iii the work place. historical. etc = Pairwcrk and Group work These activities give students the opportunity to work one on one or in small groups with their classmates. The unit ends with a cultural awareness text. quotations. Student's Book • Focus on Grammar The Student's Book is divided into three modules of five units each.nguage . technological.e focuses on the production of written texts related to specific tasks. The practiced oral skills is not restricted exclusively to the Listening & Speaking module. The main vocabulary and language from the Student's Book is grouped. body language.book The Workbook contains 15 units relating directly to the Student's Book units. etc. The reading texts are divided into two types: on the one hand. special emphasis is placed on the typical structures found in business letters and in formal and informal texts. These include internal and external office correspondence. • . The Cultural awareness sections act as a springboard to class discussion or surveys about stereotypes. essential to modern business and overall success. The answer key to all the activities is in photocopiable form in the Teacher's Book. etc. c Integrating the three modules: using the Listening & Speaking module as the core of the course and introducing material from the other modules. Two double-pace spreads present and practise the core language. information texts that offer students insi'ght into professional.ie-rneils. In turn. and 12. • Key Vocabulary The Key Vocabulary boxes highlight essential vocabulary.reference or to the Glossary at the back of the Student's Book..such as letters. These texts provide knowledge of today's world. This provides a ussfulself-study tool for those students who wish to find more detailed grammar explanations or notes on I'anguag€ usage. '"Writing Cultural information. faxes. Work. These allow students to become aware of cultural differences both inside and outside the workplace."sary The main objective of this module is the development of reading techniques. The Workbook audio corresponding to the listening module is provided on the Student's Audio CD. which cover the four principle learning skills: • Listening & Speaking: Units 1·5 • Writing: Units 6· 10 • Reading: Units 11-15 This organisation offers.are cross-referenced to the ninepage Grammar and language reference at the back of the Student's Book. • Reading The Focus on Grammar and Focus on Language sections in the Studenrs Book. b One unit per module: Unit 1. etc. is presented in the form of brief texts in the Student's Book..teachers the flexibility to choose the teaching style that best suits the needs of their students. CVS. give hints on usage and provide information such as the contrast between British and American English. fundamental in learning another language. followed by Units 2. The Focus on Grammar and Focus on Lgnguage sections highlight important grammar or language points related to the unit topic. • Cultu·ral awareness How the modules wo·rk • listening and Speaking The aim of the Listening & Speaking module is to develop the skills that will enable office workers to understand and produce oral messag. these are cross-referenced to the Grammar and /a. Close attention is paid throughout the course to pronunciation. followed by the main objectives to be studied. Teacherscan cover these three modules in different ways: a In the order they appear in the Student's Book: starting with Unit 1 and continuing through to Unit 15. Student~ Book features • Organisation Each unit is made up of six pages. or cultural aspects of the Enqlish-speaklnq world. reading and. It provides further listening. by unit. e-mails.. at the back of the Student's Book in the Glossary. Students should be encourager! to copy the glossary words and phrases into their notebooks and translate them into their own language. Students help each other practise important concepts or difficult language. especially. spoken fluency and overall comprehensibility. then Units 6 and 11. • Grammar and language reference This modul. on the other hand. The opening page starts with a brief introduction to the topic. 7.esin English. or-the appropriate register for greetings. through typical business situations. advertisements and memos. such as inter-office memorandum. • Glo. thus allowing them to communicate effectively by telephone and in person. writing practice of all the main language points.

key vocabulary and structures. o . .estions for reinforcement and expansion activities..orksheets There is a photocopiable revision Worksheet every two units.tyfrom the main menu on the CD~Rom interface and follow the activity instructions. Teacher's Book features • Organisation The first page of every unit summarises the language focus. These activities can be used as spoken or written evaluation. It offers thirty interactive exercises.f!ry unit in the Teacher's Book. on a variety of topics: letters. language or concepts studied in the unit When evaluating these activities.nline Learning Centre The Online learning Centre provides support for both the teacher and the student. teachers can use the Speaking Evaluation Chart in the Teacher'sBook.These activities appear within the lesson notes on the last page of ev. Detailed lesson plans are provided for the other pages of the Student's Book..Formal evaluation W. evaluation materials in the form of photocopiable worksheets. can consult the Teachers file for each lesson where they will find the following information: ~ Suggestions for optional reinforcement or expansion activities for the Student's Book activities. See pages 99 to 107: • Optiona. can reuse..Optional spea. At the end of each module there isa comprehensive exam that covers the most important elements of each module. • Photocopiable Workbook Answer key The solutions to the Workbook activities are grouped together on photocopiable pages at the back of the Teacher's Book. Each worksheet section gives a suggested score. The audio component is intended to be used in class. Each activity provides a pop-up window with the answers. Audio CD The Student's Book and Workbook audio material from the Listening and Speaking module is available on the Audio CD. Each worksheet covers the essential material from the two units in question and can be used as revision. Teachers who have classes with more hours. ~ The exploitation of the: Workbook activities. • Student Evall!ation The Teacher'sBook offers three different types of evaluation: . Teacher's file Teacherswith few teaching hours can concentrate on the main lesson plan activities.1 CD-Rom review These are optional activities to review or test students on their work with the Student CD~Rom. See pages l' 19 to 128. They appear on the last page of every Teacher's Book unit. These activities also provide further practice on key grammar points and lexis.CVs.. It also lists the specific business tasks and skills the students wHi be practising. .Continuous evaluation Teacherswho prefer a more continued evaluation of their students throughout the year.andinciude the Answer key to all the activities . The CD~Rom is easy to use. These are identified in the Teacher's Book with the following iconm. CD-Rom The CD-Rom that accompanies the Student's Book provides additional exposure to business-related situations.two per unit. Teacherswill find a wealth of material to download and use in the classroom. • Transcripts The Audio CD transcripts for the Listening & Speaking module of the Student's Book and Workbook are provided in the Teacher's Book. They cover important structures.selected Student's Book and Workbook activities to chart progress. or who teach students at a higher level. oras a formal written evaluation. Teacher's Book The Teacher's Book reproduces the Student's Book in full colour in an easy-to-use wrap-aroundformat. and suggestions on how to exploit the CD-Rom. It provides step-by-step quidelinesfor each lesson. so students can check their work once they have completed each task. page 111. sugg.king evaluations These are a variety of speaking activities students can do as an individual evaluation orin p-airsor small groups. but may be used by the student at home for personal study. Answer keys are on pages 1Q8 to 110. More and more learners are becoming autonomous and taking advantage of this instructional medium.. Teachers can ask the Warm up questions provided to stimulate previousknowledge ofthe topic of the unit. . phone messages. O. . as well as activities that expand on the Student's Book and Workbook material. Students select a unit-and activi. See pages 112 to 118.

~~··iUfJ~ j4·. .BI s.&ret.eop~e k'! th is umt you w~llfH1d exam pies of dmf=¥r@TI1 t)i'-pe5' of conVe6'5aliOfl tJh at may take J]la(~ If] the office or on the phone.rttWfrlms.C1'I'5I~W lpe~l~ • T~ ~p~111 'om.tJf:dting p.~ne~its. o ble'!: t lv es • 1m.l"a.II iii llie fhu !!::t I fJ n One of thl! first and probably one of the most h"equ~nt 5ituations.J.afjl er an off tee worker nilS to @r:~ is tha t of l.19~hd :ill'll @le~ffit~ • 10~I~k ·w:.lA~Lf~ ~lfeSb • 'i0: l. :~l1eLllhonl.l: '''I'l!l I .: • 'l~ ~~.5taWk t.

oI1ili1sEI'@ttTooks_ (iaoo: i!l'ft~r\niOOIl'!. wr~ha IIU!i~'wilt to ~a. ~e~~t~l HI.. H<... P.)mLi~aihd liPB... I tlO for~? n ..willll E:E • .. III Wh~.i1!l~ I'U I~~I)! ~oiI." iI~lj3bl~ .c._lMef'i the .y.~ :d~i.b~!W}:(~'~.P~IL!II.I:1Qg'U.mlil againl.LsIi'I~t: tJ!.oJ!il~. HigrijIJ1S".ii~ )ll~ln ..'!~t..t ~'h~ a Chl)os~-.Ell min~ i .000 B Cwer 1'nQm'iJ\9.you.~~ 'ill' !!!!V":11ltrn11/1 'Withe' dia'~~ue!ialflld ma~t:ru·~hem·jf:'0 .~~ ~ 'K.at::enin.~ G()bd'~@Ti!- :t\ Ie. wm ---- ----------------------------- 'V.~I~.!1. M!"5.Y1ihin. Co" :~. ~ MI!li. l~ay. It 1(:.. Li.~1 m!1l~'.ji~:"l~_ v~TQm B~plgm.Iirris~ ~me-!'lt. ~Ilinith .~l!nj~i.g 111_..1 . Wn~t. Mr JOlilnren~ "fuglf~.m~. (5.~cti~t a QlliJt ~'~r'b'!er.'irtil~t{ dI~ d!:BI)i.~ni'n. IRi M~I:~~~l. JIJSl !:!I :rIITl!rnl~J~t.~J~~..!IrllO!i!!iJif!i. I'lll~ut yOJ.~I !i~k [~JJ: '~ilM[..s.~r~· 1P~~~ ~t~ HI#II .~~R'oii.¥I'Iry H[9Il'limo.g!!.ClI~~1 ~1J. Ilf~~f!i1:iQrt2St c:"'..C!Tit!m.tt ~arfLI2! ~:li. I~ :IITI~ mliJd' i~. !'I] ~ f.mooda.So! S.U ~~ !'IUitUt: \I.I' he''s. l!mr:atinElI people . WhiirQ.I.ll s\li~ I~m h~rr:~IT.e d~~ 'miakhil IRl.spo?'~r::.l"1IiIIlPs:.J thrro~gh. a 1lll000il!ff1lt eMr. IR: Hoki IJJJil.!\Ar. lr.. fh'~ ~il!e(ll II I~ e.h ~:!'l!~ !U~eWil~? I~~ (:: ~.Willrn~ittllt!' lit: l'lI'J1~:!iQl'Il'l&S>irr. ~./tQ llie f\e:$tM~11 l\1i.pl~~< .: 6'aod mgmlng.

i-l.aid '~Ij.!i.~ f'~~~t 1'rome'lb~k .Q!11pen)ff " WhQ'~~11~1 .~a . ~~'i. ple~E!'_ 'H~··II.(lin I ~ M~.I'm·~~~.:J.ph Dn~ 3~ .l'flrd '"I Wha]'~~'t~IIl<lffir!e l. .W1_ M~~ [I~t.? " Why2 'lListelll . VVillililm Jdhlill'pnf l'rnDi)Q 1liY.rr nQ1I:e:bI4lQk.~n5 Cqm~~.' M .Elg~n.ilillim.i! ~@ude~ I -May 1'~'P~k:tti~. J'U . R~w~!"·. W-l·t·t.oorlI1[1Q~!'!tlll1'9-' this' mgrn~..l: (!Ure'~~ hoti&y'~1 ~MOII.loli:nis:on7 .!. .j'n'th~'le~m. madiJM.'Maw Sm:lth_ M~ ~~Ictt) MFS.!l..l!dd~~~r CD~L1 ~O'l'L Wtoct ~. ~'II ~.iEH4i. Mr: w..iIlist~1il2Ilaiml and write down 'UleCfier. ' .!I'2idififfl.. a'll:~IIl.lrl t:tl. ~. Com p:rehenslall'l D ~ 'lli~-.~13l~. C~U~i'~ .a.k~f@~ . -' N~ t.QIi!. 1Hi!''!i ilb~ II:.rur:s.lme(r~S.. ~ m&ti!. wm~'.!I~"WM~. lM(. ~b:es:~u'i: lll~ b" f!~~:t~ 'D~ . I.. ~~~ '('~U~r. ff~~~.·Sii!i.:f.CI.iiFI. M1s5:J~mwm')<I)."".:!1rnitt. \iI. ::!.t4.A LJ~t~n 'io:~he (liialo.~]I@. . When a person is nm: avaltable .3 a1r. ..sts -------------------- ~(). Be~ pollill. .c'onv. .a."moo4g _ Locating peo.eiven. '7 spet.I'~ _~:a .)!.Ial~M~.I'Td Me:s(ib~.e'. b~ln..-gstfj.~[I W!1iFlQ~'~rn:!i'J9 5 '~i?n l~t..lfljlls? HlQld ali! ill m~!ll~1n~ 1'I1~i'!. ' sir: H~i.!i'f!iJ'~ Morris-&.-f. R~Ql~~r~__ R@C@lvel'.elfSiilIij:rnn.rt 'in YO'l. ~. 6 ~~t:a.:1. Th.:lk. 1Mil~ to 't.[lIga:ilri '3'md VIiIlidte dQWII1'I ttii.Qrrloeot.~·'5..MI.. . b~~ riRlht .W11 Ii'@! Vie.noW'. 'G.d fr'tQrnl'ng.Ib.~JOOIf '" miP~:t!l1a! ::! ~rJ.pll~" E.ij: [rtflf. J i.rt"1'1 YQ'Uf' Flntrehoo'k.!.<. Mil< W~lb:flHa~$.II'dIi~ W"ipsa~ pl~~e:.!'in ~ rni:rUiJt~ ~ 'Uor.~U'.a(liiI1. 1.uk.ri!~ 'Il.I·n~. mi l'OWiWl'~liI1el~e.lmi!. .~ ~ds.r: IRBQ~i\I~r: rm oiIff.1.wm~ b.mooMe't(ll dosomethiillg.:s~ if :~e~. MT~ w..~tr!~S' .iu. Ql~ie. p'J@as!g.. ml!!" C'Oi!:!ld Illaikto MI$ ~bl~:pn? till ~I!l~ m~. ~~.!il'l~ in..f!I\1itriWEt?..~'~5 .lI'$t ~ 1IJ!{]IIl!'t~i. .n:..~F.at AITgm~~ EI _~...:i ~'gbu$l'.lk -w ~lr. 'll1'a.t:"~-e~t Igfb'Ir.ib'J~ nQw.p'l e IIkk PolIte reque.ue'~:UIO~.~. ttt.W'el!i th. Thi5 il.Si.. lE~e I'm :5 GbQd aftemoo.

~"WOrill~ ~'~1\li!!!1101l Ill~a~~ WI' ..e:prp~l~ pl!li~! or dote.a~ w.[~e-.f."ww1la LmlC'a.~@I!ii!l~.~w'"r'eS'P~~'cd!) 'ftlne'fl HSJedlft1eremt e:iI<.'5 1ti:o...w.: M{' _R~~.i. ..~e~...I\i'flU~:e' 1111.:~~ ---------- I W...t~ 1'~b!.. ~.q.. JJ\:IIW" ~) k£.b.burda~m.h. I'h.._~!l .-Sw. c#:'m~ . or .Wef.~ a r11i~r:ng Iri ~p~ . _.rolb~~I' 'tbis. . Questiian wards ~J·L·~ __ ~C EI wQr~ "fni~~pe~kew ~b!l!ck -..l'l'e$iolJ!'l.lng OM·~~.i!l!f$~m ~I pi."n aiI'llJ~: ''I.~a~e".. LBIt:'S * praCi:.lUIQiJ.11 ~ ~ ..a~k ~iITU~one·to ~peU !~t.Ut .. llI1ern.t.. ~bi.ifil a'f. .$ili'I"Lvi!1'!!:l! Il@m.'a-rtFI~.~W1:iJl1g 'fjl"Urt.~'.~lU" 3~~~t!6"1f" '1Jo'I.\lt CAK.~. y ~~~) m 11.:5 ~Jl"~~t l(hgq~ th~1In'~~e:tdy~'~r E . . the ~Q IE: it<!!l[!:lIl'I.l_'. . -I .m.:~ lin· Mt:lflk.r.~~~ th~_t.:I . m Elld~"'+ !!!1pe1~g.]lt~~} I..'iSB! :p~-9ne:oX'~Vi!n.-'..~.ll~.iilJ'iI.P.lace 'and~ld'~iI gr'!oUI4I ..o 'fkru:~~ lEI Say '1Jltequ~¥ij.pI!!!! i!!II: '~[".5 'The '~rnij"r.~a.~iro{l.~ p.':mgpeDple .ate.2: !'i!1i!S't"ay. .)'0'0:11 :''':i!Jid'~Il~O''_·Ull-e "i~s.)r.:.ptll ~t rLU~6? '1~~1etI is.. ·y.. ~O~ .:: e11 _"!Il!'!_ unrle:L1l~!i1liulil: th~WtQmeof ~ .dii_:Cfi'WorkJ' ~~'fr~J1~~Y' h~v.6m~l:I~JF. l'0iI..Jr ..Wri1j~ in :r~C)Yr '~Jmletmoic:~tfue 'WC. ROOflsJ' mgs: T~. p?llJi\I'i~"~11 I!: lf9l1. e)f~!ff)!!j5l~onS!!i1'!tatl~. .\!1 ""...

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