Twitter Networks

Focusing, Informing, Connecting and Expanding

Why You Don’t Tweet
You’ve tried it but you don’t really see the point.

Why I Began to Tweet
I needed ample, continuous sources of information in real time about my market.

Who has time for daily, all day Google searches?

I took what I learned into what I teach.

To be a teacher you must be a prophet – because you are trying to preapare people for a world 30 to fifty years into the future.

Gordon Brown, MIT

A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.

Thomas Carruthers

A Gift to Our Students
A global playground of focused information (course-based), meaningful connections, personal contributions, compelling and easy research, and a tool for student’s future professional life.

• Profile
• Follow
• Follow the followers
• Share what others are saying (RT)
• Tweet articles, news or blogs
• Compose original thoughts

What We Did

What We Did Not Do

In depth study of Twitter vernacular, protocol, or culture

Just By Following 50
100% of students have looked at and read the websites of the organizations they are following.

Just By Following 50
95% of students believe it is a useful tool for gathering and sharing information.

Just By Following 50
90% of students have read the articles they tweet.

Just By Following 50
100% of students have discovered news or information that they feel is valuable to their own learning.

At midterm, students wrote about what their experience of Twitter had been so far.

I have learned about more groups and organizations through twitter, some I’m sure I wouldn’t have without it.

I like being able to follow and see what other people are doing with my same interests. I wouldn’t know of many of the things I’ve learned through Twitter.

I have learned more about different organizations and current events by having a twitter account. By retweeting, it allows me to be more involved.


5 Cool Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom 

Buffer: A Twitter Tips Blog 

Twitter Handbook for Teachers 

“Twitter How To” from the OIA

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