BIB LlOG f<-.A r HY
Frank S. DeHass. Buried Garretson & Company, 1883. Bruce Feiler. Walkillg the Bih/e: A Journey Through the Five 2001. J. G. Heck, cd. Iconographic Ellcyc!opnedin of Sciellce, Literature, nlld Art. New York: Rudolph Garrigue, 1851.

Discovered: Exploratiolls ill Bible Lallds. Philadelphia: Bradley,

of Moses. New York: HarperCollins,

James Pritchard. Ancien/Ileal' Enstt'rrI Texis Rein/cd /0 /111' Olrl TestamclI/. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1958. Eusebius of Pamphilla, OIl(lmasticolI: COllccmillg tile Plnce Nnmes i/1 Sacn:'d Scripture Ie. 330 AD.I. Translated by C Umhau Wolf, 1971.


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