If you're not Iogged in to Scribd

yet, Iog in first.
%e window beIow appears.
oose te Iast option.
iII in te required information.
Iick 'Log in'.
%is part of te window appears.
Iick 'UpIoad'.
oose te fiIe you want to
If more tan one fiIe, press and oId
te trI key and cIick te fiIes.
%en cIick 'Open'.
ou can edit te titIe of your
ou can coose a category.
%en cIick 'Save'.
ow you're ready to put your
presentation in your bIogger
ere's ow.
In your Scribd account, open te
presentation you want to put in your
bIog by cIicking it.
%en, cIick te 'Embed & Sare'
button Iocated beIow te
Iick 'Embed'.
%is window appears.
ange view to 'sIidesow'.
Iick '%L5'.
Iick 'opy'.
%en, paste te Iink in te %L
editor of your bIog.
%at's it!
ou now ave a sIidesow
presentation in your bIog.

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