Powerful Magical Tools To Change Your

By Klatu Lukundu

What is Huna?
"the secret“.  I define it as a simple and Powerful magickal
 Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning

system of managing one’s life.

 Huna is not exclusive. It is like a tool box. There is no call to

abandon all other beliefs, creeds, and modes of thought before accepting Huna, A person can be a Huna scientist, manager, psychologist, or anybody, as long as he or she understands Huna in his own System and uses it. Or a person can use only Huna, pure and simple. Huna is nonexclusive in another sense as well. It recognizes that there are many paths available to reach a given goal, whether spiritual, mental, or physical. Huna is concerned only with effectiveness. The techniques used for reaching goals in other Systems are perfectly valid for use in Huna as long as they work.


anything Works its Huna.

feelings. suggestions. memories. proactions. thoughts. actions . fears. desires. reactions. choices. . expectations. emotions. judgments. chants. behavior. calculations. commands. visualizations. beliefs. questions. habits. decisions.I create my own reality!  Huna is about creating one’s own reality by our language. meditations. description. imagination and energy. dreams. interpretations. attitudes.

I can create and transform my world by applying these principles of Huna. .

omniscient.” "union. . "the secret. omnipresent power.  And it is no accident that both syllables of Huna." also carry meanings of union. infinite." signifying that union with that mystery is both possible and desirable. omnipotent.” "source of life.Kumulipo  The Hawaiin name for eternal.  also mean "the great Mystery.

. feelings. desires. attitudes. The World Is What I Think It Is. fears. This principle also contains the idea that by changing my thinking I can change my world. and it means that I create my own personal experience of reality through my beliefs. and consistent or habitual thoughts and actions. This is the basic principle of Huna. expectations. judgments.IKE (Awareness)  1.

separation is only a useful Illusion. There are no real boundaries between I and my body. in some form or another. Any fragmentation used for description are words of function and convenience. I and other people. In other terms. anything I can conceive. I can create. I and the world. or I and God. There Are No Limits.KALA (Release or elimination) 2. . It can also Mean that there are unlimited potentials for creativity.

Directed attention is the channel for the flow of biological as well as cosmic energy. . form the blueprint for bringing into your life the nearest available equivalent experience to those same thoughts and feelings. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.MAKIA (concentration ) 3. in full awareness or not. The thoughts and feelings that you dwell on. Attention Goes Where Energy Flows.

and there is no real power outside me. Now is the Moment of Power. As I change my mind I change my experience. for I am that. I am not chained to any experience of the past. I have the power in the here and now moment to destroy limiting beliefs and consciously plant the seeds for a future of my choice.MANAWA (Continuous focus combined with feeling) 4. I am free to the degree that I realize this and act upon it . nor by any projected perception of the future which springs from my past memories.

love involves the creation of happiness. Human beings exist because of love. love .ALOHA (Love & happiness) 5. For very practical reasons. they are happy as they are and happy in becoming more. The universe exists because of love. even when they don't acknowledge it. It is not just a side effect Everything works better. When they do acknowledge love. in its two aspects of being and becoming. is better. In Huna. To Love Is To Be Happy With. is the only ethics needed in Huna. then. when this principle is followed consciously.

works through me in my life. As mentioned above. . No other person can have power over me or my destiny unless you decide to let him or her have it.) 6. I am the active channel for that power.MANA (energy. or the Universe. All Power Comes From Within. my choices and decisions direct it. there is no power outside of I because the power of God.

so I feel free to use what ever works is Huna! works.PONO (Effectiveness) concepts 7. there cannot be an absolute truth. not factual . Absolute do not exist. so that "facts" do not disturb the way of effectiveness. What . This principle is very practical one which assists me to organize and act upon information in the most effective way for my outcome. Instead. Any organization or system of knowledge is seen as convenient. Another way of saying this is that all Systems are arbitrary. In an infinite universe. which Huna postulates.because a different organization of the same knowledge could be just as valid for other purposes. there must be an effective and workable truth at an individual level of consciousness. Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth.


5. Aka. . 4. lono or uhane. iho. or kino. 7. The Subconscious. The Superconscious.SEVEN COMPONENTS! 1. ku. The energy of the individuaL. 6. aumakua orkumupa'a or ao'ao. 2. Mana. The physical body. The energy body of the individual. 3. The Soul. or unihipili. The Conscious Mind.

. 4. . I have the will (determination) to . . I have the right (deserve) to . . 3. . I have the power (ability) to . . . . 2.FOUR STATEMENTS! 1. I have the desire (will) to . .

Basic Steps for Trance (Induction) Become aware of sensations…become aware of breathing…imagine a ball of energy (light)…move it through body…Visualise no 3 three times in three colors in three dimensions…(also with 2 & 1)…descend in a lift (elevator) from 10 to 0…enter in trance… .

Expansion of Awareness  Make yourself comfortable go in to a trance…visulise a ball of light of any color…bring it near your heart…with each breath…experience a growth…till you cover…the room…the earth…the plannets…the galaxy…the universe…reverse…slowly with each breath…come back to heart…circulate through body…come back to heart centre…return to ordinary reality. .

applying Makia .Moving Mana.

feel diamond like hardness.…and let this change to divine bright white light…invoke a power deity…chant power song… feel the energy… .Armor of Mana  Anchor the trance to Namaste gesture…visualise seven colours. hear drumming.

Rapport by Mana  Recall from your memory an experience where you were in perfect rapport with somebody…(friend. lover)…relive the experience…visualise…listen…feel…let your Ku give you a light (any color)…saturate yourself with this color…Imagine an Aka cord … send mana through Aka cord…fill the aura of others…to create rapport… .

Cancel by Mana + Makia  If you are influenced by unresourceful thoughtform…(unwanted emotion. thought or feeling)…Pay attention…turn it into a symbol…send it to the core of earth…replace by a descending Mana from aumakua…complete trance forming experience… .

Mana + Makia on Unresourceful States .

Healing with Huna! .

com/doc/40050535/gardenmeditation101005234643-phpapp01  http://www.scribd.scribd.scribd.com/deleted/37605690?query=Magicka l+Garden+Dilip+Gaikwad  http://www.com/doc/40050535/gardenmeditation101005234643-phpapp01  http://www.com/doc/37605990/Garden-Meditation  http://www.scribd.Magickal Garden (Waena Tiki)  Refer www.scribd.com/doc/37604709/Garden-Meditation  .

.HAIPULE (bringing together)  Ike -.  Kala—I am unlimited.(the three of me) create my own reality.  Makia—I get what I concentrate on.  Manawa—My moment of power is now.

open meadows. like deep forests.  sunrises and sunsets. Peace (maluhia). or scenes of people ceasing to fight and reaching out to hug. . or  whatever idea the word evokes in you. Think of scenes of quiet beauty.

 Love {alohä}. of scenes of acceptance. forgiving. of people doing great and daring things for each other with  no thought of return. . of being held and cuddled by  someone who really loves you. of anything else the word  evokes in you. caring. Think of children playing happily together.

. of being held and cuddled by  someone who really loves you. of scenes of acceptance. of people doing great and daring things for each other with  no thought of return. Love {alohä}. of anything else the word  evokes in you. Think of children playing happily together. forgiving. caring.

of the  attainment of important goals. . Think of scenes that represent your highest ideals of achievement. Success (pono). of joyful accomplishment of any kind (These may be  "spiritual" or "material." In Huna there is no distinction when it is done with a loving  attitude).

 (He who takes his teachings and applies them increases his knowledge. a e 'oi mau ka na'auao. E lawe i ke a’o a malama.)  A Hawaiian proverb .

Forgiveness completes your own healing. • . releasing you from negative thoughts and patterns that drain your health and energy.Ho’oponopono Ho’o To make pono Right pono Times 2 Ho’oponopono is the traditional Hawaiian healing method for resolving conflict and maintaining harmonious relationships within the self and extended family. The form of Ho’oponopono we use frees oneself from ill feelings.

 “Please forgive me” (forgiveness).Ho’oponopono  Ho’oponopono is a process where we say to The Divine:  “I love You” (prayer). .  and “Thank You” (transmutation).  “I’m sorry” (repentance). Ho’oponopono is all about being 100% responsible.

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