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Koha3 4manual En

Koha3 4manual En

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Published by Rafiqur Rahman

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Published by: Rafiqur Rahman on Dec 05, 2011
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Default: Don't show

Asks: ___ similar items, as determined by Amazon, on item detail pages on the staff interface.


Don't show


This will use Amazon data to determine if you have similar items in your collection - it will not show items that you do not already have cataloged at your



This preference makes it possible to either allow or prevent Amazon's suggestions for Similar Items from being displayed in the Staff Client. Amazon offers

this service free of charge, but interested libraries must first establish an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account (http://aws.amazon.com). If the value is set to

"Show", the Similar Items suggestions will appear in the Staff Client, and if it is set to "Don't show", the suggestions will not appear. Before enabling this

preference, the library must first set AWSAccessKeyID and AWSPrivateKey. Finally, if AmazonSimilarItems is enabled, all other similar item services should

be disabled to avoid interference.

Requires that AmazonEnabled is set to 'Use'

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