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By Tonya Kay and Joanna Steven

Foreword by Joanna Steven This new eBook is both a continuation of the first one, and a completely new concept. While the first eBook focused on the reasons why the raw diet is perfectly healthy and aimed to put an end to the various misconceptions such as “you can't get enough protein on a raw vegan diet”, this follow-up shows that not only is a raw diet healthy, it is one of the healthiest diets available. The studies referred to are from recognized medical schools and institutions. Those who believe in the benefit of a raw vegan diet already know these statements to be true since they have experienced the results firsthand. However, newcomers as well as skeptics will not be satisfied with simple anecdotal evidence. This is where the studies come in. Many people believe that as long as we satisfy our body's requirements for protein, calcium, iron, etc., we should be healthy. However fulfilling our nutritional needs is only the tip of the iceberg. Not only should we get all the building blocks required for great health, we should also get them from high quality sources. Let's take protein for example. Everyone knows we can satisfy our need for protein by eating red meat. However, is red meat a high quality source of protein? It certainly has all the necessary amino acids yet it is more difficult to digest, is a poor source of other important nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids and is entirely devoid of fiber. It also has a negative impact on the environment, and is increasingly full of antibiotics and hormones.

Comparing one serving of 70% lean beef with 4 tablespoons of raw hemp seeds, we can see that both provide the same amount of protein (22 g). However beef supplies 31% saturated fat versus 6% for hemp seeds, 25% of cholesterol, while hemp is cholesterol free, 12% of iron versus 40% in hemp seeds, and only 15.3 mg of Omega 3 and 342 mg of Omega 6 fatty acids while only 4 tablespoons of hemp seeds provide 4000 mg of Omega 3 and 12,400 mg of Omega 6 fatty acids (all percentages are based on the FDA's required daily values). The raw vegan diet aims to find ingredients that aren't detrimental to the environment while satisfying several nutritional needs at once. It is true that some raw foodists enjoy meals that take a long time to prepare, however such recipes are not part of this book nor were they part of the previous one. In addition, since most ingredients are very nutritious, a lower amount of calories needs to be consumed in order to reach the FDA requirement for all vitamins and minerals. While this month is based on Tonya Kay's Spring Athlete’s diet, all the information provided can be easily applied to her autumn diet. And finally, since many believe the FDA protein requirement is too low for athletic individuals (some of them eat as much as twice their weight in grams of protein!) this eBook aims to show that not only can sedentary people successfully follow a raw vegan diet, high performance athletes can do the same, without needing supplements.

Closed mindedness limits possibility and is worse for health and the environment than any slice of cheese pizza. I should have crumbled. Two years progressed on the road. "I was vegetarian until I started traveling. either from the weight of those expensive blenders and juicers in my carry-on or from the anemic lethargy a plant-based diet reputably implies. Rather. STOMP. I am a professional dancer." This eBook is not intended to convert the world to a raw vegan lifestyle. And succeeding at it. Dogma lives only in the closed mind. and put an end to the excuses that prevent you from trying something new. I wish to bring possibility back to your life. That would suggest that I think I know what's best for every body and let me tell you straight forward . and my scenario was dramatically different than the athletic world would expect. According to popular opinion. signing autographs in a new time zone weekly. Yet friends and fans. this eBook is intended to free your mind. my energy skyrocketed and my strength increased dynamically. help you find where you had unknowingly harbored some dietary dogma yourself.Foreword by Tonya Kay I went raw at the same time I set out on tour in the most athletically strenuous production I've ever performed in. ." "I just can't give up cheese. I have been vegetarian for 24 years.that's called dogma. I have made my living exclusively from my sport for 15 years. would express their personal challenges alongside after. after expressing their respect." "I work out and I need protein.

it functions naturally. :-) Finally. Both experiments have been effortless and I am anxious. like you. I have since consciously reduced the sodium I was consuming and experimented with a lower fat intake (though you can see. to see what spring brings a mature athlete whose main interest in all things. so you can imagine how the nutritional analysis of autumn. that it's short for carbohydrate and what a carbohydrate does in my body. by no means do I follow a restricted fat diet). we aren't sustainable.. Sustainability is the key. Eating is one of our most natural functions and when we are eating naturally. And I love to dance and eat so much that I intend on doing them my entire life. .. I enjoy eating local and in-season. This eBook will be similar in that it is a 28 day glimpse into my actual diet. plan diets or combine a complete protein. which you will see was in maintenance mode (rather than rehearsal or new skill mode) and that the 28 day glimpse is from an entirely different season of the year. with its apples. is sustainability. I too learned loads from making myself a public guinea pig for the writing of the original analysis. This eBook will be different in that it also logs my athletic activity. kiwi and avocados.I often thank the Whatitis that I became vegetarian before I understood what a carb was. This eBook is a follow up to Joanna Steven and my groundbreaking Raw Nutritional Analysis: Autumn's Diet. pears and avocados could vary dramatically from spring's strawberries. Considering the data from that eBook. When we train to the point of injury or work out really hard only twice a month when we eat too little or purchase superfoods we can't afford. I've grown up quite healthfully as an athlete without ever having to supplement. Avocados . from training to diet.

Let's give gratitude. It should be colorful. This is the beauty of the Earth directly creating our raw vegan bodies.I wish for everyone reading this eBook the freedom I had growing up a young vegetarian athlete not knowing the "rules". sensual. after all. It should be open minded. nourishing and above all. pleasurable. and when we're full. eat because we love to eat. Eating should be effortless. let's get out of the kitchen and live our lives! .

my complexion. handfull parsley (1oz) smoothie of . and I’d rather be a sexy young coconut than empty puffy pasta . As a human in general. 1/2T flower pollen tea of .2 g Fiber 83 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 167% 76% 166% 37% 168% 330% 24% 410% 94% 123% 709 “We are what we eat. but givens.even if it is whole wheat! As an athlete I notice that my body responds almost immediately to the requests I make of it. Red date (9g) 8L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. Recovery time. a delight for this dancer. as they say. 1/2 pint strawberries (5oz). 1T pine nuts (1oz). 3 Bartlett pears (6oz).1 banana (3oz). 4 stalks celery (2oz). is now absolutely radiant.” . has skyrocketed now that I eat raw. which was once a source of turmoil. 1/2t spirulina. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1hr krump dance class (high intensity) 1hr hip hop class (low intensity) 150 crunches 15min stretching Calories 2820 Fat 109 g from saturated 11 g Carbohydrates 434 g Sugars 306 g Sodium 870 mg Protein 84. cardio capacity and flexibility are no longer mysteries. strength building.4 Fuji apples (7oz). 1/2T maca powder. Coordination too.Dong Quai (9g).DAY ONE: Mono 2T macadamia nut butter (1 1/2oz) 1 Hass avocado (6oz) 2 flax crackers (4oz) 15 Zahidi dates Fresh Rolls 1 C green cabbage (3oz) sprig basil sprig parsley 5 strips seitan (5oz) 4 sheets rice paper Sauce 1T olive oil 1t agave 1t soy sauce 1t peanuts Beverages 16oz kombucha juice of .

25g cashews. 2T agave. 1t spirulina 16oz kombucha tea of . solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1 hr hip hop dance class (med intensity) 1 hr hip hop dance class (low intensity) 50 crunches 50 calf raises 40 tubing pull downs 40 tubing reverse flies 15min stretching Calories 3417 Fat 275 g from saturated 110 g Carbohydrates 202 g Sugars 81 g Sodium 338 mg Protein 96 g Fiber 86 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 425% 551% 66% 17% 192% 346% 19% 818% 86% 128% 590 . Red date (9g) 4L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.approx 150g dried coconut. 25g macadamia nuts.Dong Quai (9g).DAY TWO: Mono 1/2C peanuts (5oz) 1 flax cracker (2T flax seeds) 2 Fuerte avocados (6oz) 2T walnut butter Buttery Cauliflower 1 head cauliflower (1pound 9oz) 2T nutritional yeast 1T olive oil 2T sesame seeds Prepackaged Raw Foods 2C granola .7 oranges (10oz). 1C home-brewed honey kombucha (7oz). 1T cacao nibs 2g lemon zest Beverages Green Mimosa . 5g pineapple.

and include arrhythmia (irregular heart rate) and muscle weaknesses. For this reason. Overdose symptoms almost mirror deficiency symptoms. It is mainly present in a soluble and is lost through blanching and boiling.1 medium banana (118 g): 8% Herbs and Spices: .1 avocado (200g): 15% . it is always safer and healthier to obtain the FDA requirement directly from leafy greens and nuts.1 cup swiss chard (and most greens such as beet greens. but they have been observed when magnesium is taken as a supplement.1 cup raw beets (136 g): 8% . As the central part of chlorophyll molecules. Magnesium overdoses from whole food sources are rare. 28 g): 4% .1 tablespoon whole cumin seeds (6g): 5% . 1 cup of leafy greens will satisfy 7% of the recommended daily amount (RDA).1 cup raw green peas (145 g): 12% . muscle spasms and anxiety.1 tablespoon sesame seeds (9g): 8% Fruits/Vegetables/Legumes: . While 1 cup of raw kale will provide around 7% of our daily requirement. Magnesium can easily be found in many raw food sources. Deficiencies can cause irregular heart rate. 1 cup of boiled kale (a quantity requiring a much higher amount of raw kale) will only provide 5%.1 tablespoon flaxseeds whole (10 g): 10% .1 tablespoon pumpkin and squash seeds (10 g): 12% .almonds (10 g) 10% .14 leaves fresh basil (1 oz. Nuts: .1 tablespoon dry cocoa powder (5 g): 7% .1 cup sprouted lentils (77g): 7% .2 tablespoons ground sage (4g): 4% Miscellaneous: .1/4 cup kelp: 6% . parsley and kale): 7% .2 Brazil nuts (10 g): 10% .Magnesium The mineral magnesium is important for the health of our skeletal and nervous systems and is crucial for proper cell interaction. magnesium is found in all leafy greens and in general.

1C home-fermented honey kombucha (7oz). Red date (9g) 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.1 1/2C corn. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 with 130mg Calcium Activity 1hr biking (med intensity) 15min freeform dance (low intensity) 40 tubing pull downs 40 thereband reverse flies 20 squats 50 calf raises 15min stretching Calories 3660 Fat 142 g from saturated 27 g Carbohydrates 658 g Sugars 274 g Sodium 250 mg Protein 84 g Fiber 92 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 218% 134% 219% 10% 168% 368% 415% 2498% 164% 125% 640 . 1/4C flax seed.Dong Quai (9g). 1T white onion. 1 red pepper. dash cilantro Beverages Green Mimosa . 1t spirulina White tea tea of .DAY THREE Mono 1C sundried cherries (4oz) 1/2 Reed avocado 20 Brazil nuts (2oz) 2T macadamia nut butter 1/4C alfalfa sprouts 1/2 head green kale (2.5oz) Raw Tapioca Pudding 1/2C chia seeds 1/4 vanilla pod 1T agave 1T coconut powder dash cinnamon powder Prepackaged Raw Foods Corn Chips . 1T lemon juice.8 oranges (10oz).

struggled or even groaned. Hold Stretches 30 Seconds Thrice Through (if you need rules) . but only ten minutes a day to maintain it. singer-style breathing and auto-suggesting “relax. is my personal area of expertise. Here are a few practices I have found mandatory in acquiring and maintaining long. Isotonic Strengthening is more a mental exercise than anything. so that we never have that predecessor to oh-so-many dancer injuries: flexibility without the strength to support it. Isotonic Strengthening – Use the muscle at the height of the stretch. For classes in such things. paying specific attention to stimulating the muscles' insertion points by focusing on intentional repetitive motions in the joints. and the kind that can wrap their legs Cirque du Soliel style around their ears. if you are a person who still watches the boob tube). hold the stretch at least 30 seconds per rep to increase flexibility. Stretch After . length-gaining stretching. since I am of the latter athletic proclivity.Before exertion. straight up in the air (like the letter L). find a Bikram Yoga studio. gravity will have your toes on the floor. And as an added bonus for all those professional dancers and aspiring bedroom acrobats: How to Get Russian (Center) Splits Without Any Effort – Lie on your back with your legs 90 degrees. Scoot your bottom up against a nice. get the blood pumping. And let me tell you: reading a book while in the Russian splits at the gym is the most effective passive pick-up line ever invented. but remain lithe no matter how many burning reps they pursue. Do this for two minutes/day (that’s one commercial break. without ever having pushed. Flexibility. Breath and Sweet Talk – Deep. Only after aerobic activity is the muscle warm enough for safe.Flexibility of a Dancer It seems in my experience as a professional dancer that there are two types of athletic people: the kind that build mass by simply imagining a bench press yet struggle to touch their toes. but if that just isn't your knack. and Be Consistent . relax” while in your stretch really works.I prefer paying attention and listening as the body communicates its needs.It takes ten days to lose flexibility. clear wall and let your legs fall open. . flexible muscles: Warm Up Before a Workout. This does mean microscopic flexing and releasing of the lengthened muscle. In three months. This does not mean bouncing.

1/4C flax seed.DAY FOUR Mono 1 1/2p blueberries 1 1/2C pistachios 3 Medjool dates (2oz) 25 chlorella tablets (7g) 1oz E3Live Jicama Salad 1C green leaf lettuce 1/4C jicama 1/4C carrots Dressing 1T olive oil 1T lemon juice 1t mustard seed powder 1/2T honey Raw Tapioca Pudding 1/2C chia seeds 1/4 vanilla bean 1T agave 1T coconut powder dash cinnamon Prepackaged Raw Foods Corn Chips . 1 red pepper. 1t spirulina 6oz organic 2006 Alma Rosa Pinot Blanc wine 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.1 1/2C corn. 1T lemon juice. dash cilantro Cooked: 1/2 potato Beverages Green Mimosa .5% 173% 8% 198% 429% 285% 662% 117% 174% NA . solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Calories 3874 Fat 167 g from saturated 27 g Carbohydrates 521 g Sugars 181 g Sodium 191 mg Protein 99 g Fiber 109 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 256. 1T white onion.5% 132. * 1C home-fermented honey kombucha (7oz).8 oranges (10oz).

Not because of the anti-inflammatories and painkillers you put in it. but in spite of those things. since our movements are not only 100% physical. holding the leg and falling into the splits (go figure. but imbued with 200% percent emotion.Injury as Mentor Never have I learned more about my body and how it works than from injury. how I learned. My most exciting and educational injuries have been tearing each hamstring. with the adrenaline of being on stage and the challenge of no motion being repetitive or even predictable. I have experienced countless injuries as a dancer. Once. . ironically doing the same move: kicking above the head. I have cracked a rib simply by repetitive strain being strapped into a rock climbing harness with shoulder straps and hurling myself off five story scaffolding training with De La Guarda. Wow. The body’s only concern is to maintain its integrity and it knows just how. is the body heals. the scrap metal car rim I was drumming on stage in STOMP became unsecured from the set and all thirty scrap metal pounds of it landed directly on the soft tendon between my patella and femur – that one had me in a wheel chair for three days – not able to dance fully for six whole months. huh?). years apart from each other. The best thing we can do for injury is facilitate the body’s natural process by resting and drinking water. through physical therapy and pain’s twangs. just how the knee tendons and surrounding muscles control those resilient bones! The most important lesson of all these injuries though.

4 Fuji apples (7oz). Red date (9oz) 4L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.5oz) 1 1/2T hemp seed butter 1 Fuji apple (9oz) 1 1/2T macadamia nut butter 1t spirulina Kale Mushroom Salad 1/2 head green kale (2.5oz) 7 white mushrooms (2.DAY FIVE Mono 4 kiwis (18oz) 20 Brazil nuts (2oz) 5 apricot seeds 14 Zahidi dates (1. handful parsley (1oz) tea of .5oz) 11 baby carrots (3oz) 2 seedling avocados (2. 4 stalks celery (2oz). solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Activity 2. 3 Bartlett pears (6oz).Dong Quai (9oz).25hrs hip hop dance class (med intensity) 15min stretching 100 crunches Calories 1629 Fat 95 g from saturated 15 g Carbohydrates 183 g Sugars 110 g Sodium 684 mg Protein 40 g Fiber 38 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 145% 103% 70% 28% 80% 151% 506% 860% 67% 75% 625 .5oz) sprig parsley Dressing 1T hemp seed oil (1/2oz) 1T red barley miso (1/2oz) 1T Meyer lemon juice (1/2oz) dash Himalayan salt Beverages juice of .

such as some vegetarians. Which is of interest because excessive calcium consumption can cause hypercalcemia. One downside of getting calcium from greens is the presence of phytic and oxalic acid which reduces absorption. urinary calcium increases by about 1 mg. “Dietary protein. kale. the calcium requirements would be lower as well.especially in a raw vegan diet. However. For every gram of protein metabolized. and reduced absorption of iron and magnesium.1 cup kale (67g): 9% .Calcium The mineral calcium is essential at the cellular level.5 large figs (320 g): 10% .1 large orange (184 g): 7% Vegetables/Seaweed: . increases urinary calcium excretion. It promotes skeletal system integrity and nervous system health. However some raw vegan diets are lower in protein consumption than the Standard American Diet and in this case. Individuals who consume a low-protein diet. calcium rich foods should be consumed throughout the day. influences the requirement for calcium. The current FDA requirement is about 1000 mg per day. about 6 tablespoons): 5% . it is true. Vitamin D is generally obtained from sunlight in a raw vegan diet. spinach and most other leafy green vegetables.1/2 cup chickpeas (100 g): 10% . the recommended amount of calcium may be as low as 50% of the actual FDA requirement.Lambsquarters (28 g.1/4 cup whole almonds (35g): 9. may require less calcium than omnivores or individuals who consume a higher protein diet. Nuts: . Protein intake.” A healthy raw vegan diet can provide 100% of the FDA's protein requirement.5% .3 tablespoons flax seeds (30 g): 9% Fruits: .1 tablespoon sesame seeds: 9% . while good sources of vitamin K are parsley. from very low to very high intakes. however this is not a definitive number . 1 oz): 9% Legumes: .4 medjool dates (100 g): 6% . reduced kidney function. Finally.Peanuts (100g): 9% . Vitamins D and K also enhance calcium’s absorption. therefore.1 oz kelp (28 g. according to the Harvard School of Public Health. According to the National Dairy Council. a healthy calcium intake coupled with exercise prevents deficiencies. Excessive calcium consumption reduces its own absorption therefor. chard.

Using your muscles is the only thing that builds your muscles. handful cilantro. 1T onion. but if you are still sitting on the couch in front of that television.1 tomato. ” . Period. not only are you missing out on a fabulous sunset hike outdoors. dash table salt Beverages 32oz kombucha 4L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.DAY SIX Mono 1 Fuji apple (4oz) 7 Medjool dates (4. the only thing that builds muscle is exercise. but you will still pack on the pounds and not buff up at all. I do not worry about protein at all.5oz) 2 flax crackers (4oz) Kale Kelp Salad 1 1/2C green kale (2oz) 1/2C kelp noodles 1/2 Reed avocado (3oz) 1/8C goji berries 1T lemon juice dash Himalayan salt Romaine Jicama Salad 1/2 head Romaine lettuce 1/4 jicama 1/2C carrots 1/2 Hass avocado (3oz) 1T lemon juice dash Himalayan salt Cooked 4T salsa . After all. You can eat all the grams of protein you like. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Activity 1 1/2hr whip rehearsal (upper body training) 1 1/2hr Bikram yoga (high intensity) 50 crunches Calories 1491 Fat 64 g from saturated 7 g Carbohydrates 216 g Sugars 124 g Sodium 270 mg Protein 34 g Fiber 63 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 99% 33% 74% 13% 68% 253% 780% 321% 68% 79% 1200 “As a living foodist.

approx 1/4C hemp seeds. 1 banana (4oz). 1t flower pollen tea of . xantham gum Beverages smoothie of . solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1/2hr poi spinning (upper body training) 1 1/2hr Bikram yoga (high intensity) 50 crunches Calories 3178 Fat 207 g from saturated 22 g Carbohydrates 230 g Sugars 93 g Sodium 216 g Protein 149 g Fiber 70 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 371% 152% 88% 9% 298% 278% 371% 387% 152% 317% 900 . Red date (18g) 3L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. 1T maca powder.5oz) 1/2C home-sprouted alfalfa (1oz) 1/3C home-germinated peanuts (2oz) 1 Pinkerton avocado (4oz) Dressing 1/2T olive oil dash Himalayan salt Cooked 8 fl oz hemp milk . 1/4C evaporated cane juice. 1t spirulina.Dong Quai (18g). 1/4T vanilla extract.1p strawberries (8oz). 1T pine nuts.DAY SEVEN Mono 25 chlorella tablets (7g) 2 flax crackers (4oz) 1 Medjool date 6 apricot seeds 1T pine nuts 1T sesame seeds Sprout Mushroom Salad 1/2 head Romaine lettuce (8oz) 7 white mushrooms (2.

Not to mention. I have created a dvd. feel so strongly about this art form as a mediation. a dance form.Addicted to Poi I personally became addicted to poi as a dance form at a summer art festival many years ago. Immediately I began practicing the technique of spinning poi and as a professional dancer. A group of grungy. Poi spinning reduces stress and allows the spirit to center.. the mind is lulled into meditative trance . A meditation. an exercise. forearms and upper back and develop the solid core strength require in all sports.com).the ideal meditation for the physically active. free-spirits pulled me aside into their private circle and left my jaw agape as I beheld the dangerous and sensual circles of fire they spun in intricate patterns around their muscular bodies. the act of spinning weighted circles around oneself also creates a space in which. And it does wonders for your mojo at bon fires. an exercise and exotic dance style. while the body is fully engaged. to offer it properly to others (http://kayosmarket. . How To Spin Poi With Tonya Kay.. Originating in New Zealand where the Maori tribe warriors spun rocks tied to rope for training before battle. poi spinning is a safe way to define your shoulders. pool parties and other outdoor fiascos.

solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1 1/2hrs Bikram yoga (high intensity) 80 lunges 80 tubing pull downs 80 tubing reverse flies 80 calf raises 150 crunches Calories 2075 Fat 109 g from saturated 13 g Carbohydrates 217 g Sugars 75 g Sodium 626 mg Protein 58 g Fiber 42 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 167% 90% 83% 21% 116% 167% 98% 305% 56% 71% 750 .approx 1 collard green. 1/2T olive oil.DAY EIGHT Mono 1/2oz E3Live 2C sunflower sprouts 12 Bojita olives 10 apricot kernels Prepackaged Raw Foods Ancient Sun Mayan Spice Wild Bar raw dolmas . 1t MSM powder. 1/4T apple cider vinegar. 1T raisins. 1/2C sprouted wild rice. whole-grain toast Beverages Green Mimosa . 1/2T flower pollen 4L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. 1/2 pint blueberries (5oz).1 banana (3oz). dash sea salt Cooked 3 slices wheat-free. 1t dill. 1/2t spirulina. 1t parsley. 1tmint.7 oranges (10oz). 1C home-brewed honey kombucha (7oz). 1t spirulina smoothie of . 5 Brazil nuts.

“I don't cover up my natural smell with perfumes.” . Every bit of me is pure cherry inspired maple syrup scent. and my body smells like maple syrup. shampoos or deodorants and guess what? When cherries are in season. I eat a bag every day.

dash cilantro Beverages Raw Mimosa .approx 1 1/2C corn.DAY NINE Mono 5 apricot kernels Cashew Raisin Salad 2C mixed greens 1T home-germinated cashews 1/3C raisins 1/3C carrots 2T sunflower seeds Dressing 1T olive oil 1T red barley miso 1t lemon juice Prepackaged Raw Foods Corn Chips . 1T lemon juice.8 oranges (10oz). solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Activity 1 1/2hrs Bikram yoga (high intensity) 1/2 freeform dance (low intensity) 1/2 poi spinning (upper body training) 20 lunges 50 crunches Calories 1846 Fat 62 g from saturated 8 g Carbohydrates 301 g Sugars 73 g Sodium 462 mg Protein 44 g Fiber 39 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 95% 55% 115% 20% 88% 155% 261% 512% 29% 78% 1000 . 1T white onion. 1/4C flax seed. 1C home-fermented honey kombucha (7oz) 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. 1 red pepper.

as with most other minerals and vitamins.1/2 cup parsley: 10% . It is vital at the cellular level.1 cup dandelion greens: 9% .1 tablespoon cinnamon: 4% . Fortunately. especially to deliver oxygen and it aides a strong immune system.1 tablespoon sesame seeds (9 g): 7% .1/4 cup fresh thyme: 8% . A salad made of mixed greens such as parsley and mint. vegetables and nuts.1 cup sprouted lentils: 14% . There are two forms of iron: heme iron is found in animals while nonheme iron is found in beans. the raw vegan should be more concerned with avoiding deficiencies rather than overdoses. While the first one is more easily assimilated by the body. no supplementation is needed when the diet is healthy and balanced.Iron The mineral iron is part of many proteins and enzymes and is the the central atom of hemoglobin.1/2 cup raw green peas: 6% Herbs and Spices: . and sprinkled with a few pumpkin seeds will easily provide 50% of the recommended daily value. Nuts: . and vitamin A (obtained from beta carotene in food).1 cup (134 g) raw asparagus: 16% . rather than being fat or water soluble. and so it is possible to overdose from excessive iron consumption.1 tablespoon pumpkin and squash seeds (10 g): 7% . Because a raw vegan diet provides nonheme iron and is often associated with a more active lifestyle. Iron’s absorption is enhanced by the simultaneous ingestion of vitamin C.1 oz (28 g) cashews: 10% Vegetables/Legumes: . the second is still a very good source of iron and is commonly used in iron fortified foods. Iron is stored in the body.

1t spirulina. 1 banana (4oz). solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Prepackaged Raw Foods Cacao Coffee Maya Bar Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1 1/2hrs Bikram yoga (high intensity) 20 squats 20min Pilates core training Calories 1313 Fat 82 g from saturated 12 g Carbohydrates 177 g Sugars 87 g Sodium 402 mg Protein 42 g Fiber 43 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 125% 83% 68% 17% 84% 171% 532% 860% 93% 79% 750 . 1t MSM powder.1p blueberries (8oz). 1t flower pollen Ginger tea 3L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.DAY TEN Mono 3 kiwi (9oz) 10 Bojita olives 5 apricot kernels Mushroom Avocado Salad 2C Dino kale (6oz) 1 Hass avocado (3oz) 2C white mushrooms (5oz) 3T sesame seeds 1/4C peanuts Dressing 1/2T hemp oil 2T lemon juice 1/2T tumeric dash Himalayan salt Beverages smoothie of .

” DAY ELEVEN Mono 1/2C dried blueberries (1. Throughout the week I'll engage in all of the above: Bikram Yoga. In any given week. poi spinning. We can get bored quite quickly.“Exercise should not be a chore for those of us who are adventure minded.5oz) 2 mangos (14oz) 2oz E3Live 2 durian pods (5oz) 1C baby carrots (3oz) Kale Sprout Salad 1C green kale (2oz) 1/4C sunflower sprouts (1oz) 1/2 Hass avocado (3oz) Dressing 2T lemon dash sea salt Cooked 1/2C roasted almonds Beverages 3L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. weightlifting. balance ball pilates. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Calories 1281 Fat 67 g from saturated 6 g Carbohydrates 234 g Sugars 137 g Sodium 114 mg Protein 27 g Fiber 35 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 104% 29% 77% 5% 54% 145% 510% 440% 37% 41% NA . dance classes. feel as if we are scolding ourselves with exercise. dance club. I try to have an arsenal of preferred exercise methods to help me keep from "choring" my workouts. stilt company rehearsal. bike riding and sometimes hiking or walking as well. craving constant stimulation and change of scenery for change's sake. tubing strength training. Just to keep my mind stimulated. rebel against the routine at any cost.

To performing artists it is obvious. If you find yourself bored or ineffective in your training when just last week you were flying high. If you want to get more from your training I tell you: try screaming at the top of your lungs for a mile. is the basis of our claim to the title athlete. then take it from an artist and try this simple exercise. They set the same alarm. Emotional exertion ups the anti of any physical activity: 15 minutes on stage equals an hour on the Elliptical. And it baffles me why athletes of the "non-artist" variety. Your conditioning will improve. Three hours at the dance studio flies by without note. perhaps almost panicked when their tried and true methods one day give way. your stress level will plummet.I have known nothing different. lungs ripping open. exposing more. If you would like to shape up the way you feel and perform at your peek. pausing only to refill water. it is then that we realize the true exertion of self-expression and no matter what the sport.Serious About Play I have been known to outlive the big boys at the gym. I've had my splits since I was seven. It's been an athletic life . . my body is my obsession. can claim the title artist as well. this influential factor in training. blend the same shake. There is even a backstage term for it's lack: we call it "phoning in" when a cast mate can't get it up. scale the same weight. Try sobbing while swimming your laps. danced professionally since fifteen . the emotions. Giving 110% physically. I can almost guarantee you have neglected a major muscle group. muscles aflame. look so concerned. like making a long distance collect call from stage to audience. but max out three reps early and log ten seconds slow. leaping landing sweating stretching. my passion. those elusive butterflies. and like you. But when we give 110% emotionally.mom swears I was doing situps in the womb. lost in an iPod and meticulous technique. and you'll be a more honest human being simply by exercising your emotions. going deeper. tie the same sneakers. Try cracking up the other players on the court for two minutes.

. While the body responds amazingly well to consistency.just so long as that is not what they did the day before. some of the shier athletes can stick to drinking tea instead of their usual H2O . Silly is not bored and silly is definitely not depressed. This may seem like a fated contradiction.the emotions love to play.the one you made up just now. By doing the above exercise. yet emotions become stimulated and surprised.Simply continue doing everything according your routine. emotions prefer adventure and play. Of course.making people stare is great. goof off more . Answer the cell phone in a strange voice. try standing on one foot while you polish the pearls. If you always brush your teeth. but resolve to do it entirely differently than the day before. athletic artist. but if you can make them actually laugh when they see you coming. You may feel silly doing these things at first. the consistency of your training is not sacrificed in the least. do a spin every door you walk through. Of course. find a tiny little bottle of bubbles and blow them away while you hike. artistic athlete. you will never be stuck again. so keep it up and as soon as your physical training regime starts feeling mundane. getting them to shake their heads is better. the further you take this. but that is exactly how you know you are successful. take a new route . the larger the return . we are all striving to perform like the stars. It is time to stop "phoning in" on life. If you must go to the office. but it is not. Whether artist or athlete.

xantham gum Beverages 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 20min dance audition (low intensity) 1/2hr freeform dance (low intensity) 50 tubing upright rows 50 tubing bicep curls 50 lunges 50 calf raises 150 crunches Calories 1263 Fat 57 g from saturated 7 g Carbohydrates 175 g Sugars 98 g Sodium 1267 mg Protein 28 g Fiber 28 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 88% 36% 58% 53% 56% 113% 344% 211% 42% 72% 250 . 1/4T vanilla extract. 1/4C evoporated cane jice.approx 1/4C hemp seeds.DAY TWELVE Mono 1 banana (4oz) 2C sweet cherries Spinach Cabbage Salad 2C spinach 1C cabbage 1/2C hearts of palm 2T sunflower seeds Dressing 2T yellow barley miso 1T olive oil 1/2T white vinegar dash black pepper dash sea salt Three Sprout Salad 2C mixed greens 1/4C mung bean sprouts 1/2C alfalfa sprouts 1/4C sunflower sprouts 1/2 Hass avocado 1/4C carrots Dressing 1T canola oil 1T white vinegar 1T cane sugar 1t basil 1t thyme dash pepper dash sea salt Cooked 1/2C brown rice 8fl oz hemp milk .

I get a charge out of steeping my tea using the sun instead of the kettle. It takes a bit longer. cold running blood. But especially when it is cold out. Some don't. I feel the hot drink really makes a difference in my clean.” DAY THIRTEEN Mono 3oz noni juice 2t spirulina 6 Medjool dates 3 apricot kernels Broccoli Tomato Salad 2C mixed greens 1C broccoli 1/2C cherry tomatoes 1T sunflower seeds Dressing 1T yellow barley miso 1T olive oil 1t lemon juice dash Himalayan salt Buckwheatie Ball Snack 2T buckwheaties 1T Artisana coconut oil 1/2T agave 1t spirulina dash cinnamon 1/2t lemon dash Himalayan salt Beverages 16oz home-fermented honey kombucha 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Activity 2hrs club dancing (low intensity) 40 lunges 200 crunches Calories 919 Fat 33 g from saturated 12 g Carbohydrates 156 g Sugars 112 g Sodium 737 mg Protein 13 g Fiber 22 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 50% 83% 51% 31% 26% 87% 138% 197% 24% 39% 450 . quick. In the summer though. but is well worth it.“I'm a raw vegan who chooses to drink herbal teas. drinking tea warmed by the sun holds a pound of energy and ton of delight. And for some (obvious?) reason.

Also. excessive intakes can be as detrimental as deficiencies. Nuts: .1 cup collard greens (and most other greens) (36g) : 15% . Cooking reduces the amount of folate found in vegetable sources. folate will mask the symptoms of B12 deficiency (but not correct them) and so it is necessary to ensure that an adequate amount of vitamin B12 is being consumed. Just like many other vitamins. In both cases.1 medium ear sweet yellow corn (90g): 10% .1 cup sprouted raw lentils (77g): 19% .1/2 cup walnuts (59g): 14% Vegetables/Seaweed: .Folate Folate is a kind of soluble B vitamin that aides the production of new cells. whole (68g): 19% . taken at high doses. nervous disorders can develop such as depression and insomnia.1/2 cup macadamia nuts. cardiovascular diseases and nervous system degeneration.1 cup raw beets (136g): 37% .1 large orange (184g): 14% . and eating them raw is again the best option.1/2 cup sunflower seeds (23g): 13% .1/4 cup spirulina (28g): 8% .1 large tomato (182 g): 7% Sprouts: . which makes it crucial in periods of increased cell development such as pregnancy.1 cup raw green peas (145 g): 24% Fruits: . Folate also plays a important role in the prevention of cancer.1 avocado (200g): 41% . when deficiencies can lead to severe birth defects. anemia.1 medium banana (118g): 6% .

if we want our machines to run at tip top performance. This is not a discount body! This is the only body I get this time through and I can think of nothing worth more of my time. The rewards are stunning.5oz) 1 Fuerte avocado (5oz) 2 chunks mature Mexican coconut meat (2oz) Cabbage Baby Carrot Salad 2C spinach (3oz) 1C cabbage (3oz) 1/4C baby carrots (2oz) Dressing 1T white miso 1/4C shallots 1T olive oil dash sea salt Cooked 3/4C roasted almonds 1/4C roasted cashews Beverages 32oz kombucha 3L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. ” . money and love. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 2hrs freestyle dancing on commercial shoot (low intensity) 1hr walk (low intensity) 20 lunges Calories 1783 Fat 134 g from saturated 30 g Carbohydrates 92 g Sugars 44 g Sodium 801 mg Protein 41 g Fiber 41 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 206% 152% 31% 36% 82% 16% 285% 278% 61% 74% 650 “It just makes sense . we can not go on giving them cheap fuel. effort.DAY FOURTEEN Mono 1C strawberries (5.

7 oranges (10oz). solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 2hr mountain hike (med intensity) 1/2hr poi spinning (upper body training) 15min whip cracktice (upper body training) 150 crunches 40 adductor lifts 30 squats Calories 481 Fat 2 g from saturated 0 g Carbohydrates 106 g Sugars 71 g Sodium 178 mg Protein 11 g Fiber 11 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 4% 35% 8% 22% 44% 763% 809% 46% 33% 950 .DAY FIFTEEN Mono 1oz noni juice 1oz home grown wheat grass juice 1 oz E3Live 1/2 pineapple (10 oz) Kale Carrot Salad 2C Dino kale (6oz) 1C baby carrots (3oz) 1T raisins Dressing 1/2T olive oil 1T lemon juice dash Himalayan salt Beverages Green Mimosa . 1C home-brewed honey kombucha (7oz). 1t spirulina 4L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.

I fluctuate only five pounds either way around my average weight. A dancer’s edge. gigs. Consuming in-season. make it look easy. I train an average of 10-25 hours a week. physical therapy. have a reliable energy source. rather. and bare her soul wide open while doing it.” . organic. organic raw vegan foods. raw vegan foods has been nothing short of miraculous in my life . sleep consistently and wake rested. dance classes. core training. hiking and dancing like at the club. I am light inside. long muscle effortlessly. Bikram yoga. flexibility and coordination at all times.as an athlete as well as a human being. build lean. My activities include company rehearsals. recover quickly from stress and injury. Eating in-season. allowing her to master any motion the physical form might do. my sport is not competitive (with anyone but myself) nor does it involve a routine set of perfectible motions. local. local. of course! Unlike many other athletes. and radiate a glow visible from the stage to the second balcony. depending on if I am in rehearsals or just maintaining. lies in her ability to maintain an expert level of strength.“As a professional dancer.

1/2T MSM 1/2T flower pollen 3L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. 1 thin slice yellow onion.DAY SIXTEEN Mono 1 Fuji apple (9oz) 1/2oz E3Live 1 durian pod Prepared Raw Foods (Dinner at Euphoria Cafe) Shiitake Sandwich . 3/4t tumeric. 1 leaf Romaine lettuce. 1/8C ground mustard. 1/8C olive oil Eggless Salad .1 banana (3oz).1/4C lemon juice. 1/2C cashews. 1/8C celery. 1/2 pint strawberries (5oz). 1/8C lemon juice. 1/4t cinnamon smoothie . 1/4C sunflower seeds. 1/2 large shiitake mushroom. 3/4t sea salt. 1/2t spirulina. 1/8C scallions. 1/8C nama shoyu. 1/4T cumin Beverages Durian Shake .1 yellow onion. 1 garlic clove.1 durian pod. 1/8C nama shoyu.3/4t ground mustard. 1/8C olive oil.1C spinach. 1C kale. 1/8C red pepper Kale Salad Marinated Greens . solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1/2hr hip-hop dance audition (low intensity) 20min rebounder (high intensity) 15min whip cracktice (upper body training) 40 lunges 50 crunches Calories 3791 Fat 222 g from saturated 21 g Carbohydrates 473 g Sugars 58 g Sodium 5496 mg Protein 59 g Fiber 86 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 341% 107% 158% 229% 118% 345% 331% 888% 71% 123% 250 . 1/8C clover sprouts on Onion Bread . 1/4C flax seed. 1/2C macadamia nuts. 1 garlic clove. 1 thick slice tomato.

Sometimes it's what you do in between workouts that matters. crunching shoulders.you know the drill. I take the apartment stairs two at a time to remind the gluts what to do other than sit down. That really helps the whole office posture thing. Every twenty minutes I'm like an alarm clock: I make sure I stand up and focus on something else for ten minutes to relieve eye tension. ” . Between workouts I'm finding myself developing Office Therapy to combat the isms that I used to never have to worry about . I also drink some water. I jump up and down on the trampoline to get the heart pumping. I've noticed.“I am on the computer or sedentary on the phone a whole lot more this year than before. if even for two minutes.like tight wrists. I have a tubing at my "desk" which I use to strengthen my upper back muscles to balance the forward pulling of my pecs and neck. stiff hips .

Dong Quai (18g).DAY SEVENTEEN Mono 2 kiwi (10oz) 10 Bojita olives Guacamole Salad 1C mixed greens 5 seedling avocados (5oz total) 1/2 cucumber (3oz) 1 tomato (2oz) 1/4t sea salt 2 home solar dehydrated flax crackers (6oz) Raw Tapioca Pudding 1/2C chia seeds 1/4 vanilla pod 1T agave 1T coconut powder dash cinnamon powder Carrot Salad 1/2C carrots (3oz) 2C Romaine lettuce 1/8C parsley Dressing 1/8C hemp oil 1/8C Meyer lemon juice 2T red barley miso Beverages tea of . Red date (18g) 16oz kombucha 3L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1.25hrs bike ride (low intensity) 40 lunges 50 crunches Calories 2273 Fat 158 g from saturated 21 g Carbohydrates 191 g Sugars 56 g Sodium 2363 mg Protein 57 g Fiber 104 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 243% 106% 62% 100% 114% 415% 415% 382% 135% 88% 550 .

it doesn’t matter how athletic you are or how raw you are. we will notice that people of every sex. After all. age. I am digesting love. guilt. it is healthy. it is a visual art. It is natural therefore for a dancer to obsess about what he or she looks like. As for dance. if it isn’t bringing you joy.Food and Women’s Body Image Women athletes often suffer eating disorders and intense self-criticism of their body. Our relationship to food should foster a pain-free body. I couldn't be happier with my body or my performance. When we acknowledge that eating disorders are not only anorexia and bulimia. To me. Hopefully we have the self respect and self love to understand that our obsession with bodies should be focused on the motion and strength rather than our dwindling away. though it is easy for the world to see in our case. Should we not be praising them and each other for being blessed with the ability to move? The new forms and trends of dance seem to covet broadening acceptance of body types. I do not count calories or worry about protein. as always has no rules. . or a teaspoon of pasteurized honey in their tea. I would call this an eating disorder. And coincidentally. I find this to be true not just in dancers. None of this is healthy. Modern dance favors the athletic build. income and lifestyle have dysfunctional relationships to food. a different approach is needed. All day we critique ourselves in mirrors. and self-abuse. and tap. I eat when I am hungry and consciously love every bite. I have seen many a dysfunctional relationship to eating among my fellow artists. hiphop loves strong. too. but in women in general. To get a job. I’ve seen raw foodists obsessing over miso in their salad dressing. and yes. No matter what I eat. in this way you see. our bodies are the entire reason we can dance at all. When I digest. we expose our limbs and midrifts in the attempt to portray movement better. For this reason. fat or carbs. resilient and eager to play. voluptuous women. In fact. rather than the stick figure ideals of ballet past. but also the more subtle occurrences of shame.

5oz) 1/4C red onion (.5L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.1 banana (3oz). 1/2T MSM 1/2T flower pollen 3.5oz) Dressing 1/2T hemp seed oil 1T red barley miso 1/2T Meyer lemon juice dash Himalayan salt Papaya Salad 1/2 Reed avocado (3oz) 1/2 papaya (3oz) 1/2C cabbage (1. 1/2t spirulina.5oz) 15 French string beans Dressing 1/2T olive oil 1T white vinegar 1T honey Beverages smoothie of . 1/2 pint strawberries (5oz). solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Calories 934 Fat 30 g from saturated 4 g Carbohydrates 170 g Sugars 110 g Sodium 788 mg Protein 20 g Fiber 31 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 47% 22% 57% 33% 40% 123% 317% 546% 42% 38% NA .DAY EIGHTEEN Mono 1oz noni 1oz home grown wheat grass 1oz E3Live 2C cherries (10oz) 2 yellow peaches (9oz) Kale Mushroom Salad 1/2 head kale (3oz) 6 white mushrooms (2.

is actually dangerous and unhealthy for the female body. For all intensive purposes. is that I lost weight. This is irrelevant however if you are dealing with a purely visual sport. I have been a vegetarian athlete since inception and am unable to describe the "changes" my body went through going meatless since a child's body changes so rapidly anyway. equally strong. Perhaps the puffy. frail. I went vegan. but it stopped there. Another point I think important to acknowledge is the socio-sexual perversions we've placed on the human body as a society. like body building and your muscles are being used for looking at instead of efficiency of power. There is a reason it is called "beefed up". makes me more efficient: when a body. at seventeen and was old enough and attentive enough to recognize the changes my body went through related to dropping eggs and milk (and all associated products) from my diet. 5% body fat image representing male sexiness today is just as damaging and unhealthy to perpetuate. I did lose ten pounds within only one month. What is interesting to note. has less mass to move. anorexic female body image perpetuated by the media and our intentional self-abuse to comply. but not strength. which in essence. however. It is widely recognized that the weak. The general male’s obsession with consuming massive amounts of protein to comply with a media-invented body image is just another eating disorder. As soon as the body detoxes what you are not giving it anymore. agro-muscle. and the natural fact that I was a bit more interested in slumber parties than nutrition at eight years old. and the loss of weight and not strength actually puts you one up in competition. the ratio is more power. Most sports are performance based. it stops.Men Gaining Weight on Raw I began dancing at age four and became a vegetarian at age eight. .

fluid.000 calories and 50 grams of protein) . only magnified say. weight bearing exercise. I would eat 5. I would recommend eating concentrated calories from nutritious whole. but only traps water in the muscles making them appear larger. But that will go on as puff. vegan foods include: * avocados (high in protein and 350-400 calories a pop . If I wanted to work out just as much and gain. nutrient rich. Bodies which reflect flexibility. it is our job to redefine what the new image of health and sexuality is. not muscle. High calorie. 100%. selfgentleness. raw foods. 2 mangos. I can consume 3. athleticism are obvious vessels for love making. are they not? Anyway.eat four as guacamole!) * handfuls of figs and dates (the nutrients and calories are packed in these things) * fresh fruit smoothies (3 bananas. receptivity. and if you still want to get larger visually as an athlete. Remember that creatine does not deliver mass gain. without any strength gain. There is only one way to gain strength and that is strenuous. When I am on a training spree athletically. I personally prefer a healthy. With all the above considered. lean athletic frame on men “thin" by society's standards. going raw brings up the same body image issues as mainstream society. 1 Thai coconut and 2 scoops of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder packs 1.000 calories/day with no weight change.000.Perhaps as raw fooders and vegans.

DAY NINETEEN Mono 1oz noni juice 1oz E3Live 2 1/2C cherries (11oz) 1 Hass avocado (3oz) 5 macadamia nuts Confetti Salsa 1 1/2C corn 1 1/2C red pepper 1/2 Hass avocado 1/4C broccoli sprouts Dressing 1T olive oil 2T lime juice 1/2T cumin 1/2T chili 1/2T agave Smashed Cauliflower Potatoes 2C cauliflower 1/2T olive oil 1/2 garlic clove 1T nutritional yeast 1/4t Himalayan salt Spinach Salad 1C spinach 1C romaine 1C carrots 1/2 Hass avocado (3oz) Dressing 2T home fermented kombucha 1/2T olive oil 1/2T agave Beverages 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 20min rebounder (high intensity) 40min freestyle dance (low intensity) 60 adductor lifts 40 tricep extensions @ 15# 40 tubing bicep curls 30 squats 40 tubing reverse flies 30 calf raises 300 crunches Calories 1205 Fat 60 g from saturated 9 g Carbohydrates 168 g Sugars 86 g Sodium 852 mg Protein 26 g Fiber 39 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 93% 43% 56% 36% 52% 154% 671% 762% 26% 53% 550 dash pepper dash sea salt .

carbohydrates will turn to fat if not used for energy. magnesium (15%). however it is a very good source of amino acids. K (53%). While it is true that one should not ingest too much fat (fresh fruits. it can be beneficial. Rather. and cancer prevention. which offer an excellent ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids for the human body. quite simply because the human body needs fat in order to be healthy. and are a very good source of complete protein. if you give your body the fat it needs exclusively through the conversion of carbohydrates. they are present in relatively low quantities. as well as facilitate the absorption of fatsoluble vitamins. The fact that these ingredients are so prevalent in the Standard American Diet is the reason why the FDA's recommended daily limit of fat may seem so low. potassium (28%). trans fatty acids and other unhealthy sources of fat is unhealthy and even dangerous. while a teaspoon of ground flax will provide 570 mg. reduction of blood pressure. and hemp seeds. folate (41%). beneficial sources of fat by no means should be avoided. an avocado provides almost 50% of our RDA of fat. It is obvious that a diet rich in deep-fried foods.The Benefits of Fat It is nearly impossible to avoid storing fat in the body. C (33%). vitamin E (21%). vegetables and greens should comprise the largest part of the diet).and the list goes on. Extensive studies conducted on olive oil have shown that it is likely to be an important factor in the reduction of LDL (or bad) cholesterol. as they are rich in Omega 6 fatty acids. which are rich in omega 6 and contain 1 _ times the amount of Omega 3 found in salmon oil. 100 g of kale (about 4 ounces) provides 180 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. copper (19%) . as certain sources of fat will provide nutrients impossible to get in other food sources. While it is true that foods such as greens provide some Omega 3 fatty acids. Beneficial sources of fat include avocados. flax seeds. It is important to realize that eating fat is not detrimental to one's health. you may miss out on a lot of benefits that only food-based fat can provide. The fat in avocados also provides 3396 mg of Omega 6 fatty acids and 221 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. For example. Also. For instance. .

5hrs Bikram yoga (high intensity) 20min Pilates ball 80 adductor lifts 30 lunges 40 calf raises 40 tubing pull downs 40 tubing reverse flies 40 tubing bicep curls 40 tricep extensions @ 15# Calories 1615 Fat 78 g from saturated 11 g Carbohydrates 228 g Sugars 135 g Sodium 615 mg Protein 41 g Fiber 46 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 120% 54% 76% 26% 82% 185% 1237% 1106% 40% 102% 850 . solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1.DAY TWENTY Mono 1oz noni 1/2oz E3Live 2 nectarines (6oz) 1 white peach (4oz) 1/2 cantaloupe (1 pound 7oz) 7 apricots (6oz) 1C carrots 1C spinach 2T goji berries 25 chlorella tablets Smashed Cauliflower Potatoes 1C cauliflower 1/4T olive oil 1/4 garlic clove 1T nutritional yeast 1/8t Himalayan salt Confetti Salsa 1 1/2C corn 1 1/2C red pepper 1/2 Hass avocado 1/4C broccoli sprouts Beverages 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.

but I believe not many of us have that career restraint to worry about. be playful with food. Instead. I could be incorrect. And eat because you love food!” .“If you are eating organic. Pay attention to what feels best. raw vegan. then you are likely getting superior nutrition and the only reason in my opinion to worry about food combining is if you have that twiggy photo shoot tomorrow and it is essential that you look like a coat hanger for the clothing designer.

10 goji berries.DAY TWENTY ONE Mono 1 1/4C strawberries (7oz) 1 1/2C cherries (7oz) 25 chlorella tablets Spinach Broccoli Salad 2C spinach 1C broccoli 1/4C peanuts 2T raisins 10 Kalamata olives Dressing 1T white miso 1T olive oil 1T agave dash sea salt Live Granola 1/4C home solar dehydrated buckwheaties 1/4C apricot seeds 2 Medjool dates cinnamon Prepackaged Raw Foods 1/2 white chocolate bar . 1 1/2t honey. 1 Medjool date Beverages 16oz kombucha 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. 3 pistachios.approx 1T cacao butter.5hrs Bikram yoga (high intensity) 1hr pilates (low intensity/core training) 60 squats 40 tubing pull downs 40 tubing reverse flies 50 calf raises Calories 1547 Fat 68 g from saturated 15 g Carbohydrates 224 g Sugars 132 g Sodium 1022 mg Protein 41 g Fiber 30 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 104% 73% 75% 43% 82% 118% 248% 465% 56% 118% 1000 . solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1.

nori. recharged. like kale. recycle or waste of a petroleum plastic bottle has anything to do with clean water or my peak health. the crowd expects more than a stellar athletic performance. they expect you to shine like a star while doing it. degradation. restructured and remineralized. and choose to drink reverse osmosis water. or exhaustion. for certain.” . and when it comes to professional dance. stored exclusively in glass. the water must be waste-free. kiwi. contrary to popular belief. water rich fruits. such as apples. nourish. and hijiki. and "keep things flowing". direct access to muscle’s building blocks by feeding it the most amino acid dense foods on earth: leafy greens. It's a natural high without the side effects. Fruit highs are mandatory just before any performance. romaine. strawberries. water. Other raw vegan foods I find essential to my athletic training are leafy greens. green lettuce. For me to really accept water's energy into my body.they all have profound energy and mood boosting effects. Finally. dulse and wakame sea vegetables. I use water to hydrate. I don't believe requiring the manufacture. cherries AVOCADO! . I consider it a food.“The raw vegan foods I find most beneficial to my athletic training are first and foremost. It is true that the body breaks down hard-to-digest proteins into amino acids. These foods have amazing alkalizing effects which assure the body functions at its natural highest potential without inflammation. And. but why not give it easily to assimilate. muscle is built from amino acids.

2 medjool dates.1 banana (3oz).DAY TWENTY TWO Mono 1oz noni juice 1oz E3Live 1oz home grown wheat grass 4oz rejuvelac 1/2 watermelon (1pound 4oz) 1/2 head Romaine lettuce Smashed Cauliflower Potatoes 1/2C cauliflower 1/8T olive oil 1/8 garlic clove 1/2T nutritional yeast 1/16t Himalayan salt Confetti Salsa 1 1/2C corn 1 1/2C red pepper 1/2 Hass avocado 1/4C broccoli sprouts Prepared Raw Foods cacao brownie . 1/2C strawberries.5oz dates strawberry cheese cake . 1/8T vanilla Beverages smoothie .5hrs jazz dance (low intensity) 200 crunches 30 squats Calories 1783 Fat 79 g from saturated 12 g Carbohydrates 265 g Sugars 138 g Sodium 148 mg Protein 52 g Fiber 54 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 122% 59% 88% 6% 104% 217% 584% 1007% 55% 102% 300 . solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1.2oz cacao powder. 1t spirulina.1oz agave.15oz vanilla. 1/2 pint strawberries (5oz).. . 1/2T MSM 1/2T flower pollen 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. . .1/2C cashews.8oz flax seeds. . 1/2T lemon. 2T almonds.

we all succeed. 1/2T MSM 1/2T flower pollen. We are alive in a living Green House whose temperature. you really do live in a supportive world and you cannot fall. for us to thrive. Our world provides everything in unadulterated form. When one of us feels good. 1/2 pint blueberries (5oz).1 banana (3oz). We are all here holding you up. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Calories 1821 Fat 110 g from saturated 11 g Carbohydrates 191 g Sugars 66 g Sodium 917 mg Protein 54 g Fiber 77 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 170% 57% 64% 38% 108% 307% 647% 140% 102% 131% NA “The Earth is generous to us.” . humidity. and light are perfectly attuned to our optimal growing conditions. 1t spirulina. When you change your mind to that reality. 7 apricot seeds 3.DAY TWENTY THREE Mono 2oz noni juice 1/2T spirulina 1 1/2C blueberries (6oz) 1C baby carrots 2 home solar dehydrated flax crackers (6oz) Seaweed Salad 2C green kale 1C kelp noodles 1/2C arame seaweed 1/2 Hass avocado 1/2C sunflower sprouts 1/2 lemon juice dash salt Cooked 1/2 sweet potato (3oz) Beverages smoothie of .5L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.

1 cup apricots (155 g): 6% .1 cup blueberries (148 g): 36% . Nuts: .1 cup spinach (30 g): 181% .1 oz (28 g) pine nuts: 19% .1 oz (28 g) cashews: 12% . is most often known for its blood clotting abilities. a fat soluble vitamin.1/2 cup (84 g) flax seeds: 4% .Vitamin K Vitamin K.1 avocado (201 g): 53% .1 cup blackberries (144g): 36% . Deficiencies of Vitamin K include easy bruising and intestinal bleeding. It was thought that vitamin K deficiencies were rare. Studies have shown Vitamin K might also maintain bone strength.” The study was summarized in “Vitamin K: Another Reason to Eat Your Greens” on the USDA's website.1 cup (117 g) walnuts: 4% Vegetables/Seaweed: .1/4 cup kelp (20 g): 16% .1 cup kale (67 g): 684% .1 large apple (223 g): 6% .1 cup parsley (60 g): 1230% .1 medium carrots (61 g): 10% Fruits: . but according to the USDA's Agricultural Research Service “Only half the females age 13 and over and less than half of males got the RDA of Vitamin K. This confirms there are very low intakes nationwide.1 oz (28 g) squash seeds: 18% .

ginger (12g).5hrs Bikram yoga (high intensity) 150 situps 60 tubing pull downs 60 tubing reverse flies 20 tubing bicep curls 20 tricep extensions @ 15# 60 calf raises 30 squats Calories 1647 Fat 107 g from saturated 15 g Carbohydrates 151 g Sugars 62 g Sodium 2277 mg Protein 47 g Fiber 41 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 164% 75% 50% 95% 94% 163% 1011% 179% 106% 116% 750 . honey (17g) 8oz kombucha 3L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1.DAY TWENTY FOUR Mono 1/2oz E3Live 2T almond butter 1C baby carrots (5oz) Kelp Noodle Salad 1C kelp noodles (7oz) 1/2C germinated peanuts (2oz) 2C arame seaweed (4oz) 1T olive oil dash Himalayan salt Broccoli Kalamata Salad 2C mixed greens 1C broccoli 2T cooked garbanzo beans 2T peanuts 1/4C Kalamata olives Dressing 1T miso 1T olive oil 1T honey 1/16t sea salt Prepared Raw Foods Ancient Sun Cayenne Bar Beverages ginger tea .

in all of time. Be yourself at your greatest!” . Stop resisting. be replicated. I'm encouraging the world to follow that little voice inside that knows what the next step in their personal evolution is. sit-ups.Exercise and Caloric Expenditure How many calories are burned per hour depends on your metabolism. The following numbers are given for an average individual weighing around 130 lbs. making excuses. if you hold your greatness back. who wants to be a mediocre expression of themselves? You are the only person who will ever be you in all of time. your lean muscle mass. Aerobics (average) Bicycling (light to moderate) Bicycling (vigorous to very vigorous) Push-ups... promising tomorrows and being complacent . you are robbing the world of a unique energy that can never. etc. and the intensity of the exercise. for an hour of activity. The way I see it. I mean. (vigorous) Stretching (light) Dancing (average) Dancing (aerobic) Running (8 mph on average) 350 calories 400 calories 700 calories 480 calories 155 calories 250 calories 420 calories 980 calories “I'm not "instructing" the world to go raw.

defy aging. then I refuse for even one day to delay life's pleasures. the thriving athlete. And it is precisely by getting back to what's real and living in the moment that I effortlessly become the giving performer. 1C strawberries. 1/4T vanilla Cooked 2C steamed kale 1C polenta Beverages 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. 1T lemon. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Activity 1.DAY TWENTY FIVE Mono 1oz noni juice 1oz wheat grass juice 1oz E3Live 1/2 pineapple (10oz) 2 white peaches (6oz) Prepared Raw Foods strawberry cheese cake .5hrs Bikram yoga (high intensity) 100 crunches 30 squats Calories 1922 Fat 84 g from saturated 13 g Carbohydrates 285 g Sugars 151 g Sodium 161 mg Protein 53 g Fiber 38 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 127% 63% 95% 7% 106% 150% 852% 1091% 67% 104% 730 “I eat raw food not to transcend the human experience. 4T almonds.” . or attain some enlightened spiritual state. not to cheat death.1C cashews. If I am blessed enough to live a century. 4 medjool dates. I eat raw food because it brings me joy right now. feeling only one hundred springs. seeing only one hundred autumns. the authentic human being it is natural for me to be.

7oz) Beverages 3L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art.5oz) Mushroom Carrot Salad 2C spinach 1C broccoli 1/4C baby carrots 1/4C white mushrooms 1/8C sunflower seeds 1T peanuts Dressing 1T miso 1/4C shallots 1T olive oil dash sea salt Prepared Raw Foods 2C freeze dried corn (4oz) Mac 'n Cheese patties (1.DAY TWENTY SIX Mono 1C strawberries (5. solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Calories 1064 Fat 51 g from saturated 3 g Carbohydrates 131 g Sugars 60 g Sodium 1030 mg Protein 36 g Fiber 17 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 78% 15% 44% 43% 72% 68% 520% 477% 49% 59% NA .

so it is possible to overdose.1 kiwi.5 apricots (175 g): 8% .Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) There are several types of Vitamin E. However. Studies have shown that Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects against various forms of cancer. other studies have shown that excessive intake of synthetic vitamin E led to the formation of tumors instead of preventing them.1 oz sunflower seeds (28 g): 47% . As with all vitamins. It is difficult to know how Vitamin E deficiencies manifest themselves. Nuts: .1 cup dandelion greens (55 g): 9% .1 cup greens (most varieties): 3% . Vitamin E plays an important role in cell to cell communication. as the symptoms may be caused by other health problems. Studies have shown that diets rich in Vitamin C help metabolize Vitamin E. food based ones are always safest.1/2 cup dried spirulina (56 g): 14% .1 medium red pepper (119 g): 9% Fruits: . about 23): 37% .1 mango (207 g): 12% .1 oz hazelnuts kernels (28 g. all of which are fat soluble.1 avocado (200 g): 21% . The most commonly found type of Vitamin E in food is called alphatocopherol. so it is important that both vitamins are consumed in adequate quantities. about 6): 8% Vegetables/Seaweed: . peeled (91 g): 7% .1 oz Brazil nuts kernels (28 g.1 cup blackberries (144 g): 8% .1 oz almonds (28 g. about 21): 21% .

Mono 1oz E3Live 5C blueberries (22.5oz) 1 1/2C pine nuts (8oz) Kale Kelp Salad 1 head green kale (4oz) 1C kelp noodles (4oz) 1/4C sunflower sprouts (1oz) 1/8C red cabbage (1oz) 1 home solar dehydrated flax cracker (3oz) Dressing 1T olive oil 1T agave 2T lemon juice 1/2T ground mustard dash Himalayan salt Cooked 2C popcorn Topping (Raw) 1T coconut oil, 1T nutritional yeast 1t spirulina Calories 3244 Fat 232 g from saturated 30 g Carbohydrates 281 g Sugars 137 g Sodium 510 mg Protein 75 g Fiber 68 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 358% 149% 94% 21% 150% 271% 361% 436% 90% 160% NA

Beverages smoothie of - 1 banana (3.5oz), 1C blueberries (4.5oz), 1t spirulina, 1t MSM, 1T flower pollen, 7 apricot kernels 2L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art, solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium

No More Obese Teenagers I went raw because ... everything in my life was leading up to that moment and always still is. But really. In retrospect, I went raw more than anything because as I was deciding to come off medications for Manic Depression for the third and in my intentions; final time. I wanted to become healthy. Whatever that meant. I had no idea. The only thing I knew then was what healthy wasn't. I had myself as an example. Raw foods make me feel good. Emotionally/intellectually. I eat raw food not because someday in the future I might not die the same way a burgerchomper might, but because eating raw food makes me feel good right now. And if I knew I only had one year to live, I would still eat raw food every day that year because it gives me that much joy every day right now it's a great way to live. Yet, I'm about to talk to you about something else that makes me feel as good - or better even - than eating raw food. After two years raw a lot of 401-fooders find that they are indeed more energetic, more resilient, have shed pasta puff, are better spiritual magickians and are running consistently at a higher vibration whateverthatmeans. Vibrating totally high like sunshine. The sunshine we eat. So full on sunshine, now what? We got here because we wondered to ourselves, "how good can it get?" and that intrinsic inborn instinct in us does not go away once we're raw. It amplifies. HOW GOOD CAN IT GET?!?

Serotonin is released during exercise. I paid high costs for seven years of toxic medication to "treat" Manic Depression when ... every time I exercised I felt better than the anti-epileptics ever did. I felt that natural seratonin release. If you want to take your health to the next level, an exertive and consistent physical play program is good for your now visible raw muscles. They shape. They work. The communicate with you. An exercise program is good for your Lover. They run clean. They look sexy. They love getting to know your body running clean and looking sexy when you both work out together. Dancing, hiking, roller skating, surfing, building, biking and a rotating combination of all of the above are good for your body, your Lover's body, your father's body and your daughter's body. No more obese teenagers. They learn how by watching YOU before you thought they were old enough to comprehend. Do situps while you talk to your family. Get them used to it. Stretch in the grass at the public park. Show others how. Give people you don't even know permission to do what their bodies, too, are calling for. Isn't your world better when everyone in it stretches and feels good, too? No more bad mood bosses.

Then you don't feel so high school wondering if you "have the right" to use your body in public. You don't need a gym pass for permission, but if that is the trick, then for goodness sake do it. I use my body not because I am trying to prevent some future ailment, or to lose weight (although all of the above are beneficial side effects to exercise as medicine) - I use my body because it literally makes me happy. Right now. And if I knew I had one more year to live, I'd do sits up several times every week until I died because ... it feels god to be in a body that does sit ups. It's as simple as that.

And I can't wait to do it again.if we use our food and our bodies to assist it in what it does naturally. I feel good. Who needs anti-depressant and mood stabilizing "medications" when our brain works perfectly fine . Life makes sense when I play physically. I get higher when I exercise than after a three day wheatgrass cleanse. I get high and then I rest. And I don't have to take my pulse rate or watch the timer or measure anything when I am exercising. My lungs are large and capable and my heart is powerful and responsive and my brain produces skyrocket serotonin. I am high when I exercise.I don't like to work out. Using my body keeps my brain happy. I don't like to hurt and I don't like to force routines upon my flow. I don't like anything with the word work in it in fact. How good can it get? It’s time to go to the next level. And my emotions flowing. Because it IS the moment in my day that time ceases and I feel all my rhythms coming together. And my sweat pure fruit water. . So I find endless games to play that involve my body.

1/2 pint strawberries (5oz). solar-charged quartz crystal and rock dust mineral wand Supplements 500mg B12 w/ 130mg Calcium Activity 1hr krump dance (high intensity) 1hr tap dance (med intensity) 20min Pilates ball 40 tubing bicep curls 40 tricep extensions @ 15# 60 lunges 40 calf raises Calories 3204 Fat 197 g from saturated 25 g Carbohydrates 316 g Sugars 103 g Sodium 403 mg Protein 95 g Fiber 139 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 302% 124% 105% 17% 190% 557% 470% 617% 187% 150% 700 .Dong Quai (18g). 1T maca powder.1 banana (3oz). 1/2t spirulina.5oz) Dressing 1T hemp seed oil 1/2T apple cider vinegar 1t curry 1/2T agave 1T coconut powder dash cayanne dash Himalayan salt Beverages smoothie of .5L reverse osmosis water restructured with living mandala art. Red date (18g) 3.5oz) 1 mango (6oz) 1/2C kelp noodles (1. 8 apricot kernels tea .DAY TWENTY EIGHT Mono 1oz noni juice 1oz home grown wheat grass 1/2 Hass avocado 3 home solar dehydrated flax crackers (8oz) Hummus 1/2C sprouted chickpeas (110g) 1/2 lemon juice 2T tahini (1oz) 1/2T olive oil 1/4 red pepper 1 garlic clove 1/8t sea salt Raw Tapioca Pudding 1/2C chia seeds 1/4 vanilla pod 1T agave 1T coconut powder dash cinnamon powder Mango Kale Salad 2C green kale (3.

Monthly Average: Calories 2051 Fat 110 g from saturated 17 g Carbohydrates 249 g Sugars 113 g Sodium 856 mg Protein 54 g Fiber 56 g Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Cals Burned (approx) % Daily Value 169% 85% 83% 36% 108% 224% 464% 631% 77% 102% 541 .

just like those on the Standard American Diet associate meat with protein and milk with calcium. it is important to note that because she exercises regularly and does not eat as much protein as Standard American dieters. raw vegans associate (among other things) hemp with protein and sesame and chia seeds with calcium. Every need can be met through raw ingredients. Tonya Kay's Spring Athlete Diet shows that a raw vegan diet can be very enjoyable as well as nutritious. like previously stated. she meets all the USRDA (United States Recommended Daily Allowances) for every single nutrient listed. which limits calcium absorption. making grocery shopping easy. . However. calcium without exercise is not enough to ensure strong bones. her calcium consumption does not need to reach 1000 mg. In fact. are unfounded. She uses ingredients that can easily be bought in advance. except for calcium. Overall. her monthly average reflects the fact that in no way are raw vegan diets restrictive or lacking in nutrients. Indeed. Also. Just like protein without exercise won't build muscle mass. the USRDA for calcium takes in consideration the fact that most people eat an unnecessarily high amount of animal protein. the calcium average is slightly lower than it should be. Like in the previous eBook. two nutrients people are concerned about when they think of a vegetarian diet. Nutrition wise.Afterword by Joanna Steven Tonya Kay's diet shows that being a raw vegan is not only healthy. and proves that fears of protein and iron deficiencies. it is also very simple as well as beneficial for the environment. and that often do not require packaging or lengthy food preparation involving expensive appliances.

  We are here because physically we push the limits and break the rules. let me ask you this."  Those excuses are just  that. but you still are making excuses as to why. what are the symptoms of protein deficiency?  I had to Google that one even to find out myself because . athletes. forgive yourself. our well-intent is misguided by heavy marketing.  excuses. no one you or I know in the United States is protein deficient.." "I won't have enough energy.   And where does this corporate consumerism drive stop?  Does the medical industry now sell us prescriptions for what was caused by a lifetime of eating corn syrup and hydrogenated oils?  Is milk a mandated inclusion with every state-subsidized elementary school meal?  Am I now purchasing "clean" drinking water because I live downstream from a major livestock / agricultural run-off?   Athletes.you've heard about the raw vegan diet.  it would be irresponsible of you to eat that "deficient" diet.  Excuses are self-imposed limits preventing you from taking a risk. let alone even know what one does in the body!   Please.  Unfortunately. trying something new.  People respect us for our passion to our sport and our achievements as athletes."But I need protein.  Seriously . you know people who are living it.  Corporatelypushed consumerism compels our purchase with a mere High Protein label or fancy Low Carb wrapper . I adore you because I am one of you and the next time you reach for that "high protein power bar" ask yourself where your peek performance really lies. If you are someone with excuses." "I tried that but I felt weak. you are not one of those people.   I've heard it all . if you actually thought you were depriving yourself of "nature's building blocks".  Now is the time to be the role models that show other athletes how to thrive on a plant diet.Afterword by Tonya Kay This eBook is obviously written with the athlete in mind.  We are the role models for each other. and potentially being your greatest yet. the ones who are on the cusp . as an athlete..  Most of these excuses are subconscious and filled with well-intent.forget that most consumers don't know what the word carb is short for. for goodness sake. excel in our sport and leave the world a better place than we found it.  On the contrary. 8 out of 10 people are B12 deficient but apparently there is far less profit to be made from that public awareness. ..  Specifically..

what did I specifically learn from Joanna Steven's nutritional analysis of my diet this time around?   Chia seeds are the secret to achieving 100% of your recommended daily allowance of Calcium.the next level of your greatness.  I am heavily immersed in animal rights issues.  Imagine finally feeling free to express yourself fully through your body in front of anyone anywhere at any time. we want more.  At the writing of this eBook.  We suspect that there is more to health than merely the food we put in our mouths. we suspect that the answer lies in using this beautiful body we were gifted for what it was made for .  We can feel that there is another step and instinctually. So. . like I have. exercise and diet go naturally hand in hand. I have been vegetarian for 25 years.the next level of freedom .   But after the initial transition.  If you eat the raw food diet and don't exercise.  I love you all and thank you for doing this important work.“How good can it get?!”  I will never stop finding out.   To me.As much as I identify with the raw-curious athletes reading this eBook. vegan for 15 years and raw vegan for the past 6 years. I know you are addicted to feeling good and imagine how good you will feel when your heart is truly the powerful motor driving your being. Some of the raw vegans reading this eBook have experienced health miracles. I also identify with the athletically-curious raw vegans.  It's my little secret to you through this experiment.  This is what exercise has in store for you . environmental activism as well as the personal health advocacy of our dietary choices. on our chosen diet.  Just as I wouldn't consider being an athlete on anything but the healthiest diet in the world.  Things could be worse.movement! If you eat the Standard American Diet and don't exercise.athletic movement IS the next level of health . athletic raw vegans and raw vegan athletes.  But raw vegans.  I want to know . pastoralist/agriculturalist) then we truely are changeing the future of the human species by eating organically and of the earth now.  When your lungs are so large and efficient that one exhale is all you needed to detox the entire day of city breathing. you get fat. you get skinny.  If cultures historically are defined by what they eat (hunter/gatherer. I too would not consider being a raw vegan without using my body for athletic play.

TX earlier this year and a brilliant raw fooder prepared Raw Tapioca Pudding for our group.  Not alarming in terms of bone formation.  Chia seeds and greens are the secret I want to share with you. I wanted to experiment with the only nutrient that was falling short of that mystical US RDA.As you can see. I am taking away from the Raw Nutritional Analysis: Spring Athlete's Diet eBook.  I get plenty of that and my sports-induced broken bones have always healed quickly and thoroughly. weight bearing exercise). three.  So I experimented by eating more and more greens. do what average people do. I happened to speak at Loving Foods Raw Potluck in Austin. not knowing any other notable source of Calcium..   But if you want extraordinary results . I myself.e.. I was eating two. If you want average results. .  Luckily. as my personal research and bone-breaking experience has led me to understand that the only thing that stimulates bone cell reproduction is impact (i.  Look what happened to my Calcium RDA on the days I ate those chia seeds.. sometimes four healthy servings of greens every day and my Calcium intake would hoover around 80%.   Rather.  I devoured the new recipe and prepared it several days / week for myself during the writing of this eBook.  That's the nutritional secret.

com Organic Granola.org Plant Based Athlete Community (focus on cycling) http://thebongorilla. Television Personality http://kayosmarket.premierorganics.com Manna.com Vegan Athlete Community (focus on bodybuilding) http://organicathlete. Ascai. Enzymes. Seeds. Cereals and Bars http://ancientsuninc. Crackers. Organic Cacao Bars http://bikeblender.com Raw Vegan Desert Bars http://goraw.org Organic Nut Butters and Goji. Himalayan Salt.com Graphic Design / Comic Art http://manitobaharvest.Resources http://tonyakay.com Raw Vegan Athlete. Bars and Chocolates http://www.com Raw Vegan Resources / All Things Tonya Kay http://veganbodybuilding.com Bicycle Powered Blenders http://electrabike.com Hemp Foods and Oils http://larabar.com Organic Dehydrated Breads.com Sport Utility Bicycles and Hitchless Trailers . Film Actress. Cacao Spreads http://lydiasorganics.com Human Powered Transportation http://xtracycle.

htm .nationaldairycouncil.htm US department of health and human services http://www.edu/archive/xantheye.ars.gov/ Vitamin K: Another Reason To Eat Your Greens http://www.nih.usda.htm Study: Eat Leafy Greens to Help Prevent Cataracts http://researchnews.org/NationalDairyCouncil/Nutrition/Nutrients/calciumCounselingPage6.patienteducationcenter.org/aspx/HealthELibrary/HealthETopic.osu.Bibliography Harvard School of Public Health .gov/is/AR/archive/jan00/green0100.Do We Really Need all That Calcium? http://www.Absorption/Utilization Issues http://www.aspx?cid=L0308d National Dairy Council: Calcium .

France. In her free time.S. her strong interest in health and nutrition led her to further her education through advanced biology and chemistry classes at Iowa State University.Author’s Biographies Joanna Steven was born in France where she lived for many years before moving to Lebanon and finally the U. and spending time with her husband and pets. After graduating from the Rene Descartes Law school of Paris. trying out new raw vegan dishes. she became a vegetarian in 2003. Believing there is a strong connection between diet and health. she enjoys taking care of her organic vegetable gardens. . where she is currently a Psychology senior.

and her dominatrix dance performance with mega-hit band. Namie Amuro. on SciFi's Who Wants To Be A Superhero. Tonya Kay has quickly become a household name as well as a cult icon with her appearance as the fruit-eating superhero. American Black Film Festival) and SAMARA. on CBS's NUMB3RS. Tonya Kay has broken into the indie film scene with unforgettable roles such as SLOANE. JENNIFER. Nitrogurl. Panic! At The Disco on their most recent national tour.This Magickal Child from the Michigan farmlands has been performing since age 4 and playing Cosmic Muse even longer. the international traveler in The Things We Carry. the sassy barista in Orgies and the Meaning of Life (London Independent Film Festival). Best Supporting. REGINE. Tonya Kay has been featured in Trace Adkins "I Got My Game On" (Best Director. the provocative hostess in LA Proper (Best Narative. Creature. CMT Video Awards). In only a short period of time. Best Male Video of the Year. Her nontraditional modeling work is featured on the cover of True Nature's current album. Tonya Kay is living proof of what a child raised in love grows up to be. Rob Zombie and Death Angel music videos and can be seen in the We Can Solve it "Millions" commercial campaign. the gun-toting street-drug lord in 3 Days Gone. and her legs featured in NIKE's "Colors" print campaign. . her co-star role as the street racing netcaster. in Glen Wexler's "Fantastic Voyage" fine art showing. A raw-food-athlete dancing 3 years in the OffBroadway phenomenon STOMP.

She has toured the United Kingdom and United States too many times to count with names such as Kenny Rogers and the Rugrats!. roadtripping this continent in her waste vegetable oil fueled Jetta. exist in love and go all the way. Tonya Kay also cracks whips with knife-throwing partner. Tonya Kay has danced professionally with the Mark Goodman Tap Co (LA). and Deca Dance hip-hop theatre (NYC). and stilt dances with Trey Knight's Stilt World. A trained aerial stuntwoman with De La Guarda (Off-Broadway/Las Vegas). It is the Creature's life passion to push evolution. . and the extra-ordinary experience. In her dance career. seeking out organic farmer's markets. it is the Creature's proficiency in oddity-art that sets her apart from other performers. Margaret Cho. luxurious bath tubs. Tonya Kay teaches the exotic art of fire/poi spinning to you in her instructional/workout dvd How To Spin Poi. shape reality. flag dances with NYC's Axis Danz. Jack Dagger. William Shatner and Harry Anderson and was seen by 11 million viewers spinning fire poi in the semi-finals of Simon Cowell's America's Got Talent. Tonya Kay is a compulsive gypsy.Tonya Kay has not only technical acting and dance skills. She has performed her danger arts on stage next to Ellen Degeneres. When not on stage. and is the creator of the all-rhytm urban drum circle XTREME RHYTHM THEATRE. Peggy Spina Tap Co (NYC).

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