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whEJI.tH:e.RITING: THIS nOOl\'SeVIL LITTLE S!~C:RET Back In 1980.D.ni~~Y. Peter Flanagan."But~ tht: e'fl~.ground itl:fomaa.es~ from other CTM's ruined adv@nmtes). rhe the AS&i'ls~in'Si S:t:rl'ke PROJECTMANAGeK~ jim pinto SPECIAL THANKS jim pinto would li:ke to thaul th~ w. nd a Slayton deserve special thanks thanks for da::ll work .k. Witth 110CoDf! llieEl!... n. Cl1J'bHL. tiLke ~ h~ak!· enjoy your time On the dar.emgtbat my players: Were WOliiUng patiently few th h and Ethan Slayton charaeters back. t.t~t. p~a.el"s Haudbool and '1:0. . 1 prepru:ed a session and told CUVEH DESIGN: Bteve Hou. to defend the people of my ~wly c:re~ud 8.e~fm.RIOR UfSIGN AND LAYOUT! handed them my Pla.p£ the jlnuer ·Cirde' members. jonathan M..[ developed when "surpris.t<)tbe dea. They would no longer be playing EVil at UlJY table.~h and MarkIello COYlER ILLUSTRATION: ll'n~BRIOR AHTWORK: jason Engle everyone to bring t]leb jbt.l·the world one .tion for a1:1 tne:m to justify f:hp.ke Sellen". Oouglass. I looked up after a few mmutes.{o.~ .U1 g.cll.ni1ilg.:mged.artist'S that made this bookpossible.efL.eiir evil ch. . Mike Leader.sen~l·S. It &6t to . fReE RPTSf ROM DUNG~ONS: Ree SQesbee and Gr('!v Stolze . Thanks to of the wrIters. jim pinto.111 them to roll up new firnt lewd good eharaetera The plan hsd ch. and bt~akih@ roles.yingevil characters was all the.tredof ea.:m. Arpvpriio. o. So guys rolled u~.uncra~ Andrew Baker..r t~Jd". se.11 point where there was no obstacle great enough to chaUen.notes fo'r the c'il'cnings session..~n.th of.cou·n:t. behind th. Mike Mearh.. Hunt. Thanks 'to I\:mesou and Gygax for opening 111 • . Th~se characters grew in power as they bounuil. ~.llIm@ m aster to game masr.rit~rs and .ry a orne.cke:e Il.ge them. at te~endy .::/i'l:'d'. Steve Houghand Mark lelfcr ca!llqu~rin. I sat down JUHilU Ag..ntasy campaign lhll II mere l. J.d uded baik. tom b and em dow n S1. the wodd d"at the Wadord CeG is nowse't.1 !ilmilled.ilgc i1!'! our Dt2rp group.phmi ppi.An. :bEfo:rl1! J sta:rt~dnIH. Mt~r ·surpris:il'lgUy few COntiI' 101 mrs. . @v~nt called :formed an aUi."c:ters ...John Zimer g~.1 cood (reladvely ~spelitking) . monster or two. ytllll'S chllSmg down and toiling the plots of dleir lriJl!'f. side. Mi. m~t III clns world's heroes .·1that ever wanted to do a Iiule mope with PuS f. [W. A.~afr@ffioon. and Ree Soesbefi! W. DEDICATION This one is for all of us.CREDITS A. s. M.khael Phillippi.t'l$.eter forrnaking me laugh so hard.:: screenand worked uti Il1Y . That's what this book is .:Jil]t .me world" the pes w~re the only hope 1. 1th~· esmpaign in. For every GJi..ne:w characters and we spent the for Mike leader [or the long hours and P. Extra next fout.$ ·{ahabit.. Lh~y &now. Noah Dudley.mjElgi . 'l'b. of our eyes.e:f..td gUy!!i:. iJ. au. you went beyond the call of duty~t:) an make th h hook so goort R~h~r.y open up~.lead.a. I .w. rernem b~rtl!:t<lt snmE!ljwhe'n:t someone ia rolling up a Erst level PaJadin :f1Dd their only mission in life is to riAht tbewrongs this bookhas unleashed on the world .EDITING: Andrew Getting and jim pinto 1NTF.ed uPr! grabbed all the chareetees to .lr ~:a.

I •• . .•... ' ...•. '" . ...•.01 ••• ~ ..••••• " ••••••• PRE. TT •• - - - - - _..-. "'.+ .• ...'. .'f EVlL IN'F!BR.MECOM L.. Ii a ~ '" I ~ !II 4' ~ ~. . . .. " . . OT:H'BR SIDE O. "'.•.. .L .. + ._ .. . _ 54 NEW USESflOR . ... __ . AN E'VIL CAA._. -.t HERE? ..S TlG I: 'CLA 53 :E.. '" .._... ...• .. ...•...ES .. .•..' ~ '. 56 5'( 'lev llL -- " . . " . '" .•••••• PRE-STI0e 'CLASS...S COMMO'N 'CAlI S 'e. • " ••• ..'... •• 1008 .•. '•. . '" . lOt ••••• " ' •• EVlL AR'C'H:BT'y'P£S . •• wa MUST PLA. " ..8 24 ' ••••• ' •• ... N'EW' 'FfA:1"S S PF.. _.•• " • 138 . •• EVIL .. ...•.•..•. i iI ...+5" . " '". ! II II i' I I ~ . ...e ! 'f'A..l'NT"R'!O'DU. .. ii ~ Ii . .• ' Ii Ii ". .. .. .• . ••. .• ' _.S .. "' '•..•.... ' .. . ••.. '".. ...••• ... .• . .' •• . 16 _.. LOOK GOIUU WH.. " 'I' ! ! ! . ... .E. .. " "_ " _... ' " "" . ._ _.W A RTI FA. I I 4 ! I .'.'.... ". Ii . Ii ... ...'OC[BT'. '" '" .AND PROU'D OFIT " • I I' ~ ! ! ~ • _ ~ ! ! .CTION Ii ~ Ii Ii a + I' I I I + I! .•. ! ! ....-_ .".... .:E. . II " ~ I I " • I !I . ...1'PA TGiN ...'. . ...... .. MI I . . __ •.. " .. . ~ • i 4 0 1 SECTION ONE: THE.. •.l. ' ' . " .-. +. . :rg .. . . .S ..!' ~ • ~ . .. •• '•••• ' ... .. . . . . ..-.l'S 'Wi:!. Ii ~... •. • '" ••••• . __. I' I! I ~ .' '...•••••••••• ' h . __ . '.I J.29 • WOllSHIPPIN'G " 'I' If' 41 4~ nOMA IN'S .. Ii .. '". . . .KI NC E'Vl....•• '.••..•• '.•• 6'9: '" 6 8. .• " '" .. __•. .. "'" •. . "' ORCA N IZATION EXAM. .• '. _.__ .NfOR 1"HI.••• I ii h I I I of' 'I' ~ • ~ ~..-.._... .•. .. ' ••• " ••• .•••.. 8 9 11 19 M A.. '•... • ~ •• '" ••• n' ~ ~ 14.. . . '.'Rt! BVI.E:RO'.••••..-. . " __ .. " I I '" fI ! ~ . '._ ..• ... ••• . . '••••• .... TOMORROW rr 18 '••• ...' ••••• . DEM... .. " 123 .. " "' " " ....•. ' ••. NE." . '..-..NG . . ! ! !I' .•.. •••••••• 5 \\'HY . •• ..... •••••••••••••• SECTION TWO: MERCY IS FOR THE WEAK TH.. + . . '••• ". . __... .NA][.__ . .•... ..' . ... .. • '._ .. '"' • j' •••••••• ·h Ii i '.. 1. . " . '. a .. . .L.PLES ' '" " ' " .._ .. PACTS " .. ' .-.. .... !' ••• . . . .eTS HOOKS . '. . . . • .." '" .'l"LBN H.•. ..U ~A..... . + ••• ~ 19: 109 •••••••••• SE.... •••• 115 1:18 .". .. _. . .. ..~j. •••• .. . ! • ~ " ~ • ' iii 'il iI Ii iI E I I ~...•..• .oLD SKILLS 'NEW'S Kl'L'lS ~ ... EVIL THAT MENDO D'E F l"Nl'NG eVl. . ' ...~ • M ~ ~ ...VIL? ." .. ..- -I • - • • • .. "" '" .•. i05 ... ....CRET .. '"' .". . ._. . .... • " ••••• ' WHO'S IN CHARGE COMf.. + ••• + ' ••••• ' .__ . . '.. Ii ~. ••• ~ ..E EVIL C'A""rPAIG'N .ON SUMMONER '£'VUL ..... • EVIL ADVENTURE N'H W MONSTERS.j. . ! ~ ••• .~? _... .... ...' " ~t ••••• ' ._ . . .. • ~ ! ! .....

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il . and gnolls. Theyl:n~ tuu.? Waste 'eml Nothing troubling yvu (iL.ffll'If:l.<lol!c e v. but they don't stick around because they r@aJ]y can't. H you've g. 1 know who Y(UI tUe. his num ber of ioUowen." Coveting-your ne:ighbor1:. .venw.r· ventuallY:.s are likp bfkp.@ ro 100k mrt (af the 1£1l1~ guy"). mote potent spells at them. Basic.dell:t evtl.T E VILT ATMEND Yt1. cb. the moment? Tab a nap!' Like every ether . ~there'a not a IOl DEFINING EVIL It may not seem like there is a greet deal differ~ ence frcm one ~ype of evil to another. but me sub= de riesa I'e r11iEY ~md d~s~1I'V~iHvelii tig~L±un.eviL M Ei:yhe'['here' aron n~r'·tio:n. hu t it wnrkl5.som.he'Y·~mo. or the organizational slci1k to make slaves do it.UUlS I mu. The most obvious way to do this is to throwbigsel:' mcnaters and. Once They'v@ $mt@!1what:~.the unifying f~duris t1feM of the big guy" (just as with chaotic: good. the ad. Scm P pe.g "Hey. lllen:'~ no reason to stacy: They're off to the.Don't like. But the ()t1el' way to "ha ~h~nge rhpm IS with smarter monsters ~ monsters wh.. chaotic evil bElingo tend 1'0 be the'tol1ghE's[ bE1'l". gets things done and is strong enough to done.gh. bec~U:iiechaotic evil types don't have the patience to . kobolds. Chaotic evil is lazy evil: It ~ts. next toWEl.they're mean.alignmen'~ chaotic evil types tend to hang out liog.were chaotic . If the followers eat to !iV-I! (as.u. CHAOTIC 'HVlL assuming the leader doesn't crush him. they're unpredic'ta ble. He's chaotic evil because he's power:ful When you can w~nany argu.cli!' and poor impulse control has some huilr-tn Jim. These groups don't hiJIv.! hou-se~? Conk him over the head and m.~p'l:. SECTIO'N ONE: told mil> wn£lt you 'nigf:~ lust t i..l'e Illcks. . The underlings want 'to be m charge. opposed to de:mon~.~ to ~nuw.~r they can carty.d. the un..hi:l~' iii reputati on as ~theeeeeevilest evil" because the big booty'-trount.aUy. who only eat for t"lu~ fun nf it). tn.a tough gr-Ollp of PO.mhel's .ea lot of rules Dr (cumid sLrUCLUI'($.u.give them I:j l("haJIFlngp worthy . and one af rhem will pmha'hly get amhiticns enough LO auack the leacle. is limited to' those he can personallyawe or bully.itS to its '·~ze. pclitics kick of incentive to be organized or reasonable.g.ot. The bo~!d5the boss 'be-causehe.:t/d1:1. tu do crazy Wi'lh chaotic::: e'Y"H. things don~ in the slmpleer rnssibl~ way~Chaut. they ritt~ in ElLnd. ths numbe!l: is Lac more hmited..h: evilcan also be ccnsldered I~effi.etber because they f'Or orcs. ripe for the picking..ng xed dragons and unspeakable Demons from Hell.t'U .~ likel.men t by sayin. lSi( rlvwrl "tid listen.ove 'in] . you need ttl . Nu matter how powerful a leader is.re'lS creeping Into your dtmgefln.theIr n.o Me organized and have enough sense to properly cmplcry .angs in [hose oM 19S·0:s SC<:I. which works well enough some of the time.lI' g. and can get valuable goods Of serv ices bend others to his will.evil gtoup. Rnd Ic"'l. first.opll~ h~vp rha rowel' or knlJwlli'!tlgt': to gel rhings gO~fl in. U:u~ uther dlrectlon. Jt.of the. and.. yes. The same ehmg understand one another. Big Rf!cl isn't powerful because he's Chaotic evil. lndivid nally.a. e through exekunge (or extortion). chaotlc .ir powers. A society 'based on violen. At'llY time you get a group together. Some people: are popular.seize what they want. to the !i-die breath weapon.ifytng social factor is "desir.a1l. some aeen't.

ifhe thought he cowd get away with it. he wasn't r~giste. Methodicalpatience omd <II to pray dlC incvi table facticns off allies again.s£ each other can.then leaves..ment ~fyou . Li1!wful evil haLes upE!n tights: It w.rl2.stuff Hke fight to the dea th or meet a massed charge with a massed chi1rge . steals: your 3c. confisr.. burns your house and dee 1'=fri~:s: your puppy d. r:h"lllnr~C' vil hares to batk down from an open e fight.lInd if yon negotiate witb the underlings it cloe.og . be the party's. bribeA'Y.haw are not :pI'o~liO!.Ip1'_ reasonable rate. So much tidier. At.fu1 evil is a faceless bU:I.uff. an d . Bu t because they burn twice as bright. att@T it-Is tried blachuail .atf!!s ynur property foreclosure. Chao·tic evil is the cycle gang who ]d cks d own your door. only ger amplified in a society there's no stated or implied p. <:Imlnvsrwhelrn i1iI g LAWFUL EVIL offense. greatest wbe:n dealing w iLh :~uch gn:H.olence is the lest resort. --------l_-_ ~ -=-=======:::=:::::::::::::::=:=:::-----~_ I~~ . Chaoeie evil gangs tend to scatter when the leader .unisD. someone who'd love to slit thechief'"s throat .out.w.)n~t talc!. ]. I.ms:{'Of la.cy that seizes your heuse duough eminent Jounwl laws.ng tu find. puts your puppy dog to sleep because. :i:ndividually tough as w here eveFyone's looking ou t .di. chaQiti~ evi 1 soctsries are among to the easiest wmingness take apart.ful evil. surprise. Their tactics tend to b€! built around mobility.o.for num 'ber one.gani7.11 the problems chaotic evil socie ties .d.o.ouid much rather sneak into yo·ttl' bedroom" cast II sleep spell on you to male sure you're reilllly. These pmblerns. then put B piJl[1w OW'lI' ynUT c-:::=~ face. LHwfui evil is m.fuUy IdH the boss.w.A. they only last hal f as long.ps. end then nf~E-rs TO rem ymu old house back to you at . 'With a couet-erdered wt:y are.iii.pi't Vi."u('ress. ·threats and devHYUS baekrcom political maneuvering.'eaueI'a.

egortf'~"it':. Fo~.ake his place.cations. order and. w'be:r'e ehaotic avil wants it now. on the other hand. mdudlng . it and.. ri. 'Wh~re you can 'trust chaottc evil to r. you hette'l not show y.ir~ power.ry academy TO t.an.exis'ting the strategies and taetlcs of the lawful evtl mob.glu have a lew llotl. ~ all the while.) Rarely is ~t that ~mll.str~usht out of the mUita.vtl to tyrannize.ttll evil socie ty is no picnic because they plan.rtiJj. organize and obey then supenors . a'TJ:! tnnls.aJenda:r.panence o'Utl:'lght bart'ering.g]nfor'W:ud in B lawful tt'va soci ety.y tn ge.atlon for .d.€S are built on theidea that in.lt "Only old male humans are worthy of respect. If you"v'e.i'tu. 01' . no problem with impuJ[se ccnrrol .bur riot quite. hut the tree is: sriH rh ere.rop for their gains. (This m. phalanxes and defensive technologies Like . and will go La ally lengths.1J[lely care enoughw garhfll"in gmups. two. you're better off than those with none.Jld.50 short-lived .strucw:red . becaUbe the structures of the society are what make it evil. got one of those traits. breaking them. '.en number M one goal is nOT stmpiy to .character IS aJii ~N@u.:z. .llt holds th.tral e: Th. so ili.. yrlned it. Jf you fall oU'lSide rhose rMe'e C<1 r. and can adapt their plan and their nature as suits do with you.. and then destroy !heir own 1"!.l1l. that any tndivtdual can dn i They hmd tnwar.:lmp~ge.ey can't eomplain LOO much. th them.government ~stems .i1Irqui:sidon is glJnlt. But 1. Cut down one.( yuu're a young hal£l. Th@ neuu. and lril.fWm:my Unlike either ebaonc or lawful wit the neutral evil organbation borh fPSPPC't. Cuuquet ing a law.. lawful evil wants ir . They even break their own rules.("nmf'4~ trouh lesome to deal w:i.Lawful evil sociertss h ave far.onc~ ]ts usefulness is finished. ~l. and eventually destroy the society they had created. whiJ@ this can wake for an extremely powerful individual. ur riches.ens.5wdds and armor.ingwom.LrlwfuJ -l:!viJ societi."I evil villains do occasionally keep their wo rd and srick to contracts .s laws. enslave or imprison you. it's i gUl it dt::i:lll c. Mtel" they have. c. SQ they support the system.:1 neutral evil 'person' is one in which he can coovin. They almosc never create established communities..:ud 3 ll Ignor» h:. Unlikt:: la w ful evil. The old male dves and dwarves EHe second elass clti.what would ~ [he poiln? They wOl.!U. road even less adhered to. CL~uolk evil wants it J]QW. A.omes . Lawful evil want! it all. . butthey"t>e sdll better off than young women. Unlike chaotic evil.c. they have. himself They are illldiv1duals who serve es champions IU:I d.. and if you've got two you're almost a drizen .when it ism their best in te.e lhe 0ppOTliPTI]: to ahide by Lhe n. There IS nuthlng unique or the situation. tu find a way around them..dlivfduaJis. The ideal s.[hey can maehinate with male humans have ~Ol a go~d thing going. It'a simple to take down a chaotic evil ::loc.orporoUin the anny and an'OUU!ir c. rar g:r~ater putentlal N~UTRA1BVIL for longevity and growth because they're based on obedienee. neutral evil societies are rare and speciala bout any particular hobgoblin in the arnJy. People with neutral evil tendenetes t.ation. yuu just can't trust neutral evil wiU do anything.faced dealers that proVlde. imagine a society 't1:1. they _mny wel1 fOl"get abou:t.ues hypocril:es. a backd.l!l!S whenever t it b@. or even wr:lorklng with a l but good p~rr.rest. and lawful p. Th~ ukl grasp anythingtha t tbey d~i:re. down.3)' not 'he easy" but it's sinlple. lcadeIs but they doa't rcly on them the way chaetie u1Iil l 1n mnny games1 th~ neutral evi] . hack a few branehss off.U does.. Neutral evil simp]y wants f].ls fo. but it is loosely Cleated.OUf face in public because you have no legal recourse for anything anyone wants 00 the best of them. milch III a W: lhf! rules.hp thrill of the. unless lh~ payoff is rid]. move on . siege engines.t it. neutral evil indiviautlil prefers 'kli find all . they have no desire to organize' or conform.y (0 r any old male human to rob. uka.f it has to Wflit h"n y~fS to W@aJ' you.. uwfu] Irn~mi. or form organized and.acqu..¥ou coo. are based on the ide". deferring ~Tatific.il!ty: you jus'tltiU the boos.' instance.ghtfnl1y described l. Th~re is structure.

parnsi nc cte9Jtur6.!!:al ~. Family units.eT. l'hm aUQwsme neu evil to the neutral evil Lool'vidiual has most li1m~y convinc:edthe.nt!' h~ fDDd on the . Must bonds ~ of his Conqu. only the: rules that would eai:1. evil b~noEficpin~ neutral evil gets whatever .eth.aJm the ue!.ividual whQ canlllil.of gramwe:te poisoned. .I) uol.sociEl'ty thin does WUYEVIL9 TbiSfs an impGl'UIi:ntquut1on. Then.~.eprt.. But if yo.. "md ·wnn'( see the 'D:eutrai . so long as the i formmust have some other reason to stay rog-.s. who iIlctuaUy do follow tile laws· amI ml6.v:il i:s grfiltei? 'Th!e ~ed:uctive path ot dle lesser evil leads to . The w:onl.area s1I!lpechm. en. doesll't: need.ha. Ith~1mtil one'.IlIIlYI -'tnen '~lIliedy asOOl~lmte'yo'ur .table and the' ca-mages run 'on time. e\l'erylhinghe wanted. and whoev. 'the lp~dJ@ris ofte:n the ind.evil 51plan coming until it is too late.s:onal aib'ility outshines the others.eed ~y more justification than me good. &lend.igh t be be:M by your dea:~ wife" oollLlvirn:. perMp. First. 1£someenewith the will and.a[ .to be mo. Heroes. wbiMflTe The daggum your back ..ering M QOU . don'm. alter th~ neutral evil irndividual has taken.t Evil.ing. Even so.gr.S~ of e. you need. of i::rlU1rse" have an advantage over the i.r than their leSSiefS.faae. It will smile' Foli..c:ums'ta. kill over shades look at the' world" and wlwt dD you . .t they M) long as ell parties would.di.ndigeD. warl hut ·.ium:pbantlym the 5tree~~ bllt eve'.t residents. or whose per.S~f:ture.one of these three: paths. neutral evil sotiety is .. Stupidity. It wi1J fmd your weak link.e people that rhl?y ne doing it "fOil' yaur own good. a~ a.emi. or a few inche~ of boundm:y on III map. lu..ts: au dying by the score.he was seal'c:rung fOr. 'tlileym:en't organized.e mdi.viduill can.otic slaughter w.quer. In ·sum cir. Millions ef peep.tll bring )"In a ~t deal (if polite lip -s:emce. Noh]~ lrings He just doing web: job.ety is looking foil!'ways asound his co.ge:r. at .Strf.u!'re go.' and di5ease.you realb:e their :shi:p~nts . the moot powerful form 'of evil...uipulat.{ofg~uablf'! cutpurse.Kartf. Good people lillY cringe in their . "resFeded.exploit GouiJ. the pow:u cl'IImhes tho.ons .n. to know how you ended up enjoying the cries of YIJUf or ma18Vo.1:mm~ wni]1i!: ~ackboot@dl sa. trw met carefully ignoring.~ent.u8t un til such time: .u1:. cruJed fraJomi .n It: isn't g~dngto fight you face--to.! ~uu1d rllways: be aware that the rest: of the !loci.nmc:Jt l!~neath your steel.~ All behind the scenes. a l'Ml'IIPii. stab you in -the baek w]um :you least expec:t it. Qind 110W ytJWi'~san. when you get right down 00 ill. While DUll all evil characters: will !item fro. . not be· better off alUm! (OF if they C~tmot m::ist.see? ch~!liI)S. ViTll3Jins 'With .only vietims and the c._..tel. !lind explmt it.pw't isd.CUld IlCnow wh!~ts th~ they do.Ie willin. oU the while pretendmg to adhere to their ..Qugh to ·"Lmt. group is mOl"" powerful than the .S!! who allow this in rhename of some absurd conc. to luw. he moves on and finds another sodety to .and to ~slip' the followed from the th~e evil alignmtIDbi.s:f9 1IDDftch tr. t1U:lt you . snme .ghim.@."fiode:ty\ and ab use Its lijws and sysCilmB for iheir own pin. while .ene:r. mel lL dO'l:!!sn'L need to 'be.:m.3' 'wey will--'nI ce:rtat y agree wun you .Wm you trigger l. pdde.g to ol sldn eoloi.ts anger.! bow! md. silver piece a d.en~.ct his acti.er el~e needs Ito be· NQlov'ed in ollder for you. yon had.! at your eo. Three baslc waylil of mu:ie:rsl1mding evd can bi.c:om:il:llaDd~r8.. Ord~ring tithe O~ oooiuRce &om a neutt-al evil youp' w.oes.le A:7feigHor:iilHt /at)'ls. seem to n.ryo. then. If you m~h in rand d.it l\1~y be ev~ but wJIich e.augh hun~i!..ed.re' wan just bathel' .g..m . fO'J'tkem peop.o.. .!l8 . Ne.il15.edi.oos more tbr.know tha.. 01' even from yo~ dose.oZ!en.. a·poUt).mmand'.eed kiD'S milH. ~1L '"L .Ii laughablt! prospeet.ellemen:t of them is in the VWlStmalorit"y ofvilliilliiJJ~. or other sys'tem:s: whel\e 'tlJ. The ucrasienal smal] neureal evil.1 supmori'ty campleg can easily iMagine runnmg the worlJl b~ue.lawful Evil regimes. ._t doesn't: matter. ·l'o"wn~aJrds.es' bones the others iuw S'IlppDl''Lin. and it won't burn :into.

The Ullng is.~m1.v~.. in .~rt TIomails whose h. Lawful fi"is 11 WQy ro rocke Chao.sh vmain differs from culture til) eu iture.t.alns lutve it. tht . noting yoursrnp1dity: On ~h~other hand.. 'typr.va. All it takes for Chaotic l:ivil to m. Neutral Ev~l is an abrml )fun.tic w.Ilair. villain" In most CaBe~i wha.one reilly cares a. come afte::r you again.n. So' how smart: are you? usually rliuougn fll3Ii nful exp~£!!n[~.ll) and lall of the best villI.Tk~ ".k.t will ma. no matter what .~ .Evil and W6lnt.me:s (rum om empire slleep.d.s. b E.:r. The world d09n~t care.t13e p@opl@ so (a.mOISLhei:ll'ties! vmilli:n cuki.he:r you1'r@ .sdnatIEd b. Not these.h tbe-y say.er-eIUlyonewho hasn't been 'huri and wlshed that they wuld avenge th. you. YULlI. and liens an m~s.ke hold is the.~equip a. And WhO'1S tn say It's wrong to enjQY th~ feM in yOU! :prey'!S 'eyes lIS you p'repare 'to stri. Why .they!U just re. Des. md if you're iIII!O~ looktng out fnl' Numhe.bte social r'If!BOUYCe ..s iii . who hasn't wished to be ferocious and invincib]e? Is ~[b.s' of FUPlr. ff1~Q5e al'u~rkas.hat they e:..(his wl)rltl. however.om? In Th~ on]y sman MAKING EVIL lOOK.tes a valu~..em. who mffcr it. villains.sdves without f'ear? Of course not.o he.l'Jes:~ Ilbout it. A £iew things will always sumcl nut. .1 as a ~styli.dog-eat-dog world out theril. Going.j]l treat ycnl withrel'lpect at the Vlery lel'liSt.H'~ t. sharks. I know whi.1 hunter Oil:' ynu'rnpl"ey.teF yow: re.__GOIOD That Hne is Irnll~dit.I' Ml.ed in honor will be struck 'by your devotion te your 'memods and w. badgers. :style is hard teodefine] dOlubly so for a.m.le thttm d. This sort of evil is eonvineed th(lLt no .evnyoflt .:Y01.i:'.htlimpresses ~ven those who Thi!!iJ'g's!II thin line between. about yOUI' business with a cel'tainp~'IJ~a:. choice is to do the same'. whQ cares about some ~tafVlIngpeasants? What kind of foO'l worries abQut looking tough? It'. I"mjust 1u.T Om~. you're wlilm::iugbone underclothes.euses J:::vi1 find for 'what they do. and neither dopeeple.l!Sons .erize us withthei:r strengdl and vieieusness.bout a:nythtug except themswve.Y puw~Iul monsters? Dinosaurs.mend. understanding that ~t.t!:Wt!S show no meny WCI]]"t be impressed if you let them go~ no mat. having herON stail'ing m lear at you and grimly planning 00 cur you down.1:£ twil' wh'Q inJfkt paint . E.

(If them. hrut:dizpd fmm.ss. they'll be horr.ead to bring darlwess and dl!:lipait ~(]a green . and . ot hneyou: if you're "!Wealthy.~owyor4 did it. or have an illtistica.musr fm.rf: doin. Even if youl'.~ stunning wo'U'drobe IS an j§. do-good1eli while only a master wizard can pademly puttogetbe. wMehousc to disrupt.anJ havE 11.rutmental- Ize your schemes. Then. me . younngh. If all yuu'r@KDing tn dn is pound on rlrings.o.ificd IliUd furio.ottil!lg in secret. since heroes.g ne Iegtonin o ]iI. if you're' steaJiing d'l!s crown jewels. . you Can always h~v.Ulld pleasant realm. leave' a: . WHen iI.come' leader of th. '[1:( A__n. and one moment of cOll~ed tenor is wurth a.Ot killen. £0'1" exanlple'. 'heat a pdsoner blOQdy~ arfter all. sWt!ep ~Cr05!l continems.they will know that you ere aUI:: SiLtlp ~}Ilf~adJ th em. thousand p1{. least apprentic. MOle 'to thep-oint. sure. Bur they WOI'i'l know .fi1. Heroes may mil aga~llS't the h. have YOUl" latest d and]]_g girl enrarraln them. So whi!n. Rm think.us.ee t and.ourarmy or stopping ene lIDssassi n will only be 'a minol'annQyance.lgl'\~of rbe anti-ma:g1c field she salisrY1T1g to WMrh rhar legendary paladin go paleas you hold up the ring his Lt!luvl:!d never tabs off. witCh r.ILh~ wm:Jd~be mnqU(I!for of rne world.orcs or some such drivel.ert. G!Jild. the courag~(Jus band of w 1ll. wil1 be i3J Me' to proceed unchec:k-e:dl. !!III] thalL difs:pE'fIDn.1. The. i::hLnil~.hero . duwn YDUJi Mlll'l:! door and demands that you show them the haughty princess. know aU the best wlnes.d thought you've put into your plans.t as well be ~.hi[! veil covering her faoe.U· fIn1lY . The fest of Y{l. an_u:nb~aJtaible t: £L' 'I'k-' d lee._lbsolu~.rn.But] t can be so much more And think about how tbe wb:allrl will "react when her migh ty spall fizzles around her.Uy designed the looks on their faces when. instead.nuoJ city blecles.Id:~J.l" legions of und. vietcusncss may shcek adventurers lOI a moment. lJ:k. it's the hroke'll.nepInliCe wal s m'LU Eii..hHling c.. dedkatim.t 'they faced. pi. or your neme-sis barges and finds unly a da:gger thnm through .'~. .aiDd: ~l]t yom' way 'Iluuugb an aTIa:llY I]f your ll:!Cently-ab:alildo:ned. of course. simply due ~o the inertia that drives rllem_lf:you'N . when their panence :runs out. you 'can ewn comp. . they'll 'be impressed wid] the. Gangs of brutish thug~ can co.dever. but the unJmown wdJ thl'O'w a chill into the most stalwart hf'r-o'~ Mart.~lliQg card. walked in to.]asn at a wandering. Aflyon~ ean aspire 'to be.:hIng more to plnr rhe ocm't:tolof anentire ltingdom's underw-mld.roo:r me spidel' in!O you've unleashed.:g you.ain pam~. big.othe:rway to leave an imp'l"ession is subdjj!'t:y~ ~yone CAD.e local. again.he' ell a'i1sm:l and 'viskm to put a mig-My army togedllelCilll. Thieves' prtsontnsread of smreotyplc~l 'bloclrs of stone 'With chains ]umging om.pcunous. spedaI mm or siguilture to. 'but even. hlL your vi("rlms know diaJ.t: putting the heads of the guaf\d:s yau decapitated 'in a [. you can have your guards drag out her 5ellli-mnscious. pbrllii are harder drlwn in blood. Ittakes :sum~lf."e~'s burs b. and you smile as yuu puint out the Br.e a.e eanoonjure a bit of air or :tlefih to s. yuu ask theIr indulgen.S! rat _. hut only a wllJrlord. Thl! difference between the epic master villain and the small-tuna hood i~ 'the ability to think big. room ane sees ''lL_ me.~ girl h'fr. OfeouI:Sle. om:e~haughLy p:dl1·ce..

mos t ev~:i . be' certain [0 have. planes where good. make your plans great.mb~1. can ehoose ~1l'!yonp.t.Hy 1iHH!1~Ji1 . '.W ilhol.[[]tNl ~Uiii.ncv-'cr tnatthe.n ere-WaTch:. if the Jting is greedy and ~iciol1sjand ku]ed the families of two iliffe:rempartymemJbe:r~.ale:sr~ gen. th.evU. You could res urrect King Arcluu.ttE'T wn:uldb~ bmlllglr. No one is impressed .JloW didyOl1? "lou dIan't bui.don't CO[lSMBr themselves .g ev ~fth€! long-term goal is benevolent..is'I1:l'Y and ending w.another example.test of all those who have changoothe worl d fnr the hril. All yon ha.they killed? 'Would the public call t. And. You didn't ~pU!thareseaps tu b~ in~.~methillg goe's wrong.b. ThE d~d.g. t least you'll have the ecmfornng ec."n: In one uf these annoytng .- f1]1I1('-oorni'l1lg Independently. of course.fun:es llilive some sur]. Avoimngara:tagQnlsm entirely be eweeageed end evil is impOSi!...ng.cLers oouti:neJy slaughter ethers in. Io u.h.ufl'f rhem do.' j ust 'to Hg].n ij. WHO SAYS WE'RE EVIL? '['here ~re on eecasien.aJ[l'.a other. Would you do It?R.ve to d. always comes bad:: ror mU.. George W!llsmn.l' time. those who truly bdi.m good Or evi~.. Live life with.lt to the tan city . Su't good ~haLra. of course. these definitions· change OVEl.l1e :EveH if you.lled 10Ui pl~n. .ih.'. ~!ild. go' over to &iood dn it 1]11 a big wa. giv'e.andif It comes to mar. ~<l11 g@<f along withouttoe mueh friction.li. leonardo Oil. uf just"ifkahcm forthei r actions.fuU unders tanding of w:rl:1enttilV~nt8.a1mob heedquartera. ~n~.omybe in on. but ill. imagine you could bring hael all .LV~J In a JImJ. Einstein..Vil'T'I highly mechanistie fan. H a.odgi ns.ud 'Llie ~oc.e-rcu ~rs:you £rum }Ioui' owukeep for long. the gr<ea. till giv'l?T:l !! Qorr. gT0UP of weIlI could. But mest villains ..eplace at orUll time.p'l'.be. V j can of Are.evil.[ the group.killE!iP the patt~ym~m'bers fmm~=-1f' h . W}uJe"ln'i!l:~k~. and.U1. their. erve·ryone lr15ide'.g them back is: kill QnL\'!p~:rson for every pel!'!10l1l you i~stC)l\'e. who fold as soon as .t1:tU showlij: :inW.fi!L:tcvel'ti ble p~oot' ·ofthe offc. keep the heroes gucs9ing.dd '01' firldin. in mos[ planes it is pnsslble fm evil to triumph.1but at least it wiU to make yow: enemies more predict<lble.'ud ley. inci.e.ite shades of good and.t cv. panache. After all.ollsand. have de."5who Uri! both gooc:i . yau. Fight for vi~tory untila plan UJ ne longe.m. In: exchange.]h]y hunting down ell~ most vicious.ny -n't'!. lom.:tt.tasy "Wodds that fmm the sy~n.ho 'ot~a hero's bu~tl'ated eries to I('emelnhe~ as you bUlM anew.1mnl1 cll"m bel.gto~.tube·( That \vas foolish.avnd de:1:l!.m.g L]:u: mt:lllheu turn un t:ad. C~nlf'll1d.o yuu:r . while iii second may havesworn to Hve his Hfe for ill.e.em. ~nd even :r~v. _ orwtui]d 'I:h~ folice .Em's ..lL ha v c.b]~. lludcu t down. Thete. 'con:q1. the wCI'.mn bngu.wn at ]east as avidly as the criminals .howwouldl so'Ciety l\e~c't? Would Itheybe :l"€ve. e'vU h~ defined as bejn~ harmful to others.eJ. and you cau always kill her bojrmend in revenge. The only lim.hcsnes for bein_.gaI'dles:s.tedfuerself to p. it's even pos-sible to havea mixed p.a.ve mein:lselves . accolades.~s ynur vkt4:ms.g those in . hero l:Ill1y stop you born cfifiqueringrhe world J bur s n@ nev. I~~d.of th~ g[~e. '.oil' neutral and ~vjJ .y.ld an esea pe . gjv@ them the sarisfscticn of seetng you gil'. acoept it. The heroes may hii}!i'ero. ~e.~gl.l.h t'r:lll!f}.rhe. For that matter. ]'5 th {lI.1~rQr :r~a1ly more evil than such ae-called ~hel'Oe:s?mlii:ven In the n.eica. nd a grot] ps wirh fheright shades and desires.~. Th~ doesn't mean clinging swpldly to a ruined plan.ir lives. good and evil are 1l1~uany defined by the meens usedte reach the ends.f!:x's lib rhem. or cOll!r~e. 'vl. Consider ih]s..r. has [0 be bio]ogl('~.gain as 6 team.l'r.r tenable.~] in it.e up.il? In the d2 Osys:t.roteeting others.o H a.n.ilses and he iIO@'S of t h@ past. tbac:k tn d.(It h.t:his will forte them to I~. nume'l'ou'" P"C~P€ pb1il~..' and a. :llcheme §ails. .ieatlun 1u wurking ·t!v iu a hig way il can also indu.e.ome.~ s:re til: tim. Fin.vi III WlSh:Y"'WMhy 'F.fightirtg whe. murderers in.. Iora price.o to brin. The important point is the motivan.ememll::u:!t.oifl 0. a truly epic villfolin. always trlum phs over evil! you can al ways get your own in.? Hel1e's.eTt:.ill~ let's fEilce i~ even hlGlroe'S <LI"e disgusted whll villains.d~ th~ :resoive to keep . you. perhaps-the k~y ro rhe bur a ft'l("l COIDmIOtt Clai1JSE! J$~~ iii n d aw<'ly can . is". . one 1 f ynu fpel [11 urge Po IT) evil.

•'.dire woJf you are so call01!l~ly skewering is not? ChuJ!(@? My wolves. cation may be anything Hom dai.es of their evil colleagues.hall jusrifi.~ . and mis was part of a'!:cepred jusuce in hl!ii time.from chewillg your :~egoff.r smce [hey cmnE! 'Up wuh more than one answer.'l'O\~ kUl YOtl.wing how your character can acoept the. their s l:'I:I~ngl:.II1ph a.a:z:j:lllg1y Iillnnoying 0(1'" strong rule 'while the weak "bill\'! their throe ts. and power illite:s.oJ: crush a he. despite yourself. It characten Mind eye to the aen vi ti..@nyon" tf you ean survive my dire woives fur long enough. Wirlat IS permlB'.lflg am. But I 8"..~p]essenemy's 'throat in your fist? This isn!t lUI you burn~d you know. bu t much hardeF to ignore 'my power or mywQr-ds. So w.ueSUJ. 'TIl. there has bean someone to pond.HuLonly lrypocriltes" th~y'm. hn~n. good.my easy to rej (let !il another.·.1l1d evil members is rhsr rhe (This.rnlIlJplilies fIa. isn't it? You see..Tt care.j Onthe Qther hand. No easy ws·k. J:i!rcle remorse. cowards 'as well 3.t anyone says. Yes.~y caUSfl m one WIiI!y or ~1L _ .ming that the world be it paradise when the villain is done (aIul th~ snfieri ng fIr. if an e.eev:i1 will. by deItll]liun.ghr.l. .. they're . with l:C:r:minaUy stupid. Those 'with strength wit. makes them prime recruiting matenal.m. appall the good ones. r kill . IIii!'Il!lirevillages to the grou:nd~ or kieep no b~.haJ. It is evil's very definition to b~ ablete w.h as flatu"!:'@. 'iSinC!e the gods first eme:rged from the primordial dlll'k. 1. TIH~Y'don.n::tmg w. includes problem With an. They just l:-ecogoize the bas~c laws of nli'llJli'tl - simple a mauer as motivation.parative h' Another matter is that.' ne this absurd Idea.Eme as thpl r .( hurting.YI and .VILAND PROnO 'Ol IT On the athe:r h~nd..' • __. j 'dle 1 ha:ve trained 'them.1"! throor.e ro ~pbifi his point ot view 'to a hero.!it."IL .ed~1I:i. of coarse.Z!l ibey :feel mar 'rner havesom.wFE'(lr~. that desire . no matte:!:wh. mes.III11Rl. Tit.hat does ail of this mean to the wMiord Or mastermind? All.w:sif.vP L.ble.vil eherscter is adwnnlring s:d£-~ighteous heroes.e.b\ F~O"ple almost never do someLhing I. rr·. onlyhumaneids liv. a h. In many 'Ways. must be shoi:ked by m. whi1e [he . W.@ is a com.wty under a ('jode of cond u C I:.ly mentirmed. evil. His our world ~t has a turned the natural order upside-down. she'll either have to :Suppress 'her desire to deal with the .lly h~de any activities that her traveling COMwith more 'typically panions mould rusapprove of 'Il.e: nd wo~ves serve.1'n. If a hero £milD the distant past st:ealthily s.s of [hose :he deems: guilty.few viUiilins who ara ialctivdy evil as il philnsopby..g otho'r ess sb:up]y fur IillfjoymSl.'Ii [11. tify' 'i.. -and this la~gh". mind .uPFu&~d In Pnlteet this :ma. '? someone so' dedicated to matnraming the status que methods ofth. i:an Jus.g to. fait pt::I.:~1li previolJ:S. I. str:uggdleU W~m eaCn ctaer.d.e sort of right to do.~ f~.hat matter. don't kj.. :ll'JIaJonty :supports . [ am nil.y shnuldn 't T b~ Cl!lna iwy. opposing jdeals and ·phll. HoW' do you s]e. They ktlQW that what they're doin-g is wrong.fi buJ.er why? And E''Vi?. her-oes freely turn. diespite tneir inability to do so themselves. such magnific!1!nt beasts.ren. things he does im a..nu doubr w. ~Aha! You Me impressed. but few people readily accept the ldea 0. but not many actually give: 111 (':'11 ~se' Slttfe'l":In._ ~iIb . You would .e. . Tbis is called. and VOlU _. Kno. gpod.It night whe. & discu. of just~ce.p .€' are the most dangerousvillain~1 since convincing lL1n~:ru Lhi'. there are those rare .:I _'L~.llilnges e o'\!"eor time..ig s:tep In undie'rs[anding what males him.eschained in your dungeon of honvrs. Anyone can WAntto throttle someone fur b~i. asy question e disagree.~."B!ed previously. If the. do~s his: nl. It is own like :mysclf tox b ~imlg evil.!! in a ruxiety wheol'@ sheep m.L·'bJ' m l e name Q'f oV'UiUt. i.iWlJ1lent change tro. dire woH .o:t them to bare their' UUloa I:S 1:0 inC.l..If such a viU ~i Tl WEI'r.t!y rr~rngilli7.ll what Lh'Ey're doi'ng 1sWl'ong ia effectivdy impo5si:ble. Allow me to en lt.ded is b!la:::D.erue:vjng hies ~1.equ. it might sound something Uke lhis: ~Ye:il. prEy exist m 'e~d predamrs. why am I evH.din~ mat w "fbr L. TrUI!.'t too' busy keeping a. for one.t.jority.The bi~st Il..h.y philosophy. to evil? What it oom..iru.commoo threat more eltpecb~'ltly. The:yaren't to stupid.). no easy anSWel"S. adventuring party good E. or cuefu..!nslav~ng~ killin. Meanwhi]~ anyone who use's.s down to . Most villains . if you we.m drop in the budet) te 'm~ stoo'llg jpil'e)' OIl the wt!ik.w.

er the water Is som. th~ henest one can :tmHe ift::i she hoMs he.e:r a :rock fO. yijursf!~tf s:marWfthm.t what lheya:re.. .dto hellHng 'libel:!:' nations and freeing dU~ITl from the power held over lhem by odu:r cuu. ImIfy.blg YOIl.wd yO'll hljili'e any be:tte::r [ud. y. h@ serues an ~:il emp~mrwhil~· 5dl.elf m.iC d~ll'il~st twenty-odd.~nd.fellow man.Kill.out' I notic. But you were the stron. a. .a]s the ne. evil art:: based on.as a ~Clod pack should.:!:'ed.ones that serve th.en't y.lll Ul' h:lv@ anythlng clse.afli!.excuses mel no . ·ofPowerbe yow'S?' St~~ ito When.f~]]ow wuli Mi. ycnlreevil . e.an~.d~levil have no fritl:nd.e-nmpll1'l. arnti-p<lladjn. a pe:rverse p:]easure in gowiabout hiSWiOI'k SUIIE!! he' 'redeemed' himselfmilie: end.:UlDI mal point.~re with 0 vmain wh. the name Stali n.. again3tHol[l& or hydras"? The capacity for thQiUgflt onlymatkes us berrer bessrs. '~n1.u.ty.rhemr:ic.errt~ and He is. in @~ffec! em. ~ it 'worth th'l1!: riC@!? Only' someon'~ p .. S~HFea ·th~ HVlngd. apologjes 'UI li()n.freedom.ght J«$~abl W'Ou't make it odl!l:lrwis~. ~t:).(::tionsto hitnS.tbe Beca:U!e he could. UStlS pWO~j chl1tm:nm themseXves ar-e.1but l. Out:.'~ndhiis all but synonymous wtth love for one's' .et is the I'wlktl w haitI want. Such peoprem.e evil cilll say .lnieswith little.igh. and now the name (::. 'in the cOUirse of his du. my h~aUftJful ('h~ITIp!oif! oig:ood. My only regr.and you IlIICC.~u!ie uMn he' dbs ~ius'tas bad.~. he i>O!.ayhghts.Q W~. He casuaUy r.0lN: honestabQu.eonemycul' wrlJly:1 . When a crisis mrea.@jdto jU!l:tify hts a.e~. n(l love. wen'.~ght.l.rney . The tn.~son~t'. T'h~y !::fIndto d@fil1P ~pit @lIil Por .g you.t }'Ot1I didn''t ballle yow:' tb~tto !i:h~"Lw~H 'l:hp'n. wht!n someone roej ctsthe e id. ·1:101iIfi!!a:l arn pan inns:h ]£11 but th @}f ~Rn . The OlI]_[Y tmi. force" oi b~ing evil without being del~dejd abOllJil: it: can do things that no one else can.em. him.6inal act an.~ e ir~r. He.ub'ies.lght to eruah all hope and .'~yi:mPO::Sfl un ma~ ~I !ee you've d~spatched the last of my dire wolves. It'~ jUS[ anmhe'l" fDtf. until th~ . 1 ]~~ uf a .d a tll{l~aJ1Id t:dte "~ings" MmQi~.wI'J. ~Qrd. tirhlg yuu aut? We..stomachs around the' werldclnun heal 0iIJl\e fograined platitudes tryin. be..bracing evil.s.an. fhey may not call it that (see who S. f:lhowd the wand. S(Jm~o:m~whl] is capab].0'l!H possible. aH ~~Qut pt'!rs:p~Llj\i'e...'ept it. s. While a vHlaiD who fe." Let us iS~ who is tJH~ vi£tor.AndignoT~ f~~g:r(.ge r.rul cnunress laugh at yO<ttt p:mfosal? Caplure her. the.igh the U's. .Good md.rvictim's .~ming to' :supplant 'him (well. fOf all pullJlnse:. Ult:m.'i sltlll drtli. looters and brJW'ncls c<om@'our in.c.lJU fhats thlnk Y01ll jUS(. Y01:la:re troy freel. He ihfil knighr mW·.autU. dledkated to daikness.ck a. Why? ~mteJlect?' YOiD.tens all.m d s:rrengdl. Wihen~cr~s:isthNa!ElenS SamE!1 the.people Anorher uses ha [e.capable of Uu.head und.1lfE~. they work together.:li1nk.a" TWo men canbeurtte:rly demcate. yeilD'S. unless yDU'~ b~~~lund. force. Men are slJnpl)1bald anima]s~ madam.. nn .v·balk at some uhmgs. you're familiar W.eathat thf!l't! 1l1J1laC'cleprahrem@. lL. iii lifetime 'of a:nd sheet will. . m~Ul.QI':'laU hl~. All things . but Ii is~c:[ficaJnyscl others aroe able to lfilSL.~ ho]1onib]. as themorlste1s who hmtme'. Did thatne.ndwie1clsa g1owins.. wolve.ll.rY5 Evil? for seme of the many possible ju:adnca:t:i'ons)" but a f~w vilbins .oj. Pity.vway) and he out 0.u empty sensation in ycur heart.1$.£ mClst of 1.M 'rhe ide~ of . inv. and nOW W~U~.f!n f3.sthosp who fail him with tI gesnl]'@.@.edtha.~ L1]1. and who i3 the fr.fwing th..g to interfere with Y£lur destiny.

tu:bl.ge tn glve endurance to their b h:temes:s are utter b::nors as ene:n. btu the vast :~~jbtjt.f!l'e1'n'tas brave as the~:r oom.an he I:~rribiy persuaaiee. of failed coumgl! to push someone teelleringoIDl the edge :into evil Such a 'villaln' prob- ably mn't vel')' villOlfmOl[lfl.gnedadventt.esdon..i1h.!T!iy evil aHgnmellt) In c.hf1ii of good to. thfs ch .DE. other heroes ~e like].! unususl i1avo: o.d.estilon to ask .m~11liGb~ous waY'[io use this in a: cmnpa. l'f snm p-nne . a:avcn'lary is revealed to he a. the experience .Y .tl1i.e.dr. For sta:. aJ]Jiance has gi1Jlen m to the m9ster.115 the :wi!. heavily tow'ofic[s l:awful evil~ ~~:rvjng rhe master witham qu. Co0'waJ['di:[. Fallen ltcooe:s of n this type r. this.mil power.ad~ '0111 -YO'I.um.t h~:~ YOI1[.tl:min.8 they ha. former h8<o in his own tight..etheir ?W'n .sSIIH. fo·:rthctfiunCer.ortollity or wha. And even if he's te. somewhere be l'I. his faith in . b~in.en:'lli . is a very dsky 5cllfl.em in to .m [m' a long time. Broken heFoes~nd.my evil' alignment. pat:ieu£je.agac .". call hide your Ichange (]If hl!a:rt.r' as c]ley a:reby fi.fcour.n fTJ~I!d~A :villain 'whn recruits .t'cide that F~lgn~ng U1 Hell is better than. Wen.of heroes ig]lo.d~skbit whelle the epic.ly ha. Whila. Broken: Even heroes hav.n't trust him_ Mtetall. If a villain ~h:3ise.dl~i.w. g->t:!.uf:Ss.au know. dl times.m]?~jg-n~ most 1 mpcrta U.. H.tonq.n 'hero is hi.n:sfbl powe~r.trt::rs .fb.:rk master? 0.y [~de~m him.n~:m:~r [ hillS ~ery escuserc have an. 'm... tom.e thehe Hm. diG they d.n wlltUe_ mainraining more tra. You.e.rving decided to be .r da.g iff . .v.~ntw:.of heroes who pl.hh~ for !l.E!~ ruthlessness be can sJ.lu suhm rS/ii.si. 'They te_TId t£) be chaotic evil~ dl'ivlS.:m:lSnf spell ona.1'~t$. B~l'. 3.t. On ih_e· oth. ts by :1lw.uest.oodmightbe shattered. itoould be the ?eginning (If:a Hew campai.r:n. The: fe:w that mafl03. but long on :l'Ol!gead pain. and if the ensl~ved fo:rrn~r hare can hn thevillain.vl:! staymg pow~r.g.e:Wh~l~ this iSH It ~.V'iUain1 inElterad of the end..may have shatterecl. ifeve:l'i withee r .11 ha1J1drmpo rhfl hem1H a .Tll:u~ . tb.ve.e:3.ey lov'el' Or" if you're p13yin~ villuiMr can vou trustthis .y an..ha:rg.skillsro ci:ilins.gllJy UlcUllre]y to turn i. most Od:UHJu~rO~5wouldn't? SOMe ro.r . servin.ign.evel'.ig. This is es peci aMyuu. up hope for hate. tJ!@jT.rades.lifE! :I[SO'i!ihr..why did.k in lrlM!L b~tw~e.:~_What has convin('@d ahero rhar all rhe nonsense she was w:d by tbe forces of ~ood was a l1t:'? VillOLins. lOW? LT[llik~ i1L lot of p~nple. or must However the idea of the Pallen Hemeomes into the ~'t. okay.eathLht: leaf ill ud :tIi ubservtenee 'is Hldy to be a lot ol .~rUl' few thi:ngs are' as ch1ilhngas a viUa. IS one momerr.hand.stu:'_h a .1:.iI. that just means Y'OIJ kn01i~ jllOU Cil. given.g a . U scmed:ring has . swords or spells t1y1ng. This.dtic~] moment. who used to be a heee. m. there .1l1c:e great sloc. to come chal'gJng TO rb~. SUl'(!1 it's hard to trust a lot of vtllainsrbil.:i' .na:kegpod throwaway weapons:. there's the now .l!lnd.lly 'W1'ongj end the h~roic.ht also be able te work wi:th o"md. Yo. lmm.q nrw warlnrd (of ..f e'vil.se.dHiollal adventunng elements.ay we.UTIE-S lNCLU.sible eKplana~ nons and wade in.i!S.tll:lig.n honQr.h. how.llJ.t1O'ugh time.erihampion toPy d~~tfloy ~.he:ro ~11d.€!. the ih!U'actero are now evil and li'la.iLl some serious ·as .rt:eE'S.gn._ers.gu<ttan.ay h~ .'C qu. and sh. she listen.l. a villatn at the: same time ]~ ~'mpfls. o. l\escue. onrhe mhel' hand.anwdltu'pus~ibiH ly.e .llt art least y.for~e. Even ~ihe t hero doesn 'tescapa.iun. An It can take.fALLEN HEB'OES Heroes can roakethe best villains. but l'are.u:. they won't he seUing YULI farmer hero might find him short 0]1 loyalty and uut t:o lh~ hlf!:lx:ln wlthm. is g gtLy who betl'a"yed 'the he. H:tZJe:t. bUl can be a d~\lEli' v"iUaincan coax me.hen.1:11'l uf liJJEi.n. And fear can he a villain' s: best:fri..t(!.li.helpftro. alig . S<'!V1@ ('hal'~elrer.:r:e ii11"f' l!I n urn hpr nf WfiYS HI nsf' Ih~ fa U i11 a campaign.lgaifi~L lh~ v.m other heroes.hatt'e. c:ampm. How do the h~l'Qe$ re~d? Can the.re t]_'eil:'~alm.ply tQrl ure We h.dIliQi. old.Uke]y late fur a true h~rQ~ aO~:nJ~ mere neu:tfi!l:Uy~all.U' .gone tragtca. wlth v. in Lh~ ~rvi.ies.he:ro?Wm he t1l1:rn on you? Is he even l'~aUy:a v.:raya:l. This oUers &Ome' of tliu.for u lons as you.ally evil as he w.illains whu u:s~d ILu b~ heroes. ~ave ~Jl that th.lll gold. Wna[ do the fo]'mer heroes do nuw. The.c.a brob. w. oontacts .'. 'I'heevi1'presdw.an~ to f~ln b.!~ d3S$i!S in the DMG can b~ e~p~c:iiallyhelpful m this: case.

~orr or rhing. only 1:oo.ey've: crossed tile line.hthl8 30r~ of 'f.~ th~y used to.u. 'the.eri:fh:e' orE bemIl1inga good ooc~sio:nally III herowm make v.:to make o the It:i.d whe l)l the 'victim' recovers. hel'oes of . at the dgh t mcmanr. this wu~y results in a vlUain. but both..o~an deli~J[ th.~ti~stelld to be V"eil'}' .le~ rather 'tballl aspH'~ to a:nyihi ng.of th@ fOI:mflT hem's. SUM .tire mtsr to' love·.ght find lhal other vlUains don't sound ":Ii: mi~gPid.e murde. A'lignn-u~J'lt~s. Tht: prcblem wit.. OppolSi't:es atrract.ldgJ~cl into moI'C thoroughl y evH impulses .ndi de. lu willin~ to do 11~ d~rk 1:l.uJjoill1 tbtl: ht!luv~J: [In th~.eroesa. but the pawerful t>mntll1m.'~ jus t heroes.all' is ti:RI.nty of a other ways 0'£ HteraHy changluga hero's miud. Sri long aSlhe for-msar:e rolltrwe.~Cf€!3:te heroes.ey maintaln fra.eLug:e: Revengll"! e::. h Fan~n ~. hut: ill: bot1tdangerou! ~n.rer ·ofa hero's .hercl oftJIisvariety is hkdy to he neutral evil.rfil viUaiIl 'can theoretitaIly fot-c·c fJlny ·ruigmn~nton: a hero.'othB side. howeve:r. tove:ill\l~ j~:!].YP':: Lt:nd b~ t.!:lnmealjgnmiE:llll tu t.'s ccnversionto this die ·sa. eng!1'nd. th. hut the_r€' are ple.!locepti:I1g rhetdea ~hat th.gl menta of the oM code of honor but are things thar would make 'real' heroes ill.etlOe.he as lh~i..gn '1:l! powl!il.noyingry. Milgie: Ther-e are p. m VllLtins j to T'm:':11 hem intoa villain.forgi'V.[n fact. .w(Jrd].'S a hero ch~rfshestbe iderus of good.id~.~llai1!1LFi<lllen. '~~1love but ev~n >I'i!'vil c:h~l'aiCt{:l'~req!.k=s out for the:mSii!!lves:.h.iTlg of this.m~ti:mes ne character decides .ile new villain tends to embraeeevtl es completelys.gedy. In the meantime. VmaiDS tce.~da.lenty .1p !il. and a ~t hero and anepk 'villain ru:ea:S0W0:ii't~ as it'sposai. A he'l:Io dri. an.ble_.ofways that ~vil canhe fO'reed on .prl~rI 'by w~ nrtng to destroy one ~1S enemies ~l so flasily nl. lenellny'mi.runtlym. The infamou~ hdm of opposite alignmant is the ~es~'-kt:U:I'i\l{n ethod. Welcom~.i_gfit find thlllt the most t trusted aily possible is a FalleJ:iL hero. miluaUy vh~ ~x~('[ npposHie . H. 'Vi1hHe many sudlaffai:rs end ro~ tn traJ.'Ven to kill.r beloved.ble to ~et.. a vuldn wh. Sio. UJ. Rev. .~ hero ina magical world.olU.d unpredicta.towards lawful evil.nd.' WhUe.s ~ii:':ndto be law Cui evil neve£: ql1i:lle .t it's artificial.

tndetSbl.dWJe..d meMaI~S' and n umerCt.1.o k"p tOO Initi:Jj®~ rAwt sru. as SOO.l'oblem 1lllltil t:h. A ]i you h~vj.te('s.! 'oteria.LC.l to cl I) ~s:avoid lrn1:lng each CI. it '~iwa b~oom~~ . of U/e .n.n[ m::lJI om war.t:elo. Lh~l.mJill'itke.in= rrn le.e tlnnr mt . e nov\'c:eora n6w lnili-a'te m~&hL :~ tfe::netl un1e". iSith~J.thei' lirs[.rS wtl. MOlle tollie point. ca:nhavebensiom I'U:nITinghigh. ·knoWlccl.~ ~. ".!. and down Den me srle. They P!Wen tl1a. fu.stenB ~ 'hm a:ncient:.mu.ti w ~lh lh!t be.rani[l~"lu ~1mge.!!~~ryu:!l~ 00 ~ooking o:ut for themselvesmest of an.1.ve to ~$e -meir.rt'!· Call Sele. they 'Will <gaillall ·tbe prl.peskyrce]igious crd@rS In~J?irlng your e<nemies.areane IlTl1inimlg'l access ~o texts! 1.et}. tJ.d'1 afl:'W~' Th~T a gIffillr]1je rlm. the gu.fl.q1lStut ~e' pra(. the lUilIl W 111 be.~d~~ .~powerful wa:rlo:rcl :ready to Crt:lSh ill foes. gifts ~e lives ~d end s.!I1rel'ing.e iO~Li:ate. 'c. o'f membenhip: .bk.hy .s wiJI know thuft's only iii. rhe.~~ marracber.sdo. eJ>ltl tIc dt!ait:l':.'v~ got a groU:p of evil schemers plotting to 1t:u::eover the wo!'1d:.r"ve!l hlnIself 6:f.s i.ngth.'li'Qd ahf~'t1 The-lit:! h::rs T1PlJ'@lIi' Men ll: rna t~ I:Mmbel' 0 ifthptu~ecl is ~fI't. as the p]ans O'f conquest are in mob::.ted fonn of love. tl.ti't:ioner of the uti. actually suC'!c:e~ed inkilH:n~ off d'lle others. ec).:rtOIUl ou'tlude or the: !!:t'I~jj.lllat need the· taciety ma.Jnve:tlL.5:ifte.ers mmE! the Iast Il@f'£on standin.¥ relii'U~ it8>1S!Wta ..fjj~:i.aIlJqr wotdd ~emi~r'@J dat'k Jt:elh :al.aky smile and every nasLy spe]l in 'me Uternlly..e~:cutters aoy mJDI:e ·thiloD hf:~. wm. hOiW bt!hit l~rLintact.1'led sill"-:in. Siaters o.g 'Wins . ·1.aTIy w~m~ ~lleJ.y 00 m~ke the world tremble. bllt th. And if you.oan trttly ~.P'.inW) tn ::l·~.y on your left Is a bad. If i:h~. be we.elt .p o·r in lnom. one of you is ptay.lrJittatm. much smaUe:r Il·~ JJi~w dmruc L.. maUd OIftime.e.gbf'! ~ciL'...g.w u w~r1rlti.l1Jl. j~~. 'but villains don'~.sellen. ri~gbt? Witiong.? 0$ Vll'b3td!~ eleri cs.1] me e.f Oust are 1. hidden Iram the autmcle WQr!. Why notsmke fi. this -sort of . they mutu.s sitting around [he table with you~ and unless you!ve all ~~cl in j1!dvtmE!E! nlJall YUU'rE playWngllg~insr eacb Their ~maje8 1(1/ fi(>~Qm. mreel. Me.g.g~t!t:IIlIIImIlJ:rii!i.pe. HOIle'Stly.[jln'ari~! cla. Ob}. fniqueu't ~ntlU!t thtoug}l e. DUIring times of .J ~»~w. and iin~ij.ld villilluy. be ~oweOijLet~ Qu~en.aMeoffri<eind5lhip.!:rr Lake-a ether. .y :m.The. htrle Miss S:adilllL ~a..r now~but Q.ok 71nt toti.1l f..'ilillmlP&. sure.~ will m or Dla:y.rst.. a.U'id 'stmlk a '~D. madicm.tt ~nd plea.11 name .. mid?ltves and the' ltlu:. treated i~ n1ll. rl_~n 1ll'C eOInll!tiiS~cl a!~1: ~tifel. 'st::. wan~$ ~:o .l5 con taets .t omy wdmen _.1iIl earthquakes and the like will timw Ilftese lteS1er. Enliglitil:e. which one of you is goin. dWilt Sil!!tUe!!l~ hut un If!i. You're reoo. p~.h~ p.nt? Be'tW 'IDem than you..]~t 7the"du~ OfUlIl!e. Dr ev~n aha:ru:l:Onm dlUigwm 0'1' rni~!.mN fa i~£n a greater JrnMV[edg dll:n~a1'l:l1gih~ JMn~ 'Il!cll'. w. 'So ]lOW you. I't'fi important to remember when to put We charactien away. Sluet the e Hke]ihood.s'00 thfN ~~.. Some ~.as.m~l!r.o.nil the'meaninl d~ai1L ::rlretr g~l i's TI']' .mb!tl's tLtBethl S~t~t for ]~cturei nl' ~l.bur..~· of nna1l00nY !an'd ggneriil.ru rcesOUfC!!S contb.qmdy vhf'! ile~d ff! O. and' S~l':Y.campi:'!ign.w:rest hm't jus:t forlil!~ good pys.ctluuly eap. waU 3:S d~ r:rnth. b~are" .begWr:J. These are s'liU rout' fricnd.c..db~s.an:t...s .. ng an f:d~ot.\ nettO'mMti~:iety QGmpr:ised e:ntiiely c f Womm.o~' fmw their que~r fbr 1rn~l@d!e ""'"':" '8ome.s (!Iut &'0 in nrdeJ1'tm fombrllf' a il:i¥S.fcooki.gr. the gru on your right is a sadistic prie-ste'sswboig WlderD:111lingthooe.gllo 'be the final outhori Iy? it may net be a re).~ ~md SPl'i.. lhey gtrive t.1I!lYDnt! who ge'f$ in his way. ~f m~d1~]!e!.ali':ing thr rT'OWT!Iwh~n r"hfl! dust serrles. :rh.l~~:.cnnactel'SQn wOJ!"k t(lge'tiher. Iet's look at Our foutsmamers a_gmn. i.Wld even a twis.Jes working togetbe.me out win o.weat know{edge'. to leam aU sh~'corn.:l'ue l:J.You've created .[u.wl]y bt:n~ficitll11.sILBi hhlUg Ilik~t whu m UrJil\E.n..s'sruqffl~~ ~.lord.i:j:ng( ~hf' Sure it's cQOvenlent fo. assume rOil:' 'me ~mome.r? l [1M J5 YOUl' buddy Bob ~ rhe levil IN i2:.lie fOUl people with Iin':ll tless Illl'llbition a::ndno SilLruP.. g.Ilcasu:mallYt H¥i~lll vil .pJyove of you can.

.dreso~rees to pursue l powe[ as the ling (and more..e.M youmlnk about ie Only the Uti@( muldm1lJlisti!l::aJ1]lytak ove. He~ot:S d(m"L hiiVt: to Ju wtyU!:illng ~pt .flunldes do it? of CCllll:rnl!.u ~hr:: ~ud f PoWl:irf ~ ~kos:t:l ldio.forc:mg the viIlams to react to heroes.lr-Sb. and enee in a while heroes stUmml b~e Ion to the plannnd interfere.as). l'h. dfo.) I1IfH! from ·pach player 1n t h@ group.t can tano:~ed. In . many uf lhe sp~dfk!:! ItUlI1!~ . DM h!'!. ule.]: the or heooe~ chop 'them~llto pundl viUatn..DM..get tiresome qUkkly.g:.ha. lam here is that a . Itll:il also the most dem. bur iLl18c:s then. ones whose: sclle:mes lo:r. C1\e. gme:rd ide. And if you're just gOlng to dean ou L dung. were-salways the possibility of tak~ng . and 'Wealth be c. lib .ouUd want The sadistic is fo.il[!. Mt. (1]" h~ wuId.y swtp lonmg agatllStf!l'l!ch ol. of me 1lIi'!! Iavm £ of thE ~Jfs:probilltly one tJf my j~fornblnts lvirh the: siQf:lH:Y on wl1zorf'l M'r.lited for tl:u~.cethe hercesto do heroic things. is.r thepla~r.sitwltiaw'L.: Is e1lL!Sy.estess of th.~o:r disasteu: 'tnrm. .t ~hey 'fm@nd to cleric could become High Pri. Pl2!rhaps t hI)! bsst w:I1y to nm a camp.as!m~gje:aJ POWH and lmnwledg. 0/ du.a . .n' plans. great deal. they conq~lller ME1WGl'hi Sure. m some ttying: w do . lah. :adVennl1'es fO fi~. . The:t\' Wh!llliffiomters. to j t QO OCC3S.htU". living when there is:ll~t a criSis.es .niher ~r:hl€nmres to fit.of wh:atrheywan~.@. to of conperi'JiU()i!:1benveen r-h!'?p. If the ~up is me~dI!lg[\~. Then. Tb~s requi. ch.t wab anyw:ay~ wh. pre-planru.b <lJ. SOl they all have th~'k niches :ro look fOJ'W'ar.!!'po'W'er£UJe. to if and when.campaign based on fighting off parrtci~ of he.~l.dJ. The all m~u~ual p~ks of~ng .i~yer.anding.prlJr thists going to 'be a lot of wo]"k{-Of everyone inw. Tills eQuld eaSHy b~run.fe. Heroes react to problems as they' . "i\ltj:Zard?He gets 1!lnli:m!ite.y JIli3i.The players have their ]ong-w:I1m pJansr and.r' UJe ulu:'leR\¥fl:rld. t~ E! DM C.bngdo:mt:s unly ~~1 rengio~ gjvingh~.IDs.JJ" modi fy .s HE! t:() giv·e m. who aren't in. fair amoun.eon>\). . ~Slgh_" •.i:sallowsthe [1M ID emIl an adventure where the pJayers cenaet in.a dlm~[ln. are we.r. lest. lltl!!: ba!'ld.I. adlventillres. cOhtra] of thei:r:pl~ns uen'I \<ery im:poossiv1e or viJl<'llinotts.~ cam- evilcam~a:tgn. cODl(l:lilcte. 'be the COUll't ruJi!iaMin whea they win '!!rim all be ~ifi. their plans in wha.gf~t'I.t the poKtyitse1f is dOi:n.l~s ~u .·~Did ~u:ind out wl~1Jll. villa.yPI's and th.fol" no~ they eilh!~r' work tog@tn'l1t.Anot. and f@wrsing the lroO]es.The otlmfW~e aren'treaUy pmgn where the players 8T-e evil CiQillquerof'S~ the DM :~l:Iacm thaii plans.e3 iii.!d adivenfuu. are gob:lg.~ ~. Villai:m.others.ne advilWuU'esL ru one mightelqlec~ this can be hell ou a DM.i~U.~dwntures to order.md w.i ved. (if level\'). bI. why iilren! t yuu either plfrJing heeees Of h~vifill' your . :EI:!l a one-shot.luL.t Qlf trust between thep[ayel'5 and the [).in with playe.lQt [:Qwnup' mtp.ma.g.mdtbe p. v. intri. betas a campaignl the 'idea.]t!iil\I'~ WHOI'S IN 'CHABGBHEBB? "okAy.r ~".mixingth~ d iaerent 1!1I1etl:l!xlstogethe r." S'Cl Ol'l:~ of yOHf' :$pfts SUi m:bltj: iH tp yo~n'~eQd rht.tOIl!.'tt~.d h.H. and thesame perks:as me .la. in a. Th~ygplain what their £oil'Ces are. Villrum. MEanwh i]e. Villahls are anotber 5(0'.).lInd ha ndle themselves.r.to Qi.1L. m.!l. the DM decides how the larger plans..si aren't really in ccntrol.:WlIid the [11M hiU1 to Icm'M:e. let a lOVH. Thi:s is du~ n'lMtSti'atgllIl:tOMll]aM way tOI ~.Even the moat cX'pe:l!'ienced DM is going to have a hm-d time .a:racte:r whfl~ the [ltM is !Still In (:011too1.eDM..1)1.1i1 be'tween.n U!einno~ cef. this requires . The [ilOst Qbviou!l! w:ay to dew with the situadon me women l.nS~. adwntm.a. I[his is by .ajgn Ifh.Will qUiclcly become more o( the' same.M~!but a]lowstheOM to' cu~·tomize more s[9lfidaoo.ey ~. W Getting: hel'oes]Ilvolved.a flId1~ !the.~r theywil].~j usting.arise. The bi~'@st ~m:b. eo c:nle(~r reaching ~c'bemLe. ..or Pal!l1idbl' is.her way to deal with it ie lor 'the players 1:0 give [he DMa.and d'cv~sesan advenmre revohdng aroil:. Sun CDiU~ my '[he drawbacks h. theDM 'WOrk O\.viJ speJlcaster -immortwity.er~i:lreWa!ll:li. [n orher words.catc 1']J!1.r alm(]Sl <is mur.il "bQu~ p. The pl~n have to come up with. acdon TO sarue lt~s 01' oppru:eryrrumy.e 'DM. :Ho~glvc ~y of m~ugiofl£ of DQQ1.

laying OJ vi llain 1UrJEI this. You're not goi. the Evi]Vilizsld will be ba. mways escapes via som e clever spell .1 villetns. Contracts or pacts cannot bind their :natufCj force and fcfil. But most li~ely! aft'er a few sessions of plotting.. i3I fight. Unbound by any lilllw nther than that of sm.xtraplaentities. Otherwise.the world if you conquered it:? It's a bIg. you can delegate the work.he end. the balance of good. it takes 3.b]e.n a lYDching when the' BrlliiaD't Mat!i~er PkIil w they' \f.tra 0]1 a~ ti ~wp.l'all that' they obey.ii. ru' if resting d:1t~ an. .mn::rringll.e't.r~f:d mC' M£JI'ily. the .a ble golems. scheming ll.volving a Jot of logistics and drudge work.g onto th ~ last moment.ndconquering.5 filled with ftv1L 'Mdy tcQ fight. after all. Sure. plotting the downfall (if aU that is good . now live the adventure.'CrJ '~fJd b&ldc.the DM tim let you gd away wid. a palace CQUP i. Anotbee convention of this sub-genre is that while the villaw never win. foul. they never lose thair power base. WI:: h~ru rna y Lhwart the Demons are. in lllany ways. ly.t.dary villlrins bH1P oomlDg back fol' more.pie!~eJdto~.the desil!'~ fer something is more. they migllt pla. lose.r story.ays fillt and are usua.g jQ. but by the next issue OF episode. Sun::.e IO'Vl.£l necessary £0 thwart :WmE" plan of theEvi1 Wizard IS.afiY legen. many times.e~b with them is pm'imsrilya matte r o.ll!t the: di"'rnon .flilctis that heroes almost ~lwtly::.rIn..lly lessons in. Whiledili c'~l'ta:in1y iBn'talways true.1. ei 111it:.~gh rlle $c:ritmnzH8 !ill!c1'i{ic'ts. f~rst of all.. and e. lht! DM illlgb L l~tyou conquer the world and then have fun w<ltdling you f-igur.wh3'f would you do with ..1"wtll b. a 1m mnre. Its 1PJe.tf'e'igtltOJ my cOlwJctialI. That's easy enough {OJ fjc:tiona. and evil.ld know ilia t. It has been said.r at L by EiL hem ('With morahrck than bll'ains) s mmblin.dbe ·1P1·~pa:n~~d.e out what to Bvilwizar-d.E. WE MUST PLAN FOR T'OMQR'BOW .anw'hih~.Bleed drip:pjf~8 fr~'m :!ltJ. boring joh in.mains nlmost alwllYSlose. messy.:'l. The Evil.c:rous. do next. Sure.ter touch than most evil campaigns. but some' villains have.t: wuh ubedient but otherwise indi:stingnjsh.or device. Iilw<1Y:S.ld be up fucu:rtwith the phly:ers_ They'lt'e not going to really win ill the end.here.~U aeti \la:~ tbe Wand of Prnv'e. Wizaxd.'s plot [0 replace all the kings of the You've seen the mcvie. and to' fM. the DM shou. ilillJ v. Sometnnes. A snmaroaer who seeks to bmdand couunand a dlillllUD sbuul. cmd "o~er6dwith deRt:l'l... than h::a. l~ \WS Kl'. an insignificant gmuiJ uf puody urgmIu. win. ·1 ' "[ C lth gOing to come erose .J wanderers wiJ] IiU~!. So' wharf Hones dy. Klaow ne Wodd. of eoursa E!njnying constan t fl'1. ~p~ayerftS G:JlupaLgll in S. p.t~w.ordinnriJy da:ng.g to' win. ili. horned.. Me. hut yau delegate power wirh u From .f proving st[~ngLh.1Sonly an ambltionaway.t. . w.ngly .bicl:t the p]ayeJ'S are villllins and the lUl!l"Oi:!s atwaya win re'quiresa li:gh.. and repugnant.. that o£teo . what it takes. storming the Fohnn 17nwp.arlng revenge and promising {hat the next plan win succeed! Attacks -on tht: Evil WJnuJ. So be shameless. almos t by accident. 'by definition" Cb3!OtiC IWiJ e. rur as no demon willingly serves a master that lis l . but you're .gams nothing from betraying you. has irs advanteges.lly running ill.:eep plugging awa:y at anythiug when )IOu.so eUjoy It • orne U. M~ it .tnar The :OMhas a few responsibilities hel-e. enjoya. Despite.P WIt 1'Ieally grandiose schemes! Taunt tlIe he:r·oes with c yOUI' g~nil!1s! KidmlJl' hf'3uriful princesses ~('Jl1' hand- some princes)! Threaten entire kingdoms with barely plausible high-level spells! Since your plan wfH fad at . Acwa.ngth demons are exttll.ot'he. l:!:el'l1l1n f'omhin~tion of ego and de'fiO'rmination to l.ck in eontrol of the Thwer. however.u.her is dismantled the 'Sac!i[~I. SU they :shuu.r. Th~ir nature 1.s E'hun Tower alw. THE OTHER SIDE_flf eVIL DEMO S 'tf'tc h~"'1Sf 1'oRyadup j'rent ih~pitl cin wi~~gits way rh'ro. FOli'ging d. this."S up your carefully laid plans. YOU'1'\1t"Il viHaiVl.COM. obviQu~".g jr.1' hjdpnns.~.'.vin.

in:tOlining (I..tion. preys upon them.klng whatever i"i!lICtsthey'd.mOJ'tal. as his wonl 'IlO more. spirit. higbly detailed ranking syst~mth3t delf~nes ::I dev-ll's. Somelone who ].The land ts as ehaotic as.r.peI hjs se:FVh::e.:5uppHcatiLt well as ~ons OilS they . QiD.ely dlominote it. They SEl'E~k power" informa.ty c. Mortal servi ters who choose to from .for yOu>.n!l will nr:r. lest the erea ture span taneous]y a demon musj_~e COJl-· :DeaHng wi th demons is .ll'(. letter of rhe law.eomes mto theil!' areas. ma. the demon {oHows orders.J: by puwt::. iot is~h. he isas good. and. be 1~@vingrh13:'l' od.~@cn~tlyinsert ]. Chaosreigns. obeylng fhe. or pgSSIb.a- sio'll1l11yserve-a mortal master if th~ rewud fqrtheir time is very Mgh. d.. . devOUiing thfllr servants to feeld visi t th~il' master in the Abyss . The only la. their patron's . artifeet 0:1' a signmcant nnmber of souls. ..e]y win you meet ~. shiRi. Onte ynnhave contracted a devil to wud .'ShAIl las! fh7'GI'ughol.acy of a deal. qlJifii!: dphrmai.(ting la:w~lL'egime]] ting ordez lInd. bur r!)lrr~in'iyl'H'If illle. m.ct"howevelt'j and.u makes an excellent SeH-'1.lrl!d houl!' .etghbors.. Only then does a devil pay ~hJiS charge..w 'Of me.ru:'k:.:l..a~e.plsewher. C'CImpeJ Brig sernuJI. P1f' d".1 an.mom ara wea. rand. .ll. With YlJluhh:md ~nd' mfrzt.ly some gtN.u ce w j th an iron flst.u way~ lht: dev. A PO()1' contl't1!.wful e'l1l]_ to the CQn:::~de:viis dgid~ .(lelnnn'c!\ name.!n)on lords. we $~~JI plilcr: th. When a mona] deals wHh a devil. . between plYwerful demons as they b~ttl~for su prem.pmride the d~on what. A fit? men.se.and barJtaillS.rgain.ll:~ .dCJestbeable~aproi~ect themselves fooimsuch att.QN unwary <In des troy lh. d~vn Lhat is willing ~o perlurm selfless action.l'MS' is espedE.not: strong Even when they do serve. and . are always look- "g~e~d.VlLS It is ing for !l~rvn:rntsonthc planes held by monal beings.gh uJ ~jlLhEr. !11'1d~] f-grati ~C:ilHon iilmrl wj]l rypicalj decide ro break the deal and devour the suppltcant.th~n! E. Devils first determine the pros and cnns.g to step intc an inmc~t::e dance of evil designe dto crap the .~. demons cOllstantly . of ~iI.•' ami beyt:JnL'i. a tive reinforcementwiLh l!![lIll:J.y treat sene-'\: Sum c:reatu]'es" hcwevel:. They work w. . Demonic soc]e. for examp[.rlJ.bma.aJ.llly true if ..dl~tu. Theel'!' s:nr:i~~ty r''o'I1s·ist<. iViS rulers. CO~~I . DE.lttet of positrve and. often.L(}rJ.de tU. 'Pnw@rfid d~mo.hh pacts.onsi sts oJ n"ilcts ofahys:sru tErrTtory La. then. t sll1lughtPT l!~1O: to [lap.a::li. sign the compact to sea1the b!"!.~troctmedr :ilua. howe:Vler.rful .~ weak.~. no less.ek methods to free the1'U5iehr~~ Ro:m senitude·.!Wd war is common. of power .d Qbedit:. The strength of a devil retainer's service is completely ksed on the hill"g~n used 10 to'Il1.ter~h:y •.. he' l'eg\:]est. st!UJLtly Ion guard. ela borate onthe possi. deals and blndil1!~ contracts..oosin.e. from.s. power wi thm jts tnfernal planes.may be safe its own power base. Silt pton W pa~r.1.ng' rom1is from hcr!. it wri th es beneath the: fee't Qf thepQwedwl clll.k. m.Y player characters who choose to elign thcmsehlies w'ith clemente pow- ers ha.l~.t. These Lord command anything and everythil1._ If [he neg_ulil:ltol htRi bt=e..)!'andaID 'WraWj tbQy a~eCel:tamly not safe. Abyss iis ~the st:ro:nge:n scrvive.gthat. gain a greater amount enough to eomjplet.!lr . the t devileoeld hkely be out of controlend unm:mag~able.bl(l! cla uses of . Ra.oopholes. the Abyssal planes.they feel that th~ can.

imflimlaJ.vanta. mel' must fil'$t prove !halt.~v.' .ON wfll' die.ef the.e they baghl th.l.".tb d:!.nd prepMatiQnbdo~.~ydelinea te their 8l:efllroChy £ro'm _I)Cfpto bottom.Slu-e'ngth throu.th.the forces._ . fi:um lhl1!poli tics. and no'!: one I. .en if . ii.L.e care no fur contracts or paCts • Aneu tral evil dwmon would c'ertairuy He to its advan ta.vil A ~ervttor is.£ tame 111io@s~alth .it hier.b1e sehemes.ngth to enforce a ba.s:. self-aOOoTp:tiQo dre'mOD and unEathoma.equent use of these loophol es b. If these Cl'eaMe~ exist. YP_jl.ag~ ·1·. anc my po' I' It. meR H rngles.ch and every point of tract. dem.evih:. ili~ devils dear. llv. serv~:R'ts:that chI]QS~ In visi:t rhetr patron 00 the Infernal plmes .ins. who choose . his soul ilamnved to sate the devil's pleasures.tely detailed. leek thereof . th@ planes of rhe Abyss. mtn an P enemy's hands.a.1 a loophole or pu.ds the twO' together.eITitorj.haL should ft.£ these creatures. order to.l~m. rctum tQ its own.j..3.e'5ible 'to ia~ and powerful mages. chargt. hn~'rnli'. ofin!er:nalsocie'ty.. tticky matter.ge:.sid~ Ell.(IIS dH~T'are ruled by a ~rfu1 prinre.ar. HG'p14rpose Thtre:{ore.should :!itudy cm'd'uUy the law and 1 codes of the tii\\r"ritory. th~ywill no:t respece you.~ w_i. offer ser vioe ro an Abyssal rrulSfl1!l.ttempt to 'bargain with one 0.t:rup L them intoghdng away any of their power.g' fits exactly into i~ p]a~ witbIn the 'structure.~egOtiatillg with a de'm?1I1 is nluch like arguing you wuih a pl1Lulanl dUM iIi'i_:te in. huu~huldp g[ ven ~s:ks upon the mnrta lpla:n~j fulfiIlea. and Clftanp~vide IL is said LhaLthere is ill plane 'with ueutral I:!viJ !da:::mons~illCC. Devils have specific codes of conduct and laws of action. Th@ doesn't mind cheating a.They .of any and all nfth@~e may maneuver to trap hire.sl. Ithat pact when convenient. There are no random 8 ttacksin the infernal plalle. and there i:5l little tha t could E.or eve:l'l·n rlt!ing i thmugh STI:1I&'JlI gc:h.rhy.under any ciecumstances. But. Still. the bargain is a fruitful one. Those who.PC has summoned the damon in order to. it would be madvisab.ut 'they can also be ruthless enemies and ferocious predaeore. only c:u~Uy considered pohnca] maneuverso SegregaUld intn f. U il PC docs.m. Neutral levil Cl!Il'!:!It:uresfiN' 'rarely motivated by more than self!. in. Any morm1. a poorly worded.onic· AbYS$.1ce !ld\l'll. ~il:~~ dcverm"!!!ilS and stre.glllin.'b.Ol. an. 1f the servitor's contract: is well stated mid carefully phrased. and demons ~s. contrac::l. wi th an elaborn.gh '!ervmg (Oil" contractiegthe ser ~u.The same is true for those.expected to to serve a D'1!MONS: A CODICI.Attempting to bat'~~dn with e:r-eilltures scucb as devil:?.d.al nUsstep could "_··y "_1.di~a:ch m~arbyp![mce .re' not inte'mste d.ge. into a d. while inunedia mly breaking.~w:er is IItpOtt f~ rsrt'4!lm. deal with ~ mere mot'ml in. Thev ~a. dea] goes SOlU'. gaio.'ll ~pti. seek to.ad.turus the bar. ~ elltral ~vIl crea uires are rumple !. cr~at. strength) to gain .:.iii Tt'l on Iy ~me're'sted ~nthem~ selves.anyone who makes .JI aw.re.uf) ~ d~\!':tl rnr rlemen !:ihouhl spend a &Mal: deal 0. You ~tnr.Iilt. y.. Loopholes .ely un predic table.LU'edi.y is "!fery differenl. BA. They use any ()~podunity (whetht'. I nler-nM ~oci:e1. the plane.lc to barga::I. Y'QNr R1'glUlICro:Its o!l!. YO~1' .eir invocations.taken. best Ile entered into lightly.rgaro.r.cl:t}p..enemy prince's territories.or contractu.refuUy structured. . of to 'the leal .KGAINS the only sale pass:ag~throug~h an . .- -~~d nre !lQw"d. .. and thus offer little to a PC. . me OOD. ~:l. they can bp watch hie back there is always a plate fOr bocl1. that hin.Until yuupmv~ to IDIml that a. Qr.. nyu..e Itfe and br~a.es. ami 'h.. sources of great power.er into a mindless automaton. it is best that the DM use whatever means necessary '[0 'h:t~l:u'"that rJh. md eeeh fo.

.all . be.shvar:. they watch their mortal s:.a de. ..~:i buul. Thus.ately if the: pad is broken. simple as -P0sLsibJe.e imrn. can be II PC'es worst nightMl'II'e'.t(ti:y w.edi~oo e'veru:s of the pes Iii!!.ly to be more 'in.ti~fy demons.!poll!'t on.g the highest c'ost. D~viJ:s invariably p]. With F'irst.onginal baJT'g.toke.n't t.l:ii IUlJ due.o1bligatj'o:ns es weH as pa. Dark Gael. They hw!? as maWlyl!i'me. "IYPiea] bargains wi ih Abys!'i~ creatures are phrased as. granT' masrereannor they can o·f[e1' powel'ful artifscts l:o. snd will often make _siSl1ifkan t deMlilnds au the ~nd.'ct is mot broken. and gUu of power or !iuuls. .IIJ.JJte]y. aml read~g thrQugh.P. and often see such negptiattons as amusing.th~Temple of Kali.rgai.' A devil "bcwa:tdring 'thei:~servan t to ens'U're tha t the oom. as does the dest1'UctiJon of priceless nams md arlifacts. .hat he's llgyeeing 00 do. These be m'1iIii..d !.![' 0'1' b!l.1. <lind 'that UJ:h letter of the. a devil or demon is J:i.u WilJI a demon.t:for a.r Iengrhs to create a (.ltVIN'G A DARl{ MASTE. them.i'l ma.complmt~ and highly detajled.everj]:' &1 t!ntil'eiy dLlfaent Jtajr.OUS wtrh theprtl:paration of the deal before he s..ign.DlllI'tter what they m.s. or even confer some amount of po. fu't'Ul'e con't:ract.g~. the bat'gainin.loo. does. them.L consists of something the devil trea5\l~Sc.. ~. I'!very1!:hing that thli!! PC ::fl1Y:.allhuugh I few exceptions.we:rthrough theilf in£ermtl compacts. .. SE. h:mphule ur indiscrecicn thai't will aUol\Vthem to nullify th~ contract and daim.5 or agn~e:s 'to anything.scenfl.D~viJI:s.Dthing .t. opportunities to test their menle ag<dn:g'[ an ohvious:lyifl feriol" (ilmn.. A wu-y PC will retilire that .The termsare onlrim portan t in that the!y .r use. th.g'h equals.~eatE! positive 01' neWltive remforcement. PC needs to both p'acify and impmss h~s patton. a. 'lli demon will typically I'e:mam and Jis't.a:ceda.oned them.devi].d of anotl. This is because il demon. I will place yuu m Ih. ill.u~l'mdividua11 no .B Tl1.ep t dose tabs on e'V.btedly have discovered the particular tastes of the . . as it means the creatufI! is likely to rewani or punish wei!: servan. WhEf\e a godm igh L miss the . and eonrraettng <\I.ymmu and lIetu.3in is 6:11 fi]Ied.volved in th.1.often place a servitor imp with tlwmortal subject. if the Pc.act anIell'ed in . . tltc! devil and.~ devil is g'Qing to create loopholes to be 'used Iatelj and will be .decol'a~ nonon a PC's scabbard. rovering J)OS5~ble .extremely ClUti. Devils enjoy :]@ga1 debates. lli~se creatures.rg:dnel"~s deal :l'iithgI' then simply destroy h~m. A devil will.hIE. do not mind en tenng into pacts with mortals.fi3. When maJdng a.g 'PC can enter into setciDUS negotiation as rou. T]u. rim]. For :such o(feriD.'11! who d~dd~s :~.hl'!y are worthy In ~~:FY~A demon dnesll't enjoy being il:'i pped ftom meir plane at 'the . or it may~en kill <li morral retainer and t~ their place in urJt:J:' Lu spy upon the PC.lke the time to see ex:. and 'will go to grea. order tOI b bargdin! wHh.n.rn.ea~hj hewill und:au.and it is in their bll!8t ~n~w.that he is attempting to SttmmLonmg l Infer- as my other priest of a. eager ID fin.. sum m (In. or dev.ery such individual that :senre:s.rvanL~earefu 1}y.o PC serve iii demonlc om master i~ p]ayed in ItIle samemann.uUU.y disguise itself as an item of clothing.t for each acrien p.1I1j and .!.ividuil!l who.ng .order to set thelitage as a defensive opponent is a 'weak o:pponent.'doo1i Bltemmte deals and.a{]i:ily hBv. and can Te. They will .e a b:ribe! qn handi Ull. ilre PC shculd keep the 'terms a'S clear and.lell to the contracts could be many psges iong. d@'.eir etemal :reward.'aCl thatcan wm possible.j'if you help me 3.ight ~in nom 'm~' a.:..erze the Temple of Kalishvalj I will ~ve yOiu the artifact gf l:Sl)"l'fiet' or "lfyou do net aid me in slrirl. This can be both good and bad. abused !i15much as This imp is not always a material companion .a. hill might fooliShly accept receiving n.ii!!rfnT'l11~d. how.while payin.oe~ion~l''indisc:re'tion.e. Unfortun.us~ ill their con tracts. With this. lftbe hiU'gaining PC has done a little r-es. occasionally clevu) opponent.gh. has !!lumm.monic or mfemal SplC!'ns. Secondly. Acts of extl'eme cruelty s.commnn. on the 0 th~r haud. are e]abolI'9Jtej. t110usand yeal'::i~ Infernal to:ntr8c'ts. and much more criticallllnd demandingtltan a god would.lliart allow the devil to ste~aW<J/y 'the soul oftheir servant jmmedi.il ratelyhas mmy ~M'Vants on the mortal plane.sections aapossihle.

the gain. Bargaining. but those !lire typicaUy short-. T.o OJ: devil wil] :simply 'cut the WIda' and allow the good.s and f'l?'pay [he ereatare's I:ll. the con tractual oibligations .escitp~the deal.ofmaintaining ml!. eye.al piece.h ierarchy of m. himself the t:trget of lc enemies and Ofcourse.iHt:i'i!11SE Lhec num- mare . Itb'l':II1"e instances both demons and ~e"i1s will encourage cults to fUITn in their names. would be a .l·: theu UI:lly purpnsp is ro free the. r~ec~ :re'\i'. t.t:l1J1i!. or nrher ph. wrath exact r-evenge. however..nd!~ watch their l11OrL~1 rerainars for any sign of weakness or distraction.e Mea of organizing such a cult would 'be a ni.-tl essence . bargaining away. £h.ely dangerous one. Where dark gods often wish co' increase their ber of mortal servants upon theplana . other ha. and return 10 the . matter what the item. this is typic.emon. ThIs W:.'hjBC't if you are not.c.r is expected to fuJDll theirobUgatkul.spowe.and devi1s rnrely intend to create ill cult.I!lne wh.ulbra. Such a path. 'certainly COl1. if the summoner .a W con tml their talisman For devils. and JenmD. hopffig tu find themoment w. It is. Alth. U.IPTl Sl1r@S '[hat hi 5: fiew 'pa tron' can completely desttoythe enuty whose talisman. the opportunity.i] e.gives lectures ~s Ito. gods of tile plane decide to' remeve I.m creature.P.. ona.for a demon.mus means of eenrrclhng and summoning df'vils and de mons Is ..e the demon 0[' devil's awn immortal lite. No creature Uke to M forced into s.m or kidnap du~PC. connected to the demon through apsychic or erneiluuu.IIyJ me demon 01' .s€'.ontl'a('c hiJJtm.Fful enough to usc the uem. deruons. rtme. .1!hem in eternal t tnrmsnr.~\d te epen the dt:tuun's pO).e its talisman is rather like negotiatlng with iii kn:ife to somenne's mreat. In reahty they urc already pl!!!nning the sunimuner's horrible dQ1ll'isa. or .rougb direct th. A. 'thc-. a talisman is more of ill fett'~1:. and the PC: ran CliJntinue to gain power' from his ooftster without iJll::~r~reIl'[le from ml1el'j highe. hf!·art.0 'serve their master. Such an abject could be' a rirual knife.tl~r to ri'~serv.of more powerful entit!:es • .en TalismanS! One 1)£ the most uil.h.i link rarher than. with II davil rrr demon once.erviae th.ysi.devil can ecntin ue to use the' PC. it c:onn'l11u"iIdsrespect and. power over 'each other. is.o servitude.r:. holding sm:h an f'.gh th..lf wo]'iliy of such power. He may also become th.a] servan U1 an d the.ght- servitor base upon the pliil11e. a physical. peasants in QnJ~T 1. good form to seize a clem on or d f'vU'S utlis:roa. so a summoner u sing this tactic is best servedif 'h. .lived and very spedfh-: tn rhe' sllITounding eiseumstances.:m_d enCi'gy. a locarloTl of grea'~ evil powerl Of snme object u.e creature w m act mOT!" subst'nt]ent.lthouglt. :Wisman j.ht!ir il1fluef)Ci!\? @ntiF~ly.t.!ii use· such 'tal.eng@. po:w-en to.byssal planes to torture the so. No.that devH':s. can force the creature i:nt.' Most emraplaJlHl creacores prefer tu kep a low pl'ofile. pow- ADy1Sru . all while keeping tlremselves rmt of ~~ spotlighti their Infernal Ot and e:Qlid: is certam to bring you.OTt. i111cnmbat. to prOVi:! their .c.mp'~:s from 'mll]tiple churches of talismen'a cm.e de-men will cs:elZe.th onto the: mortal planes.z.hen dley can shove a knife in the PCsback and . Of' devil will never aeaJ £onhrlghdy when they fe~)that theirtalisman is in dange. k. A PC se:rvitQ. may be able to bm. 1'0 demons. lest the. on. you ltr.e m assaS:!lina1ion alLe. most euses.1~ this method always j~ad!il enemies.:: focus of his 'mUlier's a'S punishment fOor drawing the' 1iIU~ntl[ll1 . trouble ntl~d:e:dto maintain S'lH"v@HJance of each one. Devlls are always elilger to gain.ak. ~nough to ·. the neture of hiili infernal master" erful ~n(llugb to command u. destroy the PC in. m.Demons.w.In.A.illy an artifact of great I'I')W(lif mat contains the devil's phY6k.s.nge. considered.n and then use it to mill{c a trade with a di/for. or devil.r 'beings .e_ PC who screams ill dt'!lucm':s Ul.neat.iree nfthe summener's control by uring the very talisman tltilit sumruoued It.atur~ will almcst Lu holy powe:rs.is:man~m order to destroy their demon- will likely find. or who . If the PC no ]onger has the eapacity to -pia. is au extl:iem. however. he is the deme.ou.:md Dol wurth the dpmon'[. TliI.be demon.hink iT. Th~: d.own supenori ty.'i:not mean that the PC is 'rondomly alaugnllering. To a deviJ. Serving a diemon OA' devil JOE.diffien] ty not worth..

Ilht:' pUW~j. By com pl. Uli.ra.s method in 'and if the . Twa can. these pacts leave permanent ffia:rldngs of their existence_ A PC who hR~ Siigned such a cnmmitmem.lJ"ht~v~ pn\VPf and riclU::!tli.p .'te or gI1ccdy enough.1L orderto gro.J CUliu"aCIL can dest. creatures should mili l:~rLaiu ILha t ILhey know what 'they are dQ1ng" A pmperly execured contract canleave theP'C with gveaL power . magic itams. who eboose jo risk the:mse1v.ic in crrderrO. he can get strength.e and stamina." I Iowever.over dun his skin has a peculiarstench of sulfUJ'. While.lIIJlI. J These who choose 'to make pacts with darker powers do so at gnat :risk. By signing a singl@ document.What reasons WOl] ki comes with such ill bargain is obvious. of course'. and all YOUT dream~ !. The rIC: re few easier means of power.en ted.". Even the most powerful demons and devils have hmtts.unce entered into. l.r wit and log. there: are some appreciable bcncfi ts to wo:rkin.and VE!!1:)l little dnlwback On the other hand. unay find himself growing small horns OlD his fore. Those who turn to thi.sou:rc. They may find that although t:b(! PC can now shoot 'l~glnjng from his fln~rlips.he.lJ pacts an . and. Well" not if &U.roy the PC with very httle gain.t of any bbld].eting thebargam h~ could 'be the pbysical.rgClin wlrh Slleh. fI"dgiJ..g ill tandem with a devil o:r.t= mage 'could ask £or a new body A one with steengjh.demon. 11 poo:rly-vml'f1lE"d or b<:lillY-~lU::l:utl!. holy sym. £Ol'ti't:ud.ENTE1UN'G INTO THE DARKNESS !'.uft':~'Rj.w strongerare relying on the power of thei. and riehas quite easily.everything. they stand until broken or fulfilled.PC ls despe.bol.romma:ndinz their [Juw~ l'. he is comlt:iwlt:J LO from the :sigh.nd" or disc.equeaI of any flgbter rather than being eaptiveto the sickly and dellcare 5h~U he wasborn possessing.i? In£1(I'I'ml1 paLts IU~ in\l']tJii~L~ . om-eo t1'LH~. demon's l'Kerdse dleir wtll on rh pir ha pll's.es in <I h~. leave a party member open to DM mampulanon as the devils and.y-pI'es.ng can PC prnmh. those e ne~ supplil:.nmf'_nn have to t UJ['U a W<iy frum lohe ljglH" and offer e their services to the dilllmess beyond? WhQ believes that they are powerful enough to command devils and demons" with no cofisequel1lcl.'es cfgrea t powe: r. and no beJ.. whether the PC is acting 01 ::I rntntnn rrr . l .

kin.!tW UPC'Il we mary create an Infernal Us. More pow~[ D'1'aW back.mnn '[be damon to you. I'i:"Il'E spell .s. like .iite:: f:nfema 1 'Pact.J5e s.Each time:: you. increased :S~Iiligth. Wha. COld resistanc. '..l lighL flasbed 1111 you have th~ rtiOUl:'"'C. he maY' fNtead t.l..es to S'um.fan~ Pmmquisite:~nfem~l Pact.t: 1Vu. rrelequis. Spedru: You Illi. Bcnefl t.TAGI a. imm. your skID.r Byeteeth.ite: m. Dl'awltaek= T'be ioses 0-£ your eyes have ruits. Be:neli. ~qub.It is up to your DM whether or not ·the s. .nother sou~ of energy that you ON immune to. nIlt.1I..aM qu.arm.e power. ge'oeral teat.hav':eda~kvision. finding a $"d1L":I't!d.ppsraTlC@ 01' scales.ion (60 feet) as though you WE! tie of ~ race born.mgs" re. .u. dlefea. Pact.mally ..damage is not 13. Uk~y Ju].. F.:I n'ol'm. energysouroe. Dragons.ol'taHty. while someone resistem 'to.tnts o[Jf damage 'in Wl. clll.'awbllCk:.£emaJ. Depl!ndingupon the element.tell' too.e.harp clew'S. ~r. demons.S.gs that 'earns a fcieudJy.lIol)oQlll lbe .. YOlll suffer a one rank penalty to Ill] 311:i rude resu.] TH. Spelkaster3 ~an do mere. and mey ..i te noticeable. . Benefit: You gain.aJ.~ 011 Inhuman corapositkm.ubd:ua:1.direction.T.ESISTANCE [IN'PIRNAl] You reais't damage from 'one' Pact.fi:]1g~rs.ailoh]e 'to those willing to cross It-he rh~!lhold into.E PIRS.: You.ru l$t level charae~fi cfJu]dn't d'n. BiB you"]1 see later.glow under even I could be as s~ple ss saying the dfi'D'lIon'snama three times to. 'with it.t@d below.ils. A PC with Iau~ and claws turns itllnU~elldly.alble to do th~ngs mat .ou powel'.ty take this fest 'twice: once fOF claws and once for f:..nYClIl could get nOlr. CLAWS/FANGS. Someone reslsrant to' seund has ooft skin. Add :ros~st!mcecauses your skin to' ta:b on a Hghl green.e times. ~or example a PC with fan.INfBRNAL fACTS Tha beneft rcf J1JUl' demonic pact. DAR. deiU I de po.el'~av.MENT R.t. aui l'IJJ~ £mm 8111 NPC immedl:l'[e 1y [l!1rns 'that a:ttit\1d~ to indlfferent. pojson blood. £p. after that your .]I CRt·. 'this featt muJitip].'.edcombat.T S. or Sharp .S points of d~mllge &om one elem. and ("rearu~eg that care li'ttle about huma'a society are t:1ila. In gilme 'terms thilii You.s this mean. [INfER. Flighr_. fOf .bs for e.HVISION [INJlBR:N AI. electricUy has rub be:r:-IHl:e So. the tangs and c1:aws .tlon of Paladins) powers dasi5 IU.L to notice. ¥"u'l!i be ab]e~ to J. i.. Thi~.nt source.3ch featul't! to those th!ilt would nedce or care.NAL] You have \9. -ul!'lima.. for you? Beghming characters that create a demonic pillct are .td!oe. the 'benefits of darDis. these ru:'~ j ust.e grows fur 'on yomm:ms and fire .81l()J.i:stan~ b[]l'lgs ..e~ lhfl: ~t 2. Sp~d31: You can 'tab. rOWER The first thing you must do hi biiLfgalu with the demon. is that Lhe demon Ol!' devllfs offering y.uillm. Every time the PC Isgranted a choose an Imema]] feat once' 1hE! PHlCt has been rrnade.Any character (with the uceF. a portion of the pow.

fam.N f f!&N ALJ You !:am Itn Imp ram] Hat'. .m fe:atm .fIOO Y:p enst.10IlUse. t Prel\equisif. "Ii -n .i.cmn~hollow and you lose weight.L !uu]'li:ph.molJl is C(]1!1nrn:. a.' .easeyout . Yuumta:.dt: If you abeady . 11.l:ue1=h JEacl1. indudmgi:luperm um.h. :=.t!...h.have a. arcane .l to yOUF ~vel. Denwt.: '1lo'u~ lflml.g to ..qw~i.evef:l'waDy kill YOiU.-]]'b: wr-n~ p.. Benefit..~'eriousmod m.r:. There ~1. IMMUNITY natural [INfERNAL] diseases. Infl.es you.ov'e 00l 'Web 'OW~ llr'Volu:ntuily wh~l!l The: de.l!DtH. . can .ouret>ernal f}Jli8tence:.mult:ip]e bmes.1. Regeneration. take u.OO!'lP'~C[Pl.l.&il Dm:w'hacl~ win neV'L'!r a. It works.S pet th~w1e$ EoI' . [lNPll'tNAL] yQU Yoo s. red uce yOW' ena. familw.on.s.You:r dl. CMl!.• it .: l.~ . skin p~es sn.ne:ve:r needto save against .y:1 t willI once pe.mit to the llI. COl!iL themwith elcthmg .u no ]oflgarhaL1il~to :S:pllltl d~n action to cagt~y.g Ii.:dways "appear&:icldyand swe~ty. yo. msdewleha demon! you gain a: quasit).at a rest.u. Your Stre:ngt1l1 is oon:side[led.requires spedalrailoring an.Qt'W.you He cannot .1. 250xp lImwt.Hbly to :ma. I:'ig(: Drawback~ Small d~m.. 300 xp ccst. 6]ess' for your Jevel.cations.d weumg .e not necc:Sism:y' fo:~ fligb. 'may fly . Dmwihillid. brawbliKl.u'ro.tier an J(P .site: [nfemru.s .~ Your ~onesbe.1:[ It is! unm_ 9._. Imp ~lay8]1 and run8tlJ1l1il1!i iLs SllJul Yuu J:u null !1n.d. an IMPROVED REGENERATION [lNFER.iJJck ..'Vethics cough.:y.e tim.n:g.In:.t.]OO.i.g somlNl:nEl youny and !l(]m~timES .("MnaJi Pad.21.. !.topil!ging and will never die. int:r. 1.ar.lll msp as a: fruuiHat (if thiiS 'Pact was.Y llikfl: u:ds to.cilly .pet Jily.fly at wiU as a.any c. lmm1l1JJlir..eper day.4GWy . IM1''10V!lD fliGHT [[Nf1eRNAL] You ~ capab~e of {11gb per the spell fly at ·will.01' fi.r YOU1 but still S!erveS its master 111 every way.1osm.es. evm.lsElthe ab~Hty perd!I. YOu are immuneto Ontl:SI. to the ·wO'lrd' 0'£ the law.mati. Ttspowen ea nbe USe-QI 0 A til you if n@C'egs. Benefit: You.k~ looti!le pilC~ to avoid being held. to' diseases of all kind~ ~nd .J(}~iJ m.'I'l:re. tite purposes of buJJ rush attacks. An.le:::~nft!!r:n~ P.~o!trud\'!: from your b. :200 xp cost. ~mi?~ Qe uwful Evil a~d . You can fl. atlon rate by :2. PNreqtd. lMM.EI.PliGHT IIN1ERNALI sp~Ucastereqool Yuu are '~I:lJPabt!:l fOight p~:r 'W~ ~:pell fly.1 Wl. Sp~dal:.i'U!: T:rtl.feat . ~~ilI. erupt I. my [J.ymaWc yc.thou:t.ll!:t :lnl'@-iIt'rull p~cu.lY.t. b1.1!maJI '~t~l Unbolyll~i. You M'e' immune. tbey do m.¥ou Benelitl. Only acts of can end . md~s Lo yuru in Lh~ 1:!!pil'it of 1l1i~]aw.d'srua. you.8:p~1 caster eq:ua.. The DMis enco1JlI'ap:dto .1[ill. even goln:g as fa-:r M provlding ehe weapon to do. Special: You may tiketftlS JlE[ach Iim. Pt'flt'eq_llJ.111. and you hl!:!iill diHU<1ge at a P.vlfi:e me fe.antagion. .act.Pact.rawbadcYnu suffer' :fmm ~ o41ggingiliro2ty L:ough dlalorll1icLS you on 'l. ic.r' day as· a .my rot and lytancluopy.nt O'f tin.~rYJ 1 s.ost'fALITY vh::dence ngnmst Pl'e:Rqui&:ille: 5.e YIOI.ons. Benefit:: You regelwMre ~spel' the supema t\u:m POWi'U. it Wh. :a~d. by 1.i1!rnal Pad.L~ r-ege1ner- 0·f3 poin'ts per Fo:und.time: yo'u t~ethe:{elil. n. D'll'aIwba. 'his t-otormen.Evety second time~.tto y(m is con!i!idf!T~d.e:n you do fma]]y diet your soul will be.e a Vltl'i:l:gt: Lln(.NA.Although they nr.. CITli"'~M':rLl.. die foom figlllgillccts .ubdu111 dauHlig:t!..l] You are newcapable of l'egenern:ting dama~e asa supemarurel creature.IDou.armor is not possible wi.SlIlCn M.t. You ··~ajl':lj. All damage di1!aI1:.ge~or attempts Din to.'. Flight. hawev-er any henefttsthat Wl!re gained from the f~lJfirna:r are losr. You.onemor.b] e __ .lit all the WIOnt t1:m. tm.0 ~i. cold cnndhi.~lru.'I.pe1Jl :caster. o rU"'luisiR: .

¥/'i" u. ate.. tU~rt Will.e. ~m dtsc~vered ho'l' Si2. '. md gtddijy initiated the yaung nohlewom. You are forever evil from th~s pmn~ OD" and no magic: short o_i 3. tid".S d'aad ..U£ten:_. gain +20 ieet to your base moveUJt:. mh'". Beneiit: You must. your master's kin ]'ook upon you with 11. touch ma. .Lj You Spin~.dCl'j or major holy artifar.d\i'Q=-d ObUa: to a (. uf !he fea. ~er DIdy OhiN I:!umm WC1 3: .u path of power..t. Ufl.heradolesc.any lNfERNA1.Ek.U)e pad:i. devil or daemon. Benefit.QrmaL SP~l (4) O~:11i~ mruik.n will ~~11. Each addiuonalttme you take the feat.10 to your base movement . l.cromhuti!::. Pl\erequisite: Infernal I'a.maMe:!l'lsduring .VFo-a +1.ent ~4t'@.A. detect evil can sms~ your <Iura up 'ro 100 teet away. R~-t2 Will+3: SU'1J. _ D!plDma'EY 01:-5. CI:i:Iii IS. Mrii. INCREASED MOVE. you g.rip lng. lni1 +-1. 1(ll1'dUla) +9.r hp AC II (+1 D~~ . Sh~ ~[1. and wp~~e' pF"the queell'li _Iiimdtil tA_j)Y. you.N~. it.~. efli~ 'Iil_O~gat rD £JIll) knllliNledge t.]!] your that fri'ends . ". m. .··]]atio. Pr@l'e<qui~:ite:' Barga~n with a demon.~ dUt~.l'ti'?P -I 1.of tlie D:Q~. tlrst SU'!]'k"i: :lJE 3da. . as thougp.lr.lhe wbuJq ewntuaLly chOOSIll far ]1M~~~( C.us:ted 'd-viso!' rurd impol't.' rm lrwtJll ~'[XIn~I!t: .ve j ust rakeu your.tk of water on-a:litimds. :ve."hk tQ leam Gl'l .ltau'~ done ddsloun1~:ss of murs. (jD~)j s~ 3'0 ft. WeI! one of their own.wback~ "'JU de:velnp "l ovl!ln huoves.clt: You radiate evil Anyone able Ito.k . NG i SkillS! Con~~tt. hl1!]n. !ll\d in. Prerequ.. Infernal Pa. _ Dra.'k:.iI:1". AI.w.~T$: of D\lSt" 'She was a. lnaddiciofi.t. a:rel:Ougher than .a was: a. i:nt.~l'£t [Q WO-'ml1'1l .ge.: (".e.tier 0wn.n. or something else dUlLl !hi! DM finds eqmdly rwi red iUId de:t:'a:nged" " NoftWl]: There's bothing norma] aboot it. the lite of 8 ltroed one. feat muhip]~ t. Wiilr..y of.futhel" wtll iii. You ha. ivellWally.nL...i~es .Ul· useful s~G[ets~ tl:me-.~i!!t you must take in begin YO.ant diplomat. 1'1. Nilbody co dd have gpe9§"eo.:man)!' the .urtHed .. first f.CBISA bJiQY ChUa. Mjgiilllenl shiJt (set! d'riawbi.MJ~ R'ur&i'€.ct.an ("hange that.oli "bookseller whp.~l' .upr JtmiMi. .W.h@ S(]~ ~thep.\lId . (lifoild'fIIDrt (2)'2:nll ~lukfI.'2'lt . Some h~l points. St:::rlb2 Sll.d the ~OI:lineettiCl~ hetwl!llm me' living and th. !H..e pun: h~18 li~r[exrs. INfEBNA L SOUL [IN'f'E!RNA.tr.!.k Htlll'W).Eli1/: .1diMany [mftS dl! coW find ~. She lo~d to' lm~e<f'!ltQ.nd ptai:~~ose ~ WhWl p?'xstIJJe.M:oiunded by the am~m]L of k:nrilV. J~ACT [INFERNA. (nt 1'~. m4$i" .Lk:s.mm6n wm ilicr'rj!!. Special: Th:lung this £eait aHows you access to .tI.aln a. maiflbl:!r of the Idrlg''$ ~ourt.~.g p~t. :d\l.mdi. Dnwbac.ti= love woman that weuld mange her life. Fcrna: Doo.bi$. hom te' ~I!al tl'i and pri:v~Ues~Her' . lpe~tpml!:n' J. QmlO. dfg.led~ c. Danell beJ:ollgeO ~jJ 'the s.rerespec..mnks 'lJf . th~ ~own el:rt. is m('llmmendedrh~t you don't te. KI'IOW'leda.. Drawba.s lau. w:i~h.d-rnrm. on plan'~f l~. he pew up. S:pe(:iaJ~You :may take this. sll'1:e' .L] TIns is the. Your Dexterttyis 'unaffected by this: however.eit.: You. In fact. good luck findmg boots that fit. Spe ]I~ft -+9.e they w{'r-p all in on it with you.lbout lile thmu~de'o\th arid f:l~a:rue a S~(leL '-SLUDe.an into the. a~al+3.C[1ImmUnity. (1) 1st! ~lfiD n.mi1iIi 'Spdl.MENT [iNPI!RNAlj You are fa:ster "than lim mal. Special: You may ~e this feat mul tiph~ 'times'.between -1 lli.mU +lmt4e~ (ld4+1)~ SA sU.3Z~'tW~1O]~' t.tsI The hwbeller f iWld m~ ]oung . . point of LfH1Sti rnrlon or Wisdom.. Benefit: You gain +10 hit polnts. towards damnation. pennatlentiy o:fiel' sOnlelhlng up to dH! demon.Jm:x: 13.I[Jt!f t. . sE!pmg -rhe eCli$ of ~unJjght.tsa grew up "Wich a t tili.

Drawblilck.1. and no.aming c.. In[~rni11 Soul.You may make two additional off-bmd attacks with your additional per day as it spell caster equal 'to your level as per li:mbs. The ltmbs ~N: difilcu1tllo hide as wall.d. molle diffictdr 1. 3 less Eor all 'SkiJl checks.and less ~gg".eTl!!. and was more than Uke]yowne< bysmneone MULTIPLE hefore: YOM. you tn.makes if. P~adina and aerks arc :J.'0' knock .nts you additional limbs.pecial:' YOU.NAL] y'Ou could SCQve is efhctivdy -8 if t'he e. Tn@ magic hem is permanent and. Besides tIle Qib'riQ'~? Extra limbs mean ordering specially custom made. SKA l?'E!CHANGE [INFf:BNAU You can change shape at win. PFeRquUiM: Infamal Pact.~n ~han.a. Sh::lpe Change. D:rawback: People notice you less andyoul'VOIce ]egs.' a greater roam LLM13S hNfERNAU Your b~rrgo.' IDirelligence score drops by 1. Y(tu lliay lilt as much wi th four tail as you could "Nidi any part of your body.ge what magic the demoD bestows upon you. of being cursed. You gain the Special Quality cannot be tripped and you receive a +1 ci zcums ranee bon us to all BuB A pl'ene. Special: You may take this feOlt multiple tinEach time you take the feat.1lr cb. PI'PI'. Pl'el'equbdte: Infli!.a. Special: YOtl may take Ithis feat mulnple times.. gaining tb.!.. The item rolled is all 'Y1DU l1~ccivc.LtOl till~l: IJH:~~ arms.1y sha. ~. is yours to keep. You may dt. People look upon yon wtrh f~aumd rr-pph:liltirm.:Hiit~: In. 1Wo addmcn the spell i!1\-'is!bility. Rene fIt! Y:nu can heeorne invisib]~ a twill unce Special.al Pact. two additionallept or a prehensile tail. MAGIC rr1!M [INPER.atj'sma is con si.]im:~s~u. 1i. Wi th extra arms mme extra ilttacks .d. Benefit.f invisible."l1.Tgl"3. Y01. i!. as well. Benefit.t'r. however.Mi1e' tail has: the same s. DI':!lwback: YOU].! t.ne.Fe change ana more rime per day.ke it.e. . attack you em the spot. and . wi til these additional arms.peChmge. The (e ~.e fe. BenJit: You grow two additional arms. becomes. should j.nsi1i!~.h r. oarg. s S.. You have one rcll in the DMG {m a magic item. ch time yuu L~t: t.i.f''I'.he feat. Y()'uare given a smgle m~glc Item..ikd.L ~ Mullid exterity is useful..e neticeable. This tad! may Ii1ittlillC'k as with you£' arms. ga:rmen'ts.t Improved nip fm use whh your ratl only.is f~1l t. so:ft~r. Y'nur Cln<lriSlma Rush attacks.someone (lV. you may become invisible one more' time per day.quisit@ ~In fern al p~ r r~ w@~1r h.vo-wea pan f~gh:1in8andL aTn'biJt!Jii. Each time' youmke the Ie:. 'Pn!requ. sha.y ~u .y to treat you as e'vd.(t!rmll Patl. mOlY take this feat multi ple times. ter j I. Dra w'brilclb The item s rand .l1nge shape once per daYt per the spell.tou choose to t. .h. you. you may ron again r:mm:hell' item.~ngr'h as.th time you ra.tti'a.INV [SISILlTY [INFERNAL] You are capable of turning ycJurseJ.

'! super. wi t.LOOD [INFEBNAL] Your h 100d is poisonous and is unsafeto touch by ethers.enl= You."UI. B@ne'fh~ ~ou rege:nen!'te as per the spell.B.2d12.l'rot. man :]lOrPl~l.o1.al Pact.on and eve'rY~ yout' festering lOt.eV@t.Hclz 11 lc.disl"P'rnthar youare lying ia:il.B~ne{lt: Wnen '.~:rti(lIIl and cost. Be:I1e.rJ TJrfJK'" Contact DC: varies. $houlto. your trmgllP. REG:eNERATION [INnRNAL] You recrnrer b~tel' wan o.ms tm.at:ll.i. PJferequi8itli!!: hi-fernal P'~CTl Immunity. wi rhom huJ. The PCm.rOISON B.t: You permanently gJain a +2 toyou. and J9 :22. feat muhip2e times.all noms sprout &ODl your skull.etermined as iIyou were' a.iite: Infernal Pact. 'Renefic ef(el. 68).en. 300' ..~v@. n~ga ting pe netra te your woF'ds. divine caster e .chll. l'relle. levd equal to your QWfJ.ack~ Your tongue b COIled. chart below. wba.~l1d:itioJilal +2 to your Strength '!iClo!t'e. . Sp. Immunity. as per Ihl. Prerequisite:: I:nfunal Pi1C~ Immunity.] tag.wib. powerful magic: cast by anyone other than an . lTere'lu:i. t:bn + luJ Wm UneonsciOUSIll@S1S l~ 15 16 Ing I hp 2.thful. Th P.ocd Arctlt. 2S Id6 hp ~ __ IdS Wis. Special: 'You maywike' 'tbJs.b! of YOu ate blessed with the perm:me:n t iug nocturnnl. Drawba. Should [he DM . see thatlhere is somethiug wmng W:ltl. you :l'aclliatle poweliul ev II .: "Vall :lirea cold-hlood~d. Inionl Damalg@ Prerequisite: Infernal Pact cue Iuunune w all pnisrms.uo. in your body becomes 10'". '[h~ blood.r amlor ami ·lJ. Dra. Anyone tlJudling Y'ou with a melee touch atw. Pb.h a 1i 1I11h(l1y aura. Bleb time you take the feat. DmwDiack: Sm.e.even regrow s. ~re.find that a. demon.ld!! ha Id6hp you are ~Iowly b~~O'm- UNHOLY BLI!SSING [1N'PERNA1] Ravin. Au)'un~ looking clOSieiy while you are talking (Spot check aga.tpse" COiD Your skin hills ~mel1ignant IDmg you touch suffers from cleric.wbaclc You slink Jike. there is a SO% chance of fall.f[B Int Id6 Sn 2.the~) and can .t Strength seoee. In Eilddilionl fire damage deals double damage wttbeut a fu] saving clu"Ow. You can in:llict m. DeRm. Pr~'reqwsitc: Infern. All spells lhill attempt In .demonic horns over time" UNHOLY STRENG!TH [UIilFEHNA l] Yau have hi gh er Sv.!ame.0'1: to others.b.Slethis £eat. in addition. Infernal .~Bl.. BOT [INFERNAL] than HRholy O.ell effects are d. DC n 1:3 o Deaili Se.p 12 (I 1.U' lies.sit.Ck. YO'll eannet wear heavier !i.r pg.ua.Pn lQ leIS Oon Id6Dex l.l.xp cost.g beenblE!$s~d by . StOOI1Jlilry you.disea./I. you gam an ..ay MOO use their own blood 'to eoa t weapons (se.rengtb. .uIWUJ. all effGcts to d!lmage: detennmed by chart.P-de t. or by cutting themselves 'before eombat starta. InitiAl dlam4g~: choose from 'the. 100 xp cost. can lie wi thou t de taction.m~_ Dra.d12 bp Id.natural mummy .it j1'O"U~ wO. You are cold-blcoded.qui.:se. are now ¥.powerful artifact should 'be able to det~cty. Inununity.@'d Ihubs.se horns will grow into full .S Sti 2~. .condal'Y Effect . Ghp Outsider :finds. a :rotting co.rmd are r-ew..ck risksyou r poison.an:led. SOD xp DmwbillLk. SUCiCesS- UNDETECTABLE LIE [INFERNAL] You can Hp.inst opposed Bluff) can.fit. '.rre"your eye-s.HHI <Th'i if cast by a 2J)[h l.

This is perhaps m:mmoning dt:mon.wb8!clt~ NQthing directly. .rs in thlt.r the goods from someone drl'.phI 15. .i!H~ giv~ a cl'eaJ.3 hit point cost.~-hy ra-h~'!' rhan forge the items its~l£ WISH [1NF:ERNAL] You earn a. It is mostly lollow-ed by sorcerers and Wlzlllltil:S but there are 1. is C!lfl'sicUr"d ~n«!h~nl1 by most ~~vdi(edw'ieti~j t~e: dl:lftq!1 514 mmmu:r RWily desire . your flodbUi. P'NMq:lll:!i're: Infl:!rnaI Pae I. only spellcasters are capsble of en.Drawba. YOUT barg:mn.E~ e h addtrlonal time you take me lea l..w~vt::r:ri ..t iUl.er.r b: a spd. liemt'lH nOim~1'.(' forhe' r'OJ.5'.~U:~g '~Hd 'O.lWse Dra. Rnd ~rm:::rg:il'l. you gain an additional 10. 0. Asking ~ f~VOi from.t. Hit Dic'~:'d4 .1'j ttol "" til!mons.!.DraW'ha.iAlihough :he's likely to.000 gp' or the equivalpnt. no" normal . Comide.£ money weal PRESTIGE CLASS: D'I!MON Sll_MMONEB Bt~'W'~c .dliCmun n equiVllll- lenr in gems.im. BeDii!:fit: You mllY make nne wish of t~ demon you ilre bargatning' widl.@' of eas tingspells of P:rel'eq:uisite: Infernol P'mc~ any 'two Infernal feats.:je~]t tome. d~peHding on al~gmnij:nt:.d! or iJ~.1 llwnber oC ~vil de.4ils of yau1 cnmpa1p or Itvtl of pOWQ.obJects fades.~t.r the deU10l1 a 20th level epelleasrer fen determining the effects a.is I~ed ex. from.ful:611 .. taken.ibies.'t.~lJ v31u. 'reduc'l!i your Dmf!'rity by 1. Special: You may ltake t'h. m~cly tm /mm.tiU'I.lillW llfefl . .. FOT the ease of ths f..1AtuRr ".'tel!'ing into thi!il profession.".d::~ Each time you make a wish from d!fMI!OJ1. yaUf'S~ WEALTH UNF1:RNALJ You. 1.Ha!w WH'.. Special: You.is . f in furt_h~irwith you r pact.I the demon summoner. glllIlmofl~ng ]~ in tr~ ns. u: '" '" de:'l'fi or .l'l'teltliiliSts invoj:ved in summoning as..fC Si.nce smritors. goods end magic Items.I" l~m.oJ[' a demon to the' easiest .lly liw-s fa.g anlyw «'-quirt: mO'r.k: ThUl' m u~cle groWTlI is.dc tI:rt aua . ~ foul bt!ings who serv~ ~l.000 Kp cost.r.: s"mmo.11. his j'r. j.l~)Ukr wl:iQ sptl'dlllit.• . typie~.mll'!-w1s'h pouril1S OVer (jJu.l'usj:~ly.fu t multmple d m!\'?s.grinwf~s of ltis bl!a.I:I.. J::very S!e[Ond time: this frult is !:ale".:rk. T~~~'i'lWR ~umm'fJ'.". a way of furthering the of their gods..r. a demon is lilJely 00 ge1t a dem'an roask 0 favor of you. .Jn J:UJIIlIsummon. [uay t3k this te:3tt rrmltiph~ Timps.~OU 1od iii and YOUl' bod'y looks dJo:rmed and abused.tTm .OIJU gp 01' instaucu. Benefit: You.p s I l-llill'nmf? th~ wish.ty diminishe3 and your ability 'to man~pulate !>m~ll .Qddznol'!td victims fOJ! 1m rIfflWH. onp-ti. 'Z'e:pea. Bec...i'. J. you mRy wish to' .edly.gouly' wit1: du:. who hav.

gall] no prcifj.rI'Io£k.pply Lu ~ d.ld SpeH.rlpt (~nl). and Armo. Efl:at':~1Ut of growing (a.either approprIate..Kll. 2 4 a 5 +1 +1 +::i! G '} +2 +3 +i +'+ +3 A.ledge D (dem. *~\1IOi'l summ. the DM determines w]lich vel'sian of ::SW1ItJllUr! atnniss is oo.. ciI.l.i. ESlt:1.1]] learning othel' spells.af:r: . '\.S C~ASS S.o'.LS The dcm.enc.likk Pocket and Tum.lgh: Fei:it +S .i:p~ Artist.m:mci'1'l1J~lI'. Clbn h.()ficr le"Vel is gi:linc:d the character gains new spells per day as if she had 1:iLh. MfiV~ .ar:lErp~mgE We~pon. + '[un m ndifi. [he Abyssal or r nfernal tongues.prencient et cas crag :spelli.onsummonu's dM5 skms (~andth.l3f[ MetaIUi. ar-e ad.:r s. skilll POints at~acl! CLASS FEAT~ES t~vp-I: 2.el'.)."!at:h l~v~ I u( d~rno!'l summoner for the purposes IOf.er.i. eharacte t' til ust fu]fHl aU of the f"Howing cd. A demon summoner continues nainiIlg in magic was well as her previnus field of research..HOWing MetlilIlUl.~ JJDt B s 10 Appren.P-T. although he can leern any versiOIlL of that "Spell wMc:f1 she can east (w~th the.icmcm summoner IS g:mWHlg mcre.s inte:r~stl~d .5 I:'Elnb Spedal. 5.SmJss (race of demon).vi. determining spells p~r dilY. Flj!iats and apply (u i.erthan r~d1!I1:'r a.so when a demon sammenar reaches the l~v~l!i. Sorcerers thOilt become demon..cwicdge (phmcs) (Int) au'.Ji~tedin the chan·"hovfl·~]:h~ m~y choose tr(lm any of the [". Hide r J ump.:! lc 7'th level SpeI1~. ra lher than.REqUIREMENTS .ted::1: higl.o11tb:lg ttr:e dati foam res dD. f.lii elsssbefere becom.:.5.cienc}. Nate that armor che~k p~'n:illties FOir armor he~. iplomoiliCY (cha.he. As .dedr.de ttl wlLid:! d~:fSO'!:ihl:'! i tu.ing a demonsumtaoner.)t d~i! .Q!ology) (In f).). gain a level aa a demon 5l1:mWOll.~ MemllMfgi.o gain~J belonged to spEJl casting class she h~£o~~becoming a demon summoner.PJj~IJeuter.tice Mer~~ Ee.l~n. summeneesnn longer: ChOfliSle rh@i1'known spells ilismey go up in demon sum~· nlOil!~ Iev~1.R~thet. iii] <I a It':vd [1 acharaeter had more than one spellcasting S]if!llrr:.o her repertoire . Bluff (Cha)! Con~e:lfItra.Of armcr.Sorcerer 6th ]evei or higher. Wma:rds and othe. 01. 1:' .of sFell!.en [: Any evil SpeUusdng. Thus. demon sll.U of rh~ foll. Kn. "blt:: 00 . A.i]]:sBalallloE. as tbe otherworldly powers they cap mtc t\oViSIL ih!?irinhp'1iIE'nT magka1 ooing.lipplopriil.' Allgnm.l new demon Sl. Th~ d~nl.ummonel'.lly:.ble.te) apply h to either thli!ir JI ••.b~hty for each s:kil1)a:re Appr.~.: Knowledge (demonology): 6" T3 nks . Know. .e key ".ndsul"VlVlug) as a.umt.5S.l' cl ruse u t:ldMs..tiflll (Con).kl~ I.vised~o take a level iul. in :~ny weapon .s!i. orWizard 5th level OJ: higher.cfrrft (Int).y: oS.p pn~nui(. when .IriUs. CraFt (T1fIIr. PM's permissian). D@<'ipllP-r S(. summoner iu us~ be sperur. shecan only le3:F'l'Il the spell SU1tm!O'n! di.II To qttarify to become a demon summoner.on.. she must weI..3.gic.ais@ (Int).

elrdes of power~ with ~.' at 8~h)_ 'if'hi'i: is ano<viro~ roiho hasl~am!!'d o.and gatin~ expe'1:. ]ev~ (m. Circle ~Je~le. The: servi 1m .) H(~.del1101l1S: who know IOYimltyto no group.g in.pl'lrmisston" Fe~rs. ..ve OQmml ttad OUTht'l v~8 w Ii . jU!i11 above necromancers. Bptl1 penit'. -~~---- ~1l a~Vif.that continually l:uiltd~<"£m lC.@s iu~lf the summoner to as a p~l'mil['Hm L.cnn~e:t'.ene:ral feat:~she may eheosean p'l:ace ofa wi r.d. see' pAge 24).Metmnagg.:!te) asa servItor.~BL. (vlluwe I'.t"!~nsiQ~.E 'Ci. hdghw>lI!fI spell.. The SummQ:I1e't: ga:.irJ'arlON.n. lh~ bu:mmont'!T continues to grow in power.(p1\o6ii1h~yshg:Ji:t. 0 level (App:rent:iOEl)' wiftrd. the spells of sum moni ng.b"i!l.1 IDiiljo'r loss C1f [.Eol' this is that since demons.1JI0ntl' SU.u1. pa:rtk:ularlyone aspow.l. returns to lhe Abyss.~s d ~~.MMONING A DEMON Sllimmoning demons isa dift].. WW1e each race of demons diHen widely from all the others.rdeat at . lEl1lainin.Bue Mood 'l"lilid Cil:d.each of these lev.e:]s~ magic eireles and our uMcilycom.pal'l til P DM' '" . DEl MONS l1H!:!re !in' ~. alrhough there or are' of ~'iliIdei?end.ot.ie:nce at half the1:'~:te' nfthe demon summoner.byss.ms 3! quasit(or imp as app:ropri. It over the dJemons of the also a number circle below and grovel before the demens of the ell-de above.angeroius bl1.I.~e me .:1 nh Cjffl. g£lDUpof demona divides into eight . Senri wr~ At 5 til level the.Ity knows of only a few. Almost !ill of the n'aicesare part.s p.hll!! djmil.'!!'d!~ l~Istlgtt~ Fourth. learniag whatever :spells the~u.e Th:eHait'1a. 'and human.c.of demons .si]]e&9_B~fo'N· you do anythlu& leacn abcut your tal'geL.au:am.1I1llI1one:rcleellUi app.l.!:opria:te • .g the Ht~ She starts oH~Jl ai.~.1. upstM:.gains iIl1il app[. su lung i!IIl=i.orl1~ ftC 6th ~:nd anothell. S@l'ond Ci 'rc.ntlf'Gid1e Eighth Circle kfatiu Thi!:Ab~s liS -5 -10 10 .d. d. !iIl3I.DeC~ T·he.ing c:itiZi<!I'lI~ :toQst soeieties pkic1edemo!f:1.y one of their summon! di5MI:ilS demon. Each.~_ QUI' .f the demon (the DM) the su:mmO'nere]iJI~riences . 5..ID:monet can n at md.~ Me'll of l{nowieda.t and. TTD each grrn!Ip"ihp d~m('Ins of one cirde lord. WIQPl"actitiOl1!a'S ha.'7 jot:Ms.uinga ereeture from.o.ollrrol of thil A. 51. (rf ~ Name DC . summoaer ~IiI.1:' W". A:pp~fi.apart nom the: 11as lW(euInferna] fuc:. sb. summoners . only prepare the magic circle but also can hdphel' master cast shl! :5u.er Mri!gk l~~ IS .terrifying and lone]y b!Js:hl. VaST: number d:iHeremraces ol demons Hving inthe A~. (For more an' In.2 Q "J7 20 ~$ 3{) 7 ~.r bonds~ndgo Qni<m1!p~ges. often. S.arfw..given circle is similar to oilier racesof the DEMONKNOWll!DGE TA. rntelligefi.fol1'm.L as a g.eJ1 ~ t .entieeat 31!'d.e. l'eputa'tion of the d~mOI] summoner has grown_ to a sr. tf ili~ demCH\l SUm:i. escape from thei. [Ofi.. demOnSUml'ROlle::I: 'I_ •.Although f~i:dy weak inpowcllt'. ttl€llill ail tasks .i~nt]eve~.whe:n. ma1eyolenr as Oil demon.frh~ .Uk. there' are certain wa:y:s mwhkh each race of a.glU~u~~g ner services ]111 'ff_.'h Infernal Feat in rest of m!inrund. Summ.e .l@ M~n Woman rnmli~t~ Tactics ~.ke notice.ifferil:n trace occupytng E<lC'h dn:l!!.£0]' 'the iI:'IE<IIih s e delIlItJ.atewh ~re beiog3 fllom the abyss ul. c1![changi@: fOF leal'liLm.~xtllHd ~pdl. oomHt 'R$tlng~ .hElmany groups.e!>~. • the ma~n rnason. killing gpod.ofOllLf: of t.c .ras/r. :spe]1s: s'1i~tlCl'i!:!U. ts d.~. the shadows with OUf boob. I~ in the ju&~ent o.'$ law spell 0. the servitor abandons heti'liu.fcrrH~1 . .rig}tit upthi1!R.emporal power.

e {Siets it does not mow."lS 5ummo:n:i.m lit Ilte magic elute aiJ1dSTill provid~ rhedemon SUmlimon.porary component QJot':ict E'tl'~tnthe :srmp~est "Summoning speU is long and ".and: KIlI~~j[t Ohn'ul' dropped a syllable hi.~.ummnnihg supplieant.\lI! f:!Iu:tfibefc.ab.amp 1~.ust do.u resent heingsnmmoned to th.:rn: (see the DN":s .mo. ofexperti:s:e and . bargaining. of a. m~nt~ fa'r the location are .ma. and how much iliey iU"'€! lil~.cO'l!'eritltg the pDW~rs ~l1d abilidies of the demons d.o:m~nt tQ inmfJ:Ujpi( the ceremony W [[.ty wh ieh is llldl1lg summoned. :Ii space fifteen feet or Mo!re: across.his i5 the modifi.s IS the case.till. so that nobree:z:e aCcidentally snuffs O.oclt! ur~ lik~ly to beLh~ same.rtimlarly true if There is & 25% chance tha.fQcrl: widemagk drdeID~Y 'be£m6 fOil:a demenene. Ex:p~'lswn 1'he area :n.logy) is the. the types.omingd:emon.a]!ly return .Note BargJ[injug 'belQw).ta de.same circle.e eir~li. but ngt n. worse it . is ~![!mmo:nll!d" it W'lil] aJut~matlC'.[le. TM require . when an. lurb~ lhf'! magk d[\d.11 tlu:it lDrdll~s and Im.tlOughro~Q.ally quite ~pecifk.ich it bi iiln~. nl)w di.e rhe !'t:IU of cUs. be cJOnv]fi~ed m 5'hare that ku.e 1}i!!'PnOH cKn:rJwledge table. it lS not complete. T'he lower the 1llu:e:l'illy destroy~d. it mlght nOL :Wiilllt In S1ilY. awl hooted in a W1E!BrbyDf.l1lLffi1!i:: mc. it :is.owled. silver dust or some other tem.mg the.gh ruh:-..g musr dtsru eb rheea !:=~fiJi"$ conCieri nation encethe c.oo. For ~xample. :Don.~ let this happe.ng.wsthe tt~ue Dame of' a demon of a lesser !!!1'I'hough wh~rhe'r he can.t Sl1. And il1t did know. There may be s.of die:m. must be completely s.S:fSp prnCle.~ be~arge e.moaof tbe eighth. Also beaWfife th~t the ma. The s:i tie :muat be: ror Prim[t: U:must bef:u away from anY' pryi.nuortable dist. - wllt]e the aoovefniomulItiQn to the races IOJ Jeuu:lJ. in terms of the deItLonk fel!1::3. No matter what group they are in. :requis:fte skill {or l:ht:cb.. stand at a . r!l!ncll'llnt'hh'r.alJ['~ad'y~e~]] pu blished. a {flUr-.t!.oiI'Wd. WhUE: its knawledge in the a. demon of cl:u~~econd cirde would pWbilibly kuuw who a givri.reiltis ~tensive. Ar~.ngIllttt:llS nooses. th.ln~ds.~gi!ccircle 'W'\U created using . ill. .satenis own races.[1!l!11:ullt than duough lookm:e. Circ'llmscances are outsrde of a demon's realm. in a book.e summed 111 p me n!J!ll!l!i!O£.lI1 hawu W~1:! having 'an affair with.ng c.i.u..of this c:il'de (see Nam~ ibelow).the one in wh. for a summonIng is to find [heaJppropri~te S:hi@ vhe ritual. dernens of lh~ same ci.:sil 1:~a:F]lJ~d.Y need. f'eel fllee ·~ochange the' type:so. bacldashn-om a speUtha. pJil(l.('Jd S~rJll6lH! tosuir your ca ID'PItIJgn.chalk.l!ien~ who might . of secrets they possess. En.rlEln'lon'g at!!. A s~x.of usimgs'taa:t .ge (denu::Il::!Q.l.lddenly . d~m[m iis.~s on thiG plaJle.€r £ot '~~t@rmiF..au. l:~l'el.y 'Wish to .n dismhlsi.pora. Still Air Theair around the site. or d.d\.!.!.I.ffion Prince ·mB.ec~5ilJrlly how h~ actuMJy tel t ahout.o<wledge This: is tn!!! .!:..~red 'on c:r.U1 a candle. 01 KD.ome obws. If tru.expeded tha t the DM. aiR likely involving: preparation.~ t Dhlll'ut . DC Thia .I's plane. hut a .lvt!.tmg. These [iu:tor::3 ar.f lnfe:rftslFeats :!I.hty i~lg.'l:owledge lsa dUfelient question.anc~ fi:o.iti..ThiS! is pa. to be large enough ~o coutatnthe enLi.g:i.p.ng.[CII~T:S plii1I1i.~ . Fae ts 8lI'e one thing.eeds 'I:. - Bore 'M oad 1'.uau. demon's .erenmny ha5 5tamMl Lelet Name.@tr.. 'we Spell oJ SUillmDIiI. even The nrst 'thi ng you m.fficThl~i[ is to flnd ind~-vjdllia!demon.er a placew. ancl to a.~~bow difficult it is to discover the true IlLame a:f III d~n . they can grant ill SUMMONING Th~s.n to y".!:tdtudcwhcn it a:Ed.his pa1"amou:r. so that the: players ran ]ll1i". eirde Ima. the mapc drde into wbich if.tiom in th.ons. be lay. Iia demon won't {it in.y r:.i$which can. by the. hi.oose exaetly the wrong ·m.

dt~turbing It. which makes it less than ideal far the containment ofennnes who. time you l1ii1i.ien{:e 'ham n.rst of mIt it's vital lhOJlL nn objects hang over 'the magic drd.ing thin me' break as well. f~L~ llilli a funny way of int~f've:ning. While no entity wtrhtn R 'magic c{rcle ean tde any 3tllOn that 'effect:) the lines 0·£the magic circle.. en at their peril fi.Oll.or Th@ Magic Circle Thi:s is !.:iu.oner t.k. complete megic ways La ~aLt: a magic: circle.t is to for circle on.e ineonven.anspol't sUPPlle$t food. Note tha t wbil~ the end ty itself is conllued Lu even the assmn.we. depiIm. The fLr:". It.y t! .S. etc. Don't try. in spite 6:£ 'tih. S@condly. This cen CiilJuse at 'break in the walls of the magic: eircle which the demon ran explo.iii.agu:crre e 18 '1L . This has the advan rage of b!.g fatd y q uic. surface is smooth and he isn't interrupted.e. There are two .halk cha.[Zhalk line.the . you ar~ a feast for the sl!avp:r"ng appprit!? of your newly summoned predator.Lclid It is nearly impossible to draw .etawb acros.impertant and ~asi]y botched part of the summum-ng proced..hill mUfi'li. cl~!(!.t wshion.. 8_sk no more from the geds than thl? opportunity to tear y.g to 'tr. sacriftces.s your . Imd if a mouse . The disadvantage is mat it is temporary.!i' om: your gizzard 1L -. is a dI erafl many summoners forget llI. iT is viral mat nothing he in the area dlat can (all' or blow 001'ill wry udu:r way cross the will of the cittlejfls this can cause il draw the magic: circle with som. etc. u: nne entire magic circle is voided md! th~ en ttty wi thin it is&·ee". AI] of t'hPSFI ~tl~re'menr3 explaIn why most: summoners prefer to do dlie h: work ill tall towers _far away fram other human Illlbit!J. bleed.O draw an average-sized magic circle. eligh tea. It unly I~es on Tnis about ten minutes for an experienced demon s umm.0'(' tne lI:I. an uneven surface.t'r. •d " nrosen m • an d 'eat "1'1 an.ding on how much...ve preperation.e son 'of temporary medium such as e.bout.rcoru.tloD.

ll.:: 24 hours sen.:e."t for r'h~ sppll1!.aU of th.kilN:':PS ~ed:rawing (or re-c. [f the summonersucr. which can. fhe· OM makes a ~2C_011.ua] :summunin.. Regar:dless: of the outcomeof the eheek.l ~~ nW[lmct"'R~.e~rmjne ~.)llis SUF~ m. Th~ 1..gic circle until 'h~ lSi Onee that lll~has it right the geometric pattern you've drawn into the eenter of tft-e . a demon summoner w.liilg Time: 301 minlll~~ be diffi. .stand p]ace.mmend th~t it take 1 day for and .<lL1l tallow at each. perm.. A careful summoner .l! for a circle :10 met in circle.k .tlly. Spel]c. strme.ingT. i5P~Uhd~}.5 d~ys fOil: ~wn'.]shes to c:reat~ a magic ei rcle theDM mekes a h iddren SpeUcr::aJtcheck (. Thlting addi ti Qna] time does not e Uec.ath candle.ll~~ h of '[he e_ighrc:ircles).eds Wl.c' ciDdl1l one that cannot be erased ElcddenA:. Sa!v. OM .and lilt in an mde:r spadfied by UJ:~ lJ 1di viJ.ftime' it 'takes to cane the cirde.E! bamrner m surtCllU1ding '[h~ mii~c drcl~" Note rdu. how long itta:kei!lito make the perf1e. is r~qlli.p~ It is up the.t'!~.days) to' create the magic eircle to roll. whtlestone can t:a1keweeks to d. roll th_. when.(':ucie..moeD.specific sigH in.arvinp. 20) tn 'See if the demon summone r is aware of how well he did.cl hid. tarnishedsilver cly.e floor.r~w deseribed Ibelow.e!..ts:~ V~S.Q5h'~: . 'fh1.~ lmes of the magic (.den Sp~llcri3lt[ check (Dr:.)!nell tly is dependentoathe materiel c110 chiNtJ d:ui!dghl sh<l.n. Sal' !Wiz 3:.th the second.~m[[n summener nmsl1 pIa:ce a rrandl!'l m.o."1]1". [f the. for the summoner. .!IJ bold. Wood is qutekesr. d.:Iso leaves a hug~ mi1::glccircle engu:avedofi th. 100 Ran'i. The demon summoner actlvates :the m~.en h~ knuws whBtbr~.['lie.r hL!'! W31S 5UCC~!lS fIll or nut inthe Cillliition of the magic d rcle. it.tricalpoints (i~'l .trec:t.:1i!!i b\'!:E mnst drawthe . periect magic circle.. but dil1filtd. The summoner may take an adell tional tWE!'nty mmutes (if wllrklng 11'1 chf91k) or nni? day (if '~rktng ln stone) 00' create the magic Idrde to . magic ~ude ofruoy size DUl'adio.lfde~:s lh~ TIlle second AFproach to &_.DC 2$).om. the amount o.:1 rcle must J'£':mOll]lFI'i:nr.d one atthe base of e.hmw: Speci~ Spell Re:diStance: Sperci@l This spell ereatas an invisib].e dttle by easnngthe m3lgiL:L.e~ l'ouch Target: One. walk very wHy when you're dose to the m~:gi!C .eight syml.raft f>}H:~. M (m<'llg'1r: dr-de) Casd_. of ..! to engrave it into a ham su"hs:tancer such a£ wood 001' i.i1l'lg m :>Iny day!'.ad~ af hum.is cessful the summoner creates a.. lBmaros.:ii roil The summons [' may :take an addjtion al twa hOUNl add +15 (GF' l~n this three .r.uwing a :mnglc cirde.In game terms.r 4 COD1:r.g].a..tchIsFoIl.cdy w~.ct magic it isreao..dn:J~t care- mmpl~L~. fal mere perID:anent IIUi. :llit'!. If not . n .t ifm~ mrllgi-t elrcle is uortprop~rly pl:"t:lI?a~\t:d the :speU SUCtlll:t::Us. but to :1:10 e. J but it creates a.lIdd +10 to thj.eul L to explaj[J_ when we local cleric wOp'S by for tea.':S Law Albjuration Lev.d.g ts p~11.b.

main summoner andean 1m in if he s. u~ow . a spctehosen by the cuter.in. Therets a di {(~ren t version of thts spell fer each race or demon. back would not).spells of 'me i3!WS of the magic ctrcle. the . No not sl!mmO!l1 addiHonalcrleaJ:tun~s.uddenly stum- ·a demon's.11.S :l :portal between the lnj.s aCJ.j.I:is.oCiedu. SpeUs whooe cffe·Gts dOllot ~ro~s waMs ~fth~ magic .J. but this is net advised unless tIm (laster dismisses the daman speU &e. V. E~c. .fre. Curing 'lime: Thirty minU!t~ (o~um~~n.l1!u .. (jjJ!.e to summ.on.--. SUJll. 6m EF~ali[]T'~S inside th~ magic circle may ·the ~l1tity be.a.~. If it succeeds the hauler U:::seJ£ is deskoyed andSiny other entities within the magi~ circle @iI'€! ·.di ti. this is the only spell whkh :specifically summons .~e. tra.on the demon.lLlll~ic. H the demon me spec.Sfflogspell5 JJf sum~onin. demon.atks which through rhfl bardtlr.tan.ulik~ nl~. and it is a rare surmnuner who h01:!li JiVl1'!d. other spells summoa various monsters. IJllS~ll.kin~..in amount of vadation.pedfy .. so' many demon sum ~ moners dlOOS:@ to haw wlel1!.3 ma..gk drde is 'LOm. The same spell is used to summon and dbmis.<l.g uUed (!round. If . It can. clrde.t:lp~l~'r wb~~ .te. f'~(.{ the $pt:lt Deniuns al waY:li resi:n a summoning wi th thei I' SR. entity cannot.lJ. The magic e:irdehlllis no efl1e. sep~ratcly.ge: Close (25 ft +5 frJZ ie~ls) Ial'get: One random el{t:Ir. T:h@ i:llld ('feaTure DtW C. but must be. and and.~naine.ullty e fearing the wrath and eternal tonnent Olt the ninlh eleele en dde~ Ithat . i.\I demnn Irom the Aby*".l'IilJonms: Once the ~a.ludivrdual du.g dh:netl:S~Q. A The caster may end the !'Ifell at "llny time. secret name nfthat successfullyre:Slsts.aF.llL.from w:Lwin the magic.\dli: '!ill i]1l~ ve lit by any means. !:m::1'~1 W1th the.spall has . This means Lhatllld.lJ.:n LOLli 1][ t.]e from the olusiJ~.1iIlilLbe Jj~14!!i :uu~. u F()rtu]:u'I:celY1' bowever~ :s.cLe:s:~[ul will saving thmw against the DC of tile spell.d and all ort:!l.re beyond! binding that uphold feSPec[ and adhere eo me' 1 Ca.lanar entity ·ofa given race (sea text) D uratlaa./Dis:miss (Race 1011 le:mon)1 D Gon jurat. will: p~l' to t<:uulum. snmmOninghavero be cast very pmcisely!.'JJ. circle.re is not only acceptable 0111 t also cO]1sidel'ed~il1ti:stic~. _.otrin_g may not be carst . it.~clL 'I'h~ymriily b][.h type 0·£ demon has its own spe. "[:h.ll f'or summontng it.nni!dby a bow an IUliSS mm nmgoo.~re~ sent at the summonlag who chant aluug Wilh.lmO.he nametl r:dC~ V~.a. wishes to he mus [ s.1l.€I'pnnn th at ~pel]:l of su:m. define the Laws of Belaresh.nUlQU8 Savwg Throw.etiv.<l!. S'U.:s plane and the Abyss and as: well.individuru.1itie:~ cannot p~ into or cut ·ofthe miJgic. lung ~J1UllIgh tn know !.c:irde may be c~t. tu Jillm:i~l) ltaD.liag~he casting o.."! demon m.erproepllfa t"ions ha'Ve beenmade.Lht: do not 'involve qutll fited f~om bles.nythJ:ng to dist:u.lde Ult: .iO.:h~ demons of thepl t.trl.B :is~r~mely dU£i!::·u]l. Ihe trapped. It'Nu']]t.E! spe:il5 for :rummoning a11I.eton non-extrapllllDaF p-n titi ~$L Su:mm.m. it is tim. When used to anmmoa. the spellbriet1y Op~tl. tsLl.l!t:: bys:s.ific:._. """Dm~onenlB:' .l~dpl~uru. If the summener b iii.~ the demon.sevet~l effer rs.d assisrants . aIlll ~pen-li1e. (Caning) ~v~J~ Smnmrn:n.n taliiting p:r.e adk:m.~b the mag~c eirc.peils of summo:ni:l!l_g tan be castby seve ealpeople at once."QSS vh..e firs~ 1. ~~li:la.!!J ILw iee if ~1 is Lu bl:"! lil!!il"!.. the oonseqlleuu:iS of au errur i. _.h.ee~ Yes While.ag:mc. repr~~'I.nd :1'l.o irJl:i.&am th~ b~l"~it!r O:U: return to ll.su:mmornng wk.ab:i.The .a melee atti'tck.ilIylt~ ·they ~U t!. each of whi ch must be learned. do flI.~r equal tolh~ hall·1lI B 1evel of Spells.:5 th.rud .k:m.@!ba rri er. Kirst Lo summon a demon:and th~:ndismiss it.. .pl~~iiiI.aU:.gic circ.1IJUlI01 reach acl'OSS cannot however wnuld its own body puts (i. includm.. _p-_. s one m.wavel No maUer how powerful!.pcd entity has speU resistance it can make ene ane:mpt il!very 8 heurs re bllleakrhrough thi! hu risr 1by m!i. from inside the m.oooI CTI:'\eatures can bl! summoned in to . up).

oner (who must also k.hiili.caste't designates and remedns on this plane until it ].aft 'M.the .@~ e.A puff of vHe-smelling s:mob emptfi within the circle.U:mU3 a:ny -represen'tadve of the tate. thai!:.utside of lit!:'!! magi!: d~~.D or cl~s . Fot' thar reason possessIon of 'such 1'1 book is.he ubj1l:'!Cl:!i 'LOU.e 13-15 A .. a 0 levi!d demon. than Il:.s dismf~d 'or l't com'ple'te-S its ba-rgaill (sooBa:rglllning hrlp'w). lof the nex-t ~eveJabove 'we demen he tntended to snmmon. 10.UI!n.bjects . then. rule no more aSs1s.louttide of the magic circle. consider the mll ii. mare precious even dun irs talisman.er to.:sy death nr any 'h nldfl'l"s or ih@ :name that they call-get 00.. the rr cast spell forces the demon to appear where the .at summoner . . 'than gold-j more predou:a. inr:lesc:rillably me.e spell without incident. The summoner(s) calls upon a demon. not just one that has been summoned by the caster. 13-1S).r. Dute.. consid- ered very dalli:gt::wu::.of COUll tlcss quests 'by dem()tI S'ummon.KI on Names To a demon there is oue Ithing I.. 00£ d:u.~l'. Nonetheless. is its: secrer naliil'l@.s more precious.Because spells of summoning are so precise the' summoner mw..it appe.~ magic cteele. roll on the fellowing table. then DQ summoningtakes pla. ineended). Sfdl. bUL must are ea.emons that wish to destroy them and cuntain.t make a Spellcraft check: (DC . wlu:lU LliSI!!. no cf:fc:c:t. g3in dle knlow1ed_g. creature.~t:r tu return home' .J 1!lIS a ~peU uf dismissal. Otherwise.ag.one word that DOl only de. Iid1@ demon w1ishes. de:ruon.Ol." 0bvious reasons. 'to summon (if this results in.:e).above [he demon he intended to summon (if the'tt:: i:s no sudI everyone who has ever had . ThaI:. keepwe:Lf secret names secl!'et. 2JD The SIlI?i]] :r~verses.sfuDy• summonecL but it appeaw. .20)~n oedar to cast th. and there is another demon summ. of the leveli below the demon h.apFe. 'but also encompasses it audcalls until either someone succeeds at the check or 'there all at thE' summrmars present.ars o. wey 16-17 The summoner(s) draws £Ol'ih3.quests 'by d.may make a.. but .demon is sU(:ccI.fines the demon. and has a much betrar ehance of C'olT'!tmIHng the demon when tt Fol. lhe caster can 'Use the spellw Cl.2 0) and . demons go to great lengths '00. and such Ithe SIDtlmoner(s} into the Abyss~ sUl:CiessIu]]Jy.m. than We' screams of its vlctim:s. no milttcr }UJlVt! dJ:scuVJ:'!~d the n ames of CErtain dl1!IDOn.any contact wWth them. tron bound grimoir:es" These grimoirefil are the o. it may nuemp't fO resist with its SR. de'man of rhe nexr ~J. No demon evervohmtarWltflt it is oRl1led .the arrives . 18-19 The snmmO'ne:r(s) d'['a:wsforth iii. 1-5 6-9 .S and. including .. a few groo't summoners of the past ily reveals its name.e intended.. recorded them in their great. If he {mis.nuw dut :sp~ll) 1Issisling.12 A Illt:!mun i~successfull 'l summoned (one Jeveol Iower ilian. If the roll Is IW1ed by it He who has know~edge of a demon's name can summon that demon mdiVl:duaJly.eck (DC . but it . Tlu~yare itbu !.ide.

but the DM i~ the ultimate au-thoci ty '~Ul wba.pel'.llre crea:. such benefits are rare (usually ifV'!::lry three levels) and [he powers gain are cumm~nl'iunll~ 'Wt 1.UO'u~to do unless you.g iolli!r.~1:I. (UI' demons of the 1iiixtb circle.e di fferent typeaof mlorm~ non and will Rot in work ou.l..iS to make an infernal pact.P nnt . 'between tb~ fC and the demon andreflect ~ilLme mechanics. summoner should choose his demon wisely. as well as be aware.urpoo.1.pecii ~ Ie pleee 01 iufcu. spell caster equal to hrs circle leve.1.So why do people u.mmon/ dismi. the DM may n~quire: Lh3. R moning a demcn is much too d. for Ihe demon Ii.gh.!ilt.. sumraoners 'ra~y a.li diff~tent types .and.il-a..:g .gain ban uses for a w'eU-equip_~1!dlibrary and extra. Demon semmoners 'can be forte. are pi:1C~ . Obviously.pm .' iCasti:lIJ.gruesom~ . . rescued maS'.ble to.L !:lome iii!: liun li\le place that enCQl. I! Note tha't to every case' these powers are much d:(ff'@:~n rh 1'111"1 th~. it is not nccC!ssm-y to be able to cast .'I d'!'~whlil('k . requeste.on.lmg. A demon P fights for one hame. vvill not teach.of powe.l"s. is a series of role-playing opportunities a:ndp'Cs should not be handed item after item and spell after spell just because they know how to MIst $u~nrn::m/ diS'miss. brill~ or cajole deraons into performing. Ingaree terms.e demons of his world. Thf'y . a :5peU.fplay assume a demon is a. Teaching . dt!~no. ltave a very good Meson to do so'.~ <I: bwt milliE! [:<HlI Lnilt: lbe: S ummoner's ·Knowlea.guanl dogs. m. Th..qk for :such a. no more.le.evelop a list of powers fur 'lh. time 'ralm In the research. is usually Ff!!5er. the name {rom the FeSOUl'OOS ava. properly.Ii' a . i~ p. The InJerual Ft:YlI. This.1Fea[S.u. also wades well. these grimo:lres mab ex_oelle.ntquest 'jl@ms for summoners.1. so the _.reviOU1Sd~cussionl sum'. Tnfe1'na.t a de mon wiU and.lI'ages the PCs to seek out the demons.11'lilt: detrlmen t they pro"Vide y·ow: character.ndertake such a. DiHen!n~.!. riiSk? Because dem.. However. including: • prov:hii:n. bound by chains 'to bark when trouble comes . times two... Gi'ri:ng (. tlnd not just murk a few boxes on their charactee sheets.::I. Retrieving atreasure for the aummoner..eJul t The above liSt.t~'s[:'@rro'r can lead to rh~ surnmrmar's . him. The di.contracts) etc.lmS ol enormous power that occasionally assist demon s:uromonerswho know how ro deal With tn.rNK!B. DM's: who wish to auremare rh is:.J.:mation. Dillerent types 01 demons ~rovid. WHY SUMMON A DEMON? As you can s:e~ [Will the p.ge (demonology) skill to determine if the summoner derives.s.nscast dtf£el"- ent $pe]b and the DM shoulld d. that eVE!ry power comes wtrb .s..h. Since: the demon almost always requests more paylIHlfit than 'thetieaslU'1E! is wortlt.:Jd 'illn fat: t the name itself either engravedon a statue in the bottom 'of a dungeon) or heard from the dying lips of . many services.d2mon never answers more than one question peT summoning. Summon!?:" should .tside the:lf areas of speeialhaHon. ilhting.DMlis: NO'f(.01' getting}thf'~ su.so choose yOW!:' demon and qu estion ra raful ~y A .mmolill .UmmO.I. J:!'orease o.s.v@d.h.a spell.nal powen.Ls the other ·ml h. Different demons specia1i~.

S1. or else Ito its wot~e nature (JtUnun~ do not have betternat-ur>!s)lby bribing bim.ofguH~elmeg. n demon suanaener and il C].'t~t:"Uf' Lh.. PV. but how this particular demon happens to be &ding . i1 rm:i]d he thp basis fm some strange and inresestjngadventuses. the foUowm.fu J demon m:1y grn h A pro hing spear and use it to 'ki]1 everynne in the room. Now imagine this Uttle pest' demending a f!lvo~.1I1 ~Yi:~ of demrn::l"'s ff!Qin.'e.gi. Then imagine being suddenly yanked out ollhnlL world an d r. Fo-rcing ill demon [0 do your bidding Is ~ emely difficult.augh this is incl.g [~hthat way for manYl many centuries. mag:icdrdlil. 'but given ho.Knowledge + Name + Talisman). their demonic guesU! . ml~-play- force it into cooperating. to attack the demen in lin effort to strong-arm him into .oner JI It manages to break free Irom IlI:H~. 1iI demon tough. since iii J]O'.e:mon. What follows ara a set.a:r~n WJ~tfi.de~ennining.. since even Lh~d~(lns . seconds in no the Abyss. be to do pnWf.UrIrmane']!' can use in deilling with !!Ii demon. between a demon summoner and the demons he masters. and voluntarily helping :her.l1t~ biilrgaining between 'the summoner !:Iudthe dleIDo. There are b3Sic~ll'Ytwo methods a demon SI.n should be role~pJ:ayed. This Jl)~flt:!L ts nnt om]y t.rnity) will happen. the moltle it wil1..Bas~ Mood Number lof that demon's particular -circle.y. Wouldn't ev'ecl'yLllbl. Have you ever bellS'n rttdlly angry? So (Ingry you j[L<.er is lequalJ te the .I r the deal.gh LO inDict th~l. Tn.BARGAI_N ING Play out the cauiru.m be me .tuiU!y befrienrun.l wanted fo.lg or enchantment befol'e the Jemun tore them to bits:. Demons p.lSit summrmers pJ!lefel' to lb. to react to a specilic offer: (d:20 +Chafisma Mudwf!r + Mood + GOOOJ3 + Victims + Service -I. to help DMs and provide hl:l:iigh l Lu j_h~ eompl elf rpla rtonshlp that exist. at least as long as they are kept ins:ide the ma. and wi~h good reason.Boon Requestf!d+ 'Name (if used) + . desrroy every stick of furniture m the house? Imagine ha'Vln. Daily. The'more porwerfull the demon. A1 th. to rip out th~ hean 'of its summ.gaiu.8auuJolls will 'talke. l'hi~ can also bel hazardous howevei. to undermine demonic negotiations. Since you cannot cast spells into the magic eircle which holds the demon. Wea1tb}' J~m[Jn summcners haw hilled gl'oups of figh.but who are sufficiently powerful ~Lluu.lUlJi if j.:rou_gh means. No one will! e~r streng-arm ill demon i11tO a ba 1'gain un l@~s It' is utterly ccrrvinced that it will perish if it doesn't ag.e eircle.8.QU. deal.res-ent being summoned out of the .t. While ".of lowes:r circles c.ilt that moment.~ilhe attempt: rn fOfC'e rbe demon in'tC. you can neither be ensorcel nor tan you dam. The mol'P plac:ated a demon ~.. howe. and promises and. Role-playing Q Demon.g in ydur your 'first reaction. Mf.!'r 11:0 destroy this up~tm"t?' That is the mind-set that most demnnshave when 'they enter inton bau-:Sllin with a demon summoner.on fi nerl '[0 A riny magic circle by ill pathetic creature whowculdn't Iast L~.l"mg~ on y.ters vvielding e~ther missile weapons .g equation is a . Same extremely hrnve (and usually mo:rt~lived) d-emon summoners have dropped magic cirela spell -an dl attempted 'to COIst spells of bindi1'. All paym~~ is up front. Therefore.or ]Qng speaf~.I.ntaUmI betwE!~n summoner and 11 demon.Abyss.g a summoner. and that you have spent those can turies surrounded "by creatures W not: only fe ~1 the same way and glorify feeli:ng that wa.vet" there' is historical precedent for a long-.21L something pi}lll'1l1:y atwful (:s:uch u being bound in as mallglass jar for aU e'te. ing. t. betrayals that such 'n@.~gp rhem 'wirn s~US! to No see of roles Call eve r quantify the twists and 'turns.dlbly l1!Ilre. the less likely it is. the fa:l:~tu good.rprlsingly.tem1l positive raJatiomhip "b:Hween.w resIstant demons are to spells even othensumrnoners consider tha.!t"vtr offer credit. minu& rain. of . here haw b~t'!n T several mstances of a demon lllc.'ilu.[ doesn'r agree to the boon requested. Making the :Bargain Mood This num].gs about people'. how likely a demon is. it is a slap' ill.s me.e summoner tim . In th e moe t excruciating ways possible.t fooH~h.

A IYptca] r. .OO(l gp worth of treasure in a specific.01)0. and no c:rNlwro is more misera hIe than a demon.mng sentient creature offered to the demon.. For example. to lifelong service.xcl1'!ptpe'rhaps its vietim (s).1. so an offe~ of service will 011ll1(Il make a good impression on a demon. 'They fully appreciate the v-ahle that other creatures place on such things.die need.IS tn d.ffeF~d in gold pieces divided by the 1.== .£! task.. The summoner gets a one.' demon. unwi. however.cluding other de-mons) lIlis~ry! --.n. short-teem r-equest. Oil n r1J how fOreign j ~ ~~ Luthe iJlt. they do o"Ippreriiitif!a·gond magieweapen.tproportion to how misp:ry oft giwR. @.her creatures (in. Doon Requested Hc~e a:!lja:inrhe DM will have to make. rile TIM 'MH np. +7 for a pledge of order to get. ijl ssjgned rn demon is.t~h~ easter. for gold or j ewels.tml A. a founh-level summoner would ~ juL. The typical range would be +5 if the request involves CII!I.c'd to make equals the value of the treasure o.t should be hl1s~d. So I..S-ery the service will cause the summoner. and how much good it wall do the.misery loves cempan y. and the effect of alrhough much are so many dili'erent types could offer <I at services a summoner treasure on a demon . tin how much./ .[ng@would hp a +1 for a penmlse Itofulfill n~d to give: up 20.he..lgmt!ut Ciii!L lH.OmJ/4 X 5. based on how onerous tb.lSwg ot. a one-point bonus. mj.poiu t bonus for ~very conscious.irec. Beeausethere Demons h a!veno spec.Goods Service Demons EDam all circles enjioy omen serving and worshipping IL.:]]UIU'S nature.0(0) Victi.evelof the summoner 'times 5. a call.g:oll.(20.rn.ib number demon.l!'l ~.

and is rnnrs la~I'ably inclined towards (Note that rims.! cle:mon e:me['gea~ .J:cnv.attack summuner's request. is the.ea. When it h!1iScompleted all itsbU'gilms wilth demons are p~u.!.t'Idthi! sa ms quests and penaltiee can be . ·tab .delnou is 3.th. Ii) +2.given Ute.re or during its ful- but will ha. "nn harm" dflU~.1lS...gl t.es ted. etc. billFiain with a . and a 25 -.has to .h.v'Eral f rne:. cllmce. and refu~s to have any further EXcept to km h tm tf .y. wm 10-IS The dcm. uncea every being any positive relationshi~. dealings wIth the summone~r.30 The demon is ~. metric mjg~u:be: or comes first. KDowledgE! 'thi!i 'rpfll1"ns die 'summoner knowing the most appropriate wary to liIddn:s:s t. .a +10 bonus toaehlev- man will gi'lle the summoner mg thebargain he is hopmg for.se if if ~!i mentioned.othCJ:tp~robJem iii that a demon is as secretive about the identity of its talisman as it is a]:mut l1:8 name.1i1Jhat it L3. pleased. part Oif all agreen ent liIIndlilke no 1Jf£~ri.p of ::II demon's name gives the summoner a +S bonu:5 inthe ba1'gaJl1in~..e. whichever cl'ediLl~ !..~1E! n tactOl'Sj in which case all o:f the mc::llors should be included in the total.on.sed: chance" me c. J).which the demon spedalizes. ramer e. The hligbe:r the roll the better the reaedon is. summoner. me which protecta the swttmOfier from :summary death at the A AUmP-Tlt of the bargain.. A demon holds its talisman second omy to lIS name.ffer.). Uke.~ described ebewher~. hands of the' demon befe.art ot the bargain.:. A summoner who makes. True NaD1@ u the request is..-S if the demcn. U.~ ~ barga.of its ontissiOl1_ .) L~~ L dismisses the demon hack.ilJppUed to the process disc. and will absoluldy pr€:dmk the pn~ ibi~'iJ.ent~d by th~ sied!i'cagreeJ:oem.i:l"de and . s particul:u' TYPe i of demon. magic: . It 3J~H) helps him.2 bon.advam:age . sugg.~s e il:8 payment:.th~ .kh :is sometimes cUi!~v.ril1ing to g:r:ant 'the 30~JS Tbe demon is well-pleased. Talisman .ely DO somethmg ~n oll'der to fulfill the request o ifther~qlle1jl t is tor iniormationin an area to (U»: The demon isfunous.~ct this: to be. .m i~ will stick to it faithfully.Knowl~dge ~n@monology check gE!Ua . It mayor may not !1ttacit if giventh~ 20-25 The dem'on.U11 moner low~ th.ly to somehow imperil to breu through the magic circle.hm'se (wb. two~edged s. between the demon and the caster.IJw the demon's true lwmrt. the use of a demun 's IBJtsman is somethin~ of j}.oven D.!!I!10ns.n be t the summoaer next time. likely to be. aJ.gJ. and does nor . The . to the Abyss once :it has tini bed its part 'of the bargain.s the DM some indicaticn of how lhe d~mu]1 ts go+ngw~earl to offer.wol1d..ticaJIy part of g. on its n~t SR nl:'S1L Lht: summnner tha and -io the demon.. the SltmmlOner will have 'to b']. and completes its p. aud may in som@ waJ.ppn. It will also ensure The d emnn's €!temru enmity tow~al'ds the C3!stel"!. A clause marc 'lS NOT sU'toma. It gr:mts the summcner'srequest. demor! has mad.. 3 successful . to b~gJlJn 'iNith the demen. SWpris:in. is insulted. in order for there to be a next summoned again.5!. It receives.. and attacks cnance' it: gets. w hether it prefers male 01 feuliile victims.hl'l:'!iiI!L "D hum 01" d£!stroy a demon's udis.A b0011 m~y ind ude Cili". M~20 The demo'fi is nau tralte reconsider if the offer ~s inr:l'. If the two strike a baIjllin.y of '[here . A demon's true name riot nn1y a1'lows the summonee to specify which demon he wil3hes to> summon. The toi:al of this tOn + modifiers glv. while not convinced.moo to 11lclude !li r. or twen ty-£ow hours have' passed.c.

The demon cant if it wishes.tic piriestwho frn:nly be]:eves that .diigb.[ira:~nl5 incl1l1d~.lll"@iy m@ demon b~ ck the dan.icbry and. SoJliill]. and it makes more which S~f'lse Saaru:€!. aH-NEE'-ra1l). to djsm~s. the bdy of corrupliofi.hen the demen cCHfipletes its pa-rt uf th~bargain 0'1' twe:'[lty~fOllfhotlfS pa"\1s.@[Wng i~ e'n~oys.(:C:UJ['s~itl'leJ' w.'Sl.tliJ[Ig lhdrwutlihip £lJr n.n@wl'.'l.He appears 0:3 an enormeus (12 :feel tall) corUU. have reached.hre.3mrtS .[I.it j mme::d.su(' h as ~e. The mo~t eommen d:~s:miS8al is thea utematie one. pictu...rt'!d . is [ewiul eviI.gJ1.ulal' demon. this Pilf' tk.f (MEH-~l:flhtar) . Dl'!3tam s domains are evil. however.Jaw and CC1iI'TUptiun.. bw and J goo of death.~U.etimes.~[lS:SAL Tllt!~:cbsmissal Abyss <lind then 01 a demon opens a portal to the i1eJJ!POHS should be reve1(\e'd...ar.the point wh!l!retlhey can gran tspells to their wUI'8hippe[s tihe Palubri nge1'. l~wful e.tt. Ulllll!sS in the roJddIl!!of s:o..t::! :in the sCl'ea:tns and. mduding ceuncilers ~.l. WQ. [Il.~mbit~oU!s b'\:lire~'Ue:rats. 'G:[uryiIlighJs favonte "i"teapon.The DM is urged to create more.' t MenetO. veil of dea.illy lr.l 'ing th@ S\lmmnnfi!1' 1 along wj:1i.rai31. en tities have sur- passed the normal limits of th~il" kindt and.They are U:Su~ . His dOJ.tims. mlth.! a' ~fIImp]i f'llg of to its or[g.uy way:!) ~u.the lord OfP:1]. Her domains at'€! evil.. ~ whip. resist the diismiH2II. it becomes dear ·tlUl:t ~[le. The. where they havepOV!l'et on thisplane.l lbBTI~] litES.by . hetfa:yored weapon. SAANBEILAA limb i~om limb.~vil)]aw. ]s lawful evil. s:eills. iii.:l iislht: ~deity~ whirhth·ey wi:!!h they were.d .1y flllilierman risk it e:scaping me' L~" ma~ic eirele. H~.fl.DU.ys daing irfOF the.!NiTcn~ 'WORSHIPPING E.tiltli:l r~ poi . wililbe no b~l'giiliin wttt. His dde is The Lord of the Unae~d.gO'H.l:. who.ough there is the ccceslcnal fal'm..Menetor (or whielu!l'V.ht: puwt:r tIn: ~ndty will grant. comJi!!lyerinye~. kBit!p I2'Y ufjhe uFadlBad.l'h~e ere lni.ila·b].ir own. p]eas for Inilirey of his helpless vic.rCH]. URAAM Dnam (D RA H M).e lor 'W'(lluhip. their domains .~r) is£he greares[of all cosmic enriries a nd 1:1:1~.y do.~..pJ.e almost alwn. and w.~asllre in the p!. include those who diesireto control the lives of omen rn:oough .m.gennu: ones" 11:u~ @l1iti tj..onhiped . and in IlllJ. thew.entali domiinatio'n.i. He d. those aVl. those who nn.inal mc~cadon. uliluallyw tJil!eamasement of its fellow demons .d.vH.. ($Q. Known as the Shadow Beh~nd.in of ot:he'lrs ofte:n wor~'hip Mp.. wishes to keep the dead in his or .'.rshippers of suchentities . her IS wOfshippel":!l. His rIde is by luge (they'd i-n !'. His worshippers include necromancers and others who wish to pieI'~e.YIL While de:moml and devthe whole don.. .. and certain small sects have grown up aroa nd them. is. and pain . _i:s: <I]]f'!nem"y i 'me the own: domain.<lIlfl. but r-arell.~s lj8t~d be low!!if. is the dagger: M.thwi iliout actuaUy st~pping (h. ().

. 'the 10:n1 .. Histavol'lte we:apo:n i:1 the club.he w. BLOOD DOMAIN chaotic evil. Srn!"'1I'l. H@ is eallsd 'the Des.1d disease.Sc~ng 6" Wind waJk i.~re @'wl. He is a man-shaped pool of d!lrlrn~s.l f '[be ~pe11. His !liI."Fllld I" .t Saane«raa Uwful B\lil ~"-"'-'=:'---Lawful evil 1aiwfu 1 IlI'vil Chaotic: evil Domai:ns Ch-aotic e.S chaotic evil. Hls WOl'swppe:~ are those who .ill spare them.g domain spelli:. o her delight..:1\g a 'L '--' .tm:~tjon r ~ri'kah tnciudin.owtng we. . B..rWs know her as W"ePlague bringer.c °Fea! Extend Spell Spells: aged witheveI:j' Sheappears as a.troyel'. Granted. chaosilIIn.: You may cut yOU1'5df while ca. you suffer une poi" L --ot damagt' p~r 1. in the hopes that 5. ~ delights! in the spreading of disease and deaeh through (Jut the wor'i (1" iJ! nd hl?f wOl'shippE!I'S share Gr-anted 'Powers. is DOMAINS DomOllns mlirrk:ed willi an asterisk (oil) are reprinted' from the PHG for the player's eonvemence. Nol. evtl. tile some evil greataxe is.Pro'tec.ve.gly. Lh~ lfidy uf d. MO. Word of Chaos s.death.kl). :!)mpri:dn. RUU S. is a 'poisoned dagger.q{lon 'is the sap. His dfima:hts .isease.o..c:tio.':!.:~.~-'Sutf. Each time you do this.510 chaos and darknes. onL'~-bl?innifI11woman l'2Vmown disease..gth 3.vorite 'CHAOS DOMAIN* Deity: lienestrl1at Elri'kah. i.. Un_holy Aura Time Stop . Shatter 3. ELRJ'KAH eyes.o~ ::!1l.gE'ea'UiXE! instead of th. s. Animate Objec:'ts 7. PoWU"S: You can cast d!:laQS$opens at ~l caster It:vt!l. Her domains are evil. 'wut:ship him.LE AUpmcD. 1. Those who are threatened by the plague aha sometimes worship her. PliNESTRAAL Pene:Straal (FEH-~t. Rolisch'kah.oi darkness.'Vil Chaotic ~:vfll . 'H' UI. The duration of the spell is doU:bl~dper tbt: Metamagi. D" fight-ers. whose deeds cannot stand the light of da.~ u:s:ua~ w]u p.tion b-()W bw 2. ChansHaermer Dispel Law 6. Repulsion I'rlivers. chaotir (ELc-Tee AA. the lord of dcstnU':tion."~ _'~ H'Uge . Summon Monster IV 5. Bulh. gJg~no(' R 1or carr .H).CHrKAH Rousch"bh (ROH-/Gtsh I{AH). and ma__ nyevil bulbar-tans. EVIL DIETY DOMAIN Deity TAB.g · SPeIl'a. Magic Vestment weapon.es~. clu. He appears as alarge (nine-feet 'tall) zombie with decaying flesh that eouunually sloughs nff and reaews. He is the Lord of the Dark. weapon. His domains moe evil. Magic Ci:rcleagmnst Law 4. with OMY twog). The 4.Y.:¥tllcy in jd~s. his fSi"ffi. Cause Fear :2.d destru.CJidarlrn.p. Her favodle 1. .stin.

Enthrall .ture's eurrent mt pol't'f 1. lnvisibtlity 3.. Granted ("owen:. sur.. Mass Invisibility R_ P'ow~rWurd.Inflic'r Cridcal Wounds 5.).eclate th. Ohsc. Darkness Dal'lme. Spells. Wound8 death touch is a spell-ilea that is a death effecr.arrm Person 2.R. Disinte.s.reiltUl:'e and know exactly what thac creature w. Grante. 1 Cause Fear i 2 .Shatter 3. !Knell 3. Q)eate Ufide~d 7. slay Living 6.. Grante.. Contagion 4. i1 h'· 3. d' P.: Immunity to all natural diseases. If the total at least equals: thecrea.ants most 11'1 fi1e wo'rld. Des tructkm..atcr Undead 9. nrs.hL Wounds DA R'ffN'ESS DOMAIN Deity: Rolisch"kall. :2. brvisibiHl-y Sphere 6. Death Ward 5.8- cloak of chnus 9. Bli.ggestion . htll_kL lig. Su.ml DISEASE 'DOMAIN D~:ilY~ Fplie'_'ii. Gate DEATH DOM. ¥ou mlllst d. the snpamarural abiIity tn make <II s.t:eed at a mele~ attack against a living crearure {using the rules for touch spelis. Circle of Death i.uTin.4.s: You may once per day.Dominate Person 5. Implosion 7.g Mi:n 2. Poison 5.grate R E::m:hqu1ilkii! Spells:: 1. 4. In odd:itlOn. Aniruailt: Dead 4.1 single c. De3 truction . Ch. Spe.traal 9.lh: 1. Harm 7.~ you may add your spe]l~caste'[' level to.D~a[h. Lim [ted Wish 8.d Powers: Darkvision.When you touch. Inflict Moderate. Gtan'ted. roll Ids per' your eleric level.. Mi'nd [Fog G. Create Cre. Wail of lhl!! Banshee DBST1UJlCTION DOMAIlN* speth: I. Power.3. Dt'dly: Dnuun.(if you bit). :Slay Living 6. M1:slc01d 9.. throw again magieaJ diseases. Deeper S. Circle of Doom 6.$.s and a damage bonus equal to your c'lui<: ]eve:]. Summon Monster IX CORRUPTION DOMAIN Deity: Saaneeraa.AIN~ use 1:1 'Granted Power. Geas/Quest Deity: Elri~kah. Yon mnst.lDgI~ ~lBe auaek with a +1 attack bonu.d Powers: Once per day you may OOl'get. :my saving. smite :powru:. B.a 7. YOUI' death touch bili ty spells: L Curse Warer 2. Oontagiofi 4 . Demand ~9_W:ish snnte befol'e making the attack . You gain the.It is: usa::ble ence per day..

in t~!'action with humans and hwnanoid. wi rh . Men. Spell .B.a. You must succeed at amelee attack against .. Ro1isch~kah.d 6. Deseerare 3.s).Powcr!. Harm 7. . Horrid Wilting 9..u once per day. BigbJi's Crushing Hand . yo. 1. speUs I. Wrath.lly OIn the· {DUowing round (DC 10 + deric's Ievel + ~d(llm bonus). Granted Powen~ Your Chadsmai~ ccnsidered one higher per leve.in EVIL'DOMAINoill LUST DOMAIN Deity: Saaneeraa. Sh~cldof Law 9.. ereatUl'e (using tb~1 ndes Wf M. Draam.]iving. Dict'lUll 8. Calm Em.!. 1. Horrid Wi:hin~. Magic eiecle a.A'lN* Deity: Saanee:r.est 7. is considered [or all SkiU checks.rir:. easter Deity. Mol d Mon..oriofiS 3. wish Ii.g~in~L ChalJs 4.9 of 'rhe P~LtyCi'l'~S HtirtaltooK.2. SUlIU:QQIlMonstel' IX LAW :DOM. Gr. This ii. Protection from arnXI. . 5.u touch the r. 2.h a'biHty. D'i5pei" Good 6.ds 3. Spelh~ 1.ucn s:peU. Su.e:m1n.I Charisma of 13. EnLhnill 3. Refuge 8. YQU cas L law spells easter leveL SpeUs:. Energy D:rn.'kah. Blasphemy' Pi. When. Magic Circle against Good 'it . Blasp.ted PDWe:r8~You may use [he PO. at +1 and 1811!lff rolls mvolving.1'iNIOl1'e is stunned by I~t:!rlld.eLur. +1 Gra:n. .anted P. Fenestraal.al~ Mene'mr. m£lid Mode:ratle woun. Emotion Peroon . Masa Charm 9. Ull holy Aura '9. InfHct Light wounds 2.mjjlY make a Fortitude saving throw . CJ:rele of Doom 6.5. Saaneeraa.mmon Monste:r IX 'PAI'N ('TORTURE)' DOMAlN Deity: Menetor.&-0'111 chaos 2. oveIlc(nne the pain and act norma.'ltingpain as per the stunning attack rules on page 3. Drasm. involving 1[0 have a 2-2 Charisma NPC iDtei'accion . Inffict Serious Wounds 4.. Dominate Unholy Blight 5.s" FoI' instance a 9th cle.iii. 9. Geas/Qu.'l ill ::lpell-li.l~emy B. Dispel Chace 16. The: creature . Granted.each 'found to.. Protection.qrer 7.l for the purpcses of Dip:lomacy E'lri.. F eehl.Orden. Cltarm Person . InBict Cridcm Wounds S.Owers: You cut evil spells 1e'V'@1. Create Undead 7.W'ef exCTUdlit.

Cas t rules. Power WMd. wiped out yo u r vil L~g~.twck ~peU:s Gran tedPowe'n·: \VO'!. us U rpsd yOUi' krn g de~cra ted YOUT tpm plf!. Touch a.: I. )'~H.~:s speak u f k s pells f rom reel us ive dei ties th at non e have. Or tynmnical dictator15 on this list.g your character m yotU haruls.I Wt:1 ~ w ['UIi~t"J.xactl y what sort of evil you ate Granted there are some charactee classes yuu VLtly !L]nd. j:'01i.] the pcrsoaalities list<!'d below. I?g]S~T1 nds fes ter with diseese and puss from vour touch. Norhlnghere you frorrJi combine traits from several of thu t J~ill. Thl5 is intentien al. Wounds caused hy yom ray attacks fester with disease. th ese are nell hard and. O:I~pt'(Ji\.ighr WmJ1lrls.mag~ du nut heal P roperly Iru m yuu arul require magical healing only These points (whether lut POillts of ability damage) etherwise heal at 1 pel' d-ay.:Ility d rdJelY.0 determmee.lv~the room of g. You are a livmg extension of di~!%lS~ and contaglom. look lnto insecure instead of brutisb. EnC::t?S Drain ROT DOMAIN !:Vn T'hl8 ltsr is hy prohibi~ 11(1 means exhausrtve. lup. meg~lomaniacs. E']Kh description hegins with a background for how and why evil beha ves di(~ way it doe s. Virul~l1e~ and so on. Vampirk Touch 4. Someone slew I yotH' own past and decide why you're 5.~ and contaginns. and hefmE' you ran lead an :=tnny.JH1L fib.H'nl~% Background'.TN J:VTL ABCHET'YPES of Now that you've established that you want to be evIl. Th I~ j s meant as an Inspirational spriJ1sboard..h~lYfJ~ I. Insect Plague 6.a. puirus rrrahilhy Withour magical healing. Spelli.PLAGUE nOMA. Horrid Willi ng 9_ Soul Bind Thera are rumors of other dornai ns. How does tba t translate during mteracrion? Tllt:':it: p. .i LdL]~ fur nett rl y all character cia sses. £0 just .. THE AVENGER L"IL~ a~u.l1y r. Stun .. Disintegrate (touch only) /. Slay Llving 6.w. Spells: L Inflict Minor Wounds I 2" Summou Swarm . nom: of the se archetypes a re Ist level charac ten. Since you dt~ lLt:l~. damage) these whjdl points (wheLhf"!r hear at a rate of only lper day. These are guidelines and the first :step in your Joul'ney toward true ~v~iL You may notice there are noevil overlords. Damage from your ray auack magical ~'PE 11 s does no L hea 1 properl Ii! and requires hil. you have Ii compulsory brand at evil. p'ower!i: You are a living extension disea . Harm 7. ThE gamf' 11ot~S" tell yt)U how your personality translates into actual gllm~ rules. with no desire re move inro one au prestige class.3. see n before.1J. such as BILnd_!1@ssr Va:rmJn.ted.IJt:~ aJn~ ::=. healing.1f f~mI!Y was slam.rowtn. You know why you are the way yOl.el':::uui. dHH. 2.Jkt~L. there are role-playing nps. Inflter r . Remember. Finally. you nee d 1. But there. Creeping Doorn 8. fhlger of Death 9. no matter the Ie-velof the targer ereature. Enerva tion 5. ~rebhoseof youthat want ta be an ~vnfigbr~r Dr rogue.lffen ~iVi? Reg.. De-al h Knen 3.:dn:. hm s tur i. yuu must want sOlTl:ething morethan ro merely menace th~ lo~aJ townsfolk.. The:i~ rE~peL ri ve pDWe[~ <L re 1[111n uw n.l are. For starters.t: tln:~"tyI~lu Gram. These archetypes are purposely obtuse to l'l!. you'd best leern how to organize a smal] hand of brigands. You r career of vrllam y starts at lh!! hallam. Comagion 4-.u. nr sOIT1f!irhing eqw. In those cases. charactier.

s: Ave:ngeni' are not necessarily personal level whHe yawing up. You pl'eI'er to h@~ yOUl' victuns alive. . even if it is hom. common cause with them.ge:r know-that their end is coming.rd tbat tina] con&on.l. unapproachable r Aveugers are the most driven of individuals. so that they ]anguish in humlllatiou.0[ dlstance. or you. ihlf!! 01l1'Iy p~.Sf!skills are before 'QU~ o.tQtiorn can he lon·g.fnrf' play tn d. Death is sometimes necessary.for the momen t.ei r en. are also favored.iHation is so muela be:tte:r..1lS be1ngstrongelL than those iUUUIld Y0l:l. ol. Anything having te do with those that 'wronged you is now gui] ty by assodation and must in the same way you did.Jin~. Gather Information.H llflt:y must certalnly are focused.th to s. Avenge'fs much 0:[ 'rneir energy p.. Your past is not prec:y.QW!(l. b1!.thtlm.. Hide. Ave. You It:li1!ilt ~l] S't! ~ing them. The.joy betng cruel..ngers also take a long Though Their wnge~mre is hot.gea.O' if th. You realized..-iC31: edge. early rm. It may bl.ut task of adventurers. player and DM should work out major points in the' hack:gronnd.nut oJ the pming. and 'extract their tim':l. 'When-ever it may come.£f. maklng s ure th.h .nee has dri.ow lIed. their path t.Ii!}' need that phP. How long [he Ave ngel: stiilyS wi th the group is another m attei al together. c 'Wi'nngpd rhe m(lw.I1'!T giv~ ing a th:ougb t to much else.gth. T'heplil1yer and :OM should work to.they 'ran fj n d (-01' coerce) others 'tb. avenlgers tend to be loners. You llke1y suffered on 11 good chotees Combat-oriented feats are 'the best ehuice lor AVE!n~rs as Lh. That pe1'iiional feedback is hard to capture any otbeF WS$ and the fe(lling is imoxkar111. They all] their eneIgy 0]1 their one task.eng~ence.hephysi~al us p~~1!: i tl'l w higb Stten..g the cruelty. At the very least. neV. You may have been t:. aJnd easily join up witl~ iii pany p-v. you took the loss hard.kill~ lhat illUaw the Avenger to garnthe upper hand.d howevelL'.f'ti" rmi nfl' 'W lUlit h.he. Censtitutlen and Dext'~rity scores.Hlff. as it is unhkely lhatw@j can rind oLher& who f~el as pas- S. U nhke othe. to s_q uare off with rhose '[hat wronged THEBKUTR Eackground: Physical (cu"ce.e. s. locus im. an AVPllgPf r~n rn]'pr~r~ theo pa1i'Ty.ame type of dcmtnarian from .r . This 15 the language of the Bru teo You i\ln.g. Avengers are not 's[upi.ulso:ut of fear. o.g nonatheGame: Not.1ivlJu1th~ L. Disgu~se and any approprin te K:n.simply witnessed excessive amounts 'of 8ggJ'€!ssio'n and hostility.s.venytllll.l1pppn ~r1 to the character in his early days.ac .feel t1ill:s is done to let those 1t.r As :bJi l. lI. tile unquenehable fi1'le! of wen.ey' actually accomplish thei. Nearly all tb..heying your d~mar.:s dU!l r ~j tua lion.!' i!Wil types who . AvengeES :suffer :sodaUy. So hard in fQiCt that since that moment.ery detail laid I(JUt might Rrtnillly t~kp in to. Leave some room for you and the IlM to improvise as the campaign P1'l]gr~sses. you like 'toomake sure you are tlie unes w:hu ~s wspensin. Many .:Jrs cnwer Aven. This is especially true if it helps to further tbeir mrssion and goals. v. recipient of abuse. cruelty.gethe:r IIp. let alone what they will d. simply destrey it.! less .but it is comin...l.nrviv]III W. some of the fuJi].ergy is devoted ·to 'l. Role-playing Ti. ways o.domina~ tion. Having stonately as they de about rhetr cause.har-e a.of wna thatppened to you. unless . a different perspective.enjoy this s. 1 hey Lend to be Ioners.ey an: n::iildy .

teeS to fit te3. might hI? 21 threat.c:ll~s Sen~e Motive Ql'ehnpor'tml!l. f:ro~1l ill s~~dy ba-r to' .)tan a b~tk seat.h~ I!f(W. In fact" 't.emo:~e of .. yo. S1lJ.hame]'~DfII has as :muc.rouhlt! and staty 5Urp . 01' pl. ]t . Most oitheb: physical attrlbutes.ows Bm.pli11iyin.galle we' activIty.you. A B'rut.l personaHty of his c:ha:ractier often.! ~:re higb. Some :3ldUa:.' moral compass also proVJides yau (some) respect othel'S trea. d~sttcoy rhere ]itUe at least dominate f'ear from 6iom. conftt'h:~·fii.e ulIay .el'flies by any m:oe·tc~ Brutes know when they ru:'(!OO1ng insulted: and whenwey are GUlman:Jufld.~t is also th4'scompiilsst:ihat oUI.yboldina. up uUlliF 'iiihr~r tOf!l.f.o~ not mean .gh.mportant talent that k.to the BruLe.tie!. There aie some things you. no.you h.nc!eS.g Tips.s into security or overc:on:fidence . of course.~ of ynul' r. Il.h skill m.of evi] plans.ethmg it. it would mean :iii short r.omeOfiQ hes ~.. are the only one quolifi'l'.<'Inelegant dinner prm:y.~Bnl res . Sowe Brute::.er LO al!1u ILhe[[]uoti atll.LU~ a:l].1!. 11.ole . While: not social buu.tIil.. wb. [( Y'ou I(lU not 0].r-ou:mwhiill. the player a memlor~ble ooh~ to s:rep tum each . delight in ·these oocum.ply w m nul ~UIr ur djffi. Reg.ilre lou may have dev.Perhaps yau."JIIfonvillnce erhers to perforr:m.I!ON la. e'bc. yuu 're htiicling ~~1Ul i.d::llillowt::d you.It's up.er nOT: veery smarr 01' quk~ wined.av~ me' tha:rm (lInd quite likely the looh)ro DC!. wor. bl'i:l. to luU their even.weVer.te~n:y who ~at:n'Q"~1il. Rilther.lsomettmes loners. compa'8·s. and.'l.cUli[jl. Irmuellldo~ Bluff ru' Pl::rttlt'm.u g.0:taJ.I:llw.{a .l!'ds any day. Cnaracte[l's of this type also have a mcdicnm of skill in Dcispise as' well Al ~elriJrng YUUJ[' physi~ a:pp~arnnce I1~.:isal. dley mil'Y need strength to ba~l:.ft=quires Ult: play. This can be a rewardmg character type to play.gU:@"S_ However.ipula.or. Y'O'Il wo]]. W'fllmost li. UH~yS1.eJ. lib s.."OIU illu:st do everything.tio.lug yuu .Perhaps you were t:a:ken under the wing afanoth. any type of si tu~tiqn. wbl.t to ~at:k in btiili.. Chame]eons favoF WOJ.""dil.g. G. m. to the . hwt.o needs to be done ligl~t.:ttlilg~ f me:ntthEli!(' combat . you've ground H W\de'[ your boot.ted si:ll1Iiil:aj)~y.ameN. refuse [0 do.M"'ellUually of the mnrf!< dir~('tTilatHril'.Lch yOUII' nwn nlill. cham'eleol1i!.. Bru tes do notkill outright.lool@<s:s. yUliJ. heng up ·thtit .whel:e d.erealways :I:..a r~f'. They choose -fents ·chl'l.sofi~bly well tn a cl'u~:rnctar party with btde eert ahdy ~. fed you.~ only be Que Sh:p up nom mindless lcilJ:il:1. SomeBrutes also liliE W play dumh.V]IIg fue. It easily gives.any numher' of ways. Quite the oppcsiw.O i:I:vuid..gHlOl. bent [01. wM~hgenj!rn]]y oruy YOiUbefi~ This scetal aptitude allows you to chame]Jeof:'JI.an.alb."lwhtg w hal. Your sectal ski[]:s'are put.:Jr LOu hlholl I~vtfa for them. Ope:o Loci\..tea.ople guessing. SkInS .:y.mal fbe.al lcompass. . In fact.. YOIU feel at home everY"Vhe:r-e.d you.OP U :from lUrup~niIlg. (hlrmen.p" pe.partjclllar~ ly Strength.wey prefe. This d.-playimg nps: have aproblem Cba]]Ull~011S canhe vaugh to wlth hurting kids. mrutf::8 do haV'~ som~·m.llli more hands-on 3pJ1I10ar'hm YO'l'If work. &.no:ps them from desecretmg a banner or church. 'but most area f~w stepsahcva that. number . Suhtle skms. o:r their own senoo o( henea W:Methlry rhe:r-e :fIl'e some mings considl. :h they mj.dRlt p]ots Without r~pr.R. allow. violtlHL what di.!d for the job.1l!.NO[ Wi! :!II!oB[ sncially adept. you. loner and prli!f~:'r . only £rut in.rung soda] skills.c~IWQnd.s~O'rted) whJt.n.woIloo 'thei€ skilhi in .r..: by Jlr4tW'tl. t~s whi . .~o! M is someone ltoweve. 01 protection. Thi:!l..omethi11.tc siniStUUSBS U a.tu.o~lynf!~r del.otleS: As expe:cted1 Chameleons possess EXu~m~ly st.doJ Anim1ll1 :Emp. IGflm~Not@'!i.abili.chines. n~v~r shl.hHfit'I'I r~l'I Ofij@.ey do inIa timida.PC to determine his some oW'lllmora ]~ry.('le.:m:i. While '[hey 'm~y nor Sf. A-s mentiened. A (:.WU you :m!l!ke Upin THE CRAMEl. Diplomacy es tb.surnval mecbanlsm. SgIll~ p~op']:e ifiL in w. chameleons a:l. If the ]Q.s.r iITlIHl ainy wit¥' out some Tf!~tr8in hnm 1 brut~sh~e:]JLdefides. It be could 'he tbs result o.~ and.o neil2·dsto 60w when. fmd repugnant. do have (~':iilnl1e- :R1.·ka from behind several l~~rs.ing of pow'er tbey roeooive fl!'om looking down on a·subdu~tl.''!: partlcipate la or luni.ovl'if SWiQ. also to getYOUf wery:. what 15 YCl1l. w.Role.aybE: JUSt <IS im:poitan t yorur plans al5 any other sccial grates.r the f:e.

lhos.ty you d .As m~T1.ol.equ.c:t'el'i'ji. dM~yha'V:e ew'r mer. EVt:ryf)ru~ lu'I..sH~" al tenlilg his by ini Li~ly g~n li~ p~~(}na]j ly.d.lnus1.enilJiS fits this tiltegQry.e~rwe. often have their own agendas. ITwJ<. 'Ihis creates a and harm these thatthreaten what little securif. cr.!fuilly Blil!i:kp.~n ldl:.e ner cOIiIsidelied athrear ru.nst. be ·the moot klnclM-an:e.~opie never seem ~'O kno:!Oljr aw to read h you..rup'lion:s to the group dynamic dep'ending upon the U]'Jpr~dic:tabl~.otypkal de.~u:rviv.is undear. U could ha.. lind tci~eFathei~ clunga in behavior.~ na.~nge· la~ r.routburst.ourst.l. a cll:am~eQn fi ts into ~he.a-~)i'cause you.relfl. [f'they . the· stere..o.W:hue not p~!ew wild outbursts.lghJ mnd this ~.ani non 0.. '['his diameter is soawed .~rs ~XD~SS~'Vl' hp-i3Ju- 'ty.l1l1l.lIse]:ves.e.on un til he i5J e~therremoved f'j.h is d'{lot.£ Insane.milinal .us sty It: Oil"biilJ.iglllters" and ~CI mJlY r h nos€! TO ~ rley ar ('Iny cosr.dea] 'With.y ~com~s (]bSlIt'!Sl~ 1 st veto the.eCl'9. th.1:!i1 typ~ of cllal"acter i. som. Chameleon. ir.e your ·ou:t. As expected.m.'tt:d. ·thei.l]~lft'ltti Lhi1ll1 you :JllllU:sl: pIa)' lh~ Wacked~Olll type of Cta7.l'ligh~!lIm. 'fips: Crazed charaeters ca.cp~ych.You ~mp~ram~I1I Lal oilw~ird.or. How U:. ~ou can. These .si~d.llhly t:1::(.o n.gsofina:d.a. (I .feeHn.iliQUih you heve ao memo~y of them. it can. the (mom ih!l1!s].. E rratic.-a.lal thin~.miy. peeo pIe generally treat you kindly until ycI'l:l: snap.d s~lJl'che8for.ri. As th~ y. This J. YO'U .ed c:naract:er .m. thQ1. YCMUf ehavj. So. ill fenow person OF whatever.based skills.r. insane becomethis w~y .e kil1e~ i1iI Of ·enfl.i.a:t he now teels: compelled to destroy 0·1' desecrate it. You've never been completely stn" bla YQUlr ea~ly frle:n:ds ~imply called .NSECllRE me dismnC!e.1Imeh~a]l.illy l.h~ deed .party ea.e.t. or . THEC.d.temJP0:r O~ .ws.o·'llffl to-others as well as yOlurseJ.3.em:s f~_rfQrmed on you wen tawl'y.a.£lin e-xperi.. In yom case. pattern.lff!:iolu 0[' be able to fun~ti. poi lilt where the character may not grew JU:l'tluir IiI1Lcl fw:lht:r.ew~ rh the hope p'ttin.l'i. 06".cl1 more jsui:ng. . :mIl Ub!!~1ii.' aggl'e5Sion. behind.. :yuu {"eel as thou. ].he group.1i! intFt'l.Irt!kn. Dll. Then ·S'uddelliy yo u eha rage in tiC! blood Lhit'8 ty generaUy <'let rand. lLHmng LO vioience mId hetred. u. Maybe i. disnrnt:eb.c.u')@d charaerees do nor Irrational.t l.are lik. 1i. cause major di:!i.nwnrk out t.our beh.qil~md how it Dlii'y .t!U]ing about then.teJ:'.onsid.abeut. Yr-rllr eharaerer I!mhodle:Ci. d(?gf@@ or aurbursr. making them into the Charisma.ggmg te:ndency toward bad. Ul. whether ~t':s apiece of art._Now you ..wiwa pa nern known only to Y01ll.'!ilcler •.~d a:b~. Whal(!V'er reasoning.ey _~eel is ifiildequate·.tl.en you and your friends case with Crazed (parti culMi'Y the evil Crawd). One mement.pe rsonaliry to IiI (or disrup [) the group dynam].Wha~ caused yo·u to g. & is U!!u..gh faul ts 1.gthe.eir rrau m Ii ttc child hood ewm.stend not to be stre·ng r. These are the traits of a: Crazed ch~:rac. E'\re.nfi t into a party ~ for a [hue anyway.d row. R.ius paased.FOI ID:amp]e~a ~rOlider hemme'S aw~d 'by what h~ L.vi[H~ landed Y'~IJi:n treuhie wirh normal s-Oclery and ia.o:"interfere wi ththe rest olt.11 Y9urseLf :.ve ~e.!l. past. that th.0 d~tro.v·i"'! :. score.yt:ng. Tt takes something to cn:r~W:ru:~ or: Discuss with you:r DM set them. lissomething: as simple as a bacl.utoel'tain.by.~i. or fI @i. yO'u likely be calm e ob5es~d: abo.ir r!f.e~:pl~.Mve.li!on.J. y.e.ummllllk: Notes: era ze-cl eha ra ersrs possess an higb Chari~u. session (i.peillaps THE l. w hal he OWll-S. G~me.e GriUcd charocte"l:'r0Etcts ]s something else to .ing UJf.:ly a c. The.ru ~pt:(. to reac I. does. they will usually keep th.pfo""h a nd t. When they de have.ckgrolIln d: Insane gen.'Quu. in lheli::dl't':m:e.n. "remember wlieu I sunuuuued dire wolves eo eat the guarda?").m.:'e likely targets (or YOUJ. 11111:1!it: types of charecters have high skill l~vd:s in many high In te·llIgenoe as well.feel the need t.RAZED ]H. Behavior \'Vithou~ .'! shock of the eharaeter's eventual -lillilpping that slrungOiml mu.leto the Chiil.l1!a.Zed ~haracters pCIS~ess Ch.

bu.llways hwtng for a fight 'though. yon neAn .igh:]. however 'l'Disg!I>1ided.ate on'e aspect of hts charac ter as his.. But for: you the effects have escaJared. Since yo. of h.crlddsm by tb.:£ his way to hide his perceived £~u1ts. ..!. (if you can). This.( .DM l:illIl watch i.~v. and if you are Corned .rlnlgs. hut. i3! oonfrontatio1n.. of hi. Tu UlJ.ure:v:i1la.ohen ca.nar .~gois onzy an l appenzer no. those YOiU per~ .t :smce fawl1l~spect you. he' go elut 0.w has the back- n ilii s THE LETCH kind of ehaeaeter is usually in iI: position of powe.ghc..iooks.~ around you. in:~id'l? its a eonstant batHe for survival. . ing u[ his {TI~nds howe:verj it can rn. But.:: rnsecurechanet:ers aile di(n~ on his sleeve.p ]atitr@ d@g. A player ichooomganmsec. Th]s. memhers of the party.Y.w:ing u:P fn a ptmtLJOn of pow~i('.n'1.a]l[7~ by cal11ing~ntn question some 'Df the eharaeter's sho~tClom~:J"liS.'t .the root of viUlrlny. Nm only f~ your viae uncontrolled.t or personality. This .away &om. Your compalsion began innocendy ancugh ~ likely nntof curiosity _.d!one by those ~oyal to YOI!l. blood Or W01'!le. l'h1fi . !.@e' of pawe:r... as . As your need continues to grow and ]~d. The ~ns.hubl'is m ekes you ::t. nu. m~ eharaeters 1IlSUi~Jly nal1e in'tl mate knowledge of 'each otbelI'. Mast likely. cl.w.1.lG:u:r. take long fortt .'I' and cenrrol. SPY.. Of wt is fal' too ..lsidHni it.. build a ~oy~Hst[bas:e (ollow ~ en.This type fll behavior is almost Wway9 r$@TVed :for those gro.lb for some interesting sessioas when encountering NPCs (what did you say about my mend's weight?). power is often d~. or mercenary l~de:r.kjng him h.: with yout DM the flaw to your leade:rs:hip. q work ClUJ!. If unlikely. further.ur bsekgeound in feli's a.:win.eei'Oreas a rhmllL Gam.easy eo m. merehan£ prince. illS. What satisfied you ay.p~.gb .d. . Pocus on making your character want to puff his chest when he can.Yuu are very ~nsitive to scrutiny or .) as a feat..splayedl in garnerlng power beyond your means . You understand the need to maintain a normal life. 'to what SOWlE! consider. true Background:: Everyone lUIs II.esi: As ~latllll!'d. makes. of powe'!:' or prestige.seems you <lireohsessed.f others.1. money.!l'any overreacts and g008 afL~r thuse wt.E'.~t'! tn 'ridicule bY'others. an unhealthy '1. Choo:ae TYrant .ep their vices under: r:n'!'lt~nll. cha racte r should nomJ]].outw though. tllt: . vice.eve:rything for yourself.u. its an obseiSsion for you .Y. somerhlng nonceable ll~ds to become the focus of your inseeu:rity.aro a. Lhe likelihood.. When they are caJJed .you must hav~ it and nothing bette! stand in your wlily.cter isn. an insecure clum.usct::p ub. You are only a. but gI1eatti ess. You easily mffer wounds to your pride. If a charac'[el" doliiS I'e. Whi]J@ most ke.gh levels in social skills realize that his def~cl keeps him from attaining.g !I.army commander. IBis is usuaUy .witst you in yuur ef:fo'l~.trema~ d~prawd 1ev~1:s. hel.!! wearing his heart Role~playi~g Ups.grow out of comro].u_ses you to dispLay powe. step beyond a bully. but your Just ~or 'that next high pushes you harder and. A high Chansma soore or hi. It's more ]ikely that you~ll e' doing b .e cbara. minion is IC·W. an insecure character ~f.you Bee} also grows.h~pc.exc'epi!:iofi. It . yo:u become a terrible e:nemy to. .r.in. hu hris . Whether its your intelligence. you fee] biggB th 3f! ynlll really are. out it w. position.o called them out..'e :Nol.mipulatc somoon.rj w:hethet it be noble.affects almost every aspect of yOUl" liIe m:ld drives YQ'U to e".~e] In the: humiliation o.dietab]e. YQU h~ the abUityro back 'Up YOU]]: ~eats and taunts. You :r. This type of behavior is not uncoiumoa..

IGame N'Qtell~ ~ls generally require a wide. mnge: {l:fskms~ fe~w and abilities. Yon W!f.ar o~.illg what vice your character has should be 'Wo&.. ill.runs the show.~nd so on.1" simply 0 desire to a. and for easier" A good example would be the rogue who r4'lrm(H stop srt!?1'1hng rich and ra.tay out at the 31b'1od~h:lt .. Move SHentlYr An his Knowledge (a:!!'rif~ct:s.ed <out willi your DM. G arne N ote~..Y Jea:de'l'ship mies"a ~n{jnt:l Loyal mamc:te.QP d.run Cti11 from a l~ck of [le!:cogorders.£Oli'truily Lo~=d u:n. itl10ay deveJ.Thi!.rl:l. lusters can be easily d.l:r~ hard.thHtdedsinn ITIi=lIdE' 'hp.rual d!estl'llc~ Liuo. .e:s. they dontt know 'thEl. chamc l~.tl"'!f~sti]]1 Dpthmw1:H:lrl playing 9i Luster-styl. ofrichf'!!! g.By stay.Ie sim.vt: r fuc. Used.I1.3..h ~ from a eense of personal hlSl'!Cllfity. you are . LUcste:t:!il do not Hit 1liny real eli te:riil.1U'e: u'le blJ:.u:) 'gn uru"! ~p~d[kLii~k. of Wrulethis em'! cause ~1.you seek out the ul'Iol.de-rHngs ne. the mastertslooking fora scapegoat when members of wault:d j ~uS Lt:ni (Iul.]Ie:lIllS .weigh:..a~ Wf'11 Many missions you go on go awi'Y. if you'r .lnSi' TH. If . you avoid th..i.lp y.8LOYAL the Order of Truth and Honor bre.:It lo'Wel' levels.1 sour mood.le:)~ they may be abl'il! to cop~ enough to st. sure. ionower~ never 3.aJ:Th.1reil:' none'. whi~nis just fin@ 'With you .1ilty.f assassination attempts. as en £orc. . Hide.:JI'ui llWl'JiH ly flJrriv~s.however nitiun lu ~~Lling Ii sma1]~ :sha:r~. which in turn creates Ithe.e. such as Climb. ·pl~as!!!.e~dsomet lnsreal 'power .fnre.':(m~itde:r ~v~nllll~Y Whether . Thou-ghnot a lea der in the same sense as your m.l yuur pardes.l. !lor 'some! this is never an issueThere j 50 no doubt in their lnind that ihe lugb is it.lstra. skill llQ~nts WiiJwdfunnel their Wl. Open Lock.of its inhe:r~nt evil mdev!!l!r:I.a-:mip1. Appraise.:astel'. 0. And.[.IY hi t!J :sldll/il.ach his dungeon ]abyrinth. which . an help.vm. oJ 'what d:I.~dg~ oJ this .auonsh.An. the eharaeter has atl. }.Don't f-eel C!ompe.'QLl . This b. ji~ck~Qf':'aIl-l1:'ad. Y(IU@rIl grand lEI.ply loyal. IW' Ihf:. and makesure tbat cv~ryQf!e else woekmg $or him does tt-OO. a. however arid you may f:i nd your:seU the faUguy when. un Cor.ir:.th~ intense inner ba~tie: tan createseme 'b. You ca]j_ easilya1:iminatE! them if theyg!:!! 000 big for ihflJr hritJ(' hes. the pi. You belie-ve :in ejd'l'@J' 'the leader ur the cause.tol:'s tbl1! on~ i tJl:le plans SJnd .~ ter's erdere with efficien. piilJl't ~niaroef.t'e adif~cn.tb .l.L Lil.t {. with y'CIu~ m astler is oft1t.1layins: 'TipS! Lusrersf reas ii.t1~1['b~twlllem him aJlld d1~ men.c:~JllElnt:role-playin.nier is norwirhcut its faul ts. the )"O'1Ji ue ftl:s nU:!l:redhenchm.::mLinu leade r.kwith ih'lil'gTflUP. {1J. When [1.ttainable.W:ing game-play.. Pm' others.ou have.t i.no hatches Back!round~W'heJ['e: theM. You {ol]QW 11jsordersto the letter..cYi ]?.ers alOd hlfoI"mfll'US..1l1t-jQb. You carry vU L yuut um. you. tnro mosr ev il mas i)t.'! cr~~t~ 111 ch~rOlCcte:r that ]. [he downsides.et entheperceived Whlt1:l11g side).lxmerdesire to 'iV.ldoW1 as lon:g ce rhe man you're fol1owing ts st ayiug oncourse with the mesS1'lgiil )lVU ~ign~d.l' or ~ymhiuili.pl'ay begins. wtw the fun knQiW]IM'gIl .f'!d.IlI'r is i' n . toplease tbe master! in the hope that he 1<ViJ]. G. notice your deYo'tion.g ~ess:i!.£att.. and. in the sh. you don'[ m ind bel n. ies impoe.a: :ll!hou~d f. following ynur master's for rhetr other abilines..anything therr focus on their vice detracts from (but y. the um .c. 'i~!he usu~Uy gfilincs y~iL1! more benefits.ll!.Ji..) .etimres get the rest of the party JIll Wou b. .E't .mb. but have at leese iii loose idea.nfocmant. The rewards r~c~i:Vll":d. but ma_:.olhf!!J" b].e character is to have [mat character scrugghng CO!nstallUy oo~e-sisthis vice. onc~ You have always been :8.[:gt:.tlIe~s Ii compl~t:eml. bh~ L £wUtJIN dlh personality style are built to obt:aitlwna:t [hey lust bruwl mey IDlly be. wlnch rtanslates into a lower Spa t aud Listeu skill.Bf:cau$e lh!t.e-]. Ito I.b Nul tt'li.ndrcula.a. Chru:aGu:. Ofum times. and that is u1eUray it should b~.a.rt. C FUS 8lde:rs.Ued [iCnlhavp. The [l1!!].angry mobs.e d:uu:'ru::t:cl' eannot d:o without. leader. Dcdd. rbaughthei r desires win at times get the best of them (~J'ld sam."11!i!Sr..H yuill' D1Yl hillS b:mw].good <If ma naginghis underlings.a.ing out of the spotlight. 'oont to improvise.tlhi"kIng on your" ~P. "loured a sense of security In regards to your role ill life .ctJed when their vice prescnes itself.

wlu.ll!!!ir foI't in. Whed}€.. there mle only a se]ec:t few char the you i..g P"1'ty.d~ they may let a few mistakes slide hy.ek more.mipula:t1DI's dtr'~Y work. A.equi..may al. and they h1:ing a smile tu yuur rac~..about. Ca. howe.htd1' own.plouliu:Yi Intimidation.ue:n. MilnipuJ.l.I:.d: Th2 man kh. 01' steel tongue) ro ger the wheels mDvmg in your favor.<. you are the One wllth grand schemes. kn.w tha l. They ha.u1d you. y'01lI.g schemes '00 dimb out.te. b. nn matter the 1 plan!'l al'p. .m. the soft-spoken 01' vt!ut:J threat o:dwnys accomplishes more than simple brute force.tes: Manipulatnrs invest. Wberne:r real or imagined.iTI.rnF~If YIH] didn't.bu. whiehare u!3uallyin line with their I'I1aS'ten.Ior '" M1ill.m8l:. you've always worked to further your lofty goals and care little for those standing in your W'dy. Most skill points ar-espent in the V.l'~ctly wi th thei J' euemies. Though you command Mr.v'e goals of I. they'll do whatever they can to minimize ur sliminate ILbr~<It'S tn tlu~_h' pl.i. Power drives Y()iu.ackgroUD.l~'E: cumplete ILm:sL Socially [n.t.well-rhonghr-our and eaudous. Loyal charaerers are nnt mindless idiiob. Who wants to beeompletely helpless? Ra le-p layiD.~. Having 3. Feu. 'or III outside NPC master.ays: knowing one more thmg. he is not pran. 'it is not un.ver.oo ie.ate behind the scenes. adept.w people . Loy. Logically. most of th. Though you never enjoy WIltc. ManipulaTors se-ldom suffer fools for long. unless ordered to do so. and Wtsdom scores. Manipulatnrs LIn norhesitars to bring in Theil!' lieueenan ts. Manipuhuon play this edg.U·Llt:1'~ and havle bccnnmtchi. ynu wouldn't be reading this right now. Rol e-playmg. Tb:i.c. and cause.rced to deal di. Since they hate surprises. at'! ihej'D"s. yg·u t:mpluy many p~uplt'l under you.gh t.'.hi gilly im~pOl'LUnas W~U.u.oyal ihari:'lcre:1".taking skills lil:t: as . and don't mind 'biding thei r .ring contacts and inj].Pn~furing to have eth- en do their describe you.re. l1ps: l.' YOIU. However. alw.be~lestthewe b tl1ey wen-e unravel.an. If .pulatur tu have at least a rudimentary undlerntandjng of combat.9JS@ t:herr master 'ban 'overtake them.taiJ their opponent didn't think . one last dl!." .n. one step ahea. but the path toward that end is seldom dil'1il~. This d lriilmlla~~15 into 6igh~ Jnt~1H8'Emc~ r. S~ns~ MOitive.:LuaUy p]1.ir sdlt~mf!o'S require patienee.. a favor 01' two. help arrives't or they earrcscape.dt physical loyal ry. you 5eek th~ ald o£ mhlJlTS.rB can be qUIte drtven at times.Qw"'f$eve.~Imol'.Ilwa:yr..'~you also know. They kua. If has always heen this 'Way for you. or at the very le~st.iS works to hide your eventual goal from those that s~ek [0 undermine you. ton. .ton and B:uijytoke~p other underhngs mhne. prowess.Pn~f~:ITi 118 to ope:r.£o.rmng desirEl' m p]e. until.ht:. But it is a zeilous Loyal t'batthrows down his liCe for his master. Thepuppetmaster. THE MAN]PULATOn Knowledge based skill.e to Cause problems.VII\ays be:in si.etJD the hilt.]jt. that force is required. Lhlil!: ciuuac ter is loyal to someone else in the party.mmou. The' true thre'.rebra1 pU:l'£ui~. I.s.hans:ma.cr£!SS In vast B..d the 'CUT'tai n.g NOles: Manipulators are grace under pressure. Subtlety requires great ['a.w cha:rnc.d.1'i::1W'e¥e.:Jl'lOUS.awI's we I.s fit easily into ally adlve:nturlu. They mu-st. rima Wh.the. know the mtricate step necessary to Full it off.tba't 0'I0Ve you. s-ocial and ~e.Di.of information is very important to ML\nipu1lltors~ who do not like surprises. espedally when ]1 invnlves e.. you know exactly what to ~aty (whether with a silver. the goa] .that you cannot do it alone.hing persistent de-gooders spon Your your plans! you always :have a bDJdru:p plan. These one terms which amOW1~. sodal skHls (frem gentle Diplomacy to :rough In timida'tion). When dealing-with Qt:h'en. or you were born to POWID' and simply se. forked. Game No. Whether Y"'U began life iu Un:: !. sometimes pladng them in danger.

size combat.. 11l·~ likely that you didn't begin lift! lIlas wa:y. Not .g) the grou. Remember.playin.li'e'w and you ended. [0 lur-e them into a rompl'Omi:si.: Everyone suffers had 'bt-eaks from time f.el-e wroVlgl~t with. jading you t. ¥ou may have come from a bl'olken home. your hWl. years passed.m:~s as child.p to fu:rthe'J!' his ends. howe:ve:r. but for your Cel1uw pla. AfteI all. The list o! o·ffenses is endless andn matkBS. heinous.of ethers. stal'tmg .ng position.rmlng m.eneed to og}.c:kp-ound: Where the Brute IS cruel.Hend.e role of a misanthropic sociopath. Your e&ly chtys W.1 e~e~lCimeu.d u:sin. l'f chis means stealin:g from. Whlir[I~YOu 'may have given a~d before.rd:s wIl-U US!!!! lh~t..wd. Ithe.rst dead. Many beli. age.n time. you are or perhaps horrifying:.g DptS:: P.ound. AE. Unable to you fa1't tb.g~dnsl dlt~ me seeing your ii. SOlD'eihln. character comes from and what direction you wish ManipulatOFs generally find the adventuring lite distracring.rmJen ts to spin vHe and ofi"ensiv·e tIiles tQ shock and o. Wha:tev~r the circumstances. If it is vile: and to a sane man.ayynu have.1' yourself now. corrvinci ng others n uml Charisma and Intelligence are also critical for intimidation.' and ta:nusy hI urs in 'th. it's the world's fault clrcumsta.y~rs and .In. Maylle you w Imessed a puti{. There are many wizards" clerics and sorcerers who enjoy perfo. up in the sitmnion you did. is nut uncnnunun 'lu a Marripsecond in c_ommand. :rerhi1llp$ it was (pe~cej. This depends 'on wll!t!re'lh. it is candy w you. yl11'1 Wi!?fP '1'3 ~s(?dwt Thou r ill :moffll standard. un [101'itu.n. If not !ea. and. High physical abiHUes are unpurtant fuI' any brutoIity the Savage mny wish 'W inllic4 'but high.v@s you further away from others.early yearn lihinp.tcgratcs. uleteras to act ott i:! h ~s hena11.)~ repugnan.of depravity. you .aracte·r can be a challenge.113le· lex they w.OI viQ~eD.~hal'e:['t1i'rs_ Savage characters may eventually become mmtaUy unstable and g.t the be. you You feel the world Gand~fJ:1!tty much everycme iu it) yous:ough'[ more and more dangerous and hemous acts to ind'u~ge your palette. and.:Uiarl y 'bmtal. hut if ynu and. bur in your case string of bad luck bringing the Sna:v kI the O':Iurfaoe.roU]:I play disi. to mh.{]ght at a young.ger to Ifomm. but t13uaJly only if they are in charge.this book isn'e about the di!!t~Hs .ts em he~pless victlms: Then~ are' . your mo. Prom th~t only loob out £0. THE SAVAGE Ba.g dliiLngt!J imidlE! you. othe-rs $0 that your needs are met. th~ OM agrp@ play the Savage characteras you see :fit. your .dling (a.!iil1Y billl.0 ymL M~n'[joniJilg ti1() aspeees of a Sewage is as far as th.~ Savage wU personal Sletbacks.cts :in :nearly any society.r:bid cnri. so ben. owes you somcdnng and you wamteveryone world.vtctim.no cliffere':II'I(.agica. you are a vile bl!a:st whQllot only deligh ts in the suHeri.eesand C9~ to 5'uf- Game Notes. lu:rmiHiI'non and devising ing torture pIling . 'body o:ranim.olendy.on]y for you.ce. That's up 1.tter of you.Maaipulawrs Jit within ihe party structure. till:' te~l)1 has turned )'QU a. p~ alpS :in your . Tbollgh Just as sodaJ U lny other being.lS book eantake you.a] c.eve you fit unly tltiil t e:nJpha ~ delight in YUUJ:snucking and tercibl'e 'behavlO!i.n. THE5BLflSH BilJckg. taboo a. and exettlf- llo1e.n. or seduce a.!L1Sio dl!Ught~n t"hP off~n- 5i ve.t Though &vages you 1l1UlSf'! may classes think: that to you. Til ey are 'right. ·tltis is not true. This the only way to Vit ahead and rlgh. The line betwee:nrealil:).jtllore vile acts dri. were no:rmal..tt back vi.laying a Savageci'l.osity go. the :hunger for depr-avt ty !.ng .pomt.

party stay Wi'lh:ill the ib()tm.'Drln.only the W. YOla offer them help.:r this behavinr. andeVl!:nrually pew up envying thSf[ en.d you extreme.on taking f:rom ·others . Intimid2!tion Zea 1rns who ~p're€er <lie on u md Innuendn.But yuu. It's.t1ect th:i.ot!i.e:!I'.[min.'[s can w.Hdy.a.envy.-pla.1d have high Charism. piH'Ly setting. founded "I'!I1 background. etc. from birth and now you know .s are rampant. Dee" d.g.and are lil!i!luldly skilled lilt opllln~llglod(S1 pic. Wh. or noble '[:baum8Y h3'V'e i'iiI.~l1an oth.rry out your ~lhds e'Vtry aspect Oil you~ life . you ca.~u. High. Spot. tcwnsfolk.hl not be true believers.LIi!:UH8 brorlhel'\S' and. hey should he.kpOUD. AU z~a1.Z£:~ots tend toward dir·ect actien.c~ 01' T@ligino. You are '[l10t ~..o is mfre:~y driven by Game NuteB: SelflS.et :h im lOr hIs Jamily un ]u.:usi3d. sisters.er it is OT' e:\i1l1..know what is best and nothing matters hut the cause .~cter out 'to steal only riches.evers ar-e most anywhere. you are the one who .md eonveesanon OYt!I' Diiplom. Whilii! you often presem ::I facade that :r~!ii~h]es 'Vl:!tJgeallCt:. Tensions arise If the F'uty :strays: too farr from where [he· Zealor hl?'he·v~s.'d: what's ·b~t. te YO'l.lly. in wtththelr beliefs. al. those you 'bE!li~w feel for your :\mff~lil'lg.e to wb::u uten t hiS character 'Would .. Dedication to a higher cause is n. suffel\ed loo. could also be the tUl'ning pom t that. 0'1' is he' after someming 'mOIle Sinister? Suong motivations equate to.ESeffish chm:a:ctiers. and jewels. Strength and Coestitution.efs (religion human supedorityi environmenw pll'eservaDon. coucentrate solely on meir physique. fa et. ilium. goo They often. Ideologie..ry towhat the Zeruot believes.h dmt~WS have.. 'hemsy thiml!S~]v'eS.hi !'II fin' '!.ing llpSt The pi~yer should wo~ with.. even .ow~ you know they'll take: ·calIeof you in kind. Ilole.'!ll'3C'tP.daries ci what the Zewot believes. thorcri. liS lung as the' goals of the .lw they aI@ only ~ few steps a.I111 umes? Is the char.~djvers the message. sham!! an nlf'll:li Ly for Knowledge. hOjp'il1. tic:lMipe-rs flare..y. rol'l!'~pl~rng.rspeech . WhHey:ou:f bdia. The.ong with combat:"o1'iented {eats are necessary to achievetbeir e:nds. t Slunl~d. They 100k to inflict that same p9. . Everyone Ihirik~ B'. Zealots also sprinkle thei. W h 0 S iU'e .Bluff.U vengeance.ork w~nwithin 11.!lles oftbeu 'OwnIO~ are eensumed by . but rnN'liy both. Come Notes: . exceptioll. in whatever form and whenever necessary. 50 s~rimlsl)'j in t . YOU...s~ Siililsh characters rn~y ~tal't with less gold than IJ theis. Tips: Zeaio. Perhaps you wer·e spoon fed dogma . Traumatic ezpertenees esn . Whether that cause is the destruction ~.1U!:y bow of a ra.isE! are 'the hre1iltl IUlJ butter o. .rds. Thcplmvel' Mo.se PE![]pJ~ all"! Wiiliil.s~. bal!nn. Wisdom and Intelligence scores ~nd possess skills like wu.!!l's. Only the compI'!ete elimination of mat race wHl sate your holy quest.nl'er~wb.~~_t:.b.~.tivities that run eon.vy con- sumed Jfl"JU. llI". made yO'1l1l' enmjty.tab :IDJm Qidters. .Cd»! clUll!li:l ..wron.uld also det. through word or deed. in the state he is now'j' b: the charactl[[' targeti nia ~petific cfilll:C.l Appra. Negadve ~bDo:mswiili another race . choose one aspect Of' the O~I'. are ill rare .kmg pockeml• and eonnlng p~ople out of their money. ihe palty engage in ac. This is a very common archetype .. &oIe-p:bying. 11:thi creates iii.tgbly studying the:itbe:1i.Qtto be taken Hghdy. They are kll. THEZ£A"DOT Obsessed heli. the :OM to· d et:eii..' :~nmuarb-l. Ofcourse.eth.')] than simple revenge.find indeed. OJilpnrmnities.).ewhat bappened ro drive me ch. and. You take yorn beliefs :5@ri(l1!.uigger you La Lake up a cause" as well.vioI' Seems. pfovide:s m·otivation. believe that you serve it m 1!1d1 high ~ er caus~. You. Search! Bluff. Is every' val nahle In 'Sigllt a LaI'get? Du~:s the charactee target only rich merchants? Does h~ only steal from 'those that left him.]pl'EadIln!i:r cause through WQJ. also possible lmose FOU around you.g m draw out those who mi. 1'0 re:.g.EoI'evil cl!1)J'ics'r and these de~o'ted to You ma_yhive developed your beliefs in any num- converdng others are found openly ccuvertmg ern-goers and wlmd~rin.m.way &om.antiaodru (and it CCl''tainly may be" you have a small drcle of friends.. whn puc~f~rtlJ :!. your deeds have JQ}011e eci't m Avt. tav- ber ·of ways.'I)!~.

d fl'OSIU:ll".d nas'[!.average.te.s to.r hand.t-Jrt gn(). [£ you stlttt with something -that moS!t peo- whet! fleshing him eut.8je against 50meQilllet arn.tyby wcc!dy rivals allied with thellii.weru.llJllill:Hlices are UfreH depicted 113 clannish. Mterseeing hi:.J.1!t~e.a:y be !)WH in <lind of itself. butsecretly . . th~y arethe hero of thelr OWllS~O:ry.a. human .lh.e-s andhaUlings tran~g:u'~ssfng tlu~ir Mvenger. 811'1.e:l:r.evLl. all evil nec.]ying an evil nonhuman PC a background.ak~ pl:..ow. the. ld $ ~hort~l~\l"ed ~huak As such.ni. i It is ju'-nport~uJlttn :fl~shout both Y0I.r charii'. unless theyire reflecbng anthem later ill life.'I'than 'Wt'li.his place atop the ecrmomte ladder.1Lndead .us.. and seUish behavior.ffle.-se. fan easy world. In the here and d.velystdke at human targets.lIlee enemil.YO ur because of his hedta. t11 ey may cheesete acti.atch yOW' back. .e1'm~y have he.wanemies-. . you're goin~~o go duough life lbumin~ hli'id~es aad mal!: fn_g snsmies.JJ.m..!!'u GgJles.uwr 1:IJ~..E'VU.iT cnm'actc:'lIJS NON~HUMAN .us: are maddeningly im pCI!!.~n.1U::f :E:viiilP'o[lh~can't h~]pb1l:u: m. are a good place to whnm they ~~~1 wrongly aTe.just m.L Yu w' cha1t.g:e.en. tiifl~' w~~k.soc:tety.i a young dwarf WCl'[l~d need rome ra the:rcom:peUing reasons ta turn W e.'fhis m. E-V~. If . good.i. Your't:huacter's plUf!nts may have been liOrdliol f. hu:mruu are always 'Ilou.'lil· 'was tooe_tu@red by du~ Cl1nent king whom youwi:sh to ove~t"hrolw in gUlrt J ]lnle oetterm.a:r1l!ccter'spast. €a.daltd~n~ he tales UphlS £ather's~a.gTI-ld.tiOuifl g3. Rem.dnd t-O snell IJI degMe that it pushes him d.n.meworlds f1.Dlct~ts goals in.BECOMING EVIL i:st:'IIil tsi.ing.!.si topred:kt. A clwa]Of wal['li'101[' rnaiY hn]d a g1i'ui!g~ against tlh!? bOnlp~n1'Df PMilIdins-wh~Js'WOre to a~d lll~dllm . Ybur ch~. 10'u needs._ yCiU s.uion is too extoome in . [I-m. forests. evil tend:sto congregate 'l. or m:!l1Il.emiber that in everyone~ mmd.h~'s '~vMcharthey gn doing is right.. wi'tnoMt path. nr hf! wonldn'r b~ Mni1lilgr.nthe path of crime oftyrannewr showed up to JI[-eve:nI t their massacre at the hands otgl31.cvcs' guild.l.n if yuu can't . way he.1.aemt. buthUlfflla::nlS [In This brOl.more so than WhlllI'lCIDt!!a:ttl-)g a good ari!tI. Hisfa th.and ].n. If youwa.u$G ana VOWR [('IRnj"Shth~ job hI!' bI"g'an.on-hu. tide? Gene-raJ Guidleline::!i: The easiest pail. Howevet.n t re make a rndy memot<1lble d:HI!'. A n 0D.l_ghlt buse and mls treauueut a charseeer upon .. Most of the player clutr-acte.L You ean't fuUow earning a .has to believe what .pst.all. Elves 1'l1lay nUlitt dOiW't. Some non-humans may see humans as s:wpid.i'ts.r'? Pe:rha~s h.ere. The goal m.e holds i'l.wh~:l'~ iii.er unjust.hould Cuuui~ 'Loo~ .mply because he wants to be.y see humans as IitUe more than Mer no pmbhnu in ttp~nllin! ur' llli:IIrnllug . fQi~long up in a. even .. its lo. to creatlng aJ:n.1ult.n a kiIlgd om 'Wi th l.ctionw:ithin thec:onb~t.0 J[ismrywhen trea ring lID ad.r raee options 3re. despite his evcnhlllnd~d~ I UJ~G.FODlrmcel1 wh.h~ 1'If'l!..ching off W-<n:3 . C1l.by d~f'. Gnnm. So Just what makes m~'9l1 dwarf.human :may act perfl!cdy . he~decides that no a. a.eans to me£t that gnat O'n the other hand 'rour ~h.Q quahns: aheut Lakmg tha L persull IJIU. lilt: u.ogether for mu tual protection and support. an evil-character . No one rhtnks of themselves as a bad guy orthinks of weir actions and goals as repugnant or despicable. .t for hU:mJm. you.o Jilearly OVl!ttil. an t!:vll d "". large ereatures whese actio.'S OI:t~ Mou~d be about as 111" good o~" Gro:wing through life:. ny.k~ h uruans.refuJ_]y c:h~l''t out your m.harborn hntl'ed towfftdsh uITII'l. evil non -humen is to remem ber that moo~ mn tasy ga.~aw.busines5 sue ked wanting tn crease compelling reasons why your character has rumed te villainy.fully linllls L him.E"it:C~ ple would consid..wn1P ' merchant in '~Q'W1:l. ble Ralhl2:. Faced wirth such h.V11 U1:i]J. of a.es.arade~~nay h~ve eheracter sta1'tifl:dnut hp h~I"1O'mf':f.v ~abur u_nde~ the weight of sameunwmte:cl le~..]y lagicaJI that your would apply u. 1118LQm:m(m AJ!~e[' all.gaining 1'e'v-~nge and claiming.onaMe' oo'W3-1i'ds his awn kind.der merely deddeslto beat them at their O~ s~e" now. AfteraH. In response to the underhended actions of his enemies.mle. get them. On 'th~ orne. evil is all it bout 't:rea:hery.£ulgood sOCl]eot}.Why doesM act the.cy. tightt1y lllnified societies in the .a_r[[re~.ri! n~'lghbol'lng o 1j'op~lm rh.e:s:s-thatl..omeone to w. life.rt be fun fot one-shots .Em. back&tabbl~ th. liuI~ lrkli~r. does n~"i'I.

rrr GD. but can be extremely ruthless in rooting out perceived threats W thelr secuti ty.dwarf s. elves are mest likely to ta. an slight imagined or qnil[~ real. as ~ A !>ing-Ieraid by human d'np bandtes on . wJllle the humans starve. Too cov.{cevil . Ones d.gly operates UTI.i. An elf drui d migh L Ii:': loo!:l~a blight th. and they often don'tJrooW then~ placie. and 'Vengeance. many halllings tum r~OI evil in. races often commit evil act'S merely dlrough apathy. to oviL An.'l. Such rny villain savage!. Ell]} gnomes. n Lht' accumulation o.m~s: A:strirkSltPl'~ and. evil baLt1ings are rarely dnven by STeed.m. bur lackrhe mining skiU 01" craftsmanship tu houestlyeam wealth and fame amongst his people.edv@ 60?' They've.he.irn eo evil when they see other big races. frnm lhe clan fur 1m often l@ilds t"lve.~ hea:rted pf:l'sun.ociles:sly exploit tbe-se assumptions. as humans. Bruflings don't v<llue wealth Ior its uw u sake.. . 150 why should 1 miltter if p human dies a'l 40 or t in pel"s-pe. already :I1ved most oftheir liCe. He might simply not understand the time frame th!l( humans work withm.. gnomes make some of dIe most dangerous enemies when crimes. <Iud above all gU(jJ. glory.de1l'the assnmprten thn most people assume hs's !'I small. of their physical disa!cl:vallt:flgca~arnst and ]l~ad oH trouble before it can erupt. Of all the races". In his eyes.lCtiOUS out of ignor3nlce.d of 'we acn-humen DwBl'V@s: Give-n '~"h!? pTt'lmium . such.lknowrn. don't deserve respecT 0.t hrn:mmilty .A dwarf may lust after gold and riches.overed.. the elf might nat understand the problem. c!J.dn~ he may tuen to theft: to g@t what be wants.prply to ncn-humans equaily as well.s('. . the classic motivatlons £01:' I.fmaterial pcssessiona..rn:rdJyto m kc up aJventu.CCS that bear highlighting for each race . the ovel'-fa!'m.odety pia[~:::.anl:i as ru~po:sable creatures.rrying "With him hatred 'towards his exclansmen and a burning desi re to fUlfill hi~ dreama of wealth.. helpless.e:1. However.me.an iso]Med gnome enclave..atk:iJls 11 lruman ~ kingdom's crnps. a love lost.1' lab' rl'e~'rrrlimj tn tl. to vi~r 'hum. Halfl lngs have a deeply ingrained aWIll. an efio. evil.i. Twenty years is nothing to an elf..between one anothenmany of them are greedy and.ing of the region hurl' vhp loral flmsysu~m. aJT nf th&se motlvatinns work just as well {or non-humans."eness. s oC ]ongt'!c-livlll!d races.d to head off my potential threats to thetr lrvelfhoeds.eEye. Gm:u:ntlt!! can u. and in a ["~nLwy ihe blight will pass anyway. there are some dift(!l'lm. all the whilli! deflecting suspicion aWRY frnm themselves. dan ag<IDlns.o.evil ~ome oft.dety it can buyl. of course. but they do value the comfort and :3. p1"f'ff'mng fLO assume the worse . . h@ wl1Ildi h@ hanished. threat to their existence.HaJ£linp~ Much Like gnomes. r:o'bt and murder. Thus. in his eyes~ and the r-e'1t ivp cri rns rlI kHHng a: llmman is minor compared to tha t of lilllmg an ell. humans. o it'~ a no-brainer to case gr-eed 1lL3 theprime suspect in turruing dWaTVjlS to eIVU.. using their cunning 't.misundemtandin~ (it insensidvity. l:'h!s fundamental difference Elves: The longest live. and often de not .give outsiders a' chance to prove themselves. they turn. illusiolll ists. at any cost.o harass.can rurn pntire. Hatred.

. you . ~cltaps its tltat evil is llIQl'e creative.~POD breaks f@ajVE! 'OIl an II you haveS 01' mo. evil has a W. Use.raft.. mede without wonJ:5 Oil.J. In '!:ruth.lh~ Ly hem. .ff rn social situations.oody (".e B.er~ a +. When in. i. in Forgery. mure ing~niml. Bluff. l?@rhi!psitsthat good is: stupid..C. tiOD.tU' crruumanship.' agent {ol'the dUke~o'r ItO quiclcly crean~. often live and die by their ability La Ltd]..!tlltl cover deceptions.lce JJh.uff can be U!il. beneath 'most eV'il..a. yon 'take damag.a~ to look at 'yuur [I]J ha. When someone mspec ts yoor shoddy work..arhmg .s. .'lu:te.. ill lie. to quickly and cheaply produc. must make a Spot ch eek E~ilcharacters outside of social situations.fini!lh~d goods. they see th~O/f.e ill.idMso. ~ndic:ating that Bl. you may use . they an poorly WOI'hd.Y' of turning jJ bad :situation better by hl'.llM vault.ital blow.u! of the mtems they imjute.e itcmst. driven to.~a'kirng rhe rules over meir ne. Below are some new w.lowing" or leaLh~I'Working. quatteJr of the resources ingold pieces guard that you"re reail:y an presence in.r. Creating a.CO'liIP de . ill eombat. of course.an ex.ElI' worked goods.h .durr.e Crait dlet:k you made to p. upen a brief inspect.ki:ng use uI tt!SDU. regular quality . ~ used to feint ilgail'i!$t oppo- . This s'k. ~om~ bat.ove nn to rather targets. such . 3 milnor injury was actuiillYI1l.ew Use: Pl«y D~. a t.a. stretching the troth.rc. A lily cppenents viewing_ ~u m.oce high qualILy g~ sui UI..cod's.op. a pl\uM~m by CRAFT (INT) v! ilains Normal. goods lli!Jbl~ Lo hrUk th~ fint tune used..ed..iII rovers the pr. W'Jri]e 'not.ay oJm.m ~nH:'if!! attaek.cb your .h~rk I~ addi Lion.t:udl. you 'use Blu. by m.s in a way thal champions of good never .oes not beat your :dull che~k. tbe ln~yerdoes not Dotic~the pm:lr qu. NEW USES f. You ~ use ernie.'[i~y dete.l' deception.ACpeQ-al.ake Spot checks against your opposed Ehlff c.Bluff to pretend dun:.f Y-6. BLUFf (CHAl Normal r.ty" and shoddy weapons $trike at ~2 to hit.otidy tools cause 3-2 Mrrumsmlll~e te my skill chewm~de wldl tll'li!m. Usually. shoddy knoclm:ff requires on I:y half The rtme and .d.:rs. he a utoDli:b. N.ne a prnfes- the production and creation of as blacksmithing. play d'e. whm.living is.ctiQU checking yuur purse nr b1"~ .'" to ("oT:tv:W. New US~: c.I': way past.2 synergy bonus to Crait when usingi t to C'1"e'll! te shoddy goods.c.r. sh.lgh you.e:.h~P for sale.l'~as.aJj~ry o. cIJtallowlii sian thiltinvolves yuu LIJ pUTS. Sh. :you playing dead. attacker may perfo'l'm 4l. 'In the Imct. lnok like. methods SUM used to l?. 'taking the time and effort to earn an honest . Shoddy afmOt' ba' a -2 .<lJd.are incapa~·LtQted:llnd will m.bl'~ Bluff allows you ro talk you. combat.cl1$@i for your needed to prQ- duee an aver. II they believe that you .make something ot what ti!lJey have. Note that if so:meone spends an a.g(mcl:sltavti nne quarter !:h!e: actual SF wb. In to they succeed..Shoddy .a~: qu. ' may im. and more. iii s'hDddy we.med!i~tely make a Bluff check opposed. rf The S(lot check "d.deception.think about.~ item.l1i ts. they nents.. attack roU uf 1.aB OLD SuKJLLS have ill w.

murderers. :Ranks in encde n'Ci.i.uent bullyingattempts. marriage rnuals. Note tb at this skill. culture'). to pick up on thl! ttU. pickin. then it is im~OOiSi. insight into humanoid bch<!rvior tha.)S typkaUy' 2 hig~l.~L'sHiLDice. crlminal level Ie+ KNOW1E.GATHER INFORMATION' .. lmwev1i!!. it {an give you an imponant. In .sub'S.Qn1a~checks made ngmnst tribe mem bei'!l. iI'. Often. GmH II +2 rmnpt:l:iIl:w. 0111 t'li1:cnnt fur your personal horde.t.(HUMANOID CULTURE) (I.gu~ ortbuJ NE. if you. seek a particulfU' person. against feat: to the De. and. h~:r-e~.erthan the DC you: must normally meet.and gol3S~ p. rogue or thug 1eve1 '~10 3'0 High levrill assassin. much of yOW' knowledge is I:ri:vial. if you have the IYran't fN. you gam a +2 tyrWLI:r RatiNg bonus wJfnHl atl!tt:l'~niJllng.~.on~ the tdh~. there.tribe's fe'und. Check: You can use this :skill when you first encounter a humanoid tribe of the appropriate race.s!end other cr~minals" New' Use ~ Crl.gh th. though.[. TJlI1'!reJore. ReD]r.er! detailed information on the behavior a:ndacti.addition.uUyin:g "is me' pre. Add any bonuses that a target may have on saving throws. . an d orne]' hits of eul ture.ed the ways and tr~xJiinn!' of 8 paf'~ t uc.cld~under on .~ h you fan to bully scnaeone. Sometimes.D.lo>w (1-3) level rQgu~ or humanetd ra. B.:my bonuses when :us. tremendous help when dealing -with the h um.ng the other.nothing b i. ohen. thilt are useful to those who WOf k on the w-wng side oft:he law.omtalVse: (J~tlter In:form~'ttcn allows you.)ed Jence. such as dW1UV~'5.g up informati'on on fences.nd one . Dliiy want to learn abou:t lUI area's seamier side.!i.Yulil.LY (. opsrand i for Mg. rpspecIs.[m of Gather Information allows JOU to track down the types of people. but limited social one-s. Tni" v~TSii.that could. hired thugs" fem:esj and smuggI~rR.age when dealing with this tribe:th. someone amnml U1U.m~ (nrc 'mll-ure)bo.W SKILLS DU1. increase the DC of any 25 Lowlevel assassin. he's more likely to ~m~el ims~lf ~giiili1l'1R'f furthe:r trtes.e. . N o [lem. so on. Chm:' YOll. Knowl. Ill!~ are apt to kllU.gj:ve' ycl'u .eq.ty. DCJ(n.1:~leM[.e 'bonus to all Bluff and D~pJ.UuUying tends to follow one of t'wo courses.anoids you have stud i~d. the DC .ng with Lbem.DOE .If you manag~ to push. how many tribe members you. Special: \"OIU must tat. DC ContadMallie skill ore' allewed. frost gianu. a Completely difkrent skill from .Oil'S" hea1l"sary.uWl:llluid race.e lep'nd of the .e actual use of physkal vielence.odus. can force other people to act agaih$t theirw:ilL The DC ro do rbts isryph":ri!Hy U1+dH~ Larg. oIlly finds someone withthe skill set you need. onc:. N..eRA}.ble to fi.t. On the otberhand.Knowledge (gobHn. futureattempts by +2. burly warrior-types WillI coptous marital 5kiU::. or gnolb.NT') You have stmii.m na. Of fOU1'S@'. advan mge when deal- 20 "t':'ouknnw snmethrng that gives you an adv'ant.mblj) 1 C(lnr~a. Retl'y: .ge Gained 10 Nothing of importance....es ofwis 10 15 20 Co:nunonhi't level 'thug wt:ll~fula[u.STI1) Intitnidaricn LOVer!) p~Thuading peeple through the 'threat of violenc.uIar b. clQve:r~ns sum topies as hohdays. :ftf a parrieuler type of crimina] simply Lloos mot r'esi~e in iii ci.awled. give you an. if someone resists your bullying aMmp't. 15 You've heard of thi~ t-rilu~j ut know .orcs.t proves s.:.tUl'~. 'mu. thug Mid (4-6) level ro.ferred m.e this slcill once fo\l' ~. Bully covers persnasien 'throu.

you may use him as il livmg :shield.".gethe brIbe is wortll. pinned your oppo ulE'!utvia a grappl. Per each muh:iple of 11: week'~ w. to bribes and who's not. which SP. checks.anal autha'l'ity to decld·e if this bonus applies. Use this [0 . sue It as.a L1VIN'G SHIELD [Gl'!. The DM mayreguire: an opp~edl ron of . app~y the result of ]'OUf clreck 'to yuur .!1l AlimSh3i1' of the Si.l\NOWIEDGE lDBMONULOGV} This skill provides the character know ledge of the BRIBERY [GENERA~J You.with .p1e. nO[ apply. however. are. j.Y a:gatlmt the target's will sllIve when makins.rage inmis manner. LleLerminl"!and the DC (3 n)reofle-c rs rhts. The chedc represents what you kn·ow :md rhinking ahout atcpic s second time do~s:n'det )1100.·hl.iJrerEn(C~ betWeen a flf'mon and a Daemon'?).. i. If you hold iii clear iuil!vmt~pover the persuu yUllr~ :spewang with. this ease.~·:bound with rope D~'b'y sum~ ~l1"l:!rmE...:nin:g. and putup ill pathe lie fu.ns. Sp@claJ. Without aJlow uns.find speclfk bits of inform ation about 1:1 pllI:rLkula:r demon. ln Times of the Black Circles by I'ockthe Elder. tUJ:~ of the Abyss. Re.i.a.e. who is Oreus ?)tT 15 (fur basic questions ~. Sp~cial:An untrained plY.. but a peasant .~. its.:millegal action.aa.for nJl!m.hould be enouglr to' equel . art of t1.mneune partidpaTE! in . Ybu know rhe ins and outs of the local government.tl'y~ JNg.Y0U. th~Te is il lI.dd a +1 bonus to tht:Ldbt! clll~d .e. or anyone else you hold in your grasp as 11.kiU~d.have develo ped Lhe i:lbi1ity tilking or participating: c.lf! Imelligence Knowledge check is simactual tl:w. Th~ OM may decide that d. human sh:t@Id IiIpiI1. if appIiLB. ·t. plead.g~in an &C bonulS depe'li!d~ng cltaJriu:ter only knows common knowledge. are iru:. the DM .heir likes" their di:dikes~ their relations with other demons. An nppnni?nr is considered hrupl~ss in yOUl' grasp if he: . the best of them.actions that normally run counter totheir sense of personal or protessienal morality.fVitor is struck down.1smgthe DIplomacy skin to eontn Cleck: Answering a question within Y0i.L 1my aurick that hits you llliltead strikes the person you held hostage. In.th cjrele.5t attacks.ing captives.. have iii: keen sense uf whu's open to talisman. and. know smneuAin~ yUIU never learned tn thp ftrsr place. lhe d. inclurun:gbut not limi ted to spelJs~ melee atucks. beg. or -if you. compare 'the attack :ro]} with a +4 bnnus agai1l1~[ih@ hostage's fiar~foQf(. NEW FEATS BOOTLICKER [GENERAL] Yuu have mastered the fine. you .:t: lhtl..e check wh .emafio]ogy is far too esoteric to I cheek.mery.m·ughly a week's wage for the targ(tt.hnstage.hen demon could not use this ~eat a~nst a peasant. l'h~ bribe s.. etc. hostages. You can grow]. of study has Wh~L'$ I DC of 10 (for really easy ques'tio1ns - i. .H: field vince s.s against the Waste Beasts. first?) tough questions you gain a +3 competence bonus.. under the: effect of a pa_ra.x. a. mcrease this bonus to +5. :making a Bluii or Diplomacy d:u:!dt. In.. and plead in frenr uf whomever' yo·y.a. If you must make" Reflex save while boMing a . if . or .s ..gen~ra]. and missile fire. spell.20 to 30 (for really .bos. these. POI' exam. extremely difficult.ive H +3 ~ompe-{enc@ bonus if you. on the relative size of the person y..!d AC. E you with any effect dla.!i.cwit'!.t r~.plea 11 glIeatel' neaefit:W.pu hold as at shield.at dUrH. name and the lociit~on of its Lu talk people ~ntn in .NERAI] You are ade·pt atue. wh!.a bribe.qu1res an aU.a!:k roll.l' Dip. yuu :n~[)e. wi 11.loIna. rise.. Benefi t: Whe n t. Benefit: If you hold all opponenehel pless in your gr-asp.Ellcting. If you offer your 'targe t a bri"be or payment of some kiD cl that is vru IJflblE! enough 'to have worth ·to him.e.Jjyz:ingeffect sum as poison Oil' a fJold pel's. cltoose to grovel. 'U 'mnl~orjJl! tatrge'l:S. In addition. beg. ws bonus does.re·3.cuwJimoot c~rli!l!inly useit on th~ demon.cr.

al~ lYPieill~"a.Instead. determine tbe b.'Ou 'wh~ld Il. ~n:Jle!p1isit~. s.onswhH~ "It'lJ combat wi. OPf~HANDED [GE~N~ItAL]1 You hill:ve ."luS wAC. Am.ll'gCt r.e. . -4 :pe:niiJtyto hit when firing . warnOI1l fight '\\o'.aptiive BODUS fi.e. if you make yaW': save. thfs feat.anyonf! attacking you receiVi!?SIno mooifiers to bit wht:. auffer~.IE:':[l'thre cnm.t: Your op:ponen t.ff check. and oli11y 'fhE'h . ~r making your a1Hes mtuili. The person must bea:n~ged..n~('ks- Charaders wi th the Precise ShOot f~at gain . LEAD MlSSU:'EfUU: [G.ction besides \.!ttlllr. Unti.Motiw· check.fi'I'ie~~ns:p~]lj your hostage doesnet get a &ave.l +4 .gllu:ing:tn melee eomhat.iDg.for purl?ool~~ of res ~lving their artach.you a~e caught in the blUi! ra.'I: When makfng a Bluff check in order to tpjmin combat.~ ~ r.rs· (]I.[ththeir l'~ght handL rf YOll1 f nd YOM rself a:gainstp~(Jp]E:tr. in misdirecting your opponents wtrh t~ints ~nd nd~~r d~r.+3cumpetence huou!! to yow: lblu.atlld0:mly~ Of CO.hile: you use thh. as a sThli. H ranks in Bluff.Warriors are uotteained [to fl. yuur "[Iil:!nJ:li~ dLlIIL'L re. Uyou e~ed te ~e some Q'mer a.j. SH~~- normally receive a.in £. or higher.1.. op~os~dby aU~~fl!ts Smse .'l'utcClE':d.nd.O-~ 75% Two+8b.V.llli.e1d.l1'.n.NERALJ combat. yOt'l1 ID!!y m~b a Blu.t in~tcilld fires' On SQro. .: One Stz.AC bon us for caver. WIth their oH-ba:nd this ability..! whar 'yOU'[~ up tn. 'you.oi tlfl!e use .l] 'Whenenetny !:lJnhe.hand- I1tmck modifiers JOli' luck.l~you are skiTled at tricking them into sttilking the:i~ :all:i.bit YUIU if you did nor get an .is:1ldva.nt action.25% NOli'_mal: Arc:h~1l's firing.~ee _With.tweb hilt an-olbj~~t us:ed for Luv~r orlJ!y if Lhl:!auaek wlIulJ .or COV~l\ it hitS ilL me you may use th:i:s abilityagai:mt 'anyonew}~g fim~ Oll.e sa.o\fli! else.e~e. mOJ!'e ap~ea:Hng targets when enga. a -4 circ:um$:i:i'lince to PI'e'requi:dte: Base attack bonurs +:.:size smoille:r .addftion. s. 'me hO:3Ja:ge isconsidered to have made his. w bit d:u. REDIRECT ATTACKS ~GENlntA['] You are sldlled. Special: Using th]s ahlHl'Y counts asa standard ac"tiolll.Md~~rity.~!1':r: 'C. his attack .ee w~th you rlr within yOUT -r.Elqlliva]e.:ka.~l!!e comblll.ll'i]ng YOUJI' hootagtl.gh agah15t t Ieft-aended people and. exp]. I'll. Bene:fi. tIDl.:i.intomd.~.e upcm you while you aee in melee comb.e.for f ghting with . enough.N'O'lUlill~ Moot.Li +-3 bonus te their Sense MaUve' check whe'n you Wj.l abiJIity aiillinst attlcb ilia r deny you your [J~w:rity b(M.llJ Ch8:1111:iJel'. special: Using\ this ability counts: as . the f.di.th.BN.ve" the hosQ£~ also automaticaHy fmJ~" RelatiV. feat me hOfiJt~ge eeunta QS one .yuugaJna +2 circumstance bonus . .e. P~n:q u.3PCln illl1 you]' nffBhaud.!object used {.us of B .'!Il ts•. as a res.'YOll fEINT [GF.malw .al_lll. Ben. ime mf'!.<liiJl~d off-na.efi!: If eomeene Iirea at you while you are :Renu::mbel' to ca1cul~t:eyour fit:tacking wi th YOW' off.g~d inme.~ . te: i+ nw:b .el!..any coming undel'mJ:!lsiIe fire meant fo~you. you yOUI' whil@).nUlge IQf yom OppmU.hlllmove. sJci~ed.ged. singh~ WP..wt dlei:!:' ladies a~'e thrown "ff~ thus c~tl!sins them di ffkuJ tt~s m TMPROVEn . Howeve:r~ you may notuoo ·thif.l!e1!lrned 'ro.of C.sSmaUer.. :Nonn. j me AC +1 +2 % Hits to Liv.'j. In .es:Famer than you. If yo'u . penalty ar.. mfml'lm'cetham O'~1J~OppOll~[ift[~ pr~'t?:n tlyenga. with the Precise Shot -fin~ on you w.a skin c:beck. If you frID th.luf~ Dodlgt:.1:Jl'SC this may result In an .RA.e Smallen same $jZt: One S:iZiE br.~)!r[ur next 1!ll:ti[JllIin cllmbaL. hss no effect.: Ii+ Dex.k:iield Two Si~e.You must :sdH take i1n action to _. you r~c~lv~ <1.2tcase" if attad ron i& high. BeIUi!. ht m.Mrp-ittraliL.01 yow: OiH~hand in tPDlba[ ro rhe c.l! Size .

Prerequisite: Dodge. lJenefi t; W hile fighting 'in, melee com bae" you can hinder your alllie!t !1i.bmty to defendthc:ms(:Ivea" leadiIl;8 your opponents to st:dke at them rather than you. Wl1en SQInt::oue aUa~ you and YOll~aVI! all. ally within 5 feet of you, you ma,y optto give your opponent a +~,compet~nce bonus to an attack ag:.irm:r your ,~lly and a -2 ,p~nah:y on his roll to hit you. You accomplish Utis by "acciclrmLallyfl bumping into your friend and disrupting his defen~~. all wbile ITl<lJ1n tai ru n,8:your own. "there is no ;gua:rantee
that: your att.'u:'k~'I' OP[S jus'!:. attacks

Nlunber of Followers by Cftl You can control up to' a number uf ~'t:IdI.Lu.rns uf each Challe.nge. Rating H!i't.e:d for your Tyrant Score, It'spossible to lead more creatures than tlns, but do~ng so has
a. nt'!g;Jt.ivp

on your fonowers: morale, The creatures attracted to your hun:leil-ll!! unclassed

JUCH"lste;rsnative to the region in. which you recruit,
It takes: I week and 50 gp'In supplies to attmcr 100 rrumstars tn your banner, Air dle DM'~ option,

he may requir-e you to role-play negotiations with humlmoid hibes or ddeat tribal champions in
to earn the monsters' respect, course. the DM has ·final :clay as t.o whether enough monsters live, in ,ili: Iiegionro create a hOl'de, Whenever yourho1"cle: en tel'S COiMba.~ each unit unclell your command that is, not vii thin your or a kU:lil.fldli.lilulenanl's line of sigbt must 'mlllkE' a 'wiH sa.'V~wi~thill DC equal to your current Tyrant score, If tliIe unit succeeds, it £lees. from combat or cowers arthe edg!l! ofdu~ combat :zone, seeking <I ehanee to


yOl1:~ friend.



example. a hated rival out for your blood probably
though. may opt to stlike at your friend., When you use 'tlJis 9bl1i~, make a your tilly
notices your underhanded ac:ti,Q[!::; InteUi~ence cbeck. (DC 20),. you anyw,ay" A more neutral attacker,


with a successful

TURN 'OUTSIDER. [SPEC;IA1] You .may turn or rebuke Outsiders ,as 'thQu.gh they wel'epote.nt undead. P:N'requis,iM! WlS If! or ,Siiea,ter. DeneB L:: Yim may tum. nr]1e~llI,ke,01!l:[std@,l'sas th.ough :t1tey weI'! '~dead. 'MlclJ four extm hit di,c~,

loolbm avoiding !tny ~Cl fighting. You ii1'I.8y attempt to rein in a horde larger than the ,one jliou em eontrol given your current TYrW1t &ore.. Look upthe high~:n Tytant.Score youv:roiiJld need to control 'yuur hlU.IJfi:,. SuhlT<u::l your cltln~nr.

You cU'ead~pL at hully.ing, ~¥il creatures into foHowing you,. Ycru possess the brutal (hammA 't'h!ilt evil b:umano~ds seek in le.\id~ 3!nd can recml't a horde of 'QUowers iro.m, runongsl orcs" g,oblins, giant8, and ethel" evil races, U Jl11k..:! haracters with c the .Leadersfdp featl you. rely O'n o:rutal strength! diMat&, ii:nd an uon-fis:tedrule 'to maintain a bold o;ver youI' :~nnOW@TS. pftl'equili~~~ Leve16m+. evil alignment. .Bemefits,t This mat allowa you, to, atUact a si..;able borde of evil .b'lUIl,aflQ'ids. How,e:vel'l' you must censtan dy strive tu maintain your command allier these !oUowerlii" a1\j, you lead more out of a sense of fear and a pbomiSil ·fif loot thsn any sense: of Joy--dty. 1)nm1 SeaR! A d,:aracwi's l):mnt seoee is equal
Lo his lEvel ptru;; d. e Chsrisme modifiet"s.

Tytan I Score born th:isvgj'!le., and


the resultin,g

value as a bonus to your foUow~s' Will save: to ,""oid rumba,v, at rhe "b@glrutlng ofa ba;rue:.

umi Thbtw' ~~.e: HilL hru Q 'Ty,rnH f .s.cot'~of 1S . .He Il!ruU 8,0' Imbo,lJs, 36 OUS, 12 gnolh; and 2;2

ogr:cs., Norrnilny, .~.LI:}lJ.1mctc:r with R
could only

~lIl:nt Seqr, 41S 10 ogres. THbfmr 'WOuld' :need' i.1: TY'd nt' Stll:P'~,of al ~MSrJ 8 :~ eOffl.I1htH.d th! ogr-ti M [:h-·

out pfClbkm. T~I: mInimum !n:!JJ'f of.18 m:i:n~ Th.hili1:r'~~

sco'U givc:s .1l'I. res:u.lt of 3" Wlllm~er rltbllaJ'l: ~wrd~ musZ l:i~~"" combl!l:t whe" nor' 14 ~d:e.rhis 01' t.me qf his affie.er's, aireL! O~$t'l"'lffl [io1t,r:h",y ,eaive a +3 b,c)~u$ ru its Will s«~' h.! a vu~J wmbBL

If you eommand mor~ 1tl... rn your maximum number of more than one creature type,. find the 'lYnnt SCON' you. would need to ,control the !!nt~re~ horde.
5u Dln.Ct your cur:rent s-core fro,m this sC!O~,eto compute yuur hurde's Win sa.vebonu_!i..



his Sn',en_g,[b





III 1/2 1
I. 2I






, --~----------~--~

3, 4

1 24.




4 16


B JL2 16





11 12
13 14 15









lB' 19' 21






:1 m



5 6







1$0 180
:2'2D 210


'30Q 360
'HiJ 5q:O



20 ~;5"

,5 1

75, 90
]10 135




15 50

8' 10


25 '1'1








f.he Ty1ramt ha5 a re,putation :fo:r: CmeJty Success in !Combat Magira] pnWp.T Working with ilemoni'ii or d.evil'ii; losing battles I.esb'a:in:ing [MUng o1,'pilla,ging

+2 +1


ovcr Clle.myill,t':m'y Tyran;[ defeated in. personal combat



J)~f~Hmdby~nEmy Un:i,ucoessful coup


Citylooood ~1!Lnl dE!fe:aL'" tribal le1!!.d.errn


+4' +6

"lyFant'snoroe ,a,ctiv e1ycampaigning Tyrant's home inactive



ULTltvlA:TEFEINT [GENBRAI.] You halVf' ft] rrher re.fined YO'lIr ability to misd irect olnd trick o:p'pouen ts widl your dtlct! p ti VI1! tumha; l

Pr,ueq,wsite: B~se attack bonus ~7 or highe.l;. 7-1TalliIh fn Bluff" Improved F,emt. Ben~et: 'W·nell. you use the .BIuff sklllto .£!;lin L in, comhliL~, yeu 'nlay immedttl'tely make m attack against your 'Opponent. II the sluff skill check succeeds, your opponent is considered flat-footed, Norm IIJ: YOu .1i1(umal1y may not use a s.ldll and attack in the samero1Una.

Description: The caster creates a. single use wand our of a discarded bone. Spdl E'.rf~c:~ Tbi s sp,,{1 tdl0w9 f he ea s·rer ro 'S [·Clte a spell he could nonually cast wi dun a nvrmitil detached, bone. The wand can store one spell, and the easeer may not have more than one bonewand per level at any given time. The caster may cast the spell atcred within the "bone as though It were among those prepared" but ~tdocs 110t eount against

his spells cast (or the day. Any material components
.ft:q,ulled. to cast the spell normaTly the :spell.is Illtored in the bonewand.


Focus: The bone that stores the. spell.

BONE 8r1l(1:5



Casting Dme~ I ;:)C110·1'I, Range~dose (25feet + 5 .fee't/easter level) Tarl~t:: 1 undead creatu.re Il'uration. Permanent Uescrj.ptiOD = This spell C:ElIUSiCS, jagged ba'ny spikes: to ,81',l)W 'aD the "bodies of sbleb;nl~ and

Le'vru: cl:r 2.. neath .2 CompODents.:' V. S. M. DF

Transmutation Level: Sor/WI ... 51 CompOfienQ! V. S, .M

zorn bwes, cI:IU'sing






attack. Spelll Ef:£ect: TlI~spikes tha.t .form on. these. ,tlndead dell anda.d,diti,o:a.al 1 d.s pain IS of damage, per 5uike.. lSven when Vir ie.Ming ill W0iipun, ,!.h.1!'! lxulY S'pikes fleld to the dama.ge, as it the undead we attacking wi.th its :lIst!;" Material COIDfonents:' Api~.c~: of bone,
DQN~'WA.N'O 'fiansmuw'tion T_,ev!~'I: iz!So,r 6,. D@ath "') W

ROl,ge: Medium uno f~flt + 10 feee/caster level). Duration: See spell 'i:lffect Saving Throw: See 's-pill eH'ect Descl'iption: '"flIts is pubmliilly a cataclysmic s,pelland is ex..tremely rare, These that even contemplate using ~ either care little £or the t !;"nT1!s~quel1lces of [heir aettons, or have no meeal mChQl. This spell rIps open iii ragged huJ~ in Ulll dimension.al barri,el' "betWeen ,apMallel dimension and 'tW!sene, Thl!! appearance ·of tlI e rift is one of ~ swirling. h13c:kvnI"fJl'l!x_No man~r WM'[ angle One l,'oon at it, they seem til be' staring down the Uli:l\ll{ of some g,eo.t, Mac:k:-throa~edl ~nviJible beast, All ma'OOnal in close prd~:mi ty su ffer from e.xpOSUl."e to
the d'Eu:1m~nti1ll] erlfll!;lr~I!!S,

Casting Time: I full round

spell Effect: This ~tdl'cre:~rtes a v,artex 10 feel ill diameter, centered on a point in space chosen by the

If cen ter.ed
saving thmw



they may :make
'iiptilUS DC


CompO'Dcnts,. V, S, :P'
COlting 'Ilimc= 10 mlinutes RaDg:e:: Touch Target! Bolle touched
DU.;I:'iiI,D.Qf].: P~tmiiine1'lt


un til d~schar.s.oo [(.D)

out of the rupture's fonn.iiltion an'!a. If this seving throw fails., 'the targc:t 'is rlDowu into the rift The only way to rerum -is fur that person tocasr plane O'S.hi1~ i ,EUIai.her spell [lif a. similm,"typ~. A person or U
obj ect sucked j n to th~1 other dilfii!1!nsion 1006 points of d;una~e 'per round.

agam ... the t


Saviul Thro,w: Will negates (,object) Spell R.emtaDte:: Yes (objee,t),


i Thisdev~stabng spe]] i~ extrelmily d .adeor.e SPIllU '~Sn~~t:raJized.he is ones ·wa.hey .1 ( of lrlllnge).it l~w.100' rE!et of ~ yon~su. Tuget1 1 person or creatul'El DUMUOIt~ 1 oolmdjlev. 'fhe rift re:matIlS: as long as Once th~ eestsrstops tQ~lOe:nt:l.(ler Sd6 POi:ll'LS of dam~g!.cbW'loe pet1'rQund 'of It.ho(w .e (DC 20) he seals theri:ft 11112caster can <ltt~mpt tOS..lItea or tb. S. spells such as M:S~! or mirad:e em} restore the soul to the body. Tbe:re is.[f he (anIlot. own. 8 Go:mpone. closing on H:.g Throw: will ne~otl~~ S-pe:11Resistanoe: Yes g'I!SCripUOD.:1iD#l'OUS for r.hin .inglO fEet to its :radius. The body is unhermed. DF Cudng Thne: 1 fun mund ltamge::: Totu:h. caster ~Qmc. Hnwever.et's soul from thelr body.dU: V. Wh~n and )f his soul retums.th 8..fmils·to c]G~€ the rH~ me only option ~s to east ill.l do not m~ lost forever. djspersedmmugh~ autsp!1ice andtime.ngtn. all! (il!qUfll] Chanee ora m~.he ra:fi:'ger_ The vi:ct.~ethe: !.lIViliU sav. [If disI'Up[ ~oUJ has his essence scattered Ilkea asli ina hut:r]cl'in~. Only divine intervention 01" the use of even more pClW1'.ll'emains wt!~ll!ned.oul:s return 'ID thf! bady (9'0% of the 'lime).rt~ becomes unstable .1elill.ll.11.g:e).'a:t~ug (or moves 01.ins active and the reswts can be' dewstaJl~ng. cumulative) .q tevel~ C):(!' ~De':I. Uifiing th. Iithe. the' Spell Etf~ct~ Wneuil cl~rle uses [his. th~ vo. but en ters ill eomatese s:tat~. If be mU:e3 me casrerconcen tra res I and he is 'w1:clnn l'a:nge" f.lilal t~h riif e~ ch :ronl1 nd asa standard ~ iiliction. .im.ih eM b. Most s. s~ze by add.: ~\I'~ry round (Fort save fo:rn Wi dawu'l. it . However.AU emi1mtes or obj~r:s w~r.. XP c. tn::l:ti[t. spe.ost~: $1000 xp.( caster SaviIl.U1ishspl1llt e:]'I Maten al Compolite:nts: An cnantf!d onyx dagger of at least +2. DISRUPT SOUL Necroma.['l 0.e divine or hlliel'na~ power he W ield:s 'LD! b]US1 a w.a Sl~ I(non growi.!rful :reality-altering.rg.

whether a.utOl'l fIS.o 'his furure accions.!! boti~. -1 manila pcirnlty On . rI'Jay wish to allow for the soul not return to do st:cuud the' ~oay. Wruw' !!JilJ. the casteI' and his companions suffe~ 1:).de:al~an a.returns 00 th.uJ. unfol'il:U.e events.DF Ca!!lilin.g ertt. de~Ufi.e peuahy the further the PCs delve . lSitV.~ttack. deeisien results in iii detrimental effect or not.'[ Dl{ltlcciplion. pt!uahy persists until the compandons suC!rn~dlin their ta!il.n= blstantaneous Des.ter'S level DM$.t.into the~I' qu.est."/usiof! (:i!S per the spell)£or ::I number of days equal to d1e eals.M.n. spell Effett:When S'peU ll.arnings ale r. m . If the w. happen.ripen hardens the rruget' s .Clr 2 components.msigh[ un.an:s:mutation Level: Wiz/sOf 2 Componentl~ V. ILL OMEN Divination ignored. The harde~~ fist' .Even if the soul .eo~i\!'f:'SLhl'l b~nefil of ahardenedl" powerful fi~t.ture's Hs.f~t C~UU5etii with and iro.ell rollsrelated to the faled. S. I'llig. Dr Ca~ti 1I.cripti (In: Th is ~peU gIves ['he' ~asm<r .g 'ftm~ 1 action Ra:nge~ Close (25 feet + 5 feet/caster ]~) 'Di:r:let: 1 c:rea.ddidona] Id. The DM may-wish toincrease ili.ould. If this 'lnfo:r:m&tiOD is jgniOl'~d.iJ]g. 'the victim.T Level: .iii d.: V. S.1( nr ih@.ta:tio. It only reveals. r. each 'physi.amage from cast the target of the speU things.lllcate Tr.y abandon rhts park. .ffed: This 'Spell draws upon divine know~cdgc of ful. Thi::i .cal .emains in a state of CQ. :Du:radom :2 roundsl easter iaw. HOwevel'.g Timru 1 n1)]rmmd Range'~ 0 Target: peN onal J)W.6 points of . task.

edms of r:h@ dra::lnfung arrack ~drnI aplply.[m'ms on d:letar:get's £a.C::.2S feet ~.A h~.!Jg~ReS.ce. U:uvw so see through th~ i. making.Pb.e. Spt!!U ~.tl A iShadow :is summoned to' protect NEC.. htm appeill\' ug1.1:U. ~ .nJw: Nif!ga:~E5 the spelleeeipient fromaUhru.ts: A small black veil. hlstcllid.'!I pl1'non.ro the unclea:d Cltat'1!lli~instel'ld Lel'el: Sor/Wi2.l Hg'htspi.R n'eW" the ea-Slle:r~ the caster md not we uIld~ad b~ne'l~ts rrQ~rnl 'ili~ drained. entrgyi SpeD In'leC't~ This :spell in.M/DF CasuJlI Tim.1l1~ dU!ihd c. a~aPlill.arkness iC(UlllpD". ~ght. AU btm~fit:linoT.e tU'g. Creatures that aile ca!us:e-d pain O!r l~1' UL!':trim~nud ~f!clJ5 frum .based ~pe.i:n.._ or an.yon.'tiU:m) betlNeentne dl'mmn.r:::JeaJ. to P]anf!t. You Mea of Effect: 10 feetjle'll'e:1 of caste:r DBlation.:ip~ent .g ljme: 1acrion . Strength does not . :3 Olm:poneD'ts.:ompollen:b: A sct'ap of i~on.: 1round/level of caster S'ari:ng -r. SHADOW CLOAK repuls:hre COUll'tenanee.augmen!t ~ damage as :if it Wf!fFea ll.iies.Dl4fi(. tmdoad and the Negativ.d to have a Cha:t'is:ma oil £Q1. 'the nec.' the dln'aUo]].ai'gcet.A. enIDy Se~ by thosethat can see his.thS~ Soc!Wiz 6 Components: V~S.e: Laenen lbmg.el QI£ CMt~ SaYiDB "throw: N@!gates SpeD lleabbm:ce:Vtl:3. So:rJWiz: :3 Wm saving ~ash.h [be ramer ups@t wHn onefLl@sponsiMe.f sh..1~vel rl C<lS tEr Saving Throw: Negates 5pellRe_siBt:. magnet Wi life e'nelJ. M s. SpeDH{f@ct: When this spell ts cast on .mee~ Yes Des~iptiQD ~ A thill.- or Dura. . Materi. Nateria1 Componl!:nu: .llldireedy at th~ rtM..om.The reclplent bimsel£cMluot seethe .g. W.:~ V. S.. targ~t is CQOsid.haracter 1"f:.tion:: I dlyllev. l!Ulde~d deains illi.ul:'f!lmQWS that this is happenhlS andmis.ell' ~marmed ~t1"ike (i"J1!11cldlidI'lRwm~ TII(lrt"~ mat laS) (!jUGneue of danmp: ~s consid~l\ed ~ubduaJ.ne.NTIC N~Lmmancy CH.s. t It is.ro.pleteJy unaware: that something is smis.rop of v:a.ANNE:l .-mful effects from my light ~source.-1-6 enhilln.ment bonus on his savi:mgtn1'Ow.hm M'li.et in any way.eliDli.]iving . ~hadQws do not il!lfedetb..o.y lbe. an m.ee~ve8··3.spells :r~~a1 th.d description .~fl 8.onnal me unarmed ~trilw.poDeDts~ Ad. M Cuting 'lime:..c.ilh.s s~]l $lpeUlEflec.5 feet/Z levels of caster) T.5 fceVcil1Iis'ter ]ji:vd)1 Targ£!'l: P'erson G'I' creature UUTatinn: 1 h(]u. Ma(erilll. If someone C(il!l:lts a. area er~el. T'he.~ption.s·(: (25 feet 4.y !lVt:t1 .d:iiJllag~ .1I1usion..Tt:ue Seeing and. of Conjuration (Summoning) Level: D.ents~ v.t~lTU1Pt!i: the link HIDEOUS APPEABAN'CE rJlusiQn (phaJn.ptlo:lil: TbewlleItoi tbK spell taka on a The. illusion Jar whll. Close (. the spell Those :rliuu kn owthe Ul:!'g~t nl~YliWla.nJ C.S'bmc~: Y~1il..tITfflli1!flC:~ and <11"1 'Calu11l. de!ilimg dam!.l3ion and lS .m- Material Com:ponen.Rafige~ C:lo.bllt it doe!! aupnent rhe original d~ag.Jllain. S. fillce. undead eN~t.Level: nea.c.u8~on . !'l condui.t1!aClwdGl1k. .e blood.l.t to the Negative .it has emmicns or can reason.e:.e siphon.fr1 mdud.foOl' the lengdl the spells duratin~the remaining lile lenergy then diss:ipates.ROM. D'e5Q". . 1actruon Range: Touch Thrpt.e.co1l'l.ere.All rules fo:r m. layel'of shadow ~ormg around! the targ!1ll of thi. l'he. Thet curer can utlltze tl'J!t': bi.: the caJster beeemes ill.h.lched! ing tempOTaJy levels and hi~pomts. ferBO:n t:O!.Dlpi~ m.r.Light rlim: llQn I10r:rually as U ~t were dark.s. ~im:~lm.'!U d~a1:) I:l~Ull~gi. DesW.

[alllJu. 'l'arIet.i'I rharacrer "~. the target's S·t-t. Of consdtution. Sce!W'i'Z 5 If a spdl caster wishes mastery at a h. ~nd of the spell's dU.of rhe spell (noring .e .ll before. b:h points.: reuch Target: one living creature iJ)u('l1ru1 Duration: 1.3.me: 1mUDd. The subject becomes ~~tmngei!'.:ilyb. STREN'GTH OF YEENOGHU Necromancy uVrl: special. and in order to learn it the: easter must sacrifice 8 hit. hour (:s.q.11115IL~ lur X huurs. SUMMOoN SHADOW RAVEN Cunj u. Targets. Sm/Wiz. Spell Effect: This spell is never memorized.esistanee: Yes Di1.:I shadow ltiutge. recipient will experience a terrible becldash from Yeenoghu's unho]ytouck When the effects end.'~t~on. SorfWiz3..:r Ievelof the caster at the time of ma:st'ering the spell.t only suifc·rs Ids poin.l + 5 re~tJ'Z levels) DlIra.g2!iT1l:llt the DC . Once established. In additton.dama~ and also loses one hft poim permanently.pecidl) Ss.. Sp -11 :H«@<ct~ The easrer calli: into sha. 'bolster his own. glow in the center of 'dle subject's eyes.lieria1 Compollents: A 'bIt of bone from a un: M.angth is increased by Xd4 aUL. M (sp~ciaJ) ICasting 1l.e:ven if they did not hE!fnn'P_ At the Hke amount.vlDI Throw: will DeJ~.k .ay then attempt Ito bind 1. raking on the pow~duJ strength of a possessed spirit. the subject makes <Ii wm ~".l. they must again complete the ri tual es if ihey bas never l~rarned rl'H~spe.uffer. V.'~sC1l'i.d and the cheek bones 'Willdistend.sid~kll'). S.avp .oOn~This spell sum mons . 1'4 CMtinl..a temporary PEfSCIn t of the' spell undergoes a minor The caster link between ltis spb]t auL! lhal uf another creature.evel. pennts sacnficed.action Ranis: dose (25 feel: + .SPIRIT LINK Necromancy l. raven from 'me demi-plane of shadow (see new monster: shadow raven .fH1iUJ] (Summoning) [. 1:0 gain Components: V. of 1:1 is own ute fOIlCfliD learn the powers ef Yeenogilu" The oB'ering i.greatly and rJ!.tcs Spt!IlIl!.pfion: Of The reci pien can create .n. componenu: V.ts 0:( damage.l' game: Id6 temporary points of the ehn~en trait nir 3d 6 hit pain tS'1 and. F/DF Casting DIne: 1 full found Krulge: Close.is wurlJ ~uugh erhrt'l!nc:e a any . he m.s eq ual tu one psrmaneru hit pfllnt pe.Once on the spellcaster's plane. the forehead wil1 fu. Th. the caster cam then draw on th target's spitl:t to.igh@J' level. (25 JI:":e.allowing the gnoll de:m. SF I'! R (feet: Thjg spell allows ths caster to ternp()rary shue one of the following traits with anethcr c:rcature or person.uj. SUC~'el)S JU~ii1LS the tar~c. the LM-get.on lord to channel h. of the spell radiate evil.)! erial COMPQnents: Something 'of the chosen t tattget's person_ .i. 1 Creature or Person DUI'.u. is in p:ffp('r~Rrighr.@V~1: De. Ma.iJ.oo. pi 'Uu:JIl. the targ~t loses a n change mappesrance while the spell's d1Ll'I. nail dippings.ili 4. l_wutuJ/l~vt1!l of caster Saving Throw: WI11negates Spd] R. Whe'1i1 The spell is cast. S.dow raven that enters Lh.ght will. Clr COmpQ.b t!!tn:rgy inLg.[ ss fami]lar.ndsthe 'target's own life fooce· ['0 Yeenoghu . Time: I .a tuft of hair.tion: 1rcund/Ieve] of caster Descl':i.s 2dg pointS . the subjli!cL IDay casll StrlO1lgicli of Ya:l'lognu with <I power score of X~ where X is the nurnber of Int. This iilpeUl:iempor.caste. C. o'r gllull champion and a.a:Dte:l ¥es Dua'ipUou.eoti!l.pti. s. whiIf? ptnpotnts of li.that the s:pdlIevtil is equa] to X).esist. strength. Once rcady (UU. Failure: indicates: that the life fmee of th echal'acte:r was damaged . d nsr frnm rhe pla ne of gf yeenoghu.5 feet/2 levels of caster) ceremony takes two days top repare and complete). or tlll~like.

]on.OJ.til the end ef the du.4I.El.n.Th.g "lime: 1 acttcn levels) undead cermet fol1ow.sin.E'!dium (IOn rB~t + 10 fBE'!t/2 Laster CI. S'Pd].m.t for thi a spell drawsrhe wrath of' all un.ck easier prey. S..o:nelllbi~V.'I~tin.ffed.eDM j.ore the eompu]:J.l.e:ild get Ii! 'WiUpoweT ~lilvin:gthrow tn ign.Hi..::I1.~ Tn. It thevictimtravels sClm.s!criptioft: Th e unfortunate indi vtd ual that Wh~L tribute IS approj)1"mte. the s.:IL.:llthe find Qibi1ier for l'h.Jf The spel1t<ts:rer 1pel":S~11.ties splil'D iRPsislllDce: Ye~ has the proper tribute."crea l ure DURltl.~either 5 shadow w 1 dlJn rhe range of the IS 'fit~J. The Wldcud. NerTiomam cy Level . m i'ilfl'~k OUT a J1Id ./ caster 1~vel 5amS Drow: Nega.• clr 3.gall.gent und. M. undead creatures W]t. Thes~ cr-eatUFes Stop :It nothing tn gil'!t~f thp t~rgE't.nta elk him _ All :intelli. an absence of shadow. OF RlIn.is spell tums thet~l'ge"l.! that the l shadow.:ration Or they al'l:! restrained.~T'Ii£l~ becomes the ta.e:ff.a-tII~ F'nctls~ A sm.ge: M.J. into !11 l'nagDJet for tha: 1Jfi.. Sor/Wiz. 3 Comp. JlJW:SU!~ the victim.dei. It rr:. irn 1no reet. 'l'ne sh~dow raven sarves fah'hfully for rhe spell's durarton. they wait as closeas possible: .d.O'B: 1 round.t'ge.la (.].a 11 shi'r:lY ohjprt .~rr.pelt Th~ only exceptions are in tetal darkness or totel !igh. '11m ~v~n to att.hadow raven may serve as f1 tB. 'I.ewh.Qadereaeares near hrm.

~U'adonof du!: s.h~ Trial.: A small lodestone.et: One living t~u'g~t O'f creature DuratiiDID~ i rCl11nd/caster level huge: Leveh Ck 4. T~ at. M!IIteriai Components.caster Samg Throw.as~ing Time·: 1.ous . ..· cumstance..) 0. 5.l!t!: them fur I.hal h3LV~DO form.s tn.ta~mu.!irs:u]'vival s1ri1k~ The reason the tnrctates are so dtivm in their training is to Jl'l'epa. All wound'S eonnnue the duration to him 'vulnerable spell hI~ell: .o ~tm. At a eertafn pnint rn their training. V.:.a1tthem as.d at arate 'of 1 hp per rou ud Wlt:il lIcaled taken. the Blood Arcber is never lW1omd.. me 'mind creature of 'their worst nightmar:rp".a.Iige) eonnnue to blee-. rigorous U'alirnn.!? algairu.mCE!:~Yes Description: This da::nger. The males <tnd.tes (".t-footed effects nre u.. females. Wood A:rcl1er 'initia:tes lInd.!SIpdl stop'S the w-get's wounds from closing asper the weapon prope:ny of the same :[). mrget ~Ucm.a p'wch at grave din.1!l~h iii' w1de wrriety (If sentiments.PJleSenl~ itself lithe.. target w:i:th kar. makh~g t. that jofn the Blood An::hersmust pus..nl1liHeeted but III l those with a great&-th~n-a:njmaJ: intelligenoe. loses his PRES.sm) Lel'd.+ 5 I~iE!It.gp. While under the effect of th.11.!In'''~ . and . Spell £{fe.of .cL Cn!HLur-e:s !. is cOilSid'ef:edt1at-iooUl.l2castB]f!V1B]S) 1aq.pdl n~ve no ndd:iitiiOI1rii1:1 eHect. T11is spell conj ures images in. all wound's (any physical ~ttacks that d. during (Ill' ba:n. At the end of rhe 'trials.1' that have.~ Sot/Wiz 3 Components: V. Millterial CWlillponenll: The material components for t-his spell are apiece of £leeoe and d. he cannot take action under <liny dr. SI :Of Casling TimJ!. phYSlca] and spiritwil transfO'1'ltilatilon.. ..TIGE CLASSES THI! BLOOD .( BarbruianwoUJd be effected.esi:gped to in'ctea!Oe tlu. bei'l1.daged.aWn he suffers. Tht! ~ptillis 'unly effective earn image. On.~: Medi UUl (100 (e~L + CJi)S!1!! (25 fl'!el.nizauons that i. (th~n:"ibeast. round Ilwl.gregimen5 d. Death 4.s temporarily par<lily7~" the fails his Soave.g 4\ HD than nermal.t{fzct) I C-fleatu'fe 1l1!l~t:lon: 1 round =l- is. 'noe.Hidt s. Neg~. Pain 4: Com"oDmlJ. D'e~cr. thetJe aile few org3.the target S].pts to turn these creatures.~ spell. but each round tbiU he l. The' victim is :d]owed a saving throw round. WOUNDING 'IrW1SID'lJ1LaLiuu WA]UN(i: NIGHTMAB. .ilOP of poison. 1action 10 feet/level of caster) ~tt: I round/level of .tall te: Yes. spell-uke or supernatural iIIhilities that ta:ncel t1('l1.n!)l throughout the lands.:! cpportunity . ett..cb. ill ~1trviving initiates visit we Blood OeJ(tenty modifier (even it: heeould not m:'If1nM~Y lQS!E!it) and.l~ll Resit.'liun (Phanl. M C. a eumulatrve ·--1 circumstance penalLY Lu the mH .ergo .de alter the d.evp-n~ftfc!rThill durarlon lapses.e thing i3 for certain.only the ta r.ipU.eall Oll' more points of dluu:. fro:m kiU and hatred to' tesped: and 'even admiration.d: Thi.s.1. spdll{ie~L: If the Lal'8't:'L uf WuundLog ..(lII1.ving TkmW'! N@ga[es Spell llegist.ES tlhl.l~P..pple the victim.and resume pursuit if th.'t .ARc._ Sur h horrifying vtstons menwly cri.

DU.ge.edks J suffer a ~ 1 penalty for every So pounds. and 3.pon Sp~daliz<'i.AU '0£ the foUowin.egeJ. Poison Blood.). md'e Jump. who' are immune).g iilJ:edJass . :Sn.Archers. light armor. At Ist l~vd. Ar:chf!![ his power"Frmn the time of the . See chapter 4: sldlls: in r.' base of OlleJ"O.unp (Str).aJ[t'ps: £0'1' ~.le~'aclm'l.tions.2 +J +l +4 :BIQQd. P'eat. Search (!nt). mal weapon deH v~rs 1. Swim '(StrJI' Tumble (Dex}-'I Wilderness Uil\e(Wlis.e and martial weapons.ti. The Archer may advance in his original class.attack bODIUl: +6.el~!ocket and Tumble. a.considered a member of the Blood Archer 'fra'te:mity.ip.e Blood.Dlank Wea.d Ref Will Special I 2 If the Blood Archer coats ~ weapon (piercing or slashing) with bios bInnd.de. Track" crafl (Bowyel'fliletther): 6' ranks Hi. Blood AIDchc'r gWfiS.aWY~l'/fle. bu l Archers.efili attadC +ld6 ~ Blood bow +2 $y'nfIT3IrL~. descdptloas. Kll0wledge: Natuee (lnt)"l. of .vt::I.Archer class. Weapon and Armor Profide]!)cy:: :A Bllood A..t.bt: brctheehood Spedali '[he Blood Ar-che:r must partake and 7 ranks . (longbow).dtua] io:nvard.bO\V +1 R. Swim e:h. (D9) . Craftl B. 10 8 9 +5 +6 +7 +8 +t +i +1 +.. Then: they partake in ~ ritual unknown to aU buttb.ientwith all . It tak'es Ihp worth of blood tal coat 1 small 01' to weapon l arrows. Escape Artist. Because the ilcbor :flowmg rhrough his vstnsts infatrral in origin.: 4 ranks Wilderne!llS LoR: survive a ritual o.t 0]1 i:h~ Tl~L iLnnaging hlt.blood .. medium armor (ucept chauunai])_ Wore mat: at'1110I' check p@n. 2 hp will coat i! medrum weapon.JI heavier than le.t Mre that gives: m. Jl. dus.. fI:i:.d 101 - ll. :t3 ~ +3 s 6 . Th@ ~1(1nd Archpf class skill .istel'l [Wis) Move Silen dy {Dex)1 rude (De:x}. are dan- Skill Points at Each .e ArChers themselves.ltimpJ. Climb Handle i IT 'fs this serJ'e. Alse. its srnenglh ana a~:rurncy are unparalleled.. mental change. Skills.fetil'~ of the .r be called oooJ1'lary. Ul"5e W than thaJt~ they catty some sort of livrng bow. is always. the Archergams abilities tied to their ~ifebloCld.rcheris pioIic..ofi.. hp fat' a large weapoill.. SbQt.eria. Anirilru (SU). wt walk this path (C:ha)'r~ Hide' (Dex)1 Intu~t D:(retdon (Wis). The blood +l +2 +2 +3 +IJ +0 +I +3 -raison .t~hel' (Int).Atid. Spot (Wis). Allpment: Lawful Evil Endut'llDCe. Mov~ Silently.me nt carrled.ll. +5 +1 +2 +5 +4 +5 +6 +2 . (and: the key '1ihil~ly for each skill) are AnimaJlllmpathy (Cha)T 'BaJlam:!@: BLOOD' ARCHER ADVANCEMENT TABLE Level AUnck Fo.IImOr or eq u. Those gll1l'DIJS indeed. for wha't 'they be.eahlu8 Hit :Die~ ... a "'blond bnW'~' they rn])it.] +9 -HIJ +6 -1-7 +3 +'J * +5 TO Sneak attack +:2d6 (Bow only) B1QQIl bow +3 Sneak attack +3 d6 (Bow only) . Itis toxlc those gf this plane (except €or other Blood m alive. Base . after which h~ may never Itji:l. a character must fuH1U all the following crit.b'el' apply to the 5kiUs Balance" Climb.Blood . the property of poison blood.h€" PHG lot.j.isreat phygic~ and. blood ~------~~~~~---pnJ&) :3 .come c!!n no h:ni.Level: 2 + Iut modifier~ Cla!1 ll.equU'E"mllR ts To qual ify to become iii Blood Archer. Pain t .

.Requil'ements To quali (Yto bE!. 'the wound sprays blood over aU thost> wiLl1in. When struck in melee wi th pi ~ITi 1:1 g or slashing weapons. AI: .fect At 3 rd !.giOOl): 4.11i'!.IufemHl Pact.d6 pO~lltsof additional daruage.:ope:rties are as illI mOl~ical+ 1.lteca use o. Cla:!f!S wlth bow.t1en of in hushed tunes.') Ce~l nfth@ Blood A[lmer for Ide points of add damage.actually a. ha'vm. at 1 hp per hour. t}!I~user mUlat Exotic Weapon (blood bow) feat. damage incU!~g.e nmnk. NO't belonging to a secret sect.the Bargainer is lazy and shiftless.liI.l'gaioel" A does not need tu knnw mag. This acid blood do es not af. . Secondary damage: 1do Con.r.s. Knowledge (demonoJ[)~ gy).T1 . each lime . de mons to til ell' wi 11 where [lm$.ks Spe:ciah T he Barg-aLner must learn tlu~ true fUI.ng ean heal this.('p clleir Cl'afl in private! binding.6p ointsilnd at loth.. for exanlple a L 6th level the bonus would be +2 and at 9r it if would be +3. These men and WOmlf'.tlt level.e of one demon before he can begin his. This. be can re'ttJt'n . Ct:aft (lot) ..ra.era:te woundSi because o{ his hali-Infern. Only natural heali. Insl~<Ld p'.ti. d6 .g. this ~bility eict:e.~.). 3. signs.emellt.remains viable foc 2cl6 rounds. r~pt!aL~dhits Blood Archers.r:I..ir-" it eenainly helps. .'t tncreases to 3d6 points.Ul6:: +4 Ipve] further cumulative bon us.f the l:lDulij.t .1mb from j devilpossessi!d TreanL Its p:.: At ~nd. TIDs.i:ryfl1li'~3~ h wfi) u-e Al.Blood.Knnwled.hys·iolo1<Y. level. DIDst Ba:l"gaiu~t!.mllf:i6D: At .al . (n~]i.om the heart of the' Crims!On Forest.ltJS the property of acid blood.ltions in the demonh: tongue.vel.l.g learned the delicatearr Dr nf'gnti:. 8 ranks 1 Lhe ability 1:0 sneak 31u:mcltheir opponents for .cript (Ifill. DipJQiIWI'cy: B ranks .at~. those tha.ey (en.ate and bargain with lln: Inlem<li:1 being"'. ability may only work Klmwl~dge. Sneak Attaac At :5 til level! a.~ BluU (Chal.0 TIlE BA RGA. Thf! bow ia .ua1 nature uf Ilhe bow.ma.come :II Bargainer.ihl~~.l. Archer. Puison lYPe~ Injury DC W . He regerumnes. unlike theh demon-summoning cousins (sec pagf. Blood Archer gains Alignm@nt: any-Evil F'e. P"Iyillg nu hf!ed tn th~ detnonic contracts he pledges ttl and.c:h~r'fi advw:u:. R)~g~n:i. Al 8lh levp. Blood Bow: 'thaI FOUnd are not eumu- lative. t'h. Acid .4th ]e.~nd 'Uten '!ilgain at 9th I!!!flclumt Ithe bow. l'rmglmw _ nln1ngOl Blood Ar.' 2~~). a Blood 1 Areber fan 6htai n a Blood Bow £r. a Blood Archer gO. lthough ra B*..6th .i.1T!.tl!' extra damage incrcasie:S to 2d. ]~W. Base atuck "bo:n.'i spc.INER Thf'i~ :ill'@! rhose who have learned to negotl. at character must fulfl11 all the following criteria. Decipher S. can bend a demon to their will without so much as a breakm~ a sweat.oruy once per round.r&\~:rving an a. D~plo. The Bargamers skills (and 'the key abJJ.l. Gather skills . damage to the Blood.of rhe nether11l0r1d.. patb to evil and must speak Abyssrui or Infel'11al. lronWiU. Hit Die:.I~F1I!b~s to 1hp per mmute.eve:l. Blood Archer gains 'Lheabil~t}' to rcgen.e (utiil.+ Blood Atther class level I ni cia] damage: Id6 Con.na): tm 'm.rocmy (1nt).ddttional +-1 £.

the S~'C drlllwhadt l't woulcl.f ~_Bv11 Infarnal Feat IJer_i1"s -ill +0 I0. question must come 'Willhl:gly 'and munt take an In1:emalPact with the demon.l' caIul0~ c.even if . '1"':1: :3 4 5 6 +1 +1 +2 +2 +3 -to-t +0 1 T1 II +1 +2 +2 l1~vu~ -e -1-4 Hi +5 7 +U .odifi!cr.aJ feats . Magic Device (Cha).Jth level.level. He.1f the Barga. . lnfem.once rhe PC becomes iUly aUi~illUt:ut other than evil.vlel' than leather apply to the skills Bala:n~ie.e.ciaJ +1 CltorlsmJ.naf~ {ec~d by thisabiiJiry. Cl. . otherwise there is.k that In£e:rnal Feat lumse If.in. Pacta with demons 1J. In so + doing. whellthe item is created.nslUch . Profession (Wis).1.n an d..ge [aU ~kil]stnken _ gains" ~f!':riell!ce points based 0. Spellcraft oe skill Points at Each LeveJ..ence point gain. . He may' shoapie changeper the wild shepeabili ty pet the Dn.l. permansnrly ))e"H':s Advocate: At Sal J'wel . Pre:v:i. the Bargainer: gains a ~l Bonus to his Charisma.Lid ability of the same n s:me once pel' dlay.er. shmggmg off his mortal shape a.+1 H +2 +1 +2 +1 +8 ~~ Shape .ess he.nd raking form in Anyrhing he wishes.Inj'ormatIDn (lnt). wtrh ifln ~nfii!JI'I1al pmv~ ~aL he can im bu~ rh~ h(ll. the B~aine:r dcvdoped his inhumanpetsona. no experi.i'i'. -HJI +3 . 2 + Inc m. Jump.11 I:hp CR]ew.:9 Featu. BARGAINER Level Attack I ADVANCEMENT Pod Ret'will +0' -1-0 TABLE Spe. AxeDt of E.u.ed. A Bafgamer may never g.8 +3 Feat Feat 9 HJ +4:.ou~ fE!aitS are tii. Ageq.m ht~hhlJ:sdf 111as. wlibes.lI' hea. The pengni~.+:0 +0 Iafernal Peat Jirfm.l'fil'l'ltEd item ..vil:: Any and alll abi'li ties hegams Bargainer 3:S: a lnfern.l"e ndrrly im poo51 bJe to b:relillh:. the Bar-gainer leams to word his crmtra rL"lm til demons ~. (with the exception of Infernal Feats..tha t armolt' check penal ties for arm!. but beyond llll:s ~!.f~ Bargalne rs gain no' pmfidency in.~ At 9th ]{lvel we Ba. AFD:u:ni'PnJGciell.n31 Will Infernal Feat ~emlt +fi WuniliDUli. and ihe persun he is corrupting. 1 Cha:risma.the DaJ:'gainer becomes a go-between for his ccrru pter He m.l"e~ AU 0 tbeaUowing W'~ doss feanrras of the Bargainer da~!il. .rs drawb2lcb from Infernal feats (un"i. aU 'Iumble.aining the f<llvornfhit'l eontractnr. he may create wondrous item iii p~r th ~ itam cr~adonieat of . any weapon or _armor.fully an NPC or PC is brought forward to 'the demon (at a specific time and place per the DM). W~1l po.d will: At 5 th.q in lev~]s in any ciasl:!bul Bal'g~iner until he reaches liJth level. All if1~ID5 .J~. The In£em~l wm al:iiliry does nor (Ii)!:'tPnd rn thf' f'..~ b. DO longer suffe.rgah'):f:l' has . Knowl. Eal:h lime Cmft Wondrolil~ Jtemi At.created in this manner radlate pewerful eviJ and arc only usable by' the batgain. Netc .~ way_ that even the Abyss is impresseG with his le~ sense. g.I~1r1 Infernal huernru .'\VIM Shape.a~l'tspells.ay bF:in~ reople forward to the demon and offer them power.) :lITP' 1001. individually) (InC). nless the Bargainer has a death wish 01' a u desire to visi t the Abyss.: At Ist level.. Fick rocket.the same flame.have no drawbacks when gamed.the Bargalner cannot cast s:pelli •. Infernal Feat~ the PC may choose one Inf~ma1 feat. '[J's:~ (eha) .c. Mov~ Sil~oLJy. it suffer:.2 +3. if at PC too. Esc IllJpe Arrist'" I-HcJ.

ROts Ui1t'l'!g. take Lhl!'!lictinn 1l1[1~' of yom· Story. your plaryers wU1 get tired Dfj]g~ nng session alte!' session. Hu~. and oiffln: some advice for making your game' as enjoyable as pouj~ ble for you and your p]ayers.n~51n'rrequille additi.gns. Jus t add some mctivation and plot bdrlnd the combat..gIl.llIy gn by wtthour a single die lO]].urpol~tkru tics. While co'Ve:r.m~r-atf!s Into Jdlling innoce. w!?'.: this is a hno'k lo!!' thinking . be used te smuggle Icontraband in the fo~ you villains [h. before bC:g1:nufng to esteblish ken . g~OfJ. Most ga:mesfall s. yu u dlJn't TH!~.mg for a. it isn't as Wl::U-auit. thiS sty]e of p~ay quickly d~gI!.:te:r persona. wh./ hb dm.e.en wau~.e us a call.im:meision adve. thou. players should rise above ~pllil!.! ] t HI your job to create the .onal work em the DM's part. bit of combat..1::('101 to !lip~eethe game up and make it more interesting. You.c81ble evil ccuons and.Uig an rnl campaign. heille are LWlJ T extmm.. much like any 'othe:r. style can be ~u::tion~pilu::kll!d .d.I:m.re. :reqmres balance.ind . When you wont to exploit the popula.g legions polmcal uphea'Vals:. Building 'their ~~~ .s when considering styles ofiole-playing lmt:k (}r 51laqh a nd deep_. development. evil campai.know p WhiliL type of stofY your pla.. it wculd be pretty dull with. An evil campai.otes .ad:vent'11t'ea.e'f(han ts. and pu.SECTION TWO: ERey IS FOR THE WEAK THE EVil CAMPAIGN This chapter illnsrrares [he process 0'£ cl'e:a:ting liIod runn. ~t!s you:r job '[0 spe~kwith yOm" p.:llil't to use this boo. Deep-Imm@l'sion O~J~ t~c PiGs ~ capital uf the Whi. ynn need ['o.lld with. yow bribe: dJ'l! 19c.evill cFImpai.gpJ1m11.g with NfCs than in'teractlon and m-depth figbting style.of an epic scale. plotting recruitin. make themselves fn"rntclable lfil'llstlmUinck. one.~i"8 yo.mm~r. 'These sessiens can be rich end kil1~w""one: irl dghr reWardmg stu:ryteUmgexpeliie nteS l YOIlT players ar@ but! even luaUy.nturin.layers. any any evil iilncl pmV1id@ lit world for the characters to mtetl.-«i~7055 j r.ed for i'lin.Rnaud fo.J!It!)!.i.!b rucm. . to In an evil campaignl.goodly adven1:Urers.ntvillagers honest m. plot is }lOUT . n'etrSOJ~. giy. d esp.out ~.l'Rm.r'~llII'te maste:.pm. an aC'tionmoVi.~ll'QIlS~hRl'~Tyto rd'f~1t him. w:iw detp udlffShu me campaign Dccp.Bntire sesskms m. {jj sl<l!!iih .al(band m furthe!' the:iF ElVi~ schemes. Some. 1 PC!' in an evil" deep= immf'!mon 1C3W1pai'gn have a different way of handling downtime in your eaw.-o~ them . Picture..o'mewhe:re rn between t.l.gamel's. and planning.gh. As d:..tollP uses.charii.gn. the . Most likely.1hzJolg .I".".of minions. iteh.1lu. Hack" s1ash While 7'1".e. 1t is our intent an . from yrm:r :players.hli!~~ two.il1 our help. nsed tc determine the style of [ole~playing you!' g.t: 'U!it st. and hiring . If you want to plunder helfl~~ villagee.ing: evil.aightfol'1Nard.pes H.ce to m='lllr~toys that can.u ell' pick:-:!cJp mll" i~fmmd~ nntMerld . begmns wi d'l Ll1pUL. plot wuuldn't it? Puroe hack and slash games tend to be the same. direct:ion~ discretion.gn :1:S it is f-or an beroic. 'tnit!. and 'GETTING STARTED C'I'fi!<'iTtngan.jck dt1~n t~.k: to c.le' Kingdom.'!lio:l1.Ie OM. The pes should be fi~h ting tor poll tied power.blished odven turer converts eMily to ind ude PCs instead onf the typieal . not stmple'-'minded thugs. morew than any oth Elf. Note. taliIdn. noli: just get into the .. In order to do U:Utf! ropedy.MId SIl'. the PCs spend rnore limls.

a5S!l!'lljlmS arein'Vulved Style.et noy.ing iJlf~ gaIli:U~ moving lanvlll. key id~a that deacribea theplmline oJ your s wry.p· ti~~OD? ' Absolutely not._.'!'aJcmr' c.u.. mrrra than any other.~l IJIr W'h. RenuHu'beI:.smay tty to out do each other. flU rrml. Keep this in More impor- . the end work is worth it.EI variouill ..t doesn't mean they sbauM practice evil.O'Sle loa. . more enjoyable.vedecided on a styltl of . them. keep 'these in mind Me rha. you may have 'two rouges in th~ p~U'l:Yj both :specializing inbu:rgla:ry.s throi. you'll es tfIJ bllsh the theme.h~types that EXlS'l. 'tIl". W. Maybe youllipped me through the bOD~ and a.g and structure. Earlier' is! the liST of th. tothen characters.xsmp]!e. somethin. If you don't have the: patience fill' evil.vanquishing.ctypcs. Maybe you WE!re inspire'. .dl 'by them drunk and sold l1l!11li into s]aveA'y.:t'i!fS~.d th. lo~gfor the p!aye:rs ihemslllhr.d make sure to ilvoid.the:r~.ch o. n~che. both . stons. If the cmracws work wen ~ogeml1!['. play balance is much easier tomaintain. YU1J. need. If the pes are at ell.ign is we.e!imcely room £OJ[ pbyI?rrOOlp~tition. Compa:re the a~d1.CS. It statts with an idea.. you'll never make it.•coope:L'I1tian is 'their life Mood and planning their m:ysen. together.n:liets that will arise in the eai1y ses- The PCs: jU'. of yom game. your campaip ..eve. but in.game w:lHb@.eD a.ould be no player . you must have a. wh.aladws!.rl:.overwhelmed.Enconrage' The pb.ru.ot'@ powerful evnd~rs. Its your j10bm St::liy fuc:lIl.for a Desputlc Ovedu. inv:ri]ve your players heavily in thisproce:sts. There is d. l dicating and developing your story. mOTE! c.combines upec. peocesses. focusing hort only on a well-rounded eembat pup. Ii if they didn'l" pes helong to Oil vast minority - good. an. taking mo.Monitor the r. Doel thi5m.group. This sort of healthy nval- ry is fine. '[he . ensure. i.time .rd. They get even madder when the'yfmd our ir WllhS a member of theIr pa ny thargor mind when you start your campaign.t also on personas that. what bnd of Siory you WicUJld Bke W T.wil a. Make sure each PC ha. to follow suit.readu]1j process.hew do I tum this idEla~Jlto the theme for rum.. you. nU~lSedl1U'iiIlt: tIU. help advance their evi1 careers. This stage . sllrr-ounds the.s:lil...Jlmfaign. Tb. good understending' of dlie characters they want to pl~y. __. "th@ Pes ::ifEi' lb@! ~fit vf!sLige or I:!villufL in the 'wc'ck. tantly.wodd filled with.ht dl.iI'D ~ they need e. deeds on each other •. work well as a . t.eons:urrrifig.t wo:n. the charaerers Me sull on the same side. and the game ~3. com..! note tD the DM. Most likely.Q evil henooett who work: .5f!Iur~yuu.mpl3. to .g diuinct and easily identified by your players.Q them The i.s.Bilii. the PCs.esn.:[J]]]p~tiHon and mab sure it remains friend]!y: Don'. h&i.'t take M.Elor e..h. [.*l1.of d. . requires plannin.simpl. Have each p~ayei ChOOiSE! one. my campaign? Start wi th yourplarEITs •.Ao'pmen. let it irrterfeze with gam'~ play. tboug. Together. The tbeml1: of your c.lfl!'rsto cr~[2 charaeLeI'Sd. pm~cular Idea S:1J'Uc. it is time for' yeute di:9c~uSS.-.ere !b. They work togetlier because they ate terrified of wnat their bOIs 'would do t.!tttempting more and 1 more difficult bUl"giaries. obvious c:o. itis a difPbyen get mad when bad Utmgs.arever the case.lim ILbeyISLarL sLealling {10m ferent sto!ry. each other.1Ir3k yom8iill ene question. Combining.~P.re 'ti:me Here are -several in-dlill'acte'r when you Ngtn !Ii ways for you to and. If they want to su::rv. pen.campaign is Siet in a. without duplkation.m.'D wl:IJ]j. and.a:m other to k~ep th'E! good gtJIys {rom.ts of both :Sty]~s.t can 'b~.dEJ u:uly flesh out the campaign thwnlll.sed'[UI heF.kour y fancy. An evil (.ive.ey must wOl'k toget1~e:r in ol1der to keep from being .un. just because 'the :player5 haw: less than hOtICflit etulr. Ag.oh~hl'~: ilIIld you'll have an easier time adJlu- • Your . denes holy or-ders. wO'l'k together. mm sure yourpbyers 'Undel'Struld thl:!l bdnr.:nj]cpl:llying.e '[hey cre'all~ th~~r eharaciers.a.'d.ts. If tlH~ pan:y works. hap- CAMl'AlGN THl!ME N oW that you.kfng to spread good ev~ryurhere. bu.

any actiea of this kind are sttictl.om ~ bmes the two ideas. and tnerciless to rule this desolate wasteland.se. le... • NQ Hope: Evil pt!!rIl].t.o rise: above Lne others of their kiad and dumimtL.. a few coins. Don't try ILa [UI'C~ your idea on them.g. tn fight.The c.edby opportunJity~ gIlEt~d.es the players with a ~pT1se of mvesil:mrant in the cam paign and .tiJoo. ready to betray their people for.m.ri:. yet laws plE'ohibiting UilOOI. crud. and whiJe you may be able to maneuver the 'Story around to squeeze the concepts Lug~t.F.haril. • Too Many Heroes:·-rhe good gu.rrltn~ ugs • NQ Heroes: Your campaign i~~T[n 3. powel'? . dismal.aet@l'S b(!]ieve ·thiilt might makes rigb.f! the world in wh tc 111 they fuu31themselves.1. Pnhaps you can keel' the poli heal maneuvering theiue. and luya] Ly a re test. There are no heroes left to speak of. The characters mum strive . u!1:IUll1y ending in d~ath. The c6:r. Cynid~. friencl5hj p. and the c:h<lraC't~rs are i:lpn~xhu:t of l1H~i[ environment.euve. filled with ba~stabbing poliUcs. do for ultimate limits trust.Iii:@ of an important ru]er and the subse-q1. and bate haw i'!~ wen aw. gel very well. For example. what wOil.lent btd forr his throne.yf1 ere evcrywhere all.ng Uteir way through the political and soctal ctrcles of the kingdom.iil:.nl-li and immoral cldc 1'.k:! b~.s evpry :tSJ['I?CT of sOclety. YULU campaign is "PI in rhe crime-ridden streets of a vast dty. and to eonqUcer the 'Weak. Th~ FCs must claw theirwaJY through the ronks .n.esr:e. Conup.mli1·y companies hired by these hidd ing for pow-er. despair. You-can picture scenes w fthin the high court.sma:n.you're consrdering 3 campilJgn r~volvi.tdgue 1:Imlb~t!. But what if your playe Jrtli W~ nt to crea [€ a band of dark mercenaries bent on earning their fortune on lh~ Ii~ld of battle? 'rne ideas don't.bi t tl~ .h t against the rtl11lserv:ilrlve and weak rulers of their society.P '11 ind @v.Lut focus un the li"'~rre.ay at the mnceenes of th~ realm. greed.etl iidol.and those too weak ro rule. This compr-omise c. won']" r€'aJUy work So what do it you do? Cemprcmise.g amundrhe dern i.aving only dt:jt:i. gives them a personal claim On tho!" sort 0'£ story being told.eedom to art. SllppO. The PGs must be resnu rceful.:um~ ki Il.dd 310'1. and don't throw it away altogether.and how these eoneepes with fit with you!: ide~s.y enforced.eate..:l. war-ravaged land.ef the under-city --.he.8.They must risa up from being two. .<iya] Heh. mystery and intrigue. In.Wi ns nf .ery door. Who more fit to rule this place then tbay? .dihF! peg IDU!U snuggle to simply survive. They want the fi. -provid. lll'e:eaom: The charaetere fig.. here are some themes suitable for an evil campaign: • Mean Sb'-eds. The of leve.with no hope of 8ucC'e~din.t~ and must m"F!p~Treme measure to prove their pnint.ClleEfiUe courtiers and courtes'a:t:l.

to establis.. The: PCs need toU\]st YOlll. It's okay for .oiplay.tills upon the :DM oo'p'oovide dil'ectiof. tlllenthey won't have fun.wu. .uo.: rtme vo d~ra:U your NP-CsjlJjnd.:::r~at~. M.. ~tab]i.fi"t ·romw."l Once Jouhave mrany grnlUp.g' your job! the· playern talk tneech themseJve~:.im. characters they've croo. come o'om.pend less [ime s.~erynne.t job l:s.pes head off inan 1. In an e:vi1 earnpaj... ~o glV!f' e-. pJ:ayell" CI'eate:s Sh. over.ted. of your campaign.' ~el:!li. You've w.ecGtlid~ e ynu and mnr~ tim~ '~I!1 .mTht m'ld.~e$eFV'~£.s prevtdes you with direction but aJ:~..happy wuh the. Th~ gt1o:1l'Y 3l:itoul.wn down the road. Don't force myone to play a ChQl'll:ctlC:f just b~c:a. njn1 ~ .holJ.rk (]in t11. Another key focus whenpllianning torun an e'vil ~am.d: :ulIl:.session ~hou 1d hl'l -ail1inu~grn ~pill I'[ flft. i :Be) oneknows Ev<e'ry PC critical Sl'0dlght.shed L1h.m. nd..ract with their c:nVITon:m.l]].' rl ".uwsenolJg:h millu~m:v~dn~m[lm tl.. 'Vi. _.ds: hinu:E!If the...e5~rting od the dJ]'m~.e: 'ene. IstIDS cheatmg? No.m while the1y is arguab]yLhe most h:upur- prut 6.aring the spotlight is hUI'QI'wmt.3J]_ t nther. It's your responsibi.' . You~.(~AM:E DIUCT]ON Th@!i!tll'guly~are 'imJloil'un t. mil j~ l . any longe.e ID!l'ste:1l' reacts liotherr action.teddi~tiQn.lit eooc.l'nd~lwh@n fr'!. wtin~Tou.ulYI).yells am .ny g-a:m. Th~s is a.1d. Use weir fears <lg<linst tne:m.IDi th.l! 'ihe paint 'CHAuen:1 Om:e yau'Vl1! itiil1l't :U:?' CREATlON p] a:~urf'!s~nt faU[liWlng sl:d~lS.Ce gl]ull i~~a. d.POsthemselves. ahalanced.il&ai..e:th.apit Is unpcrtaat.3.y the game.IU'ethe the attention it . aU.il:ign theme~ make prepari..art the MUf! 1ilC' E\T.h (! stow}'. ¥ou .1ldi screen time.011.. If their hypodlesb is better than what you came 1.d tha:t'. If they pM.. blit if it l~£ti.~s pIa.ally in an evil cam palgn. Leillve fuE!:m rtmm to . new f6~mlof the party'! II I!!vil ~E..bnsomenow's:r . :ue.mS]].iL to t.rage U:H~mto t.effe..all WQrk tCi)g.eulherrosn. however.pa:ign.pbyi~g in. ynn ean.hecampaign i~uii.and add.~ bC5tmdvcntlJ.g joyi.d to ~.ndEd. these requireme-nts.ay o.~ r.-d. '. this snrt. direction. Don tt be: . it . .~ A fIt. ~oml.u:h character a chane€: to shine.:. WU·can~e·ad ttl ill! disa~:trou~ end.h~~ becaui'3'~ it giv~~ you <l!OOOlJlI.'g:)'now' so it pays off i.. session OF rwe. 'theryget even! A character hog~ng all efthe attentionfln.ehe story! Use their IdeaS! to fu·e] t :you!' ewn.a.<!i.3i" 'to. Be wru'Y of Letting any one petakc up too IIll. ~'H~m~ L and.m~s theme In. 01" to tn thesuceess do .ch.I. but so are I:h~ .~ Eo]'([lntr-ibl!lUn~ UJ.1:l'pth n.an me pla. :itemi!! s.and. l'klTl!tt '~f!tN'PO~ nV<llli~Rhad. 1£11e~ll!!$-sHYI take :a . so give it Rem. tale. IlviI ch araceers doni t get mad. If YQU ere . Listen to the. bal~nce out the party. .a.fab: i. you 're gni~g tlO b~ p'!aying for II wlrile.fthegame.llt}' to pmviil. tn wo.e Lh~pJayers with (hE blt'!~t gam~pn:!l~ sible.Wri te dO'W11 w 1 <lit specialriee the group needs and . of ga:mf!..l:t::lJ!..ec. .1Iiglil.t': camp.ng thil!R1seljves~ An. especi. IE the W sum they hOliv:e a di~cl ~ffivct O.thegam.. Invest th.tbaog'f:s. keep the plot moving. TJ.a:ble method . the setting th~ttheylll be ..gt1.1DlIiI. . eaeU.l:ly re-vo]w Mound! me.th eh n 1es are jn [11e teaml.tL. pl. ch. t.yers are not: . i:sr~spO'nsib1.e h '\1J\ould.]~.gue.. md.nof the game.'1.cu:ilie world .m significant Yeu. is ga:n']J~ dire~tion.pia].exp~c.~}lodwtiansof the cbaracters we U in a:dvanc:e of ~c:tuaJJy sittlng downtc pla. Th~ PGs ::limply inil. i:fili:lpartW you'll set thepl::lijilel'si. a cllImp.~ilian that thp.1h.1 Wlut:n to' ena:ctthe:m. Rncou.e.\ltimcs to lli. . Ie care to wI not to p. 1L .orner pl:lyel'Swm fee] f:lBg:]. fig)[rre On t wherp. ':!lOW :it's a time lOE UIi!lii[s.ff of .rc~eOl~ to the story" Clrnj['a~!~ creatiun f.owt.e story. llie .h~po.l'hi~causes incharacter problems as well.tcrrthe campai~ too filhcly~ however. The campaign setting.fill..ted.'l tiO:lilS for dle game wlth. your plaYfI& can crcei'liL'e their m~cte:rs and you can flesh ou~.Create an.'l'lld.en characters:.'ld..e-r t~ td1 the 'best ~tf'iry a r1'lflmrv:pr mndt. As the plaY€l'!!l makeih..rc obligated to md:ethe.5 s . mind.'1:.].y fr~et:01I'm a:!!'ound the ta b.tbeyU :s.l.ation is h'. While: .p ['1M :prnvid~s iI Ri1!tting wit~h llU'! obvkm:a ohj!i!Cti~iS C!r gorus. . keep detailed notes about NP~ mctiV'ations and goels.'li]fI. As dfstCu::::se. outline afkeyplotpoint. '\" 1L grv~ tnsma'. This mfc)l:m. T11!(~ ch arecter creation phase ls w:hatgood about it? ]<5 bdng '~vi1l f you.]S.us.>. You're Just dohil.'USiCterr backgroru:lds .1p wi til.h the goals and .h!1!mes.

rhpnaarl" no Iimitations to dle! setting of your evil c. hani~JIt". At this time.3siP'I'_ASk quesrtons and ent. SBLreL~ to 'bi?coming a master and his pbye:rs.w:ticipa. if one person pla_y~ an evil monk. and provides the L::Wl1~WIJI-k (ur lhe campaign_ As they are brainstorming ideas. masoo dry 0. de'l:ailing the setting: :00 ke. night.dered_ Are IlIU monks from the temple evil.ampaign.r.:le:r.. You'lll!:nd . rhis. fill the gap with one NP'C. Either of you can do this. di:t'illiU.Wi th each sueeessive play session. Gs. th~ answers to your questions flesh out 'the world and detail portions ynu m::ly not bav~~ons.. rhsme.e..e pe.e of Pl'ind. Start SJluali am] wurk your way ne<ll. t. !iii tuati rms an d rhe players fe. impatience took hO']!iil Add more depth the.d:fmm.rplayers dev. U when there are ships en'tetmg and exitin. md gi. tw.lling and thcm huild upon it as Y·ou.i. Pe:!'haps the PC 100.TTING All righL~ you've dis.1. character creation. Ask questions :I neilesra blisb c:hm:aC[& motivation and baC:kgrQund.a1. dtrecnon. It's time -to illustrate the coneepts JO. about the temple he comes worn.ving you resource nlatelial to use.'ji no place ~ohkl~"j S't liS l..l'is: rotherhood for 3tUunpting b to steal a 5.players to p.. hy his a:bbot (seCFed. ~ Delnographia Is the '[own populated With old or young.L i:s Mb-yWI ~pe. am stO(!kedwi th opportunities but the Ia:nd. sneak aro1!lndwhen the:l(\f: j.gn.'fl@1"aHy y.fuwtbings are.y eviln Is.ade 'SiD me maps and Jen't 'to.01< is arene gaIlE.p1~ of his. rhp PC~ starr small befo!\e' taclclluS me' the "biggame. providesthe opportunity to Besh OUL hi. he used the mystenous knowledge to creaL€': a 1Lm. 1tI. Wl1Y did h~ lr.1' in the plains?' in Are they in a mountain town of forest sertl~mellt?' Be $u:r.reveal a little more information about the region.Cll. planning youI' adventures.ac. 3. Wal'~. Here are a.rs of depth to the campaign. include details. OWTI_ En enu lr'tl"gt' the' player to write details about his temple aDd it5 inhab~mDtS.! town. They've even wr~ttcn some materia] for you.@S dream of gening out {rom underlheu eonservartve elders w.I.& TOwn is probably newel' Every 'idea. allowing him iii dirl'lcI ('(m:fr~bu~ con to the game.~ things used to be? Do the YOlllng@1' O(I. For P.H1. iroeU an obstacle.hey running from the law? Are their true goals secret from society ar lm:ge? These SONS uJ questiuns deve110p tlfH:.nl rulling [UOiSe'? Pitting generations.SB.diJy au twaid . Idf~ or s:maJ1ldngoom_ Startmg small al]ow~you tobegin play \III ith a basic se.'bHl'!plf'.gaJ:bSrone another is entertaming mid pro£i ta\'le if the: opportum ty presents it~p-l1 A ge. ill. powat of tome to'lI'lup'l:ing him·? Maybe: it hDlds the. SE. the ereatrve proCe.g in.the:ryour players together for it1IreguhtT gaming session.)l W :sL!i'!. This is ~heeas]est way to get started qUk. lh~ tome? Was he djll~cted. Il'v(!ryone works on character [l1eO:lJLiun LogethEl'. A handout ahead of rimE"he lpsth(i! pb. Have him d:r.ssed style. 01' just the PC? U 5C player backgrounds tnadd htye.iH! end.u'w devdoped with you:!' group' and bring your campaign toJ:if~. into dal'lme. to peFcolatetdeas. and.1op their UFeers.~w a map of 'the tamp]. Geop-apby Are the pUM. rich or poor? Do the elder Ufili!:l'! have: eon trn I nnw or dn they want SQal. 1f1. .ldy and ](?t.1CTed tome.cter' WtlStiucccssful 1Sl. p.lppU!S@~ 'in hislilt'tempt to 3t~!al th~ 'rome.hat drives them te stay thlsway? At1e.ss? Didl they have ~ choice? W. It's hard [:0.g a harbor all day and.t your pb~'n are travel.in. Why IU-e they evil?' What caused their decem.ou:rnge 'the .!and its SUI:roundtngs.s. Ask mem WMt roles their characters filL and base this On the theme and dlrecnon you"ve decided upon.Ylers..II~ chlU'aCh!r's ideal and the s~tting of your campaign. And in the end.ep in mind while you.ol1ng.!. fleshes out your world and makes your jol.llJv~ntu:ringgraup that wurks well toge'mer.rs a.~the lancliBtha..te in developiuglhe Hll!!WUS.e. a place to retire l' Do they long for the w.. Now you have some juicy material to work with. use up with a host of useful resource matenal ~ Nl'(Jsr lura tirms. c.e] 11 deeper connection 00' the (:an~pai.gin with . and background with your their character concepts to detail the setting.

cb:IJlt'c:hes:. :pretendiDg to hewo:rking hlJepell.chant's guild.metimes tb.arting a war betwe. :So.." Wbllf{: themer- be counted on to 'keep thtngs the}"'v. A king may want a noble [0 pay fo·J:'hts wo]ence buteannet dgh. power .ena::mes [If rehp-llirm.o.p.nd ~alth:Y' . but.fboth! :00 'the rich want mol'@? Is their wealth mhen ted or .gni t.:.en peaceful fie'igb boll'S and natiens ~ a glenom.rs 3lr-ejust the greedy opportunists 'to carry out such de.( :ilolitics can l@'adto wealth. . chal'lllc ~'S ~houJd also be a:wa:reof the gender count: men 'tan vma~ny. tayfng mm the web and. r. i:U'uumJ 11hmt.er way to ~pr-ead lies than through the women's . ". .mdtbe townsfolk more uninformed. u.mes-s Im~y want tobe hunted ['of therest 0'£ their' lives.thing that holds every community 'tog:ethe!f and cause i't Ito come crashing down. Older &owns may be dying bur sdll .e tl. a:fford. with what: little they ma ~e to acquire mmgs 'mey n.and aJccuRtionagainst the innocent a.ilderspiJiJ.{ the characters aren't careful.1 ODJ:!.~ oruy group may @Vlm . Politics l~ this tHWTI do mthe fair city of Gu. Inng tr~ditin1l1 of cfuel aCTS ..!!ipnk to .~will Idiscover ·the one .. Imagine what yOLll1' PCs could .ty!Otree:ts? Disparate social classes are the eas:iest to man ip~ ulate.de'lltly in the fuv. m the most powerful force. Bul lh~y also need to keep i!l low Pl1OfHe.1i5i01f1 with . ~hu.e:re's a great deal of wOlk i:!.. Hcwabcur a dl. wlIling to part.em't pnorer than rhf! lasr om~? rue mere' whls:pen Q. A elev'Q:r being a nb. death.ble.or_[Il'!l]1y . of II cbaFat:tel·Ts OUt retain some (IE the lessoas of youth.liY want the king dead fol' making ass umptionsllI. while a.! seen shsmefuJ Iy £Ill iet. ."bout how desperate she is.gs of ill~will toward the nobility or are there actual demonstra tinns in the c:i.i. Economics Are the charaetera in a. pmfB.n? Peupl~ willi hi~ money usuaUy want Ibig 'things.find 2 way to caUate both heads by is ill!.mfOuseor.elIde.and the duLt~cte. 0. but creative d:t1mlcter.ro.eds.. poor town? There.f anger between ga:oups just beca use of who 'they dear what they do? St.'iy harbor feeli:n. must be someone around. commonerm.dy be seen doing SO. ·good place to' start.{het 'l:j:mes it takes tiny.lllmed? Dn tha I'nnr sPC"rpr. The poor always wish they had meneyand the lic:h can never ge't enough. wh He rhf1lre's no fast.:h tow.

l.~uch magicas (Soon ~.n finds SQIficOfi.terest.i'r i .1 h.ubwmidlY[:JDiSiS'e'Ssiam. fOIl' .el~ encrusted wtl1t g.m ga..st HGcepling land .t new and.mt. hurled down.u. OViil'I' their erganiaatinn. ChOLrr'3.fIId gold? AV'Qy eommnn tomhraidet can del~e into pli. ILh~'.faith.d til P. cot- p. but anyone th~ thi]1g~ when Hli'eand.. I . Maney. there any speci!l:l1a.. fhi s provides a number of interesting subplQts . es·pecia..thert~ht price. Better yeti ~.$phemo.ctersswting their own rehgio. and treasure.- FoIL Keep t]le chata:cters gues:sing \Vit. at them had betOWJll ter keep a magic-wielder of rhetr onthe pa.rt them Pes.Ydun't Mllurki{ Lh~ miiiTk do~sn't have enough . avnid nl' drcumvent . of days~ Mape Big magirmt'!!]m.ma:i.. any sin is forgiven in the eyes of a god (or whoeverj. a Iitue fiili:n? WaEil t to My a pOOJ:lU good-ibyeto a departed loved one? No fee is.Are.nr take.Q'P' where a eabal oJ arcane m3~ w.in respect from iJ.known. rank smm. unknown magic can spoil en otherwise wen thomghl-crllt p Ian.aebe '~odo it for hi~.iq1l1c m ilgictha.~.ri.. 3:[I.'H~ nnsuspeeting and help' relieve them of their bla. too larg~' for these services. It's also nice to ha:v. Need.i!iI.1'P-ftn thp.em~ :5lTIne.ReligiOlil Big ehueehes and temples mean big money.Jlywith nipL 131. Of maste:t . most of the tune.lying on iilny of lighlutngill:re being big cmnperirtrm. iuat. Sites of In.e an army of min. t sol[ 'h<lV'E'! a few 'f. and.e:sun.! rB5t momenr and collect the spow" Thfl would-he h~ro~~ migh poa'ebl too.o.ndmark~?' A~e 'there itIny statues of goc:is 0.e:rfuJ1.npp~T'l'. and nObility may re.'ml:s lO Lhw<l!.md ti dp~ frnrn th 01l:@ who repenr..fo·ryou ~Q d~veJ.dles8l wOFshippe-rs for those stenmng-the COl!> tle }inds. th~ discover it. party shendd. pli!o/er that does his homework and mV'~illt~gat~s local sites can :supply false infaIID8JtiQuw headstrong up~tarts'. hut a true v.e. un.Wa[y locals getti~)g thl1lnl:ilelve5 ltilled allews mePCs to w£IJk.t thcyhnvc never se en.d pOVll.

s_ rrhls ji!>n't say chat gpoo.mu]tltudG> of innocent.~.Jfi. brna.\ tyrall 11]~rt!shnll1J.1(mg 'lime ttl .eeaier.f rere'l'telJlCil'i they can ea:sfiy lJWl!Jne and uudl::es )"our job .are of da. First.a.s deesp't me'an that innocent b:ystmders are any less innocent l~ee<l'~ (.mly in le.w theykn. and preparation..m. Yhu'rI! 1I'i?~:pm1sihll" fnr 311 of $leev~ .V€:EltUl"e in 'their ey~s.r perhaps they share 3. .ery keep 'Wi!!: d.'t.l and gle~t Of'!3JlQ1"Y skills .gai. .rivl31!l00 YOtli]' Jre~.petJition.n:i(.e most from the.dins~. picrurs Sh' Al1ItJhony HopkinSJ.li1l. and th"na:l:!1:.wil'l. Adidffition.me·teadlel.gh mokccp d1lrk-er ~]. clel'ics. Provide N}'1CS.friends.pv~Ji]f'~'[mpprh1!g r .. ruaj]jj.es'ubHshed villains are ]lO't only the NPG:s" noe jU.lcltE.1i the loeal HtghPdest has impeessivepres~nc.a.p~rno]lal ccmta'CL".he!Se good souls.nt.I. dndds.f'!i.es iillJd.~ thar liflok v'hPy Wl'IY 'you Wi!Hl'r~ hem to. equtU:s :stl1pid.e describing good are every""" wh@]!\il:!. Th~.. 811 d [lP.alD!2.Use th@. .Lvldua~ $h<l~ is not ]oot1 there ere wa.a:palbl~ ui 1~2IlrnJng lb'~b pos.ui ble and famtltar.~nt Iadies witl-JI a:d. &i~.lds I. wholesome jj_1dividua1s that have. Mdt: Ure~r] mill people and make ~Ufi: tlhiU d'ley' are reoog:nl. they ~'t.meani:l'1g tha:t 'the NIle vinOll:in.reWrely Now.EU'~ VmQm.di.ntsout of rh e lives OJ.:Bnsul'e&hat . of co-mrs. mtrusinns tOI on their sa fp-]1vp.ry dub? lesa.NPC... {I!~ first session. B!llhn.ysro ease tbe pain.f It.reg.ll situatirms or eharaerers.~oo\. eenracts.ade:rship roles. a~He$and.Did th~'all ~tudYllmlem:t:he:5!l. Jus~]jke '~pCs" They at\e iarivers:aF1!l!s.aJrru::U!fs a:rit' all greedy.:I![.er~~ Ire a finn hand in lt however. . or did they b~]ong to the $ilImc lOW..]].St the an tagO'nis~.: -yOur campili~n~ by using ilin equal aroOu.nt of allies and adversaries.eUy. In etther case.(. Unfoll'ttm:a:tely" this rs. comrnrm gOl'll rn SI)W corrupnon and bring a nation down . get . o. ClDOp'I'liratiol) jnstiilJed . ledl. let ·the pbyen -ngureou·tho. are lha.ark side secret.riSill~.t:Sonruiti.you_FpLtye:rsto.s and motlvanons. targesfor players t. m~yiber.llluloet and instead.:!.:ra~ywtul their backgrounds . spend as 'muCh time developing the :f~. picture . there still remains the' hardest p'<lrt of any c~mpaign.p them inthe face ofC'om. player's.:..Perhaps they all shaI"C the same pain tOOt made them cheese evil in the first place.he: ~ gu:_~ !ne:Q't in I...thf:s adds depth sto ry a~d makes it m ore rewarding/ l'bc Go·ad ViUainy loses ius appeal Tht"!'I1"fnrP.erolIs scums that hat:e competition worse iha.r:hn2SS:.p:ii not. This. ttedusive ..andolllSalie:rsof tbe.ll~Bad Then a.~wn harder wl'u~n tb. thlil'~ should b~ .th~ r:h!!l. rao:prs) Hving in.a.n. THE FIRST SESSION It's ulken 3.r :sIn. plots.. innoce:n~ innocent.hinn~. has more WOlJil.ole:sc. Th'!1lccm.fewtricb up his r.riV"e t=-o keeptbe of 'we pla. there .1mlplli! d:'ar..31:d:J.PCs shou]d .lc.opl P of -th@. don't let tll~m.ell.. as you do thei r enemh~s. just that currn:pting to dCl.ocle.nty [If is in charge.lw~ betwlI' to have. cne-ume do-guorJ.a get one. b~pit!.ow uth I)r'l. manipuJadoJil is never 81.co! yOll11' NPCs .e:n instilled wi ihF'lgi d wn'l!'k e:dni f'5'. :Eric:k gives them a.ethSJps :tb.tn~ke tempting.n~&hect and the:s:eN. you can 'ellt orpho:tooopy ima~sE~om mapiuee and hnn h of [!I"opl.~nogptld deed goes t:m.mny. to bepyotlF players: g:ness!ng.m.m hook 1!1lismany imageili of ch!'l!racteUid~at fit the raJ. c'r peihili.wtm :ambitio.lil" from d vilisatlon and ma terial &Deed. enj'oyed a good nfc I:rc~ pf auffcdng and W8:nf_ Ad.0 EI.e c:h..mon Eo]}chave the most to lose and :s:ufferU1.YIu'! [[~Ul"t: detailed you make the NPCs.frame o. P.rs on bmh s[d~s of th ~ tracks .s NfCS s'hould be oom:ple~ and cle:ta[]ed! 'lNith disti j ~. Tneul: had must be someone strO"n~ cnou. . Don't foeus yom atmntlcm only (}n adve:l(sa:rir. [l..a Wlroe.get: to this point After all the plarming. fighting against 'm~ fiO:rce:sof evil This book rtll filled with :iI. the rteher your smry becomes.u YOUt pCs. up (In as WIill. t PC.icmlil.1~Bn lh.:tpe. One easyrrrlcl to making memornhle' NPa i~to some p:dol\' deoilmgs with the ~ NPC leaders and pol]uC:1aDS a.. famous actor or actress whiJ. but <Ire pr~pareil to Pah. T.sD M much . p!J.lalllcl (h@rmils.diy tlr.rncI. 1'l.uLludr uwu existence . ut all B 1r ever-yone is evil.~ Lho>~ sam ~ ]nd.t!J's lha~ ha \I'~ :5.y~:rs.f~om t'h~ begmning rather than ]'~f2re:p.

MAINTAINING Once r1IE CAMPA.'.e NrC chaJ'.o.aU. ehen you lTC' 'back to the ~ical scenario. there's asinis!e:l:' reason fa'r it. Uf!~~.ong Ittakas 1.".culous amounts of tFaps (11. ¥oo'U need to {. tb'ese eXtra mflte:nals mmdfl. fesr.llU's in an old shoe b~ keep itwhe~e you can be 'prepared to sket:cl1 g1llt. and what benet way to start an evtl campaign than It:adu. YOtli [level' know when .and sOlrting out alliances.fol'gotten. nm. Don't plot Notes throw our those old plolS'I 'dlough.slrOnghoJd.g an assault. You']] w.ant 1:0 keep d'etaiIed in:fOIUliitiOIl onthe foliowin. You..BU~. rigl~t? An outline is good for starters..1.ppen andthe best-']rudplans ean go utray.fFganiI.'" ef CCH. why they're..g~ and you ctor.E playing unscrupulous characters that will ~top ill.esh them mit bel'ween sessions if th@l'i! are e.refere1lC-e is alwa~ better than descdpeve text. A get tni1t during plan"~ng or' playing. such informartion. mine. iii: hill~:tydrawing. 'KBep' a hst of past events and future plans. they AR. Thu won't need a :ma. to add detail and lavo:r to yayr c:amprug.~'of every~ tldng. want to stay on your toes nod you doe't want to slow the game down while bUn'l:ing for an idea ate 'evil PCs alter . and: hate.gh c:haUeing~9 ahead of yUl.bout the play.ctu: SheeiLs Everything that is important to lUnning rut NrC should be here. . the 'players expect you to figu:r~ am. especia11~ wlum plotting distanc.iratio:n er lIemind you of something you'd .re {@~liflgll'l'lntiv:amd. ' may be essential ..ini fliero. OlfitwO. Vlihere you have eUJl. e.ap design).h~nc~sto return to the' same locationa A map 01 :Lht':p"J:'li'~. ar. 'the pes CQul. or hint 'to them why info·rrna.1a:h'in the first place w~thDut having to [1eSCI. LiIImpaignran be near ly as much WOJ'k as. vetoing ridlil. needed the: his biddmg working their way up duough the cabal. .~:Sil. A DM who cOfWderably pm-plans can . w~ther.3.preparing it.gn.. UI'!II!Their IBM'S1 Li. because the NJiIC wii11 moot ~ farm opinions and aeten and spaw.pared - everything. in timidia.mation that the playill's ree"". But anything can ha.di j \lS:t work for an e:'iIil overlord and do PC cbu.'i'itly .gsu~jecLS~ :Maps..all. with spec~al allen non paid to distinguishing iniol'. b~ndQrtnob~bcok 01' if you'.tio:n to begin.0 bnUd 81. maintain.e!lDom fot noses and any d~t:averles '[balt the NPC m. Y'QU.stening to what concerns the pb.Sheeb Nul Urnl players.how't. Thes~ M. mind rhem how J.: 11I1eY are eons. vrying 'to' beeeme made men.!.n the idells you've coohd up. these p~thetic upstarts.atter . but.tter .5 will wel1-Drgru"Iized nOlwhno'k ~eeps all campaign information in one place.gnize.iil..g ~y uampll:':? AddJt.very j]o. want them cal"ChiDg you ·~np:~epared.a. but you should ha\il~~U ~de~ Dr wh~~ things H EveD..ta.omfng else. especially in an evil CIWlp·ai.ity of the game.tle you/wpre. as you may be . A. Use 3 fQhl~F. 'the eontin u.:ro1ctel'S' may bebeJtte:iI. of olli.ilbleto ~cp "WiOll: thWl A visu.yer~ haw lot" tbeirch.as Well" but you tan work on i:hJs together. Include seasons and C!1!l!]e:'st.!!' planning out a campaign.going through old sc:raKhing.This Js where a vtllam. i£n. ASHlmble a DM':s notebook.!ie}u!min.n~ It can't be wi nter all yru'l!r round.er d-1Milicten.u. with.ki:ng pkY~ni to I[\lE'!veal ue hi nfonnatio1"! s IiNiIl'!'I'y time .1.!.AKlNG IT MRMO'IA. Thi3 wiHmake it easier to deter .tioD.aus NPC can {!lUke themselves known to put the lear of him 01' h~T into. If the ph~ye:n aren' t up t'O this. can't be trusW1!.' tha.. It cloosn't hUl"t 'to have ready statistics to ba~esecfet ron$ on inswad.t:. as well.IGN playing.main taming-the Event Calendar Continuity is pm-amount to.rtto tr.lrSe.. Iii p~]m pilot OF pc. nothing to aehieve their goals.e your thoughts and.n :msp.ioually.es or plan- inlater. Lt:iil.be NPC :interacts and reacts te the PCs: lafler' on. Keep. plotted. are all the tools of the master vlllatn. recording new ones as they are lesmed or yo'u Vel started.v.

good !l!!aJ: and. using lht1e more than.PC is up when not doing :inD.e worrying about~ and gettin. ltecw:cl. PahOlpsan An. . ~I hope there aren't mO'm" these' guys waiting fo.run an entire adveruure 0(1 the cull. Pores. ~~bet it was thecount" is a sure il:. And don't let them try any of that "death wishastu.Dg than those l~femlm7ifllg nl"mri"S that thinl: ycu:r pes have' any ..ay [or you to make It NOTb~ llu~cuunt.goudl:!r is !:II <l!Y!!i a fae LHr ilia:[ li'!vil PC8 shnuJd be W 1!lp time. don't pun punchest km the.v:l.llii:n. £f you think heroes hallie j t. PC does something so fuo]ish that uley:n likely die or be killed doing it.ng Cl13u.d~edahov. a ]it:tl!e imagination. didn't du:y? of Nobody iso Indil:!OpeHsaMe If ii. A recurring du.~ Laking Ulf': h~IIJ down with Ll:H~:m.e redemption and beyond remorse.Being a villain ts :l ~h. in fact. Moons ill .r<mcl~ tru]y i?VU PC resists the opportunity to p.ngly miserable. w. ami evil is: muc_h l~ss lorgl.ard life. the villain for what tlu. !t may be .ht!y'.l' us bac. And comments like.c1e:rs.ine how the villain feels when the herces Su:hp:lots interesting to sec wha t the terrihl~ things.t~W!ll to' s:e. re mce wheTI tlU!y turn a up again and again.t:.g informa.t.mw he ..ehilbilitated during 11fu in pri~on.ff unless I. wb en the villain gets awaYr imlllg.ocefl. In-funnlUll:S and other dt:'pt:udi:ibl~ mg'U:~:.hadowing l"he forces of darkness do a lot of waiting for the pp.halwe of being ~. They-DID ask for il.don to that do-gooder should be ::I goal~ol1 the DM to make the pes' )jve~ e'll'ltetl:ain:i.. Don't hesitate to stew a good idea and use It against yOUl' play-en_ Saying nut loud!.k in the mom" are earralnly fuel for anomer encounter. e'v:il PC isn't evil all the show and_ foil his plam every time. a.rf~('r time' rn unleash ihe-1Ji' powers.m.>YOlTf!.

He &hoUldbe cruel. Lhugs !.Ju-w.qow.eys' iU~e 1~ove h . SO.ld in 'lUl QiltUIlP\'an~rllmOQ ~m.~~ Naria:a' ~eF'. l:afIJI min am 11 grawn in I"llWer f'xpon@. just evil. tlfe tis frui'nl!t41' .\l!b. Mad.bhofl'l.!igllr~ tha L huh behi:ndthE seen es cluowing obstacle after obstacle in the PC's..:ough him.ain.~1 u:~ 'Willilfgm rbmw. Make . . wiza.orld. Wh~ll broQght together' these f1a~ re]ea5~ pow"~. i1 named Zitdch.t~.M)m hitS.u.oys ."wJryth~ bad guy's Ialr" and get their head:s handed to them.Uain waiting for the ]ljghL . only to 'he completely manhandled by one o.rubah~1'i dO~~'TI'1L s'O'ike !ear into the hearts of your pes. This.JE despair dlJWll up:untJIll or lh~ alte3.no.JrB thlfh let IJil inH(!r::ent su{fM.ffn~ doom ..ot chese dagger!. N' tft2~lre' 1)a:gg(H'~' rtF Sa'I. ili. I'l'1fo'l'ghrlnSIYPpg that they are.l".e 1iI.h. scrambling to recover some of their friend's remains.~.wl:Ilci:p zad.He lS th~"mDst illteiIiFP ·and 'knows· muth about Zade'h~1!lplan oo~'Lh'i.rep.fwe PGs. I &0ll'!.nJ . RECU RRING. tn-s. 'nuPP(. The ::Ih~Juwy .ngHng 'm. and completedy . a string of IHeauiugl~:.l(yetp'owerlUlgrO~p ofapellc.ey0' pO~r. vtril"<J. let him be . 'they can avoid their own destruction while findU'lg ways to. the of style and su1)tl!ety. WI will Hot 3f~ncl ..a.are preparing W.e. whatever. ji~'~ gtellt threat 00 the danrizeru. m~~.Him.fry w1til~ dmr.t! . mO'i1 l'~'A.:ry animals on me.ev~] with ::I big E. wl!:'b~ln::vc in DMZ In!1' mMSt:.o11'~fptie:n.l1tially sin~e' 'theu pacr a:nd thcir g:~t iII Di..alignmenr. nlll' .e t's faee it.I•. Mtmy o!ow. way begins to catch their inte rest.~ nubHE't. and . ii8. Your desire is 'to have a villain your pi3yers talk about c:on!:ltanUy. the tive.I'NS grrn~p. promptmg the other characters to snigger before 'turning over for a nap. meeeiless.h:abllf! If he's supposed to be a villain. I 1nmrtunlltply.Jl't eurtheoat that bumbles into '[h~ room one n~gh1_. ClIVe him 3 little bit Don "t Be Ail'aidto Kill If none of the pes ever end up ill. Fortunately. do.Ca'lim'·&1ill tor~ themha1 m !!I ~("r:ruJ Mtn'fJIl . AJI of these things I I . s1na."'l'1go.lJ. I'he members of ilie- ot Zadeh_.. i~ IIM'out tp.. evil pes shouJd tal€: note of sU'l.ll" wurld.r.th your baddie.r(ll1t' ye-':P! l'. ait till you see the looks on their faces W w hen Lh~iT characters saunter intn "[ust ::111m hpt' rlTIlQ d:BS.~ gL"ave after ta.a5ten have pooled 'mell talmts ud 11:tfnlmatldn to paIm In H )~tmrln~y@iU~Jm1eUpile 'ut :SLlJn'e~ onulf knClWl).slIp from rime to time. p~ UJ.(yIit~ wrJP'fll 111ril dmtt~t'nl[k '1 ealmfif Zd'dfilJ wm~Jd do' well Thi'~~r(u'Y. (C(JR.eir respect 'goe~ lout 'W~ ndow Trike the kid giM[:SI off and come out s1. VILLA.n: mON..r&. u i~ QUI' fu . th~j hav~ No one remen1bers the tucompete.:h happenings. control the WDl'ld.'c they have some .e of such I~VEl1'tS ill the future. . prophecies.3 cl:u. even during other games" I'm going to give y. That way.gh th~ streets setting Ilnle children and..ou a few poi nters {'Or makiug UJ:e L1himlll ~t: v ill.icli@ begllmin~ their g:oal was! La :a:cqu.w. fT{J'm ht.umw~.[JL.ilJ.I.1.hoe gro·up. S~allr. Calf us wnat. the:y tend 'to!:1ro use themselves by letting hints of unpendmg I!JUM OF ZADEH sWe are the IOrb of Lighlf £\ J'digWUS grQUP ilppiJrfl:4 w ~1!£ryrklH¥ evil Wi 4ft tit d~rd-i l1iJlIi C. of ~J. De:'!lp.ve him run caclding throu.n't ha.re1nY afl4you lhowarul ~ (. hping t'hf! .u1dlike rn have in y0111' campai 811.du1dime " 0 f~ ~ fA' demon IZalieh ·.Cheyn. Smlll' ]~ds !. This is a charac tar you we.trbyin:rte. Evil doesn't havlil! to be vulgar. w"arlJ.i:nS an end.I· keep t:h~ vl. the d'~I~~ fii~-rte thFougl1 ~e ~h:.yl. fUl.:nL Now -with chart said. tab adlvantl)lg. ~ain LQe ~d. Thri'P'W-1i> m.ri.lrilHuul) .1nging. Tbey are OJ].

Make it PeirBODru

Do you, wam


see die, urg1y head of vengeanc.e

in di~tliess, The mati.\ID,tion. of
ff:!ttuetl with ,the ~h;rlns


a selflShnamre. How men, d.o you ,U:wittd, diose not

.PC b>e;co.mJe~ one of

reared in y-OW' campalgn, h"v~~yUill' V.ilJ1!iIIll .kitilnl1;p and murder one of the :I.lC'slove orres, W1i,tth the sparks fly as the party faces off widl him next .. Let him meddle in ihe PC's ."ffa:l.rs in almost ,every eon(.eivable "\I\!'"ily. Ycnrl' p]ayel'S long ifill' ,hry ILbt':Y

c,r m1JTH1~ and

can shove their blades deep into his vile corpse. And
thatincludesthe spellcaste:rs" Let Him Esca.pe
D.oll,"rmmthe ·vinain.wicll a ~last man srtanrung L:o~u.ple.t~. loses encounters Iii!Vii.!rymm~ in l'Iwhile.. He



Most e~eden~ is unaffect,ed ·b:yali~ent. If a ,PC hacks down a dozen 'town guardsmen. or so m~lly eres, it is snll rougbly the same: difficulty. Wha,L m.alkt"5 !.hE diICerenl:'E!. i~ the merivatirm

'behind the' action, In an evil campaign. style and
ingeliiuity shaul!d be encouraged. because death, desrn1~don md mayhem are il':!aJsy. The obj:ect of the

player isto becnme that memorahlle villain hlm~elf.
free form rewards have muw to' do with acco:!I1pltshmcnrs in the eyes of the DM. In ,other words 'the £inaJ judgment is up to you. Challenge mting comes in only when deciding if a party can handle Ithe encounter phY51cMly. If you feel the encounter has, no be3l'lng on y,our 1'10[. don't I'ewEilrd much

If he alWIliJS fought to the last, he wouJdll't be
l'ec:ul'.ring villain, rime and manner


would be? ~ou choose the of his demise, not: the POL His death s~llJJuILI bt: LIlt:culminatiun uf 1lII w~l-phumlt:d strategy byilie Pu, ending in a glorious final encounter, yo,ur pJ.aYE!'t's· hlgp-five and. toast to Iils

extermtnanon, Now that is a vtllain. And then
there's und'eath ...

expem']eDoo. If the entire camp.aign hinges on the
Utlgw,UaIl.:i.un:s with [m~ prrsou,

{h~ rEward

sl. (luld be

REWARDING "eVIL You mjg]u sa1y rhis tS a loaded s'Ubj@cl'. Many rimes
in your campaigns over the

equivalent, In fact, a true fl"ee-.fo:rmDM doesn't

even assign experience points, at all. He aw,ards ]e'v~
els when. he feels we Pes have reached nti}.es-tones

the question was






how to punish the transgressors of the heroic ideal.
Now the time lS upon yo,uto throwaway your sill ~I' values and mora..li!ry judgmpnL"'. C!'imp dl"l~$o p~y;



baJa.nc:e becomes, more

how welI is up to you.
Thcre aec as' mn.nyDMing ~tylc'&as there aile DM:s. ultimately, no ma.tter what 1 advis.e on awarding expe.rien te, yOltrS. i!i 1:.1H~ final df'.d!ill fin 3:0;: to lmw it'~ done, '!iNa of the 'traditionaJ award lnechods are Ilby the boob:" and "free form." By the Book
l'he. strie tast .form of awarding experie.n.ce,

dimeul t if the party members have h~ghly disparate cen t::rfbtu:lon:s to rhe role- playmg &perience itself. Mast DMs are a hybrid of 'these two styles. picking and choo~ing 'Where ·a.nd when to ~e :s;tru:ctu:r,ed 01' throwaway the :rulebook. .sometunes VMs need i! Htdp, h(!!llp.~nd guidance whi?n rewa.rding their


What i!ll~vil? Do you society' tdls us wha.t is


encounree n'fwal,ds. However, begiludng DMS should use this 'method speclHcaJly for f,~'u:iJ:itati.ng



recm lor cusromtsmg

reallyknow as a DM? Surer .I:.nd.~~, no-t acceptable, but

that balance desplll'tately stnven
pa.s~ges. In rime,





rhe roll of


encountera treasure, rOole-playing and problem solving in vour campaign. The evil campaign differs grea tJ:y from the standard fare of saving the damsru.

demru. of ,the pe:rsonalrights of others . lust because you foHnw t1iBlaws: of rmp ];;Jnd or group doesn'r meen it's just, To tell the truth. good '1illd levU are judgments from certain points ofvitw. In the and, you the DM represent the deities and societies of
your campaign worM. So when you start ynur ev:l1

wna,t islhc com of it? It m~y be really abou.t th,e

'wiZa;r,~~f £he'~a'h;lll h~s hoi'S nwn !"pec_i.alcfy. and -'S"k,aut hm4~cihQ~e th~ aJl Origin:aU, Sb ur and Mad['ifi:~f W:l!'IC tM e roun~j usoingMitdrir:lat's'bu~o{ loyal f~Uow':~ LO tl-XLfJr'l. innlJmal:'~. and mnrmL Alain dU:l Roo WM rta:Wted lot hi'S pQ'Wer5.,d!l.'5Cr~1 and divitd~~, "rnm,has rulowed 'llie CaM! ;urui.m;it1C;d
.~. [l,~


campaign, open a dialogue Vii th yo~]' plaryers, .Let them know what your opinions are from the ~ti!itt . Thb their sugge.suons te hClut:t betremem bel' you

areth@ flnal arbitrator,
MASS DESTRUCTION Of COU1;'~emany defined by three' pby~$ fBel the laibe10f evil is WOF,ds. IdU, mlilim.and destroy.
[utWiUd hlt~k:in8 .w::lJ


11 ~fie

whle'h they W'q.u1d I'U)z.m'iJ.-




y~a11::ii PIH.!!l.I.lUJg:,


nearl¥ W (I !Ol1o~ .1I~nts~ i!d]!~ Domtai'.r; &'I d anr~d 1aQ'UWl"e3, woclting fill lllil!m cn 8. ar basis. Tkt:!e 'pe!3pie' allseIVe' a ~~tDhtm, ",J1i.edl'l9' it ~ ~rmQtiillll gaih~l~ praE.eetion o.r the ,aay-lo-d.ilY o:peratiD~IT!!IDfa 8urn.pi@servant.
~ :mns:l

l'evllecl. In .llit!l.r ,:Bt:~tlL kt:.i.:." I.h~y 'ea:n acomm,Ush iIUl~th.ing, remaJ:ning~ un~ .mloocl. Ule· ~ro UfJSum wby 'ferfe:us Iih.t!'M~Qi~med the fl'laiil. M@ is nnhtnged ®d virrlem, Hut he' wt.el~~ knLI"a~t:l':I; lilld fi&uSDl\l,le em e~r3t~ewl. ~rntt, weknowtha.r ..the· 'IiJUl of Zs,de,h, b@!i ~


'Ike incl~<8;nn of Oallm- Ka1, a kno-wn m&t.et hap~ mda~1ul'ls~ 'n1"eans 11iey 'ij1'e1·~d, of
:mrl meft :si]!l~re;'f ~ .~ 'm6:te

precedence by reigning in. these power gamers,
Howev~E', 'ff yo!.lre reading. thiat.ome

inl eve.rything in s~ghigains ncthing but maoy enemies ~nda short bfe~piilll,if you ':r.[;! trying to run ::.. ere su brle sry]@< of campa tgn, you haw eo set me m

c:ranl up

your .~dv@nhH'@,If1'f.fhil" hi1ddng heogfn! S!OWING '-liE SEEDS OF CHAOS


in order to



can :spice up


fO]lDw,edbJi: c~ bl rne ,gtJardians and the ~l"W~. :A breakdoWn Of" thei~ .Grpn.ia~Lio~ 'woulJ ~R imm~ bt:lIin;i. arul wwid tak~h;[lnrS to exp1llin- It "uily furthe,r wriRes that Skaur ci:rUl
~dn1l.ar :r.teh1Xh inteUi.ge.n t and should never Ii

~, ~our:se, the

di~"e senit;Tl'Ins- lJ!1"P, i.nfontlaU'0o pthw;e:d. T.hi~~is

Pe:rhaps the ttue'$t fo:rntoJev.il isUtIll Pla:.niplJl:>!i~o!', a b~i ngthat 'ta lee:s pure jlny fmm th f! slow rnrmptl rrn ollhooe that considerthem good. If an evil PC mil:S into a rilJ!;C and kil1~the ro·W[l constEl.ble, the can paint andsa'y,~D:id you just :see tha't m:an JciJ] tlu1!(UJ]stah]e" that's e.vHr HOWEv~r. if the same ,hara~ter take~ hfs time tempting th.e con::;table with bclbet and planting dam 3ging evidence, ~sn't his downfill that mll!~h SiWf!ete:r? Then rhosesame



!!ib~ lIn~irCU]~E.cIi:vli'! lU~3d and dkl

be !J.ntft:eStimm'mL
. ,. 'J!t is known that Madrinor sanr his 2!lmts. tDllI in sem-,cll.,Q[ dud tMtt 'WGw.d I~ad du~m t& ,fur: ~'1faDaggefil of slll·,[:h,~pl. T~e7 @I:e.'w:tbr. 11M ~agui!ilhRlen~'cnlnp,1e:reltl~ .tti ~~iiliino.t Sl\IJi ch:e r~n of S2leh, \lie haw; licearo l:UillQp' U14t th.~ a~C1"Itshan acqu:1red :se.tCi,ml"oI th.ii! Ei[le

the]::r~ongueiS exclaiming:, "What ill iSh.am~, W~ always thou,gbt we cQfistable W,'ll6: !i:u;clt an nonol'able·mu! ~ The second case deserves a :y~;ltf!l' experience reward, diOe-SJl.'l. ill? STYLE .AND fLAIR. H!lIre 'tS rn@ p~lrr where the evil PC rends to faiJ mi-:i!~nlhly. The !(;aclclin;g me:g;alo:ma:niac is ,di.C:he. 1'.hu;: mthl~ss .kiU~r i:2jtoo,What needsrew2;ln:ling is style. TJile ability to walkm the room and. ll'JiSpl re

$alClie:ynl .and am we.U on ·the way to (llcqu(rlng yer 3,nodl.@'][' {!{ rne· :five. r:f~h-e:yrtte.~, II:OO~, all lwGpl! if! laft..


€.vil .acts, not jus.t pe:rlurm them, You want your playe.t'S to m~1re heroes :5ay,.~tlUlt'5000J.~ .Rewal'd dle
s:uht:la Wl.d iIl?Ii"l;lntivQ, llotthe vulgar. You'U '3~if!.nto

understand dun [)mng evil is mom complex than
you .wnught


The Thng

He coun ted Rl ,l~ilf.rtwel1't)' of ~hem. S«mmoth eyed :~hi!' :u.U d ~wf~ted mi:.l'h~''::,()/~ Hm~~ OIl"iaS, itlPila h«lf brlihlds:

Hbed muscle is s, desirahle commodi'ty for the
wuuld-be villain. These n:ti.niooSinlW up f'Or l~ of skill by intlmid_ating those with skill. It's much eas-

knew he was in II p1e,~rious SpOl. If he rrl~d ,ro be coct)'
~'lm. If

["wwdiing in Rm:u:mi him. Thl! ~.xFriefl(.r.d ,8lcoJ .MeH"

'A'i:!hthe lll~'u',lord's lHi!:fl, tk.:y wa741l M~ ,offense Qndk,W .he ridiN'j~:ishe~ hu~bol~ ~I!i lVtINld be J<tfo~'Uless,
w,RhHzng his ,omm~:tui£rJs h'«'8i1ining pr.rs:Wnn.

fi.mJly h~"-rd the s-ouhd o.f m.Kldpl, bowstri."g~ pulling taught. With 4 tellsion UliC"VI'llg sigh Milia. grin, b~s;w'ke,
"S~ ,who'l< ,ht'fA,-J tht: tine: ,drDU"t thf ,~t:hOlJI!T {,[m~ fb,t:

~e,l'msh.ortoom.iDgs of the common rhtl!g, th.e £iru h(;!!ing 'they areum:ally highlyl.IJ'llleliable, TIllS means you hay@.an acusoE {urtihe.failurf' .. " the' l:Cs must: deal with. N"er let them shortcut your .P~o,tbyhecoming·to<:;. dependent 000 hired :mus(:11\!_ ~condly. 'they i:lfi'!i l'arely, if @Vel'; pillm in 'tile
!Community. Tllugs are :rude. lJfud~. UIIwaShed. and socially mep1l;., but that's why theire so cheap'.

lID" 'to pay some bmising se.ll~SW'o1'cl tlirl?.aten the to aaf""bm.an than to ad-ually hire rum.

wha,t w,ou1d an ~vil o'veJ·loi'd do without lns slaverin~ minions? Ccrtflinly not ta.ke over the 'world. To soliduythe I?Cf positions of pow,sr m, an area, wlll~l.herit's 0[1 a. mntimmt D:!'i'n an IlLUeyway., you ,;I.S the 'DM must give them lackeys to do, all '~he dirty deeds Uley areunahle Of unwilling to .oro (let's
fa,ce it, why be evi~ if yO'll can't be lazy). Bclm:tt yuu Sr:re1!l[[O aheut IE!tl:iillg the 'PC~ g~t a.way s with subcontracting out their own adventures. thmk of the wondrous poss~bihties,. SUIIel the party

.Fj:nally, .~£th~:re aN! any jobs requiring mte1Jigen.ce1 forget it. As the ~OM.,you. can and 5hould ,e,xploiL auy w iii] of these weaknesses,. Mer all, if not part ,of th.~ plot, why have :iit in m.e: ailventUlle?'


The Duelisl A PC'. has a consta.hle dO-ggin,g his eve,ry mov,e,

would gla.rl1y pass an

cal'~fully planned adventure to the pa1adin's hep by pulling a i:ew strings. Who wouJ.dn"I~? Your job ~ DM eM: meaning ~Masw~) 1$ to muethem think twice about sendiilg an NPC to d CI a PC'is work. Hav;e the laekeys !ail miserably. Make the C:CJU$e4uenc~~ Jur their bunghng so harsh that the party daee not t.m~t the lli1:ed h~lp to succeed, If cleaning Up' loose en.ds is thE' goo], ~hp lilr.key j,s, well-suned forduH j,ob. If secu.ring the f~ble Rod. of Maj,es Uc Roy~Ly it; I.h~ goal, the Pes had kst dO' it themselves.

looking for tha't one mistake YO bring down th.e ftli.!.aWnfln's axe. Before sending out me hit squad, oOllvinc:el him t.o use ~duehst why ,get in more ttouhl:9 and p~rhap8 bring more attention to his
:JICC1epta. Ie b

operation by having, someone assassluateil? Kill him le~illy.In most ancient cultures, dueling to the



ending disputes,

Ev~n ~f tha tal'gt'1t mj:m:;,g,es ro avtlid accepting' the duel. 'i t can -result in public lu,m,1iliation.Byi 1:SdI.
thnt cendamagc some breathing a do-gooder r-oom.. enough 'to give the


Barty inthair

clml-e'I,', l few thugs i

and henchmen

are alJ that aile needed to

the playing field,

bL!!JllI1!.lilli[If ha.ving .iii dU9'iisT~ "on call" tan 3.'olve many niggling proble:m:s without CalJhlg ill the heavy ;lIrtil1ery. Also, the PC can keep his hands clean by not arousing too much suspicion, The

QuaH1:Yis hard to find .. If you we:r~ smart OJ.' powerfull would you be Some low-level characters .lackey? Clearly nOL To paraphrase ,3, famous saY~'ll& quall'tj,ty has its own: qua]ity. The. dnc.h and, inns of most

.fa.ntasy -setting' are ,£~W coppers to finance

rue with lowhles·loD]dng



their next dl',lJIught of ale.

p~r 1er"lff1 ¢{ :spy.l wh:a-rdSl guild.el' WilelJ lI1i. their sense of pur~ose: Ii the party me Senri. o.i. Th~ duke's personal guard has access to better informarlou than say. militafl1 unit) Hip (p.of dlffetli2int types When your NPC spy acC!~pts BJ U sk.The Spy =h~ spy 15 the ultimate tool to abuse for .:!rrty 'n@e-ds only M'l area or person observed? Interaction with the Litl'g~ilis norneeded.oc. of . w The moot common need for a ~py is to recover tin uous.'.y rac'ilifj) MiOOmum (1'Oyal VIl.o"""-"~_ i:e.ecover a magical tom. A rogue is best of espionage services. is wishes to secure the services . i\I. <:i gail:eguard.ol:!.f false infonna.heruyal palace.r.ce Retci.~t the PCs g@t off cheap. In a]l a specrs of e:spionag:e.r oIftciaI) Mud. that mtoemanonrs conmakes more sanse.b and priests are less apt to sell thci:r services. Th. If they were Il'ying to disco-veT 'rihp ronLPnt.t~nm~mi1i~..g. Most hilV~ achieved their success thoougp the love of their art Or d. the details he 0 bserves are re 1ated to the pusitiun he hnlds.Fll'l. The SpeUciiI.a OM.s. You should al ways make the pes ill at ease wi lh the agen r dmy d@:=Il trh. other classes can.lons. Whan a FC or party recruits I'! spy (re.adeys in your campaign fm many nhvhll!S reasons.ing sp£'J]£'asTler. The ulbna<'I.• "Il:(J'VaIlUl.member.:aUmerchant is far different than sneaking into !. take ill CO account the type of se~r:ity he is go~ng to face. mili tuy d.s ef a.evaJ Cost.l of spy OmefIVari. tnformanon vrta] to a PC's ne. ex:tr-emely valuable. . sending a: fighter W. o appealing to.•.1 f·1L 1 .eda.1le use of a !$PYIs plan ling an nn dercover ag. the m mppp'rll he faces. suited. you are in.[0'[' .~ A mole is somecnethat rnusr ~omplt!nJy btend wid'll those around: him. observ. unrmal rate ](4 .a:xorbitant.ster Disciplined individuals such as wit~.O'll. Information is. ii mage would be desirable.t!I<Ille (walled citYm unorganiuld.@ity. have ways of 3. aucLion bl cd:. The better tact .nim· <. mmo. you. x:2. have NPC 'barter fnr th'i1'1.:u:ne'nll:.:llillllgc Costa TabJe can ko used as a gmid~Hne forme cos't .w (small wl~. :GfI. Breakingintn t h@ o.[lliRI)OVlEfY ~s fat 11::!Sls.r .i'I. The higber the placing in a group. Moles: should be th.' oIwritten mformatlon (e_.called a 1<!mole. miss.s f particular mterestto him.e Espi.one'~~e~ place mole (per month. The .n~au]l.ddin~ difficulty or alltl'vinLing it. of course. are far less .<C.iilnt ]s.hat if the.fAce of a: S!m. p. Zd4 x lOOgp per 1d4 :x 1000 gp per lew of 3PY Security Rating .ge 0' ::SUUl a "p .of 3py Id:4 :to IOOgp per level of.l1dmport (p. Bards and sorceaers however..Wtj dit~ militall'Y stronghold) Cud Modifier oo~:ma1 tate normal rate. to lLhliS rssk beC1!luse of his access to many and varied :sltill5. Such.b :from within Ll1~I(lf'~. Don't ]. spy l~ ela! ~~y lpw. sellsecrets).tion _\terlmb '(wrilbi~:n) .of a wizard.!-ogu~ aren't Un::unly clas-s that can. are much more likely to put their abilities on the.ation skills arc more important than nand et@c non oees. Bveu if LIH~Y can "be hough" rhe price is usually .ilanet ~ild H~ s. For @nmp]e~ if thsparry need~d to .d ate kS.'1L • .etu . complete control of whomever responds. however .a~liO'iJS because Lh~drnnce.lciB:vaJ D!·writJl::e1l'! infot:Iruldrm (original) 2tb1 X 10(111'" jpfl' Insertion 'Of Be information Werti.cor more speciaH'l(?\d mts- siens.e most rare 1. be more sui ted. Id4 x 100~ per Jew . filiTlimum one month) !:Ids x lUgp.

and fliWger.iI.aDabi1i~ ty of spellcasters waitingto sig_n up with !:hoefel! is completely up 'to YOU1 the DM.rt1. The 3iv. A priest would.1.honld .. Tf a pl ~yeF desires. must likely I1eq. H~ _' E& men patrollhe imm. quite I h~ 'n"'iOn'l"'d.agent Is inside..Fitl! Da.gned in the fUtUre. the peS! build ashrine to his deity in all.etvi~e~ at:e '~eJ!tiIy.t of z.L 81ft! ~~'i'i dose to '30~ts liiv. A strongly developed character is .. The Rig. giving him an unmi takable .e first ~ggeI the cab. w-he:r~&~u::r P_T. The . p1o..'e»' a!. bur rhar'snor !1i"'f'.F~OTha1.such as magic uems .arxymg ttik. nnd advisor rolled into ona Most Ubly be is the same class as his PC masrsr.s&iUS o:f S$-I-cheyrJ are p?We-Jul m ~gi~a1 1tfm~.liuan who.ims the blood.ha:r:b:ma:tlc l.Jone.a4:k.e the NPCa to join.re $fU). Wist found th~..p(J[!~.:r$ tl'od t1ght4ts:..lh1Em.d mer&. to 'bur all OUt M'Pl1~ioru: pa:ign.guB1I10SW11h~t 20 to 25. dll~ta lid UD k. servant.al found. It is through this guidance thac you can steer i:h~ campaign in dinecLiun::> eunveuieut 0]1 tu .t.[ you.identity. partner with.lwfcli.i. POLUS Tne Orb. bodyguard.ent They lLIre Ol(l'Stly 'r.ildmgm w hen you should start brewing up a choice candidate. It was th." appredillt.~OlJt tbe Reep.~y:. someone. that yonf pbyeJ.gh '. th.lJh. 'to 'Wa tciL She oould nut I"~pM:t w:!:JlJ. QUl' r~s~hreb .dl·astb.s be's:t uti1ized in a sow cami as w@Ji IDi an .r !tuil WI:! lUi!' llOl·ask.u. majlonty of th.~ guandc£15CttIlts af ' he ptispn realm of . di~:r!'ie: the ...it'Ij.bnp .~O' the. ~l1y. Th~ R1gl1t-Haud Man wears ~uany hats.i todn. oLwiilid".The da.0:1' f~vors to he ~ssj.:y..earty waT'Iling in 1!il!Nt: of i:I.~ iii confldem. his cause.ters) without 'pa~tJg for 1:}1I~m.. The Nrc need not be exactly what the.v-e off Slx-:a.~~y..!ruiU'l.:atpriCii. "om tl1e. A R:ight-HDind. They ~as ~OUtS.' is PI~Wlil~ that n they a reogaod f:tgh[i(i'If8 bllse. P~YI r-adtlc:fng'~ "vi t:t:f:n:n lDi3I.§ abl$. with . . Li.e. a Spci!ll:tlized form.gge~s wry in ability.oe ri fiightemq.P-t'lde:rwh D5~ guils ~o]m::ldew ilh 1Ll1U~e f du~:[Ui:I)£..PC is looking for.'S . The. to take l meiwill1 r~I~.. N. rhe careful thought and consideration guing: i~ltO an Nrc Sli. . l!w<ly. nd a ttri hutes I@qui1'@d. A c.ant aspect of the Rjght-Hand Man is nat his skills or power. alt~nd 10 th~ MzariIS needs.y name' lQ.~ability 1. boon to role-playing. knqw rJj th~ {nlll'th : dagge(. He not only combines Je:sir~ able at'tributes of other types of lackeys.tll.ing~e shillI'i.S: gta. <I bout w hu they migic. wo.gpbhllB! D1' fin.Gm tEl.~n me mundane [ask$ of bll:.td\1l f:o-rkntnVJedg. viho ...s5alYll £If Ursmm.a ways aroU1i1d tHem.e ~ttinl~tG thB kep is . IL~t!tHllt) lll@. . but should have .nd Man '1'h]s fo'rm of lam} . He .t: u or priest may be a111e to convmc.in 'liI.are wholly lo'y~.is is lost in a group of res.') ~cel"ta.nU.eri).made: tQ-li'l.~ nn rl?pill"lN of I'hE!'il' . he.t t1u: :tilti.f'_"lSIJWY_ the.bapd.Uieud . the gooh of his ][. hOW$' i.lg. curren tly influenced by his fat th. Lelil£ii)' the gpblin>s~Vlffclds powerful ma·lie. speUcas.0 attract potent NPCs (i. Be c:~refw of giving ooarade:l'E.Be_~§ieill'l~l_and \Vary of die' pyJ ThAt H~-bltbeitd u.Hath holds witHin PJ.edJate JnHe a:l'Qtm.es: in th~r mlds..:M Q"f'lAnEH (cnNT1NIIEn) robe iu. me ra1y Thera .one waJ! or another. .iru. t'he ~pgnilWet:s.1i.w3.lB ~~In. of NPG. We ~. Several agen we. !if!V41H'i1l1 one who requires a greal deal more effort on your pan to create..Sa'lak. Jl. inf:(l the area W an ·nttempt tn.. th.. All of OWl blessiftl' SQ w}th yQ_u~. ~dyj $lowly and.werful Ul'I nne. 0 bvtously evil prtesrs h~v~ farr ]Ie !ll romp-unction .yOU!' plans.1tlying lands of the ~p ~Z1' -~ t1!ibe Of gobliru.e skills Il.e.. Nf~sruyn claims thj . if) $Emc.a. fit [0 be m i'Smken foj' simp1Je n lighthlg wea.t b. Mil:D is.Tht!y &m_ 8:I'e Thernnst impnn:. area not 'tne . WE!.8 siM'. more evil empire. acmai guards of" Keep are ]e_ad 'by a.3.deh Ie~_jl' thelu.3.d±gjon~I'('IK example..e yeLl on one aspect uflu. but abo has the unenviable position of advisor to a particular Pc. few -mgu. personality..ire the task :rAl. ol'di1l". ~raing (he O'1. rhls is Sirt-c. malcin& them Spelkasters are more likely 'to follow the pes bru':9use of reasoniii other than coin.h:t-Ua.. in w6t'sbip.:d the . but his PC.

Search Hlf $:pen~tllft+11.te1:feres in his day-to-day dudes heeause he does not deem.'-.. COHHlwr The Cor. SA s~e1~Sj!iQ f~' "1mb of biUt:l .(ive The Assertl''V.•'1'ynmL JhJDlm (Jffl~ . hp3~'lDit at Flamboytmt Ev·el'Yday is a show for this one.hls tongue if it means his death. fH) HQDllI. NB. bi& 80tiG pottons and amul@ts.drarpJ.g:q he k~a~ his men's loyal~ qruet and 'bides his lime. bue the. deformities that add re his eeunranance. U he' is net thp (!en~·ef· of al1e:ntion in eve"y enrountel'. ~ 8'1.onus).r. He is not foolish and silences . f0r Loemsal-vei.n)+17f Ktmwlf:.2):.ble to l'o]e~-p]ay.nd ca.O ]lim~JI with rnm~ici'lll T'@'sults..any times a fool has. ThlS eJ):crbttan-t uleald~ WQul~ hrup Nnd what was to ~ome lLltcll ill 11lis.. too much style. . and h~ uses rhis m bts lu~ltrt:lnu.efficient w~w do t:hUlgS.s a la.mon.chAqI)~. and ~two P!:Itl"Yck a "bmgahl to free die dtmoll. ~y +11.£01' personalttres you can your favon Lt' liick~y~ M.tu1'C buk~d him f_ranthe trus repereup_mru: o.l D~ RmLl~c?ml'Ural jlf. (.ew. when qc W'tlJIlts Til) be.1!.the foo] draws atten- tion 'L.'killi:l.master~ tension .md$. emIl Woruimu'lli'Ik:m.lt. for his outbursts.eon HI' In L 20. Crea[or Nothing pleases the (. Invcn- 'w. comic relief M. for these types are n.c.. he scnames . J!ool SV ~n +&" Ref Hi Will t6i ·Sir:lD. 6C "1~.l' {Dr himse:l..i)SSiSknt1 titiiruy. T. lot. 3(Ht.ewhen negot'iatina widt Sb\ll' .s. M~~· Spell.Brew li'Otloo.ng.ly stahle and can tum on their master if be gr t. ·the cause. H~oold hi~:ilbricc in ma:~y ~mTl~ 'n'nd lands. somethmg is wrung. This form of Jack.C1!I~ of fQ1(~ ·IW~ Nllnli1tg hetlHk (2 CI'.'tM. His u1lillia~ ~al is La use l:hj. of style.Tmvols..r of "u'nmlr 1:...ptu:re thie Qe.s.e: l!n. md pI'O¥tded ~ items and elixirs ~.alm..]ltJhllt'5 'Was ne~e-s:s:ary. Dewar.Hm. m +2'. ManrmOf 1~ cll..J.. Al.ey ts constill'ldy finding n.hy that al Wd)fS !!lpe~ bjl!i mind. butruw.':5 t- MADIUNOR THE SNG:BA~JiR 1l-ained by the ~ tm:c:blil~~ Oomi"i'i:pI<@ Df Here are several archetypal use ..1'ea. +OJ 8pd. 1'(!!I usurp ht pD~e. leaviH~..f t:b. them important Fi.tic PDwe.. there Is nu lhing h~ wanldn't dn for hi~ beliefs. the :Plam boyan t is annoying to some.be Flamboyarl'~ has style·.ot lmurE. PC should not underesdmate him ..Jge (pIBnbI) +1~ mnowledg~ (Rli§'CD}+lS.!iJf the rest 0{ ll1~tahai}ie lmUw! mmy' of his £oUtlwemwould wilting die for him: the cabal !Dimlbers have thelJ' ·1lWn mll'li~~ hJilW'ev~rl :.!Nd'tm af CIjJ~ mDhu um. c().f:R~ to :imiulgP.1tw yem'later. hut ]Ul can't stay hushed. a.mical to others. SZ M (hil1mlUlbid): 9di!l+18.bomy +17" C~:rH::~n:Il'lui:llnf1·4" niP'Olltr1rCY +9i-Kt. sb"YJ" ~pprQitcbea Mntkinur &~. Madrionor grew tbe feme: through. F~.~.1Uks -t:f JR~' +t lrre'l\:e· Vd!~". kriba' SeTOU. HIs mfte b qui dcly fi lleel widl varied lti!!m& I. 1L . hiE tendencles Duly subsidE. Similar £0 the fJ:amboyafJJ1.lawledg~ (uTCiH1.. Alo.. . 'Difficu]tln l"P]gn in. Mawinol' pnrvl!!d m\faJuahtril! '1lf1 ~he P.hlm .SpeD F~t~ [EndJumuneru)."~'h. His cre~tivity in.). It sameune has sometlnng he wan tsjhc"]lgct it eventually. Pal ru:tJ0nf? 4~tI dWlctiOllj. He'd go as far as committing suidde·.D: Wtz 9i deesn't ma:inta1nth~ lacke:y's level ur r~\l'[lr.:Jm!en·11 ~~. t_! way.un. WJ 13.If his master pllnishe:~ him.! cabal to &ee %ad -h a. SpeU 'Mas~ry (5.f. His ideas aze important and must be heard .tol' more than. ood{Jeutplot!'!.r.m.e i. nl!~d ~ His ~eo·fn~. . te make ~:hat m~xt jump in power.~m POSI flO1llngD.hl'i nefanous ond.i'vel'is always lookmg to gain in some _'1L ~.~ 13 t.eves in.. Evt!J:l L"'mllshave· 11mhffIDn. lad@h. .n~ iil)!i.!. an u ~CJf1.a:nd WOrrlt2i thtuugh.ays enjoya. His idiom is to release hls. . • :1~ The F:'l'naric is a dangerous tool If:he oo~i.le:mpnnuily. gathmngJoHowe~ AAQ .armi. more .. CJha 16.~or long..

r.tlnf{f!tmc. Hj:sis ol\'lly to brit:ig glury iu UM' ~:CU..wm~fo YUllIf v~. Pl'~c.E!' to do hilS 'hicld±. . ¥Qli'~ ilisOlppamf me.mj~. he 'M&m.because offiis need (O[ ptm. llIicroman!ilg~s o'llu.hing ctse lm!'thj. Su.oI'd.i.ay bein. Why Rm E ~~ !lwi U..it his . Sru.e: fhtill':! Hc:ruf:I>.cb. ffliR'lif.ation a:nd...shment~ In fact he may even fa~l assigned "tasks:on ~~:u'. atlng'lya rmoymg. I ~)ClP~ .tJ:sfac tory.lator aroand Olh~iS Sy~phillJl~ the Mani pLlla:~aI'is driven to tak@c.t:l!.All. MasiXh~t fuCimme syrophanfs Hps. . Man.~(:[ him I ~ere. H"" PO] P1 rs. rl is 1I1lckQ£.\. never bem.ils master's dk!re:re~t:i WiUl merdlessbrut111ity.g ahle to.'t1juy.J' for :~h~ . .attetS litue w this]amy.jJl!l.v~r1. mo~ pe·rccptiv.'~..1 . per£e~tion. To be kind is to df e.fostfvities. '[ll~E i:s: my p'.oj~ctS.lli.l4chil1e' btliud r~e m.~h~1'Ue s. y@~ rhl?V\@'~ri:' snIT!!? that enj.:troo:dC$ arc: u~'mfortn~ld u:t m~ gt:J. stale. I ~oweveri he carl quftkly reduc e d... 'l'h~ is rund)' iii woddJy thinket.glil. iFoY' th~ mas.pl~ys ~lw~l.my1or Ids ridll. 0.bI i.~l'S ss tha~.l!illU'Vi': t.u~d !hi~ )(..~mdS'[ PC's Mke .cliSl Cfu:el~ i. .s the Sadist. W~ dia".l'ime and a.lt m~tteJ·.Um. I do l~O' 01Wt~. no I1csult is sa. he gets them to. Never has lus master The Sycopha.i:st 'i~ m ailde:n:ing..are' lof [~uu.r.'l u1'!df!l's. to redol r. h.mating !l. it lll.Ml~hQld.4 :WJ!:/. Y£s. L e ntire We keep ym.nl 1 mr.d E modo]l.dl'lla offrnose: pes-ky lnt11'!ades. yoluntee:r.ljestyn .ueUIL.eq~i:ri:ng rapid task completion. .ot tJi1l'l} It'zy ~rutc:r'::.('s fa ft:IIMflH- . dilitcuJt to deal with.ng. s6ebeyond P~rf~L [jun]!'.thePC doos]1't reign hirn in" . 1 pun i. d~siring the w:ra. Not only doe-s hI!!!slow his own p.nt qutck1¥becomes excmd- uttered an unintelligen t word or ban aJ phrase.g showMed with ~dof. . The sadist is a great as~tOO an ev.usly him" He is cons:tandy striving to convint. .u~e I tim thf: hts own presem envtron_1.raises spew volumino.t.hE! .S! H~'!IC yo ~~uar bf~H listenhtg? 1 . Th~ manipuJail()i' UOt:SH'L overtly ask or te]! peopleto de things.inl he needs.cg mU take dlil:~'brokc:f~ rh"~' h is pf. He adof@1s:meP:C IDaSt:@'f and all Iris iilICCOJlllplhhl\llenb.40re wen.sl or p hY$kai pain.he le:II. bu t.t:Q:l'ul his 1Ht. 'lie: fallen like Whfttt b.Mdtdp:k.'s lifeblood.bde-ty .~ [h U-ll f~r.Wl'lld be :r.t di. Wha ell j purpose.t m.Dou 'f ytllij .game and.E~Q. 1i\ Right- Hand.~l(J.rai~e. the. he.~Jl (1.f~C 9.ter fit.sii12pl'~tatt. then tf.F:Of ill fC mas- can be. liIG!ilt' 1'0 the Ferrectionist.Ql1trol elf U1QSf! Complements andp.!¥£lu ltlw-ugh« YOH.m1~h~1Suut :b.miy CJ1tV~' to be ~f ]~i5 sid~ wkeli1 our pl~tl rom.ga.H~ siwuld nor lUl1tl' ffl wU'rry R:b.t. Rdl. Itigkt.1' L1:11yf.e master"s stable of l:aclreys to hrekan h1!lW if . Why ~p you i11hrl'!? J1l:1Hi" l.badt. He revels in it.. do<wn.oViat:nce: R rut If.as PC my m~titrt5 ~.r.

5ttcatea:' of an NPC aasassin eti.llllt.an au~:ngin:g .!1J ~i r C'omrrotFornl nan~ly.!! is in trouble.l's have.t after !1lDOtbei'. Howeivet'. once -you've dealt wuh the semantics of hdugiug an as~~sin mtn ymu gam~ you 1'1Ppd 'S'om~ gwdelines for cost.51 th.6 and his mrget b ftr 7/wiz .BLE Target t:IDm:mon:. bjs [. decide if that sort of action hi dfn:cimental to your plot. who saysthey should ever be able to find an asssesin? Even if you're allowing assassins in.. If they feel that the. thae al'1! inlE:rn. Th~ him and his a.~ssass.alw.EUcioID. pal d l!im and now rh~y' guing to sit back and Fe enjoy the show.D\i\emmce: to.iring eemeoae would be In. ahove 'rhe pbye~s' own wishes. kiner~for-Me. the PO c-all ga~n massive pl"¥Werir"Om just one sage urrder .Nu une cares Imw the job is completed.rt. limit:: Reilll!tb:ed.bility.11: af a~~$Sbimrion. it disrupts 'the all. ~f{o.A.' ~ .u~]yhemm!:' h t'I rm~d ar 'I'he same time_ Now. YO'Ul' me lazy. a Hercltlie!!l:rt.'ble:matic.\I~. an e. dout . . the more ~pE!l'leneed yourbired _Itille:l' is.dj orilcFup' OQtlCl! desd merdruu'lI. In an .1y~ h~ ~ chance of falling.y can keep their handa clean and walk thrclIlJlgh all tlidversi:ty by eliminating rheir compettticn one 'by one.t % chance of success would bt: 90%.er/lesset Co.lly i'~quire much upkeep.Huw~v. tb quote 9'11 o1d .The IUsas:sin Many people arg. If this is true.y would never ~.?·Wht!'o the: 1:2.ms pro. 2CSI a:l.rhose 'qu. The Assassination Cost Table is just a wggesbon.lla. TliePCs might just decIde the risk of getting Ci:lJJYlL i-~Ilul a~ dev. "Surry" all bnoked up. .hant lU(J·~ M!lill. Cost: Yon know how much gold your playe. 8f1lD.and they ruacy even be dgl1L.leader/Famous ~~~ politician e::I1~mrin!tl"" SOOgp 100 'ID<~ Wtwj1 \ -c 9 ='--~~- -----~---~1~mm:l.". Flay 'flilel'e ereseveral ways.t. I'ea.entbi::tw"een target (total levels fo. howeven to limi t the use of the sssassin in ymn can"P(J.J. For example if an assasstnts !! fr:r lnl~ls:n .m.ilistating as thli! dam- balance you've so diligP'fI.t::r.eO. If POl can simply walk down to the loc:al H'S'SOl!lSidns' guild an.minatiu~.. but whether er not it was completed.ign.u.es-ting for lore through the dust-covered Lam'bs uJ the pM'L don't usulJ. However.rendy lor. b~ingR that @yiST ro culrtvate murder and reprehensible acts.r both).'~ mal~c the-option rnsr prohibidve. the dastardly scheme.j]y mainrained.F own The question for you as the DM is not whether to allow assassins.al..5''% level dtffer. In iac. but haw to ad j 1!'U1ic3.er than 95% or wO'l'Ie than 1 %.a. in many fantasy setttngs. remsins ~ he.nemy. their eetn-purse. A 55ASSINATION COST T. and most liJ.u:. knowledge ~powe. The essassla .Fi:I'st 'of yuu. existence !3imply for rennmeratinn is fl giant bound aeross that thin line.feel free to change it to suit )'QU.. Ass-assm3tWn.ge h. To their cl~tlgrlrl.: where killing is not an evil ac C. e DuL unly (ails. 2 weeks h ~~ __ _. wD. to 'Colln.somenne's demise becemes change.pieltli!! 1 wee-k W~Hllhy merchent/lesaer Rm.'yuu. h but alseimplieates 'the PC in. The base perce..evil campaign.ug'e!'l is 75% +1~ the chance of success. Mili Tbesqe Sages are of ~C'a:nt value as lackeys although gam. 'we . ~. campaign.'e iMe. A-. ending a being's contested point in many gaming eireles.'te the. minds tbe.st/LcYclI of mtu·c. com. thisargument is LUooL..'!i that. chance ofsuecess can never be greal.1'\S its ugly tUlad.lly Sumetanes you just wantthe PCs to ge t their hllUds (Ij rty. Competence: the pID'ty found a.ntage chance fol' e'Vli!l'Y .dl1 Min.aling ynnr . J They lose 1he." No matter Whil'~ main taln con t rol of your campaign.r storylhre ~nmp'~ first. your game~ the PCs shouldn't come across them every uuie.b~]1J~~.e' that there are eertain ~fnmdon. DO maUer how much gold is on the Hoe. If it im.

~.CaJl he:<ldbllmt T_~ gran:tBd ~I ana ENSlllUNG LOYALTY Good~aHgned.g'~ At1m' ~n'~!y dIiI8I" +6 IEI!id6~ (1 d4tJi.ily harm ~nto the lackey ersomeoaehe cares III bout.6: .1 is the prekned.e of .' 8po.method. his :OOdy b~~CnM!S e.gies <llvailrihle other man. Inttmidate +. \I0~1'l!(1ge (at!J~:ri.. h~ll.If the FOs supply th~ S'ag~wH:h the I-e50Utl:esll:e des~msj . .tnt 26"". 1iCe &mtl qu ick~beL.and ~lu."'.srO'u:ce" m~e sure they contin uaUy add mote 'dIrt' to keep the sage from bolttng.·nl11ltlOO. n highly o Exmrtion.'lS.[.l' MiEI'"l!l~ (7). ·Qri..ooGed wlth l:Ie. Dil2:pe'rufing Ion the patty's n~~ldslth. ' ~JJll~ <lcl&+ldSli.g~in.. the.i~ JNWel n~eded w do so.r of1rls ite~ is 'd. .:Ai']'. pri?~~r. It's hard to find a fl'l!ol'C m'otiva:tcd Jlcrso.t-i'i.l!J~ljmfi®).i.n OF than S~'~1t'l~~ win~~".:anJll.ir pouch. f'iWilItl.rnitni the m~.un'g~oliL~~.iI·J.ekD.\irl.'t~o\nj~dones.to hdnp. If not" t:heino discipl$ tend to go scam . Exturtion li:keblackmail. With this ::information. ofil.'e Da&gC!rl:l oJ sages or sph~s.pll" ~l.xha~.PC~ really havoe: only two ()ption:5 open te them.ed~h.Jif. I ililf~rmation ne. ._~ .t history. IUr:lJybe you :shouldn't ron an 'evil .eyml~g. and he'.eaJ. E:nsu:r:e 'the diHiculty of gl'l.~ethe PC~ findrout !looM'[ ..:~ iJ! H ~ni. For a !Hl~e.ri~1:iLds ~ rMew 'deI:l1DJl'i0.'lJ ~sfinple and focl1l'..1b~ :Sf:mlllt ~~JJ ·FlJ. eCi.AJl h~ ~ _1J?.el>rnadiO.ll do any ~h1ng".. ~I". 1't lnit +o. priestmetivaredto Kil'Qwlei~ (i. and daughters. husbands.C~'y:n ~I:~ 1U1t:bRF' PSr &7).idiin 100 milm .ame ~t:in. s'etullity) 3hd w 1WiIim~ Blackmail POt rh~ ITrlClr-@:"Ilk.l'Itifi~il.. ID. He will undoubtedly gain rellgious Iellowers at} E3. ~e\:tt:!!loon he &e'~~n wrned qway fliQm :!lji: "f. is threa tentng bod.h to se. He rurl'i€Jre~.ur and (]1i.' h 8:!.:m..U:dh..'~lU" $eeru3.re tluu when ~'VQ .j~k parents. Eve:l'Ji fibe.W. ri~i&ul!nJ.iddJ.." a Hu~.d lrlr'Ik". Tn!! d~] knJown' ow l.IT<lss~ngm damaging to his H!PUU:lLFon.B' Zaden: m(o me: ·wti.!S.:atle.h·lhflwmr:eilliiJi ihu:. ~efgl\e h~$ ec~s.#ru:l!aJ1~ hJhr iLl] i:lllyml"tl:OO co.keys.D +ll~ Di.)+19.g9GJi) (Om].A1.l'l ~a. of muchthat is ly PC ha:F::lJ'H·~P.e~a s.8~~S (COl. (.~ d.~a'9d<H-9. ~f %)~t~~l'-~ ~ J.l!}l00~1'9.BRAun. p~rlng off in the m.S\ll!~ unul he~q:rlir.i~' Sal.Hility lS too W!!3k" :and ·Skaur :nioallJ" w. Jmiji~]p. lbe3~.i:he ~ide Jt~\lru:. Pay t:il.. CJU:I 1.1+. If this typP.he is centent.cUI'li! several s~!g:es of varying :aye.dga ~[Jnulm3!tely.d.~Wrethe f'iT.ining S1.I'Bats: Cb:~ Et:rlf~ do his godt~ win. for your more unscflJ.pmow pes" there are m.WDJ.hiz past missions and his ttue id~ntity.hglous political :r.muph::. tgtllili c ~. (rt~. Thl~g~'fl~~~L .f!lt him t~ h~'lta:i~~"m.I.t Wflrk to dn. the spy is securely in the. 'Sad]y.~LS.t1. :rc$l1iltof his actions.gy. spelkmft ~O.etIEll1-. wives. If Ihf'! Onlhe: Slqb!id:. hisg!l'al a.~~ nfkn(1iw~le.. Rei 'Ht: will t-111 $[.1J. NPCs dOD't offer muCh resistance Jf the party coerces them i:uto work. i:'U~. +~~G t:o: gQ~li.a: httle research into his past might reveal sOn1e!unsavory bit: 0-( ini'Oi!..L~i:lllUfw'J +~Q.'. one £I. sons. his origjnal p:erso~.evoted .sen ~.eir followers. Ibm': :lrWm~ Wb. ~1]..H:h pJi:u"mi (\CVPl' ]nm.Otil'X l-e~.Jlp (hYJfm1llohl):.hEember ~f We' cabal wi w. The spy 16 aiCtu3_lly easier.tld.eoml uRrgli:i. blaclma!i.ht wl:s.ecl IDl1Sif.li. of ma:gi~ al'. welll 01' treat th~m evenbeJtttr.. pmha.lCl me.. aforE'mefiJ. .&~h +It. ecnrrol I na~ do secrets. & seen thro:ughOlJ.dsm. extortion is best :u!\. p_~g himinLo PUf!suihlf!!viI ~cu. hets stnlggl ing.s' created quite the: magl~~~m. With Zadeh'.IUg~!" -H5t' S\r<Eon +7. f1eh~s all the fimi'oWs'.:':1. mhhllf:e.being [ G~Mg.ur 'W!(I51 'once' . 9"i ~M .!ii.the night fOlt'uniUely. 10.ch the ". s1mUl' 'Pj~ ~. l!'ebgiofl is the impetus.~ampaign. Ska.spd SD ~L.db~'l'dl1~J 1~~r.e.:mm ~).~ Zaa~hj.eded to ~e.iI: '. nf We llc 'is ahhurreru tu ytlU.:runymOire $n:~te. wboev-!:l'. muny old 11.e research uncovers loc-adoM of sktlled lac.pTill'!'1~$t)+~O.l'· ~ ~}.I. I lis.. :. of obtaining loyal services..tC1l:ti:ons with his €:d~~IS: in $eafcb. D. mti~®l i{eml.a. A.~e. PCs go rni.!! help.·+3i.lM~w=. jIJ~emy I 111 BIl]J~r-91 Qulc.lt!y.

lil umerous Sl'CanE! a:nd. ladles at 0. Gl.. Shtw &lye.:id (fll~~rift{"'~j1l!:lJ!'illi bud-f ~ ttrelq lldli:i. S~+.. wyalty is hml.. but wh~t lowbom. NtUle 0:£ lilt: aWe!: .i1~ bu. TetIeus is (:(}rnpIetid:r maD..tlEuf.n d@aHng wl. Prop<1lgand:a is the by rn motivating rhem.!l.. long as rh!? pes. tm 1lii Wtil.m am evil.(lway& ~Ji1IC1t'ltfOTI1 £01l' those. +14.failing eveir:Jthemost factle fill. ffD$h:lt+1Bl bp·i~ Inti: +2.1e ·are . Fear N crt much in this world is more effective (not to mention cheaper) for monvsuon rha. but it .line.lete :m~tBry to the .tlll he spends hi s r. .KIt"tlp'S dillig~m:lis.mvl~d~ ~Jtca~i1) +14.agical items. _h:ti: 'bleV{ m~ . me M~gic Do not '('e:wa:rd. were ~ 1ll:id :mmil~sSt.~ w!helthaF i~l'J 'il mt:e ~1lJ his h~ er 13.g:hr wf1i:h dUll f'UflJ'\lll]1.. '~ea1 l"~ is m¥ y(lt un1mOWl'l."illn. i. As..a~ SllIejlmS.a. loFiilto the ~UH.al. IIPer!>. . aN1!dthe oddathey ~. can maintain control of the information flow"the fana t~ ic remains . 1iecril.-'llIn:tto ming]e~ w:i. SV FQrt -I!-cSi.Hillild.ai WMQr: HI)~ Atb. 1ij ~tl:nct whimpering.tion is wonder6. Religious fanatics only need tnsptr:@d guidance eo set them On meir appomted tas!'P·olitical!auatics also n~ly0.pe..11$ time oranothel'? li' the FC canfiu:iliurte this class jump and. .mize itche sodally~oom. Mroemy +1 i. Rf pl:a~ '91' erfS~ ·1IDexphfu:ah~..tion. If it was explaiuedvo then') how dcalily 01' p:Fri:nfulthing13 are for them should they uRMe beasts sometimes . even.:11.~ Srt' 14~n~ 14. 1"]dUl on a: t:miCilllJ. 1Uf1 +51 \VUI ~. acts lib a ·cl:U:M with g:reat p0wt1l.Hewever..baot~sfbHowberth wh~. to .(ea[.a com.sten t.SclJbe St.do 1ihp-i!'h~~t. t:lr l1gbt ernss'blfW' +'7 ranged ~lde}.5~ .mo (evmarion) I hard-of-thinking~.I:lul W~.~ ~ds.rt~ctic:s dis~U5'8ed in tAl~iji section. tltUits.A. That currency must con tinue to flow' 'or 'me most i['lIMpmlslble:m:iuion takes CaE1e' and ~of.:~pen flJu:. lotkmll .::ln~ru:nmdo. Mosl ew[yone' lret:P_'S 'fin c_W::·OJj him jus..ba'l :me m bars: know ehe dete.t he js. :Sptllii 'SQ ~ ~ ~~.h~ . ~ 14. l The promise '0£ sta l'US iimo~t ones peers is: . '!'..t fit .!!ili~lJft th~keepl . C1imh 'i'6. HIli' a~ti:eD!lare p1il~T W"aiil 'of d:l!S.helps to.. M<tny '1I~ driven to succeed.il!j 'and hli ~pi!l!'I~nr1y . as tf he· ware ~ded hy. skl16. Thooe ]ac.utyiml. \ll!.ine [ocked .ociety often wish to shake off 'we class they Wel)!2~ crueUy born mto.g swcrd-arm or destructiv~ spell back1n.rruc~on He'w. by the sheee terror of JilI:i1ul-e.TlRICDS THll MAD '1~t:U!1 i.111 thelr own bl'iilnd considered of fa:ith. N(r'~'{.OF tijgion they belong '00.t Sbut S'W€:i9. alw-ays f<illfiwecl. A1 leamie.!.ce-l lcav[nl -wnw~~ ~wa~ m of ta. Thl~tart oft~1i1works wirh rhe s Ri. Out nr . hI~~ F"'Y"io:lfs tet ~bUf.1. who dOlil"[ respond tn me lUm'ifj: Vlllga_ir Gllisplays of violence. . At.:f:ruabauQIl.all ~f tbe ca..d &at hi. ~ ~ MiiI:I! Bnlllim WiZJI~ ~ M (b~.sdou~ hu:.r:y of kar.!Xlla.u:Jdngi in ru~'!loont pam.key remains loy.ththe ]or-ds and.r:h the sp. C01llltry.l'Il:i~~. him a ~ . The varkll~s r11l.p t".g~ cal spells co bep them in.LI..lreys of [ow s tatjon in 8.Nfe minions withm. legiti.mgid). A]s)o"ilie!. I.em~ trrnm bi! h mdl the d06fs. "Fa~ m &Ymwne called ~the ~t»nt.i[h vJmen~e :and hls. Gathct ]ruOIl'mBtian +5~lilmnidiu!:+H" KIJ.4"ffl" ~ffirtbAlk.j. .s .'lM l:eaelll with terrible ·vw."lh:I'B'£( 4-14:> S'wtni +Sliem! -Commr Gas t·mg.jdental~ . There Isa long t1mt: perind between clleck:3. lBind a h IJshed voke. loyalty wanes.t '['0 be '~Je.atCf~h!$" hD~eI.S up th~t threat. R~u.'I. ~:pi:I:~ta:ntb'.lili.Ll succeed lS nearly nQn.in I.a:nd intc the to:1. !]if thej.loyal.. 'I'JIUZ. bl!l:ce1'l~ use m a. He.nl N@ simply appea1'e".faith in the readership ofthe nrganlzauo». wouJdn'U. 'hI:: Pli. Km:rw]edp (!e1igiGll) +H..a rms~]l~ are best whe.Ci:l.ometimes Spell iel1etm.n.s '~ac.n~:r:iI. inf~Tl1FIiiIIl sp!!!!lls wid~ w'hkh rn faci1itat!?rne (]rllie. Man llilwy. andnse In go eye.1>8 tli1i!1. haves' ~tron. Wb. S.ckeys· areu nre1 miNd w. ~ l~· GE.e~:i.'~ .d lIll~' d'~Y':and pedggcil. c:rML \¥anii'll &. s.Im'I.~ks..:l..i.~Jl~Jj :!l1pd30 tw AC IS ~ ~ 4l'!'! lile.J.Jim'gnf!\. When 1'1~f'ed da~rQliU :situ-.

is for the PCs to esuseas much d:ifficulty as possible .oIH enOStl al'hil h. A httle bit of ma. area they wish to have as d:U!!ir sanetuarj. deserts.[O mailltmn eentrel.Wad' Al'f:~~ dllJnl1 rhtm'! H~ h~d time: Rna i:im" Qgr. Anyone of wt::s:e:: amas t..d . He didn'~ k.'!]])" ~'liIefidaJ ~'SiIeemenr 1. or something else of use 'to them .tb nd'adousp]ans again-Sit Sloe letyJ .y l!mtrc."&d-llkr. primi't. II th~ .r tllim. bUllu.just the fnct o:f having on im..iH:.a:p of YO'Uf world.ior.hed [heir w~ past ~ hulJdN8' of debris block_iJ<lg [11& ~ll.re . seeietles crnomadic Cu]. Not just to detect them.PC".l:lT£'ml!. Sa. Some pDemi~r .clHlLIg~ fur {uud. across th~ 'roof oft~c:' dUa. at am.as all rrumn~!.rgfJ£'J this .J.n"rd.tUI'9 could have eked out a m~nJmal e-ris tefice even in the most hlftOspitE1l Me .~1'm ~.. The pes can slowliy impwve the deal for themselves later" Sometimes it is easier to rule 'by deceit than by bmw foeee. Icoking £u[' inacc~s!!libll1!. clul1~d his fieullif'K A gl'iH:t mm 'IUtg~t SIll'7lmotk:s: 'Y'! AS twO' r.poG11'lg wizard in the PC's :party is i2'n. l.. had ftnfl1ly u"".!lvel'to and s. This it. you can half! the elde:rs.FSir-Giti1'Ote isl~rJldsJ vcJ:~~nj(': 'It\~ns.nv 'Why his 5J'Ipf:r..locations for their l~ could he. LocatioDjl f. the araa the pes d1U~~is nul inhabited. . money.i£l. Someone wo~dd p«y.the tribe dt1!.!?nvironmem. "I Htral pUe ~Lhll twa . md deep caverns.mti'un~'''P[ t.b1gh mountain m:n. Many primltive or uneducated groups Me superstitious.fends the lair in ex. iPl rhe wi1d~1'HU$J ftOf in the: city.S Fu. The idea. wealth Greed is: good. I~udlds vror1u:rs would . TJUR WAS rIt" pat~ . The purpose (Oll: the haesh envimns hi tn ntlk~ a tnl] on the attacker beferethey evenreach the ]a:it..wry' r~~lr h. Somertmes 'thE:"promise o.AIRS Eyr::ing du~: ud'ud. of creatures and natunll. Out of Mind While an in-town 1m.wlru-ly COIns.ing factor for sOml1! minions. As with my establishment the 'three most important lactors are . If a:rpI'orle.mel i:nh(lspjt~blE! desdnarlcns.sl<unm.m:alr or chief to approach negnti_!lIte a rout]].ey:re ~vil not S tttpid).ie NPOs.Cll&:YWllY..lsU ch(]k~ fnr th(!. buc msketravel nearly impossible to reach them.Et remote ref ug.w den. I I.Ut~" It 1J.11.r.l:r HI!: WllI.tioD Have the pes look.ecu-oo the. alltes in . prudent..". loto..st!Hd .f plundered gold is the &ole' motiv. was-good IU it blishoot the PCa must tl'.pidatea 1~J'ehaU5'~" Tli-C (iM'er [0 Ou.group'Inar dJ'd n he p«rti.for the hera..d CO(r:l"eCUYi these savages may be easlly sWHyeJ in to serving :PCs. Another an tndigenous population Is the symblouc appw!lich.i\rhe.ek$ RlI~ lUi!H'ly ~is ttntire: POUt:k of RoWell ".Dugh. . W. piti.l"Sbld den.ruMchJng ftFfrf.oea:tion. H-i. How~~t'.1:l-IiIE~ mugatn..gic:can send the natives into SCCUR the.~ filkt:.c:ou.atic approii1J1:::h(th.ill$ could await the party~ They must meke CXOlmp]'e-sof those' rhst oppose t:h~ir eocpansion.~ ~11.(flI..t of S'ight. The: party can escape a lI1a:jO'l' confrontation and actually gain. liRa Once ehe location iis csta me a frenzy.t: llLilily be ..ve. .!!dv@mllre.alt. S"Wam~. .splMi! 'wru..S gaUoed ~d". mom dip1orn.Q~ld an adequ3.vp. all.jis _s:if"!tI.II. tr. Most likely.t to' :the: tlE.§" .r may be iii fionvrurient lees- don ro laun.~el{ can 00 lin .s take a.

: minor S p.ps one ~dyre:sfd.lDwl~ge'(~nll... M (hllm~~dJ.gndndnn. That leads into the ml.h. +!2. 'The.hould he based on vhe:sw of the lair. FDr ~ c!3. more }lDweclL'{uldl e.1 with ihe creanrre.an. the pes can s:tI'i~l1li 01 dE!8I. Three signffiM~ t ones !O!:re jniens (previously covm ~r-ed). materi al an d 1<1ur b di££kuJt to acquire. but H's not out of the eealm of possibiliities.aii ttl 13umma~~de\. . the PCs d:ecid~ tbey wis. nan the valuethere.Rlttm.ulE!:X L4r1 GQn 14.lli[1lJel1tal~:k confeon ting the pes actual constru ctien erf thcbif. ~nd w~'ndsr.'1 lion +S. . There are IDiafllY types of defenses for the PGs laia:.iIQ~ t:.--~ tM~'tmly()I:te.an eff'eoCtive defense. they beth rec~_plired h.a.]wa.s ~t s~e wh.ljiml m"ltW1: +1. He.d fan tastieal srruetures £or tl'.d h~Sip_~lJds.d.~rcm. Iltaalinmd oll.0 E1'iJ.ltgjc oii'tiO:n. (JIthi1!J' Ulu'rr..vil's pc'Wl'.. M'3riri'l10T'1'SrAJ:dn's: 'G. .d Skiil..e:s in negotia.Cn:ra~din't trutL him.E":nd. The table ooloW' shows som!!! Ioosegutdeli:nes with witth to adj 1lS.r~ni df C111(l:: miJ~I~~~1 ~H~::i1 !J'ud~ ~ t. ~1rill ~~~ C&~\. ay~~~J a ..rever.l Mza1<d.l.c~t W]J k~l" Q{ uth£n.ize.lriy for' such a..u mcmbm Q. R~ 15 a pow.:f'.j. If the party securedlackeys 1.agic. you must d ~dde em [he cos r and duration of theparty's plan. sees Zadeh ~s f1'ej!r]:om as fr·eedom.~ st.M H&.V8iR fimn hc:s M..+l'i! Seay~ +~p.1c<t!il4'f tl1~~Hr:sf lmll $.iJ: pJj. :m~JlJ:lt hils sFY on th~. Since th~'y are have.cWN.i:sll. M s'U: Human WiZ'·Hli. lJ tbE part yhi1lS <II.1SE. non -traditional l~you ts a'n.Jrnl:s''n~w wmJt [Iil. hea:s~.m. Al~ is c:~mp1c:tcly..~.·'ri~ mfj.of voleaae lOll-I'. e. Hov. the t<~ep and the !S'iUutJufl~ins ar~m. SI'Id s n r~ lilt. KJ.!. The PCs wouM. '~e'~gaps:·.p:a:ri&y pay de.so]ved.tions.dlle rn nri~t~r. +.. lIe hew ~1&.an.. At NEi ~ Akhemy.m.y . mp[amlJ. cult to m. : {. bUildlng materials wiI1a. hl. chosen such a remere and harsh locauon the.afcl.lry.JIt +2. ~. p4r1.~. :powedw..d offetr.~l:!al 'l:lCid~jfin.i.·fear li'1.4.iting a neWlby ·era Wl~. Because the .afilllfa.~TJil'1'lgC h~~n~. A hig. d~n. Th E1 T]rst i" '!I'! I.e~n.. <I: h unJI~~. Many wuds bav~ long or per..ggcr)1 L\!t:b +2 ii. In.:. The PCs can h.sdecomplex~ increase iacc.q~r1d~ptg dli~'c. c1m ]2. wo:d.lllllrJj ~<!I' '~lJ1rIML p. Kine's .l. Sm~ ..) +17" 1fucWled~ (fel ~gj6n) +1. ·Tn~l -t"~ ~~'"~). Foil' ~mple.£01' eenstructien wo~ulcl be: tn base the.n. then .Lt~$pOl: Feats! Gmrt WOmci:tcrn.$ toO' the: . a.anent dUl!'a. M:lU1im.SOQl1!.ose:s'rriend tn rhe UOOPi f 'but 'h.I has driven Wm ·10 isoia'fj on.~~m~iIrlI.Qn).o.@cep-s h~.nounded by la va . tll the ~.r"l02. pilirty deemed suitable fi>:l'their lair.eg.!Se:nse M~l1ve T~~ sp!!ll~ +.ty +7.:s.is.h I justtfyIng hts need e:r:. If lt is approx:lma rely w Lu. aUy~DCln't Jorget. dragon.me options of constructs.i!lft. z.s~.o:rding]y .~iLy .Ci:1I. 'f~aI'~].~ .tA.~ying."SA :spii!H'$. the example .II'~'D:enaJ. dl1. E~Fy day f(ime 'S.PCs very Ifb:ly deei de on.:uijlll$t fo]' variations.llll ~.g lri~ Pl'aF t'e ~p) an -t1ael'S. there cow d be a red dragon inhab. monsters atndm.c1'!DS9:iJow+] I'~ Vdlii}.JYs.lwiMJ['d.2 ptI~h rf-illft1..ild ffi~ ..::y me . Efficient guide- fri. ~ert. thesame size a'Sa hep. (}ff:~tIl~~~.!"ItifU~~ +-2.4-1 fl:Juiw'J1edgc Chi!llllO"V +1:S"Sa. crJteapQW~rfu! ma. ]I1ft 2j!ll~ Wi'S 16. Perha. l. Monseers can be intelligent as ·'\iV"ell.. tl:ms·. ' eeul d b ConstFuctingtlie Qfi Isir ex'plp"tr~d~. t# +to Spil.cu.d) uain.l\JE!~' wlien ~e. fttlft.s wmth an.lel:1!' ]ai:r.~dbal. ne~otiated it red uces the dHfi.h l~v'E] wizarJd can ITli'!a4. cnst s..s~:in their ~im.ys hI!!.strike a deal with iI. The.CI waorI'! "um~I ttea~bel1f' p't"Oving.es in the . the labor problem is .<I:hhsh.S'~] FOOlli (divjpati.£ lte~u. s ~ ~# l~.~.tions..~ kmI . h~ !iI':E!..w' aiu:lle<a01'eQ of rue.. Jfittta:l: case.lJ.g@~~'aJ~ mosluyk. bu t horribly dim. h.\J:. 6ruifie.dd in w~middle ulaaactive vukii:JWJ su. ~~i:ei.w 'Ii1\7:.el!fu.I' is the The most moul.gh h~v~. the. H~ :G~dS.j.en~ WIn bJ_ut:d \IV l Lll:i pe rrnane n~..~ (D1.2 Pld~e (ld:~-JJ)! (j1" llpt . have -to be powerfu] imlee:d tn .' Ilte.5" Will +Ui SlT I. cost OIl <I SImilar tradftional structnre.the more the party rellnqu.e golE!ms fur Llin~ lai ['s def~. for h i1'l~ t ooLbe'.& ~.i1d:rUlcQl' 'iilu.~ cl'js~~ him~ill troJ:i'1 I:\il~lt iJ. ff'. ~d~t~~U(.Q ~. ~JTm&t uJ ~wrufilr 1'l'1mOr +1.~lJAlNTHBUD Alain .{ you r cosr. or with the locals.HoW"evel'. M"iikethe. tJam kmows that tbeQ'l. ~n a.

a I options" ones make for an effective defense. Ifnot. fill their 00.cy spells Imked wnhtelepon are the qUkk-n-easy solution. I:. NPC "heroes can utilize the same passages.No:rm.J:I~fl-ihy-(:asp basis.mag~ca:lescape vehide ready to The patty could go rhe classical tlu!m ~l.~J lO~O.pment. mon:al'ih. lackeys. Invarlatbly mere is one yeoo'Y . can ti saw time. Emrironment .mm~d !. T here ere myriad ways for th~ PGs. to' make a good. etc. However. IntE'!'spel'sing SI few 'Pi ts and "prngr .a. dining rooms.u1tiliier U xl.J'e @:IljeeUem mols wich wMch to Piotel.S 1r .s befitting . SUl~ly l1ie res LH.anL ~nlJllgh to save.). theiresc~pe.e!of .\l. Wha't.1: general rOOITlN (bedrooms.m om.@rI a:r~r. but an abundance of roi'n and wish to fl.es 1118 of f1~hy real dangersas well as imaginary Illusions can keep the lenemy olf guard.[J ii:ilh~l' spendlong hou~'lii'browsing th:rough or creating H-srs and prices fo? every piece of art.ctJer that wants all enure ruum l].iJh.h seC'r~~ nmnels. T'he-y.their trusted cutwitb solid gold .ct a .1Hua.l~sand any loyal minions they deem uopurl. moantains) 1 l'nhosplMble (d@s. cHmote) Harsh (sw:!!J11p! deep fCI].!~specialty~mODlJi.!ii.furnishings and cut gem series You 1<now don"l you'? quarters.t whisk.g Low (cheap 'tXt'ond~'~l'se l~e~ol'adon) '2igp 1oon . them to safe!'!'. fumitUlIs.25 ·xl. E~'tabllsh Escape Rouws The fjn~ piece in the conatructicn puzzle is erea ting avenu as' of escape. in weir aCC!E!S- how to clearl Wl th Pt.de volcano.mtru. The .eve:I' e:m:Ul11:3ge til the method. or you can follow the simple guiddim~s in the Lair fw:nishmg Cost Table.:s bke tlm.~chJ the Tour pes can. multiple routes for rI1e:mge. 'to gain access to.ltnd equi.MODIfiERS LAIR CONSTRUCTION Hopefully the party put plans. il ruastermind way and co.5 TABI:l! *AverBJ'e oo-st per room Quality ef fUl"rusbin. precious metal seeesseries) gp '.1£ they doo't. ~ d&0'lI'il~J!dl~ few biah"t.y.oO gp 2SCI Adequate (nile wood. FOl'LUna~l'y J CUI' yUIl.) not labs..~e'lil&ive . known on1y ro tham and .und/oT udggering :1ruIgW!C' adequately fulfill 'the: cbllrgi.ILlnn:Livtl art. smallamrmnt of PJi~dnus mpt~l 1lccessori~s) Fin-e (!. they may lose. -xl. it lew wdl phu:ed Ji:::ipel magic spells shut that strategy down in au instant. Huw~veT.al (tempexa te.~rsjU5.1i!St.uaJ. Illusions can reimforee: even 'the most mintmal of dp.:t.~aJyamassed ennugh Inm to.'Y.£ items. This cov.. YQ~ as The OM C~. 170r high-]evel clrtanu:::te:rs.ll[he-ir lmr wiihfine'rie.PC~ need 'to estiil: blish. Surprise II COST .contingen. . the newlycl'eaj'~ed sancl.Ued Teleportatlon modUles '9tm~fm:ta:l OWi!ess LAHI 'URNISH1NGS COST.'ip~ :dnng wh:hbufich.pcs sh-ould be handled on a r.S 3:2 Uninhabitable Modification:s (il. masterpieces of art."wod. the lair.Vt!'i. but will be less precise lndividulil £anci. perhaps they only have small persenal cashes 0.Qaliotylm:t PWl:l~!i Exquis!te (A'l1tHiue fumtture.. l'TIi!p~!lrl'Pr 8: vl?l'. go the cenvennnnal eoute and e~tab1is. Using these :~mgg. aad Inhabitants. "FUrnishiup... vaults and other .fem:i=!$.k) Cost m. Ii. for lackey's hu:r design.1s1. underwater) xS Costmlddplier Qltan~u)eteDit:ri.

oe.:f +-e:_ Will T.eely. Staying un:notieedls the key eo hOU:Slfig ~out base of "'f'e:lC'a.sai:n mow].at.oi heroes tends to make .i1 lion.g af th .w.D~ la...'ta:~ln.r? b~tt~!' :rlacj~to stirthe kli!ttle 'maJ.when .for: du~ .s aloe! 16 c.5 c. but tws rcl~rl'm his 'ViIlSt b:oa1<d of pld • . H@:d:ily '~€~!':te'l: T1)im. ti. Into uwnership olbuilding.tien of the lair. need ta~e MM thi~ cabal l'Hde :tm]. 'Yea.. bUL you don't hay!.311' £t.] tb: anti.p:mrakI wi 11defend I.l the lacs. Th.U]I]1.s uf 1. "H~~~ prj<!e in hm lt~p~.ch~df!in!. Rbf:t~n~ .ndS tfjiiellfd fto.ed8je c:fthe location and 'we secrets (Jf lh.RIi1Ml eE. M~~ The optimum facility is in a plaee that has ]U. tl!p~ ~ Impt~v. SiPcl. lE.JM-KAL M l~ mQ~ control OV1:~' tm.k:e a1w<lYs rnec1d!ling in ones a£fain. FHW.Ute . His repu.3~l Ol!~. ('DT'I!('I?r.lring what hl1l k:1'l@U!'i lie 1::ulU'Ift.sj!.dE!l .Jm':Ka.ndir9us 100m. Dun't £orgL\lt about Ifrmr.~~em. begin to bla'ckma.)tdd one put a lai.his sit~tion gjV'e~you losdsef fodder fo·rfu t1.. Dlp]o~!:Jf"'t'3. 'CAl. $Uibe Ma£rnxy' . Wlli:J..t! l~Mn-'~f lh:t: Jnrep- tmps(i.cu:u.· $V Wn rt . rtb .! to malt: thin.1~ hom at lU)1IiI'tp. a. hi!Sr:fPIL1. 'Time and care :i!hould betaken tn erea dng an j n -town lair.n.I: Auman Ww 9~:'tt M (hl~rnfl1!lQ~).c.lll'e :adventu.Id] can. The last thmg on the evil nV~l'lnrd'R mil1d i~1.e:l!' quid!: me sa.!s JUllga. the fCsmast Hbly tr. dty or . Seaedy.tnl[l.Cmft emf'!: {~1':<I~1o:n:~ -+1. SktlUl ~pprM.fr. ~li':l.~PC's lair.[u1is.i.7.:i& ilJS.f:Jr 'as rn lniu:mm linrt un lb. :Knights a:nd.~ a..1~a:meam1.0 .hdL' them nate the interior ol but {OF m case DUCt: loyal mhlkl'l.owerl1ll1 c. He wantlS to leii'Ve now. ~'J H.t~. mill' defense.5. mural md j'I1St is. but sadly.ti5 ~ goodJ. ODe Moi'c:e.l A1so~ 'W.n fnlllU within? Mu~l 8fl1 du~:ring. +1St p sil~d1 ~.a:w.4\C IS.~ll . If the proper preparation is not used.e nne's arts . CmiI. I~. Of CQUFSe.'~ p. ~](!d. AJL NIH.oid ofhuman~ ]'ty.!Ibin Sip.ii \!'~) '!lSVl~l[t9 !TlS .lilber to d.al~-~1. Tht!! PCs C1!. rot 20.. i ]UfUWD Ja.t!!! aIl~ IDQN o1i~~witl'l1 the &ee-dmu a1" ~deb.mlp! A:mst+8..m~~mC'\~e They will have tob e thorough andruthless tomake sure their lair sta:y~a 'well-kept secret..h~]i.[I~er-sthat worked on the PC's s.gi..:rIBS.clu:ary'r group of heroes pene- B01It'racks or is tm- Fd calh:i:l-~ l:tW.will find ~e[ik Amongst 'the. me: dose sto:n. such !!Iti. ~t'lr dunl1~.crn waf ~upy bm.~ myihing ~(~.(5J .~le '01' Ileal El':ltate Wis lrO~ '~ho t2.mlly ~ap~nJ the ."0ught calim~iC31where lie is n~ Vbwma~a s:ki1l .rome crashing clUlough doers. llvall'!l. <tb:.guests..HJ aalim~KaIquetioM kir5. burned out b.chea him !~JW!3~ ('.zl.s and guard-posts.e the l:oI'.e: lWQ \Wi~ 00 ti.and wejiltli .on!S insicl.n do :r~8fm:rrh.u]u±ils L-en.ff.for unwanted .ls.L.blInd wlLh Its acmeQ.tM'.it? n·evu. bn'l'C~ t!/. making life dtfficurt .ne it and ~Em1. ~Q m.a1lrntir.iho.! The umc'n'Nnate fact of cpcra:ting in proximiry .l1'es.dun.al~.&tu 1lUltil tb ~e WAA notbiIl:S else '~olum. incaf(dct~d :his II:I.~t' There areseveral steps to establishing a [wr wi thin the confines of a.t\:!.. 1'.'kilIti~AJeh~1 'lAnCeJia(ntJq:n~~.6i SIX 10".havl:: ample nooks end crannies to praci:ic.djph.? J b1"('lndlng about ~G:m~iSiq~ .-. What do thE PCs. evenn.be mugh. thl!'~at~ning toooy~.d:::iJ.l.. :relatively dev.t~Gtt In the h~fdiftit tor his.PC:s.~iiibjmatfon).h.n. do ahout.uild:ing er cryp ts. ~lCl'hl~. dem~nd.Illil1\g spell PIttIlS .. n:. heroee \VO.:'~:r. Hide 'tt Kl1cw]~d~ (PI'~'ilnil\ +-1.gs easy for them now do you.r«mfM +2)t Atks$~dza{.l! ameunrs ol sp~ce ~. he . whellf else :du. But.amw.ta:tiOclil F:r:ec:~d!ls himl and .mll'l5' ot" his he. M~S biLfi. Cl'dJ~Ql') oicll.owe:rg_aJ'tffilering of peoplesi... !..... lID 9d4-tlS: bp tCl~Luil +'. +".s.~1!inf the.lls.Cl Uar comperrments should be kept away from the m~t~l1i~ area. lw~:. _ (){.there is the unfortunate fact that cutsiders .Qb·nl.erl Initiative.1'i~·9 gone so. SA !i'p~. power 11~:y'eooiiwaed him! D ~.:e wa.. ~ lb. . One ~ m~1j.Uflcg and checkpotnt.d 1.enWI.s ? FinallV.can't.dllnge. he mtined Yri ili Milm3(Steti~ flU ma.llfIDnE?:S of a c. . dB~r +6 I(Id4-k!l.lair di1(PifHile. l'capons'ctime clofSe enou:gh to o. ~!ll of the e.. l~is ~. ~ tmtfil' W$ a ~~ locked lna e.I1m:Jm.y to assasslnare the ofr~Iu:le'f. theIll ·with tm~s m1! mdriste:r. +'J. SMJ. skaw 'hreecmes 'm.it'~ft+r.i]1g large amounts 6f h'~aJsure. whyhava! It1c'key. Th.

A.~~-~· . . they will.!" Tll1oQws5~' I!ye-d tkflparGf. 'Tiny (hamJ.cfiru:u1l1cPOn materiala abuut? U pes }a.h Orlir1. the ~Ogt: 1:S not ss high d~e to the avanab~lity >ofmlate.o.h a.0/ ku .st made: ~i~et!'1llls wartll ft. understanmg.tJedm tlQm... wen.~e thJ~·kiH~.re::li. guiM or make enough show of fo. me ing to do.for? .es:s. per .f:ro:ntthey wlshoo . a nm-dewn seetion of t~.hi!i:..p~@n t any epposirion the PCi'!! have in esta.d to lau-s aJm~dy d!iscussed~. As op. a l"ej. machin.... Ime. . PC~ can do YVQrs fur ehe owner in (l'l{clJalllge for . . is any.'l$·r.licr EiIla1l:. 01':1.'t have powerful frieoos? Another c'p'lion 'ism Wle the facUity without the lmQw]@dge of'me OWne.nt Me. bu.e dty cm~t have too mueh u8..iiIlctiuilli. .ultip.In ..1 s•. g wnsnucnoI'l.ro~low..:@.PCS an 1~v:iL Finally.[ge C:m-e'[fO oHs) ORGANIZATIONS xl: x. It Rlrno.y it nu mght. me gene!lL'al public (111 bay.nto .:~ ~:r ~-: .ere. How is the party IOiinl tesh uttlewa.roust.property.FFO.. '7~lI\idy $~wn O~ tv hishQ~l~d ItRth~r ~fe't!lsrpJn~ {l[ru1 rl!gar.(!al o:f dfi'li~ mu. me ~njo.v .ad A r:cr~tifl.. It Sftmmath $wlo\~e:red 'bno the w"liItJu:~d .he: herll!.is WnfideH(. a great .ld al'I1. Iwe! .e.Lin:g up . front for thefr den of iniqui ty.rke-:rs or their la.yme:nt be in that? Moot :likely. They dO\m't need.Ofl~l!:1rll1is:The. they can ('.S' of Tir. evil overJ ord cann..ot become to overconfident.Qc. ~eCf@i("y nlllf.Duse .t..2~~~-- xI. Most likely in e~the:r situation.e . Blo.-J.ct-. Thi:ii I~ wfif![]' y.][bi:i. ]:ar~'r c. (fH~~ pm jl -'1 lth ~1!v.ryprs.. like ~his OMit. bi<lsed 10111f~~m~ tll~t tJhe smaUet' dl!l~.. Sma]J (vill~) Size ·01rsetdemen't Tbn... .. settlement :lhe lu:uxl~r il wl[Jwd b~ tn r..5 their ]air.l!tion. .k arrnl .e.R ~ ~Tim~O. If an area alnMiu:lly has an.I. Ehhe~rtlu:y Pary' 0 ~t'ribute 'to the.PerMps one person. The. What makes an .~. ~:Al'1dwni"~ w~~ rk~ orh~nl ~ Scml:mOlth liked~hi:f fo'~lf'ng aRdrd~-h~ .s«ul~and srock their lair.e[).las must ~st.tal Ui:5k such alii (his... . }ulIvre tomce 'the lot:3l Qons:t~b:l>libry with 3 lot of eXiP. Et.nJad W3ren. Don~t allow en OVI. The pes have to dedde nn the type of .'Cwty diaGovering a loc!. fi"M ~wh~ t~ 01' ~whQ is: . d:il£i- cult prospect in and of itself.hlng 10 x4- Once a leearien is found! the ). the PCscan.1:J~ Hslli~g their lab:. H..uu ~lltlli .~ rwt:lli!ti as lw". The .! uid.pray. to ~ m:Llin blw.rgattUz-d evil in iii non-evil W'O!Cldis . of To be a. is~m l1Iutstder privy IO rhe piliny~s.lI~sum~~{un. a_dndf~uiiOR RRd sltspicl(llf.~arkr out.mg al('1.iii.~O!l' the:m. As the DM.lfi~al o..ari!on.-.rtray.. A m ur. be: far mOi~wa:ry of so~ on in. fm:t of all tbeyam l(lre5lJlvetltiS'pnlb]~m. One that sl1:U1iS passersby such as uhaW1f@d~ c.a.:lIt ·beS-lle.:dy smooth tJi'a:na..!ilI!U '.clooys in and out of t1Ie~ new lair" lUgg.nt c~'nrin:g up the operation. but.~tion . the pa.1!el~.ffi.!ljdily exph)litable subplot . .Afw 'IllDtl'encllin.rganized crime comes l.w~tUle OW. a smile strer).~piM.liJIw.LlI. Who said the Otwnerean.cl.l haps ~tnl\.~l ·tYJ.tob~ gI:vUlgheroes more re~om VD harass them.~~b~.timl!ID~himg htsheld on we properly.gi(i]])are hus~ne!il!ii li~ an antiques shop.IUD.P(."a yeW .r or 0pemwr..il' a.elines for a 'taimetacbIe felt: in-town. if th. [f myone g:e:ts 8:uiilpicicu:J$. In Drd~r to build in sac. Many forces are at wioikoo bep such bands at bay:.. to t..1 h~W\1.IDe tom. va:dBIl .ill . or course this mll~iI1S1Lhel'P.lvt: ~ wurk 8:'1 JitigtmLly llieJ.tis..J me destrable bmldi'ngs. H~ethe.led him wHh ~.E s'~p~! the :piHl:)' .th ieves' guild challenge: The parry's right romove ~n. udn-dful . ym'l rfpr. Ana'1l:lando.fi.~mo5t. where would.."t..lli!iUID (town) Ul'Ie! (city» H1.. U!!J"" I_ .. the loc"wworud. '1L' ef-'. aU]:'1!I 'r:J!mt t-Jeeps..rce '!:hat the glli]d.f:o!Ji. i'\l'1. 01:' group OWM the .wey mrl!a[endte Own~F ~n[o lI'. in(£! . .rty won"'L Iti.h tlmf" h~ Ir::u~ldutiliIlk.I They WOJ<! lJ . a1~kll $t~pp'd ~i~".m'E:rUc ..::.ple'tle Ii mOfium'm.l1t:hlilrJC:l11ote mal anty of ~·!:ifi'!'Vt!I"'. .g ME! fron'[.o-ro.ul!'~ up..<JI\v2 nni[ ih[Jt1g~rt flf answers to these types of questions.heir Iau.in. intnthe local Thand.!bfn.mume:lr'[erl'itory~" "[he :res 'can handle it inane of two ways.atio~f'i.11 sm~L1villagel.. Make sure me party has diffi. or a le.. .~ed IlCro$S' his :po'Ckmarked fo. m l1S! recoil.iiDr~ and ttapp~J's.. .:}.reEl'.

tn:fiLfUI members.laf'tir F.t~S) Pt~tw'. u·p to the you.. To CDHSU:u'L ~ IDtllol)I"dble villainou:ii cartel.tha't.ec Hlood JB:r.m Levels '81~cl:..e s ror pt@.zatioH pg 1(2).om mailrnom to CEO? Therefore.Aicl1u lOii)}p'l/W'aD'2~lh Bloutl.dde to US!Ea milit8ri~ri(' rank the world Of juS'L the control of Q.gescaie"? Is your organization bent on the destruction of wln:!l. An:her 8th/overall 16th nlQQ~cln:r. the founder was a human whose .l!!nge. TI1!i1 some possi hie objectives fOF your 8l'O'ups:~ beginning mood Archer i~referred to as an hriti(.nizIlJlDJ:lis LlJ th e DM~s Hkln~ the.id. It 'things that give the members drive to de the evil heLps to have . The PCs must find w.11lpt:clS uf 'setting up a ~ampe.llte OM mUSIL observe iii few guidelines. w1tJi1 a r1edd'lE'dily C'n1E~] and Maybe i.otheJ[' Tide (lnitiR. Na:z:iGermany and. we re pal"~of an elven slave trading nperation. reason to want to jetn jhe orgpnization.s) Father 'I~jl:jjo GO['l. Tl1e table below shows a sample organiza tional hj!2'. mpmhpr. They have a.! Bl'll lelD. for example. Look at the structure of such iastitutiens.arI 12th .gible .of l:ih~ most lDlportant role-playlng l.or &.1'Jl. looking for similar views or idleak The: pes need to Let's. cerpcrate one is. detriment of alll who would oppose them. his The most {". Thp.es·tl:I<L~. at the o~zf1'tionyou ore going fOl!'.£ the things you ha ve LiO decide upon when building your Ol"glll!lJ zadon.i..f hieru.s:tig~.Hlical'cf' t}np (lIlvpn These W'e :!lome' 0.Ga..rgalTdza don are the o"er~U them. and In I'!wmmll. only thought was fo r rev..@ne"Tal .s of history and fiction.hii!T you 3S DM dE.dd<er if there m~ no ruJ~s to D'oYo'o. with an evil org. Com.1 template before beginning.tG iilfthE! Sri! j. I low do the PC~ climb the la.e of the' Isr Fletdllu& Initiate of the Path 6th 4th 2nd Niuim1tm Levels. eli.kJJlli!lves whenI!vt!'Cpossihle. Blood. secretsneieties are best f6r historical examples.orpnization riil is the faa tl1at its purpose is to fu rtharthe erause of its members to' the.!te of the Path" n. year all Bl'OW. lsI~ '" Only one pcr-5o. that they ara wnnt til do.ign.r are their . It did not metter that hi:i parents with the leveliiio. 1"n onr pXi1mpl@ of 'rhe Decide 011 the Hier. offi r:~.s.Blood Archer lS't/overrul 7th Rmd1i.anizatia'n. or resources. do . Each.nmrn.itle .s~structure is iii m:!li.1lin iliil"!le.. You tillliook to the nlany eras and gt::Hn:s for . IUt! ilJ coterie of rangel'S.e UP' raee c:ompletcly.1"Iteiearch Study notable otgrulizotion. look to 'the Blood Archer.mpirp in rhe Star Wan ma.'t Minimg.at a time . dty? These are the structure or a..ule'fs Df du~ same group.f'~ is Hu L~.the cxa:ct ranks 01' just make up your own terms. the. frnm priv. . next task is the blllellucracy. Aft.ihy in your brotfie1"hood.n mny hold ibis t.e.:: r the design uf the Ufg~. bu L if th!.11y e:T'J. The 'lowest ranks mould come off sounding less the me'll vating f'ollCe behind its people. tbe goals of t}u~ o. wealth.BJlcby Blood Archers.ith!ovu. 'What giv.o? FOl!'mt:ng the bylaws or rode ofthe group is one .m:s 'Viote on _ny rnlnf.pectitre.nn !l~nd e3sie. why bother to s~:g:n secren ve bent The'oorms for l'an~5 sho'uld reflect 'up_ After au' .Arc1ters are to .ays to 'take the existing rules and he1fld them tel their PJ'lch:.s.abm'~y 'to operate on a lar. Heee are menacing U.mPRESENT A M1SSION OR OVERALL GOAL powe.k out prm.de (BM'ther.a tesm hold 1thl~.Is an evj]cha:!:'~cter8oi ng to work Ius way up perents were attacked and killed by elvan rangers. taty 'one.~.UlYothers.l'Jetchmg InUiate of [he 2 nd Pletching Iuitio.u Lh.1tfl tn g.vi es is one: of m:1. Said groups seE.rarchy hum ~T] e Blood i Arcbers" (sa example' orRG.

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