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Company XX
EmpIoyee Name: ID No: Trade/Craft:
Dept: Location: Date Arrived At Company:
1. Safety Orientation
Date PIanned: Date Given: Trainer/Supervisor
Safety Orientation Presentation

. On Site Orientation

. Safety Topics

ompany Safety Organization
Accident & Near Miss Reporting
Fire Safety
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.Craft/Trade Training

%rade %ested
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%is is example of an individual's training plan and record. Serves 2 purposes:
%o PLAN, training & ten to RECORD
On Site Orientation Tour New employee before e starts work is guided around te
workplace and sown evacuation routes, fire sketc plans, fire figting equipment, is explained
te alarm system, is explained ow to raise te alarm and explained te Emergency Plans.
Sould also be sown any major azards in te workplace and explained te control measures.
Safety Topics Eac trade or craft will ave a different plan/record based on te azards
relating to teir own trade/craft, identified during Job Safety Analysis. Some topics will be
common to all crafts/trades suc as fire safety, company safety organization, accident & near
miss reporting, etc. ommunity Services can advise on training topics required by Aramco.
Craft/Trade Training Do not include safety topics ere. %is is specifically about trade
testing and training for tat specific craft or trade.