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Table of contents
Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Topic Executive Summary Background of the organization Objectives and Limitations of the study Industry Snapshot Market Share of Ice-Cream Brands Introduction on Ice Cream Industry Current market scenario Future of Ice Cream Market in India SWOT Analysis of Amul Ice Cream Monitoring & Enhancing sales Research Methodology Findings Conclusion Recommendations Other Findings Marketing Strategy Other Recommendations Annexure Page 7 9 14 15 16 17 18 19 19 21 29 32 50 52 53 55 56 58 | |

3.  Increasing the popularity and improving service at Amul ice-cream parlors.http://managementfunda. initial activities included visiting the outlets. The offer was a big hit and served the purpose of trial of the new | http://hrgyaan. advertisements. One of them that was implemented was the buffet scheme where one could have unlimited ice-cream for Rs. 50 only. This helped in arriving at important conclusions regarding which flavors were . Following this. In order to execute the same. various schemes and plans were suggested. issues encountered by the consumers and which outlets were the most popular. print ads. the emphasis was on converting competitor’s outlets to start selling Amul ice-creams. placing brochures. | http://hrgyaan. points of contention between the retailers & Distributors. The key areas that were identified were as followsIncreasing the sales at the existing outlets by implementing extensive branding and promotion. To enhance the popularity of the ice-cream parlors. Once these problem areas were analyzed. In order to enhance the sales at the existing outlets. the activities undertaken included promoting the brand Amul by putting up banners. 2. problems faced by the |http://financenmoney. Following |http://financenmoney.  Converting the competitor’s outlets to start stocking & selling Amul products. the fact that Amul offers more margins to the retailers. This was done by making them aware of the brand equity of Amul and informing them about the rising demand of the new and existing product line offered by Executive Summary The first phase of the project aimed at enhancing sales of Ice-creams and promotion for Amul.  http://managementfunda. This scheme ran for 2 days over a weekend on 11th & 12th June. pop’s. price lists & pamphlets for introducing new flavors of ice-cream. recording the existing volume of sales & analyzing the emerging patterns in ice-cream consumption. the next step was to execute the strategies for addressing the problems. Also. strategies were devised in order to carry out the first part of the project.

Thandai and Afghan Dry Fruit  Retailers influence on promotion of these flavors  Reasons for liking/disliking a particular flavor  Effectiveness of a particular medium to spread awareness  Similar flavors available with competitors  Competitors’ analysis  Distributors Service  Visits from Company representative. |http://financenmoney. Creamy |http://financenmoney. awareness & acceptance of the product . Pilot salesman and Salesman Based on the work accomplished as stated above. The questionnaires (retailers & consumers) were designed to extract information about the following –  Awareness about the 6 new flavors namely Cookie and Cream. The research was conducted among 300 retailers and 300 consumers to gauge the overall reaction. the recommendations about the problem area identified were      Effective promotion required for introduction of new flavors Introduction of flavors in smaller packages Free tasting at Amul ice-cream parlors for a couple of days Regular visits by sales persons required Preference for Tub packaging over regular packages http://managementfunda. Shahista Pista | | The Second phase of the project was to conduct extensive Market Research regarding post launch analysis of 6 new flavors introduced by Amul ice-creams.http://managementfunda.

http://managementfunda.2010-11): Milk collection (Daily Average 2010-11): Milk Drying Capacity: Cattle feed manufacturing Capacity: Sales Turnover (2010-11) 647 Mts. sourced from the Sanskrit word Amoolya. means priceless. It is a state level apex body of milk cooperatives in Gujarat which aims to provide remunerative returns to the farmers and also serve the interest of consumers by providing quality products which are good value for Background of the organization  History of Amul Amul was formally registered on December 14.67 million liters per day 3.712 .2billion) Source – www.amul.  GCMMF: An Overview Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) is India's largest food products marketing | http://managementfunda. The Amul revolution was started as awareness among the | | http://hrgyaan. 1946. Members: 13 district cooperative milk producers' Union 3. It grew and matured into a protest movement that was channeled towards economic prosperity.03 million 15. Some cite the origin as an acronym to (Anand Milk Union Limited). per day 3690 Mts. It was suggested by a quality control expert in Anand. of Producer Members: No. per day Rs. of Village Societies: Total Milk handling capacity: Milk collection (Total .45 billion liters 9. The brand name |http://financenmoney. 9774 Crores (US$ 2.2 million liters No.

and delivers goods worth Rs 6 crores (Rs 60 million) to over 5. it is neither a marketing minnow nor a laggard in terms of promotion campaigns. These products have been introduced into the market one at a time and have over time proved to be very popular with domestic consumers. Despite its co-operative status. Amul. By managing milk supplies from the cattle farmer and sending it straight to the factory. For its own sake it works well because it relies extremely heavily on domestic sales. etc. more than .in Every day Amul collects 447.000 litres of milk from 2. 65% of milk powder. It is considered to be a giant in the FMCG sector. India’s leading Rating. | http://hrgyaan. Amul is among the top five FMCG companies in India standing firmly at the 4 th | |http://financenmoney. has become Asia’s largest milk brand and now aims to become the No 1 in the world soon. Its supply chain is easily one of the most complicated in the world. the flagship for a host of dairy products marketed by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). when Nestle wanted to introduce its brand of butter. 70% of condensed milk and around 50% of Shrikhand. chocolates.http://managementfunda. CRISIL. 00. Its ability to anticipate the right type of product at the right time has been excellent through the years. packaged products. Most of these products remain to be products derived from milk like butter. But having a strong supply chain is only the beginning. With 47 sales offices. In August 2001. Research. On both counts Amul has delivered which has made it a winner on all fronts. converts the milk into branded. it found countrywide refrigerators stocked with Amul butter. Something that is substantiated by facts: It is clearly a market leader in the milk category in Gujarat and Kolkata. It has 41% of the ice cream market. 88% of | http://hrgyaan. packaged milk beverages. cheese. Domestically the company is strong and one that seems to be growing by day. has assigned its highest ratings of “AAA/Stable/P1+” to the various bank facilities of GCMMF.000 retail outlets across the city. GCMMF’s marketing network allows it to easily flood the market creating a strong entry barrier.000 dealers and 5 lakh retailers. Amul is a company that strongly pushes itself as an Indian company.12 million farmers (many illiterate). the remaining part includes making consumer products that sell well and that the same consumers are able to be impacted by marketing and advertising movements. it’s been able to eliminate the middleman’s problem that has been encountered by Amul’s many rivals including Nestle. Risk and Policy Advisory company.

Today the market share of Amul ice cream is 38% share against the 9% market share of HLL.  Segment – Amul ice-creams Amul Ice Cream was launched on 10th March. http://managementfunda. In 1997. This position was achieved in 2001 and it has continued to remain at the top. LOW FAT Diabetic Delight & Prolife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream is created for the health conscious. The latter has been a recent development. When the existing brands were struggling for market |http://financenmoney. it overtook Kwality Walls to emerge as the biggest |http://financenmoney. In . Currently it offers a selection of 220 products. Amul unlike other companies manages to publicize itself not only through TV campaigns but also road and poster | http://hrgyaan. Amul has always brought newness in its products and the same applies for ice creams. 1996 in Gujarat. Mother Dairy and achieved the No 1 position in the country. Amul brand of ice cream reached a high growth within 6 years of its launch and defeated multinational brands of ice cream in Indian market. Nearly everyone who has seen Indian ads since the 80’s remember the Amul Girl that made the ‘Amul Butter’ brand the leader in the butter | http://hrgyaan. cups as well as take home packs and institutional/catering packs. Amul launched ice creams in 14 flavors and positioned it as the real ice cream and was priced 30% lower than the market leader. Real Ice Cream’ given that it is a milk company and the wholesomeness of its products gives it a competitive advantage. cones. Amul has also been able to market its products by striking crucial deals at the right time. Amul has been a company that has relied on savvy ad campaigns to push its products into the consumer marketplace. Amul ice cream was launched on the platform of ‘Real Milk. Amul ice creams entered Mumbai followed by Chennai in 1998 and Kolkata and Delhi in Since Amul produces food items. It has combated competition like Walls. Nationally it was rolled out across the country in 1999. The portfolio consisted of impulse products like sticks. Amul introduced SUGAR FREE & Prolife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream.http://managementfunda. it’s not restricted to a particular class. thus making it 4 times larger than its closest competitor. More importantly it’s been able to hold its own for so long because it has been able to provide quality products. In January 2007. This range of SUGAR FREE. which was a first in India. The experts attribute this success to the successful planning and implementation of Amul’s marketing mix tactics. Not only has it grown at a phenomenal rate but has added a vast variety of flavors to its ever growing range.

fundoo chocobar.5L & 2.2L) Vanilla Royale.Double sundae 4) Sticks – Frostik. Fruit n Nut Fantasy. Chocolate. 1. Candies 5) Cones – Butter Scotch. Shahi anjir 2) Sugar free probiotic – Vanilla with chocolate Amul’s entry into ice creams is regarded as successful due to the large market share it was able to capture within a short period of time – due to price |http://financenmoney. Butter Scotch. quality of products and of course the brand name. Two in One. Kaju Draksh. Choco crunch 6) Novelties – Cassata. Vanilla. Kesar Pista Royale. Hum Tum. 1. Dollies.Alphonso Mango.  Amul Ice-Creams Variants 1) Prolife Ice-cream – Vanilla with chocolate sauce. Alphonso Marvel 10) Utterly Delicious Cups . Shahi anjir 3) Sundae – Sundae. |http://financenmoney.http://managementfunda. Kis Mis Kaju 11) But 1 Get 1 Free – a) Spanish Saffron with Cream Balls + Same b) Rajbhog + Same c) Fresh Litchi + Same d) Shahi Anjir + Same e) Kesar Pista Royale + Same f) Fresh Pineapple + Same g) Fruit Bonanza + Same h) Chocolate + Same i) Alphonso Mango + Same j) Tutti Fruti + Same k) Green Pista + Same l) Prolife Vanilla + Butter Scotch m) Vanilla Royale + Same http://managementfunda. Cake magic 7) Malai Kulfi – Masti kulfi. Butter .com | | http://hrgyaan. Fundoo balls (vanilla & mango) 9) Utterly Delicious Take away (Available in 500ml. Chocolate Passion. Shahi pista 8) Kids – Sundae fundoo. Sundae magic .

in n) Butter Scotch + Same o) Gauva + Same p) Cookie and Cream + Same q) Thandai + Same r) Afghan Dry Fruit + Same s) Shahista Pista Kulfi + Same 12) Couple Pack (250ml) – Vanilla . Butter Scotch. Strawberry. Chocolate | | | |http://financenmoney.http://managementfunda.

com | Objective of the study       To have a clear understanding of the ice cream industry and Amul’s position in market. The time frame given to us was not enough to cover a larger of sample size. The consumers’ opinion at times was very biased due to existence of Amul in the market since many . innovation excitement amongst consumers To check the awareness as well as level of satisfaction of retailers with distributors & the company with regards introduction of new flavors Limitations of the study     The sample size of the survey was very large and tedious to | |http://financenmoney.http://managementfunda. http://managementfunda. To increase sales of Amul ice-creams To brand existing outlets and convert new outlets for Amul To conduct an exhaustive market research on introduction of new flavors To check | http://hrgyaan. price acceptance. The time taken to interview each consumer was a lot as every consumer had to be first explained everything and had to be dealt with patience.

com | |http://financenmoney. Arun . Amul .com |http://financenmoney. HLL . Aavin .http://managementfunda.Market Leader with share of 38% 2.Kwality Walls . Havmor http://managementfunda. of which the branded market at present is 100 million liters per annum valued at Rs 800 crores.Chennai Based Hat sun Agro Product 5. Ice Cream market is growing at 10 to 12% Ice creams traditionally are low volume business players. .2nd biggest player 10% | Industry Snapshot    The total market is Rs 2000 crores.Tamil Nadu based 7. Metro Daily . Mother Diary 4.Kolkata based 6.

com | . | | | Market Share of Ice-Cream Brands http://managementfunda.

In small towns and villages. butterscotch and a number of fruit |http://financenmoney. followed by 30% in the north and 20% in the south. Growth promotional activities The Indian government adopted the policy of liberalization regarding the ice cream industry also and it is since then that this sector has shown an annual growth ranging from 15. on the basis of stock keeping units / packaging and on the basis of consumer segments. chocolate. The market for organized sector is restricted to large metropolitan cities.2 years. Production area In rural areas. Kaju Draksh etc. represented mainly by Kwality Walls brand.http://managementfunda. Among the major players in this industry Hindustan Lever has a market share of around 50%. rest all is with the unorganized | .creams / kulfis in their home backyard and cater to the local market.20% per annum for last 1. dry fruit flavors traditional flavors like Kesar Pista. Amul with an estimated market share of 41% is rapidly gaining market share and lastly Vadilal is the player in the national market with 8-9% of the market share. The market is totally dominated by | http://hrgyaan. kulfi / ice creams made by small / cottage industry are popular. mango. Almost 40% of the ice creams sold in the country are consumed in the western region with Mumbai being the main market. strawberry. around 30-32% is in the hands of organized sector valued at Rs 4. namely on the basis of flavors. http://managementfunda. On the basis of flavors the market today has a number of flavors like vanilla. Types Indian Ice Cream market can be segmented in three different Introduction on Ice Cream Industry The ice cream market growth picked up after de-reservation of the sector in 1997.9bn. Strawberry and chocolate. there are thousands of small players who produce ice. which together account for more than 70% of the market followed by butterscotch and other fruit | http://hrgyaan. Of the total size of Rs 15-16bn.

Future of Ice Cream Market in India Ice Cream market will expand with increase in number of malls . It is the market leader in Gujarat where its market share is 42%. young |http://financenmoney. Because of the recession. Gujarat accounts for 20% (Rs400 crores) of the total market for ice creams in the country. consumer today has plethora of options at hand to choose from and therefore high probability of buying one more scoop of ice cream. kids. The demand for ice cream in the city has been growing at 30%. |http://financenmoney. http://managementfunda. Unorganized ice cream manufacturers account for 55% of the market. City-based manufacturers said ice cream sales had picked up with the arrival of Current market scenario Even as various industries are wilting under the heat of recession. As marketers are understanding the different needs of consumers. Also with increasing wallet size and innovative modern retail formats. Havmor and Amul." he said. "We expect the same growth this fiscal too. Havmor's share of the ice cream market in Gujarat is 35%. with portfolio of flavors. and coming up with products specific for them.They now go out to have ice creams which costs much less. saw a 30% growth in business this season.Swirl. Major ice cream manufacturers such as Vadilal..http://managementfunda. the ice cream industry firmed up for higher growth this summer. said the industry usually posted an average growth of 20% every year across the . Organized players account for around 45% of this share. The Indian ice cream industry is estimated to be worth nearly Rs2000 crores. The total size of the Ahmadabad ice cream market is around Rs70 crores. which comes to Rs900 crores. which is faster than the national average. who have a presence in other states too. Amul has 39% share in the national ice cream market.. The owner of Havmor ice cream. particularly in rural areas as major brands do not have a prominent presence there. He said Havmor had noted a 30% growth in demand in three weeks alone. 50 for that tasty chocolate swirl with cake and | http://hrgyaan. be it health conscious people. Pradip Chona. Few years consumers use to go out for walk after dinner and use to buy ice creams from hawkers. it has definitely given a Philip to the ice cream industry in India.HLL has been increasing their ice cream outlets . people had cut down on eating out but not on their consumption of ice cream .com | http://hrgyaan. But now consumer who often visit malls for entertainment prefer to buy ice creams during different times of the day as it is visible upfront and feel like spending Rs.

They would be willing to make future investments only for that brand which offers replacement facilities. 2) Shortage of stock during SWOT Analysis of Amul Ice Cream Strengths:1) Biggest Sourcing base for milk and milk products in India.http://managementfunda. new products and process technology. However Kwality Walls on the other hand is into heavy advertising and consequently. 3) It is a high growth segment as the population is every increasing with never. retailers list a credible replacement policy as a factor very high on their wish list. is popular. Opportunities:1) Internet promotions are a good means of awareness which should be tapped. Majority of the respondents have hardly seen any ad of Amul ice cream. 2) 35% market share in the national ice cream market. 5) Distribution |http://financenmoney. Amul has no replacement policy.Amul is the price warrior in the ice-cream market and currently has a very wide range to offer for all the price points. 6) Retailers now demand freezers without having to pay any deposit. as the results of the survey show. 3) As per the | http://hrgyaan. 4) Less attractive packaging. Weaknesses:1) Advertising is low profile.ending demands. 5) E-commerce. This is especially true of those retailers who already stock one or the other ice cream brands. 2) Amul can use the Umbrella strategy for its new SKU’ . 4) Reputation of high quality. 3) Penetration pricing |http://financenmoney. 4) Distribution coverage(Amul butter) | http://hrgyaan. | |

Threats:1) Amul is currently facing stiff competition from Havmor and may face more threat from the local manufactures in the low priced segment ice creams. 2) The customers have very well received the Kwality Walls product differentiation strategy and Mother Dairy is also pushing up its advertising pitch. 3) Also the low per capita income low per capita consumption of the people is a threat to Amul. 4) Free entry to the markets.
5) Even Vadilal is coming up with their new strategy and promotions of various variants Of ice creams | | | |

In the first month, the summer interns were asked to prepare a questionnaire to understand the buying behavior of consumers towards Amul ice creams as .Amul was coming with new six variants of ice creams where we need do the free sampling of ice creams in MFS i.e. (modern frame store). Free sampling of ice creams was available to consumers on weekends .So that we can reach maximum of our consumers visiting the malls. Consumers are also made available with a questionnaire which was prepared by us. This questionnaire helps us to find consumer buying pattern and habits towards Amul real milk ice creams. It also helped us in finding the loopholes about why consumers do not prefer our real milk ice creams. It also helps us to find different practices and marketing strategies adopt by our competitors.

Along with the above mentioned tasks, we were also expected to pitch into new strategies and to conduct consumer cum sales promotion for sales of Amul ice-creams.

However, the brand name that Amul commands is much superior to its competitors and this was observed especially in areas dominated by Guajarati communities. It is also equally popular amongst the middle class as its pricing is kept at a good margin below its competitors.

Questionnaire for AMUL Ice creams
Name: __________________________ Contact no.: ______________________ E-mail: ______________________ | | | |

Profile of consumer analysis on ice creams. 1) Age:
Below 18 yrs 19 - 30 yrs 31 – 45 yrs above 45 yrs

2) Profession:
Self-employed Professional Housewife Pvt. Organization Govt. Employee


3) Family size:
Two four Three Four More than

4) Gender:
Male Female

What are the brands you prefer for ice creams?
Amul Kwality walls Mother dairy Havmor any other

How frequently you buy AMUL ice creams
bb Daily



What motivates you to buy AMUL ice creams?
Quality Quantity Taste Purity Varieties

Is the product easily available in the market? | |

com | Yes No What are the preferable occasions when you buy ice creams? Festivals Family functions others occasions Are you aware about AMUL parlors? Yes No Which is your favourite brand of ice-cream? What is the one thing you look for while buying an ice cream How would rate the below Amul ice creams? Guava Attribute Taste Quality Price Average Good Excellent Afghan Attribute Taste Quality Price Average Good Excellent Cookies & Cream Attribute Taste Quality Average Good Excellent .com | http://hrgyaan. | | http://hrgyaan.

com | .com | http://hrgyaan. | Price Creamy Almond Attribute Taste Quality Price Average Good Excellent Thandai Attribute Taste Quality Price Average Good Excellent Suggestions if any – Target dates: End of May | http://hrgyaan.

com |http://financenmoney. helped to arrive at & identify key problem areas geographically as well as . and posters of new flavors at all the popular outlets of Amul. Price list. Branding and increasing sales of existing outlets of Amul by putting up their point of purchase materials like Price list. As can be |http://financenmoney. http://managementfunda.http://managementfunda. the information was filled in the report after visiting each outlet and monitoring the sales. This facilitated higher visibility of the brand and thereby led to a possible increase in sales at existing Amul outlets. It also increased the awareness among consumers regarding the new offers. | http://hrgyaan. knowledge about new flavors etc The information from the DSR reports & from the interaction with the | http://hrgyaan. schemes. Banners etc Whether the outlet had purchased a new Deep Freezer Other observations like friendliness of retailer. This was carried out by – 1. The factors considered were –     Number of units of Ice-cream sold Whether the outlet required any POP. flavors and new products launched by MT – Management Trainee DIST – Distributor’s name DF – Deep Freezer OL – Outlet POP – Point of purchase material The above figure shows Daily Sales Report (DSR) used during the initial phase of the project. This was followed by implementation of strategies to increase sales of Amul Ice-cream and deep Freezers.

com | | | Following were some of the popular POP’s put up at outlets - Price List | .http://managementfunda.

com | | | http://hrgyaan. .com |http://financenmoney.

com | | | .com | http://hrgyaan. Posters of new flavors http://managementfunda.

One of these that implemented was buffet .com | |http://financenmoney. unlimited ice-cream could be purchased by the customers. Under this | http://hrgyaan. Branding and increasing sales of existing Amul Ice-cream parlours (Scooping parlours). various schemes were suggested. various strategies were suggested for providing better service and developing a more likeable and pleasant ambience. 2. To facilitate |http://financenmoney. Also. for a particular weekend. Amul Scooping Parlour 3.50. The increase of sales in Deep freezers was done in two ways Telling retailers that by buying deep freezers. they can have their own assets against buying deep freezers from competitors who give them on rent  By giving the retailers the knowledge about the advantages of buying an Amul Deep Freezer (HADF) like they can save electricity of at least Rs 7500 in a year http://managementfunda. This initiated trials of new flavours thereby leading to increase in sales later on. for Rs.

Converting new outlets for Amul (outlets selling competitors Ice-cream) by making them understand advantage of selling Amul Ice-cream like the brand equity of Amul is better than any other brand in the market which would automatically help the retailers increase their | | |http://financenmoney. http://managementfunda. .com | http://hrgyaan. Secondly they get more margin by selling Amul Ice-cream than any other brand.

Mail Survey Telephone Research Methodology Research design used: Research Design Exploratory Research Conclusive Research Descriptive Causal Define a hypothesis Exploratory Research: The research work was Exploratory in nature and was meant to provide the basic information required by research . A preliminary study and findings can be further consolidated after detailed conclusion study has been carried out. The personal interview method of data collection was used for our survey. | | http://hrgyaan. | http://hrgyaan. Data Collection Sources: Primary Data Survey Observation Experiment Personal |http://financenmoney.

The questions openly give out the name of Amul in the questionnaire. Sampling Plan: Consumers Retailers Simple random sampling Simple random sampling | |http://financenmoney. Data Collection Instrument: Questionnaire A questionnaire is a set of structured questions to be asked from respondents in a particular order with appropriate Research Approach: Survey A survey is a research technique used to gather information from a sample of respondents by employing a questionnaire. Type of questionnaire used: Structured Non-disguised Structured-The questions used were not open.ended and respondents had to answer from the given options given. lends a structure to interviews. Normally surveys are carried out to obtain primary |http://financenmoney. provides standard means for writing down answers and help in processing the data collected. Non-disguised-The questions asked did not in any way shield the name of the brand that is conducting the | http://hrgyaan. A questionnaire serves four functions – enables data collection from .http://managementfunda.

in .com | | | |http://financenmoney.http://managementfunda. Andheri. Mahim Sample Size: .in Sampling Unit: Geographical Region Areas Central Mumbai Western Mumbai Ghatkopar. http://managementfunda. Malad. Mulund. Dadar. Matunga. Byculla Bandra.300 Consumers and 200 Retailers Sampling Procedure: • Probabilistic Sampling – Simple Random – Systematic Random – Stratified Sampling – Cluster Sampling • Non probabilistic Sampling – Convenience – Judgemental – Quota – Snowball The sampling procedure used in the survey we conducted was Simple random sampling as the sample for conducting the survey was picked up at random.

in .com |http://financenmoney. | Findings of the Research Consumers’ Feedback: | http://hrgyaan. Which of the following flavors introduced by Amul Ice-creams are you aware of? | http://hrgyaan.

com | |http://financenmoney. How did you come to know about the flavors? | http://hrgyaan. .in |http://financenmoney.

com | Q3.http://managementfunda. Which flavors have you purchased? | | | .

in Q4. .com | |http://financenmoney. Which of them do you like/dislike and why? Likes Cookie and Cream Shahista Pista Kulfi Creamy Almond Afghan Dry Fruit Taste Taste Richness Richness Dislikes Gauva Thandai Taste Taste and Price | | http://hrgyaan.

in Q5. | | .com |http://financenmoney. Which flavors are not available when asked for? | http://hrgyaan.

com | | .in | http://hrgyaan. Responses Cookie and Cream Gauva Creamy Almond Thandai Havmor.Please mention which brand. Have you tried any of these flavors with any other brand? . Vadilal Naturals Naturals Mother Dairy |http://financenmoney.http://managementfunda.

com | | Q7. Do you feel that the new flavors are optimally priced? http://managementfunda. | .com | http://hrgyaan.

in .com |http://financenmoney. | | http://hrgyaan. Which media is more effective to create awareness? | http://hrgyaan.

com | http://hrgyaan. Would you prefer tub packaging of 750ml/ 1 liter over 1+1 combo of 750 ml? Q9. | .com | |http://financenmoney.

family | http://hrgyaan. (mostly Q 10. Which type of ice-cream do you generally buy and in what package? Responses Party pack. | | http://hrgyaan. medium. large Cups Candies Tubs(Swirl. prolife ) 45 % 22% 35% 12% 65% 4% http://managementfunda. Sundae) Others( ice-cream cakes. strawberry. . butter scotch and chocolate) Tricone |http://financenmoney.

Which of the following new flavours were you informed about by Amul? The graph is more or less consistent across all Retailers’ Feedback: Q1. | http://hrgyaan. . But awareness about Shahista Pista Kulfi was less among | | | http://hrgyaan.

Which flavours have supply issues? | | | http://hrgyaan. | .

com | .com | |http://financenmoney. Do you think that the advertisement inside the shop is adequate? http://managementfunda. | Q3.

com | | .in Q4. | | http://hrgyaan. Which of the following flavours have received negative feedback from consumers? http://managementfunda.

com | | | . Would you like the new flavours in smaller packaging? http://managementfunda. |http://financenmoney.

com | | |http://financenmoney. .com | Q6. How frequently do the salesmen’s visit? http://managementfunda.

com | | http://hrgyaan.http://managementfunda. How often is the product replaced? | .com |http://financenmoney.

The most effective medium through which people have come to know about the new flavors is by ‘word of mouth’ publicity by friends and relatives. Afghan Dry Fruits and Creamy Almond. Chocolate. Consumers feel that TV and Banners are the most effective mediums for advertising new launch of flavors. Afghan Dry Fruits and Creamy Almond have a good sale in the market whereas the other 3 are low on sales. Gauva and Almond with Naturals and Thandai with Mother Dairy.http://managementfunda. Shahista Pista Kulfi has the maximum supply issues and is out of stock most of the time. Family and party packs of flavors like Vanilla. On the other hand Gauva and Thandai have a negative feedback towards taste. Cookie and Cream scores the highest. Shahista Pista Kulfi was one of the lesser known flavors by retailers. http://managementfunda. Butterscotch and Strawberry are the most consumed ice-creams by consumers. Most of the consumers agree to the question when asked whether they feel that Amul ice-creams are optimally priced. Cookie and Cream has already been tried by consumers with Havmor. As far as advertisements inside the shop are concerned retailers had a 50-50 response. As far as taste of the flavor is | | Conclusion • Cookie and Cream and Afghan Dry fruits have maximum awareness among the consumers whereas Gauva and Thandai have the | http://hrgyaan. Consumers have a preference towards Tub packaging like sundaes over the normal paper • • • • • • • • • • • • .com |http://financenmoney. Cookie and Cream. followed by Shahista Pista Kulfi. Shahista Pist Kulfi has the biggest availability and supply problems and wasn’t available most of the times when asked for at the retail outlets.

A very high number of retailers agreed to the product being replaced as and when | http://hrgyaan. | • Gauva and Thandai have got the most negative feedback from consumers compared to the other four flavors. Salesmen’s visit is as less as once a month in most places. Majority of the retailers would appreciate the new flavors to be introduced in smaller packaging as | | . • • • http://managementfunda.

New flavors banners need to be present in every retail outlet. it was missing at many places which led to retailers being unaware about the new flavors. Flavors like Gauva and Thandai. The new flavors have to be introduced in smaller packs so that consumers don’t think a lot before purchasing it rather than spending Rs. that have a negative feedback. Scheems like Buffet concept should be highly promoted and executed frequently so that there is greater awareness about the same and the targets are achieved through higher try a new |http://financenmoney. should be pulled out of the market as they create negative perception in the minds of consumers towards Recommendations • There has to be enough promotional campaigns pre-launch so that consumers are aware of the flavors. Flavors like Shahista Pista Kulfi that score high on likeability from consumers should be enough in stock all the time because when consumers go to purchase | | | http://hrgyaan. they are generally out of stock and this leads to Amul losing out on sales. 160/. • • • • • • • • http://managementfunda. Due to . People from Amul. the consumers do not find the new flavors innovative enough and there is no enthusiasm among consumers to try the new flavors. Paper packaging should be replaced with tub packaging as there is obvious preference towards it by consumers.http://managementfunda. salesmen. Most of the new flavors have already been tried by consumers with rival brands. distributor and are sales manager need to visit the field ona daily basis as this is one of the most common complaint we came across that no one from Amul ever comes to visit and see how things are going. |http://financenmoney. the distributor switches off the charging of the tempo which damages the | | http://hrgyaan. (Retailers have to ask the salesman for the same) Delivery not on time and some times during rush hours in the evening. Late order execution. Company vehicle stands at the distributor’s point for 2-3 .com | http://hrgyaan. When loading the delivery tempo. Only 1 sales person to handle the entire market. This creates confusion in the mind of the customers. Distributor related problems             If the retailer holds competitor’s products then its damaged AMUL ice-cream is not replaced. Delivery van is halted far from the destination shop leading to product temperature loss. Combo packs without MRP being delivered. Keeps frozen chicken in the store room along with Amul ice Other Findings Distribution related problems:           Salesmen do not provide details about the various schemes proactively to the retailers. Promotional materials not distributed properly by the distributors. No proper warehouse maintenance. Salesmen do not respond properly when contacted on the phone for damage claims or for promotional material requirement. (Damage Complaints) Rude attitude of the delivery boy while handling retailer complaints. Rude behavior of the Distributor. Amul Sales book not used by distributor salesman. Distributor starts loading his tempo everyday by around 12noon. During Season time extra delivery is not manageable. When company vehicle comes then the unloading is directly done to the delivery tempos without taking the product in the cold storage room. Salesman doesn’t open the HADF on every retailer’s point. He takes order by his own so there is no push for more items. Scarcity of manpower during seasons. That’s why retailers give less order in quantity. http://managementfunda. Very dirty Store room.

Other products like milk. Retailers take too much time to make the payments which delays the delivery van in delivering further orders. Damage is only 0. So the salesman cannot promote all the products of Amul. Awareness about products is less. PSM salary is also less in comparison to the other companies. Amul has to provide free HADF to increase market share. If they receive incentives. Area distribution for distributor is not proper. Retailers take time to put the ice cream in the DF which leads to a lot of temperature loss there by damaging the ice | http://hrgyaan. Companies like Havmor give Rs 6000 pm to the sales man. curd. Retailer Related Problems   Prefers to give orders on the telephone as the salesmen do not visit the retail outlets regularly. Kwality Walls gives Rs 7000 pm to the salesman.5% so that amount is not transferred from distributor to the retailer. Only one flavor Green Pista in combo pack is available at Rs. green peas and water bottles are stacked in the same deep freezer which leads to poor temperature in the DF thereby damaging the Ice . Items are not at round off  Too much pressure on 1 salesman. Salesman salary is also less compared to other competitors.   Company related problems             There is incentive scheme for the distributor but not for the salesman. But in Amul they receive only Rs 3000-4000 pm. POP’s demanded are not supplied properly. Changed price POP’s are not supplied regularly which is creating confusion among the customers and retailers.100 | http://hrgyaan. Schemes are not |http://financenmoney.  http://managementfunda. No range selling. There are only 2-3 schemes in a |http://financenmoney. Many competitors provide free deep freezers like Havmor. they will be motivated towards work and put pressure on retailers to buy more of Amul ice cream products.http://managementfunda. No incentive schemes are provided to the salesman so they only do postman call.

More varieties of small SKUs costing | | http://hrgyaan.10 & Rs. Rs. Proper Cold Chain management training to wholesale distributors Incentive plan for the distributor salesman.00. Set KRA’s for the Salesman. .com | http://hrgyaan. Enhance forward integration by putting up retail shops like the Array as it is a government Marketing Strategy        Retain Existing retailers. |http://financenmoney.http://managementfunda.15 thereby targeting the gen Y. Proper Market Segmentation for the dealer/stockist.

where there is a lot of problem of space. Ice cream industry is a service oriented market. In order to enter into a new area such starting schemes can be very helpful. Volume sale is increasing every season. Amul should bring more varieties of small SKUs costing Rs. Rs. In market. whoever puts their products 1st in the retailers freezer will be on profit side. range selling etc. Company should consider increasing the salary of salesmen and PSM as our competitors are giving more salary to their employees. The company can advertise with POP’s in local language. The company should also launch certain schemes for households. http://managementfunda. There is no dress code for salesman. AMUL should 1st appoint an outsourced agency for the | http://hrgyaan. In case they are facing any problem it can be solved timely.http://managementfunda. Company can give gift hampers of their products or free dinner as an alternative. They should have a proper dress code which is a good way to advertise the brand Amul and also motivate the salesman. salesmen are already aware of the incentive schemes provided by other competitor companies. So they are not able to increase service as per Other Recommendations The company should take following steps:    Amul is the leader in the ice cream industry so it should think about more innovative ideas compared to its competitors to increase its market share. It has schemes for retailers but not for households. check POP properly.10 & Rs. PSM should train the salesmen and pressurize them to deal with retailers in suitable manners like describe all schemes properly. In | http://hrgyaan.00.2000.Hence distributors cannot meet the increasing demand and cannot complete delivery because             . 5. So company needs to increase the number of distributors. The company should take proper feedback from retailers from time to time. Amul should come up with an incentive scheme for their salesmen to motivate them. instead of cash as an incentive to motivate their salesman. without |http://financenmoney. so among competitors. Amul should come up with Vertical HADF like the Coke & Pepsi. Schemes like discount on products through newspaper cuttings etc. so they demand for incentive schemes like them. This will benefit the company in the end. In order to meet the competition of Havmor of giving free machineries to the retailers. Also the machinery should be given on installments with a minimum down payment of Rs. This will attract other retailers and consumers more. 15 thereby targeting the gen Y. cold room are all |http://financenmoney.

com | http://hrgyaan.g. .com |http://financenmoney. for the supply of 20lac stock.000 and hence it doesn’t get transferred to the retailer.For E. Amul should put well decorated ice cream deep freezers in the market. the distributor receives damage claim of only | http://hrgyaan.5% which should at least be 1% as given by Havmor (Given to the distributor on every bill irrespective of the damage) .10. http://managementfunda. Like Kwality Walls & Mother Dairy. Amul should come up with regular scheme at least 6-7 times a    Currently the damage policy is |http://financenmoney.

com | http://hrgyaan. 2009-10 Sample survey by questionnaire Bibliography   Prowess Database system | Books &Journals    Kotler.P –Marketing Management.13TH Edition The Marketing Whitebook. | |http://financenmoney.

in Annexure Consumers’ questionnaire Which of the following flavors introduced by Amul Ice-creams are you aware of?       Cookie and Cream Creamy Almond Gauva Thandai Shahista Pista Kulfi Afghan Dry Fruit How did you come to know about the flavors?     Banners Retailer’s suggestion Friends/Relatives Other: Which flavors have you purchased?       Cookie and Cream Creamy Almond Gauva Thandai Shahista Pista Kulfi Afghan Dry Fruit Which of them do you like/dislike and why? | | http://hrgyaan. | | .

com | http://hrgyaan. .com | Which flavors are not available when asked for?       Cookie and Cream Creamy Almond Gauva Thandai Shahista Pista Kulfi Afghan Dry Fruit Have you tried any of these flavors with any other brand? .com | |http://financenmoney.Please mention which brand Dou you feel that the new flavors are optimally priced?   Yes No Which media is more effective to create awareness? Would you prefer tub packaging of 750ml/ 1 liter over 1+1 combo of 750 ml?   Yes No Which flavor do you generally buy and in what package? http://managementfunda.

Do you think that the advertisement inside the shop is adequate? o Yes o No | | | . Rank the flavor as per volume sold? o Cookie & Cream o Guava o Shahista Pista Kulfi o Creamy Almond o Thandai o Afghan Dry Fruit 4. Which of the following new flavors were you informed about by Amul? o Cookie & Cream o Guava o Shahista Pista Kulfi o Creamy Almond o Thandai o Afghan Dry Fruit 2. Which flavors have supply issues? o Cookie & Cream o Guava o Shahista Pista Kulfi o Creamy Almond o Thandai o Afghan Dry Fruit | http://hrgyaan.http://managementfunda. Would you like yhe new flavors in smaller packaging? o Yes o No Retailer’s Questionnaire 1. Which of the following flavors have received negative feedback from consumers? o Cookie & Cream o Guava o Shahista Pista Kulfi o Creamy Almond o Thandai o Afghan Dry Fruit 6.

How often is the product replaced? o As and when required o Not attended o Required to follow up .com | http://hrgyaan. How frequently do the salesmen’s visit? o Once a week o Once a fortnight o Once a month o More than that 8. | | | http://hrgyaan.

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