Adobe InDesign CS3





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Getting Started and Workspace

1/ Adobe InDesign pwifzGihfvSpfjcif;
2/ Workspace
3/ Toolbox toHk;jyKjcif;
4/ Gallery of Selection Tool
5/ Gallery of Drawing Tool and Type Tool
6/ Gallery of Transformation Tool
7/ Gallery of Modification and Navigation Tool
8/ Turn Pages toHk;jyKjcif;
9/ Calculate Values in Panel and Dialogboxes
10/ Work with Addtional Windows
11/ Workspace tm; Munhf½Ijcif;
12/ Setting Preferences toHk;jyKjcif;
13/ Undo Mistakes toHk;jyKjcif;


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14/ Document Window Overview
15/ Move Column Guides
16/ Ruler and Measurement Units
17/ Grids toHk;jyKjcif;
18/ Guides toHk;jyKjcif;
19/ Pages and Spread
20/ Add New Pages
21/ Arrange, Duplicate and Remove Pages
22/ Control Spread Pagination


Adobe InDesign CS3


23/ Master Pages toHk;jyKjcif;
24/ Layers toHk;jyKjcif;
25/ About Path and Frame
26/ Pages Number toHk;jyKjcif;
27/ Text Variable


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Text and Typography

28/ Text Frame zefwD;jcif;
29/ Text Frame a&TUjcif;ESihf t&G,ftpm;jyKjyifjcif;
30/ Characters,Words, Lines ESihf Paragraphs rsm; a&wGufjcif;
31/ Text Frame twGif; pmrsm; xnhfoGif;jcif;
32/ Thread Text Frames
33/ Text Frame Properties
34/ Selecting Text
35/ Find and Change toHk;jyKjcif;
36/ Find Font toHk;jyKjcif;
37/ Glyphs Panel toHk;jyKjcif;
38/ Insert Special Character toHk;jyKjcif;
39/ Spell Checking jyKvkyfjcif;
40/ Dynamic Spelling toHk;jyKjcif;
41/ Footnote toHk;jyKjcif;
42/ Typography (pm½dkufjcif;)
43/ Type Tool toHk;jyKí Text Frame zefwD;jcif;
44/ Change Color and Gradient of Type
45/ Add Transparency Effect to Text
46/ Skew Type
47/ Use Drop Caps
48/ Add Lines Above or Below Paragraph
49/ Align or Justify Text
50/ Indents toHk;jyKjcif;


jyKjcif. 52/ Repeat Tab toHk. (6) Table toHk. a&TUjcif.jcif.jyKjcif. 59/ Export toHk. 62/ Table of Contents (TOC) toHk.jyKjcif.jyKjcif.jyKjcif. 53/ Tab rsm.ESihf Invert Option toHk.jcif.jcif. 47 48 48 49 tcef.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 51/ Tabs toHk. 50 50 50 50 55 56 58 59 zsufxkwfjcif.jyKjcif.jyKjcif. 65/ Create Text on the Path 66/ Adjust Type on the Path Position 67/ Flip Type on the Path 68/ Type on a Path Options toHk. 60/ Book File zefwD. 61 63 63 64 65 65 tcef.ESihf toHk. (5) Combining Text and Objects 63/ Wraping Text Around Objects 64/ Text Wrap Boundry jyKjyifjcif. 54/ Bullet and Numbering xnhfoGif.jyKjcif. 61/ Paragraph Styles toHk.jyKjcif. 69/ Create Table 70/ Convert Table to Text 71/ Combine Table 67 68 68 . (4) Working with the Document 55/ Open Document 56/ Save Document 57/ Save Document Template 58/ Template rS zdkiftopfzefwD.

jyKjcif. 69 69 70 71 72 72 74 76 tcef. 77/ Formatting Table 78/ Table Border. 80/ About Path 81/ Direction Line and Direction Point 82/ 90/ Compound Path toHk. xnhfoGif.jyKjcif. 91/ Compound Shape 92/ Text tm. Shape ESihf Placeholder zefwD. 87/ Smooth Tool toHk. 83/ Pencil Tool toHk.jyKjcif. Columns ESihf Table wdkYudk zsufxkwfjcif. 79/ Table and Cells Style owfrSwfjcif. 89/ Line (Stroke) Setting toHk.jyKjcif. 75/ Rows ESihf Columns rsm. 86/ Path rsm. a&G.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 72/ Table Header ESihf Table Footer toHk.jyKjcif. Rows ESihf Columns rsm.jcif. 84/ Pen Tool toHk. 73/ Header ESifh Footer tm.vJjcif.vJjcif. Strokes and Fills toHk.jcif. 79 80 80 82 82 85 86 86 86 87 88 90 90 90 92 94 . 74/ Table Cells. Path tjzpfodkY ajymif.? zsufxkwfjcif.jyKjcif.jyKjcif. Scissors Tool jzihf cGJxkwfjcif. 76/ Rows. Table Options rS jyKjyifjcif. 85/ Smooth Point ESifh Corner Point ajymif.cs. (7) Drawing ESihf Graphics toHk.jyKjcif.jyKjcif.jyKjcif. 93/ Choosing Right Graphics Format 94/ Importing File From Adobe Application and Other File 95/ Object Libraries toHk. 88/ Position Tool toHk.

111/ PDF zdkiftwGuf Buttons zefwD. 96/ Selecting (a&G.jcif. 101/ About Transparency 102/ Effects Panel 103/ Transparency Effect toHk.jcif. 106/ Automation 107/ Data Merge toHk. (11) Printing ESihf Color Separation toHk. 108/ Adobe PDF zdkif toHk.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef tcef.jyKjcif. 110/ Adobe PDF twGuf Movie ESihf Sound zdkif xnhfoGif. 103 103 104 108 110 tcef.jyKjcif.jyKjcif.jyKjcif. 114/ Color Separation toHk. 104/ Color toHk.) 97/ Transforming Objects 98/ Align Object 99/ Grouping. 112/ Printing a Document or Book 113/ Print Booklet toHk.jyKjcif.jyKjcif. (10) Automation ESihf Export PDF jyKvkyfjcif. 124 127 130 .jyKjcif. 109/ Hyperlink xnhfoGif.fjcif.jyKjcif.cs. 105/ Gradient Panel toHk. (8) Frame ESihf Objects toHk. (9) Transparancy Effects ESihf Color toHk. 112 114 117 118 121 121 tcef.jyKjcif.jyKjcif. Locking and Duplicating Objects 100/ Working Frames and Objects 96 97 99 100 101 tcef.jcif.

(7) 131/ avhusihfcef.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef tcef.rsm.(1) 125/ avhusihfcef. (12) Page Maker. 115/ Page Maker ESihf Indesign toHk. (13) avhusihfcef.ESihf Shortcuts rsm.(2) 126/ avhusihfcef. 124/ avhusihfcef. 132 133 133 134 134 136 136 136 137 tcef..(5) 129/ avhusihfcef.jyKjcif.(4) 128/ avhusihfcef. InDesign EIdif.SOftoHk.(3) 127/ avhusihfcef.(8) 139 140 144 148 150 153 156 159 .jyKjcif. 116/ Page Maker \ File Menu Command 117/ Page Maker \ Layout Menu Command 118/ Page Maker \ Type Menu Command 119/ Page Maker \ Utilities Menu Command 120/ Page Maker \ Element Menu Command 121/ Page Maker \ View Menu Command 122/ Page Maker \ Window Menu Command 123/ Keyboard Shortcuts toHk.(6) 130/ avhusihfcef.jyKjcif.

Document window B. (1) Getting Started and Workspace Adobe InDesign pwifzGihfvSpfjcif. Dock of panels collapsed to icons C.? yHk(1-1)wGif awGU&onhftwdkdif. Options bar (Control Panel) F. 1/ Adobe InDesign udk pwif&eftwGuf Start Button/ Programs rS Adobe InDesign CS3 udk Click vkyfyg/ Welcome Screen yGihfNyD. Collapsed yHk (1-1) A.Adobe InDesign CS3 1 uuuGef tcef. Tools palette D. Collapse To Icons button .wGif Document Window. Menu bar E. Adobe InDesign Window udk awGU&ygrnf/ 4if.

ponfwdkY yg0ifygonf/ xdkYtjyif Adobe Page Maker onf Version 7.jzihf yHk(1-2)wGif jyxm.jyKjyif ajymif.r&Sday/ Workspace 2/ rsm.fxm.vJEdkifygonf/ (u) Hide or Show All Panels/ pmykd'fxJwGif Cursor r&Sdonhf tcsdefwGif Tab Key udk ESdyfygu Tool Palette.cs. csJUjyjcif.0 tjyif topfxyfrHxGuf&Sdvmjcif.? xyfrH Click vkyfygu jyefydwfjcif.onhftwdkif.? Table rsm.jzihf Menubar \atmufwGif Control Panel udk awGUEdkifygonf/ . Menubar.wdkY jyKvkyfay. Page Maker xufydkrdkaumif.csJUjcif.foGm.jym. Options Bar tygt0if Panel\ xdyfwGif&Sdonfh Double Arrow udkESdyfjcif.? Palette rsm.? Bars rsm.? csKHUjcif.udkESdyfjcif.jyKEdkifjcif.ygrnf/ jyefay:vdkvQif Tab Key udk jyefvnf ESdyfay.vHk. aysmufuG. Tool Palette.ESihf jyefcsKHUjcif.? Object Effects rsm.ygvdrfhrnf/ yHk (1-2) (C) Control Panel/ Window Menu rS Control udk a&G.ESihf Window wdkYudk trsKd. toHk.jzihf Panel rsm.&ygrnf/ ( c ) Panel tm. Options Bar(Control Panel) wdkYyg0ifygonf/ Adobe InDesign onf Adobe Page Maker uJhodkY pmpDpm½dkufjyKvkyfEdkifaomfvnf.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 2 to Icons.rsKd.wdkYudk jzpfay:apygonf/ ( * ) Open and Close Panel/ Panel Icons rsm.rGefonhf Tool rsm.vSaom Panel rsm./ Panel rsm. oufqdkif&m Panel udk zGihfjcif.vQif yHkrSef tm.

onfh Tool rsm.wdkYudk jyKvkyfEdkif ygonf/ NyD.a&TUxm.jyKvdkygu Window Menu \ Objects and Layout rS Command Bar udk ESdyfygu Option Bar atmufwGif Command Bar ay:vmygrnf/ jyefaysmufvdkygu Window Menu \ Objects and Layout rS Command Bar udk jyefvnf Click vkyfyg/ 4if.udk rdrdvdktyfonfh ae&modkY yHk (1-4) twdki.cs.udk a&G.fxm.ygonf/ Oyrm. 3/ Window Menu rS Tool udk Click vkyfygu Toolbox ay:vmygrnf/ jyefaysmufvdkvQif Window Menu rS Tool udk Click vkyfyg/ tcsKdU Tools rsm. jyKjyifjcif.cs.\ Shortcuts udk od&SdEdkifygonf/ Toolbox toHk.vQif t&G.tjzpf xnhfoGif.? wnfae&mjyKjyifjcif. azmfjyxm.Type Tool udk a&G.Edkifygonf/ ( p ) Key Board Shortcuts/ Indesign \ Key Board Shortcuts rsm.ygonf/ 4if.ESihf oufqdkifonhf Command Icon rsm.udk yHk (1-3)wGif awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (1-4) ( i ) Use Command Bar/ Command Bar udk toHk.udk .udk Icons rsm.cs.vQif yg0ifonhf Command rsm.jyKjcif.f ajymif.fxm.udk azmfjy ay.fay.udk odvdkvQif Edit Menu rS Key Board Shortcuts udkESdyfvQif Key Board Shortcuts Dialogbox ay:vmygrnf/ 4if. Bar wGif toHk.? apmif.fxm.vQif a&G.\ Options rsm.onhf Command rsm.wGif oufqdkif&m Menu rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 3 yHk (1-3) Control Panel wGif Frame wpfckckudk a&G.onhftcg pmvHk.ftpm.rsm.cs.? vSnhfjcif.jcif.

udk azmfjyxm.ygonf/ yHk (1-6) .fNyD.ygu zHk.ygrnf/ yHk (1-5)wGif Toolbox wGif &Sdonhf Tool rsm. Mouse udkzdxm.cs.udk Click vkyfygu jyefaysmufoGm.fxm.onhf Tool rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 4 yHk (1-5) a&G.ESihf Shortcuts Key rsm.udkzGifhjyygrnf/ 4if.uG.

Direct Selection Tool. yHk (1-7)ESihf (1-8)wGif .ygonf/ yHk (1-7) Gallery of Drawing Tool and Type Tool 5/ Drawing Tool ESihf Type Tool rsm.jzpfonfh Selection Tool.\ azmfjyxm.Adobe InDesign CS3 5 uuuGef Gallery of Selection Tool 4/ Selection Tool rsm. Crop Tool wdkY toHk.jyKyHkudk yHk (1-6)wGif azmfjyxm.ygonf/ toHk.jyKyHktm.

ygonf/ Gallery of Modification and Navigation Tool 7/ Modification ESihf Navigation Tool rsm. Button Tool wdkY\ toHk.ygonf/ .jzpfonhf Eyedropper. Zoom.jyKyHkrsm.udk yHk (1-9)wGif azmfjyxm. Transform Tool wdkY\ toHk.jyKyHkrsm.udk yHk (1-9)ESihf yHk (1-10)wGifazmfjyxm. Scale Tool. Shear Tool.jzpfonfh Rotate Tool.Adobe InDesign CS3 6 uuuGef yHk (1-8) Gallery of Transformation Tool 6/ Transformation Tool rsm. Scissors. Gradient Feather. Hand. Gradiert Swatch. Measure.

Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 7 yHk (1-9) .

toHk.fwuloGm. (12 pt/3)wdkYjyKvkyfNyD.vdkonfhpmrsufESmudk a&G.vdkonhf pmrsufESmudkoGm.wGif Mathematical Operator rsm.Font Size 12 jzihf toHk.vJEdkifygonf/ Oyrm.xnhfjcif. (odkYr[kwf) Page Box udkESdyfí Pullout wGif oGm.jzihf oGm.ygrnf/ .&ef Page Up ESdyfjcif.wdkYudk jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ (yHk 1-11) yHk (1-11) Calculate Values in Panel and Dialogboxes 9/ InDesign \ Panel ESihf Dialogboxes rsm. (odkYr[kwf) Document Window \ b.? Enter Key ESdyfjcif.vJay.cs.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 8 yHk (1-10) Turn Pages toHk.? Enter udkESdyfyg/ tvdk&Sdaom Font Size udkajymif.jcif. 8/ InDesign wGif pmrsufESmrsm.udk jyKvkyfEdkifonf/ Page Box wGif pmrsufESmeHygwfudk ½dkufxnhfNyD.fatmufzufwGif&Sdonhf Next Page Button udkESdyfjcif. (odkYr[kwf) Document Window \ b.Edkif&ef pDpOfay.ygonf/ aemufpmrsufESmoGm.udk jyKvkyfEdkifonf/ a&SUpmrsufESmudkoGm.fjcif.? Measurement Units rsm. (12 pt+3)? ESKwfjcif.jyKjcif.udk ajymif.jyKaepOf? Font Size Box xJwGif aygif.&ef Page Down ESdyfjcif. (12 pt-3)? ajr§mufjcif.jyKNyD.udk tvG. (12 pt*3)? pm.jcif.fatmufzufwGif&Sdonhf Previous Page Button udkESdyfjcif.xm.

Adobe InDesign CS3 9 uuuGef yHk (1-12) Work with Addtional Windows 10/ InDesign wGif vuf&Sd Window tjyif tjcm.udk Munhf½IEdkifygonf/ yHk(1-12)wGif Chapter 1 ESihf Chapter 13 Document wdkYtm.. Document wdkYudk zGihfvSpf Edkifygonf/ Document (2)ckudkzGihfxm.NyD.onhf Window rsm.SOfMunhf½IEdkifygonf/ .? Window Menu \ Arrange rS New Window udkESdyfyg/ NyD.vQif Arrange rS Tile Horizontally.udk awGUjrifEdkifygonf/ xdkokdY zGihfvSpf xm. Window wGif vuf&Sd Document ESihf tjcm.? zGifhxm.udk EIdif. Window rsm. Tile Vertically ESdyfNyD.jcif.jzihf Document Window wpfckudk xyfrHzGihfEdkif ygonf/ tjcm. Tile Vertically wdkYudkESdyfNyD.

udk vdkovdka&TUNyD.jzihf Munhf½IEdkifygonf/ atmufygtwdkif.onhf Short Cut rsm.? Document rsm.ygonf/ Document rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 10 Workspace tm. Zoom Out.udkESdyfNyD.udk ajymif.vJEdkifygonf/ Zoom Tool tm.rsKd.trsKd. 11/ InDesign wGif Workspace twGif.? jrifuGif.udk pmrsufESmtvdkuf Munhf½IEdkifygonf/ yHk (1-14) .rS Zoom In.jzihf jrifuGif.csJUonftcg toHk.jyKaepOfwGif Alt Key zdygu Pointer onf Hand Tool odkY ajymif.&Sd Document rsm. Munhf½IEdkifygonf/ Type Tool toHk. Actual Size ponfwdkYudkESdyfNyD.SOfwGJazmfjyxm. yHkrSeftm. Munhf½IEdkifygonf/ (C) Key Board rS Page Up.rsm.&Sd jrifuGif. ajymif. Fit Page in Window. jrifuGif.jyK&ygrnf/ ( * ) Hand Tool/ Hand Tool a&G. csKHUvdkygu Alt Key jrifuGif.vJEdkifygonf/ (yHk 1-13) 4if.jyKNyD. Munhf½Ijcif.vJEdkifygonf/ ( c ) Zoom Tool/ Zoom Tool jzihfvnf. Page Down wdkYudkESdyfNyD.? jrifuGif. ajymif.udk a&TUNyD.vnf. rsm. jrifuGif.wdkYESihf. toHk.udk ajymif.cs.vJEdkifygonf- yHk (1-13) (u) Command/ View Menu twGif. Work Space twGif.

jzpfay:ygrnf/ .? Graphics ESihf Typography wdkYtwGuf Options rsm.cs. 2 pt Units rsm.jcif.twmrsm.? .&mcdkifEIef.rS a&G.vJEdkifygonf/ yHk (1-15) Setting Preferences toHk.fjcif. ponfjzihf jyKjyifajymif.wGif View Box qGJa&TUjcif.vdkonfudk ½dkuf&ygrnf/ Oyrm-yHkwGif Size/ Leading tm. ½dkufxnhfjcif.jyK Edkifygonf/ Keyboard Increments wGif Key wpfcgESdyfvQif ajymif.? Zoom Edit Box wGif Munhfvdkonhf jrifuGif.? Zoom Slider wGif qGJa&TUjcif.cs. Vertical rsm.lepftwdkif.fxm.ygonf/ xdkYaMumihf Shift+Ctrl+> ESdyfjcif.vJEdkifygonf/ Edit Menu rS Preferences udk Pointer wifvQif ay:vmonhf Menu rS ajymif.vJvdkonfudk ESdyf&ygrnf/ 4if.wGif Ruler Units rsm.twGuf Options rsm.udk yHk(1-15)wGif Inches rsm.udk ajymif. a&G.? Zoom in Button udkESdyfjcif. 'kwd.Adobe InDesign CS3 ( i ) uuuGef 11 Window Menu \ Object and Layout rS Navigator udkESdyfygu Navigator Panel tm.ftpm.onfudk jzKwfay.t&G.? i. toHk. 12/ Preferences wGif Display Options rsm.ESihf Shift+Ctrl+< ESdyfvQif pmvHk.rSom jrefrmpmwGif ('? ") wdkY½dkufí &ygrnf/ ( c ) Unit & Increments/ 4if. atmufygtwdkif.yHktwdkif.? Panel wdkYtwGuf Options rsm. oufqdkif&m Box rsm.cs.jzpfonhf Horizontal.fxm.? Zoom out Button udkESdyfjcif.xm.wdkYjzihfjrifuGif.rsm. yHk(1-14)twdkif.jyKjcif.wdkYrS tcsKdUtm. awGU&ygrnf/ 4if.jyKEkdifygonf (u) Type/ Use Typographer's Quotes a&G. 2 pt BuD.

jzihf y. Color ay.jyKvkyfcsuftwGuf Edit Menu rS Undo (Ctrl+Z)ESdyfjcif. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ yxrtBudrf Save jyefvnfjyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ 4if.twmay.? Increment Every wGif uGmjcm.ppfjcif. Redo jyKvkyfcsufrsm.? Start prnhftwdkif.? Relative To wGif Top of Page.NyD.jcif.udk owfrSwfEdkifygonf/ Dictionary.jyKjcif. Horizontal.tjym.jcif.vdkuf? axmifvdkuf tuGufta& twGufxnhfoGif.Adobe InDesign CS3 12 uuuGef yHk (1-16) ( * ) (C) Grids and Guide/ Grids wGif yHk(1-16)twdkif.csufxnhfoGif.fzsufEdkifygonf/ Redo (Ctrl+Shift+Z)ESdyfjcif.onftxd jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ Adobe rS uGefysLwm\ Memory wyfqifxm. Autocorrect wdkYwGif Dictionary owfrSwfjcif.cs. Top of Margin a&G.? jyKvkyfcsuf &mausmftxd vkyfaqmifEdkifonf[k a&. Spelling.twGuf owfrSwfEdkifygonf/ Undo Mistakes toHk. 13/ InDesign wGif trSm. Vertical wdkYwGif tvsm.wdkYudk owfrSwfEdkifygonf/ xdkYtwl Guide wGifvnf.jcif.jcif.? Spelling ESihf Autocorrect wdkYwGif owfyHkpmvHk.onfh tay:wGif rlwnfonf[k owfrSwfxm.aygif. Undo.fjcif. Guide Line wdkY\ta&mifrsm.ygonf/ .

udk yHk (2-1)twdkif. Slug Area (Print rxkwfEdkifonhfae&m)rsm.vJvdkygu ajymif.jzihf cGJjcm.Edkifygonf/ yHk (2-2) . Spread (Black Lines) B.onhftwdkif. Page (Black Lines) C.xm. Slug Area (Blue Lines) Move Column Guides 15/ rdrdowfrSwfxm.udk ajymif. Column Guides (Violet Lines) E.udk zdqGJNyD. Margin Guides (Magenta Lines) D.yg/ NyD. ygonf/ yHk (2-1) A. Column Guides rsm. (2) Layout Document Window Overview 14/ Document Window wGif Page (pmrsufESmtwdkif. Bleed Area (Red Lines) F.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 13 tcef.vQif Selection Tool jzihf yHk (2-2)wGifjyxm. ta&mifrsm.twm)? Margin Guides (pm½dkufEdkifonhf ae&m)? Column Guides (pmwdkif uefYowfonfhae&m)? Bleed.? vdktyfonfhae&modkY a&TUajymif.onhf Column rsm.vJEdkifygonf/ View Menu \ Grids and Guides rS Lock Column Guides jzpfaeonfudk Click jyKvkyfay.

ygu Info Panel wGif Width ESihf Height wdkY\ tuGmta0.jyKEdkifygonf- yHk (2-3) (u) ( c ) Change Measurement Units and Ruler/ Edit Menu \ Preferences rS Unit and Increments udkESdyfyg/ ay:vmonhf Dialogbox wGif Ruler ESifh Increments .vJEdkifygonf/ Change the Zero Point/ Horizonal Ruler ESihf Vertical Ruler wdkYqHk&mrS Pointer jzihf rdrdtvdk&Sdonhf ae&modkYqGJ.fNyD.? 'kwd. toHk.(yHk 2-3)? Hide Ruler udkESdyfNyD.udk azmfjyay.loGm.? Horizonal Ruler ESihf Vertical Ruler wdkYudkay:apjcif.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 14 Ruler and Measurement Units 16/ View Menu rS Show Ruler ESdyfNyD.&ygrnf/ ay:vmonhf Menu wGif Ruler Units ajymif.wGif atmufygtwdkif.ljcif.qHkrSwfudk Right Click vkyfNyD.wdkY vkyfaqmifEdkifygonf/ 4if. jzKwfay.jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (2-4) ( * ) Measure Tool/ Measure Tool jzihf wdkif.vJjcif.apmif.f xm.lepfrsm.udk wdkif.lygu rsOf.qGJ.ay:vmonhf Menu rS Lock Zero Point udka&G.ygrnf/ Shift Key udkzdNyD.a&TUEdkifygonf/ (yHk2-4) 4if.jzihf Zero Point udk ajymif.cs. aysmufapjcif.ESihf Hide Ruler wdkYudk toHk.wm Edkifygonf/ wdkif.ygrnf/ .udk ajymif.wmvdkonhf yxrrSwfudk Click vkyfNyD. wdkif.cs.vdkonhf tuGmta0.vQif Zero Point udkra&TUEdkifyg/ 4if.rsm.ajzmihfESihf 45 'D*&DrsOf.trSwfxdqGJ.udk jyefvnfa&G.wmay.

fjcif. Start (prnhf tuGmta0.).jym. (odkYr[kwf) txufyg Short Cut rsm.jzihf ay:jcif.cs. 18/ Horizontal Ruler ESihf Vertical Ruler wdkYrS Drag vkyfjcif.jzihf Guide Line rsm.fEdkifygonf/ Document Grid twGuf Color.wdkY jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ View Menu \ Guides rS Show / Hide Guides jyKvkyfjcif.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 15 yHk (2-5) Grids toHk.jyKEdkifygonf/ (yHk 2-5) View Menu \ Show Base Line Grid (Ctrl+Alt+ ' )ESihf Show Document Grid (Ctrl+ ' )wdkYjzihf Grids rsm.\ Base Line Grid wGif Grid Color.udk Copy vkyfjcif.ay:aevQif Hide Base Line Grid ESihf Hide Document Grid wdkYudka&G.udk &&SdEdkifygonf/ 4if. Relative To (Top Margin.udkESdyfjcif. Guide Lines rsm.jyKEdkifygonf/ (yHk 2-6) yHk (2-6) Guides toHk. 17/ Grids wGif Base Line Grid ESihf Document Grid wdkYudk toHk.vSonfh Guides Line .ay:Edkifygonf/ Grids rsm.jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ rsm.).? Delete vkyfjcif.cs. Increment Between (Grid tuGmta0.? azsmufjcif.jyKjcif. Top of Page)wdkYudk a&G.jzihf azsmufEdkifygonf/ Default Grid udkjyKjyifvdkvQif Edit Menu \ Preferences rS Grids udkESdyfNyD. Horizontal ESifh Vertical wdkYwGif Grids Line Every ESifh Subdivision wdkYudk vdkovdk toHk.jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ 4if.jyKjcif.? Paste vkyfjcif.

Ctrl+Alt+G ESdyfNyD.jcif.jcif.wGJxm.fjcif.cs.udk xyfxnhfvdkonfh oufqdkif&mpmrsufESmwpfckcsif.jzihf aemufqHk.jcif.? Entire Spread udka&G.cs.cs.)wdkYudk awGUEdkifygonf/ Document Setup wGif Facing Pages udka&G.jyKEdkifygonf (u) Layout Menu \ Pages rS Add Page (Ctrl+Shift+P) (odkYr[kwf) Pages Panel rS Create New Page Icon udkESdyfjcif.udk a&G.wdkYudk wm.f&mwGif wpfckcsif. a&TUjcif.xnhfay.udkjyojcif.onhf Spread udk yHk (2-7)wGifawGUEdkifygonf/ 4if.twGuf Ctrl Key zdía&G.xnhfay.wdkY jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ yHk (2-8) Add New Pages 20/ pmrsufESmtopfxnhf&eftwGuf atmufygtwdkif.onhf pmrsufESm rsm.cs.pmrsufESmwdkYudkESdyfí a&G. wGif vdkonhfpmrsufESmrsm.jrpfEdkifygonf/ yHk (2-7) Pages and Spread 19/ Pages Panel wGif pm&Gufrsm.? zsufjcif.xm. aygif. aygif.ESihf Spread (pm&Gufrsm.jzihf vuf&SdpmrsufESmaemufwGif pm&Guf wpf&GufxnhfEdkifygonf/ (yHk 2-9) ( c ) File Menu rS Document Setup udkESdyfNyD.udk a&G. toHk.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 16 rsm.ygu pm&Guf ESpf&Gufyl.? Shift Key zdí tppmrsufESmESihf tqHk. Select vkyfEdkifygonf/ View Menu \ Grids and Guides rS Lock Guide jyKvkyfNyD.wGif pm&Gufrsm.Edkifygonf/ Oyrm.yxr (5) .wdkYudk yHk (2-8)wGifawGUEdkifygonf/ a&G.? yxrzGihfxm.

ygrnf/ yHk (2-10) ( * ) Pages Panel rS Master Document udka&G. wdkYudk atmufygtwdkif.) ESihf Page Number Box wGif pmrsufESmtrSwfxnhfjcif.onfh Document Setup \ Number of Pages wGif (8) xnhfvQif pmrsufESm(5)aemufwGif topf(3)&Guf xyfxnhfay.jyKEdkifygonf/ Arrange.jyKEdkifygonf/ .\ Position rsm. Insert Pages Dialogbox ay:vmygrnf/ 4if. Move Pages (a&TUvdkonhfpmrsufESm)? Destination & Page (a&TUvdkonfhae&mESihf pmrsufESmtrSwf)wdkYudk toHk.jcif.vJEdkifygonf/ (yHk 2-11) Layout \ Pages rS Move Pages udkESdyfyg/ ay:vmonhf Dialogbox wGif 'kwd.fNyD.? yHkpHwlyGm.yHktwdkif.cs.udk a& zsufxkwfjcif.)? At Start of Document (zdkif\ tpwGifxnhfjcif. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf (u) Move/ pmrsufESmrsm.)? At End of Document (zdkif\ tqHk.jcif.wGifxnhfjcif.vdkonhfae&modkY qGJa&TU jcif.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 17 yHk (2-9) rsufESmjzihf zGihfxm.)? Before Page (vuf&Sd pmrsufESma&SUwGif xnhfjcif. xm.jzihf ajymif.wdkYudk toHk.? Layout Menu \ Pages rS Insert Pages udkESdyfyg/ yHk (2-10)twdkif. Duplicate and Remove Pages 21/ Pages Panel wGif pmrsufESmrsm.wGif Pages wGifxnhfvdkonfh pmrsufESmta& twGuf? Insert wGif After Page (vuf&SdpmrsufESm aemufwGif xnhfjcif.

jzKwfay.wGif yHkpHwl&&Sdygrnf/ Layout Menu \ Pages rS Duplicate Spread udkESdyfvQifvnf.vQif yHk (2-12)twdkif.wGif aemufcHozG.wGifom ay:ap&efvnf. pDay.ygrnf/ Facing Pages a& awGUEdkifygonf/ Master Pages toHk.? pmrsm. zefwD. yHkpHwl yGm.wdkYudk ay:vdkonfh pmrsufESmrsm.ygu yxrpmrsufESmrSvGJí ESpfrsufESmjzihf pDay.Edkifygonf/ ( * ) Delete Pages/ zsufvdkonhf pmrsufESmrsm.udk ½dkufxnhf&rnf/ (Oyrm 19 rS 21 txd 19-21. toHk.cs.jzihf zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ Layout \ Pages rS Delete Pages udkESdyfyg/ ay:vmonfh Dialogbox wGif zsufvdkonhf pmrsufESmrsm.vdkygu qGJ.Edkifygonf/ Master Pages tm. 23/ Master Pages wGif xnhfoGif.jyKjcif.yHkwGif (2 rS 4 txd)pmrsufESm (3) rsufESmpDxm.jyKEdkifygonf- .rnf/ 4if.)wdkYudk usefonhfpmrsufESmrsm.? Allow Document to Shuffle a&G.ygonf/ Document Setup wGif Facing Pages jzKwfxm.xm. yHkrSeftwdkif.lNyD.21) yHk (2-12) Control Spread Pagination 22/ Pages Panel wGif pmrsufESmrsm.fxm. atmufygtwdkif. pDxm.udk Delete Icon ay:odkY qGJwifjcif.f (yHkrsm. 19 ESifh 21 19. pDvdkvQif Pages Panel wGif Right Click vkyfNyD.fxm.wdkYxuf ydkrdkonhf pmrsufESmtwGJrsm.? Create New Page Icon ay:odkYwifygu pmrsufESmtqHk. yHkpHwlyGm.rItm.? Guides ay:aeygonf/ 4if.ygu wpfrsufESmcsif. a&TUvdkonhf pmrsufESmudk qGJa&TU&ygrnf/ 'kwd.&ygrnf/ NyD.onhf Objects Line rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 18 yHk (2-11) ( c ) Duplicate Page/ pmrsufESmwpfcktm.cs.

? Apply Master to Page udkESdyfyg/ yHk(2-15) twdkif. ay:aeygrnf/ yHk (14)wGif b.? OK udk ESdyfay.NyD.vQif Pages Panel xJwGif Right Click vkyfNyD.pmrsufESmwGif Master wGif&Sdonhf Objects rsm.&ygrnf/ (C) Load Master/ Pages Panel \tay:nmaxmihfwGif&Sdonfh udk Click vkyfNyD.fyg/ NyD.wGif Right Click vkyfNyD.udk Pages Panel xJwGif Ctrl Key zdNyD.? ay:vmonfh Menu rS Load Master Pages udk ESdyfyg/ ay:vm onhf Dialogbox rS ac:wifvdkonhf InDesign File udk Double Click vkyfyg/ rl&if.B ½dkufxnhfvQif Pages Panel wGif B-Master [k topf&ygrnf/ (yHk 2-13) yHk (2-14) ( c ) Apply Master to Pages/ Master tm. Load . pmrsufESmrsm.ay:odkYqGJwifjcif.cs. Apply Master wGif ay.ay:odkY qGJa&TUjcif.vdkonhf Master udka&G. a&G.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 19 yHk (2-13) (u) New Mater/ yHkrSeftaejzihf Document wpfckwGif A-Master ygNyD.fbufpmrsufESmESihf ESpf&GufwGJvHk.r[kwfonhf pmrsuf ESmrsm.? New Master udk ESdyfyg/ Prefix wGif Master trnfudk ½dkufxnhf&ygrnf/ Oyrm. jzihf 4if.vnf.zdkifwGif A-Master &Sdaeojzihf yHk (2-16)twdkif.? Master topfrsm. xyfxnhfEdkifygonf/ Pages Panel \ A-Master ab.udk awGUEdkifygonf/ ( * ) Apply Master to Multiple Pages/ wpfqufwnf.

jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (2-17)wGif Layer rsm.ygrnf/ Replace Master Pages udkESdyfvdkufvQif ac:wif vdkonhf Master rsm.jyKjcif.jyKEdkifygonf/ vuf&Sd Select vkyfxm.onfudk awGUEdkifygonf/ Window Manu rS Layer pmrsm.? Layer Panel zGihfEdkifygonf/ 4if.cGJxm.? yHkrsm. tcsKdUpmrsufESmwGif ray:vdkvQif Page Panel rS None Master udk toHk.xJodkY qGJxnhfjcif. 24/ Documents rsm. ponfwdkYudk Layer wpfckpD toHk.wGif tvG.udkazsmufjcif. a&mufvmygrnf/ ( i ) toHk. toHk.jyKEdkifygonf/ Show Master Items ( trIdufyHk.fwul jyKjyifEdkif&ef Background rsm.jyKEdkifygonf (u) New Layer/ Layer topfzGihf&ef Layer Panel rS Create New Layer Button udkESdyfygu Layer topfwpfck &&Sdygrnf/ .udk atmufygtwdkif. toHk.) Layers toHk.)? wdkYudkvnf.onhf pmrsufESmwGif Page Panel Menu rS Hide Master Items (Master rS Objects rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 20 yHk (2-15) Master Page Alert ay.jzihf zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ yHk (2-16) ( p ) Master wGif&Sdonhf Objects rsm.rvdkawmhonhf Master rsm.

? yHk Layer wGif Suppress Text Wrap When Layer is Hidden a&G.xm.udk ay:jcif.wGif Layer yHk (2-18) trnfjyKjyifjcif.jcif.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 21 yHk ( c ) (2- Layer Options/ Layer Panel rS Layer tm.? Show Layer a&G.? Color ta&mifjyKjyifjcif.jyKEdkifygonf/ ( * ) Layer Panel rS Layer \ Eye Icon udkESdyfNyD. Layer udk ay:Edkif? azsmufEdkifygonf/ Layer Options udkzGihfEdkifygonf/ (yHk 2-18) 4if. yHk Layer azsmufxm.jzihf 4if.vJjcif. jyefpkoGm.? Show Guides (aywH twGif.jzihf Print xkwfcGihfjyKjcif.? Lock Layer a&G.jcif.udk ajymif.) wdkYudk toHk.rsm.udk ra&TUEdkifjcif.jcif.? Print Layer a&G.z.jcif. Double Click vkyfNyD. Layer &Sd Frame ta&mifrsm.rvdkawmhonhf Layer rsm.xm.)? Lock Guides (Guide rsm.rSqGJ.jzihf 4if. azsmufjcif.xm.jzifh yHkae&mtwGuf pmrsm.vQif pmrsm.jcif. azsmufjcif. Layer tm. toHk.jzihf Layer twGif.jcif.&Sd Objects rsm.fxkwfxm.rjyKEdkifjcif.lxm.? jzKwfjcif.onfh Guide Line rsm.jyjcif.udk Layer Panel \ .

? yHkrsm.Edkifygonf/ txl.Edkifygonf/ yHk (2-19)wGif Path ESihf Frame udk awGUEdkifygonf/ Path rsm.? Layer Panel \tay: nmaxmihfwGif&Sdonhf Layer Panel Menu Icon udkESdyfyg/ Merge Layer udkESdyfNyD. Polygon.udkzefwD.Edkifygonf/ yHk (2-19) About Path and Frame 25/ InDesign wGif Path ESihf Frame rsm.udk Rectangle.udk Rectangle Frame. zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ Layer rsm.ojzihf Text rsm.xnhfoGif. Pen Tool rsm.EdkifNyD.cs. Ellipse Frame.udk xnhfoGif.Edkifygonf/ Path onf Vector Graphics jzpfygonf/ Frame rsm.xJodkY qGJxnhfNyD.Edkifygonf/ Type Tool jzihf Text Frame rsm.udk Shift Key zdía&G. xnhfoGif.onhftcg Picture Frame tvdktavsmuf &&SdEdkifygonf/ yHk (2-20)wGif Graphics Holder ESihf Text Holder wdkYudk awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (2-20) .udk aygif.? Frame rsm. Polygon Frame Tool rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 22 atmufajcwGif&Sdonhf trIdufyHk.jzihfzefwD. Ellipse.? Layer rsm.EdkifNyD.fNyD.ESihf zefwD.wGif Objects rsm.udk zefwD.

Adobe InDesign CS3



Pages Number toHk;jyKjcif;
26/ Documents, Book rsm;wGif

pmrsufESmeHygwf xnhfoGif;Edkifygonf/ pmrsufESm
eHygwfrsm;udk (9999)txd toHk;jyKEdkifygonf/ pmrsufESm eHygwfwyf&ef Master Page udk
a&G;cs,fNyD;? Text Frame zefwD;yg/ Type Menu \ Insert Special Character rS Markers
udk a&G;cs,fyg/ 4if;rS Current Page Number (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N)udk ESdyfyg/ yHk (2-21)
wGif pmrsufESmeHygwfxnhfxm;onhf Master Page ESihf pmrsufESm(5)udk awGUEdkifygonf/
Layout Menu rS Numbering and Section Options udkESdyfyg/ ay:vmonhf Dialogbox

yHk (2-21)

Start Page Numbering at wGif pwifvdkonfh pmrsufESmeHygwfudk ½dkufxnhfyg/
Section Prefix: wGif pmrsufESmeHygwfa&SUrS xnhfvdkonfh pmom;xnhfNyD;? yHk (2-22)
twdkif; Include Prefix When Numbering Pages udk a&G;cs,fxm;&ygrnf/ Style wGif


eHygwf? tu©&m? a&mr*Pef; wdkYudk a&G;cs,fEdkifygonf/

yHk (2-22)
Text Variable
27/ Type Menu



Insert Variables

tm; atmufygtwdkif; xnhfoGif;? jyKjyif

Adobe InDesign CS3


Chapter Number



owfrSwfxm;vQif tu©&mrsm;? eHygwfrsm;udk azmfjy


(yxrqHk; zdkifodrf;qnf;onhfaeY)? Modification Date
(aemufqHk; odrf;qnf;onhfaeY)? Output Date (yHkESdyfjcif;? Export
xkwfonhfaeY)wdkYudkvnf; em&D? rdepf? puúefYESihftwl xnfhoGif;vdkonfh
pmrsufESmwGif azmfjyEdkifygonf/
( * ) File Name jzihf zdkiftrnftm; wnfae&m Path rsm;twdkif;? File
Extension wdkYjzihf azmfjyEdkifygonf/
(C) Last Page Number jzihf zdkifwGif&Sdonhf aemufqHk;pmrsufESmeHygwfudk
( i ) Define udkESdyfNyD; azmfjyvdkonhf Date rsm;\yHkpH? tcsdefyHkpH? zdkiftrnfyHkpH
wdkYudk jyKjyifEdkifonf/ yHk (2-23)wGif Creation Date tm; a&G;cs,fNyD;? Edit
udkESdyfxm;onhfyHktm; awGUEdkifygonf/ &ufpGJrwdkifrDESihf &ufpGJaemufwGif
( c )

Creation Date

yHk (2-23)
pmom;rsm; xnhfoGif;jcif;? Date Format wGif azmfjyvdkonfh &uf? v?
ckESpf? tcsdefwdkYtm; vdkovdkjyKjyifEdkifygonf/ yHkwGif vtrnfudk tjynhf
tpHk xnfhoGif;Edkifygonf/ yHk (2-24)wGif Date Format yHkpHrsm;udk awGUEdkif
ygonf/ zdkiftrnftwGufvnf; yHk (2-25)uJhodkY jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ Text
Before (trnf a&SUwGif pmxnhfjcif;)? Include Entire Folder Path

Adobe InDesign CS3



yHk (2-24)

(zdkifwnfae&m xnhfoGif;jcif;)? File Extension (zdkiftrsKd;tpm;twGuf
xnhfoGif;jcif;)? Text After (trnfaemufwGif pmom;xnhfjcif;)wdkYudk
toHk;jyKEdkifygonf/ toHk;jyKxm;onfwdkYudk Preview Box wGif awGUjrif

yHk (2-25)

vnf. vdktyfonhfae&modkY a&TUEdkifygonf/ Type Tool udktoHk.ay:vmygrnf/ yHk (3-2)twdkif.jyKjyifjcif. (3) Text and Typography Text Frame zefwD. csKHUEdkif? csJUEdkifygonf/ Text Frame onf pmrsm. Drag vkyfNyD. pmp½dkufvdkonhfae&mwGif Mouse udk zdqGJNyD.ESihf t&G. vdktyfonhf Text Frame udk zefwD. Double Click vkyf&ygrnf/ .udk ½dkufEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-1) Text Frame a&TUjcif.Edkifygonf/ xdktcg Text Insertion Point ay:vmygrnf/ wwd.jyKNyD. 28/ Toolbox rS Type Tool udka&G. Frame Handle wpfckckudk Drag vkyfNyD. yHk(3-1)twkdif.? pm½dkufaepOfwGif Ctrl Key zdxm.cs.jcif. Click vkyfygu Frame Handle rsm./ Selection Tool jzihf Text Frame tm.ftpm./ Selection Tool jzihf Text Frame tm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 26 tcef. jyKjyifEdkifygonf (u) Text Frame a&TUjcif.ESihf Frame uGufwdjzpfvdkygu Selection Tool jzihf Handle wpfckcktm. 29/ Text Frame tm. atmufygtwdkif.fNyD. qGJa&TUEdkifygonf/ Ctrl Key vTwfvkdufygu Type Tool jzihf pmqufí½dkufEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-2) ( c ) Text Frame jyKjyifjcif.yHktwdkif. Default Font jzihf pmrsm.NyD.

Font.udk Select jyKvkyfygu Pointer onf yHk (3-4)twdkif. twGif.Edkifygonf/ Edit Menu rS Paste Without Formatting xnhfygu rl&if.wGif Insertion Point xm.xnhfoGif.\ ta&twGufudk odvdkygu Text Frame wpfcktwGif. Text Frame rsm.&ygrnf/ NyD. Lines ESihf Paragraphs rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 27 Characters.udk azmfjyay.odkY qGJxnhfEdkifygonf/ . Text Frame twGif. Insertion Point? pmrsm.twGif.odkY pmrsm.&Sd Characters.udk jzpf Cut ESihf Copy jyKvkyfNyD.wpfcktwGif. Application rsm.vQif Insertion Point onf Frame twGif. Lines ESihf Paragraphs rsm.fxm. xnhfoGif. a&wGufjcif.vQif pmrsm.&ef atmufygtwdkif.í Edit Menu rS Paste (Ctrl+V) ESdyfNyD.wGif a&muf&Sdaeygonf/ Selection Tool jzifh Text Frame tm. a&G. Words.rS Text rsm.yg/ NyD. 30/ wpfqufwnf. Double Click vkyfyg/ Insertion Point onf Text Frame twGif.wGif Drag and Drop Text Editing \ Enable in Layout View udk a&G.ygrnf/ yHk (3-3) Text Frame twGif. Lines.vQif Window Menu rS Info udkESdyfyg/ yHk (3-3)twdkif. xnhfoGif.Words. &&Sdrnf r[kwfyg/ Text Frame wpfckrS tjcm.? Insertion Point xm.&Sdonhf Text Frame rsm.twGif. Format rsm.cs. 31/ Text Frame jyKvkyf&ygrnf (u) ( c ) ( * ) pmrsm.jcif.udkjzpfap? InDesign twGif.twdkif.cs. Paragraphs rsm. a&muf&Sdygrnf/ tjcm.onhf tcsdefwGif Text Frame tm.&Sd Characters. Words.udk qGJxnhfvdkygu Edit Menu \ Preferences rS Type udkESdyfyg/ 4if. Type Tool jzihf Text Frame topfzefwD.fxm.rS Text rsm. jzpfay:aeygrnf/ tjcm.

Import vkyfrnf r[kwfay/ yHk (3-5) .udk jyKjyif&ygrnf/ Insertion Point xm.vnf. Excel.cs. xnhfoGif.Edkifygonf/ 4if. Macintosh PICT ponhf zdkifrsm.udk xnhfoGif.f&ygrnf/ Oyrm .? File Menu rS Place udkESdyfygu Place Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ xnhfoGif.fNyD. Word. PDF.udk yHk (3-5)twdkif.vQif ('? ") pmvHk.cs.&ygrnf/ File Type wGif Importable Files a&G.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 28 yHk (3-4) (C) InDesign twGif.? Spread Sheet rsm.Edkifygonf/ Place Dialogbox wGif Show Import Options udka&G.fay. Edkifygonf/ odkYaomf Options rsm.zdkifrsm. InCopy.cs.Use Typographer's Quotes udk a&G.cs. EPS.udk a&G.odkY Text rsm.NyD. Bitmap.vQif InDesign.wGif Options rsm.xm.vdkonhf File udk a&G.fvQif Options Dialogbox ay:vmygrnf/ 4if. a&G.udk xnhfoGif.cs.fxm.rsm.

jzpfay:ygrnf/ xdkuJhodkY Frames rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 29 yHk (3-6) Thread Text Frames 32/ Frames rsm. xnhfoGif.pD vGwfvyfpGm qufpyfxm.fNyD.onf &Sdaeygonf/ odkYaomf Frames rsm.twGif. qufpyfrI &SdoGm.? zsufxkwfjcif. Frames rsm.onf qufpyfrI&SdoGm. qufpyfjcif.? qufpyf vdkonhf Frame udk yHk (3-7)twdkif.&Sd pmrsm.jcif.udk tjcm.jcif.jzihf Drag vkyfNyD.twGif.jcif.udk Threading Text [k ac:ygonf/ Threading tm. qufpyfEdkifygonf/ Text Frame wpfck\ In Port (odkY) Out Port to Load Text Icon udk Click vkyfNyD.ESihf oD.rsm.ygonf/ (yHk 3-6) xdkYaMumihf pmrsufESmwpfckckwGif pmrsm.? Frame topfwpfck zefwD.wdkYwGif yg0ifaom pmrsm.onhf pmrsm.ygrnf/ yHk (3-7) ( c ) Add the Existing Frame to the Thread/ Threading Text tm.? In Port (odkY) Out Port to Load Text Icon udkESdyf&ygrnf/ xdktcg Pointer onf Position the Loaded Text Icon ( )ay:vmygrnf/ 4if.wdkYjyKvkyfygu atmufbuf&Sd qufpyfxm. Frames rsm.vQif 4if.onf tay:odkY wufvmjcif. toifh&Sdonhf Frame udkvnf.&Sd pmrsm. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf (u) Add New Frame to the Thread/ Selection Tool jzihf Text Frame tm.? atmufodkYqif.oGm. atmufygtwdkif. a&G.jcm.cs.jzihf 4if. Click vkyfygu Threading Text jzpfay:ygrnf/ .

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vHk.udk wlnDpGmjzpfap? rwlnDbJjzpfap xnhfoGif. Bottom.Edkifygonf/ yHk (3-13) ( * ) Vertical Justification/ csdef.xm.lEdkif ygonf/ Align toHk. Left.xm.ygvdrfhrnf/ uuuGef 32 Column \ tus. Justify wdkYudk yHk (3-13)wGif Center ay.vQif rwlnDonhf tuGmta0. Top. Right wdkYwGif csefvdkonhf tuGmta0. Edkifygonf/ yHk (3-12)wGif tm. Bottom.? tqufjywfoGm. yHk (3-12) ( c ) Inset Spacing/ Text Frame twGif.fudk tvdktavsmuf ydkif.jyK Edkifygonf/ awGUEdkifygonf/ Frame twGif. (0.udk xnhfoGif. Vertical wGif Top.25)vufr ay.yHkudk awGUEdkif ygonf/ The Same Icon ( ) udkESdyfNyD.Adobe InDesign CS3 &ygrnf/ Width wGif ay. pmrsm.onhfyHkudk .jcm.

vdkonhfpmrsm.? rvJvS. Dashes.fxm.udk ½dkufxnhf&ygrnf/ Change To wGif tpm.udk xnhfoGif.xdk.fEdkifyg)? Include Locked Stories ( ) (&SmazGEdkifNyD. Space.jcif.udk a&G. Group Word.udk &SmazGEdkifygonf/ ESdyfjcif.vHk.? Tab.vJvS.cs.cs.jyKjcif. a&G. Object Tab wdkY yg&Sdygonf/ 4if.ESihf Quintuple Click (av.rsm.xkd. Glyth.vQif Double Click wGif Word wpfckudk a&G.jyKaeonhftcg I-bar Cursor jzihf Text rsm. Marker.? Triple Click to Select a Line udk a&G.fjcif.jzpfonfh Include Locked Layers( ) (&SmazGEdkifNyD. Formated Text wdkYudk &SmazGNyD.cs. pmom. toHk.fEdkifygonf/ Edit Menu rS Find/Change udk ESdyfygu yHk (3-14) twdkif. Hyphens. Page Numbers tp&SdonfwdkYudk xnfhoGif. Any Character. Grep.)wGif pmtm.wGif Text.jyKEdkifygonf (u) Text Tab/ Find What wGif rdrd&Smvdkonhfpmrsm. wpfaMumif. Find/Change Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 33 Selecting Text 34/ Type Tool toHk.&ygrnf/ Find ESihf Find Next udkESdyfNyD.ygrnf/ yHk (3-14) Find and Change toHk.udk Select jyKvkyfEdkif ygonf/ Edit Menu \ Priferences rS Type udkESdyfNyD.f vdkygu Change ESihf Change All udk ESdyf&ygrnf/ xdkYtjyif Special Character for Search ESifh Special Character for Replace wdkYudkESdyfNyD. Any Digit. Word.? Triple Click wGif pmaMumif.fay. 35/ InDesign wGif Characters. vJvS.fEdkifyg)? Include .? rvJvS.wdkYudk atmufygtwdkif.Edkifygonf/ Options Icon rsm.

ygonf/ 4if.tao. twdtus&SmazGjcif.udk &SmazG? vJvS.)? Whole Word ( )wdkYudk toHk.jyKEdkifygonf- yHk (3-16) .jyKvdkonhf Format rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 34 Special Character for Search Special Character for Replace Specify Attributes To Find icon Specify Attributes To Change icon yHk (3-15) Hidden Layers ( ) (&SmazG? vJvS.fEdkifygonf)? Include Master Pages ( ) (Master Page wGif &SmazGjcif. txl. tBuD. toHk.)? Case Sensative ( ) (pmvHk.fEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-16)wGif Format Setting Dialogboxudk azmfjyxm.jyKEdkifygonf/ Specify Attributes To Find Icon ESihf Specify Attributes To Change Icon (yHk 3-15)wdkYudk ESdyfNyD.)? Include Footnotes ( ) (Footnote Text &SmazGjcif.

Italic.Adobe InDesign CS3 (1) (2) (3) 35 uuuGef Style Options/ 4if.tuGmta0.)? Tracking (pmvHk.jyKEdkifygonf/ Indent and Spacing wGif Alignment.cs.wGif Character Style ESihf Paragraph Style wdkYudk a&G.)? Leading (pmaMumif. trsKd.fjcif. All Caps.fEdkifygonf/ ID Box wGif Unicode ESihf GID eHygwfrsm. Ignore a&G.cs.cs.fvdkonhf pmvHk. ta&mifudk a&G.fEdkifygonf/ xdkYtjyif Underlint Options ESihf Strikethrough Options wdkYudkvnf.fjcif.jyKEdkifygonf/ Character Color wGif &SmazGvdkonhf pmvHk. Indent. Ignore ponfwdkY a&G.)? Case (Normal. Bold ponfh Style a&G.ftpm.)? Font Style (Regular. .fvdkonhf Font Family (pmvHk. Open Type All Small Caps.wpfvHk.)? Position (Normal. toHk.rsm.)? Kerning (pmvHk.tpm.udk vJvS. Superscript.ESihfwpfvHk.)? Underline Checkbox? Strikethrough Checkbox wdkYudk toHk. toHk. Small Caps.jyKí &SmazG? vJvS. tuGmta0. Space wdkYudkvnf.fjcif. tuGmta0.fEdkifonf/ Basic Character Format/ &SmazG? vJvS.)? Size (t&G.cs. Subscript.cs.jyK&SmazGEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-17) ( c ) Glyph/ Glyph Tab toHk.

toHk.wGif atmufygtwdkif.Adobe InDesign CS3 36 uuuGef xnhfNyD.ta&mif? Weight wGif rsOf.vdkonhf pmvHk.? Object rsm.wGif Stroke Alignment.fEdkifygonf/ (3) Stroke & Corner Options/ 4if. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ Glyph Box ab. Line End ESihf Corner Options wdkYudk toHk. Text Frame.cs.cs.txl wdkYudk a&G.fNyD.wGif&Sdonhf Frames rsm.jyKNyD.? xnhfoGif.cs. Fill.wGif Object.jyK&SmazGvdkonhf Object twGuf Specify Attributes to Find (yHk 3-18)udkESdyfyg/ xdktcg yHk (3-19) twdkif.cs. xnhfoGif. Find Object Format Options Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if. Graphics Frame wdkYudk a&G.&SmazGjcif. Edkifygonf/ Specify Attributes to Find yHk (3-18) ( * ) Object Tab/ Document Join.? . &SmazGvJvS.fEdkifygonf/ (5) Effect for/ 4if.wGif Column ta&twGuf? Gutter tuGmta0.cs.udk &SmazGEdkifygonf/ Type wGif All Frames.f&SmazGEdkifygonf/ (2) Stroke/ Stroke twGuf rsOf. Endcap. Text wdkYudk a&G.fEdkifygonf/ (4) Text Frame General Option/ 4if.jyKEdkifygonf(1) Fill/ jznhfxm.onhf ta&mifudk a&G.? Width wdkYudk a&G.fEdkifygonf/ txl.wGif&Sdonhf Bwd*HudkESdyfNyD. Line Start. Stroke. yHk (3-17)twdkif.

fEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-20) Find Font toHk. Inner Glow. a&G. Outer Glow.onhf Document twGif. Inner Shadow.fvdkonhf Font jzihf vJvS.jyKjcif.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 37 yHk (3- Transparency. Bevel and Emboss. Drop Shadow. . Satin ponhf Efffects wpfckpDtwGuf Options rsm. vJvS. 36/ vuf&SdzGihfxm.&Sd Font rsm.udkvnf.cs.udkvnf.fEdkifygonf/ Type Menu rS Find Font udkESdyfygu yHk (3-20)twdkif.

onhf twdkif.udk awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-22) Insert Special Character toHk.Edkifygonf/ pmrsufESm topfrsm.? Change/ Change All wdkYudk ESdyf&ygrnf/ yHk (3-21) Glyphs Panel toHk.ygrnf/ vufuGufrodaom pmvHk. 37/ Type Menu rS Glyphs (Alt+Shift+F11)ESdyfygu yHk (3-21)wGif jyxm.fNyD.? Replace With wGif vJvS. Markers. Quptation Marks wdkYudk xnhfoGif.udk jyoay.Edkifygonf/ Markers rS Current Page Number.onhf Font rsm.jyKaeonhf Font \ pmvHk. Pull Out Menu yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if. azmfjyay.wGif Symbols.rsm.onf ajymif. Hyphens and Dashes.tpm.wGif vuf&SdtoHk.tpm. xyfrHxnhfoGif.fNyD.udk toHk. Previous Page Number wdkYudk xnhfoGif.? toHk.ygvdrfhrnf/ 4if. Glyphs Panel yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if.vJoGm.rsm. Next Page Number.jyKvkdvQif Glyphs rS pmvHk.jyKjcif.Adobe InDesign CS3 38 uuuGef Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ Font in Document wGif rdrdzdkifwGif toHk.jyKjcif. 38/ Type Menu rS Insert Special Character udk Pointer wifygu yHk (3-22)twdkif.cs.cs.ygu pmrsufESmeHygwfrsm.rwlaom pmvHk.wdkYrS wpfckudka&G.jyKcJhaom trsKd. toHk.rsm.ygvdrfhrnf/ .jyKEdkifygonf/ Recently Used wGif aemufqHk.fvdkonhf Font trsKd.jyKxm.udka&G.udk Double Click vkyfNyD.

).vQif Change udkESdyfygu vJvS.jcm. pmvHk.onhf zdkifrsm.rsm.vHk.cs.trSm.fEdkifygonf/ pmvHk.onhf zdkiftm.vHk.? oD.fay. 39/ zGihfxm.wGif&Sdonhf pmrsm.Edkifygonf/ Ready to Check Spelling pmom. ay:vmvQif Spelling NyD. All Document (zGihfxm. 40/ pm½dkufaepOftwGif. Document (vuf&Sd zdkiftwGif.)wdkYudk a&G.&ygrnf/ NyD. InDesign CS3 uuuGef 39 yHk (3-23) Spell Checking jyKvkyfjcif. rSm.onhftwdkif.ygvdrfhrnf/ trnfrsm. jyoay.qHk. ausmfvTm.udk Spelling Check jyKvkyfEdkif ygonf/ Edit Menu \ Spelling rS Check Speeling udkESdyfygu yHk (3-23)twdkif.rSm.NyDjzpfygonf/ yHk (3-24) Dynamic Spelling Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ Search wGif Story (vuf&Sd Cursor &Sdonhf Text Frame). rsm.twGif.ygrnf/ aemufxyf pmvHk.rS Text Frame tm.jzpfygu Skip udkESdyfNyD.udk a&G.odapEdkif&ef Edit Menu \ .&ygrnf/ Suggested Corrections wGif vJvS.? owfyHkppfjcif.aygif.aeonhfpmvHk.jyKjcif. Change To wGif rSefuefonhfpmvHk.udk csufjcif.

Adobe InDesign CS3 40 uuuGef Spelling rS Dynamic Spelling udk a&G.ygrnf/ vJvS. jzpfEdkifonhfpmvHk.onf taESmuft.jcm.rsm. Footnote udk toHk.wm.udk a&G.udk rsOf.jcif.rsm.rsOf. ½dkufonhftcgwGif pmvHk.fxm.fay. xnhfoGif.ygvdrfhrnf/ odkY&mwGif jrefrmpmvHk.jcif.&ygrnf/ xdktcg rSm. Right Click vkyfygu yHk(3-24)twdkif.twGif.NyD.udk rsOf.rsm.&ygrnf/ Reference Number yHk (3-25) Footnote Text Footnote toHk.onhf pmvHk.jyKjcif. ay:vmygrnf/ rSefuefonhfpmvHk.pkrsm.rsm.f ay. xyfrHazmfjyvdkonhf tcgwGif pm&Guf\atmufajcwGif 41/ pmydk'frsm.rS pum.rsm.cs.NyD.? pm&Guf yHk (3-26) .SufjzpfaevQif Dynamic Spelling udk jyefjzKwfay.pkwGif eHygwfwyfay.jyKEdkifygonf/ Type Menu rS Insert Footnote udk ESdyfygu pum.wm.? jyoay.wm.cs. oD.

eHygwfrsm. (odkYr[kwf) File Menu \ New rS Document udkESdyfjcif.fay.? a&? av) uGefysLwmXmerSL.ygrnf/ yHk (3-27) Typography (pm½dkufjcif. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ Reference Number udk zsufxkwfvdkufygu Footnote ysufoGm.&ygrnf/ (Oyrm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 41 atmufajcwGif Insertion Point ay:aeygrnf/ 4if.wdkYjzifh yHk (3-27)twdkif. ]]wyfrawmf(Munf.cs.jyK Edkifygonf (u) Numer of Pages/ zdkifwGif zGihfvdkonhf pm&Gufta&twGufudk ½dkufxnhf &ygrnf/ ( c ) Facing Pages/ Document Window wGif pm&GufESpf&GufwGJ awGUjrif vdkvQif a&G.) 42/ Document Window \ Create New rS Document udkESdyfjcif.? Start At wGif tpjyKrnhfeHygwfwdkYudk toHk.frI y. Dialogbox yGihfvm ygrnf/ 4if.}} [lonhf Footnote xnhfoGif.cs. Suffix xnhfoGif.rsm. Legal.yHkpHrsm.jyKEdkif ygonf/ Prefix. Letter.cs.udk a&G. jzpfygrnf/ Type Menu rS Document Footnote Options udkESdyfygu yHk (3-26)twdkif.tpm.azmfjyvdkonhf pmom. New Document Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if. awGUjrifvdkvQif Click vkyfygu a&G.jcm.½Hk. A3.jcif.wGif oD.wGif atmufygtwdkif.\ Style wGif *Pef. toHk.xm.fNyD.pktm.fzsufEdkifygonf/ ( * ) Page Size/ toHk.jyKvdkonhf pm&GuftrsKd.&ygrnf/ yHk (3-25)wGif ]]uuuGef}} pum.? wpf&Gufcsif.A4.Custom) .udk ½dkufay.onfudk awGUEdkifygonf/ aemufxyf Footnote xyfxnhfygu trSwfpOftwdkif.

tuGm ta0. a&G. Space tuGmta0.wdkYwGif tvdk&Sdonhf Font udk ajymif.udk Tracking wdkYwGif jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ Space tuGmta0.wdkYjzihf Character Palette udk zGihfEdkifygonf/ 4if. axmifvdkuf (okYd) tvsm.vJ toHk. Inside (odkY) Left.ftpm.Edkifygonf/ (yHk 3-28) Ctrl+T ½dkufjcif.ESihf tuGmta0.? avQmhvdkygu Ctrl+Alt+Back Space udkESdyf&ygrnf/ .udk Control PanelESihf Character Panel wdkYwGif Leading wGif vdktyfovdk ajymif. Style ponfwdkYudk a&G. Outside (odkY) Right wdkYtwGuf csefvdkonhf twdkif.&ygrnf/ txufygtwkdif.cs.t&G.ywfvnf ae&mvGwfcsef&ef Top.rsm.udk Kerning ESifh pmvHk. Bottom.fjcif. Size. owfrSwfay.fNyD.Adobe InDesign CS3 (C) Orientation/ 42 uuuGef pm&Guftaetxm.vdkygu Ctrl+Alt+\ ESdyfNyD.cs.udkvnf.jyKEdkif ygonf/ ( * ) Kerning and Tracking/ pmvHk.f&ef atmufygtwdkif.jyKEdkdifygonf/ pmvHk. (odkYr[kwf) nmbufwGif&Sdonhf Character Panel udk ESdyfjcif.jyKvdkonhf pmwdkifta&twGufudk Number wGif a&G.t&G.jyKí Text Frame a&G.rsm. 43/ rdrdtoHk.vJtoHk.jcif.jyKvkdonhf Font. wpfvHk.udk Gutter wGif xnhfoGif.udk ajymif.twGif. jyKEdkifygonf(u) Font & Size/ Control Panel wGif&Sdonfh Character Formatting Control wGif Font rsm.&rnf/ ( p ) Margins/ pm&Gufab. jyKvkyf&ygrnf/ pmwdkifMum.&ygrnf/ ( i ) Columns/ rdrdtoHk.ygu OK Button udkESdyfyg/ yHk (3-28) Type Tool toHk. wdk.rsm. toHk.\tuGmta0. xnhfoGif.1 Point rS 1296 Point txd toHk.f tpm.vJEdkifygonf/ (yHk 3-29) pmvHk. (odkY) ½dkufxnhfjcif. jyKEdkifygonf/ ( c ) Leading/ pmaMumif. (odkY) Type Menu rS Character udkESdyfjcif.

toHk.jcif.jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-31) (q) Set Indent Using Control Pannel/ pmydk'ftm.)? First Line Left Indent (yxrpmaMumif. yHk (3-32)wGif jyxm.)? Right Indent (pmydk'ftm.jcif. Align Left. Base Line Shift wGif vdktyfonhf Point udk ½dkufxnhfyg/ yHk (3-30)wGif Base Line ajymif.onhftwdkif. Justify all Lines wdkYudk toHk.fbufrScGgxm.yHko@mefudk ? Super Script Strikethrough wdkYudkvnf.vJxm. b.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 43 yHk (3-29) (C) Base Line Shift/ pmvHk. Left Indent (pmydk'ftm.onhftwdkif.jyKEdkifygonf/ ( p ) Alignment/ pmydk'frsm. Align yHk (3-31)wGifjyxm. nmbufrScGgxm.)? Last Line Right Indent Left Indent First Line Left Indent Right Indent yHk (3-32) Last Line Right Indent .yHkudk awGUjrifEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-30) ( i ) Text Style/ Under Line All Caps Small Caps Subsript pmvHk.\ Base Line udkvnf. Justify with Last Line Aligned Center.jcif. b.fbufrS cGgxm. Align Right. Justify with Last Line Aligned Left.

wdkYudk nDrQoGm.cs.? Character Panel Menu \ yHk (3-33) tay:nmaxmihfwGif&Sdonhf Options Icon (Bwd*HtrSwftom.txl)ESifh Offset (rsOf.ygonf/ Stroke Penal wGif Stroke tm.yHkpH)wdkYudkyg a&G.? Gradient Tool jzihf a&mifajy.udk a&G. rwlonhftcg Underline ESihf Strikethrough wdkYonf uGmjcm.jzihf tvdk&Sdonhftwdkif.udk) ESdyfyg/ ay:vmonhf Menu rS Underline Options udka&G.xm.ap&ef jyKvkyf Edkifygonf/ pmvHk.ygonf/ .fyg/ 4if. rIrsm.wGif Weight (rsOf.fNyD. a&G.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 44 (pmydk'ftm.wdkYudk toHk.jyK Edkifygonf/ yHk (3-35)wGif pmvHk.jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-34) Change Color and Gradient of Type 44/ pmvHk.ftoHk.fNyD.rsm.ESihf Gradient jyKvkyfjcif. jznhfxm.vJjcif. 0. Color ajymif.ygrnf/(yHk 3-34) Color (rsOf. nmbufrScGgxm.)wdkYudk jyKjyifjcif.ta&mif)ESihf Type (rsOf.twmtm.jyKEdkifygonf/ ( Z ) Change Underline and Strikethrough Options/ pmvHk.tuGmta0.5 Black ay.ESihfpmvHk. (yHk 3-33) 4if.

ygrnf/ Skew Type 46/ pmvHk.NyD.fNyD.cs.jzihf pmvHk.fxm.ta&twGufxnhf&rnf/ yHk(3-37)\ b.ta&twGufudkxnhf&rnf/ atmufnmaxmihfwGif&Sdonhf Drop Cap One or More Character wGif ay.jcif.jyKjcif. Three Letter udk a&G.\ ta&mifonf NyD.? ay:vmonfh Effects Box wGif Opacity (tvif.rsm.vQif Object Menu \ Effects rS Transparency udka&G. a&G.onfudk awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-36) Skew Type Use Drop Caps 47/ pmydk'frsm. vdkovdkapmif.cs.? nmbufwGif Two Lines. (-85 'D*&DrS 85 'D*&Dtxd)ajymif.aponfh Transparency Effect ay.fxm.)udk wefbdk.rsm.avsmhcsay.jzihf pmaMumif.ydwfpGrf.avsmhenf..ygonf/ yHk (3-37) .cs.\tpwGif Drop Caps oHk.faxmihfwGif&Sdonhf Drop Cap Number of Lines wGif Drop Cap ay.lEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-36)wGif 45 'D*&Dapmif.fbufwGif One Character.rsm. Paragraph Panel udkzGifhyg/ 4if. ta&mifwefzdk.? Control Panel (odkYr[kwf) Character Panel \ Skew wGif wefbdk.vdkvQif Pointer Tool jzihf Text Frame udka&G.cs.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 45 yHk (3-35) Add Transparency Effect to Text 45/ pmom.vdkonhf Drop Caps pmvHk. Five Letters udka&G.NyD.rsm.xm.vdkvQif pmydk'fxJwGif Cursor xm.wGif atmufb.fNyD.

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a&TUjcif. qGJ.onfudk awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-42) Tab rsm.&ygrnf/ yHk (3-41)wGif Left Tab. zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ .vdkygu X Value wGif Location xnfhNyD. 53/ Tab Dialogbox \ Tab Ruler ay:wGif&Sdonhf Tab rsm.wGif Click xyfrHvkyfay.cs. Tabs rsm. Right Tab ESihf Decimal Tab wdkYudk awGUEdkifygonf/ Tab rsm. xnhfay.ygonf/ NyD. Tab Ruler rS Tabs rsm. owfrSwfvdkonhfae&mwGif Click vkyfay.? Enter Key ESdyfay.jzihf jzKwfEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-41) Repeat Tab toHk. wpfvufrwGifowfrSwfxm.Adobe InDesign CS3 48 uuuGef wdkYyg0ifygonf/ rdrdtoHk.udk a&TUvdkonhf ae&modkY qGJa&TUEdkifygonf/ rvdktyfawmhygu Tabs Dialogbox atmufbufodkYqGJcsjcif.twdkif.lNyD.? vdktyfonfhae&mrsm.wGif Tab rsm.&ygrnf/ owfrSwfxm.jzihf 2 vufr? 3 vufr? 4 vufr? 5 vufrae&mrsm. Tab rsm.jyKNyD.? zsufxkwfjcif. 52/ Tab wpfckowfrSwfNyD.fNyD.wl tuGmta0. Clear All wdkYudk tvm.udk a&G.odkY a&TUEdkifygonf/ Tab tm.? Panel Menu rS Delete Tab.fNyD.udk xyfxnhfEdkifygonf/ yHk (3-42)wGif yxr Tab tm.twdtusay.cs.jyKvdkonhf Tabs udka&G.&ygrnf/ Tabs rsm.vQif Tab Dialogbox \ tay:nmaxmihfwGif&Sdonfh Panel Menu rS Repeat Tab udkESdyfjcif. tuGmta0. xyfrHowfrSwfvdkygu owfrSwfvdkonhf ae&mrsm.

54/ pmydk'frsm.wGif Bullet.jcif.? tvdk&Sd&mxnhfEdkifygonf/ (yHk 3-43) Bullet and Numbering Dialogbox wGif Bullet Charater rsm.NyD.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 49 Bulleted List Paragraph Formatting Control yHk (3-43) Numbered List Bullet and Numbering xnhfoGif.? vdktyfonfh Font rS pmvHk.? Control Panel rS Paragraph Formatting Control udkESdyfyg/ Bulleted List Button. xyfxnfhvdkygu Add udkESdyfNyD.vdkvQif pmrsm. Numbered List Button wdkYudkESdyfNyD.udk xnhfEdkifygonf/ (yHk 3-44) yHk (3-44) . Number wdkYxnhfoGif.udk Select vkyfxm.rsm.

wdkYudk atmufygtwdkif.Edkifygonf/ Oyrm .vdkonhf Folder udka&G.qnf.rsm.onhf InDesign (*.? Save as Type wGif CS3 Template udk a&G.m.Z. Save as.indb)zdkifwdkYudk File Menu rS Open udkESdyfNyD. toHk.vJtoHk.Edkifygonf/ Save Document Template 57/ tqifoihfjyKvkyfxm. ajymif.? pm&if.NyD.\ Save in wGif odrf. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Templates\InDesign\5.&ygrnf/ File Name wGif zdkiftrnfudk ½dkufxnhf&ygrnf/ NyD. Save a Copy wdkYudkESdyfNyD.? toHk.jyKEdkifygonf- .udk odrf. zGihfvSpfEdkif ygonf/ xdkYtjyif tjcm. twGif.zdkiftrnfjzihf odrf.rsm.cs.pGm yg&Sdygonf/ 4if.1)zdkifrsm.jym. ponfwdkYudk Template tjzpf odrf.jzpfonfh Page Maker (Version 6 and Later) zdkifrsm. Graphics. Save a Copy wdkYudkESdyfNyD.wGif rsm. 58/ InDesign wGif toihfjyKvkyfxm. zGihfvSpfEdkifygonf/ Save Document 56/ InDesign wGif Save.onhfzdkifjzpfvQif Save udkESdyfvQif Dialogbox yGihfvm ygrnf/ 4if.udk Template rsm. zdkifudk tjcm.qnf.? yHkrsm.vQif Save udkESdyf&ygrnf/ odrf.vpOfay.cs.? QuarkXPress (3.indd)zdkif? Template (*.Edkifygonf/ Template rS zdkiftopfzefwD.udk Adobe Bridge wGif zGihfjyygrnf/ 4if.jcif. (4) Working with the Document Open Document 55/ InDesign wGif zefwD.udk &&SdEdkifygonf/ File Menu \ New rSDocument From Template udkESdyfygu yHk(4-1) twdkif.indt)zdkif? Library (*. Table rsm.ydkY&onhf jyefwrf.onhf Template rsm.qnf.qnf.jyKjcif.jzihf vSyonhf Design Layout rsm.? Document rsm.jyKEdkif ygonf/ File Menu rS Save as ESdyfNyD.xm.? Font rsm.vSaom erlem Template zdkifrsm. odrf.onhf Layout.tjzpf odrf.fay.vdkygu Save as. Text.3 and 4.xm.wdkYudk zGihfNyD.f odrf. Folder rsm.qnf.0 Folder twGif. &Sdygonf/ 4if.NyD.rsm. Application rsm.rS Template Folder rsm. wdkYudkvnf.xm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 50 tcef.Edkifygonf/ vpOfxkwf r*¾Zif.qnf.indl) zkdif? Book (*.

Book2. yg0ifygonf/ yHkwGif Photobook2 rS pmrsufESm(4)tm. Book1. Photobook1.xm.onhftwdkif.onhf pmrsufESmrsm. Preview wGif Munhf½IEdkifygonf/ yHk (4-2) . Recipe Book Template rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 51 uuuGef yHk (4-1) (u) Books/ pmtkyfzGJUpnf. yg0ifygonf/ yHk(4-2) wGif jyxm. Photobook2.

Brochures4 wdkYrS Brochures1 tm. Poster. yg0ifygonf/ Brochures1. . CD DVD Label.aMumfjimrsm. Post Card. Brochures2. Brochures3. vufurf. yHk (4-3)wGif awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (4-4) ( * ) Business Sets/ Letter Head.Adobe InDesign CS3 52 uuuGef yHk (4-3) ( c ) Brochures/ toihfjyKvkyfNyD.

onhf Label udk yHk (4-6)wGif awGUEdkifygonf/ . Preview wGif azmfjyxm.xm.ygonf/ Preview wGif zGihfjyxm.udk zGifhNyD.xm.qdkif&mrsm.onfudk yHk (4-4)wGif awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk(4-5) (C) Catalogs/ ypönf.pGm xnhfoGif.ygonf/ xdkYaMumihf vkyfief. DVD twGuf Label jyKvkyf&efESihf Cover. Label.twGuf Template rsm. Envelope.Adobe InDesign CS3 53 uuuGef Card. Case twGuf CD. toHk.ay. Report Template rsm. Template rsm. xnhfoGif.csEdkifygonf/ CD DVD Label tm. pmrsufESm (11)rsufESmjzihf Preview ü awGUjrifEdkifygonf/ yHk(4-6) ( i ) Cd-Dvd/ 4if.jyKEdkif ygonf/ yHk (4-5)wGif Catalog2 tm.twGuf tqifoihf toHk.

xm. Line Sheet.jzpfonhf Expense Report. xnhfoGif.ygonf/ pmrsufESm(14)rsufESmygonhf Newspaper tm.rm. Fax. yHkpHtm. ygonf/ yHk(4-8)wGif Logo trSwfwHqdyfyg0ifonhf abmifcsmpm&if.twGufyg Template rsm.ay. awGUjrifEdkifygonf/ . Quatation wdkYudk xnhfoGif.onhf owif. Invoice.Adobe InDesign CS3 54 uuuGef yHk (4-7) ( p ) Community Newspaper/ InDesign wGif pmrsufESmBuD. Statement. Price List. yHkpHrsm. yHk (4-7)wGif awGUjrif Edkifygonf/ yHk (4-8) (q) Forms/ yHkpHrsm.xm.

fEdkifygonf/ Export tm.udk tjcm.cs. atmufygtwdkif. Manuals.Edkif ygonf/ File Menu rS Export udkESdyfNyD.vJodrf.jyKjcif.udk a&G. vdkonhf Format rsm. Template wdkYudk yHk (4-9)wGif azmfjyxm. Newsletter Folder rsm. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf- yHk (4-10) .? Save as Type wGif yHk (4-10)twdkif.yg&Sdygonf/ yHk (4-9) Export toHk. Menus. Miscellaneous. Template rsm. toihfjyKvkyfNyD.wGifvnf. Format rsm.qnf. 59/ InDesign wGif zdkifrsm.qnf.Adobe InDesign CS3 ( Z ) 55 uuuGef Hotel ESihf Labels and Stickers wdkYwGif toihfjyKvkyfNyD. odrf.tjzpf ajymif.ygonf/ xdkYjyif Hi Tech.

JPEG (Joint Photographics Export Group).Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 56 yHk (4-11) (u) Export Text/ Document twGif.udk atmufygtwdkif. 60/ File Menu \ New rS Book udkESdyfygu New Book Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if.ESihf File Name wdkY½dkufxnhf&ygrnf/ File Name twdkif. Insertion Point xm.wGif Resolution 72 rS Book File zefwD.? *.? Save udk ESdyfyg/ yHk(4-11)wGif Text Export Options Dialogbox ay:vm ygrnf/ Platform wGif Macintosh.jcif.Edkifygonf/ wGif 4if./ Book Panel atmufajcwGif&Sdonhf Add Document udkESdyfNyD.fNyD. Book Panel yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if.Edkifygonf/ yHk(4-12) Export JPEG udk awGUjrifEdkifygonf/ 2400 ppi txd odrf. EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) wdkYjzihf odrf.? File Menu rS Export udkESdyfyg/ Save as Type wGif Text Only xm.txt zdkif tjzpf odrf.qnf.cs.fyg/ NyD.qnf. zdkifrsm.NyD.xnhfoGif.wGif odrf. PC a&G.jcif.qnf. a&muf&Sdvmygrnf/ .Edkifygonf/ Export udkESdyfygu yHk (4-12) ( c ) Export Graphics/ Document rsm.udk yHkzdkiftjzpf SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).vdkonhf Folder a&G.fjcif.qnf. toHk.jyK Edkifygonf (u) Document rsm.cs.ESihf toHk.vQif Open udk ESdyfygu yHk(4-13)twdkif.jyKjcif.? xnhfvdkonfhzdkifudk a&G.NyD.cs.

ygrnf/ (C) Pring or Export PDF/ Book File ydwfjcif. PDF zdkiftjzpf odrf.ygrnf/ (Export PDF tm.onhfzdkifrsm. Double Click vkyfNyD.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 57 yHk (4-13) ( c ) ( * ) Remove Document/ Panel atmufajc&Sd Remove Document udk ESdyfygu Book File twGif.fí zGihfEdkifygonf/ Book Panel tay:nmaxmifh&Sd Close udkESdyfNyD.? Save udk ESdyf&ygrnf/ ay:vmonhf Export Dialogbox wGif a&G.ygvdrfhrnf/ odkYaomf 4if.? Menu rS Export Book to PDF udk ESdyfyg/ odrf. zGihfEdkifygonf/ zGihfxm. tcef.lEdkifygonf/ Panel tay:nmaxmihfwGif &Sdonhf Panel Menu Icon udkESdyfNyD.cs. Book zdkifudk a&G. Panel twGif.vQif zdkifrsm.(10)wGif tao.&ygrnf/ Book Panel twGif.onhfyHkjzihf jyoay.zdkifonf Disk twGif. ESdyfvQif Book zdkifwpfckvHk.wGif &Sdaeygrnf/ Book zdkif zGihfjcif./ File Menu rS Open udkESdyfNyD.cs.fNyD.wGif pmtkyfzGifhxm.? Export tm.f ay. ydwfEdkifygonf/ zdkifodrf. No a&G.rS zsufxkwfay.ygonf/) yHk (4-14) .qnf. Panel atmufajc&Sd Print the Book udkESdyfNyD.? Output xkwf.qnf. ay.pdwf azmfjyxm.&ef ar.vdkonhf zdkiftrnfudk ½

Adobe InDesign CS3 58 uuuGef Paragraph Styles toHk.ygonf/ Short Cut wGif Key Board rS Ctrl. Shortcut ESdyfNyD.rsm.rsm.jyKjcif. Strikethrough ponhf Chracter ESihf oufqdkifonfrsm. Tabs.? Font. Shift.udk yHk (4-16) (u) ( c ) twdkif.ygonf/ odkYrSom Paragraph Style owfrSwf vdkonhfpmydk'frsm. Character Color tp&SdonfwdkYudkvnf.Bold.xm. Size.tjyif Indents and Spacing.jyKEdkifygonf/ yHkrSeftm.ESihf nmbufjcrf.Edkifygonf/ ( * ) txufyg Options rsm. Underline. owfrSwfEdkifygrnf/ Basic Character Format/ pmydk'fwGif&Sdonhf pmvHk. 61/ InDesign wGif Paragraph Styles owfrSwfNyD. Alt Key rsm. owfrSwfay.jzihf Paragraph Style Panel yGihfvmygrnf/ Panel atmufajcrS Create New Style udkESdyfygu yHk(4-14) twdkif. vkyfaqmif&ygrnf- yHk (4-15) General/ Style Name wGif owfrSwfvdkonhftrnfudk ½dkufxnhf&ygrnf/ yHkwGif Computer [k owfrSwfxm. Style (Regular. (odkYr[kwf) F11 Key ESdyfjcif.? ay:vmonhf Menu rS Style Options udkESdyfyg/ yHk (4-15) twdkif. owfrSwfxm. owfrSwf&ygonf/ yHkwGif Ctrl+Alt ESihf eHygwf (5)udk wGJESdyfNyD. Paragraph Style 2 a&muf&Sdvmygrnf/ tay:nmaxmihf&Sd Panel Menu Icon udkESdyfNyD. owfrSwfEdkifygonf/ .jyKygonf/ Window Menu \ Type and Table rS Paragraph Style ESdyfjcif. Leading.udk wGJzufNyD. Dialogbox yGihfvmrnf/ atmufygtwdkif.jzihf zdkiftopfzGihfvQif Basic Paragraph Style jzihfom toHk. Italic).wGif&Sdonhf Num Lock rS *Pef.

pOf? acgif.pOfESihf acgif. Document jzpfvQif Paragraph Style Panel Menu rS Load Paragraph Style udk ESdyfNyD. Edkifygonf/ txufygtwdkif.jcm.a&G.pOfcGJrsm. Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ Title wGif rmwdumacgif.ygrnf/ odkYrSom rmwdumzefwD.vJoGm.fNyD.udk a&G.Adobe InDesign CS3 59 uuuGef yHk (4-16) Table of Contents (TOC) toHk.onhf acgif.ygrnf/ usefonhf .pOf rsm.fNyD.Muygonf/ acgif.vQif rmwdumxnhfoGif.fbufwGif&Sdonhf Include Paragraph Styles atmufwGif Computer Style a&muf&SdoGm.rsm.pOfudk ½dkufxnhf& ygrnf/ yHkwGif DSCD Computer Book Content [k ½dkufxm.? Ctrl+Alt+5 ESdyfyg/ xdktcg Basic Paragraph Style rS Computer Paragraph Style ajymif.pOf wpfck csif.vJyg/ ( c ) Layout Menu rS Table of Contents udkESdyfygu yHk(4-17)twdkif.udk Paragraph Style ajymif. Paragraph Style owfrSwfxm. 62/ pmtkyfrsm.Edkifygonf/ odkYaomf acgif.&Sd rmwdum xnhfvdkonhf acgif.pOfcGJrsm.udkom rmwdumxJwGif xnhfoGif.ygrnf/ tjcm. Computer Paragraph Style tm.cs.fNyD.&mwGif cufcJygonf/ tvdktavsmuf xnhfoGif.xm.rsm.? Add Button udkESdyfyg/ xdktcg b.jyKjcif.ygonf/ Other Styles atmufwGif&Sdonhf Computer Style tm.? Paragraph Style owfrSwfxm.jym.onhfzdkifudk a&G. xnhfoGif.wGif rmwdumrsm. Shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+5) jzihf owfrSwfxm.? r*¾Zif. rsm.onhf Document wGif acgif.rSom rmwdum tvdktavsmuf zefwD.cs.cs.twGif.onhftcgwGif Computer Style jzihfzefwD.pOfpmydk'frsm. tqihfqihf jyKvkyf&ygrnf (u) Paragraph Style owfrSwfxm.onf oD.? pmwrf. Open ESdyf&rnf/ Document rsm.Edkif&ef InDesign wGif zefwD.cJhygonf/ atmufygtwdkif.

onhf pmydk'frsm.? Tab owfrSwf ay.rS pmrsufESmeHygwfrsm.xm.cs.udk rmwdumxJwGif xnhfoGif.ojzihf pmtkyfwpftkyfvHk.vdkonhf pmrsufESmwGif Text Frame &&Sd&ef Drag vkyf&ygrnf/ xdktcg Text Frame wpfck&&Sdygrnf/ vdktyfonhf Alignment vkyfjcif.fxm.ojzihf Document twGif.ygrnf/ Include Book Document udka&G.rsm.jcif.twGuf rmwdum &&Sdygrnf/ OK udkESdyfNyD.awmhrnf r[kwfyg/ Page Number wGif After Entry udka&G.Adobe InDesign CS3 60 uuuGef yHk (4-17) Styles rsm. rmwdum&&Sdygrnf/ yHk (4-18) . jyKvkyfvdkufvQif yHk(4-18)twdkif.f xm.ay.cs.jzihf zefwD.? rmwdum xnhfoGif. xnhfoGif.

jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (5-2) . toHk. Both Right & Left Side wdkYudkvnf.cs. toHk.xm. 0ef.jyKEdkifygonfWrap Around Wrap Around Objects Shape Bounding Box Jump Objects No Text Wrap Jump to Next Column yHk (5-1) (u) No Text Wrap/ Wraping rvkyfbJ? Text ESihf Object a&maESmonhf taetxm. Text Wrap Panel yGihfvmygrnf/ Objects tm.fNyD. Right Side. a&G.axmihf uGufjzihf csefvSyfxm. (5) Combining Text and Objects Wraping Text Around Objects 63/ Text rsm.jzihf zefwD.onfudk yHk (5-2)wGif awGUEdkifygonf/ Wrap Options \ Wrap To wGif Left Side.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 61 tcef. xnhfoGif.onhf yHkjzpfap Wrap Objects jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ Window Menu rS Text Wrap udk ESdyfygu yHk(5-1)twdkif.&Haeonhf Objects rsm.onhf yHkjzpfap? InDesign twGif.udk Wrap Objects [k ac:qdkEdkifygonf/ Drawing Tool rsm.xm.jzpfygonf/ ( c ) Wrap Around Bounding Box/ Objects ywfvnfwGif av.? atmufyg twdkif.

udk aemuf Column odkY yHk (5-5)twdkif.125 in ay.jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (5-3) (C) Jump Objects/ Object ae&mcsefvSyfNyD.? yHk (5-4)twdkif.Adobe InDesign CS3 ( * ) 62 uuuGef Wrap Around Object Shape/ Object \ yHko@eftwdkif. txufESihf atmuf pmrsm.xkwfygrnf/ yHk (5-4) ( i ) Jump to Next Column/ Objects \atmufwGif ae&mvGwfrsm. toHk.xkwf ygrnf/ yHk (5-5) . 0.udk twdk.udk wGef.udk wGef. usef aomfvnf. Both Right & Left Side wdkYudkvnf.yHkwGif 0 in ay. Right Side. pmrsm.xm.tavsmh jyKvkyf Edkifygonf/ yHk (5-3)yxryHkwGif Distance tm. wGef. pmrsm.? 'kwd.onfudk awGUEdkifygonf/ Wrap Options \ Wrap To wGif Left Side.xm.NyD.xkwfygrnf/ Text ESihf Object tuGmta0.

Adobe InDesign CS3



yHk (5-6)

Text Wrap Boundry jyKjyifjcif;ESihf Invert Option toHk;jyKjcif;
64/ Boundry wGif Pen Tool ( ) toHk;jyKNyD;? Point rsm; aygif;xnhfEdkifygonf/ 4if;
Point rsm;udk Direct Selection Tool toHk;jyKNyD;? vdkonhfae&modkY ajymif;a&TUEdkifygonf/
4if; Point rsm;wGif Direction Line rsm; &&ef? Convert Direction Point Tool( )
toHk;jyKNyD; zefwD;&ygrnf/ NyD;vQif Direct Selection Tool jzihf yHk (5-6)twdkif; Path
vrf;aMumif;rsm;udk vdkovdk jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ Pen Tool ESihf Path rsm;taMumif;udk
Drawing tcef;wGif tao;pdwf azmfjyxm;ygonf/ Text Wrap jyKvkyf&mwGif Invert
a&G;cs,fxm;jcif;jzihf Boundry tjyifbufwGif&Sdonhf pmrsm;tm; twGif;bufodkY

a&muf&Sdonfudk yHk (5-7)wGif awGUEdkifygonf/

yHk (5-7)

Create Text on the Path
65/ Text rsm;tm; Path

rsm;ay:wGif zefwD;jcif;jzihf auG;aumufonfh pmwrf;rsm;
&&SdEdkifygonf/ xdkYaMumihf 'DZdkif;rsm; zefwD;&mwGif yHk (5-8)twdkif; vSyonhfpmaMumif;

yHk (5-8)

Adobe InDesign CS3



yHk (5-9)

Path rsm;tm; Drawing Tool rsm;jzihf zefwD;Edkifygonf/ NyD;vQif
Type on the Path Tool ( )udka&G;NyD;? Path ay:wGif Click vkyfyg/ odkYr[kwf yHk (5-9)
twdkif; Drag vkyfyg/ NyD;vQif tvdk&Sdonhf pmrsm;udk zefwD;Edkifygonf/

yHkpHrsm; &&Sdapygonf/

yHk (5-10)

Adjust Type on the Path Position
66/ Path ay:wGif&Sdonhf Text rsm;tm; ae&ma&TUajymif;jcif;rsm; jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/
Selection Tool jzihf Start Bracket ESihf End Bracket rsm;tm; yHk (5-10)twdkif;
tprSwfESihf tqHk;rSwfwdkYudk a&TUajymif;Edkifygonf/ Text rsm;\ tv,fwGif Pointer
wifygu Center Bracket ( ) yHkpH ajymif;oGm;ygrnf/ xdktcg pmaMumif;tm; Path

ay:wGif qGJa&TUEdkifygonf/

yHk (5-11)

Adobe InDesign CS3



Flip Type on the Path
67/ Path ay:wGif zefwD;xm;onhf pmrsm;tm; Flip (ajymif;jyefvSefjcif;)jyKvkyfEdkif
ygonf/ Selection Tool jzihf pmrsm;\ tv,fwGif Point jyKvkyfygu Center Bracket
jzpfay:aeygrnf/ NyD;vQif Path vrf;aMumif;\ tjcm;wpfbufodkY yHk (5-11)twdkif;


yHk (5-12)

Type on a Path Options toHk;jyKjcif;
68/ Selection Tool jzihf vrf;aMumif;ay:rS pmrsm;udk a&G;jcif; (odkYr[kwf) Type on
the Path Tool toHk;jyKaepOfwGif Type Menu \ Type on the Path udkESdyfNyD;? Options
udkESdyfygu yHk (5-12)twdkif; Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if;wGif atmufygtwdkif;


yHk (5-13)


Effects/ Effects wGif Rainbow, Skew, 3D Ribbon, Stair Step,
Gravity wdkYudk yHk (5-13)wGif jyxm;onhftwdkif; toHk;jyKEdkifygonf/

Spacing 0 jzihf toHk.jyK ygonf/ yHk (5-14) Align/ Align wGif Ascender (vrf.jcif.txuf uyfvQuf ( * ) yHkrSeftwdkif.aMumif.jyKEdkif ygonf/ yHkrSefpmvHk.jyefvSef&ef atmufwGif pmxm.jyKygonf/ . -36 rS 36 twGif.fwGif pmxm.rsm.)? Descender (vrf.)? Baseline (vrf.jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (5-14) (C) Spacing/ InDesign CS3 ( c ) Flip/ Path 66 uuuGef ay:wGif&Sdonhf pmrsm.)? Center (vrf. tv.\ tuGmta0. txufwGif pmxm. pmxm. toHk.)wdkYudk toHk.

jcm.ygonf/ Body Rows onf Text Frame ay:wGif rlwnfaeygonf/ yHkwGif Body Rows (6)ck awGU&ygrnf/ Text Frame udk csJUvdkufygu Body Rows wdk. Insert Table Dialogbox yGifhvmygrnf/ 4if. (6) Table toHk.ygrnf/ yHk (6-1) ( c ) Text Frame wpfckwGif ½dkufxm.jcif. Header Rows. Create Table 69/ Tabel tm.vmNyD. Footer Rows rsm.onhfpmrsm.wGif Body Rows.zefwD.jyKjcif. Table onf Text Frame wpfckrS aemufwpfckodkY ul.vQif Frame rsm.udk Select vkyfNyD.? csKHUvdkufygu Body Rows avsmhoGm.NyD. Columns. Table zefwD.Edkifygonf (u) Table Menu rS Insert Table udkESdyfygu yHk (6-1)twdkif.? OK udkESdyfyg/ Columns (4) ckESihf Body Rows.xm.jcif.jyKaepOfwGif atmufygtwdkif. Footer Row 1 jzihf Table zefwD. Header Rows.ay.xm.onhf pmydk'f (4)ydk'f&Sdygonf/ 4if.vJEdkifygonf/ yHk (6-2)wGif Comma jzihf½dkufxm.rSwqifh oD. yg0ifaernf jzpfygonf/ yHk (6-1)wGif Header Rows 2.Adobe InDesign CS3 67 uuuGef tcef. zefwD.pmrsm. Table tjzpf ajymif.ESifh ½dkufNyD.wGif Header. Footer Rows wdkYaygif.oGm. Footer Rows udk xnhfoGif.wdkY jyKvkyfEdkif ygonf/ Type Tool toHk. Select jyKvkyfNyD.ajymif.? Table Menu rS Convert Text to Table udk ESdyfygu Convert Text to Table Dialogbox yGifhvm .ygrnf/ 4if.onhf Rows ta&twGuftwdkif.

lvmvQif Target Table wGif tenf.onhf Table udk azmfjyxm.udk ul.qHk. Row Separator wdkYwGif Tab.lNyD. xm.wGif Column Separator.a&G.vJEdkifygonf/ Table Menu rS Convert Table to Text ESdyfygu Dialogbox yGifhvmrnf/ 4if.fNyD.cs. Cut jyKvkyfNyD..? Paste jzifh Table zefwD.lvmonhf Cells ta&twGuf (odkYr[kwf) ydkrdkonhf Cells rsm.? OK udk ESdyf&ygrnf/ Combine Table 71/ Table wpfcktwGif.vnf. Table wpfckrS Cells rsm. Row 4 wdkYudk a&G.fEdkifygonf/ yHkwGif Column Separator wGif Comma ESihf Row Separator wGif Paragraph a&G. Row wdkYxuf enf.aevQif Paste rjyKvkyfEdkifay/ .Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 68 yHk (6-2) Column Separator.? Ctrl+V ESdyfNyD. Select jyKvkyfNyD..fNyD. Copy.&ygrnf/ Oyrm Column 3.wGif ( * ) Convert Table to Text 70/ Table wpfcktm...? Text tjzpfodkY ajymif. Row Separator wdkYwGif Tab. Row 4 wdkYudk ul. Paragraph wdkY a&G. Table jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ xdkYtjyif Microsoft Excel.Edkifygonf/ ygrnf/ 4if.cs. Column 3.NyD.? zefwD.? aygif.ygonf/ tjcm. Microsoft Word wdkYrSvnf. Paragraph wdkYtm.odkY tjcm.cs. Edit Menu rS Cut (odkYr[kwf) Copy jyKvkyfNyD. Comma.rS Paste (Ctrl+V) ESdyf&ygrnf/ Target Table wGif ul. Comma. InDesign zkdifwpfckrS Table tm.xnhfEdkifygonf/ odkYaomf ul.lvmonfh Column.? Paste ESdyfNyD.udk Target Table wGif Select jyKvkyfxm.

onhf Frames.wGif yg0ifonfudk yHk (6-3)wGif awGUEdkifygonf/ tpqHk.cs.? To Footer jzifh Footer tjzpfodkY ajymif.jcif. jyKjyifEdkifNyD. a&G.jyKEdkifygonf/ Header wGif Skip First ESdyfNyD.fxm. vdkovdk xnhfoGif. Once per Frame. Footer Rows wdkYtm. Rows rsm.? Body Rows tjzpfodkY ajymif.rsm. Row wpfck (odkYr[kwf) wpfckxufydkonhf Rows wdkYtm.vJEdkifygonf/ yHk (6-4) Header ESifh Footer tm.vJEdkifygonf/ xdkYtwl Header.Edkifonf/ Repeat Header ESihf Repeat Footer wGif Every Text rjyKjyifEdkifyg/ Header rygonhf Table wpfckwGif tpydkif.a&G. Once per Page wdkYudk toHk.fNyD. Footer rsm.ESihf Footer wGif Skip Last ESdyfNyD. Footer wdkYudk a&G.onhf Rows rsm.onf qufxm.vJoGm.NyD.onhf Frame rsm.? qufxm. Footer jzKwfxm.onf Header tjzpfodkY ajymif.cs. 72/ Table wpfck\ Header. Pages rsm. Table \ Header.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 69 yHk (6-3) Table Header ESihf Table Footer toHk.jcif. 73/ Table Menu \ Table Options rS Headers and Footers udkESdyfygu Dialogbox yGihfvmrnf/ (yHk 6-4) Header Rows.ygrnf/ Table \ aemufqHk. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ . Footer wGif Insertion Point xm.? yxr Header jzKwfxm.jyKjcif. Table Options rS jyKjyifjcif.? aemufqHk.NyD.? Table Menu \ Convert Rows rS To Header udkESdyfyg/ a&G.? Convert Rows rS To Body ESdyfNyD.

fay.fEdkifygonf/ yHk (6-6)twdkif.udk axmihfjzwf Drag vkyfNyD.fvdkygu Table Menu \ Select rS Row.\ b.wdkYjzihf a&G. a&G.fjcif.udk a&G.vJ oGm.ygrnf/ (yHk 6-5) xdkYtwl Column tay:xdyfwGif Pointer wifNyD.&Sd a&G.? Table Menu \ Select rS Table udkESdyfjcif.f Edkifygonf/ yHk (6-6) ( * ) Table/ Type Tool jzihf Drag vkyfjcif.fEdkifygonf/ Rows rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 70 Table Cells. Rows ESihf Columns rsm.udk ygonf (u) Cells/ Table twGif. Column rsm.yHkpHajymif. Column tm.fay.? yHk (6-5) ( c ) Rows and Columns/ vuf&Sd Row.ygrnf/ Click vkyfygu Table wpfckvHk.cs.cs.cs.udkvnf. qGJoGm.yHkpHajymif.ygrnf/ Click vkyfyg4if.fay. Row wpfckvHk.cs. Rows ESihf Columns rsm. Column wdkYudkESdyfNyD. a&G.ygrnf/ Mouse cvkyfzdNyD.cs. a&G.cs.vJoGm. a&G. 74/ Table \ Cells.fbuftpGef. Table \ tay:b.a&G.ygu Row rsm. a&G.cs.udk a&G.wGif Pointer wifygu jrm.fEdkifygonf/ Cells atmufygtwdkif.cs.faxmihfwGif Pointer wifygu jrm.fEdkif rsm.ygrnf/ yHk (6-7) .cs.cs.

? Row wpfckck\ atmuftem.vdkonhf ta& twGuf)? Above (vuf&Sd Row \ tay:wGifxnhfjcif.fwl Column rsm. Row rsm. Dialogbox yGifhvmygrnf/ 4if.pGmzdxm.NyD.onfh nmbuftqHk.jzihf t&G.pGmzdxm. 75/ Table twGif.)wdkYudka&G.)? Right (vuf&Sd Column \ nmbufwGifxnhfjcif.? OK udk ESdyf&ygrnf/ ( * ) Multiple Rows and Columns/ Table Menu \ Table Options rS Table Setup udkESdyfyg/ ay:vmonhf Dialogbox wGif ajymif.&ygrnf/ Alt Key OD.jcif. xnhfoGif. OK udkESdyf&ygrnf/ Table Panel wGif Row.? OK udkESdyf&ygrnf/ ( c ) Columns/ Table Menu \ Insert rS Column udk ESdyfyg/ ay:vmonhf Dialogbox wGif Number (xnhfoGif.wGif xyfxnhfay.udk nmbufodkYqGJjcif.vJvdkonhf Row ESihf Column wdkY\ta&twGufudk jyKjyifNyD. xnhfEdkifygonf (u) Rows/ Table Menu \ Insert rS Row udkESdyfygu yHk (6-7)twdkif.udk &&Sd ygrnf/ Drag vkyfonhftcgwGif Mouse cvkyfudk OD.onf Table \ atmufqHk.rnfqdkvQif vufyHkpH Pointer ay:vmygrnf/ .ygrnf/ xdkYtwl Column nmbuftem.)wdkYudk a&G.ESihf xyfxnhfonfh Column rsm.vdkonhf Column ta&twGuf)? Left (vuf&Sd Column \b.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 71 Rows ESihf Columns rsm.ygrnf/ yHk (6-8) (C) Rows and Column by Draging/ Rows xnhf&ef Alt Key zdNyD.)? Below (vuf&Sd Row \ atmufwGifxnhfjcif.udk jznhfay. Column ta&twGuf xyfjznhfjcif.jzihfvnf. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ (yHk 6-8) odkYaomf xyfxnhfonfh Rows rsm.NyD.udk atmufzufodkY Drag vkyfyg/ xdktcg Drag vkyfonfh Row twdkif.odkY Rows ESihf Columns rsm. atmufygtwdkif.wGif Number (xnhfoGif.fbufwGifxnhfjcif.

atmufygtwdkif.fxm. Column ta&twGufwdkYudk avQmhcs jcif.jzihfvnf.ay:wGif Pointer wifygu Two Head Arrow jzpfaecsdefwGif csJUjcif.udk zsufxkwf Edkifygonf/ xdkYtwl Table \nmbuftpGef.rS b.onf yHkrSeftm.jzihfvnf.rsm. zsufxkwfrIaocsmap&efar. csJUjcif.cs.vQif Table \atmufajcrS zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ Table udkESdyfygu Table wpfckvHk. ay:vmonhf Context Menu wdkYwGif jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ Formatting tm. Column wdkYudkESdyfNyD.cs.udkvdkufNyD. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ Shift Key .&Sd pmrsm.onfh csKHUjcif.onhf Dialogbox yGifhvmygrnf/ yHk (6-9) Formatting Table 77/ Table twGif. zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ Table Setup ESihf Table Panel wdkYjzihf zsufxkwfvQif yHk (6-9)twdkif.ouJhodkY tem. Table Menu \ Delete rS Row.ftpm. tBuD.jzihfvnf.ftpm.trsKd.tao. jyefvnf jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ Row t&G. 76/ a&G. Table Panel ESihf Work Area xJwGif Right Click vkyfNyD.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 72 Rows. Column rsm.? csKHUjcif.wdkY jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ xdkYtwl Column udkvnf. zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ Mouse cvkyfzdí Alt Key zdyg/ NyD. Column ta&twGufwdkYudk avQmhcsay. ysufoGm. Columns ESihf Table wdkYudk zsufxkwfjcif. Control Panel ESihf Character Panel wdkYwGif Text Formatting jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ Table Formatting udk Control Panel.udk zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ Table Panel rS Row. Table Menu.jzihf a&G.jzpfay:ygonf/ yHk (6-10) wGif jyxm. Column ESihf Table wdkY\ t&G.ftpm.ygrnf/ Table Menu \ Table Options rS Table Setup wGif Row.onhf Rows ESihf Columns wdkYtm.jzihf Row rsm./ Row.tpm.fbufodkYqGJjcif. jyKjyifEdkifygonf- yHk (6-10) (u) t&G.rsOf.

NyD.xm. jyKjyifEdkif ygonf/ Table Menu rS Cell Options \ Text udkESdyfygu yHk (6-11) twdkif.&Sd pmrsm. Align Center.rsm. Left. Column udk qGJNyD. Distribute Columns Evenly ESdyfygu t&G.\ wnfae&mudk jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ tuGmta0.xm.? Align Top ay.NyD.onfh tuGmta0.? csJUjcif.? Table Menu rS Distribute Rows Evenly. yHkpHwl csJUjcif.ygrnf/ .? atmufqHk.? csKHUjcif.? csKHUjcif.vJay.onfh Row (2)ckudk awGUEdkifygonf/ Cell Insets wGif jywfawmuf oGm.udk Click vkyfygu oHuGif. Right wdkYwGif owfrSwfay.\ Vertical twGuf Align Top. Bottom.a&G. 270 'D*&Drsm. 90.vQif tuGmta0.twdkif. pmom. Row udk qGJcsJUjcif.rsm. vSnhfEdkifygonf/ yHkwGif 90 'D*&DvSnhfNyD. Dialogbox yGifhvmygrnf/ Row twGif.qufyHkpH)a&G. pmom.&Sd pmom. Columns ajymif. Align Bottom wdkYjzihf csdefEdkifygonf/ Text Rotation wGif 0. 180.\ Format udkvnf. Columns rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 73 uuuGef zdNyD.rsm. wlnDaernf/ oD.wdkYjyKvkyfygu Row tm.twGif.fwl Rows.jcm.xnfhonhftcg Make All Setting the Same (oHuGif.ygrnf/ yHk (6-11) ( c ) Format Text/ Cell rsm.vHk.udk a&G.? csKHUjcif.rsm. jzpfay:ygrnf/ Column twGuf nmbuftpGefqHk.wdkY jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ Rows.vdkvQif 4if.

jzihf Table abmiftm. &Sdygu aygif.yHkpHrsm. &&Sdygrnf/ Weight wGif 0 pt rS 100 pt txd a&G.aomfvnf.udk Edkifygonf (u) atmufygtwdkif.ftoHk.Adobe InDesign CS3 ( * ) uuuGef 74 Merge and Split Cells/ Type Tool jzihf aygif. Dialogbox yGifhvmygrnf/ 4if.pyfay.fjcif.jyKjcif. cGJxkwfvdkygu Split Cell Horizontally.cs. Color. 78/ Table Border? Cell rsm.cs.udk a&G. azmfjyxm.ygrnf/ Unmerge udk ESdyfvQif aygif.onhf Cell rsm.NyD.jyKEdkifygonf/ Stroke tm. Swatches Panel wdkYrSvnf.wGif Weight.fEdkifygonf/ yHk (6-12)wGif rsOf. Stroke Panel ESihf Fill tm.udk rcGJay. Split Cell Vertically wdkYudk ESdyfNyD. pmom.\ Strokes ESihf Fills rsm.rsm. Cell Fill wdkYudka&G. jyKvkyf Table Border/ Table Menu \ Table Options rS Setup udk ESdyfyg/ ay:vmonhf Dialogbox \ Table Border wGif Weight. Strokes ESifh Fills toHk.cs. oHk. pmom.vdkuf? axmifvdkuf cGJxkwfEdkifygonf/ yHk (6-12) Table Border. Type.rsm.vdkonfh Cell rsm.? ( c ) Strokes and Fills/ Table Menu \ Cell Options rS Strokes and Fills udkESdyfvQif yHk (6-13)twdkif.udk cGJxkwfay.xm. Color.Edkifonf/ .yg/ Cell wpfcktm.? Table Menu rS Merge Cell udk ESdyfyg/ Cell twGif. Type wdkYudk a&G.

Adobe InDesign CS3



yHk (6-13)
( * ) Diagonal Lines/ Cell rsm;twGif;wGif axmihfjzwfrsOf;rsm;xnhf&ef
Table Menu \ Cell Options rS Diagonal Lines udkESdyfvQif yHk(6-14)
twdkif; Dialogbox yGifhvmrnf/ 4if;wGif Top Left to Bottom Right,
Top Right to Bottom Left, Crossing Diagonal Lines rsm;udk a&G;cs,f
Edkifygonf/ 4if;rsOf;rsm;tm; Weight, Color, Type wdkYudkvnf; a&G;cs,f
Edkifonf/ Draw wGif Content in Front, Diagonal in Front a&G;NyD;
axmihfjzwfrsOf;udk a&SU? aemuf ydkYEdkifygonf/

yHk (6-14)


Alternating Strokes and Fills/ rsm;jym;onhf Row, Column rsm;wGif
Stroke, Fill rsm;udk vQifjrefpGm jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ Table Menu \

Adobe InDesign CS3



yHk (6-15)
Table Options rS Alternating Row Stroke, Alternating Column
Stroke, Alternating Fill wdkYudk a&G;cs,fEdkifygonf/ Alternating
Pattern wGif None, Every Other, Every Second, Every Third,
Custom wdkYudk a&G;cs,fEdkifygonf/ yHk (6-15)wGif Custom Row,
First 2, Next 1 Rows, First Color Green, Next Color None wdkYudk
a&G;cs,fxm;ojzihf tpdrf;a&mif Row (2)ckNyD;vQif tjzLa&mif Row wpfck
jznhfay;xm;onfudk awGUEdkifygonf/ xdkYjyif Skip First, Skip Last
wdkYwGif owfrSwfay;NyD; Row rsm;udk jznhf&mwGif csefvSyfxm;Edkifonf/
4if; Strokes, Fills rsm;udk jyefvnfjzKwfvdkygu None ay;&ygrnf/
Table and Cells Style owfrSwfjcif;? zsufxkwfjcif;
79/ Table wpfckwGif Insertion Point xm;NyD;? Table ESihf Cells wdkYudk

yHkpH zefwD;xm;Edkifygonf/ zdkiftopfwpfck zGihfonhftcg ,cifzefwD;NyD; zdkifrS Style udk
ac:,ltoHk;jyKEdkifygonf/ Window Menu \ Type & Table rS Cell Styles, Table
Styles wdkYudk ESdyfygu Cell Styles ESifh Table Style Dialogbox rsm; yGifhvmygrnf/
Table Styles Panel ESihf Cell Styles Panel wdkYudk ESdyfNyD;vnf; zGihfEdkifygonf/ Styles
tm; atmufygtwdkif; toHk;jyKEdkifygonf
(u) Table Styles/ Create New Style udk ESdyfygu Table Style 1 &&Sdygrnf/
4if;udk Double Clip vkyfygu Table Style Option Dialogbox
yGifhvmrnf/ 4if;wGif General (trnfESihf Shortcut owfrSwfjcif;)?
Table Setup (Border ESihf Spacing owfrSwfjcif;)? Row Strokes ESifh

Adobe InDesign CS3



yHk (6-16)

Column strokes

(rsOf;yHkpHrsm; owfrSwfjcif;)? Fills (ta&mifjznhfjcif;)
wdkYudk owfrSwfay;Edkifygonf/
( c ) Cell Styles/ Cell Styles Panel wGif Create New Style udkESdyfygu
Cell Style 1 topfa&mufvmygrnf/ 4if;tm; Double Click vkyfygu
yHk (6-16)twdkif; Cell Style Options yGihfvmrnf/ General \ Style
Name wGif Com [k owfrSwfxm;ygonf/ Shortcut wGif Shift, Ctrl,
Alt Key rsm;ESihf Num Lock *Pef;rsm;wGJNyD; owfrSwfEdkifygonf/
yHkwGif Ctrl+Alt zdNyD;? Num Lock rS 5 udk½dkufxm;onfh Shortcut
udk azmfjyxm;ygonf/ Text wGif pmvHk;twGuf Cell Inset, Vertical
Justification, Rotate Text wdkYudk owfrSwfay;Edkifygonf/ Strokes and
Fills wGif rsOf;txl? yHkpH? rsOf;ta&mifESihf Cell wGif ta&mifjznhfjcif;rsm;udk

yHk (6-17)

Cell Style jzihf zefwD./ Style rsm.onhf Cell Style udk oHk.ta&mif teD? rsOf.fxm. rsOf.fyg/ NyD.xm. zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ . owfrSwfxm.yHkpH Dashed ESihf Fill tjyma&mifwdkYudk a&G.onhf Table tm.rS Com udkESdyfjcif. twGif.ygonf/ Diagonal Lines wGif vdkovdk owfrSwfEdkifygonf/ Table wGif txufygtwdkif.odkY qGJxnhfNyD.vQif Cell Style Panel twGif.udk Panel atmufajc&Sd trIdufyHk.udk a&G.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 78 owfrSwfEdkifygonf/ yHk(6-17)wGif Weight 2.udk Maths 90 50 40 80 Remark yHk (6-18) zsufxkwfjcif.wdkY jyKvkyf&ygrnf/ yHk (6-18)wGif 4if.? Ctrl+Alt+ Num Lock 5 udk ESdyfjcif.cs.vdkygu Cell rsm.cs. awGUEdkifygonf/ Name Mg Mg Ko Ko Ma Ma Tin Tin ( * ) Myan 50 70 60 70 Style rsm.

rsm.rSwf aygif.rSwf oD.auG.pyfjcif.ajzmihfrsm.udk jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-1)wGif Anchor Point.wdkYudk qufpyfay.jcm.? Smooth Point onf rsOf.jzihf zefwD.Mum. yHk (7-1) Corner Anchor Point.rsKd.vJEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-2) .ajzmihf (odkYr[kwf) rsOf.onhf Path trsKd.)[k cGJjcm.NyD.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 79 tcef.rSwfwdkYudk Anchor Point [k ac:ygonf/ Anchor Point rsm.onf Path \ tpESihftqHk. Path Segment.ygonf/ yHk (7-2)wGif Point ESpfckjzihf zefwD.rsm.Edkifygonf/ Corner Point onf rsOf. &SdEdkifygonf/ Anchor Point wGifyg0ifonfh Direction Point ESihf Direction Line wdkYjzihf Path wdkY\ rsOf. wdkYudk qufpyfay.Edkifygonf/ Path wpfckonf Close Path (tprSwfESihf tqHk.)? Open Parh (tprSwfESihf tqHk.auG.udk awGUEdkifygonf/ Corner Point ESihf Smooth wdkYudk wpfckrS tjcm.wpfckodkY ajymif.Edkifygonf/ rsOf. Smooth Anchor Point ESpfckjzihf zefwD.xm.&Sdjcif.Edkifygonf/ Path tm.? rsOf.auG.ajzmihf? rsOf.wGifvnf.jzihf Path zefwD.auG. wpfck (odkYr[kwf) wpfckxufydkaom rsOf.ygonf/ Path tm. Direction Point wdkYudk azmfjyxm.wpfck\ tptrSwfESifh tqHk. Direction Line. (7) Drawing and Graphics About Path 80/ InDesign wGif rsOf.

qGJygu puf0dkif.qGJygu rsOf.rsm.? Anchor Point rsm.apmif. ay:vmygonf/ Direction Line \ tqHk.udk jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-4)wGif Smooth Point ESihf Corner Point wdkYtm.udk &&Sdygrnf/ ( c ) Ellipse Tool/ t0dkif.qGJEdkifygonf/ Shift Key zdNyD.? Document xJwGif Click vkyfygu Ellipse Dialogbox ay:vmrnf/ tvdk&Sdonhf .? a&.Edkifygonf/ Shift Key udk zdNyD. zefwD.jcif.udk zefwD.jzihf Path \ yHkpHudk ajymif. zdqGJNyD.wGif Direction Point &Sdygonf/ Smooth Point wpfckwGif Direction Line ESpfckyg&Sdygonf/ yHk (7-3)wGif Direction Line ESihf Direction Point wdkYudk awGUEdkifygonf/ Direct Selection Tool jzihf Direction Point rsm.apEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-4) Line.yHkudk awGUEdkifygonf/ Ellipse Tool a&G.ajzmihfESihf (45)'D*&DrsOf. Shape ESihf Placeholder wdkYudk atmufygtwdkif.rsm.vJoGm.yHkrsm.NyD.xm.udk Select jyKvkyfonhftcg Direction Line rsm.udk &&Sdygrnf/ yHk (7-5)wGif Mouse tm. jyKjyif yHkudk awGUEdkifygonf/ Direction Line ESihf Direction Point wdkYudk jyKjyifjcif. Shape ESihf Placeholder zefwD. 82/ Line. puf0dkif.Edkifygonf (u) Line Tool/ rsOf. a&. zefwD.ajzmihf? rsOf.apmif.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 80 yHk (7-3) Direction Line and Direction Point 81/ Path tydkif.

jzihfvnf.fyHk zefwD.twmrsm. zefwD.? OK ESdyfyg/ yHk (7-6)wGif Width 1 in. Height 1 in jzihf tcsif.qGJvQif pwk&ef.xm.frScsKdihfvdkygu Star Inset wGif &mcdkifEIef. Mu. Edkifygonf/ Document xJwGif Click vkyfygu Polygon Dialogbox ay:vmrnf/ Polygon Width.Edkifygonf/ (C) Polygon Tool/ Polygon Tool jzihf tem.0uf (0.ay.Edkifygonf/ Shift Key zdNyD.5)vufr&Sdonhf puf0dkif. zefwD. xm.&rnf/ tem.yHkrsm. a&.? tvdk&Sdonfh twdkif. Height wdkYudk ½dkufxnhfNyD.xnhfay.ygonf/ yHk (7-6) ( * ) Rectangle Tool/ pwk*HyHk? pwk&ef.udk InDesign CS3 uuuGef 81 yHk (7-5) Width.(3)ckxufydkonhf yHkrsm. Polygon Height wGif ydkvD*Gef\ tus.ta&twGuf wdkYudk xnhfoGif.onfudk awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-7) .&rnf/ yHk (7-7)wGif Mu.fESihf tjrifh? Number of Sides yg0ifvdkonhf tem.udk &ygrnf/ Document xJwGif Click vkyfNyD.udk zefwD.fyHkpHuJhodkY tv.

jzihf yHkESihfpm aygif.? Close Path udk &&Sdygrnf/ a&.rsm.Edkifygonf/ odkY&mwGif acsmarGUonfh Path rsm.udk zefwD.? Erase Tool jzihf zsufxkwfjcif.Edkifygonf/ 4if.yg0ifojzihf jyKjyif&efvnf. tjym. Path rsm.xm.ajzmihf? rsOf. xyfrHowfrSwf . 84/ Pen Tool jzihf rsOf.jyKjcif.udk zefwD. a&.yHktwdkif.udk Smooth Tool jzihf acsmarGUapjcif.pyfxm.ajzmihfjzihf qufay. jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-8)wGif Pencil Tool jzihf zefwD. vdkovdkqGJ. Direction Line tm.Edkifygonf/ trSwf owfrSwfonfhtcg Click vkyfygu yHk (7-9) yxryHktwdkif. cufcJygonf/ a&. toHk.wdkYudk Rectangle Tool. 83/ Pencil Tool jzihf Path rsm.jyKjcif.qGJ&ef cufcJygonf/ Mouse udk zdNyD.onfh Placeholder rsm.qGJaeonhftcsdefwGif Alt Key zday.lEdkifygonf/ Pen Tool udk atmufygtwdkif.udk awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-9) Pen Tool toHk.onhf Path rsm.rSwfudkqufNyD. Ellipse Tool.jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-8) Pencil Tool toHk.yg0ifonhf Path rsm. a&.rsm.auG.jyKEdkifygonf (u) Straight Line Segment/ Pen Tool jzihf Document xJwGif Click vkyfygu trSwfwpfrSwf &&Sdygrnf/ 'kwd.Adobe InDesign CS3 ( i ) uuuGef 82 Rectangle Frame Tool. ygu tprSwfESihf tqHk. Polygon Tool wdkYuJodkY toHk.qGJNyD.trSwfudk Click vkyfvQif trSwf(2)ckudk rsOf.qGJ&ygrnf/ Path wGif Point trsm. Polygon Frame Tool rsm. Ellipse Frame Tool. trSwfwpfck &&Sdygrnf/ Mouse udkzdqGJygu Direction Line &&Sdygrnf/ wwd.udk zefwD.ygrnf/ trSwfrsm.

Click vkyfyg/ wifygu .owfvdkonfhae&mwGif Ctrl zdNyD.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 83 yHk (7-10) ay.jzihf qufay.vQif rsOf.rIjzpfay:ygrnf/ yHk (7-12)wGif Direction Line onf trSwf(2)ckpvHk.qGJonfudk awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-11) ( c ) Curves Segment/ yHk (7-11)wGif yxrtrSwftm.vJoGm. atmufzufodkY qGJNyD./ aemufqHk. awGUEdkifygonf/ Direction Line qGJoavmuf rsOf.ygonf/ yHk (7-12) ( * ) Path tqHk.auG.onf ajymif.jcif. 'kwd.fyHka&.lxm. atmufzufodkYqGJ.lxm.trSwfudk tay:zufodkY qGJ.trSwfonf yxrtrSwfay:wGif Pointer yHkpHjzpfay:NyD.ajzmihfrsm.auG.jzihf rsOf.owfjcif.ajzmihfrsm. yg0ifonhf Mu.ygrnf/ yHk (7-10)wGif rsOf.? Click vkyfvQif Close Path udk &&Sdygrnf/ Open Path wGif tqHk.onhfyHktm.

ygrnf/ (C) yHk (7-13)yxryHkwGif rsOf.udkvnf.ay.axmifhuGuf zdqGJjcif.yg/ a&G.ajzmihfESihf rsOf. Object Menu \ Path rS Close Path a&.onfudkawGUEdkifygonf/ 'kwd.? ae&majymif.cs. xm.vJ oGm. a&G./ Direct Selection Tool jzifh Segment ESihf Anchor Point wdkYtm.ojzifh yHkonfajymif.fvdkonfh Segment.vJoGm.auG./ yHk (7-14) yxryHkwGif Anchor Point tm.jcif. Anchor Point a&G. Point rsm.rSwfudk qufay.(2)ckyg0ifonhf Path udk zefwD. jyKjyifjcif.fNyD.fNyD.a&G.yHkwGif Direction Line jyKjyifay. xyfrHa&G.yg0ifatmif Direct Selection Tool jzihf av.ygonf/ yHk (7-13) ( i ) Segments.cs.cs.jzihfvnf.a&G.yg0ifonhf Path zefwD.auG.fEdkifygonf/ wpfckxufydkygu Shift Key zdNyD.vQif tprSwfESihf tqHk.Adobe InDesign CS3 84 uuuGef Open Path wpfcktm. awGU Edkifygonf/ yHk (7-15)wGif Segment tm. a& yHkajymif.yHkwGif Corner Point jzpfaeonhf rsOf.cs.fEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-14) ( p ) Segments.ygonf/ 'kwd.cs.ygonf/ .fay.fjcif.? jyKjyifay. Click vkyfNyD.cs. Anchor Point rsm.xm.

ljcif.vJxm. Smooth Point odkY ajymif.xnhfjcif. Corner Point odkY ajymif. Convert Direction Point Tool jzihf zdqGJNyD.yHkwGif Smooth Point tm.vJjcif. Click vkyfNyD.ygonf/ ' InDesign CS3 uuuGef 85 yHk (7-15) (q) Anchor Point rsm.ygonf/ yHk (7-17) .vJEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-16)yxryHkwGif Corner Point tm.vJxm. Delete Anchor Point Tool ( )jzihf Click vkyfNyD.jzihf Corner Point odkY ajymif. 85/ Convert Direction Point Tool jzihf Smooth Point ESihf Corner Point wdkYudk ajymif.ygonf/ yHk(7-17)wGif Smooth Point \ Direction Line tm./ Add Anchor Point Tool ( )jzihf Path \ xnhfvdkonhfae&mwGif Click vkyfNyD. qGJ. aygif.? zsufxkwfjcif.vJxm. zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-16) Smooth Point ESifh Corner Point ajymif. Point xnhfEdkif ygonf/ rvdkonhf Anchor Point rsm.

jyKjcif.vdkufvQif yHk\tpdwftydkif.cs.NyD.jcif.NyD.? yHk (7-18)twdkif. a&G.jcif.? yHktm. ao.vJEdkifygonf/ yHktm.jcm. Frame twGif.vQif axmihfcsKd.onf nDnmNyD. Drag vkyfNyD.foGm.ygrnf/ yHkay:odkY Pointer wifvQif vufyHkay:vmNyD. a&TUEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-19)wGif Frame BuD.ajyjypfvmygrnf/ Path tydkif.? Close Path twGuf trSwf(2)rSwf owfrSwfay. 86/ Scissors Tool a&G.ay:wGif yHk (7-19) Position Tool toHk.jcif. rnDnmonfh qGJay. zHk.jyKjcif.? ao.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 86 Path rsm. ao.wdkYtm.ygonf/ yHk (7-20) .vQif Path (2)cktjzpf oD.? jzwfxkwfvdkonhf Path ay:wGif Click jyKvkyfay.fNyD.? BuD. Scissors Tool jzihf cGJxkwfjcif. 88/ yHk\ Frame tm.jcif.rsm. 87/ Path wpfcktm.pD jzpfay:ygrnf/ yHk (7-18) Smooth Tool toHk.&ygrnf/ Open Path wGif wpfrSwfowfay.uG.rsm.wdkYudk azmfjyxm.

owfrSwfjcif.pGef.tqHk. Line.ygonf/ yHk (7-22) . Text Outline yHk(7-20)wdkYwGif toHk.yHkpH rsOf.tqHk. wdkYtm.rsm.? axmihfajymif.yHkpH) wdkYudk toHk.pwk&ef. rsOf.jyKjcif. qufpyfyHk? rsOf.yHkpH)? Start (rsOf.tpyHkpHESihf twlwljzpfygonf/ wwd.pwk&ef.(2)cktm.txl\xuf0uf ydk&Snfonf)? Projecting Cap ( yHkpH)? End (rsOf.yHk)? Type (rsOf.yHkpH rsOf.yHkpHonfvnf.udk azmfjyxm.yHkwGif rsOf.pGef.jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-22)wGif rsOf. Path. atmufygtwdkif. 89/ Stroke tm. Weight (rsOf.txl\xuf0uf ydk&Snfonf)? Miter Join (tqufaxmihfcRef)? Round Join (tqufaxmihftvHk. yg0ifonfhyHkrsm. Stroke Panel ay:vmygrnf/ Butt Cap (tem.tqHk.Adobe InDesign CS3 87 uuuGef yHk (7-21) Line (Stroke) Setting toHk.pGef.jyKEdkifygonf/ Stroke tm.\ tpESifh tqHk.ykHpHESifh tpyHkpHwdkYudk azmfjyxm.yHkpH)? Round Cap (tem.txl)? ta&mif? yHkpH? tydkif.vJjcif. Text Frame. toHk.ygonf/ rsOf.jyKEdkifygonf (u) Stroke Panel Options/ Window Menu rS Stroke udkESdyfvQif yHk (721)twdkif. tvHk.)? Bevel Join (tqufaxmihf pwk& rsOf.

)wdkYudk a& Compound Path [k ac:ygonf/ yHk (7-24)yxryHkwGif puf0dkif.Edkifygonf (u) Add/ Path rsm.cs.ygonf/ .tjzpf aygif.jyKjcif.pyfay.ftpm.ygonf/ yHk (7-24) Compound Path toHk.yHkwGif puf0dkif.rsKd.vJxm. jyKjyifEdkifygonf/ Corner Options Dialogbox wGif Effect (axmihfyHkpH)? Size (t&G.&ygrnf/ yHk (7-23)wGif Effect yHkpHtrsKd. 90/ Path rsm. wpfckwnf.udk azmfjyxm. atmufygtwdkif.udk Object Menu rS Corner Option atmufcHyHk jrifEdkifygonf/ Object Menu rS Pathfinder (yHk 7-25)jzihf Compound Path rsm.fxnhfoGif.vJjcif.ESpfckudk Compoune Path tjzpfajymif. Path (2)ckudk awGUEdkifygonf/ 'kwd.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 88 Normal Fancy Bevel Inset Inverse Rounded yHk (7-23) Rounded ( c ) Corner Options/ axmihfrsm.ygonf/ taygufazgufxm.tjzpf ajymif. wpfckwnf. zefwD.

fyHkwdkY (3)ckpvHk.ygonf/ yHk (7-27) (C) Exclude Overlap/ pkaygif.yg0ifonfhae&mrSvGJNyD.mrSEIwfjcif. jyKvkyfay.fyHkrS pwk*HEIwfxm.udk &&Sdygrnf/ yHk (7-28)wGif atmufqHk.onfh {&d.yHkrS pwk*HESihf Mu. yg0ifonfh Path &&Sdygonf/ yHk (7-28) ( i ) Minus Back/ tay:rS Path {&d. onhf{&d.fyHkrsm.m rsm.ESifhxyfaeonhf puf0dkif.mrsm.mrsm.ygonf/ atmufwGif&Sdonfh Path {&d.onfudk azmfjyxm.yg0ifonhfae&m {&d.ygonf/ yHk (7-26) ( * ) Intersect/ pkaygif.? usefonhf {&d.? pwk*H? Mu. yg0ifonhf{&d.ESihf Mu.EIwfNyD.ygrnf/ yHk (7-26) wGif puf0dkif.mrS atmufrS Path {&d.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 89 yHk (7-25) ( c ) Subtract/ Path {&d. EIwfay. usefonfh (3)ckpvHk.\ {&d.onfudk azmfjyxm.udkom &&Sdygrnf/ yHk (727) wGif puf0dkif.mrsm.mudk &&Sdygonf/ .mudk &&Sdygrnf/ yHk (7-29)wGif Mu.pwk*HrS 4if.fyHkEIwfxm.mrS tay:wGif&Sdonhf Path {&d.mEIwfxm.mudk Compound Path jyKvkyfxm.

cs.udk azmfjyxm.pyf Edkifygonf/ yHk (7-30)wGif Path (2)ckaygif.ygonf/ Graphics Type wGif atmufygtwdkif.toHk.ygonf/ 'kwd.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 90 yHk (7-29) Compound Shape 91/ Path rsm.jyKEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-32)wGif Graphics Type ESihf Format rsm.vJEdkifygonf/ Text Frame a&G.yg/ NyD.NyD.fNyD. Gradient jznhfxm. cGJjcm.ygonf/ B In Design In Design In Design In Design In Design In Design In Design In Design yHk In Design In Design In Design In Design In Design (7-31) Choosing Right Graphics Format 93/ InDesign wGif rsm.vSonhf Graphics rsm. ygonf/ wwd. xnhfoGif.NyD. a& azmfjyxm.vQif Type Menu rS Create Outline udkESdyfygu rl&if.? Fill tm. Object Menu \ Path rS Make Compound Path ESdyfNyD.rSm pmvHk.yHkwGif Outline ajymif. Path topfrsm.pyfxm.ay. zefwD.? jyefvnf cGJxkwfEdkifygonf/ yHk (7-30) Text tm.ygonf/ Text Frame (odkYr[kwf) Text Frame twGif. Path tjzpfodkY ajymif.yHkwGif Text Frame tm. 92/ Text rsm.jym.? Alt Key zdxm. pmvHk. Shape tjzpfodkY ajymif.ygonf/ Path rS Release Compound Path ESdyfNyD.? Type Menu rS Create Outline (Ctrl+Shift+O)ESdyfyg/ yHk (7-31) yxryHkwGif Size 143 pt jzifh pmom.twdkif. Copy ul. aygif.wdkYtm.NyD.? Outlint xJodkY Paste Into jzihf jznhfxm.Ekdifygonf-

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jyKjyifzefwD.NyD.onfudk awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (8-12) Working Frames and Objects 100/ InDesign Document wGif ½kyfyHkrsm.? Selection Tool jzihf Alt Key zdNyD.csKyfrI y.cs.ygrnf/ odkYrSom 4if. Dialogbox yGihfvmrnf/ 4if.xJodkY xnhfoGif.xm.xm.wdkYjzihf yHkwl yGm.fzsufay.? Ctrl+Alt+V udkESdyfjcif.pGJEdkif ygonf- (u) Paste Into/ ½kyfyHkwpfckudk Drawing jzihf zefwD.\ Repeat Count wGif xyfyGm.? Vertical Offset wGif txufatmufa&GUrnhf tuGmta0.ygonf/ ( c) Create Border and Background/ xnhfoGif.Edkifygonf/ yHk (8-12) yxryHkwGif &Sdonhf rdk. .onhf Object rsm. Drag vkyfjcif.jzihf yHkwlyGm. a&G.xm.Adobe InDesign CS3 102 uuuGef ESdyfvQif Position xdef.vQif OK udkESdyf&ygrnf/ yHkwGif (3)cktm. a&GUrnfhtuGmta0. Edit Menu rS Duplicate udkESdyfjcif.fxm.Edkifygonf/ Edit Menu rS Step and Repeat udkESdyfvQif yHk (8-11) twdkif. a&TUjcif.udk Selection Tool jzihf tvdk&Sdonhfae&modkY a&TUEdkifNyD.onhfyHk Frame tm.xm. a&jyifnD (0.wdkYudk xnhf&ygrnf/ NyD.wdrfyHkudk Copy (odkYr[kwf) Cut jyKvkyfNyD.vQif Edit Menu rS Paste Into udkESdyfjcif.? zsufxkwfjcif.vdkonhf Object udk Select jyKvkyfygonf/ NyD. tm.7)vufrtuGmta0. oHk.? xnhfoGif.vdkonfh ta&twGuf? Horizontal Offset wGif a&jyifnDtwdkif.wdkYjzihf xnhfoGif.? atmufygtwdkif.wdkY jyKvkyfEdkifygrnf/ Object yHk (8-11) ( *) Duplicating/ Object tm.

udk jyKjyif ay.? Object Menu \ Clipping Path rS Options udkESdyfyg/ yHk (8-15)twdkif.NyD.fNyD. Border xnhfEdkifygonf/ xdkYtwl Fill tm.NyD. a&maESm InDesign CS3 uuuGef 103 yHk (8-13) Select vkyfNyD.? Swatches. Selection Tool jzihfa&G. aemufcHrygonhfyHkrsm.udk qGJcsKHUjcif.jzihf yHk (8-14)twdkif.fay. Bounding Box rS Handle rsm.NyD.jcif.NyD. &&Sdygrnf/ yHk (8-15) . Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if.cs. jzwfxkwfEdkifygonf/ (C) Clipping Path/ InDesign wGif xnhfoGif. a&G.? Options rsm.wGif Detect Edges a&G.? Tool Box rS Stroke a&G.rygap&ef? yHkudka&G. jyKvkyfEdkif ygonf/ yHktm.onhfyHkrsm.jyKvQif aemufcHta&mifrsm.jzihf Background xnhfEdkifygonf/ (yHk 8-13) yHk (8-14) ( *) Crop Object/ yHkwpfckwGif tvdk&Sdoavmufjzwfxkwfjcif. Color wdkYwGif tvdk&Sdonhfta&mifudk a&G.vQif yHktwdkif.cs.

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wdkYudk oHk.onhf Script Editor tm. zefwD.pGJjcif. rsm.jyK&ef Scripts ESihf Data Merge wdkYudk xnhfoGif. yg&Sdygonf/ 4if. (10) Automation and Export PDF Automation 106/ InDesign wGif vQifjrefpGm toHk.Adobe InDesign CS3 113 uuuGef tcef.rS CornerEffects JavaScript zdkiftm. xm. xnhfoGif. Double Click jyKvkyfxm. awGUEdkifygonf/ 4if.Edkifygonf/ yHk (10-1)wGif JavaScript Folder twGif. rdrdudk. oHk.jzihf tcsdefwdktwGif. xyfrH a&.om. .tm.vSaom Scripts zdkifrsm.fydkif Scripts rsm. &&SdEdkifygonf/ rsm.pGJEdkifygonf (u) Scripts/ C:\Program File\Adobe\Adobe InDesignCS3\Scripts\ Scripts Panel Folder wGif JavaScript ESihf VBScript Folder yg&Sd ygonf/ 4if.ygonf/ 4if. Program rsm.zdkifrsm.wwfvQifvnf.jym.onhf Effect ESihf pmrsm.jym.

cs.pGJ&ef Window Menu \ Automation rS Scripts udkESdyfygu yHk (10-2)twdkif.onfudk yHk (10-4)wGif awGUEdkifygonf/ yHk (10-4) PathEffect (Bloat) PathEffect (Twirl) PathEffect (AntiTwirl) .rS Corner Type Fancy.fxm.xm. Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if.wdkYrS CornerEffects udk ESdyfvQif yHk (10-3) twdkif.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 114 yHk (10-2) oHk. Twirl. AntiTwirl wdkYjzihf zefwD. Offset yHk (10-3) 12 pt.onhfyHkudk awGUEdkifygonf/ PathEffect rS Bloat.rS Application \ Bwd*HudkESdyfvQif Sample? Sample udkESdyfvQif JavaScript ESihf VBScript wdkY yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if. Pattern First Two wdkYudk a&G. Scripts Panel yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if.

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wGif yHkrsm.vQif Export udkESdyfygu 'kwd.vQif Document Open Password wGif xnhfvdkonhf pum.&ygrnf/ (yHk 10-12) NyD.jcif.twGuf Document twGif.Adobe InDesign CS3 ( c) Compression/ 4if.? OK udkESdyfyg/ zdkifzGihfonhftcg yHk (10-13)twdkif.udk a&muf&Sdapjcif. Password awmif.Edkifygonf/ Hyperlink xnhfoGif.Edkif ygonf/ Require a password to open the document udk a&G.ftpm.yHktwdkif.ygrnf/ yHk (10-13) Hyperlink xnhfoGif. csdwfqufvdkonhf pmrsufESmrsm.cs.jzifh Click vkyfonhftcg vuf&Sd zdkiftwGif.udk owfrSwfEdkifygonf/ yHk (10-12) (C) Security/ vHkNcKHrItwGuf zdkifzGihfonhftcg Password xnhfoGif.? Edkifygonf/ ( *) uuuGef 119 zdkift&G.wGif yg0ifonhf pmrsm.rsm.vdkonhf trSwftom.0Sufudk xnhfoGif. Password udk Comfirm jyKvkyfygrnf/ Password udk xyfrH ½ ygrnf/ NyD.jcif.? tjcm.jyKonhftcgjzpfap? PDF zdkiftwGufjzpfap Hyperlink xnhfoGif. 109/ InDesign wGif toHk.zdkif\ .twGuf t&nftaoG.udk owfrSwf Mark and Bleed Options/ xnhfoGif.

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wGif&Sdonhf Hyperlinks rsm.vJEdkifygonf/ Panle twGif. Double Click jyKvkyfygu Hyperlink Options Dialogbox yGihfvm ygrnf/ 4if.odkY Hyperlink csdwfqufNyD.wdkYjzihf zsufxkwfEdkifygonf/ yHk (10-16) .&ygrnf/ (q) Manage Hyperlinks/ Panel twGif.zdkifrsm.onhf zdkifESihf pmrsufESmodkY a&muf&SdoGm.tay:odkY Drag vkyfjcif.udk Panel atmufajc&Sd Delete Selected Hyperlink Button ESdyfjcif.cs.? 4if.zdkifodkY jyefvnfa&muf&Sdygrnf/ ( p) Adobe PDF twGuf Hyperlink xnhfoGif.vQif zdkifwpfcktwGif.udk Hyperlink jyKvkyfvQif csdwfqufrnhf zdkiftwGuf PDF zdkif jyKvkyfay.&Sd Hyperlinks rsm. pmrsufESmrsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 121 yHk (10-15) Go to hyperlink source wGif a& jyKjyifajymif. Export PDF jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ odkYaomf tjcm.fxm.ygrnf/ Go to hyperlink source udkESdyfygu rl&if.

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rS Print jyKvkyfrnhf Printer udk a&G.onhf Document (odkYr[kwf) Book rsm.fNyD.5 (pmrsufESm 5 wpfckom)? -5 .udk Printing jyKvkyfEdkifygonf/ File Menu rS Print udkESdyfygu yHk (11-1)twdkif. Dialogbox yGihfvm ygrnf/ 4if.fNyD.? atmufygtwdkif. (11) Printing and Color Separations Printing a Document or Book 112/ InDesign wGif zefwD.cs.cs.vHk.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 125 tcef.wGif atmufygtwdkif.udk xkwf.fay.&ygrnf/ (2) Copies/ Print xkwfrnhf rdwåL ta&twGufudk xnhf&ygrnf/ (3) Pages/ yHkrSeftm.cs.)wGif &Sdygonf/ odkYaomf Ranges a&G. toHk. oHk.jzihf All (pm&Guftm.lEdkif ygonf/ Oyrm.onhf Printer trnf rsm.jyKEdkif ygonf(1) Printer/ uGefysLwmwGif Install vkyfxm.xm.? tvdk&Sdaom pmrsufESmrsm.pGJEdkifygonf- yHk (11-1) (u) General/ General Area udk a&G.

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fNyD. M (Magenta). ta&mif(4)rsKd.cs.? yHkESdyfxkwfa0&ef yHk (11-13)wGifjyxm.onhf Color Document rsm.onhf rl& xkwfay. Color Separation [k ac:qdkygonf/ zefwD. Pointer wifygu 4if. Y (Yellow).wdkY\ ta&mifwefbdk.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 132 yHk (11-13) rsKd. Window Menu \ Output rS Separations Preview udkESdyfygu yHk(11-14)twdkif.rSm C (Cyan).tm.yHkwGifyg0ifonfh ta&mif(4)rsKd.xm. K (Black) wdkYjzpfNyD.? Munhfvdkonhf ta&mifudkom zGihfxm.onhf View udk awGUjrifEdkifygonf/ yHk\ tpdwftydkif. Separation Preview Panel yGihfvmygrnf/ View wGif Separations udka&G.tvdkuf yHkjywfom. awGUjrif&ygrnf/ yHk (11-14) xdkuJhodkY Print xkwfjcif.&ygrnf/ yHkwGif Cyan ESihf Yellow a&G.yHkwpfyHktm.onf yg0ifonhf &mcdkifEIef.&ygonf/ xdkta&mif (4)rsKd.jzihf Print xkwf&ygonf/ xdktcg rl&if.fxm.

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InDesign wGif toHk.jyKyHkudk azmfjyxm.Adobe InDesign CS3 135 Page Maker \ Type Menu Command rsm. 120/ InDesign wGif Utilities Menu ryg0ifyg/ yHk (12-6)wGif Page Maker Utilities Menu tm. 119/ yHk (12-4)wGif Page Maker \ Type Menu tm.ygonf/ yHk (12-6) \ . InDesign wGif uuuGef toHk.jyKyHkudk azmfjyxm.ygonf/ yHk (12-4) Page Maker \ Utilities Menu Command rsm.

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jyKyHkudk azmfjyxm. 122/ yHk (12-8)wGif Page Maker \ View Menu tm.jyKyHkudk azmfjyxm. 123/ yHk (12-9)wGif Page Maker \ Window Menu tm. InDesign wGif azmfjyxm.ygonf/ yHk (12-8) Page Maker \ View Menu Command rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 137 Page Maker \ Element Menu Command rsm.jyKyHkudk . 121/ InDesign wGif Element Menu ryg0ifbJ? Object Menu yg0ifvmygonf/ yHk (12-7)wGif Page Maker \ Element Menu tm.ygonf/ Page Maker \ Window Menu Command rsm.ygonf/ toHk. InDesign wGif toHk. InDesign wGif toHk.

toHk. Actual Size View ponfwdkYjzpfonf/ InDesign wGif Shortcuts rsm. Italic. Justify).jyKjcif.onhf Shortcuts rsm.Type Style (Bold. Zoom to 200%. 124/ Page Maker wGif toHk.0ifrnhf Shortcuts rsm. ygonf/ yHk (12-10) . Underline) . toHk.rsm.Adobe InDesign CS3 138 uuuGef yHk (12-9) Keyboard Shortcuts toHk.jym.jyKcJhonhf Keyboard Shortcuts tawmfrsm. rsm. Alignment(Left.Center.jyKEdkifygonf (u) Working With Type/ pmpDpm½dkuf jyKvkyfonhftcg toHk.udk yHk (12-10)ESihf yHk (12-11)wdkYwGif azmfjyxm. Right.jyKEdkifygonf/ Oyrm.onf InDesign wGif qufvuftoHk.400%.udk atmufygtwdkif.pGm &Sdaomfvnf.

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a&G.fNyD.qif.fvdkufyg/ ( c) Shift+Ctrl+C ESdyfNyD.? vdyfrl½Hk.? aemufwpfaMumif.pmwpfapmif ½dkuf&ef File Menu \ New rS Document udkESdyfyg/ New Document Dialogbox yGihfvmygrnf/ yHk (13-1)twdkif. pmtrSwftm.cs. vkyfaqmifyg- yHk (13-1) (u) Toolbox rS Type Tool udka&G.vQif jynfaxmifpk jrefrmEdkifiHawmftpdk.NyD.trnf½dkufyg/ . qif. tv.½Hk. (1) 125/ omref½Hk.vdkufyg/ Control Panel wGif Win Researcher Font ESihf Size 14 a&G.onhf Document xJwGif Drag vkyfNyD.Adobe InDesign CS3 141 uuuGef tcef. [k½dkufyg/ ( *) Enter (2)cgESdyfNyD.? Insertion Point tm.fa&.cs.? zGihfxm.yg/ wyfrawmf(Munf.qif. (13) Exercises avhusihfcef.0efBuD.& [k ½dkufvdkufyg/ Enter ESdyfNyD.Xme [k ½dkufyg/ Enter ESdyfNyD.? OK ESdyfyg/ NyD.? Text Frame zefwD.vQif atmufygtwdkif.fodkYydkYvdkufyg/ NyD.? aemufwpfaMumif.? Enter (2) cgESdyfyg/ Tab Key wpfcgESdyfNyD.vdkufyg/ umuG.? Shift+Ctrl+L ESdyfyg/ ]]odkY}} ½dkufNyD.? a&? av) uGefysLwmXmerSL.? Shift+Ctrl+R ESdyfyg/ yHk (13-2)twdkif. ½dkufyg/ atmufwpfaMumif.NyD. &ufpGJ ½dkufyg/ (C) Enter (2)cgESdyfNyD.

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Adobe InDesign CS3



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xm;NyD;? yHk (13-35)twdkif; Yadana Hotel [k ½dkufyg/

yHk (13-35)

Adobe InDesign CS3



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Adobe InDesign CS3



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vdkufyg/ Type on a Path Tool jzihf 4if;puf0dkif;ay:wGif Insertion Point
&&Sd&ef Click vkyfvdkufyg/ Win Researcher Font, 14 jzihf ]]wyfrawmf

Ellipse Tool

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pyfoGm.? Open vkyfygu Data Source Import Options Dialogbox ay:vmygrnf/ yHk (13-51)twdkif. Data Merge Panel yGihfvmygrnf/ 4if.? Select Data Source udk ESdyfvdkufyg/ NyD. Control Panel rS Merge Cells udkESdyfyg/ xdktcg Cell (2)onf aygif.yg/ Cell rsm.&ygrnf/ Cell (5)ckom&Sdonhf Row rsm.onhf zdkifudka&G.&ygrnf/ .NyD. Cell rsm.&ygrnf/ yHk (13-52)twdkif.a&mifEkEkjzihf jznhfvdkufyg/ yHk(13-50) ( *) Window Menu \ Automation rS Data Merge udkESdyfvQif yHk(13-50) twdkif.cdk.vdkufyg/ xdktcg Data File xJwGif&Sdonhf Merge Panel xJwGif a&muf&Sdvmygrnf/ Field rsm.xJodkY xnhfoGif. a&G.Adobe InDesign CS3 uuuGef 163 yHk(13-49) zefwD.udk oD.NyD.pOfrsm. xnhfoGif.\ tay:nmaxmifhwGif &Sdonhf Panel Menu Icon ESdyfNyD.udk yHktwdkif.f ay.vdkufyg/ 4if.vQif odrf.jzpfaeap&ef rD.jcm. xnhfoGif.cs. 12 jzihf xnhfoGif.twGuf Cell (2)a&G.udk Win Researcher.xm.? yHk(13-49)twdkif.udk yHkpHzdkifxJwGif&Sdonhf Table Cell rsm.ygrnf/ yHktwdkif. Data yHk(13-51) (C) Data Merge Panel xJrS Field rsm.qnf. acgif.

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