Anti-Corruption in Washington, D.C. Pledge
As a candidate for federal office, I hereby declare to my constituents and the American People that I will work diligently to eliminate corruption and the appearance of corruption in Washington, D.C., that specifically: 1. I will not accept any campaign contribution from a registered lobbyist; 2. I will support legislation to limit PAC contributions to the same amount as the limit on individual campaign contributions, and I will not accept any donation in excess of the limit on individual contributions; 3. I will not coordinate in any way with so called “SuperPAC’s,” as required by the Citizens United case, and I will support legislation imposing criminal penalties for violations of the law; 4. I will not establish, nor accept money from, any source that does not fully disclose its donors, and I will disclose every donor to my campaign(s); and, 5. I will report donations to my campaign to the American people within 48 hours of their receipt.

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Please return to Buddy Roemer for President, 66 Hanover St., Suite 200, Manchester, NH 03101

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