Exam Review

Exam Review

Lxam Iormat
O Mostly multiple
O $ort- to medium-answer
O Maybe longer-answer question (easier)
Jat to Study
O $oot Meristems
O omeostasis (feedback regulation system)
4 !ositive vs. Negative feedback
O $urface Area-to-Volume relationsips
4 -mm cube vs. 2-mm cube
of -mm will fit into 2-mm
O $ponges
4 oanocytes
4 Amoeba-like cells
4 !ores
4 $picules
4 scula
O ater !otential
4 ater moving up into a plant
O %ranspiration & $tomata
4 $tomata opening and closing
O %raceal Gas Excange
4 f insects

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