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Patriece B.
Miller Funeral
Service, Inc.
Li cens ed Funeral Di rector
From Westmoreland, Jamaica WI
Shi ppi ng Local &
Overs eas
Sentencing is set for
January 11, 2012, at which
time the Ramsundars face hun-
dreds of years in prison.
According to the trial testi-
mony, the three Ramsundars
held Shane out to be a federal
agent complete with a real-
looking gun, a badge and false
ID card and a deeply religious
Pandit, who could obtain cheap
governmentally seized real
estate properties in Florida and
the Ozone Park/Richmond
Hill/Jamaica areas of Queens.
In particular, the two elder
Ramsundars claimed that the
government allowed their spe-
cial agents first option to buy
the properties seized from tax
evaders and drug dealers cheap-
ly, prior to their public auction.
Shane Ramsundar then told
his victims that he would pur-
chase properties and obtain
mortgages for them, with his
special government connec-
tions, and then transfer the
deeds over to them, and they
could live in the residences or
re-sell them at great profit.
Checks were laundered
through eleven different bank
accounts eight belonging to
Shantal Ramsundar and three
belonging to the familys race
car repair company, Baba Boost
Racing, Inc. , of Long Island
City, of which Shantal
Ramsundar is the president and
Gomatee Ramsundar is the man-
ager. In total, the Ramsundars
received a total of more than
$1. 5 million from eleven vic-
It is further alleged that, in
carrying out the immigration
portion of their scheme, Shane
Ramsundar again posed as an
ICE/FBI agent and convinced
victims that he could use his
insider access to get people
green cards, have them removed
from deportation lists, and even
get them off terrorist watch
lists in exchange for sums of
Gomatee Ramsundar aided
her husband by convincing
some of the victims that he
could obtain the necessary
immigration documents, and
was present when some of the
victims turned over their
Shantal Ramsundar also
aided in the scheme by holding
her father out as an FBI agent,
and by cashing checks and laun-
dering substantial amounts of
the proceeds through bank
accounts in her name.
By Patrick Maitland
Street Hype Editor
resident of Bio Life Systems, David Squeeze
Annakie, is rejecting claims by his former
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Richard
Edwards, that the products were overpriced and a
blatant rip-off of consumers.
Edwards told St reet Hy pe that he resigned
from the company on Wednesday (November 24),
because he was very uncomfortable with the pricing
of the Bio Life products.
I think the prices are oppressive, extraordi-
nary in nature and, in some cases, just a blatant rip-
off. Besides, the company offers very little in terms
of health education and disease prevention, the
emphasis is strictly on selling a product. That's not
my idea of helping people who are in distress and
suffering with many different ailments, he
He added that This runs contrary to everything
that I personally believe in and, inevitably, I had to
divorce myself from that company. I like helping
the people; I like to make an impact on the lives of
other people.
However, Annakie observed that Edwards decid-
ed to resign after he (Annakie) discovered that the
COO was operating his personal business out of
Bio Life offices.
He was receiving mail and having my employ-
ees accepting cash on his behalf. I also found out he
took my staff on an external trip without my
knowledge, Annakie said.
Annakie also said that Edwards behavior was a
clear conflict of interest, considering the position
which he (Edwards) held.
We pulled him from our airwaves, when he
started promoting himself and his own product,
noted Annakie.
Bio Life is an excellent product, that is not
cheap and must be priced accordingly, Annakie
explained. He said that it was his responsibility to
set prices to satisfy the needs of customers and
remain viable. We priced the product to cover our
expenses, including paying our staff and retailers,
he pointed out.
Less than a year since we started operations,
all the Bio Life products are averaging 300 bottles
per day. The customers know and trust the products,
as the results are helping people, Annakie
Meanwhile, in an unrelated story, Annakie
confirmed that after some 14 years as the sole attor-
ney on Link Up radio, Brad Bernstein of Spar &
Bernstein is no long at the station. Brad cut my fee
by 60%, and I decided to allow other lawyers on the
radio to make up for the shortfall in revenue. This is
about business, if he wants exclusive rights on this
station he must pay the full rates, Annakie
Edwards Claimed
Bio Life Over-Priced
Davi d Squeeze Annaki e Ri chard Edwards
Dad, Mom and
Daughter to Face
years in prison
By Street Hype Crime Reporters
hane Rams undar, 5 2 , hi s wi f e, Go mat ee
Rams undar, 4 7 , and t hei r daug ht er, Shant al
Rams undar, 2 3 , al l o f So uth Ri chmo nd Hi l l ,
Queens were convi cted Wednes day (November 22) of s ec-
ond-and thi rd-degree grand l arceny, fi rs t- and s econd-
degree money l aunderi ng, fi rs t-degree cri mi nal i mper-
s onati on and fi rs t-degree s cheme to defraud, fol l owi ng a
nearl y three-month jury tri al before Queens Supreme
Court Jus ti ce Kenneth C. Hol der.
he popular online encyclope-
dia, Wikipedia, describes lead-
ership as the process of social
influence in which one person can
enlist the aid and support of others
in the accomplishment of a com-
mon task.
People dont seem to under-
stand that most of the failures of
societies come about as a result of
poor, or lack of, leadership. On the
other hand, successes and accom-
plishments, in most cases, are as a
result of sound leadership.
The resources and opportuni-
ties in the world are limited, and
people are constantly competing
for their share or benefits. We are
no different from the creatures in
the wild that are constantly com-
peting for food and to be at the top
of the food chain.
The American economy is
currently at its lowest of growth,
but even during the best of times,
African Americans face high
unemployment rate, low literacy
and remain among the poorest.
Perhaps, the time is right for a
new breed of leaders focusing on
empowering people addressing
the social and economic issues.
Martin Luther King, Gandhi and
Nelson Mandela, most often
through non-violent protests, had
the courage to challenge the status
quo and stand up against racism,
inequality and injustice.
The so-called Occupy Wall
Street- a people-powered move-
ment that began on September 17,
2011 in Liberty Square in
Manhattan and has spread to over
100 cities in the United States - is
more words than action.
We need empowerment lead-
ers to influence policies, serve as
political power brokers, as well as
promote entrepreneurship among
the African American communi-
Studies say that, since
Caribbean nationals represent a
huge portion of the African
American market. Their buying
power is close to $16.3 billion,
making them a significantly afflu-
ent, diverse group. We need leader-
ship to take advantage of this buy-
ing power.
Of the over 24,000 registered
restaurants within New York City,
perhaps a third is owned and oper-
ated by Caribbean nationals, yet
inputs valued in the millions,
including meats and fresh foods,
are supplied by other ethnic
We should ask the question,
why everybody (from other cul-
tures) target African American and
Caribbean nationals to sell their
consumer items, including food
and garments?
Readers should understand
that we are in a free-market envi-
ronment, with countless opportuni-
Therefore, if we fail to take
advantage of the marketing and
business prospects in our commu-
nities, somebody from another cul-
ture or background will always be
there to fill the void.
The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype newspaper and its publishers. Please send
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People are talking...!
When did Facebook or a text become
the only forms of communication
between a man and a woman?
ave men totally lost their minds when
it comes to knowing what women
want? To say that Facebook, the
social networking site which now rules our
lives, is here to stay would be an understate-
Our days and nights are spent snooping
through our Friends list, or wanna be
friends, peeking into the lives of 900 people
whom we have never, and will never meet:
Looking at pictures for no reason whatsoever,
other than just to be nosey.
Facebook or Fassbook, as many
Jamaicans mockingly refer to the site, has
also created many a problems amongst work-
ers and their employers, friends and even
amongst married couples and future couples
to be.
Many women have also been complain-
ing that Facebook, along with texting and
emailing of course, has also contributed to the
decline in romance, passion and genuine
chivalry from possible male suitors. Now,
instead of a phone call, men are now poking
you instead, to get your attention. Oh, the
lovely, lovely sound of a poke or a ping on
Facebook, versus the ring of a phone. Not
only that but the excessive amount of flirting
and unwise cheating that occurs on Facebook,
have led to many break-ups.
Of course one cannot, and should not
blame any social networking site, whether it
is Twitter, Facebook, Stumble, Linkedin or
any other site for that matter, as the intention
of the user is the key. But, it certainly does not
help to have so many options. Many people,
myself included, use Facebook particularly to
promote my business ventures, connect with
friends and network with others.
Facebook was a great marketing tool to
push my book, Whose Vagina Is It, Really?,
as my connection with others from months
ago let the cat out of the bag as we say, and so
when my book was finally published, the
word was already out, and the expectations
had already been built up.
However I, like many women and even
men, sometimes become aggravated by a
ping, or a poke, and often times go offline,
just to avoid the unwanted advances; particu-
larly from men whom I know are in seeming-
ly in very committed relationships, with oth-
ers who are also on Facebook.
One particular gentleman, whose profile
picture shows him sitting with his hands
around his girlfriend in a very long and loving
kiss, had the nerve to ask me, from a poke of
course that I should have never responded to,
If the thongs on my book cover was mine,
and if I could wear it for him when I came to
his city.
Appalled and disgusted, I then asked,
So, excuse Donovan, arent you with
Mindy-of course this is not her real name,
but why hurt the poor womans feelings? Do
you not live together as a couple? I asked
him, trying my best not call him the viscous
and cruel names that popped up in my head.
Yu know how it go man, Sandy, he
typed back to me as fast as he could. It is
what it is. No, Donovan, I typed back to
him. It is not what it is with me, as I quick-
ly logged off, telling him that I had to go. The
nerve of him!
Gone are the good old days when love
reigned supreme and men picked up the
phone to call, or even send you flowers, to ask
if you could be so kind as to go out on a date
with them. Nowadays, a, Mama, you look
hot in that dress, or a poke or a tweet should
surely entice you to flirt with them.
As a single gal however, my status at
most times read, Do not poke me or ping me
please! If you would like to reach me, please
email me at, or
use my number, if you have it, if you wish to
I am not your Facebook mistress, girl on
the side, or girl who deserves nothing from
you but conversations between 9am and 5pm,
while you are at work, stealing your employ-
ers billable hours during the day! Crap, was
that a ping I just heard while typing this? I
forgot to go offline!
Publisher & Editor
Associate Editor
Advertising/Admin Director
Consulting Editors
711 S Columbus Ave, Fl 1
Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Tel: 914-663-4972-3
Fax: 914-663-4972
Published by:
Community Lifestyle Newspaper
Sandy Daley, author of the best-selling book, "Whose Vagina
Is It, Really?" You can contact Sandy at
Wanted: Leadership to Empower the People!
A Phone Call is Appreciated Baby; Do not Facebook or Text me
Former COO claimed Bio Life over-priced
President of Bio Life Systems, David Squeeze Annakie, is rejecting claims by his former Chief
Operating Officer (COO), Richard Edwards, that the products were overpriced and a blatant rip-off of
Edwards told Street Hype that he resigned from the company on Wednesday (November 24), because he
was very uncomfortable with the pricing of the Bio Life products.
I think the prices are oppressive, extraordinary in nature and, in some cases, just a blatant rip-off.
Besides, the company offers very little in terms of health education and disease prevention, the emphasis
is strictly on selling a product. That's not my idea of helping people who are in distress and suffering
with many different ailments, he charged.
He added that This runs contrary to everything that I personally believe in and, inevitably, I had to
divorce myself from that company. I like helping the people; I like to make an impact on the lives of
other people.
However, Annakie observed that Edwards decided to resign after he (Annakie) discovered that the COO
was operating his personal business out of Bio Life offices.
He was receiving mail and having my employees accepting cash on his behalf. I also found out he took
my staff on an external trip without my knowledge, Annakie said.
Annakie also said that Edwards behavior was a clear conflict of interest, considering the position which
he (Edwards) held.
We pulled him from our airwaves, when he started promoting himself and his own product, noted
Bio Life is an excellent product, that is not cheap and must be priced accordingly, Annakie explained.
He said that it was his responsibility to set prices to satisfy the needs of customers and remain viable.
We priced the product to cover our expenses, including paying our staff and retailers, he pointed out.
Less than a year since we started operations, all the Bio Life products are averaging 300 bottles per day.
The customers know and trust the products, as the results are helping people, Annakie claimed.
Meanwhile, in an unrelated story, Annakie confirmed that after some 14 years as the sole attorney on
Link Up radio, Brad Bernstein of Spar & Bernstein is no long at the station.
Brad cut my fee by 60%, and I decided to allow other lawyers on the radio to make up for the shortfall
in revenue. This is about business, if he wants exclusive rights on this station he must pay the full rates,
Annakie stressed.
Bronxs event promoter and
Everybody reads Street Hype
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Tel: 914-663-4972-3
New Jersey Man
Pleads Guilty in
$670 Million
Fraud Scheme
certified public accountant (CPA), and
purported outside auditor for
Provident Capital Indemnity Ltd. (PCI),
pleaded guilty Monday (November 21) for
his role in a $670 million fraud scheme
involving victims in the United States and
Jorge Luis Castillo, 56, a resident of
New Jersey, pleaded guilty before U.S.
District Judge John A. Gibney in the
Eastern District of Virginia, to conspiring to
commit mail and wire fraud, which carries
a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.
Castillo is scheduled to be sentenced on
May 22, 2012.
According to a statement of facts filed
with Castillos plea agreement, PCI was an
insurance and reinsurance company regis-
tered in the Commonwealth of Dominica
and doing business in Costa Rica. PCI sold
financial guarantee bonds to companies
selling life settlements, or securities backed
by life settlements, to investors.
These bonds were marketed to PCIs
clients, as a way to alleviate the risk of
insured beneficiaries living beyond their
life expectancy. The clients, in turn, typi-
cally explained to their investors that the
financial guarantee bonds ensured that the
investors would receive their expected
return on investment, irrespective of
whether the insured on the underlying life
settlement lived beyond his or her life
COMRIE HOSTS TURKEY DRIVE: Council Member Leroy Comrie (3rd l) hosted a Turkey Drive on
November 22nd at St. Pauls United Methodist Church, 173-01 108th Avenue Jamaica, NY. I am glad we can
help families celebrate Thanksgiving. Council Member Leroy Comrie said. Each time we hold this event we
have been able to reach hundreds in the community so they can celebrate the holiday. More than two hundred
turkeys were given out by dozens of volunteers from the church along with police officers from Queens Patrol
Board South.
enator Charles Schumer is raising
concerns over retailers adopting
"FootPath technology" that automatically
tracks shoppers' movements without con-
sent by monitoring signals from personal
J.C. Penny and Home Depot are
reportedly considering using the device,
which monitors signals from personal
cellphones through antennas. At least two
malls already using it stopped this week-
end after Schumer contacted them.
The senator has urged the manufacturer, Path Intelligence, to
ask shoppers to "opt in" before tracking them.
Now the only way to avoid being tracked is by turning off
one's cellphone.
"It's sort of creepy to know that every movement you make
in any store or in any mall is being followed. Most people prob-
ably, in my judgment, wouldn't like that," said Schumer. Path
Intelligence says that its technology keeps shoppers' personal
information anonymous.
The senator is also calling on the Federal Trade Commission
to explore how the new technology violates consumer privacy
Stores Track Shoppers Through Cellphones
Vegetaran lood lor Heath
Specay Nxed Juce 'Herbs' Roots Tonc
lresh lruts 8 Vegetabe Produce
Vegetaran Dshes lrut Juce lsh Dnner
Vegetaran Soup 8 lsh Pattes/Bake
Natura Heath Care Products.
ve Aso Cater
++ E. Gunh Road, Bronx, NY +o(6,
(Near Burke Ave) Te:
West Indian Products.
The best in Steam Fi sh
Roast Fi sh Fresh Fi sh
Visit us at
31 West Sandford Blvd, Mt. Vernon, NY 11550
Or call Earl: 914-665-2008
Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes joined Susan Taylor (center),
Founder, National Cares Movement and Emeritus Editor-in Chief of ESSENCE
magazine along with (from left): Tammy Samms, Chair, Valerie Charney,
Secretary, and Larry Ramsey, Board Member of Brooklyn Cares Mentoring Circle,
at the November 21st awards ceremony, honoring fifteen Restart students for
their achievements. Restart is an educational program of the Department of
Education which is offered at the Back on Track location, 2318 Atlantic Avenue.
Restart provides an intensive educational program for students who are between
the ages of 13 and 16 and have been held back one or more times and are cur-
rently in the 6th, 7th or 8th grades. Restart students are provided the assistance
to successfully pass the Middle School Exam, qualifying them to enroll in high
he disappearance of thousands of
dollars from a lockbox used for a
city-run summer camp has police
looking into the matter and officials call-
ing for greater oversight.
City Comptroller Maureen Walker
said Monday that an audit by her office
found $10,600 missing from the estimat-
ed $22,000 the city Youth Bureau col-
lected for its 2011 Safe Haven day camp.
That's more than four times the amount
originally thought to have been stolen in
late September.
After discovering the missing funds,
the Youth Bureau alerted police, fired a
clerk-typist who handled cash payments
for the camp, and suspended youth
bureau employee Dena Williams for two
weeks, Walker said.
Both employees made "serious mis-
judgments" about the "safekeeping of
the lockbox and monies collected" for
the camp, bureau Executive Director
DaMia Harris wrote in a Sept. 30 letter
to the comptroller and the mayor. She
did not respond to a phone message
City officials said they did not know
how the funds disappeared. Police Chief
John Roland declined to comment on the
department's probe.
In her letter, Harris pledged to
impose new safeguards: The bureau will
now accept only money orders, no cash,
and the deputy director will be responsi-
ble for depositing program revenues, she
wrote. Walker said that's not enough.
She wants fee collection for the
Youth Bureau turned over to her office,
where accounting duties are divided
among different employees.
The comptroller also said she plans
to contact the Westchester County
District Attorney's Office. "Somebody
has to be responsible," Walker said.
"We're missing money."
Yolanda Robinson, chief of staff for
Mayor Clinton Young, said the safe-
guards were already in place when
Harris proposed them, and that her office
acted swiftly to correct the problem.
"This has always been the mayor's
policy, that receipts are turned over on a
daily basis," Robinson said.
She said the situation underscores
the need to restore an inspector general
position after the City Council and the
comptroller succeeded in getting its
salary slashed.
$10,000 missing
from Mt. Vernon
orough President Ruben Diaz Jr.
today invited Bronx residents to make
a difference in their community by joining
their local Community Board.
The Office of the Bronx Borough
President will be accepting applications
for all 12 Community Boards from city
residents who reside, work or have profes-
sional or other significant interests in the
Participation on local Community
Boards can provide Bronx residents with a
forum to share with their community their
expertise and talents, said Borough
President Diaz. It is important that com-
munity residents participate in the deci-
sion making process in their communities
on important budget, land use and service
delivery issues.
Applications are available at the
Borough Presidents Community Board
office at (718) 590-3914 or at your local
community board office. Interested appli-
cants may also get forms on line at The deadline for
submission of applications for the next
round of appointments is February 3,
Diaz Urges Bronx
Residents to Apply to Their
Local Community Board
Cuban vaccine
against lung
cancer to be
tested in Britain
HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) --
Erik DHondt, scientific director of the
Malaysian pharmaceutical group Bioven,
said that in a matter of days a group of
British patients will receive the Cimavax-
EGF lung cancer vaccine, created by sci-
entists at Havanas Center for Molecular
He added that similar tests are also
planned for Australia, Thailand and
The vaccine was administered with
good results to more than 1,000 patients in
Cuba and it has also been registered in
Peru and it is in the process of registration
in other Latin American countries such as
Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador and
Zoraida Acosta, a researcher at the
Center for Molecular Immunology, said
the vaccine has no severe side effects and
increases the patients life expectancy with
a good quality of living. It cannot prevent
the onset of the disease but will allow
advanced cancer to be controlled by gen-
erating antibodies against the proteins that
trigger the uncontrollable processes of cel-
lular proliferation.
Cuban scientists believe that the prod-
ucts same basic principle could be used to
treat other cancers, including prostate,
uterus, and breast cancers.
Haiti investment forum
draws hundreds of
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- More than
1,000 businesspeople and government
officials took part on Tuesday in the
Invest in Haiti Forum, one of the largest
meetings of its kind ever held in the
Caribbean, underscoring the strong pri-
vate sector...
Japanese investors
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad -- Caribbean
Community (CARICOM) member states
earlier this week showcased to Japanese
businessmen the opportunities available
in the region, particularly in the energy,
natural resources and information...
Restructured sugar cane
industry could benefit rum
production in Barbados
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (BGIS) -- A
restructured sugar cane industry holds
great potential for the development of the
Barbados rum sector. This is the view of
Minister of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries
and Water Resource Management...
St Kitts-Nevis
Development Bank
seeks strategic alliances
to promote businesses
BASSETERRE St Kitts -- The
Development Bank of St Kitts and Nevis
has been working to forge strategic
alliances with various partners in the
region as it strives to deliver technical
assistance and support to its current and
prospective clients.
Ratings agency lower
s outlook on Barbados
to negative
NEW YORK, USA -- Standard & Poor's
Ratings Services has lowered its outlook
on Barbados from stable to negative,
reflecting increasing credit risks driven
by a weakening external financial and
economic environment.
Bank of Saint Vincent
and the Grenadines
opens new headquarters
KINGSTOWN, St Vincent:
The Bank of Saint Vincent and the
Grenadines (BOSVG), a subsidiary of
East Caribbean Financial Holding
Company Ltd (ECFH), officially opened
its new Reigate Building last Sunday. The
new headquarters located on...
News News
brief brief
By Caribbean News Now contributor
he opposition St Lucia Labour Party
(SLP) was returned to power in
Monday's general election, five
years after it was defeated by the United
Workers Party (UWP). Meanwhile, in
Guyana, chairman of the Elections
Commission, Dr Steve Surujbally, called
for patience while votes are counted in that
countrys general and regional elections.
This was the first time since the
Caribbean Community (CARICOM) was
established in 1973 that two full-member
countries of the regional bloc have held
general elections on the same day.
According to preliminary results
released in St Lucia on Tuesday, the SLP
won 11 of the 17 seats in parliament. If
these results are confirmed, the leader of
the SLP, Kenny Anthony, will again be
sworn in as prime minister, a post he held
from 1997-2006.
In remarks to local media, Anthony
said that his focus will be on the countrys
reconstruction and economic development.
The preliminary results matched sev-
eral surveys that suggested a likely protest
vote against the ruling United Workers
Party, because of the increase in crime and
unemployment, as well as failed govern-
ment policies.
In Guyana, confusion and uncertainty
seemed to be the order of the day, as the
incumbent People's Progressive
Party/Civic (PPP/C) declared itself the
winner on its Facebook page, while at the
same time requesting a recount in a num-
ber of districts.
However, in a subsequent statement,
the opposition coalition, A Partnership for
National Unity (APNU) said that it has no
confidence that the integrity of the ballot
boxes has not been compromised since the
end of the official count on Monday
In this regard, APNU is forced to
conclude that this is yet another attempt by
the PPP to stall the announcement of the
results of these elections and to create con-
fusion among the population, the state-
ment read.
In a statement also released on
Tuesday, Rickford Burke, the outspoken
president of the New York-based
Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy
(CGID), said, It is a shame and disgrace
that after all these years of trial and error,
and hundreds of millions of dollars in for-
eign aid, technical support and assistance
for capacity building from the internation-
al community, the Guyana Elections
Commission cannot devise an effective
system to transmit results from outlying
regions to its headquarters in Georgetown,
so as to advise the public of at least pre-
liminary results of an election within a rea-
sonable period after the close of poll.
Opposition wins in St Lucia;
uncertainty reigns in Guyana
New St Lucia Prime Minister
Kenny Anthony
90-04 161 Street,
Sui te 301, Jamai ca, NY 11432
Tel: 718-206-2411
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to your
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40 Wall Street, Suite 28, NY, NY, 10005
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Se Habla Espanol &
French Creole
Green Card Through Marriage, Family or Business
Business, Investor and Work Visas
Artist, Entertainer and Religious Worker Visas
Deportation Defense
Motion to Re-Open /Reconsider
Appeals and Waivers
Self Petition: Abused Spouses & Children
Loan Modification Short-Sale Purchases & Sales
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By the E, F, J & LIRR
By Parsons & Jamaica
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former employee of the
University of North
Carolina at Charlotte
(UNCC) pled guilty to con-
cealing and shielding for-
eign college students who
were in violation of the
terms of their student visas,
following an investigation
by U. S. Immigration and
Customs Enforcement' s
(ICE) Homeland Security
Investigations (HSI).
A federal criminal bill
of information filed in U. S.
District court on July 14
charged Thomas C. Briggs,
48, of Charlotte, with con-
cealing and shielding from
detection certain aliens who
had remained in the United
States in violation of the
According to the infor-
mation, while serving as an
administrative support spe-
cialist at UNCC, Briggs
made repeated false entries
into the school' s Student
and Exchange Visitor Infor-
mation System (SEVIS).
The SEVIS program is a
comprehensive computer-
ized system designed to
track the entry, stay, and
exit of foreign students in
the United States. Court
documents indicate that
Briggs, as the SEVIS desig-
nated school official at
UNCC, was responsible for
maintaining the SEVIS
records for the university's
foreign students.
"Student visas are
intended to allow people
from around the world to
come to the United States to
study academics, " said ICE
HSI Special Agent in Charge
Brock Nicholson. "One of
the lessons learned from the
past is that the U. S. govern-
ment must be vigilant about
making sure that those who
are here on student visas are
in this country for that
intended purpose. "
The Department of
Homeland Security (DHS)
relies upon the SEVIS sys-
tem to ensure that foreign
students in the United States
are in compliance with the
terms and conditions of
their F-1 student visa status.
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Attorney at Law
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Former University Employee Pleads
Guilty to Falsifying Student Information
New York
Attorney Pleads
Guilty in human
smuggling ring
Manhattan immigration
attorney who partici-
pated in an international
alien smuggling ring plead-
ed guilty recently in
Manhattan federal court.
This investigation is
being conducted by U. S.
Immigration and Customs
Enforcement' s (ICE)
Homeland Security
Investigations (HSI).
Hak Tung Lam, 44,
pleaded guilty to conspiracy
to encourage and induce
aliens to illegally enter and
reside in the United States.
According to court doc-
uments, from October 2006
to February 2009, Lam
worked with others to smug-
gle dozens of Chinese
nationals into the United
States. During that time,
Lam provided legal and
logistical advice to alien
smugglers and made false
immigration filings on
behalf of the smuggled
Among other things,
Lam recommended ports of
entry, advised on methods of
avoiding detection, filed
false immigration docu-
ments, and obtained the
release of detained aliens
through fraud.
He earned more than
$750, 000 for his participa-
tion in the smuggling ring.
Lam faces a maximum penal-
ty of ten years in prison. In
connection with his plea,
Lam agreed to forfeit
$750, 000 to the United
States government.
Acco mpany i ng : A
type of visa in which family
members travel with the
principal applicant, (in
immigrant visa cases, with-
in six months of issuance of
an immigrant visa to the
principal applicant).
Adjus t Status :1) To
change from a nonimmi-
grant visa status or other
status 2) To adjust the status
of a permanent resident
(green card holder). To apply
learn more on USCIS's web-
site as it is a Department of
Homeland Security (DHS)
Admi ni s trati ve pro-
ces s i ng: Some visa appli-
cations require further
administrative processing,
which takes additional time
after the visa applicants
interview by a Consular
Officer. Applicants are
advised of this requirement
when they apply.
Admi s s i o n: Entry
into the U. S. is authorized
by a DHS, Customs and
Border Protection (CBP)
officer. When you come
from abroad and first arrive
in the U. S. , the visa allows
you to travel to the port-of
entry and request permis-
sion to enter the U. S.
Admission or entering the
U. S. , by non-U. S. citizens
must be authorized by a CBP
officer at the port-of-entry,
who determines whether you
can enter and how long you
can stay here, on any partic-
ular visit. If you are allowed
to enter, how long you can
stay and the immigration
Ricketts traded to
Montreal Impact
The Los Angeles Galaxy have
sent goalkeeper Donovan
Ricketts to the Montreal
Impact in exchange for alloca-
tion money, the team
announced recently. The move
comes after Ricketts found his
opportunities limited in 2011,
thanks to injuries and the emer-
gence of Josh Saunders for the
recently crowned MLS Cup
champions. Ricketts has spent
three seasons with the Galaxy
since joining in December
Cuban coaches to
help Trinidad ath-
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad --
Starting this month, nine
coaches from Cuba will be
employed in Trinidad and
Tobago, on contract, for a peri-
od of two years. The expertise
is being shared as part of a
bilateral agreement between the
two countries through the
Ministry of Sport and Cubas
National Institute of Sport,
Physical Education and
Recreation (CubaDeportes).
The primary aims of the agree-
ment are to improve the stan-
dard of performance of athletes,
as well as to maximize athlete-
coach development programs.
'Annie's Revenge'
returns toJamaica
in December
KINGSTON, Jamaica:
Golfers can nowregister for the
6th Annual Jamaica
Invitational Pro-Am "Annie's
Revenge". The tournament will
take place in Jamaica's tourist
capital, Montego Bay, on
December 7 11. The 54-hole
competition will be held at two
of the island's most beautiful
championship courses,
Cinnamon Hill and White
Witch, which feature waterfall
backdrops and ocean views.
"We're very pleased to once
again present the Jamaica
Invitational Pro-Am with NIKE
GOLF, " said John Lynch,
Jamaica's Director of Tourism.
"Their support has enabledus to
grow the event. Also, with the
addition of Iberostar as the host
hotel, players will have a one-
stop experience for their food
and beverage needs at a first-
rate resort. The tournament has
successfully sold-out over the
years. We' re hoping for the
same success this year. "
Golf professionals will
compete for US$15, 000 in
prize money, while amateurs
have the opportunity to win
prizes from official sponsors,
including NIKE GOLF, and
American Airlines.
orld football governing
body FIFA on Friday
handed down more punishment
to seven Caribbean football offi-
cials for their role in a cash for
vote scandal involving former
Asian football chief Mohamed
bin Hammam.
Gordon Derrick of Antigua
and Barbuda was reprimanded and
fined 300 francs, clearing him to
be a candidate in the upcoming
Caribbean Football Union presi-
dential election.
However Patrick John from
Dominica received the most
severe sentence, a ban for two
years and a fine of US$3,288.
Montserrat's Vincent
Cassell was banned for 60 days,
Anguilla's Raymond Guishard
for 45 days, Guyana's Noel
Adonis for 30 days, Montserrat's
Tandica Hughes for 15 days and
Everton Gonsalves from
Antigua and Barbuda for seven
days. All five were each fined
300 francs.
West Indies
women beat
DHAKA, Bangladesh:
est Indies Women put in
another superb allround
performance to beat Pakistan
Women by 120 runs and win the
International Cricket Councils
Womens Cricket World Cup
2013 qualification tournament
on Saturday.
The Windies, who qualified
for the World Cup earlier this
week, demonstrated their
strength in all departments and
ended the event unbeaten with
big wins in all six matches. By
virtue of winning the tourna-
ment, West Indies jumped up the
ICC Womens One-Day
International Team Rankings.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
Call 24 hrs 1-800-529-3500
FIFA punishes
more Caribbean
football officials
MUMBAI, India:
est Indies batsman Darren
Bravo has moved up 14
places in the ICC Player
Rankings for Test batsmen fol-
lowing the third and final Test
against India at the Wankhede
The 22-year-old Trinidad and
Tobago left-hander now sits just
outside the top 20 in 21st posi-
tion, thanks to his knocks of 166
and 48 in the match, which ended
in a thrilling draw on Saturday.
Veteran Shivnarine
Chanderpaul, who did not play in
the Mumbai Test because of
injury, remains the highest
ranked West Indian at No. 10,
jointly with another left-hander,
Graeme Smith, the South African
Meanwhile, India have
closed the gap on England at the
top of the ICC Test Team table to
seven points after the series win
over the West Indies.
India, who are ranked six
places above the men from the
Caribbean, gained one ratings
point for the 2-0 series win and
move up to 118 ratings points,
compared to the 125 points of
West Indies Bravo up
14 spots in ICC rankings
Jamaica's Bolt and
Blake win IAAF Awards
KINGSTON, Jamaica:
amaican sprint star Usain Bolt
was named IAAF 2011 Male
World Athlete of the Year for the
third time on Saturday, following
his double world championship
success in Daegu, and country-
man Yohan Blake won the award
for Best Male Performance of the
Year for clocking 19.26 in the
200 metres at the Diamond
League final in Brussels -- the
second fastest time ever over the
distance behind Bolt.
Bolt was previously hon-
oured by the IAAF, the govern-
ing body of athletics, back in
2008 and 2009.
He suffered an injury-hit
2010 but returned to his best in
2011 as he defended his 200m
world title and then helped
Jamaica to win the 4x100m relay
in a world record time of 37.04
Bolt was disqualified for a
false start in the 100m final won
by Blake, but won his other five
races over the distance with a
best time of 9.76 seconds. "This
season was a really trying season
for me, I really had to work hard
and stand up my game," Bolt told
the official IAAF website.
"There were some close
races this season, I really had to
push myself. So this really
means a whole lot to me.
Because I really came out there
hard this year, and all the hard
work I put in paid off."
Jamaican sprinters Usain Bolt (right) and Yohan Blake pose for
photographers during a press conference, ahead of the 2011
World Athletics Gala Awards in Monaco on Saturday. - AP
Assemblyman William Scarborough is joined by Assemblywoman Vivian Cook, Council members Leroy Comrie and Ruben
Wills, Councilman James Sander's Chief of Staff Donovan Richards, Community Board 12 District Manager Yvonne Reddick,
D.L. Jacqueline Boyce, Jamaica Branch NAACP President Leroy Gadsden and residents from the South East Queens com-
munity at a Rally and Demonstration to Stop The Flooding of their community. Demonstrators were chanting, Stop The
Flooding, Pump The Water at a Rally to Save the Community from Flooding held in front of Station 6 on 108th Avenue and
165th Place. Assemblyman Scarborough pointed to the abandoned well behind him, one of 69 abandoned wells Jamaica
Water Supply used to supply water to the South East Queens community before 1996 when NYC Dept. of Environmental
Protection (DEP) took over. "This site is a symbol of how DEP betrayed us. Ten years ago, they were going to pump 6 to 10
million gallons of water and show us how they could purify the water better than Jamaica Water Supply. They started the
project, and then stopped and wouldn't spend the money needed. When they need a separate source of water in 2018, then
they are willing to spend the money."-Photo Credit: Juliet Kaye
Dahved Levy
Named Man of
the Year!
op flight radio announcer and host of
the #1 Arbitron rated Caribbean
show, Caribbean Fever on 107.5 FM
WBLS, Dahved Levy, has been named
Man of the Year 2011, by the prestigious
Great Men of Excellence Award in New
Levy is in good company as he is
being honored along with former Mayor
of New York, David Dinkins who will
receive the Legendary Lifetime
Achievement Award. The late Percy
Sutton will receive the Legacy Award
which is also named for him.
The awards will be bestowed on the
recipients on Saturday, November 19,
20011 at the Black Spectrum Theatre in
Queens, NY.
The Great Men of Excellence Award
is celebrated annually on International
Mens Day, November 19. International
Mens Day is a call for international col-
laboration to address the challenges and
problems men face; for improving gender
relations between men and women; for
promoting gender equality; and for high-
lighting positive male role models.
Cathleen Williams, co-regional coor-
dinator of the organization, put in a sur-
prise call on Sunday November 14, to the
studios of WBLS and made the announce-
ment live. Although Levy was shocked at
the honor, the award comes as no surprise
however as Levy has reigned supreme on
radio in the media capital of the world
(New York) for close to twenty years.
Cathleen Williams stated, Fans of
Dahved stated repeatedly that they actual-
ly learn news from listening to his show.
Dahved's program has been reported by
people regardless of heritage as the one
show they can listen to and learn from.
His ability to address everything that is
important to them, break it down and
keep them informed about what is going
on in the world was a major factor in the
decision to make him man of the year.
Consistency and excellence has been
the wind in this ace announcers back. He
has been number 1 in the Arbitron ratings
on the airways of 107.5 FM WBLS for
over a decadean unparalleled feat. In
fact Dahveds (mainstream) radio program
on 98.7 WRKS FM Kiss in New York
debuted to a record 6.8 ratings in 1990.
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Moodies Record & Tape
3976 White Plains Road,
Bronx, NY 10466
By Dave Rodney
n English Handbell Choir
from the Bronx, New York
City is heading to Westmoreland,
Jamaica for a most unusual con-
The 15-plus members of the
ensemble are all English hand-
bell ringers.
They are, of course, non-
political, and they are presently
in rigorous rehearsals, preparing
for a musically mesmerizing
December evening of handbells
alongside organ and vocal per-
formances. The event is being
billed as an Evening of Awesome
English handbell choirs are
by no means limited to England
although the art form was first
developed and perfected there in
the late 1600s. The term English
handbell is a reference to the
type of bell used and the particu-
lar technique employedin the cre-
ation of the music. Each member
of the handbell choir plays a sin-
gle note on the chromatic scale
and the bells are heard in tuned
The collective sound pro-
duced by English handbells
expertly played can only be
described as sonic celestial mag-
nificence. This visiting choir
comes to Jamaica from the
Church of the Good Shepherd in
New York, a popular Anglican/
Episcopalian ministry that duti-
fully serves mostly the African-
American and the Caribbean
American communities in the
northern Bronx.
The one-time-only perform-
ance will take place at the his-
toric and beautifully adorned St.
Georges Parish Church in
Savanna-la-Mar on Saturday
December 10 at 6:30 PM.
Although the performance is
taking place in the December
holiday season, the concert is
not strictly a Christmas celebra-
tion but rather a praise and wor-
ship feast of music that will
embrace several genres including
American Negro spirituals, clas-
sical, patriotic, Jamaican folk
and Christmas music.
Among the signature jaw-
dropping treats for Savanna-la-
Mar are Adagio in G minor
arranged by Albert Zabel for
organ and handbells, Rondeau
Fanfare by Mouret, Jamaican
Folk Tune adapted by Doreen
Potter and arranged for handbells
by Micheal Helman, and
Handels Hallelujah.
xpectations were high in
September 2011, as 20
hopefuls set out to win the heart
of Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel
in Dancehall's very first reality
show "Teacha's Pet. " Airing on
Jamaica' s CVM network, the
show attracted record breaking
viewership and the attention of
the massive.
Adding to the conventional
way of viewing the show, was
the immense buzz from millions
of online viewers generated via
episodes and clips on the
"Teacha's Pet" website, Pay-per-
view and YouTube among other
portals. To date, one of the most
viewedclips of the showappears
on worldstarhiphop. com, with
an astonishing 2 million
views. Given the wide array of
bashment girls on the show,
coupled by bold Dancehall fash-
ions and moves, it's no surprise
that clips from "Teacha's Pet"
have driven men in a frenzy.
As with all reality shows,
there are cast members that truly
shine. One of "Teacha's Pet's"
brightest stars is reality person-
ality "Brooklyn, " also known
as K-Shoya.
Not only does "Brooklyn"
earn and gain the attention of
Vybz Kartel -- particularly in
Episodes 5 & 6 after winning a
fashion show challenge and
securing a date with the
Dancehall artist -- she also has
won over worldwide audiences
Whether it's "Brooklyn's"
daring fashions, pretty face or
overall personality, the massive
like what they see. This in part
could be the cause of the slack
the Dancehall Diva receives
from her competitors. With the
show just passing it's half way
point, there is excitement in the
air as the competitors vye for
the attention of Vybz Kartel and
await their fate. The remaining
episodes promise to be enter-
taining to say the least.
With "Brooklyn's" popular-
ity peaking, so have the requests
for this break through reality
star to make appearances,
appear in promotions and enter-
tain. The buzz is certainly be-fit-
ting for the well-rounded reality
star, who heads her very own
Dancehall Empire in Brooklyn!
From modeling and singing to
management, promotions, and
Taking on the role of
Dancehall reality star falls right
in line with K-Shoya's quest to
be an internationally known
Dancehall celebrity and busi-
ness woman.
With her eyes on the prize,
K-Shoya is ready to celebrate her
earth strong on December 10 in
Brooklyn with the "Teacher' s
Pet" edition of her 2nd annual
bash. Moving forward, K-Shoya
sees 2012 as a year with infinite
possibilities for her career.
For everything K-Shoya, visit:
http://www. kshoyent. net.
bookings@irishandchin. com
Unique Travel
Customer Party
Jammins Entertainment, CPAC
Night Club and Unique "Jaymns"
Travel present their "Customer
Appreciation & Christmas Party
Saturday, December 10th, 2011 at
the Cultural Performing Arts Center
(CPAC) 1020 East 48 Street
Brooklyn, NY. We will also be col-
lecting unwrapped Toys for the
Annual Children's Give Back Toy
Drive for a child in need this
Christmas season.
For further info log onto
www. givebacktoydrive. com.
To RSVPcall (718)-282-8041
or (718)-693-1500
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Ruths Jamaican Deli
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An Engl i sh Handbel l Choi r from the Bronx
English Handbell
Choir Heads To Jamaica
Break Out Reality Star
K-Shoya Shines
on 'Teacha's Pet'
Pleace your
events here
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Consul General Geneive Brown Metzger (c) gets the attention of Prime Minister
Andrew Holness at the American Friends of Jamaica's 30th annual Hummingbird
Gala and Benefit in New York on November 1.
George J.
Chairman of
the American
Friends of
Jamaica raps
with the girls
at 30th annual
Gala and
Benefit in
New York on
November 1.
Lawrence Hospital Center was designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology.
3363 Baychester Ave.
Bronx, NY 10469
Bet. Boston Rd. & Tillotson Ave.
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onx, Br
6 ) 8 1 7 ( s l i a
t u a e b g n i n n
illo T . & d on R ost
Y 10469 N
8 1 1 8 - 8 7 6
m o c . n o l a s y t
. e v otson A
n Saturday, December
10, 2012 The Math
Club will conduct a
discussion on, The State OF
Our Children In New York
Over the past eighteen
years I have been working with
children mainly in the North
Bronx, and I have been saying
that there need to be a STOP
AND CHECK action, to see
where our children are, and
what can be done to shift direc-
tion if we conclude that they
are going the wrong way.
Over the years I have been
looking through the eyes of a
soccer coach, mentor, tutor,
and as president of The Math
Club. Also I have the oppor-
tunity to look at this picture as
a military leader with nineteen
years experience in the U.S.
I am appealing to the
responsible members of the
New York City community,
without limiting ourselves to
race, ethnicity, color or gender
to make a start in investigating
the state of our children now.
I think tomorrow will be
too late. If our children are the
future then we owe it to our-
selves and our children to have
some insight, and some serious
input as to what that future will
This is why we in The
Math Club is calling for adults
and children to spend four
hours and talk about our chil-
dren, and what needs to be
done to right the wrongs, and
put our children in the direction
that they need to be in.
Every time I meet a group
of children, whether its soccer
practice or any other activity, I
will ask the group, if I divide
ten by one half what is my
answer? Nine out of ten times
they all shout out five.
Very rarely anyone ever
get it correct. I am convinced
that our children are taught to
pass exams, but not to think as
intelligent individuals. If I am
correct then we are sitting on a
powder keg waiting to explode
any minute with the faintest
Presently our children are
part of a generation that does
not think twice to slash, shoot,
kill, or seriously hurt another
Respect for their lives and
the lives of others are not high
on their priority. Respect for
the elderly is nowhere on the
list. If this is our future then we
need to act fast.
Our children are engulfed
in swaging pants, electronic
gadgets, and social networks.
Students are not submers-
ing themselves in science and
Therefore, instead of
sending our jobs to China and
India, we will soon be import-
ing doctors and scientists to do
the work that our children
should have been prepared to
do. My opinion is that we are
sending more of our children in
New York City to PRISON
than to college.
Again if that is the truth or
even close to the truth, then we
need to act fast.
I have sent out invitations
to the Bronx Borough
President, church leaders, radio
announcers, teachers, parents
and students to come and par-
ticipate in this discussion.
I am making the appeal
for radio announcers to give
ten seconds per day to pass the
word out. I want us to start a
movement to let our children
see this world in a different
Please help The Math
Club make the prizes for The
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Math Competition more attrac-
tive, so that we will have more
of our children want to partici-
pate in a math competition,
Substance Use by Teens
is at Epidemic Levels
ubstance Abuse among teenagers is a
growing epidemic and according to a
recent study, is considered Americas
#1 public health problem.
Teenagers abuse a variety of drugs that
are both legal and illegal. Legally available
drugs include alcohol, prescribed medica-
tions, inhalants (fumes from glues,
aerosols, and solvents) and over-the-
counter cough, cold, sleep, and diet med-
The most commonly used illegal drugs
are marijuana (pot), stimulants (cocaine,
crack, and speed), LSD, PCP,
opiates, heroin, and designer drugs
(Ecstasy). The use of illegal drugs is
increasing, especially among young teens.
The average age of first marijuana use is
14, and alcohol use can start before age 12.
The use of marijuana and alcohol in
high school has become common.
Teenagers at risk for substance abuse
include those with a family history of sub-
stance abuse, who have low self-esteem,
who feel hopelessly alienated, as if they
don't fit in, or who are depressed.
Factors associated with greater poten-
tial for drug abuse are called risk factors,
while those associated with reduced poten-
tial for abuse are called protective fac-
tors. Even if an individual may be at risk
for drug abuse, this does not mean they will
start using drugs or become addicted. Also,
a risk factor for one person may not be for
Risk factors can influence drug abuse
in several ways. They may be additive: The
more risks a child is exposed to, the more
likely the child will abuse drugs. Some risk
factors are particularly potent, yet may not
influence drug abuse unless certain condi-
tions prevail.
For instance, having a family history
of substance abuse puts a child at risk for
drug abuse. A protective factor for another
child will do the opposite: growing up in an
environment with no drug-abusing peers
and strong antidrug norms will make that
child less likely to become a drug abuser.
Other protective factors are parental sup-
port and involvement that counteracts the
negative influences of having substance-
abusing peers.
The most obvious sign of substance
abuse is a radical change in behavior. For
example, symptoms may include increased
secretiveness or sudden nervousness or
aggression although substances may vary in
the type of symptoms expressed. Substance
abuse problems may also exist with other
diagnoses and when this occurs, is called
dual diagnoses. Adual diagnosis is given to
someone who has both a substance abuse
problem and an emotional or psychiatric
disorder. In order for the teenager to fully
recover, he or she must be treated for both
Dr Karen
Dr. Karen Gordon is a licensed psychologist with 13 years
experience, specializing in disruptive behaviors in chil-
dren and adolescents. She is also the director of Citywide
Child and Family Services, Inc: an agency that provides
referrals, services, and workshops to children and families
and Good Options Psychological Services.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Math Competition 2012
Math Club
n Saturday, December
10, 2011 The Math Club
will be hosting a Luncheon
in the cafeteria at the Richard
Green Campus in Bronx,
New York. We will be dis-
cussing the present status of
our youths and children in
New York City.
The event will run from
12:00 - 4:00 pm. We will
provide some ole time
music, dancing performanc-
es and food preparation.
Please call 845 758
6284 for more information.
In August 2012 The Math
Club, JAwill conduct the Paul
Bogle Math Competition. We
are still seeking a venue, and
still in the process of deciding
what the prizes should be.
Any reader who wishes
to make suggestions please
contact me at 914 522 2673 or
Recipients of the You Can Go To College 15th Annual Achievement Awards (Seated l-r) Honoree Detective Mary Woods,
Sister Shirley Dye, Executive Director, Dorita Clark, Honorees Monique Meyers, Dr. Charlene Smith. (Standing l-r) Honoree
Charles Billups, Councilman Leroy Comrie, Honorees John Crow, Eric Green, Lt. Dennis Mitchell, Assemblyman William
Scarborough, Honorees Donovan Richards, Eric Sanders and Anthony Quarless. Since its inception, the program has been
responsible for over 4,200 students being enrolled in colleges and universities across the nation. The awards luncheon was
staged recently at Antuns.
You Can Go To College 15th Annual Achievement Awards
The State of Our Children In New York City
Mr. John Alston, of Mccalls
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Math Club for eight years.
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By Patrick Maitland
n keeping with numerous
requests of its clients, Bronxs
leading beauty salon, New
Beginnings Salon, recently estab-
lished a Natural Hair Center.
According to the CEO and
master stylist Pauline Fairclough,
the center specializes in styling,
cutting and grooming natural hair,
lock start-up and maintenance,
braiding with or without exten-
sions, healthy hair weaving and
many other unique techniques.
The salon is targeting anybody
who grows natural hair including
members of the Rastafarian com-
munities, as well as children.
Growing natural kinky black
hair is not as difficult to manage
as many may have assumed it to
be, Fairclough explains. Caring
for natural hair has become easier
with numerous varieties of hair
products available on the market.
The master stylist further
notes that all New Beginnings
stylists are trained in natural hair
care, natural braiding, natural
locking, natural weaving, sanita-
tion, speed, accuracy and finish-
Known as one of the trendset-
ters and leading hairstylists in
New York City, Fairclough
explains that natural hair care is
not really new at New Beginnings,
but a deliberate effort to focus
more attention on this area of
services. We will continue to
pamper our clients with good cus-
tomer services, she adds.
The recently refurbished and
equipped New Beginnings is con-
veniently located at 3363
Baychester Avenue in the Bronx.
This is the best place for natural
hair, no need to travel out of
town, Fairclough says.
For further information
and appointment contact the
CEO at 718-678-8118.
Pauline Fairclough
CEO & Master Stylist
New Beginnings Salon
3363 Baychester Ave.
Bronx, NY 10469
Bet. Boston Rd. & Tillotson Ave.
Call for details (718) 678-8118
Relaxer Special Wash & Set
Sew-in Weave
** All additional services will change price special **
Adds length or thickness to
natural hair or create a
different look!
For selected relaxer treatments
A simple style to maintain that
can last a couple weeks.
$ 44.99 $ 19.99
$ 74.99
Only Tuesday & Wednesday
Free Trim
With any service over $25
& Up
& Up
& Up
Fall Specials

elaxer selected r For
S r e x a l e R
$ 44.99

. only only.
eatments tr elaxer
l a i c e p S
$ 44.99 & Up

can last a couple weeks.
simple style to maintain that AA simple style to maintain that
& h s a WWa
$ 19.99

can last a couple weeks.
simple style to maintain that
t e S &
$ 19.99
& Up

$ 44.99
ll additional ser ** A
T e e r F

$ 44.99
es will change pr vic ll additional ser
& Up
m i r TTr

$ 19.99
Adds length or
ic es will change pr
i - w e S

$ 19.99
thickness to Adds length or
e special ** ic
v a e W n
& Up

& Up

ith any service over W

uesda T nly O
ee r F
$25 ith any service over

ent look! differ
natural hair
Adds length or
$ 74.99
ednesda W y & uesda

ent look!
eate a cr or natural hair
thickness to Adds length or
$ 74.99
y ednesda
& Up

& Up

. B et B
onx, N Br
3363 Ba

illotson A T . & d on R ost
Y 10469 onx, N
e v er A chest y 3363 Ba

. e v illotson A
. e

uesda T nly O

ednesda W y & uesda

y ednesda

n . w w w
or details all f C

b g n i n n i g e b w e
(718) 678-8118 or details

m o c . n o l a s y t u a e b
(718) 678-8118

(718) 678-8118
Winter Specials
Pauline Fairclough
Independent Distributor
Kangen Water
Divine Diva
Independent Distributor
Kangen Water
CLEANWATER4ME.COM 914-663-4973
Water & Health Instructor
Environmental Scientist
Independent Distributor, Kangen Water
angen water is now the hype on the
streets. It is a delicious water created
from Enagic's innovative water technology
developed in Japan over 30 years ago. The
word "Kangen" is derived from the Japanese
language and means "return to the origi-
nal. " Kangen water is processed to its most
natural state and has many health benefits.
In The Comfort of Your Home
The health benefits of alkaline water are
well known in medical fields but can now be
easily accessed. Kangen water can be made
from a small machine that can be installed
in your home.
Powerful Anti oxi dant
Kangen water carries a negative oxidizing
reduction potential. This means it is a pow-
erful antioxidant. By reducing the active
oxygen in the water, you effectively apply
brakes to the aging process.
Al kal i ne
Through the Kangen machine's electrolysis
process, the water is made neutral. The pH
range of Kangen water falls between 8. 5 and
11. This is essentially alkaline, or neutral
Free Radi cal s
Through ionization, Kangen water elimi-
nates free radicals, which are loose sub-
atomic particles. These free radicals are
linked to 70 percent of all harmful diseases
and the aging process.
Acti ve Hydrogen
Normally, the body uses calcium in the
body to help eliminate free radicals.
Kangen water eliminates free radicals with
active hydrogen, leaving the calcium for
healthy bones and weight loss.
Fas ter Hydrati on Rate
Kangen water hydrates cells much quicker
than regular tap water. As a result of the
electrolysis process, the water molecules
are re-clustered in ways that naturally flush
waste and rehydrate the cells at a faster rate
For further i nformati on:
www. Cl eanWater4Me. com
Patri ck Mai tl and
Independent Di stri butor
Kangen Wat er
Kangen Water is delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water technology
The benefits of consuming Kangen Water
@914 484 4838
Sales and service of
off-lease office equipment
Commercial photocopiers,
Black & White and color.
Apartment For Rent in Bronx and Westchester
3, 2, and 1 bedrooms + studios (Affordable rental)
LOOKING for landlords selling or renting to list with us
Call ROY JACOBS, Broker/Owner
917-374-8425 (c) 718-325-3273 (o) or 718-325-0743 (o)
Serving the Bronx and Westchester for 28 years.
Court s ey of
www. l ov erel at i ons hi ps anddat i ng. com
ouve been on many first dates and
you felt a connection on a few of them
and you were certain that he felt the same
way, so why hasnt he followed up and
called you back? It could be that you are
making any or all of the first date mis-
takes below.
1. You tal k too much
No one likes to sit in uncomfortable
moments of silence but talking too much
could be just as bad. If you need to have a
conversion going to feel comfortable
then talk about things that would include
him and be careful about taking too much
control of the conversation.
2. Youre bei ng fake
You might not know it but we all have the
ability to spot a fake from miles away. Be
yourself because that should be good
enough for anyone that you decide to
include in your life. If youre a bit nervous
it ok to say so, you just might find out
that your date feels the same way too.
3. Your outfi t i s a turnoff
Its true first impressions count so while
you must be yourself your dress should
impress and not be a turn off.
4. Youre s tuck i n the pas t
If your date starts sharing stories about
past relationships gone bad resist the urge
to join in. Your date should be about mov-
ing on and new beginnings and reliving
the past only adds a cloud on your future so
move on and leave the past where is
should be.
5. You reveal too much
You may have plans for the future, includ-
ing getting married and having two kids
but your date does not need to know this
on the very first date. It is important to
make what you want clear but the first date
is not the place or time to make your mar-
riage goals known.
6. Youre bei ng cheap
Dont expect your date to pay for the meal.
The bill should be split 50/50 even if he
ordered a more expensive meal than you
did. Dont be cheap.
7. You overdo i t wi th the dri nks
Having a couple of drinks is a great way to
relax on the date but there is a fine line
between being relaxed and taking it too
far. If a drink goes to your head too quick-
ly stay away from the drinks completely.
8. Its not al l about you
You might have a lot going on but so does
he. Your date should be about getting to
know the other person not shouting your
9. You l os e focus
Dont get carried away by attention from
other men while on a date. Keep your focus
on your date and leave the admirers for
another time.
10. Youre too aggres s i ve
If you cannot resist the charms of your
date and want to hook up let him make the
first move. Being too aggressive can be a
turnoff so subtly suggest your availability
and wait for him to make the first move.
Now that you are aware of the mistakes to
avoid go out and get it right the next time
around. Want to know the secrets to a
Mans heart? Find out what you have been
doing wrong all this time!
Please send questions and suggestions: email:
Mail: Divine Diva c/o Street Hype, 711 South Columbus Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Tips to Secure Your
Wireless Network
1.Change Wireless Network Devices
Default Usernames and Passwords:
An Access Point Or, A Router, a core
device in a wireless home network has
factory default usernames and pass-
words which are straightforward and
known to hackers. Hence change their
login usernames and passwords that
are used to configure and store the set-
tings and so on. Keep complicated
usernames and passwords and keep
their records private.
2.Turn On Encryption Thats
Compatible: All Wi-Fi devices support
some kind of encryption. Encryption
technology scrambles messages sent
over wireless networks in order that
they cant be simply read by humans.
Use the most powerful encryption
available for your Wi-Fi network, i.e.,
WEP, WPA, WPA2, and so on.
3. Change the Default SSID: Access
points and routers all utilise a network
name called the SSID Service Set
Identifier which is set same by the
wireless device makers.
While SSID does not permit the
hackers to make an entry into your
home wireless net nevertheless it gives
them a fair clue that youre not serious
about the safety of your home Wi-Fi
network. Hackers interest after seeing
the default factory SSID set by the
maker still there on your home wire-
less network, make your network a
likely less complicated target for get-
ting attacked.
Hence you must change the
default SSID when configuring your
wireless network.
4. Disable SSID Broadcast
In Wi-Fi networking, the wireless
access point or router usually broad-
casts or sends the network name (SSID
) over the air at frequent intervals by
default. This feature is unnecessary,
and it increases the possibility that
somebody will try and sign in to your
home Wi-Fi network. Hence disable
SSID broadcast.
5. Never Auto-Connect to Open Wi-Fi
Connecting to an open Wi-Fi network
like a free wireless hotspot or your
neighbors wireless router exposes
your PC to security hazards. Though
not routinely enabled, most PCs have
a setting available that permit these
wireless connections to occur immedi-
ately without notifying you. This set-
ting should be disabled except when
required in some of the temporary cir-
Contributing Editor
For Questions and Comments:
netprosolutionsinc@gmail. com
Dear Divine Diva:
efore we went on vacation, we trust-
ed our 15-year-old neighbor "Mia"
to feed our cat, take in the mail and
water the plants. While we were away, she
invited some of her friends and their friends
to our home.
Some of them she knew by their nick-
names and only for a short time.
When Mia's parents learned about the
party, they forbade her to go. However, she
failed to mention she had left our door
unlocked for strangers to enter. It was obvi-
ous when we returned that people had been
there because things were out of place and
garbage was left behind.
We're missing about $100 worth of
beer and liquor, $50 in change and $150 in
old coins. Mia claims she doesn't know
who was there, and her friends aren't being
I'd like to get the police involved.
Mia, her parents and my husband think I'm
"unfair" for wanting to involve the police.
I believe a crime has been committed and
don't understand why I'm being treated like
the bad guy when I'm the victim. The
police have told me Mia would not get into
trouble as long as she cooperates. Am I
-Violated Neighbor, Pleasantville
Dear Violated:
I don't think so. The party animals who
invaded your home are guilty of trespass-
ing and theft. You should be compensated
for anything that was taken and those
responsible held accountable. Now that the
"kids" have seen where everything of value
in your house is located, you could be fur-
ther victimized. You did the right thing in
informing the police.
-Always Divine Diva
My husbands friends
hitting on me!
Dear Divine Diva:
am recently widowed. Men I work with
and the husbands of some of my friends
have been hitting on me. They'll ask me
out for a meal, give me big hugs -- and a
couple of them have even kissed me on the
I don't lead them on, and besides, I'm
a chubby great-grandmother. What drives
men to do this? Do they think they're "con-
soling" me? When these things happen, I
act as if they never did and go on as usual
because to do otherwise would be hurtful
to their wives, who are my friends. These
men don't frighten me, but I don't under-
stand their motivation. Do you?
--Granny In Her 60s
Dear Granny:
There isn't a blanket explanation for the
behavior you have described. Some of your
friends' husbands may be trying to console
you; others may have lecherous intentions.
As to your male co-workers, big hugs and
kisses are a no-no in the workplace and you
should tell them so.
If these incidents happen repeatedly
with the same people, you will have to
speak up and say they're making you
uncomfortable. And as to your friends' hus-
bands, try this: Stiff-arm them when you
greet them with a sweet smile, then turn
your cheek when you see them coming at
you. -Always Divine Diva.
Judgmental and
Sanctimonious People
Dear Divine Diva:
My husband and I are not religious. We
believe that people are entitled to their own
beliefs. My problem lies with my brother-
in-law and his wife. They are two of the
most judgmental, sanctimonious people I
have ever known. They "hate" (their word)
Mormons, Catholics, etc. How would you
suggest I respond to their criticism of our
"lack" of Christianity and their offers to
pray for us? --Biting My Tongue In The
Boggy Down Bronx
Dear Biting Your Tongue:
If your relatives are an example of people
who practice Christianity, heaven help the
rest of us. If you must interact with them,
practice selective deafness, and when they
spout hatred, excuse yourselves.
-Always Divine Diva
Neighbors' Home Open To Theft
10 Worst First Date Mistakes
CALL 914-663-4973
Aquari us -Jan. 2 0 -Feb 1 8 :Feel like
things are slowing down just a tad? Like
it's starting to get tougher to reach your
dear ones, even if you had plans? You're
right. But it's going to get tougher. Get
together with them now.
Pi s ces -Feb. 19-Mar 20:Careful, now.
Someone with a serious case of jealousy
and resentment could be setting out to ruin
what looks like one of the best weekends
you' ve had in a while -- romantically
speaking, that is. Don't feed any energy
into the negativity.
Ari es -Mar. 21 - Apr 19: Someone's
jealousy could make things tricky for you
for a while -- but you'll be able to deal with
it. Your partner or friend may not handle it
quite so well, however, and you may have
some explaining to do.
Taurus -Apr. 20 - May 20: An admirer
may be a bit too interested -- and yes, that
is possible. So if they suddenly ask more
of you than you're even remotely ready to
give, don't back down. Just say no.
Gemi ni -May 21June 20: Hopefully
you've already mentioned what you had to
say to a dear one -- because it might be
tough to get in touch with them for the
next couple of days.
Cancer- June 2 1 Jul y 2 0 : Patience
isn't once of your top ten virtues. But when
it's called for, you can muster it up with the
best of them. You might need to be patient
for a few weeks, so start mustering.
LeoJul y 23-Augus t 22: Oh, here we
go. For the next three weeks, if anything
can go wrong, it will. That's where your
sense of humor and ability to see silver
linings in every cloud will absolutely
come in handy. Use them often.
Vi rgo- Aug. 23-Sept 22: You know
how good you are at backup plans, and the
delicate art of knowing what might go
wrong? And when? And how? Over the next
three weeks, you'll be very glad for that
gift. Let's leave it at that.
Li bra-Sept. 23-Oct. 22: It's time for
your thrice yearly retrograde, a time during
which communication, travel and keeping
track of details often become next to
impossible. You, however, have a verita-
ble PhD in troubleshooting, so you'll do
better than most of us. Start troubleshoot-
ing now.
Scorpi o-Oct. 23-Nov 21: For the next
three weeks -- and you'd better sit down for
this -- you won't be able to connect, com-
pute or get where you want to go with ease.
It's not you, it's your sign. Have plan B
and plan C ready at all times.
Sagi ttari us - Nov. 22-Dec 21: f any-
one will hate the next three weeks more
than anyone, it's you. Making communi-
cation and travel -- the things you
absolutely live for -- difficult, frustrating
and time-consuming. But there's no better
time to practice patience. Good luck!
Capri corn- Dec. 22 - Jan 19: You
don't relish it, but you know what's neces-
sary right now is unadulterated manipula-
tion -- but it's for a very good, unselfish
cause. So rather than feeling guilty, con-
sider how the ends will more than justify
the means.
Job Opportunities
Representatives (4)
Assistants (2)
Send Resume to:
Fax: 914-663-4972
Tel: 914-663-4973
The Professional
Hair Stylist People
3916 Whi te Pl ai ns Road,
Bronx, NY (Bet. 22nd & 223rd St)
Street Talk
Street Talk
Highlighting the peoples issues
WVIP 93.5 FM
Thursdays 2-3 am
For advertising:
Tel: 914-663-4973
"Want to have that 'Fresh Look' for
CALL ANGIE GOLDING, your Mary Kay Consultant
Don't have time to
clean your house?
Apartments, Studio,
one bed room: $90, $80, $60
Houses: $20 to $25 per hour
Call Daneque:
uman Immunodeficiency Virus
(HIV) is a virus. You may hear that
someone is "HIV infected", "has HIV
infection", or "has HIV disease." These
are all terms that mean the person has HIV
in his or her body and can pass the virus to
other people.
HIV attacks the body's immune sys-
tem. The immune system protects the body
from infections and disease, but has no
clear way to protect it from HIV. Over time,
most people infected with HIV become less
able to fight off the germs that we are all
exposed to every day. Many of these germs
do not usually make a healthy person sick,
but they can cause life-threatening infec-
tions and cancers in a person whose
immune system has been weakened by HIV.
People infected with HIV may have no
symptoms for 10 or more years. They may
not know they are infected. An HIV test is
the only way to find out if you have HIV.
See HIV Counseling and Testing for infor-
mation and resources on HIV testing in
New York State.
HIV spreads when infected blood,
semen, vaginal fluids, or breast milk gets
into the bloodstream of another person
through: direct entry into a blood vessel;
mucous linings, such as the vagina, rectum,
penis, mouth, eyes, or nose, or a break in
the skin.
HIV is not spread through saliva (spit).
HIV is spread through:
Vaginal, anal, or oral sex without using a
Sharing needles, syringes, or works to
inject drugs, vitamins, hormones, steroids,
or medicines.
Women with HIV infection can pass HIV
to their babies during pregnancy, delivery,
and breastfeeding.
People who are exposed to blood and/or
body fluids at work, like health care work-
ers, may be exposed to HIV through needle-
sticks or other on-the-job exposures.
It may also be possible to pass HIV
through sharing needles for piercing or tat-
A person infected with HIV can pass
the virus to others during these activities.
This is true even if the person:
has no symptoms of HIV
has not been diagnosed with AIDS
is taking HIV medications
has an "undetectable" viral load
HIV is not spread by casual contact
like sneezing, coughing, eating or drinking
from common utensils, shaking hands, hug-
ging, or use of restrooms and drinking foun-
Acquired Immune Deficiency
Syndrome (AIDS) is a late stage of HIV
disease. Medications can help people living
with HIV or AIDS live longer, healthier
lives. Some people have lived for more than
20 years and have taken medicines for more
than 10 years.
Not everyone's disease progresses or
responds to medications in the same way.
AIDS has serious health consequences, it
can interfere with quality of life and there is
no cure.
All Natural
Products for
Good Health
and Nutrition
Energy and Vitality
- Vitamins and Supplements
Natural Cleansing and Detoxification
Vegetarian and Vegan Meat Alternatives
Teas and Herbs
B Bu ur r g ge er r S Sa an nd dw wi i c ch h a an nd d
S So ou up ps s S Se er r v ve ed d D Da ai i l l y y? ?
1266 East Gun Hill Road (One block west of Burke Avenue) Bronx, NY 10469
Tel: 718-881-5613 Fax: 718-881-5617
Food Poisoning
ood poisoning, also called food-
borne illness, is a common, dis-
tressing and sometimes life-threat-
ening problem for millions of people in
the U.S. You can get food poisoning after
eating food contaminated by viral, bacte-
rial or chemical agents.
General Guidelines to Prevent Food
Make sure that food from animal
sources (meat, dairy, eggs) is cooked
thoroughly or pasteurized. Using a ther-
mometer is recommended.
Avoid eating raw or undercooked meats
and eggs. Check expiration dates on
meats before purchasing and again before
Carefully select and prepare fish and
shellfish to ensure quality and freshness.
If you are served an undercooked meat
or egg product in a restaurant, send it
back for further cooking. You should also
ask for a new plate.
Be careful to keep juices or drippings
from raw meat, poultry, shellfish or eggs
from contaminating other foods.
Do not leave eggs, meats, poultry,
seafood, or milk for extended periods of
time at room temperature. Promptly
refrigerate leftovers and food prepared in
Wash your hands, cutting boards and
knives with antibacterial soap and warm
to hot water after handling raw meat,
poultry, seafood or eggs. Wooden cutting
boards are not recommended since they
can be harder to clean completely.
Avoid unpasteurized milk or foods
made from unpasteurized milk.
Do not thaw foods at room temperature.
Thaw foods in the refrigerator and use
them promptly. Do not refreeze foods
once they have been completely thawed.
Wash raw vegetables and fruits thor-
oughly before eating, especially those
that will not be cooked. Avoid eating
alfalfa sprouts until their safety can be
assured. Methods to decontaminate alfal-
fa seeds and sprouts are being investigat-
Drink only pasteurized juice or cider.
Commercial juice with an extended shelf
life that is sold at room temperature
(juice in cardboard boxes, vacuum sealed
juice in glass containers) has been pas-
teurized, although this is generally not
indicated on the label. Juice concentrates
are also heated sufficiently to kill bacte-
Be aware of proper home-canning
procedures. Instructions on safe home-
canning can be obtained from county
extension services or from the U.S.
Department of Agriculture.
Gloria Bent,
Questions & Comments:
For booking and advertising call -- 914-663-4973
Highlighting the Opportunities and Challenges of Local Business Operators
Where Quality
& Pride Still Exists !
Roofing Specialist
New Roofs ReRoofs
$49 Gutter Cl eani ng
(ave si ze house)
$100 off 2, 000 or more
$ 69 Any fl at roof repai red
(ave si ze house)
$89 Shi ngl es, Repai red Skyl i ght,
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$149. 99 Roofi ng Mai ntenance
(one year 3 s ervi ce -cal l for one
year free es ti mate, ful l y i ns ured,
100%fi nanci ng avai l abl e, payment
pl ans , s eni or ci ti zen di s count)
Sydney Oakley, President
6002 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11236
866-222-3870 347-442-0730 347-393-8658
t's official. It's time to clean up your cred-
it. Everything depends on it, from your
mortgage to your job. Do it yourself, or hire
a credit repair service, but get proactive
What Can Credi t
Repai r Do for You?
The tightening in the credit markets
over the last two years has raised the bar so
high that millions of consumers are finding
they no longer qualify for an auto loan,
mortgage, or credit card. The recent focus on
credit has also influenced employers and
landlords. You can no longer afford to take
your credit for granted. You must become
pro-active about credit repair, starting
Credi t Repai r i s
About Fi nanci al Heal th
Credit repair is about your financial
health. You may start a credit repair program
with concerns about the accuracy of your
credit report, but in the end the real benefit
of healthy credit is money in your pocket.
Credit repair translates into a lower cost of
borrowing, and consequently more room in
your budget for saving.
Accel erate the Proces s
Are you ready to leave your financial
stress behind? You can do this. Regardless
of the current condition of your credit, a
proactive approach can transform your
financial life sooner than you think.
Don't make the mistake of believing
that you are destined to spend 7 to 10 years
in credit limbo waiting for time to heal the
issues of the past. An intelligent approach
to credit repair will accelerate the process
Steps you can take
to repai r your credi t
To repair your credit the main thing you
will need to do is to know what is on your
reports, not just one report but all three
reports from the big three credit reporting
companies, TransUnion, Equifax and
Experian. Get your free report from each of
them and see the bad credit that you have to
contend with for yourself.
The next step would be to set out to
repair the bad credit found on the reports.
Start by actively making an effort to get the
negative listings removed.
You can dispute the negative accounts
and any inconsistencies by writing to the
consumer reporting agencies that are report-
ing the bad credit. Just outline any incon-
sistencies and make sure and point out any
inequities in the reporting.
he high unemployment rates of
Black New Yorkers, especially
Black males, deserve critical
assessment and creative solutions. We
as a people, must learn marketable
skills, practice self-promotion and
practice career-oriented networking
for employment. One option to seri-
ously consider is self-employment.
We must not think in terms of
only being an employee but accept
the challenge of becoming an employ-
er via entrepreneurship.
African-American history in this
country pre-Civil Rights Movements
was one of self-reliance through self-
employment. Because of strict segre-
gation, numerous Black businesses
existed and many of them prosper.
We used our creativity, determina-
tion, and willpower to start and run
businesses to serve the total needs of
the Black community.
Today we see Black run churches,
barber shops, beauty salons and
funeral homes. Yes we are in other
industries, but Black businesses tend
to be supported mainly by Black cus-
tomers and clients exclusively.
The existence of Black
Enterprise magazine encourage
Blacks to explore and enter manufac-
turing, wholesaling, international
trade and IT (i.e., informational tech-
nology). Black Enterprise annually
published Top 100 Black Business
dramatically show that we capable of
providing products and services of a
diversified nature.
Our youth as well as adults must
hear, see and touch more successful
Black business people. As we know,
athletes and entertainers are the
major role models of our youth.
Caribbean and Asian Americans
bring a strong and vibrant entrepre-
neurial spirit and presence to New
York communities. While more
African-Americans can and must
explore and enter entrepreneurship
for their financial and psychic sur-
This column will present infor-
mation and motivation to its readers
on the ways and means of self-
employment. Remember this axiom-
Black businesses create Black jobs!
Mr. Byron W. Perry is a noted and
respected business consultant and profession-
al public speaker. He can be reached at byron- For booking inquiries con-
tact Byron Perry at 718.558.0330.
Byron W.
The Need For
Black Entrepreneurs
Credit Repair Is An Urgent Matter
n a small office in Rego Park,
Queens, businesswoman and
philanthropist Beverly
Nichols meets with the Board of
Directors and volunteers of the
Push-Start Foundation.
Its the office she began her
entrepreneurial venture in fifteen
years ago. It brought me luck
before, she notes. Why change
Nichols has become known
for her love of her home country
Jamaica and her willingness to do
all she can to help those without
means to live a respectable life
and realize their full potential.
Ive been moved to act for many
years, says Beverly Nichols. Her
concern is the plight of the poor
in Jamaica.
For Nichols, we all have an
obligation to be a part of the solu-
tion. As a direct response to the
need she witnessed, in 2010,
Beverly Nichols established the
Push-Start Foundation, a non-
profit working to bridge the gap
between the poor, healthcare
access andeconomic development
Nichols, the fourth of six
girls, was born to Gebel andFrank
Nichols and raised in the rural dis-
trict of Blackwoods in the hills of
Clarendon, Jamaica. Her journey
is one to be admired and truly a
Cinderalla story going from poor
and uneducated to an accom-
plished entrepreneur.
Driven by the need to under-
stand the elderly population that
she worked with, Beverly muscled
her way through Medgar Evers
College, studying Gerontology.
After earning a certificate
from Medgar Evers, she took her
studies further by obtaining an
Associate Degree from LaGuardia
College, securing a coveted spot
on the Deans List then eventually
a Bachelors Degree in
Gerontology from York College.
With her qualifications and
background in nursing, her aca-
demic accolades and degree in
Gerontology, and her drive and
ambition to be successful,
Beverly Nichols became an
unstoppable force to contend
In 1996, she was granted a
state license to operate a Home
Care Agency, establishing
Beverlys Home Care, a reputable
organization that serves the City
of NewYork and Nassau County.
Her impressive rise to the
CEO of Beverlys Home Care
Agency is a testament to the
strength of the Jamaican people
and the rewards of hard work, ded-
ication and perseverance.
For more information on the
Push-Start Foundation or to con-
tribute to its work, visit
www. pushstartfoundation. org.
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Jamaica Minister of Energy & Mining Clive Mullings (8th l) poses with members of the Jamaica Ex-
Police Association -Bronx Chapter (JAMEXPOL) a recent Family Fun Day held recently in collabo-
ration with the 47th Precinct. Headed by President Delroy Murray JAMEXPOL Bronx has been duly
registered as a For-profit organization. The main goals and objectives of JAMEXPOL include build-
ing an organization that will provide benefits to all its members, as well as providing welfare assis-
tance and security to members, their families and their communities. JAMEXPOL is proud to
announce that on December 10, 2011, the chapter will be celebrating its second Annual Dinner
Dance, at the Eastwood Manor, Eastchester Road, Bronx, New York 10466. For tickets and further
information contact 347-948-9119
White Plains, NY:
oseph Oates, the President of ArtsWestchesters
Board of Trustees, has announced that Free Arts
Day will take place on Sunday, December 4th from
10-5 pm (times vary according to sites).
Free Arts Day is made possible by
ArtsWestchester and its affiliates and is sponsored
by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation. Residents
may also obtain complete Free Arts Day schedule
of events by visiting arts day.
As with past years, residents will enjoy free
admission to historic sites (elegantly festooned for
the holidays), free admission to museums, free
films, free concerts, and free art-making workshops
for the entire family.
Just in time for the holidays, ArtsWestchester
will also be giving away a free I-Pad to one lucky
Free Arts Day visitor. To enter, residents just need
to attend a Free Arts Day event and fill out a sur-
vey form. or call 914-
Free Arts Day 2011
Set for December
Girl Making Art: Family art making
workshops are a Free Arts Day tradition.
For Love of Her Home
Country, Jamaica
Beverly Nichols gets the Badge of Honor from Jmaican
Governor General Patrick Allen. She was bestowed a Badge of
Honor for Meritorious Service {BH (M)} for her contribution to
community development and healthcare.
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