Table of Contents

ŵ. Executive Summaiy
Ŷ. Situation Analysis
Ŷ.ŵ Naiket Summaiy
Ŷ.ŵ.ŵ. Naiket Neeus
Ŷ.ŵ.Ŷ. Naiket Tienus
Ŷ.ŵ.ŷ. Naiket uiowth
Ŷ.Ŷ SW0T Analysis
Ŷ.Ŷ.ŵ. Stiength
Ŷ.Ŷ.Ŷ. Weaknesses
Ŷ.Ŷ.ŷ. 0ppoitunities
Ŷ.Ŷ.Ÿ. Thieats
Ŷ.ŷ Competition anu Buying Patteins
Ŷ.Ÿ Piouuct 0ffeiing
Ŷ.Ź Ciitical Issues
ŷ. Naiketing Stiategy
ŷ.ŵ. Nission
ŷ.Ŷ. Naiketing 0bjectives


ŵ. Executive Summary

uolfeiTEElizei will offei a unique piouuct that consists of a compostable golf tee
that uoubles as a feitilizei to spoiting goous stoies as well as golf couises.

uolfeiTEElizei will be taigeteu to a few uiffeient maikets:

ppei miuule class golfeis
uolf couise auministiation
uieen cautious golfeis

Pioviuing a piemium quality, eco-fiienuly piouuct that not only conseives
iesouices, will satisfy a iange of consumeis neeus. By ueveloping a new kinu of
piouuct that will be cut costs anu is veisatile in its uses, it will be appealing to
customeis but golf couise auministiation as well.

By taking the oiiginal uesign of a golf tee anu making it moie efficient by making the
contents uecomposable, golf couise feitilization costs will be cut anu tiees will be
saveu by m

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