 It refers to conflict within an individual. Conflict consists of:  Intrapersonal • Goal Conflict • Role Conflict .

A goal or objective is a projected computation of affairs that a person or a system plans or intends to achieve .

Goal conflict is when desired end states appear incompatible. .


Kurt Lewin. a German-born psychologist who is recognized as the founder of social psychology. created theories about the conflicts humans experience as: Approach-avoidance Approach-approach Avoidance-avoidance .

.This occurs when a person must choose between two negative and equally unattractive alternatives.

.This occurs when a person must choose between two positive and equally attractive alternatives.

.This occurs when a person must decide to do something that has both positive and negative consequences.

Role conflict is a type of social conflict caused from an individual being forced to take on separate and incompatible roles. .


 Guidelines for behavior. expected behavior  Define  Set the parameters for actions seen as socially acceptable.  Generate . a set of expectations within a group of people.

 Need to play several roles simultaneously  Inadequacy of time and other resources .

Within an Individual Within a Group Between Groups .

 Roles assigned to members  Multiple obligations  Conflicting responsibilities  Contradictory Tasks .

Family roles can often come into conflict with professional or social roles .

Role conflicts generally have a negative effect on group dynamics. .

 Nearly  Each inevitable event is very distinct single method to avoid and good communication  No  Open .

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