Bryant 1 Whitney A.

Bryant Caruso ENGL 1101 31 October 2011 Genre Defense My original text was George Washington’s farewell address, addressed in 1796. George Washington was the first president of the United States of America, and this speech was prepared to be given prior to him stepping down as president. I am very passionate about this speech because, it is advice given from a wise man who basically predicted the future. Everything that he warned the US of has happened today. The only problem with this great speech is that no one listened. And this is the purpose of my Genre-re-creation project. I’m using a parody to deliver the speech again to the US, to remind them of the things that Washington said, hoping that it will create an impact or a great change in current issues of the world. The speech is going to be shown through a Microsoft Powerpoint, just so pictures can be added to make it more realistic. My idea of a speech by Optimus Prime, is like an add-on scene to the first movie. I used transformers, because it is a very popular set of movies, and there is a very broad range of audience watching.

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