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Koha3 4manual En

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Published by: Rafiqur Rahman on Dec 05, 2011
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Libraries can decide if they want to have patrons automatically notified of circulation events (check ins and check outs).

Get there: More > Administration > Patrons & Circulation > Item Circulation Alerts

These preferences are set based on patron types and item types.

These preference can be overwritten by changes in the individual patron's messaging preferences.

To set up circulation alerts:

Choose your library from the pull down at the top of the screen

To set preferences for all libraries, keep the menu set to 'Default'

By default all item types and all patrons are notified of check ins and check outs. To change this, click on the item/patron type combo that you would like to

stop notices for.

In the above example, Juveniles and Kids will not receive check out notices.

1.4. Catalog Administration

Set these controls before you start cataloging on your Koha system.

page 81

Get there: More > Administration > Catalog

1.4.1. MARC Bibliographic Frameworks

Think of Frameworks as templates for creating new bibliographic records. Koha comes with some predefined frameworks that can be edited or deleted, and

librarians can create their own frameworks for content specific to their libraries.

Get there: More > Administration > Catalog > MARC Bibliographic Frameworks

Do not delete or edit the Default Framework since this will cause problems with your cataloging records - always create a new template based on the

Default Framework, or alter the other Frameworks.

After clicking the 'MARC structure' link to the right of each framework you can decide how many fields you want to see on one screen by using the pagination

options at the top of the table.

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