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It has been a well-known fact that astrology was caned the eye of the Vedas, for it threw light on matters relating to timing events. The 'conduct of Vedic rituals had to be timed at a specific period, hence astrology was put to this use. In the modem context, this divine science is used to interpret birth charts to have an overview of an individual's personal and professional future in terms of success and prosperity ..The book deals with this analysis at great length and enlightens a lay reader about the subject. is a chartered accountant by profession. He specialises in the Nadi system ofastrology purely as a hobby 'Ona non-col'nmercial basis. He is also an author of a book 'Oncentral excise.

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6th Block Koramangala. 165.PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION I am extremely happy to place the second edition ofthis book in the hands of the readers. Of/~ cwuia/l v. Bangalore-560095 TeL: 5530214 Q97u4 W04tk ~ ej. In chart 18.. In doing this edition. I request the readers to kindly go through this book and give me the benefit oftheir interpretation to help me further in this venture. I thank Sterling Publishers for their efforts. we need a holistic approach to interpret charts which has been attempted.3S predicted the person got marriedand settled down in a job. As stated by me in my first edition.t!G/Ik. 18-B Main Road. the prediction regarding promotion materialised to be true. ~. I am glad to inform the readers that some of the predictions made in the first edition have already turned out to be true. Raghuraman . This does not mean that the method used is the ultimate or there is no other method of prediction. dedicated to fPW(MltJ. In chart 20. the prediction regarding marriage proved true. ?Itlf~~~~ Pil . In chart 19. The response to the first edition has been overwhelming and has encouraged me to attempt this second edition.

if you can call it one. that is. There is the housewise analysis which is widely understood by most of us. This approach also ensures that the study gets undermined by unscrupluous people indulging in unwanted debates. There are two ways of coming in the limelight . Our active life is always spent doing some activity. since much has been written about the housewise analysis. In my own very limited experience. found these principles working very wen.V. Alternatively. one would be able to get a good view of the subject as regards profession. The books written by Shri R.O. However. it means 11150th part. and the most scientific. in my opinion. and invariably you would be able to observe some new principles emanating from the research you have undertaken. This ensures that. Nadi in Tamil also means "to search" and it is felt by some that they are called nadi jyotisha because people go in search of astrologers having palm leaves. I would . Nandi Nadi and Bhrigu Nadi. I have found that there are many approaches to this subject. you get quick attention and come to the limelight early. This book has attempted to digest the principles found in Saptharishi Nadi. there are many astrologers who have also contributed to this state of affairs. but that would not rob you of the effort put in.. What little we know of science. The best book. irrespective of the houses involved. it would indeed be a great insult to astrology if we were to can it a science. in that. This experience is nothing but the great science of astrology .to Judg_e a Horoscope by Dr B. You can delineate a chart by referring to the tenth house or the house of karma. This is mainly behind the nadis available in South India though explicitly you will not find any nadi referring to the karakatwas but only to the houses. Raman. I is to conduct research and come to certain conclusions. In this book. would be Ho":. I would endeavour to focus on a subject which is so dear to all of us -. The other way of getting attention is to write against people already in the limelight. In astrology. of a sign. Many people are used to debating whether astrology is a science or not. in my limited study. profession. The actual meaning ofnadi is however really different. It is my humble opinion that an effort. It may prove to be true that your research does not point to any concrete result at all. Rao are very useful in this regard.Preface to the First Edition ix PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION It is indeed a great pleasure for me to be writing about a unique experience. the term used is "karma" though this word has a wider meaning In Hindu philosophy. the position of the planet Saturn and its interaction with other planets will also be able to give you a fair idea of the profession. I remain a humble student of this vast subject. One or two readings of this book is a must to understand the basics ofa horoscope. Be that as it may. must be made to try and conduct original research and test the results of the same. There is another less-known system of interpreting horoscopes which is to understand the horoscope from the point of view of karakatwas of the planets. This activity is called profession or business or employment. This option is a painstaking exercise and often is a long-drawn process. There are yet some others who have demonstrated that the lagna and its lord has much to do with the type of profession. If the principles are amalgamated properly.

that merely because one analyses things from the point of view of Saturn. this book would best serve the purposes of being a tool in their study. Raghuraman . I have thought it my duty to bring forth what I understand ofthis subject as regards profession.carefuBy.. I confess that this thought came to me as a flash after reading the works of Paramacharya of Kanchi. so that the subsequent study of the subject becomes easier foHowing the basic principles. I have myself witnessed some stunning nadi readings which have made me deeply interested in this subject. In writing this book. Some other charts have been chosen from articles written by other authors to illustrate our approach. I request the readers to go through this publication . I thank my parents and my brothers who have always encouraged me to do my studies. I also thank the printers. it is quite likely that the discerning readers would be able to add more matter to this book or would be able to explain the chart better. This I believe is the first time that this has been done . it cannot be said that the Parasariprinciples are not valid. tried to also introduce a new concept which links Vedic purusharthas to astrology. I have drawnheavily from existing literature available in this regard and have tried to apply the same to the horoscopes that I have taken up for study. I do not claim that my analysis is unique or the only way to interpret horoscopes.Therefore. the basis of this approach is also intimately connected with the Parasari principles of astrology as would be evident to the readers as they peruse through the contents of this book I have in this book.x Vedic Nedi Astrology & Career Preface to the First Edition xi be concentrating on trying to analyse profession from the point of view of the planet Saturn. Given the limitation of my knowledge as compared to the vastness of the subject. I thank my Guru. who bas been teaching me the Vedas very patiently. Since knowledge is not anyone man's birthright. In fact. Apart from this. Sri Hariharan. I do not claim any originality of'thought. I would like to state here. I thank Shatavadani RGanesh for designing the cover page.. V. I thank the publishers for their support in bringing the book out in the form in which the readers are seeing it. For such readers. This is only to show to the readers that the ancient subject of astrology is very much useful today. 1have assumed that the readers of this book have little or no knowledge of horoscopes . I win be giving an introduction to the signs of the zodiac and the karakatwas of planets. W thank God 60r making this effort possible. I have purposelychosen mostly those charts that are of people who are living today and are in some profession or the other.

1 lNTRODUCTION The Zodiac The zodiac is divided into twelve signs .I I Dhanur (Sagnanus) II 1 I' Vrischika (Scorpio) Thula (Libra) I Kanya {Virgo) I.Moreover.There are newspaper reports that a 13th sign bas been found which we shall ignore since the same has not been tested . ... the author feels that sticking to the well-estahlishedprinciples outIined by our sages would give you accurate results . Modern science today seems to be spending billions of dollars in Meena (Pisces) Mesha (Aries) Vnshabha (Taurus) Mithuna (Gemini) Kumbha (Aquarius) Karkata (Cancer) RASI Simha (Leo) I ..

Fixed sign. Fiery sign. Represents finance/businessmen. Denotes great activity.i Astrology & Career introduction 3 research to reach the same conclusions that our sages have already written about but scientists do not openly admit it Be that as it may. Denotes brahmins and religion. Sattvie in nature and a royal sign giving a fighting tendency.. Movable sign. Common sign .rajas and tamas are the basic characteristics . Relates to kings having blood-red complexion. Sattvic in nature and denotes governmental activity. Earthy sign. Common sign .erist~cs· of the signs. The above table is a summary of the direction and basic charac~.. in Virgo South c) Gemini i) j) Libra West These twelve signs have their own characteristics. A royal sign with fair complexion. Movable sign . Fixed sign. the in the of Gemini West Pisces North Cancer North red. Common sign. Represents Brahmins and is sattvic. An earthy sign having fair complexion. Airy sign.2 Vedic Nad. Denotes intellectual /commercial activity. Earthy sign. Denotes mystique and research orientation. Fixed sign. Airy sign predominant with rajoguna representing sudras. Sattva •. the twelve signs ofthe zodiac are as under: a) b) d) Aries Taurus Cancer e) f) g) h) Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio g) h) Leo East Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Fixed sign. Watery sign with satrvic guna. Watery sign. Denotes brahmins having reddish-brown colour. Common sign.. Fiery SIgn. We win have to be acquainted with the natural characteristics of these twelve signs.. Relates to businesscommunHy and tarnasic in nature. Predominates in rajoguna. Their importance predicting professions will be realised as we go through charts. Tamasic in nature. Colour is pale Scorpio North Sagittarius East Capricorn Aquarius South West Taurus South Airy sign.Tamasic nature. It is dark in complexion and is movable. Characterlstles Sign Aries of Signs Direction East Characteristics Movable sign. A secretive sign of the zodiac and is watery in nature. It must be noted that our study is based on the Hindn system of astrology and not on the Western system.

Predominates in rajoguna. Earthy sign.2 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Introduction 3 research to reach the same conclusions that our sages have already written about but scientists do not openly admit it.... It must be noted that our study is based on the Hindu system of astrology and not on the Western system. Fiery S]gn. Represents finance/businessmen. We win have to be acquainted with the natural characteristics of these twelve signs. Movable sign... East Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio g) h) Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Fixed sign . A secretive sign of the zodiac andis watery in nature. Earthy sign . Watery sign with sattvic guna . Pisces North Airy sign. Charaeterlstles Sign Aries of Signs Direction East Characteristics Movable sign. Fixed. rajas and tamasare the basic characteristics . Be that as it may. North Sagittarius East Capricorn Aquarius South Taurus South Movable sign. Relates to kings having blood-red complexion. in West complexion. Denotes brahmins having reddish-brown co lour . Common srgn. It is dark in complexion and is movable. Denotes brahmins and religion . the twelve signs of the zodiac are as under: a) b) 'c) d) Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer e) f) Leo. sign. Denotes inteliectual /commercial activity. the in the of Cancer North The above table is a summary ef the direction and basic characteristics of the signs.Fiery sign. CD lour is pale red. Common sign. Watery sign. Tamasic nature.. Sattvic in nature and denotes governmentalactivity.. Sattvic in nature and a royal sign giving a.A royal sign with fair complexion ... Common sign. Represents Brahmins and is sattvic. Denotes great activity . Fixed sign. Their importance predicting professions will be realised as we go through charts. Fixed sign. Airy sign predominant with rajoguna representing sudras. Tamasic in nature. Denotes mystique and research orientation. Virgo South g) 11) i) j) Libra West These twelve signs have their own characteristics. Sanva. An earthy sign having fair Scorpio. Gemini West Airy SIgn. Common sign. Relates to business community and tamasic in nature. fighting tendency.

there are two shadowy planets known as Rahu and Ketu. quick movement. but you can be sure that the results they reach will be the same as that reached by our sages.4 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Introduction 5 any human being. Venus Moon Sun Jupiter Saturn 2. accounts. Moon 1. watery places. tamas denotes a constant desire for base things and satisfaction of basic instincts. Planetary Karakatwas Planets Characteristics Represents the soul of the native. Also represents God/ govemmentlfatherlking/ sons.en that predictive astrology would not have been complete without these two points. religion. Mars 2. police.e. 7. 5. Sun 1. learning. 1. Represents mother or mother in law (for a female). Represents judge. weapons. Apart from the seven planets listed above. law. Profession and karma. prestige. speech. Mars 4. The purpose behind this statement is not to deride science and scientists. rajoguna denotes great worldly activity for desires at a higher plane than tamoguna and sattvic guna denotes a stage when man is able to control worldly desires for spirjtual v moral advancement. The reason why Hindu astrology is more accurate than other systems is that emphasis is laid on the mind governing planet and it is by now well understood that the mind is the cause of action or inaction. He is capable of giving power to the native if powerful.. Their results in predictive astrology really shows the mastery over mathematics that our sages had and how they used this to predict the future. cheating. Also represents husband in a female chart and stands for marriage in all charts. the mind of the native. but to bring to light the fact that in the garb of doing research. status. lands. Possibly the next generation of scientists may be able to do SOme more research into this. Ownership Planet of Signs Signs Aries and Scorpio Taurus and Libra Gemini and Virgo Cancer conclusions and try to build upon the theory left behind by our sages? But this would mean that we are more capable than our sages which in the present age seems to be a laughable proposition. wisdom (as opposed to education). i. Represents ego" fire. Would it not be simpler to work on the same 3. Jupiter 6. Saturn . education. maternal uncle. Represents intellectual capacity. 4. These are said to be mathematical points. teacher. but the author's own experience has be. 6. people are spending huge sums of money and reaching the same conclusion reached by our sages. Also represents artistic features.. arrogance and brother. friends. Mercury Leo Sagitarrius and Pisces Capricorn and Aquarius. and most important. Mercury 5.

but the planets are seen to be cooperating with each other. Rahu Wife. You will also note that weare not departing from the Parasari principles but looking at the chart from a different angle which occasions this realignment. Moon. Mercury. Saturn. Mars. We wish to clarify that our experience shows. The peculiarity that youwill find in the above arrangement is that Moon in traditional texts is said not to have any enemies but we have incorporated 4 enemies. Saturn. Sun. Venus 8. Jupiter. Mercury Jupiter Mars. obstructions. Mercury. Ketu Venus. their combination in one zodiac win portend an excessive desire for sex. from the angle of the nati ve they are enemies but from the angle of the planets per se. Venus. Moon.6 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Introduction 7 7. thread. they are friends. Mercury. Venus and Mars have been shown as friends. Though we have indicated that Mercury is a friend of Moon. Therefore. deviant behaviour. Mars. Rahu and Ketu. Rahu Enmity Saturn. religion. Rahu. Moon. lawyers. Muslims. renunciation. Keto Sun. Jupiter. Therefore. treasure. sisters. Likewise. Sun. Rahu.. we have found that the following represents the friendship and enmity between planets: Planet Sun Moon • Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Friendship Mars. immovable property. Rahu. Jupiter. Venus and Nodes. masking ability. Jupiter. and also the native is exceptionally intelligent. shady but mammoth transactions. Christianity. Nodes . Moon. Saturn. Ketu. quest for uniqueness and independence. Sun. Saturn. Mars. that Moon is not comfortably placed with the four planets outlined above. Sun. Jupiter. Saturn. Venus. friendship or enmity by itself is no sure guide to judge the worth of the individual. Grandfather. Venus. Moon. we often see this combination giving affairs outside the regular system of marriage. Mercury. clandestine activity. Mars Venus. This is because they work very weU ineomhination albeit to the detriment of the individual. 9. Friendship and Enmity In our analysis. Both the planets denote this and work well in combination to satisfy this need but the individual's health gets affected. money. Ketu . voice. Law. Sun. Moon. Ketu The above is an illustrative list of the karakatwas and these are generally enough to predict about one's profession. Conventionally this is seen as giving bad results. Mercury. wealth. For example.

Jupiter has 5th and 9th aspects besides the 7th aspect. On the other hand. The combination of planets must be carefully studied. The age of the person would also have to be kept in mind. This is because these four sets form four different directions. Planets located in Capricorn. the basic characteristics of the chart must be analysed . a) First of an. Ifwe want to study education. Therefore. The results of Saturn combining with Mars are significantly different from Saturn combining with Venus. two of the important planets and the t~o shadowy slow-moving planets. Leo and Sagittarius will form one combination. For example.The lagna and lagnadhipathi must be seen for the strength or otherwise of the chart. AU other planets have onlythe 7th aspect. we wiU have to take the planet Mercury. Rahu and Ketu. study ~ow Mercury is placed in the chart and the vanous interactions it has with other planets. For example. See the interaction between the karakatwa you want to study and other planets that are posited in relation to it. It win be as if you are yourselfwalking through the zodiac sign.Interpreting Charts '9 2 INTERPRETING CHARTS d) Introduction This note wi 11 give the readers the approach being used in this book and every chart may be read in this manner to delineate the results of whatever subject we wish to enquire. In conventional astrology. Jupiter represents the self and Saturn represents the karma. Aspects of planets must be considered. The results of the basic characteristics as arrived at in the above steps will be felt during the transit of Saturn and Jupiter. Mercury is placed in a fiery sign Leo.. we utilise the following principles: b) c) i) Planets located in the same direction results in one combination. additional e) In our analysis. His transit in the sign win bring about effects as regards your karma according to the basic characteristics of your chart. Similarly. Scorpio and Pisces will fonn yet another combination. Taurus and Virgo will form another combination. This is derived from the Parasari principle of dividing the zodiac signs into directions as detailed in Chapter 1. Aquarius and Gemini will form one combination and planets located in Cancer. Jupiter will give your persona] results according to the sign he transits and the aspects he receives. while studying education. Saturn has 3rd and 1Oth aspect besides the 7th aspect. Planets located in Libra. In the other signs denoting the eastern direction are Saturn and Rahu which are friends of . and Mars has 4th and 8th aspect besides the 7th aspect. planets located in Aries. Saturn will represent karma and win denote the activity you will be involved in.

In our example chart.1. Moreover. Since the 12th and 2nd houses have friendly planets to Mercury.0 ~XAMPL[ Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Interpreting Charts 11 I I .. no obstructions are seen for the native in getting educated . factory through which he earned a decent sum of money . iv) Retrograde planets win have to be studied taking the previous sign also into account.Moreover. Mercury has no aspect from any planet in the 7th house from it iii) See the planets located in the opposite direction also. the cumulative effect of this is that Mercury is ina fiery sign aspected by Rahu and Saturn denoting hard work. Jupiter in the West is always there to help out the native's education. Fiery signs give engineering or factory-related learning. These studies helped him get a job ina. In fact. Mercury is located in the East Other InterestlngPeatures a) of the Example Chart Jupiter represents the self and Sun represents the father. ! I Rahu Mars Jupiter Lagna Sun RASI I I . ii) Planetsin the 12th house will push the planet under consideration and will also indicate comfort levels for the planet under consideration and planets in the 2nd house will cooperate or obstruct the planet under consideration. . .. In the 2nd sign. and we find Jupiter located in the West. . the education is going to lead to wealth. is located Mercury's friend Venus. This is also taken from Parasari principles only and there is nothing unique in this approach. Mercury has in the 12th house the royal and friendly planet Sun. v) Exalted and debilitated planets win certainly give differing results. This means. . Mercury I ! Satum® I II Ketu Venus I Taking our example chart. This will form one combination and will have to be kept in mind as we proceed with our analysis. Saturn is retrograde and we will have to judge the results by considering the fact that Saturnis located in Scorpio also since he is going back to that sign from Sagittarius . Jupiter and Mercury are facing each other. the native will have good relationship with his father. That means. In our example chart above. Mercury. Since Jupiter isjust behind Sun with no planets in between. The royal planet Sun located in the 12th house pushes Mercury forward towards Venus.. Leo is a royal sign.II I Moon I[ . In our example. the native was pushed by his father (Sun) to go for studies since no other person was educated in the family.

Jupiter's location in the 5th house gives children who are better placed than the native. we analyse the effect of Saturn in various signs of the zodiac. Since Mars comes into contact with Jupiter first. fact. Professions . merely analysing the tenth house is not going to help one. This is a warrior sign and. the native had no daughters but only sons. d) e) f) In this manner. it has to be remembered that while the lOth house denotes profession/business/activity. e) 3 ANALYSING PROFESSIONIBUSINESS. Characteristics of the Signs ARIES The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is owned by Mars . Next. For example. the person is capable of fighting to the finish. the native (Jupiter) will be religious minded but a man of few words. In this chapter. we begin by first analysing the basic characteristics of the SIgns involved. However. This is not meant to deprecate housewise analysis but is only a presentation of an alternative way ofanalysing. the person will be wedded to his work and will gain respect. Since Moon has the enemy planet Rahu in the second who will be moving anticlockwise. . he will have to work hard in this life. Therefore. the 7th house (being the 10th from the I Oth house) wi 11 also have a tremendous say on the prospects of business.12 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career b) Since Saturn is aspected by Jupiter. therefore. Since Jupiter and Ketu are located in one direction. if you want to study in the example chart the position of the sons/daughters of the native. Therefore. the second house has a say on the means of earnings. we can easily delineate the chart from its basic characteristics without going into detailed housewise analysis. since Jupiter is in turnaspected by Saturn. and a holistic approach to do the same would be better. the 11th house has a say on the gains or profits. Since Jupiter is between Mars and Sun. PROSPECTS Introduction In studying profession. the person will possess a bad temper. we must try to judge the horoscope from various angles before coming to conclusions. The 5th house from lagnaand Moon are occupied by male planets . This is a sign which creates dynamic and energetic people. his relationship with his mother will not be satisfactory. he will have a happy married life. Sun and Mars give egoistic tendenci es. a housewise analysis will give you an excellent picture.. Also. However. we shall analyse the effect of the combinations of Saturn with other planets. we can look at the IOth house for our analysis. Moreover. It represents great activity as per our definition in Chapter 1.

LIBRA Cancer is a w~tery sign and noted for people who are capable of l~ousekeepmg. directors.e a?lht~y to sing or speak sw~et~y. Since Libra is a more outwardly sign than Taurus. businessmen of all types such as traders. Keeping the qualities of the Sun in mind. Therefore. The sign. an~ analysts are associated with this sign. Therefore. rese~rch. ~speclany III taxation matters. VOIceoft~: kalapurusha. The persons are very commercial and. writing. financiers accountants. trades involving liquids. The third sign of the ~odlac stands for communication. Also. metals. it is capable of giving brilliant actors. Moreover. shopkeepers. associated with judiciary. this SIgn IS capable of giving artrstic tendencies to the n. a strong Taurus can give the ~at1ves th. salesmen. politicians and sportsmen with a fighting spirit. . However. Saturn. policemen. Therefore.ative. This is con~ls. Therefore. Since Taurus is a sign known for doggedne. This sign of Mercury does not give the intelligence of the other mercurial sign Gemini but gives practical business prudence. it can be safely said that this sign denotes sternness. since it is not a sattvic sign. machinery. h~tels. models and other cine artistes. the planet of justice.ion. therefore. is capable of endowmg trade union leaders. agriculture. areassocla~ed with this sign.tent WIth the karakatwa of Mercury. Therefore. it points to religious Thi s is known as the balancing sign and is. army men. brokers. GEMINI This is a royal sign indicating authority and power. learning.ntants and auditors a bent for legal study. retailers.14 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Analysing Profession/Business Prospects 15 requi:ing co~rage as well as involving presentations are associated with this sign. TAURUS people. auditors. Th~refore. enus. wines. LEO as opposed to This is the second sign of the zodiac representing wealth. reading. Since this IS a sign in the northern direction. preachers and teachers. Nursing doctoring is also seen in this and patience. VIRGO Thi~ is an airy and intellectual sign. especially heart surgeons. surge~ns (as opposed to physicians). poetry. It also indicates government and surgeons. being fiery.are associated with this sign. etc. this sign indicates bankers. dairy. gambling. Virgo is more practical than Gemini and is capable of making the native more worldly-wise. It is also capable of gl~mg t? accou. the association of malefic planets can make the person fall into what is considered as cheap professions such as floor shows. The ruler being . fall within this sign. administrators and executives are associated with this sign. therefore. exalts here. CANCER This is a commercial sign and is associated with businessmen. political people and government employees are associated with this sign. it also gives such qualities to the people: Smce the second sign of the zodiac also represents the. etc. activities that Involve communicat. This sign is a very practical sign (being an earthy SIgn). This mercurial sign represents mtellectual professions rather than business tendencies.

Since Taurus is a sign known for doggedne. reading. etc. it also gives such qualities to the people: Since the second sign of the zodiac also represents the. models and other cine artistes. are assocla~ed with this sign. Therefore. political people and government employees are associated with this sign.14 Vedic Nad" Astrology & Career A'I1'alysing Profession/Business Prospects 15 requiring courage as well as involving presentations are associated with this sign. The sign. writing. surge~ns (as opposed to physicians). TAURUS people. preachers and teachers. The third sign of the ~odlac stands for communication. metals. poetry. financiers. It also indicates government and surgeons. It is also capable of gl~mg t~ acc0u_ntants and auditors a bent for legal study. since it is not a sattvic sign. LEO as opposed to This is the second sign of the zodiac representing wealth. ~speclally m taxation matters . fall within this sign. Nursing doctoring is also seen in this sign. Therefore. However. associated with judiciary. it is capable of giving brilliant actors. This is COn~ls.ative. GEMINI This is a royal sign indicating authority and power. accountants.. CANCER This is a commercial sign and is associated with businessmen. LmRA This is known as the balancing sign and is. thi~ sign indicates bankers. Since Libra is a more outwardly sign than Taurus. Therefore. Also. gambling. machinery. therefore. etc. brokers. retailers. policemen.e a?lh:y to sing or speak sweetly.This mercurial sign represents Intellectual professions rather than business tendencies. businessmen of all types such as traders. This sign of Mercury does not give the intelligence of the other mercurial sign Gemini but gives practical business prudence. being fiery. activities that mvolvecommunicat~on. is capable of e~dowmg trade union leaders.tentWith the karakatwa of Mercury.vOIce of t~: kalap~rusha. Therefore. dairy. are associated with this sign. especially heart surgeons. learning. Moreover. the association of malefic planets can make the person fall into what is considered as cheap professions such as floor shows. the planet of justice. Virgo is more practical than Gemini and is capable of making the native more woddly~wise. trades involving liquids. exalts here. Since this IS a sign In the northern direction. anny men. The ruler being Venus. therefore. a strong Taurus can give the natives th. this SIgn IS capable of giving artistic tendencies to the n. Keeping the qualities of the Sun in mind. shopkeepers. it points to religious . an~ analysis are associated with this sign. politicians and sportsmen WIth a fighting spirit. salesmen. and patience. Therefore. administrators and executives are associated with this sign. Saturn. directors. it can be safely said that this sign denotes sternness.h~tels. This sign is a very practical sign (being an earthy sign). ag_n~ultur~. Cancer is a w~tery sign and noted for people who are capable of~ousekeepmg. rese~ch. VIRGO Thi~ is an airy and intellectual sign. auditors. Therefore. The persons are very commercial and.

Aries stands for machinery and metals and. are also found in this sign.ns ARIES Being a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter. accountants. Jupiter's positive quality gives advisors.1TARJUS This Is the last sign ruled over by Jupiter. therefore. Saturn' s location here gives activities related to communication. This sign gives a penchant to pursue old and ancient studies besides the regular profession of the native. doing moneylending activity Of banking or taking care of custodial functions. machinery and metals are also associated with it though t. it may not lead people to the negative sides of occultism by itself. Pisces gives conventional professions. religious leaders. Businesses dealing with nature such as agriculture. It can also give rise to people interested in occult studies both for the good and the bad. metals. it gives rise to religious activity more in tune with Jupiter's quality. The native is capable of getting secret knowledge if planets such as Ketu are associated with this sign. It is also observed that engineers also possess Saturn in Aries. lawyers. sportsmen and lawyers come under this sign. Being a north direction sign. CAPRICORN This is a moveable sign ruled by Saturn.of the zodiac (besides Scorpio). SAGl. teachers fall within this sign. It will be noted that Saturn transits this sign once in 30 years for two and a half years. Since this sign signifies treasury. . Doctors. Therefore. This sign is capable of giving tremendous businesslike approach to any profession though the native may not do any business. Persons doing technical research into various subjects also fall within this sign. machinery.. AQUARIUS In this sign. This sign is known to produce hard-working people WhDare capable of moving from place to place. The person may be employed in commercial concerns.opersons who are born to advise others. This sign is favourable t. GEMfNl Since this sign si gni fles intellectual acti vi ty. etc . Locatlon of Saturn in Various Sig. geology. Saturn is debilitated. it is capable of giving to astrologers / philosophers deep research orientation. Saturn's location here points to vocations in finance-related matters. etc. Being a Mars' sign..16 SCORPIO Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Analysing Profession/Bustness Prospects PISCES 17 Being a mysterious and secretive sign.o a lesser extent than Aries. Saturn's IDeation here normally means activity related to factories. Scientists come within this sign. Being another mystic sign . Executive posts requiring patient work which is of a repetitive nature come within this sign . Scorpio portends well for philantropists and astrologers. The nature of profession would depend on the planets aspecting and interacting with this planet TAURUS This is an airy and intellectual sign and is associated exclusively with researchers and advisors. Ketu is also known for clandestine activity and that is why it exalts in this sign. Does this mean that those born in those two and a half years cannot do any worthwhile work? The answer is an obvious no.

This is a good posistion for worldly prosperity. Being Jupiter's sign. astrologers with research orientation and advisers are found here. own sign. people are able to come up in the profession rather easily. It gives professions involving considerable movement and activity. Lawyers and judges are known to have Saturn located in Libra. The profession here is more advisory and desk-based than field-based. VrRGO Saturn's location here gives professions relating to machines or land and occult sciences. Moreover. However. CAPRICORN Being its. The person would be very practical in his business approach and would be able to achieve considerable success in business involving tact and skill. Since Saturn. CANCER Artistic professions and professions related to agriculture besides religious professions are indicated by this sign. which is more essential for judges than lawyers (this does not mean that lawyers have no discriminating powers). This is so because Jupiter's aspect Being a mystic sign. is not happily placed in this sign. we find even film actors and artistes having Saturn located in this sign . Sales jobs and executive positions involving liaison work are associated with this position of Saturn. SCORPIO Saturn's location in this sign gives govennent employment or work in authoritative positions such as administrative services. it gives rise to considerable struggle in professional matters unless Jupiter or Venus or Mercury aspect or combine with Saturn. Saturn's location here gives rise to professions involving movement among people. intellectuals.. SAGlTIA1UUS Being a commercial sign Saturn's location here makes the native undertake commercia] ventures. Trading. Mercury. LEO is necessary in order to have powers to discriminate. the person will be capable of enjoying a very comfortable profession with a regular flow of money.Research scientists. real estate and brokerage are related to this sign. the profession is practice oriented rather than theory. . Mercury. LIBRA The native will enjoy an honourable profession which may be related to law or forest-related activities. Saturn's qualities for doing indepth study of subjects is best reflected in this sign . lawyers wiU have the combination of Saturn. Persons possessing argumentative skins are found in this sign.18 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Analysing Profession/Business Prospects 19 accountancy and auditing. Jupiter or Ketu. Saturn is well located here. AQUARIUS Saturn exalts here and this position is capable of giving strong professions unless Saturn is dispossesed by enemy planets such as Ketu and Mars.If Jupiter or Venus or Mercury were to be located alongwith or in the 2nd house or in a trine or in the 7th house to Saturn.. Saturn located here gives cooperation from friends since Mercury also denotes cooperation from friends. Venus andior Ketu while judges will have the combination of Saturn. Apart from this.

medicine. on a standalone basis. Saturn or Jupiter's transit through this sign or its trines or seventh therefrom ensures great prosperity to the native. Moon is capable of giving cheating tendencies to the native. This combination while normally affecting parent-son relationship is seen to give government employment. accountants. we cannot easily predict the profession except to say that there will be an artistic bent in his profession. one at a time. We can see astrologers. This has made him earn substantial earnings comfortably. SATURN WITH SUN This combination is looked at in conventional astrology with regret since the two planets are deadly enemies.. SATURN WITH MERCURY Saturn's Combination with Other Planets This section gives an overview of the combination of Satum with other planets. This combination normally gives one an independent career. law. selfemployment or any vocation where the native is asked to head the organisation. The person has to face obstacles in climbing up the professional ladder . authorships and the person is able to do well in his career. With other favourable combinations. SATURN WITH MOON This combination gives professions relating to trade. this combination does not portend a smooth career. the person may also be able to come to the limelight. This combination gives considerable difficulty to come up in profession. giving purely advisory services consistent with Saturn and Guru comhination. Teachers are also found in this sign. writing. . religion as the profession. religious heads with this combination. Advisory functions come in this combination and the person will always give honest and truthful advise. it gives considerable respect in professional circles and the person is able to conduct his profession honestly. The horoscope shown on next page is that of a successful Chartered Accountant. SATURN WITH JUPITER Professions involving travelling are indicated. This is a fortunate combination and even if the person were to take to begging. he would be the king of beggars. the aspect of Jupiter or Venus or Mercury may mitigate the ilk-effects of this combination. mainly due to his intellect and the ability to handle situations tactfully. The combination of Sa tum plus Guru plus Venus and Rahu (being in the same direction) is noteworthy.However. if Jupiter or Venus were to aspect this combination. Being Jupiter's sign. If Jupiter is located alongside Saturn. this gives respect and command for the native albeit the' fact that the person may not be fully in touch with worldly practicalities due to his detached nature. we can predict that the person would not only earn money but also get lands and buildings out of his professional earnings. For example. The person would be able to get a 10't of respect in the society and his word carries weight. history. Nevertheless. On a standalone basis.20 PISCES Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Analysing Profession/Business Prospects 21 SATURN WITH MARS This position gives ancient studies such as law.

I Venus RAS~ Moon I I I I I . The person will have a profession relating to finance as bankers. This is an extract of the horoscope of a living person who is running his 37th year in 1995 (birth details withheld). He hasa good employment but does not draw a salary commensurate with his experience. It was predicted in 1995 beginning.22 EXAMPLE Vedic Nadi AstrologyS: Career Analysing Profession/Business EXAMPLE Prospects 23 2 I 3 I I I. In fact. accountants. ! Moon II Mars ! Mars Ketu I' Ketu II Sun Mercury RASI Venus Rahu . In fact. housing property and prospects of getting married If unmarried. that when Guru transits over natal Saturn position.. He wi ll gain housing property through his professional earnings. this person would be able to get a promotion or a change of job with high salary. the person got a change of job with double the present salary . . Venus are in a trine and in the same northern direction and Guru's transit as per our principle should reflect the results of the sign that he transits which is Saturn plus Venus = profession plus money. this was done solely on the basis of the fact that Saturn June 1995. I Satum® Jupiter Lagna Saturn Jupiter Rahu Lagna Sun Mercury SATURN WrTH VENUS This is also a fortunate combination which invariably ensures that the person leads a luxurious profession.. or businessmen with considerable amount of money. Saturn or Jupiter's transit through this sign or its trines or seventh therefrom will ensure that the native gets acareer change with a substantial rise in income.

. It is predicted that he wil be able to get excellent prospects when Saturn transits Ari sign since Venus and Jupiter combination in Aries and Leo gives frequent breaks in a career. we see that the combination of Saturn. the native may be able to earn well but his prospects of promotion that he expects may not always materialise. if Jupiter or Venus were to he in the second house or combine with Rahu in a trine. after initial subordination. I I. with the aspect of J upiter or Venus. and Other Planets SATURN WITH SUN AND' MOON I . Saturo with.person in his 27th year. I Lagna Ketu I This is a chart: of a. the person pursues his career detached from the fruits of labour. You will also note that even in such cases. This combination also reSUlts in getting employment in government. the person at least talks of giving up practice for altruistic things.the aspect of Saturn over Moon gives him worries in the profession and Moon's aspect gives the native constant travelling. I Sun Mercury i comes in the way of professional achievements since Kern is inimical to Saturn. SATURN WITH SUN AND MARS . Moreover. KETn This combination 4 . police dePart:ment or the army since Sun and Mars represemsa fiery CO~bl~ation associated with stem action in employment Which IS seen in the army and the police. However.24 SATURN WITH Vedic Nadi Astrology & Caree. However. EXAMPLE . RASI Jupiter Moon This combination is capable of coming in the way of a smooth 'career growth since both Sun and Moon are not friendly to Saturn. This is primarily because ofneutralising effects on Ketu. However. This combination . He has had Jot of changes in his job position and he has been working a subordinate in various positions because of the combination of Saturn with Rehu. SATURN WITH This normally makes the native subordinate to another person. However. Analysillg Profession/Business Prospects 25 RAuu will aspect Saturn and this may give the native a significantly comfortable job. if not self-employment. Mars Saturn Rahu Venus . Moreover •. the person may be able to come out in selfemployment This combination is also capable of giving masking abifities to the person and thereby the acting profession is very much suitable to the person. the person with this combination is capable of following his father's employment. Jupiter/ Mercury and Ketu either together or in a trine favour lawyers who are quite practical and are keen on charging well. SUD .

Moreover. Moreover.This combination represents profession plus art plus intelligence which win enable the person to undertake authorships in matters relating to profession . . the native is able to get for himself a very name in the society and by this.'l:UlJn. pomp and show.' . He may profit from dealing in lands. astrology. The native engage in shady deals with the government wherein he not only earn but also lose.counsel wherein hIS owth in career may not be substantial.Saturn plus Moon plus Mars represent profession plus movement plus trading/machinery.It will also give the native an opportunity to be wen read in matters relating to his career..Pro.The native win have O'""[I. SATURN WITH MOON AND JiUPITER This combination not only provides breaks in career but makes the person undergo subordination. Moon and Mercury combination gives precocious intelligence. Saturn plus Sun Jupiter represent profession plus authority plus fame/weals Therefore.. only worry for the native will be begetting children since is caught in the middle of Saturn and Venus who are enemies.. IfKetu were to JOIn this combination either in the same sign or-in a trine.. he is able to wealth. There win be enemies who will be constantly harassing him . WIll probably settle to a...n"r'P1 beyond the world realities.. This combination represents profession plus art plus respect. Therefore.. medicine ate some of avocations indicated by this combination. teaching. SATURN WITH SUN AND VENUS Saturn with Moon and Other Planets SATURN WHH MOON AND MARS This is also a good combination for earning name and not only through government sources but also for through government contacts.l second transit at the time of30 years will bring in wealth property to the native . the prospects native inheriting the property of his father is very likely. Therefore. the soul of the native cannot tr<>.26 Vedic Nadi Astrology & SATURN WITH SUN AND MERCURY ~1U"J'Smg I.. . SATURN W1iTH SUN AND JUPITER SATURN WHH SUN AND KETU The person while n~t being able to follow any profes~ion at the beginning. law.. SATURN WITH MOON AND MERCURY This combination is capable of giving an intelligent profession mostly relating to accountancy and law . SATURN WITH SUN AND RAI-lu This combination not only results in a worried mind but causes blames and hardships in profession. -. practt~e ~s government pleader or government.I cooperation at this point of time.. Independent legal ~ractice is unlikely with this combination. n"".." ssianlBusiness e :1"' Prospects 27 This combination gives a good profession governmental contacts after some initial hiccups.. This is a fortunate combination since it is capable of not only prosperity but also fame . the person win get professional respect in such Jobs which represent Jupiter and Moon's karakatwa. this m~y be his nature of profession. . the person Would be able to practise astrology and win be a !h~ . Therefore.

This combination also gives the native an ability to do business in a clandestine manner . The person wil] have both accounted unaccounted wealth.. the profession would relate to religious activities. another So direction sign. therefore. SATURN WITH MOON AND VENUS - This combination results in the mind getting renounced and. The mind (Moon) being In between Saturn and Rahu ~an make the native go into bad professions such as smuggling and deceit.However. Jupiter casts his direct 7th aspect from a N direction sign .able ofbeComing. B. ~ This combination represents a luxurious career dealing art or trading. Saturn with Mars and OtherP~an. Therefore. I I I This combination gives b]~e to ~e person on acc~unt of his professional dealing~ which. If Jupiter joins this combination. Mercury are deadly enemies. estate dealing besides machinery related work.This combination has made him an expert astrology and also given him the ability to teach through publications . It is quite possible that the person may trade in thread ifthe signs of Virgo or Capricorn or Taurus are involved. However. such persons are t c:. Moon are locatedin the South direction Taurus is aspected by Ketu from Virgo. T~e person will be able to mask his emotions as this combination relates rofession plus art plus mask. can also give employment in SATURN WITH MOON AND RAHU 5 Saturn Moon II I I .. SATURN WITH. This combination financial concerns.ets SATURN' WITH MARs AND MERCURY The profession indicated by this combinationis trading.28 f7edic Nadi Astrology & . The chart of Dr. Profession/Business Analystng 'J' Prospects 29 guide to others.. since Mars and. brokerage and real. V. prospect of the native teaching technical subjects is . Jupiter and Ketu comb influence which is extracted as under: EXAMPLE I I high. Moon. his profession would be hindered by constant quarremng. this planetary combination is notcapable of sustaining growth in profession unless Jupiter or Venus throw their aspect. MOON AND' I I I II RASI I I KEru I Jupiter ! II Ketu Saturn and. Raman is a cl example of Saturn. tend to ~e shad~.exp~rt~ in acting orin photography.

The native was forced to leave his job due to this fact.". Profession/Business AnalySing EXAMPLE Prospects 31 This combination.. The native's prospect marriage is so remote that in his professional field he would adopt a renounced attitude.AND JUPITER . The person may become merchant banker or may have his own business related to engineering field. Wordly achievement in life is difficult. this combination ofKetu Mars with Saturn is sure to displace the person from his career by giving legal disputes.. Saturn with Sun in a trine gave him government employment in an administrative capacity .This combination may also give the native work in a factory environment which win be exacting. I I I' r-I I I Lagna RASI I I This combination will give professions relating to dealing manufacturing articles of luxury or trading in money malrkcil While the native may encounter breaks in profession account of Mars. The study of occult subjects interest such natives but they may not be in a position: to put it to. It is quite possible that he may enter into large and clandestine deals to make money . SATURN WHH II . Therefore.But the aspect of Mars and Ketu in the second to Saturn has made his life miserable with constant disputes In profession and quarrels with his superiors.. Fiery signs involved may make the a surgeon. SATURN I Moon : I Mars Ketu 'I . while making the native work very win give him fame and name. teachers. Mercury Venus Jupiter ® Sun I " I I MA_RS AND RAHu This combination is sure to give frequent upsets in professional life due to association with shady people. things win be set right since Venus also joins in this combination. good use.. Saturn with Mercury and Other Planets SATURN WITH MERCURY ANDI JUPITER This is a fortunate combination spelling profession plus ~ntemgence plus preceptor . The native will have breaks in profession and will encounter subordination.. This is a sample chart of a native who has been struggling in his profession. Counsellor who is capable of solving others' problems through sound advice. advisors. He is a. .- 6 I I Rahu .30 Vedic Nadi Astrology & SATURN WJTH .MARS .The person leads his career with lDteHigence and thereby earns name and fame. WITH MARS ANI> KETU While Rahu may help Saturn. SATURN WITH MARS AND VENUIS .

. ' leading to mQney.. The person would be an advisor or one !eamed in legal profession whichbrings him nameand fame In the society as well as substantial earnings.4naYSw' Pl·o·essionIBusiness Prospects .. finance. .32 . He win also attain knowledge of which he will preach to others though at times he himself notpractise it since Mercury is a fiekl 7 i I Ketu . However. S· Saturn is friendly with Venus and Mercury. SATURN WITH MERCURY AND VENUS I This represents a profession which involves intellij . Guru's transit of this sign or its trines sees the person reaping in unusual profits. SATURN WITH MERCURY AND RAMu Juoiter p .. ir~"''''!I-''''l1''''''U' profession or business is likely.V. This is a chart of a successful lawyer practising constitutional law.... In a trine therefrom in. Rahu is associated with enormity deals. dealings by the person. This also ensures business tie-ups with people of other castes.. ')' . person would gain land (Mercury) and buildings (Venus) and wealth (Venus) through his profession (Saturn). This combination in intellectual signs has made the person take up law as a profession. the person would have exceptional .I i planet... If Moon were to join combination.. Saturn is exalted in Libra alongwith the planet of intelligence Mercury._•.ND KETU This combination gives lawyers or dealers in thread clothings... SATURN WITH MERCURY A.. commerce. Aquarius and Gemini. the business dealings of the person may be straightforward since he is likely to be deceitful or devious in business. :1 RASI MQon I I Mars Rahu II Venus I II I III Saturn Sun Lagna Mercury ... The former ispossible in intellectual signs Libra. This is abo capable of giving banking profession..~ . I EXAMPLE 33 chartered accountants and lawyers come within thi combination. Ketu in Gemini has given the native ability to analyse things incisively. the same Western direction is located Ketu in Gemini... and devotional knowledge. when Saturn enters his natal sign.. ... Therefore. esepecially after the age 30.edicNadi Astrology & ing . Saturn with Jupiter and Other Planets SATURN WITH JUPITER AND VENUS This combination gives professional respect as well as copious money. raxanom and business involving help from friends isindicated.. This combination indicates mammoth trading or . ..

D KETU This combination produces a person having great skill over his profession albeit the fact that he may face some breaks in it due to disputes. The venture is with persons outside the native's caste. The person would adopt a detached outlook towards life in general and profession in particular after getting respect in his field of profession. The person win be capable of analysing things in depth. RAHU I Saturn Rabu Moon Mercury This combination gives the native the ability to do business in the financial sector such as money markets. For example. in the latter . but the Saturn plus Mercury plus Moon combination has not been given. 35 s i This makes the native a master of any subj ect that he chooses to specialise since Jupiter plus Rahu indicate a master. There are many other combinations which are possible and have not been detailed by the author. Pilots and airborne persons are seen to have this combination.Even priests come within this combination. In spite of some initial difficulties to set up business. Even monks and philanthropists come within this combination. ~he former combination will produce a worried but InteHigent mind and the person will gather intellect after travelling (Moon coming before Mercury). Saturn with Venus and Other Planets SATURN WITH VENUS AND. SATURN WITH JUPITER AND' KETU \ I Venus RASI I This indicates a spiritual person following astrology or occult sciences as his profession . pages show an example of such a SATURN WITH VENUS AN. The native will have abundant fortunes and will be able to acquire huge houses represented by Venus (house) and Rahu (enormity). Rahu's aspect also gives the native black money and money outside the country. Though the professional aspects may be similar. It is to be noted that Moon's aspect from the 12th house Libra which is a sign of luxury has in no small measure contributed to the native starting a hotel which is supposed to be modern. The person may start business related to luxury such as hotels and catering.siness Prospects EXA.nalysing ProjessionlBu. the person will prosper after his 24th year. Saturn plus Moon plus Mercury combination bas been given.34 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career SATURN WITH JUPITER AND' RAHU A.MPLE .. the This combination made the native take up a profession in hoteliering at the time when Jupiter transited Scorpio. The following combination.

it is always easy to find reasons in retrospect but often the astrologer is asked to talk prospectively. it may seem rather surprising that we are trying to link the two. Whatever approach is followed by the person. astronomy was used in construction of temples in olden days . it is crystal-clear that judgement is very important and this comes only by constant study and research.36 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career combination. 4 LINKING VEDAS AND ASTROLOGY Introduction It is a well-known fact that Astrology is a limb of the Vedas. In this way.This is amply evident from the brilliant architecture of those days wherein sunlight was put to use to light up the temple. Purusharthas Paramacharya writes that dharma. The conduct of Vedic rituals had to be done at particular times and astrology was used as a guide to this. and his judgement and intuition are often his only guide. taking the basic karakatwas of planets. It . As I was reading the works of Paramacharya of Kanchi. suddenly it occurred to me that a particular concept that he had enlightened as the basis of religion was the link which should be used to interpret charts to find out on an overall basis the thrust of the individual. various combinations may be worked out.. artha. The latter combination is more effective since . Therefore. I have always been wondering whether the zodiac is intimately connected with any unique concept in the Vedas.. Moreover. kama and moksha are the four concepts that cover all facets of our life. I must say that my preliminary research in this is being used in each of the charts .it establishes the native's ability outside the place of hIS residence. Moreover. It was weU known that astrology was called the eye of the Vedas because the same used to throw light on matters relating to timing events. the person will possess intelligence first and then undertake travels to spread the intelligence to other people. This places an onerous responsibility on the astrologer.

It will be noted that fifth and ninth signs of the zodiac signify religion. Also note that Aries is the first sign. weare told that if we want to pray to our favourite God. Leo and Sagittarius stand for dharma.However. sex.. praying to God gives moksha but it must be coupled with dharmic ~ctivities. Aries indicates a rajasic sign . Also. Gemini and its trines. For example. Taurus and its trines. The trines therefrom are also dhannic signs since they are in the same East direction. Leo and Sagittarius are sattvic in nature. Aries also indicates a warrior-like sign. this sign stands for dharmic activity. This is explained in the Bhagavad Gita where the Lord says that He will be born whenever there is a decline in dharma. LeC! and Sagittarius dharma. therefore. Scorpio and Pisces stand for moksba.' therefore. ' . We have said that the East direction signs of Aries. etc . Sun exalts in Aries and . Capricorn and Virgo stand for artha. Libra and Aquarius stand for stand for Kama. It is said in the Vedas that the person in pursuing artha and kama should be bound by the tenets of dharma. divided the zodiac as per the above dictum which is illustrated as under: Moksha IL Dharma I Artha Kama things like profession. Kama RASI Mba Moksha I Dharma I Dharma II Moksha I Kama II Artha Our division can be summarised thus: a) b) c) d) Aries and its trines. money. especially in our Vedas.. status. But cheating a person in the course of doing business or profession would constitute acquiring artha against the tenets of dharma.38 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Linking Vedas and Astrology 39 rollowsthat this should also be reflected in astrology.. The question arises as to why the signs of Northern direction signifying moksha should not be indicative of God? This is a good question but the answer that I propose to give is that God stands not for moksha but for dharma. Leo is the fifth sign and Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the natural zodiac signifying dharma. Artha stands for having a life which will help acquire things such as family. Dharma stands for righteous conduct. Sun is supposed to be the representative of God. we must medidate on Him placing Him in the centre of the Sun. Justification for the Dlvlsion Any theory must be first illustrated and then proved. etc.the desire to do . to re-establish dharma. How can this be? These signs are fiery signs and as an example. Kama indicates desires . In astrology. I have. getting married and living a householder's life and following a profession is not against dharma. Cancer and its trines. If you note.Likewise moksha indicates the state of mind wherein the person is trying to be in oneness with God. That is why we have the dharmashastras.

Jupiter stands for nobility. business. Moreover. a worldy activity which brings in wealth. sisters and living with th~m 1. Libra is the 7th sign and as you are all aware 7th house signifies sex.. It must be clearly understood that moksha does not mean that the person would spend his time thinking only about God. Venus the artistic and talented planet exalts in Jupiter is the deva guru and is the life-breath of every individual.whose chief indicator is Saturn. We have classified it as artha. Versatility and imaginative powers are found.. the term moksha should be understood in that context.wo~ld be able to scale heights . These are airy and intellectual signs. but also comforts of all kinds which only Venus is capable of giving. etc. Cancer is where Jupiter exalts. 'For example. the 12th sign of the natural zodiac stands for not only moksha. Also. his consort. Moreover. Pisces is an intuitional sign. Moon exalts in Taurus next to Sun in Aries which shows that with dharma and artha strong.. preacher. how can we say that a planet like Venus signifies moksha? Would this not sound strange? It must be noted that Venus stands exalted in Pisces because of two reasons .a word that means desires? Should not intelligence normally lead to dharma ~nd moksha? This is a very good question. The desire to do something is karma . praying. relationship. IS a legitimate artha. religion.~lgnS or. Mercury exalts in Virgo since the sign stands for commerce-. Libra a~d Aquarius. Should his role not be analysed on this basis rather . In Scorpio. Desiring for brothers. Goddess Lakshmi. In the naturalzodiac.brothers. His location in the zodiac will go to determine the bent of the individual. teacher. Therefore.IS a legitimate desire. etc. Capricorn IS the natural 10th sign which stands for karma. Besides.S a legitimate desire. The s~gns stand for acquiring wealth through service and occupation. lawyers. T~e Paramacharya says that dharma and artha should go hand m hand. Likewise desiring for sex and mam. Moreover. Coming to the last division of moksha. That is why he exalts in a sign signifying desire. etc. the zodiac stand for desires.age . How can airy and intellectual signs give rise to kama . Virgo is the 6th sign ~ the n~tura~ zodiac which stands for service/enemy. ill Capricorn since this indicates tremendo~s w~r1dy a~t. which are noble professions requiring much versatility to deal with various subjects and a tremendous imaginative power. she is most powerful there. gams 1~ a legitimate desire. Let us come to the next set of trines. Th. This is why these t~ree .urage. these signs signify artha. Jupiter owns Sagittarius and Pisces. the last sign of the zodiac.e 11t~ house represents second marriage besides representing gains and acquisitions. therefore. ~tc. Therefore. these are West direction signs which point to desires coupled with action. There is one more doubt that arises as to why we are considering exaltation positions rather than the signs owned by the planets. is always at the feet of the Lord and. Mars exa~ts. The third house signifies ~o. that it represents the feet of the kalapurusha (Lord Vishnu). Mars stands for marriage WhICh. desiring for m:oney. poets. It is quite possible that the person may be involved in worldly work but may be content with it or may be adopting a detached outlook towards the fruits of profession while being in the profession. Only Saturn exalts 10 LIbra WhIChdeno~es desires. Pisces is capable of producing teachers.]Vlty. these are North direction signs.Sun and Moon are the luminaries and their exaltation gives strength to the chart. the person . While we are clear about the roles of Jupiter and Ketu. Ketu exalts and he is the mokshakaraka. Taurus stands for wealth as it is the second sign of the zodiac. Gemini. in abundance in the planet Venus.40 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Lin king Vedas and Astrology 41 Let us take the signs of Taurus and its trines.

position of Jupiter. we can adopt the following procedure: a) Locate the signs which contain the maximum number of planets . For the sake ofuniformity of approach we have gone by what our sages have said . you would have noted that we ~ave to. However.This also describes his role very well. These principles are illustrated in the charts given in the subsequent chap~ers. both dharmic signs gives no contradictory role for him. c) .sition of Sa tum to determine the work to be done which wiu ultimately detennine his karma. Moon owns Cancer but exalts in Taurus.. Using This Prlnelple In analysing charts using this principle. However.ook at lagna. lagnadipathi and the Moon for the L ~tr~n~t~ of the chart and the basic characteristic of the individual. similar manner the thrust of the individual. Therefore. Jupiter in a West direction sign points to the person havmg desires. This combination is very much suitable for Jupiter since he stands lor dharmie activity as wen as for moksha. we have considered the exaltation signs only.mme in R. his role in Taurus is better explained than in Cancer since Moon by itself gives better results in the former sign.Look at what kind of sign they are and thereby come to a broad conclusion as to what the thrust of the individual is going to be. Mars isa planet signifying much activity. b) Look a~ the. Analysing Charts. ~ook at the~o. . d) . the role of the planets can also be described having regard to the ownership signs. the Iife force. Venus owns Taurus and Libra which signify treasury and sex relations . take mtoconsideration various factors before cormng to a conclusion which requires practice and intuition on the part of the astrologer. Therefore. Gemini and Virgo.42 Vedic Nodi Astrology & Career Linking Vedas and Astrology 43 than exaltation power? Sagittarius stands for dharma and Pisces for moksha. and . Just like Mars. signs. However. .?et~er..the planet is most powerful in his exaltation sign. Mercury stands for desires and service besides 'enemies by virtue of owning the 3rd house and 6th house of the natural zodiac. . Sun exalting in Aries but owning Leo. Likewise Saturn owns the house of Capricorn (artha) and Aquarius (Kama) which means work with a eye towards satisfying desires. He also gives communicative skins (3rd house). Therefore. Mars is the owner of Aries and Scorpio which are dharmic and moksha signs. we see that apart from Moon and Mars. his exaltation sign works much better than these two.

Ketu and Moon are located in South direction. we have given some general cornbinations which are capable of producing certain results. Transits are used only as a subsidiary tool to' the dasa and bhukthi system. He ]s currently running Saturn bhukthi in Jupiter dasa . Saturn. Watch the position of Saturn. In our preceding chapters. The native wanted to know the results of 1995. Mercury and Jupiter (life force) are located in West. signifying desires.. I Mercury Mars Jupiter I I Rahu RASI I I I :1 Kern Saturn I Moon I I I I I Thrust of the Individual a) b) c) d) Venus. Moreover. the timing of the results is often crucial.Saturn is transiting Aquarius and Juplter is transiting Scorpio. Mars the Iagnadipathi..Practical Application of ow' Theoretical Analysis EXAMPLE I 45 9 I Sun Venus Lagna II I I I 5 PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF OUR THEORETICAL ANALYSIS Introduction Now we come-to the most important part of our analysis and that is to see hew we interpret the professional/business prospects of any native. and Jupiter we will be able to come to stunning conclusions that may not be possible by looking at merely the dasa and bhukthi since the latter may extend to' more than a year. Majority of planets being in arrha and kama signs means the person would be actively engaged in a profession to satisfy his desires. We will have to' see as to how these combinations work in practice though we have already shown the reader some illustrations. Dasa and bhukthi system is the most widely used system. Moon and Jupiter being in artha and kama signs. is 'in the signs of desires. Sun and Rahu are located in North direction signs. signifying moksha. denoting artha. But it is quite possible that by observing the transit of Saturn. . Let us take an example before we analyse charts in depth to show the readers how transits can be used independently . Mars. Moreover.

Location of Mars or Ketu is an indication of hurdles in profession. Mars and Mercury are located. Venus and Rahu. Venus~nd Rahu combination . While it may be argued that a look at the Dasama chart may provide more accurate analysis. the combination of Mars and Mercury may make the native face some professional difficulties such as differences of opinion with friends which will be sorted out because of Jupiter's aspect. Rahu will make the native work extremely hard. highlight this principle. The second house from Saturn stands for the earnings and progress in profession. As a result of (a' and 'b'. In the same direction is located Sun.. Look at the signs in the same direction as the sign in which Saturn is located and see if any planets are located there. conclusion (d) reached in the conventional analysis does not prove valid in the instant case.46 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application otour Theoretical Analysis 47 Results of Conventional a) b) c) Analysis Saturn is in the 10th house and. the author is only trying to prove that an indepth analysis of the Rasi chart alone would be able to give the person adequate information even without going into dasa and bhukthi results as well as divisional charts. The planet/s in the 7th house is/are capable of giving the strongest aspect on Saturn even more than the 2nd. You will note that the latter analysis is more pinpointed and is able to give more details by just looking at the Rasi chart. This will give the native a tremendous boost to the professional prospect since Jupiter's aspect will fan on Saturn.Moreover. The native would be able to build upon his assets but hard money may not be available since Moon is c) d) b) e) c) f) . The major lord being well placed. Moreover. Saturn is transiting over the sign where Jupiter. Since Jupiter is transiting the 3rd house from Moon results will be evil but the same will be checked since Saturn is in the 6th house from Moon. professional earnings are indicated though not as much as the previous year when Jupiter was transiting the 2nd house from Moon. therefore. he will get a huge piece of landed property as seen by the Venus and Rahu combination. the bhukthi will give him professional results. d) Now let us see our approach to transit results: a) Jupiter is transiting Scorpio. Aspects to be Considered a) b) Look at the sign in which Saturn in posited. However. The 12th house from Saturn also shows the comfort levels in the profession and should also be considered. aspecting the combination of Sun and Venus. See the planets that a~e located alongwith him. you will get a combination which will the basis of your prediction. or 5th or 9th signs. Nandi Nadi etc. This would mean that the native has chances of acquiring considerable wealth from government sources as seen by the Sun. Some of the Nadi shastras available here like Saptharishi Vakya. there win be gains. therefore. Jupiter is in the 11th house and. Moon's aspect over Venus is seen to rob the person of money in some fonnor the other . Location of Venus and Jupiter is a vouchsafe for good earnings.. Look at the 7th house from Saturn.

This is capable of giving independent profession. our concentration would be basicatly on our approach detailed above. Rahu •. Lagna is Virgo. Career a) b) Saturn is exalted in Libra and very powerful There are no planets in Aquarius or Gemini.The other planets are in the moksha direction. so Saturn is alone. a natural trading-cum-business sign. . Since Scorpio is a watery sign. there is an interchange between Saturn and Venus. Moon.Venus. man is one indivisible entity and his personal life will have a definite bearing on his professional life and vice versa. There is a definite probability of stoppage in business due to this combination. Ketu is located in Cancer in the same direction of this combination. . As a measure of contrast. J . This is the most powerful aspect. However. we will also be analysing the 10th house and the Iagna and lagnadipathi to show you the different approaches that are availab!e. The location of Moon and Ketu in one direction in a moksha sign has given religious tendencies to the native. Jupiter and Ketu.54. and had 2 years and 6 months of Saturn dasa at birth. The 2nd house from Saturn is occupied by Moon and Mars which are 'enemies of Sa tum. Mars. Majority shows worldy activity for attainment of desires. Moreover. After all. Sun. The] Oth lord Mercury is located in an earthy sign Capricorn pointing to an active business life. As many as five planets are in signs of artha while Saturn is in the house of desires .PU: c) 10 d) I I JupHer®1 I I Ketu Mercury Sun Venus RAS} e) Rahu Moon Mars Saturn Lagna f) g) The native was born on 29. Mercury and Rahu. it is as if Saturn comes to Capricorn to join Sun. Saturn in Libra gives a luxurious profession and aspected by Jupiter gives good respect and earnings. This combination is a pointer to doing trading in agricultural-related products. iEXAM. Mercury. trading across seas is possible. All the above aspects are to be considered from the Rasi chart alone.48 V~edicNadi Astrology & Career Practical Applicationof our Theoretical Analysis 49 g) Look at the transit of Saturn and Jupiter to predict professional and personal changes.. Therefore. Saturn is aspected by retrogade Jupiter in Taurus. Moreover. We have to take into account the fact that a retrogade planet win be looking at Aries and 'therefore the 7th aspect falls. The arrangement of planets starting from Lagna is Saturn.

Ketu c) d) This person (Example 11) was born on 29. gets interchanged his power to be exalted Capricorn. Jupiter Rahu Lagna il Sun Venus Career Prospects a) Moon Saturn RASI Mars® I' b) The person was doing very well in the business and continues. to do so mainly due to Jupiter's aspect on Saturn even after the exchange. There are no planets in Gemini or Libra.65 with Mars dasa balance of 3 years and one month. This gives the native intellect and the ability to pursue an active profession. However. This combination is one of Saturn with Moon. b) Saturn is aspected by Mars from the 7th sign.-s and Mercury giving trading abilities.being debilitated. we have in profession. Mars and Ketu combination in the 2nd house to Saturn. 11 Mercury . Mercury located in the East forms a combination with Mars in the East. was caused resulting in financial crisis. Career a) Saturn is located in Aquarius alongwith Moon. Because of the Moon. due to Jupiter's aspect. Saturn is with Mercury and Rahu besides Sun.fiery sign. The person is actuallyengaged in export business of various commodities. e) Lagna is Gemini with Lagnadipathi in Aries. Mru. pointed out to problems with Venus and thereby loses since he goes to his own sign as per 'd' above. Moon. serious problem. The 10th lord is also located in Taurus which rs a SIgn of treasury and money. and this is exactly what happened. shows a business relation which will cheat the native. ~ . the business was put in place again . f) The 10th house itsPisces with Sun and Venus exaU~d having interchange with Jupiter who is blemished With the presence ofRahu.. Moreover. The~'erson wil! have considerable acumen due to the Moon and Mercury combination. after the exchange.3.50 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis EXAMPLE 51 b) Since all the major factors point to business. Moreover. e) . Venus is a planet ?ffi_nanc~. Saturn. we can say that the person would be trading wn commodities. This has ensured good business prospects.

52 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 53 g) Three planets-a-Sun. and Saturn's combination with Moon it is quite advisable for the native not to do independent business . Jupiter and Rahu are in the South direction (artha). The year 1995 would have been a troublesome year for the native since Jupiter transits over Ketu with Sun and Venus located in a trine. because of Venus' presence and also the fact that Jupiter comes to Pisces by interchanging with Venus. when Saturn was transiting Aquarius in 1994. It is fortified by Jupiter's . He lost heavily but the presence of Jupiter transiting in Libra at that time in the same direction of Saturn was the sole saving factor and he could barely tide over the crisis. h) i) j) The various combinations point out to a person who is an inteUectual doing trading business. Lagna is a West direction sign Gemini and the positions of Moon and Jupiter being in desires and worldy activities point to a life of worldly activity for attainment for desires. Venus and Ketu are located in the North direction sign (moksha). the Mercury and Mars combination normally causes hardships in married life since the two are deadly enemies. In actuality. Because of the basic chart showing Mars' aspect over Saturn. b) In the same direction of Saturn is located Ketu in Capricorn indicating struggles in profession. Lagna I I I The person was born on 20.44 with balance of Sa tum dasa of 13 years and 3 months. he was receiving the aspect of Mars from Leo. Moon and Saturn arein the West (desires). Mars and Mercury in the East are dharmic signs. with Moon also located in Aquarius. EXAMPLE 12 Saturn Mars Moon Venus Sun Mercury Jupiter Rahu RASI Ketu .4. the person will be able to head organisations. a sign signifying wealth and treasury. Ketu and Venus combination can cause quarrels with wife. I I The combination of Moon and Saturn opposed by Mars is very ominous as it is sure to create problems in one's profession. Though Jupiter aspects this combination. accountant even though Venus is located in the 2nd sign to Saturn. Career a) Saturn is located in Taurus. Moreover. However. k) c) The owner of Saturn's sign Venus is exalted and located with Moon in Pisces. In fact. the person is a chartered trading in shares and stocks. The person was a victim of cheating represented by this Moon.

However. These combinations ensure no peace whether in personal or professional Iife. therefore. d) Lagnadipathi is Mars located in Gemini. Will the person do any other business? The exchange of Mercury and Mars means that Mercury will come to Gemini and Mars will go to Aries. we have not elaborated on certain other details which would go to buttress the fact that the exchange between Jupiter and Moon h) . Mars is in the house of desires ... Because of the location of Saturn with Ketu.. The question that arises is whether this person can have independent practice. accountant engaged in worldly activities (Saturn in Taurus. Four planets-s. Since this chart belongs to a living person. However. with Saturn in the 2nd house. Rahu. Even when Mars gets exchanged with Mercury. able to see that while examining charts for profession. The native is engaged in trading business. an artha sign) but is adopting a detached outlook towards life (four planets in moksha sign). This is wen reflected in this chart. j) One important Parasari principle is that when the lagnadipathi is located in the 8th house. Mars has Rahu in the next house which comes in the way of his leading a normal married life . Mars is located in the 2nd sign to Saturn indicating no promotions in his professional career. Since Saturn will have Mercury in the 2nd house to him as a result of this exchange. Moreover. Moon and Venus-are located in North direction signs signifying moksha. Moreover. Venus and Jupiter-have stood the native in good stead as regards money for which he has no problem. the person may be learned but his life win be miserable. Jupiter and Moon's exchange indicate a combination of Jupiter and Venus. he has to contend. an intellectual sign having an interchange with Mercury located in Aries. In spite of the three exalting planets. moreover. the person cannot have an independent practice as a chartered accountant. we must also look at the other factors which though may be personal win still come in the way of the person trying to be successful in his career.Jupiter. The person is employed in a company as an accountant. Saturn is in the sign of'artha alongwith Ketu in the same direction. e) f) This person is a chartered g) k) The exaltations of three planets-Sun. This combination means both the planets will become very powerful. why has this native not become a very big figure? The r-eason is that Saturn combines with Ketu which does not allow the native to have progress in his career. the ability to do business and trade is indicated.54 Vedic NadiAstrology & Career Practical Appiicatiotl of our Theoretical Analysis 55 aspect from Cancer and. The cumulative analysis leads one to think that the person would be dealing in money and bean intellectual but would have lost interest in his profession. One would be. the exaltations ensure that he has no want of money. Sun and Mercury are in the house of dharma. i) The Sun and Mars combination in the 12th house to Saturn means that there is no peace in the career life of the native though he has an independent trading business. ars stands for marital bond and M Rahu is his deadlyenemy.

keeping in line with the fact that airy and intellectual signs are involved in his career combination. this has made him choose a career in commercial concerns . If Saturn were not in retrogression. He has now changed his job to consulting. Majority planetary positions show worldly activity with emphasis on satisfaction of desires. While Sun and Mars have given the person a basic training in science.. Mercury and Ketu are in the moksha signs. Moon and Sun are in dharmic signs. he comes to Capricorn where he isaspected by Mercury in the 7th and has Venus and Rahu in the same direction in Taurus and Virgo.The readers may ponder over this . EXAMPLE 13 I I Since Saturnis retrogade. This case also illustrates the inherent conflict between intellectual avocation and practical avocation . because Saturn goes retrcgade. . Sun. This has made him a chartered accountant also. Jupiter's aspect will always save the native in his career. He is running Rahu dasa and Saturn bhukthi. In the same direction of Saturn is located Jupiter and Mars. While Mars is sure to trouble the native.. the person win certainly I I I Moon I Rahu I Jupiter I 'I II I I Lagna Saturn ® I Mercury I I RASI 'I II Sun f) Ketu Mars The person was born on 19-8-65 with the balance of Sukra dasa of around 4 years. Rahn and Mercury are found.Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 56 Vedic Nadi Astmlogy & Career 57 d) has not helped the native in his personal life .. Rahu and Venus are in the South direction signifying artha. the person would have fullowed only an intellectual and researchoriented profession. Saturn here also happens to be lagnadipathi. Career a) b) Saturn is in his own sign hut retrogade. Jupiter's aspect ensured that he was employed in a commercial concern. Saturn is opposed by his deadly enemy.. have an intellectual bent of mind and will be researchoriented. probably in subjects related to science. Mercury (from the 7th signjand Venus and Rahu aspect this combination from earthy signs which are very practical. I e) The signs being intellectual. While he had initial hiccups in finding himself a career. Saturn' s retrogression made him change his place wherein the aspect of Venus. However. Note that Saturn and Jupiter are basically in West direction SIgns signifying desires. g) c) . However.

Sun and Moon in artha (South). Lagnadipathi is Jupiter who is exalted with Venus located in the same Northern direction.11 Ketu I Jupiter I e) RASI Moon I Career Prospects f) I I Lagna Rahu Mars Venus Saturn Mercury Sun .54 with the balance of Sun dasa of 2 years and 7 months. Ketus location in a trine from Saturn has been the cause of a rather late start in the profession. Lagna is a fiery sign with Rahu and Mars located there. Saturn. The location of Venus in the 2nd house from Saturn with Jupiter also aspecting the 2nd house from Saturn has ensured that the person would earn substantial income. Jupiter gets the aspect of Moon. In the same direction is located Ketu. This example will show you why you should use Parasari principles as well as take the importance of lagnadipathi into account besides considering the principles behind Nadi shastras. Rahu in dharmic signs (East). EXAMPLE b) c) d) 14 ~ . .1 'I' g) The person (Example 14) was born on 6. Jupiter and Venus are in rnoksha signs (North direction). The combination is one of intellectual as well as fiery argumentative work represented by lagna and Mars located there. Mercury and Ketu has made the person a lawyer. This combination of Saturn. Sun located in the 12th house from Saturn has ensured government contacts. Mercury and Ketu in kama signs (West).58 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 59 h) Note the presence of Ketu in the l Oth house which has in no small measure contributed to his initial instability in his career. Mars. Majority in South and West give the person worldly activity for satisfying desires. Career a) Saturn is exalted in Libra and located alongwith Mercury. The signs involved are airy and intelIectual signs. NOTE: Kindly study Charts 14 and 15 closely since the persons were born within a gap of 7 days and their charts are very similar but see the substantial difference in the careers. However.10. Sun being very powerful in the 10th house has also made Saturn (profession) struggle a bit before taking off.

Career Prospects h) Just as in Chart 14. c) Lagna is Pisces. 15 b) Moon casts its strong aspect on Saturn from Aries. Jupiter's aspect makes the person give advice in education-oriented subjects . The person is an advisor to many companies in strategic business planning. Rahu Venus Saturn Mercury Sun II I The person (Example 15) was born en 13. Ketu's aspect over Saturn has given the person many a change in career. d) e) The overwhelming aspect of Moon as weU as the Iagna being Pisces has given the native thinking abilities. Note that the position of most planets in South and West direction signs gives the person worldly activity. the person is capable of being an advisor (Jupiter) in practical subjects (Mars) related to business or trade (Mercury).54 with the balance of Ketu mahadasa of 3 months and 22 days..60 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of QUI' Theoretical Analysis 61 h) Saturn's transit into Pisces from where the combined influences ef Jupiter. Venus and Sun would be available will make the native come into the limelight and he will be able to earn even mere substantially. This has given a career other than law.The combination is the same as in the previous chart. and Jupiter is exalted with Venus in the same direction. Consequent to this combination.10. . a conventional sign. This can take place only after 1996 since in that year Jupiter will transit natal Rahu and Mars position which would give the native some health problems. i) j) Career a) Saturn is exalted in Libra with Mercury and Ketu in the same direction . Mars who is exalted aspects Jupiter. EXAMPLE Lagna Moon I I Ketu f) ! Jupiter RASI Mars I g) The difference between Charts 14 and 15 is that the lagna has changed and Mars has become more powerful by being exalted in Capricorn.. However. the location of Venus in the 2nd house to Saturn with Jupiter aspecting Venus has given the person no problem regarding earnings. The aspect of exalted Mars over Jupiter (unlike in Chart 14) has made the person egoistic leading to frequent quarrels with others. This has come in the way of him having a regular set ofclients.

we see that Jupiter is located in the 2nd house to Saturn capable of giving the person respect and money in career. This assures smooth earnings. Career a) c) Saturn is located in Scorpio aspected by Moon from Pisces in the same direction. one would be able to dearly conclude that there would be very good changes in fortune consequent to the position of Jupiter in the chart. Saturn was transiting natal Jupiter position. This is exactly what happened . difficulties in professional field are definitely indicated. Mercury and Jupiter represent accounting and banking besides law. This combination shows that the person would have an avocation related to movement (Saturn with Moon in earthy signs) which requires intellectual knowledge g) b) The person (Example 17) was born on 5. respect and money in profession. Located alongwith is Ketu indicating struggles. However.s a qualified chartered accountant and cost accountant. At the time when Saturn transited Aquarius in 1993~ 94. Moon is located in a trine in Virgo. and the lagnadipathi Mars is located with Mercury and Jupiter showing intellectual avocation. Moreover. a fiery sign.. d) Rahu The person is a merchant banker who i. therefore. Mars Jupiter Ketu Saturn I RAS] Career Prospects e) Moon I I f) The person was born on 22 . At this time. If you analyse the typical dasa system. exalted Venus is located in the 2nd to Saturn.57 with the balance of Mercury dasa of2 years and 3 months.11. With Saturn located with Ketu and Moon. .. an earthy sign showing practical avocation. the person was changing from Rahu to Jupiter dasa and. the person decided to go on his own.. a practical and business-oriented sign . in such a transit. meaning the native was going to get promotion.62 with Moon dasa balance 1 of 5 years and 4 months. . Jupiter aspects this Moon.62 EXA. Career a) Saturn is located in Capricorn. Note the presence of most planets in artha and kama signs signifying worldly activity. The position of Moon and Jupiter as wen as Saturn in such signs also shows the thrust of the individual. Lagna is Aries.MPLE Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 63 16 I Sun Venus Mercury Lagna I I I (Mercury and Jupiter).

1Dgy & Career EXAMPLE 17 Pr:acticoQ{ pplication of o. J Saturn Career Prospects l Mercury . Therefore. is locatedin the 6th house which relates h) The person has struggled in profession since Saturn has his deadly enemies SUD and Mars in the 12th sign. in the future. Since Sun is not powerful. etc. as per our analysis in the preceding chapter. the person..V. the presence of Rahu and Mercury has helped in subduing thiscombination. Readers may also note that this chart has benefic . While the person can have so many professions. the combination of Sun and Rahu can give medical men. metals. Jupiter is in South (artha). had to go through lots of trials and tribulations in his Sun dasa but the beginning d) . It wouldbe interesting to note that in this case.... b) c) Lagnadipathi is Mercury who is located alongwith Sun. we see that Saturn.Therefore. However. Pisces is a spiritual sign and is capable of also producing lawyers. This has in no small measure contributed to the strength of'the chart. Raman. one should not forget the aspect of Moon from Pisces and Jupiter located in South direction sign Virgo.ur Theoretical Analysis A 65 Moon Lagna e) to debts. W. Moon and Saturn are in the North direction but Eagna is in a West-oriented sign .. Sun l ' Rahu g) Jupiter Mars Venus located in the 2nd sign to Saturn assures the person of money but Ketu is also located in the same direction as Venus .) J. Jupiter. RASI f) Note the fact that most of the planets are located in West direction (4 planets). . the person has to ensure that his earnings are not frittered away for worthless causes. 7th and 10th houses -. Venus and increasing Moon (Moon moving away from Sun). the person isa physician.Vedic Nadi Astro.This gives worldly activity. Mars and Rahu. diseases etc. i) Jupiter'slecation in the] Ith house to Saturn is an additional factor for earnings. According to Dr B. medical men. the prospects of the person becoming a surgeon is not possible. planets in the 4th. land. Keeping these factors in mind. While Scorpio by itself would give work related to machinery. The person is a doctor. more so since It aspects Moon which forms a combination with Saturn (being in the same Northern direction). etc.e see this combination with Mars in the 12th house to Saturn . the probabilityis that the person is likely to have a medical profession.

However. the person isengaged in worldly activity not related to religion because of the interchange between Venus and Mars and their aspect over Saturn . This is one more instance how we can use the transit principles alongwith or exclusive ofthe dasa bbukthi system as the readers may desire. while being able to earn very well and enjoy promotions. Because of this exchange. Venus is in a trine to this in Aries. The aspect of Venus in a trine to Saturn with Jupiter in the 12th house to Saturn has assured the person of steady earnings beginning from his 24th year. Jupiter's aspect shows a comfortable start to career. Jupiter in the 12th house points to a lot of intellectual input being put into the job .. He is an expert in softwareengineering. of our Theoretical Analysis 67 of Moon dasa saw his 'career strengthen considerably. Lagna is Libra and the owner Venus is in a fiery SIgn Aries in exchange with the fiery planet Mars. The person was qualified as an engineer-cum-MBA.66 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application. the exchange of Mars and Venus means that Mars will come to Aries which being located in the same direction of Saturn wiU put hurdles to his professional growth. The preponderance of Mars and fiery signs point to engineering or factory-related work. Career a) Saturn is located in a fiery but benefic sign of Jupiter . c) d) e) 18 I :~ I Ketu Sun Mercury II I Venus Mars I . Jupiter's transit over Saturn in [994-95 saw the person get a change In place with his income more than doubling.Moreover. EXAMPLE b) Moon and Jupiter are located in the 12th house to Saturn.Note the fact that though most of the planets are in the North direction signs... RASI f) I I I Career Prospects Jupiter Moon Lagna I Saturn I I I Rahu g) I II The person was born on 28. Mar-s throws his aspect on Saturn. the person. h) . However.. Fiery signs involved show a career in law or engineering. lagna is a sign of desires. Venus is having an exchange with Mars. However. the person conducts his career with utmost honesty as seen by the preponderance of moksha signs.59 with the balance of Saturn dasa of about 16 years. has not been entirely happy with his career growth.3.

66 Mercury dasa of 2 years and 5 months. Additionally.Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 69 68 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career i) With Saturn transiting Aries sometime after another 3 years. Jupiter's transit over Saturn in 1996 is sure to provide the person with a finn' footing in career prospects and give him a promotion. Saturn is located alongwith Jupiter and Moon (Jupiter comes to Pisces after exchange with Mercury). Rahu in lagna always causes the person to seek for i. Note that most of the planets are located in moksha signs.) relating to promotion proved to be b) Saturn is located alongwith Mercury and Moon with Ketu in the same Northern direction sign. a spiritual sign. This gives the person worldly activity. the combination can be read as Saturn plus Jupiter plus Moon and Ketu. Taurus and Venus signify finance. Lagna is Taurus with Rahu located there. . Venus is located in the 12th house to Saturn showing a comfortable profession. Jupiter comes to Pisces. a conventional sign pointing to medicine. Moreover. Mercury signifies accounts and Ketu signifies law.ndependence. Jupiter ! I II Venus RASI ! " I' e) Ketu f) The person was born on 20. and Sun is located in the 12th house of the chart). the person would be able to get favourable job positions. Moreover. But the pr'esence of the North direction signs and the fact that Jupiter and Mercury are interchanged would ensure that during the second transit of Saturn over Pisces and the opening of his Sun dasa would take the person away from profession and towards more religious practices (after interchange. Jupiter is in West direction sign with Venus in the same direction and Rahu and lagna in artha signs. c) d) EXAMPLE 19 Mars Sun Lagna Rahu Moon Mercury Saturn II . Venus is the Iagnadipathi located in Saturn's sign. The preponderance of factors show a career in accounts or law. law or accountancy besides religion. This points to an independent profession.4. (The prediction true. Jupiter is in exchange with Mercury from Gemini. Therefore. with the balance Career Prospects Career a) Saturn is located in Pisces. The person is a chartered accountant having legal practice. However.

Whether the readers would take the Parasari system of dasas or the transit system of Satum is best left to their judgement but both apply equally well. At this time Saturn will transit Pisces capable of giving him many a professional change due to the confluence of four planets located in the same Northern direction.) person was married 20 Ketu I I Sun Lagna I h) II ! Mer:cury Moon Venus Mars I RASI I Saturn I Jupiter ® Rahu II i) This chart shows Jupiter in the 2nd house outside the Rahu and Ketu circuit. However. This is called apoorna kalasarpa yoga. It wou ld be interesting to note that the planets are distributed mainly between dharmic signs and rnoksha signs. his friend. This gi ves a very sharp intellect.7 . the person's ambition in life would be mokshasadhana. Keeping in mind the fact that Jupiter during transit would come first to Cancer wherefrom Ketu is located in the same direction in the 5th house. Career a) Saturn is located in a fiery sign of Sagittarius. his dire enemy. This is in the same East direction as Saturn. The lagna is Gemini with Mercury in Cancer with Moon and Ketu in a trine. d) e) The 10th house is Pisces with Ketu in it. hi s enemy.70 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis EXAMPLE 71 g) The above factors have contributed to the person having an independent practice .. It is opposed by Sun.. The exchange of 2nd and 11 th lords as per Sage Parasara gives dhana yoga after marriage. and Venus. from Gemini. Jupiter is retrogade in Libra which is a Western sign. The person would always be under pressure to choose between profession and ethereal things. (The prediction proved true-the in May 1996.59 with the balance of 3 years Saturn dasa. This is set to operate in his Sun dasa commencing in 1996. its Iordis located in Libra which points to luxury or show busi ness.. Jupiter. Jupiter and Sun are . Ketu' s aspect over Saturn is making the native possess a detached outlook towards his profession. This combination is certainly not favourable but is countered by Jupiter/Mercury's presence. an intellectual. sign. The career is likely to be in some engineering field or in the field of show business as seen by Venus in Leo and Jupiter (lord of Saturn's sign) in Libra. b) In Leo is located Mars. c) The person (Example 20) was born on 8.However.

Fiery signs can give law or factory work. the person has deliberately landed himself into difficult positions. Note the fact j) b) c) . Jupiter's transit over Saturn in 1996 will see him get married and his profession would also be able to take off. Mars. Lagna I Career Prospects g) The presence of Sun in the 7th sign to Saturn and Mars in the same direction as Saturn will mar career prospects. d) a) RASI I Sun i I I Mercury I' I L I Satum® Ketu Venus i) Career Saturn is located in a fiery sign in the Eastern direction . In the same direction are located Mercury and Rahu.sign known for machinery and metals. Saturn happens to be the lagnadipathi.72 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career located in signs signifying desires while Rahu is in a sign of artha.. This has given him commercial instincts but since Rahu also indicates a demon. From there he gets the 7th aspect of Mars. Jupiter is retrogade and going towards Rahu located in Virgo. Since Saturn is retrogade. f) Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis EXAMPLE 73 21 Moon I 11 Rahu I I Mars : Jupiter The person is having a career in marketing. he will go into Scorpio which is a. aspects Saturn from Taurus and Jupiter aspects from Gemini.30 with the balance of Jupiter dasa at birth being 4 years. h) This has resulted in the native facing innumerable hurdles in his career though he has not been desperately short of money. Note also the fact that there are no natural benefics in any kendra sthana from lagna. a fiery planet. hard work. (The prediction proved to be true -the person was married in February 1996 and thereafter he got ajob.8. The predominance of Mars and fiery signs points to a work relating to machinery and factory. See how we have to weigh the pros and cons from each angle before we come to a conclusion.) The person (Example 21) was born on 12. The only saving grace is the presence of Venus in the same direction as Saturn. This has resulted in the person's starting of religious activities but turning to worldly career (note that lagna is also a West direction sign signifying desires). Mercury stands for intelligence and Rahu.

He rose to the position of a manager but could not go any further. Aspect of Mars over Saturn did. Jupiter and Venus. Venus and Rahu aspect over Saturn ensuring copious wealth which wHI flow in almost uninterrupted. The person had a successful career over a span.. Career a) Saturn is located in Virgo which is a sign known for business and trading. not allow the person to rise to very high levels in the organisation. See the fact that lagna is an arrha sign with Venus.. Saturn.30 years. d) The person is doing business by having a concern which manufactures chemicals (Rahu) and is also engagedin trading. In the same direction are located Rahu. The person isIikely to have a trading concern and is likely to have good profits due to the aspect of Jupiter and Venus. Mars is in the artha (South direction).63 with the balance of Satum dasa of l6 years.Jupiter. Rahu's aspect may give some factoryrelated work. 8 months and 13 days. Jupiter and Saturn in mutual opposition normally indicate a person wedded. to work and makes the person straightforward in his working environment The person cannot enter into clandestine arrangements to make money. b) .eticai Analysis EXAMPLE 75 that lagna is a sign of desires with Jupiter in the sign of desires alongwith Ketn in the same direction .. Rahu and Jupiter occupying artha signs . This shows a man doing his work according to dharma but sHU engaged in worldly activities. Lagna is Taurus with lagnadipathi being Venus. This is so with the present case also.. of.7.lication! of our rheor. However. Moon and Sun are in moksha signs (North direction). e) The person was working as an automobile engineer In a factory. Career Prospects a) Business success is ensured with the aspect of friendly planets over Saturn . Career Prospects f) Aspect of Jupiter over Saturn assures success.This denotes worldly activity . also located there. signifying treasury . Self-employment is likely since Jupiter and Venus aspect Saturn. 22 Lagna Jupiter Venus Sun Mars ' Moon Kern RASI Rahu Mercury g) Saturn h) c) The person (Example 22) was born on 11..74 V:edicNadi Astrology & Career Practical App. Saturn's aspect over Jupiter means considerable hard work.Three other planets ar'e in dharmic signs (East direction).

in the same direction as Ketu are Venus and Mercury showing a comfortable position as regards profession. Ketu is located in the 12th house to Saturn..The house is Libraaspected by Guru and Rahu which are in the same Western. showing worldly avocations .76 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 77 b) The lord of the sign in which Saturn is located is Mercury who is alongwith Moon and Ketu giving the native a very sharp mind. In the same direction are located Mars and Moon. etc. This makes the person work very hard for money. ]S with Rahu. However. a commecial sign. catering. . Since points 'a' and 'b' are contradictory. we will examine the 2nd house from Saturn . '_ d) I Jupiter Rahu . It can be vouchsafed that the person's career would have faced upheavals. The person will have a b) c) I 23 . The 10th lord is Venus in Jupiter's sign alongwith Mercury. direction. The person would also be able to hide his emotions and will have masking capabilities. Moon and Ketu would show domestic unrest coming in the way of business prospects. This combination also results in thriving for independence. It seems to point out to respect and earnings which win g.o down generations. Lagnadipathi is Sun. Saturn will be directly aspected by this combination giving some frustrations in business environment though there is regular flow of trading profits. c) One more point to be considered is that the 2nd house from Saturn is Libra which is aspected by Sun and Mars from Gemini (being in the same direction].. I I I I I I RASI Lagna Ketu e) I I Moon Mars f) I I I I Mercury Venus Sun I I I I I I Saturn . EXAMPLE I Career a) Saturn is located in Virgo. located in Mars's house while Mars is with Moon showing the person's bent of mind towards luxurious things like hotels.. Since signs in the North win directly face signs in the South. The Guru and Rahu combination as per our principles indicates a master. in his second round when he gets the aspect of Jupiter and Rahu from Libra. Jupiter. cinema.Ii I I I II I I I . The sum and substance of this analysis show struggles in profession but the person would be able to achieve comfort levels after 31 years when Saturn reaches Libra. d) The combination of Mars and location of Mercury. the lord of Venus's sign.

78 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis EXAMPLE 79 luxurious profession where he can do something independent and will be able to hide his emotions. respect but also some professional obstacles due to Mars' and Ketu's presence. he goes to Aquarius wherein he gets the aspect of Jupiter. The 1Oth lord Mars is located WIth Jupiter and Venus signifying banking and money. Mercury and Moon aspect from the North direction signs. banking. and the transit of Jupiter over natal Moon and Mars position with Saturn in the same direction win give substantial changes in the career of the native. Mars and Moon). Venus and Ketu indic~ting treasury. wealth. to cinema acting. 24 I. the Mars and Moon combination being in the same direction as Saturn is capable of giving tremendous tension to the person and attempts breaks and frustrations to his career. However. . Sun. Masking abilities are related. i) The person would commence Saturn dasa after a couple of years which can take him to dizzy heights of power hut the person should be ever ready for the faU which Saturn is so likely to give. Note also that as many as five planets are located in West or South direction signifying desires and worldly activity (Saturn.lld be able to do substantial good to the people at Iarge. ! Moon Ketu The person was born on 28. As per our principles. h) The transit of Saturn over Pisces wherein Sun will be located in the same direction and Saturn will oppose the transit. b) c) . g) The person is a very successful cinema artiste after being an ordinary bus conductor. Nevertheless. accounts. a conventional sign representing law. Rahu. political or otherwise. and medicine.66. Mars.7. Being retrogade. a) . work indicator Saturn. Lagnadipathi is Moon located in Mars sig~ wh]c~ is debilitated. this person \'{9\. Saturn® i I Rahu II I Venus Mars Jupiter Lagna Sun Mercury I RAS! I Career Prospects b) The Jupiter and Rahu combination casting its aspect over the 2nd house from Saturn gives tremendous depths of wealth. mind indicator Moon and life-force Jupiter are all in worldly signs showing worldly activity. Jupiter. Career Saturn is located in Pisces.

I. it was predicted that the aspect of Ketu and Mars from Gemini and Libra would give the person disputes with his superiors and make him quit the job. Venus. Our observation in 'b' above holds good. the profession house gets more than. accountancy or medicine. of ow· Theoretical Analysis 80 V:edicNadt Astro. an inteUectual sign. It would be pertinent to note that he was running Rahu bhukthi in Venus dasa pointing out to a clear change in career due to' Rahu' s presence in the 10th house. points thereby strenghthening his prospects. b) c) . However. Rahu' s presence in the 2nd house to Saturn without the' aspect of Jupiter or Venus show working under an institution rather than an independent career. with Mercury in the 2nd house alongwith Jupiter and Sun. Note the presence of Jupiter. This shows predominance of desires that make the person work towards satisfying worldly desires.7). In the ashtakavarga cast for this individual.84 No. g) Career a) Saturn is in Pisces. Lagna is Gemini. Mars and Ketti in the West direction signs (desires) with Saturn retrogading to such a sign. 2S II II Saturn i II Rahu I i Lagna I I !I . Mercury and Jupiter showing intellectual profession (shown by Jupiter and Mercury) and he win come to light since Sun represents coming to fame.67' (this chart has been taken from AM: Vo1. indicating conventional professions like teaching. The person is employed in a bank as a commercial executive earning a very good sum of money.8. law. When Saturn was transiting Aquarius in 1993-94. In the same Northern direction as Saturn are Sun.3o. the aspect of Jupiter and Venus would ensure that in the end he gets a better job and moves out of the present location. This is by way of additional information to the readers who would be able to see the picture from a holistic point of view. RASI I Jupiter Mercury Sun Moon Venus I I II I e) I I Career Prospects II L__ n I i I I I I Ketu Mars I I The person was born on 8. The person could not continue in his employment and went to another job ona salary double the earnings.logy & Career EXAMPLE 8] d) A conventional profession dealing with money is located.Practical Application.

Moen and Venus in the East direction. Jupiter and Rahu win make him earn a good name and fame. It may be of interest to note that the author in the article has analysed the charts from the dasamsa point of view and come to the same conclusions. Lagna I Sun Mercury Mars joins this combination indicating that Ketu combination being in the same direction. Lagna. Our approach may be taken as an additional tool for analysis . The 2nd house from Saturn has Guru and Rahu signifying a master. being a sign of desires. Mars plus Ketu show ego. the planets of business in North oriented sign.. Mercury and Jupiter will form an additional combination in Cancer. Saturn has no combination with any ether planet in the same direction. The preponderance of commercial and earthy signs signifiying desires and worldly activity would make this person work in a commercial concern in the government (Sun and Mars). have given the man worldly activity but the fact remains that he would he working towards moksha given the congregation of 4 planets in the North direction. Lagna is Scorpio with Mars as lagnadipathi occupying Virgo alongwith Mercury and Sun. c) Please Note: Read the next two charts carefully since though the Lagna has changed. The indications are that the person is a lawyer which is confirmed by the author of the article. Virgo is a commercial sign and Sun and Mars represent government cencern. The 2nd house from Saturn is aspected by the combination of Rahu. The person will be able to reach a very good position. Mars and Ketu aspect the 2nd house from Saturn. d) Career a) Saturn is located in Gemini. We look at the lord of Saturn sign Mercury which occupies Virgo inexaltation with Sun and Mars. an intellectual sign. the two persons have got similar positions which can he explained only through directional influences of planets. Ketu forms a trine with this e) b) . arguments and law. Moon in a dharmic sign with Venus and Mercury.Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 83 82 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career d) There is an exchange of planetary positions between Moon and Sun which means that Moon. EXAMPLE 26 Saturn II I e) Jupiter Rahu RASI Ketu I Moen Venus I f:) g) . OUf analysis in 'b' holds good.

84 f)

Vedic Nodi Astrology & Career

Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis


The person undertaking.

was a director

in a public



showing royalty connections. d)







, I

Though lagna has changed, because of the directional influences ofthe planets, the person was also a director of a public sector undertaking. This illustrates that our approach to the subject is in the right direction. Because of Mars in the 12th house to Saturn, this person had to work his way up in the organisation.

e) Jupiter Rahu RASI Ketu Moon Venus
, ,

Kindly note that the above two charts have been taken from AM June 1995 and the actualities very clearly fit into our analysis. From the above two charts it will be crystal-clear that though Jagna changes and the 10th house changes, the position of Saturn being the same and the other planets interacting in a similar manner, the persons have got similar employments. However, Mars having a relation to Saturn (being in the 12th which as per our theory denotes the comfort levels in employment) in the latter chart has shown that the person has struggled to come up. This also denotes hard work to the native. . are Let us examine the career prospects of the native below. This chart is also taken from AM June 95. Career Prospects a) We see Saturn located in Taurus, a sign of treasury and banking. Sun and Mercury alongwith Ketu in the same direction are located alongwith Saturn. This shows that frustrations and disappointments may come to the native since Ketu and Sun are inimical to Saturn. Jupiter and Venus are located in the 2nd house to Saturn aspected by Moon from the 7th therefrom. This

Lagna I

Sun Mercury

a) b) As in the previous absolutely similar. chart, the combinations

The two major differences are that Mars is in Taurus.. Since this is in the same direction as Sun, Mercury and Ketu in earthy signs, the combination becomes the same as the earlier chart. Therefore, the conclusions reached will. be the same. However, Mars is in the 12th to Saturn showing struggles before reaching a position. The other difference is lagna which is Libra. The lagnadipathi Venus is with Moon in Leo, a sign




Vedic Nadi ASlt610gy & Career

Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis


28 Mars Saturn Mercury Jupiter Venus


The author writes that this person faced frustrations in career due to lack of timely promotion but he is occupying a high position. 29' Moon Saturn Jupiter Lagna

Rahu RASI Ketu Lagna





shows plenty of earnings and a high position. However, Moon's aspect over Venus deprives the person ofa higher monetary status which he could have had. e) Mars in the Northern direction sign alongwith Rahu win see the opposite South direction sign where Saturn is located. While Mars looking at Saturn causes obstacles, Rahu is there to ensure that Mars is subdued. Our analysis shows that the person would certainly reach a good position in his career but would not be able to get promotions in time due to Ketu's presence, See the presence of most planets in West or South direction pointing to a worldly career with an aim to satisfy desires.

Sun Mercury

Mars Venus

a) Saturn is in Aries, a.sign of machines and machinery. Jupiter is with Saturn ..Rahu is in a trine therefrom, denoting hard work and labour. Mars and Venus aspect Saturn. Venus denotes money while Mars denotes hard work and obstructions to Saturn. Moon is in the 12th house denoting less comfort since he is not friendly with Saturn. Lagnais Gemini with Mercury located alongwith Sun.



c) d)


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Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis



The preponderance of fiery signs show working in a factory-related environment and Mercury with Sun shows possible government connections. See the division of the chart into West-oriented signs (3 planets and lagna) and dharmic signs (3 planets) as also moksha signs (3 planets). This shows worldly activity with a balance struck between satisfaction of desires and self-contentment. The aspects of Jupiter and Venus will certainly ensure that the person would be able to command respect and earn money. However, Mars will ensure that the person sweats it out before he achieves success. The author who has analysed this chart in AM June 1995 tens us that this person reached a high position in a public sector organisation after starting off as a clerk. Our analysis points to this conclusion. 30

This native was born on 10.7.60 with the balance of Saturn dasa at birth of 16 years, 11 months and 21 days. Career a) Saturn is in Sagittarius and is retrogade, Saturn in a sign of Jupiter is conjunct with Jupiter with Venus and Rahu in a trine therefrom in the same direction. This indicates profession plus respect plus money plus hard work. Jupiter's aspect makes smooth riding despite some hard work. This sign of Jupiter indicates business consultancy as well as law. Mars aspects Saturn from Taurus, a finance-oriented sign. Saturn being retrogade even if'he were to come to the previous sign, would receive Mars's aspect He would also form a trine with Sun, Moon and Mercury. The Moon and Mercury combination gives good intelligence and being involved in the North direction signs can give conventional professions like law and accounts. Lagna is a commercial sign Virgo and we have already studied the position of Mercury .. The possible professions arising from the above are law and accounts as well as consultancy, This is exactly what the person is doing. The preponderance of dharmic signs makes the person honest in his profession. The Iagna, Mars and Ketu are in the South signs denoting artha. The person has been, therefore, in a worldly profession. Note the presence of three planets in the North direction which should point out to the fact that the person is content in his profession. The presence of Jupiter and Saturn in dharmic sign point out to worldly activity rather than renunciation.





c) Moon Mars




Rahu Venus


Jupiter Satum®




Vedic Ndili Astrology & Career

Practical AppJicationoj

our Theoreticai Analysis


Career Prospects e) The aspect of Jupiter and Venus over Saturn shows copious earnings and a position of comfort ..However, Mars' aspect is disturbing as it is responsible for causing the native to come down two steps after going up five steps. The retrogression of Saturn gives aspects of Mars, Sun, Moon and Mercury. This shows that the native wilI look at things not entirely in line with his profession of consultancy, Mars and Mercury have given him interest in trading and real estate.

Career a) Saturn is in Leo, a sign standing for government From the same direction, Jupiter and Ketu cast their glance from Sagittarius. Advisory callings in government circles seems to be a possibility witha high position as represented by Jupiter. Ketu's presence is not favourable since the chances of a smooth ride in career' is ruled out Moon in the 12th house to Saturn does not give peace' to the person but being his own house, the person would have ,8: very strong mind. Lagna is Cancer with Moon in it. No specific profession can be judged but Sun in the same direction as Moon is capable of giving political power, Saturn has Mars next to him showing struggles in profession but thereafter are Iocated Venus and Mercury which means earnings after much struggle. Sun :in Scorpio shows an ambitious and secretive soul. The chart shows, an advisor to the government reaching a high position after constant struggles. Respect (Jupiter) comes to work (Saturn) after struggles (Ketu and Mars). See the presence of most planets in dharmic signs and kama signs. This shows struggle between honesty and worldly desires. With Mars, Rahu, Venus and Mercury in the South and West signs, the person would work towards satisfaction of desires. The person as you are wen aware was the highest advisor (prime Minister).




• I


Lagna Moon RASI Saturn


Jupiter Ketu





Venus Mercury

Mars e)

This is the horoscope ofPandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

A look at this chart would convince you that to have knowledge of how far the person would go :in his profession, one may have to use additional tools like the strength of

92 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical AnaJysis 93 planets and houses (griha balas andbhava balas) besides considering the factors relating to lagna since this would point out the basic character of the individual. 'I I This IS the horoscope of a person born on 22. The purpose behind selecting this chart was to illustrate that our method also needs to be studied deeper and a holistic approach has to be adopted before coming to conclusions. No single method can assure you cent per cent success unless you are a sage and have that kind of a living which gives you intuitional powers. as fiery planets aspect Saturn. Venus and Moon also aspect this sign being in the same direction. EXAMPLE Ketu in Capricorn in the same direction. Dharmic signs involved give the person honesty in career. The 2nd house from Saturn is aspected by Sun and Mercury from a fiery sign showing engineeringrelated SUbjects. in Libra in its own house alongwith Moon. Whatever be the ether aspects. ! RASI Ketu Jupiter e) Career Prospects f) It would be noted that this person has had to struggle in Soo Mercury Moon Venus I life but he has come up by hard work and earned a good name and a decent sum of money. Mars and Ketu would ensure that he cannot have an independent profession but will have to' work under somebody. The 2nd house from Saturn being aspected by Venus from Libra point out to earning a decent sum of money. the basic chart shewing Satumand Mars with Ketu in the same direction show : . Career a) Saturn. is located in Taurus. the planet of treasury and finance. He has been working in jobs relating to civil contracts. g) The location of lagnadipathi in its own house and position of Jupiter in a kendrasthana are additional factors showing the strength of the horoscope. The person is an engineer working in a bank. a sign standing for finance and money.43 with the balance ofRahu dasa of 14 years and 7 months. This shows finance-related activities. . The majority of planets are located in artha and kama signs besides dhannic signs pointing to worldly activity. c) 32 I ~ . Lagna Saturn Mars I d) Rahu I . The factors point out to an engineer in a treasuryrelated institution. Alongwith is Mars in the same sign and b) . b) The lagna is Taurus with Venus.12. This shows struggles in profession and a possible engineering career.

I II Jupiter Rahu I I ! Moon RASI Comparison If one were to compare Chart 23 with similar combinations as this chart. This has made the person of Chart 23 scale greater heights . However.Y. Sun has lost strength due to this in the present chart.. especially in the field of cinema.This win clearly convince the readers the role of lagnadipathi in ensuring decency of life. making the profession (Saturn) struggleless. This is sure to make the person a master of his b) . kama or dharmic signs. c) Since 'a' and'b' show commercial ventures. the nativity of Chart 23 is a very successful hero while this chart. The former chart has helped the person earn substantially more. the person in this chart did not have the struggles that Chart 23 had . Ketu in the ]2th house gives lack of comforts but in the same direction as Ketu are Mercury. belongs to a comedian-cum-hero. however. Not only that. See the presence of most planets in either artha. one would see that both have become cine actors. is in a sign of desires aIongwith Rahu. Mars in the same direction exalted will ensure that the person does not reach heights in his profession. Jupiter and Rahu). In fact. We see the combination of Jupiter and Rahu aspecting the 2nd house from Saturn (note Libra the 2nd house has in the same direction of Aquarius. Venus and Sun which win correct this situation. Mars Lagna Ketu II Sun Mercury Venus Satwn I Career a) Saturn is located in Virgo. Sun is in Jupiter's sign of Sagittarius with Ketu in the same direction and not in Scorpio.The reason for this is mainly due to the fact that this chart has Moon in Cancer and not in Capricorn. the person is a cine artiste. This gives the person worldly activity which he combines with honesty but he cannot give up his desires. more so when Jupiter or Venus have no aspect on Saturn. especially if it means the ability to mask his emotions. a commercial sign. Jupiter. Note also that the lagnadipathi in Chart 23 is in a kendra sthana giving additional strength to the person. Dr B. Moon is in a moksha sign. Raman says that the decent position of the lagnadipathi would considerably go to ensure that the person has a smooth life. EXAMPLE 33 I art.94 Vedic NadiAstrology & Career Practical Application or our Theoretical Analysis 95 that the person cannot reach a very high position in life.. However.

Rahu the planet of masks is aspecting this sign from a treasury sign.. etc. b) c) . this person could not get political power due to the fact that Sun... Rahu's aspect with the aspect of Jupiter. Lagna RASI Moon .. Venus and Mercury from the l. (Rahu has retrogade motion and will come into contact with Jupiter first during its transit) This chart shows Jupiter in a dharmic sign.r%gy & Career Practical Application ot our Theoretical Analysis 97 34 Jupiter Rahu Mars d) e) Renunciation as shown by Ketu is ruled out due to the above factors. Unlike M .Zth. Also note the strong presence of yogakaraka Venus giving the person tremendous versatility in arts . Saturn Ketu II Mercury Venus Sun I Career n a) Saturn is in Scorpio with Ketu . This shows struggles but assures earnings.. Ramachandran.. Career a) to b) In the LZth house to Saturn are Venus and Mercury with Jupiter's aspect showing comforts in a profession related to the sign Libra which may be in finance. The person was involved in worldly activity due to the presence of other planets in either signs of desires or arrha. . acting.However. show business. Mars and Saturn are in exchange which is unfavourable but is counteracted by the presence of Jupiter in Libra aspecting Saturn . Note also that Jupiter has Rahu in the Znd house giving the person masking abilities and making him a master of his trade. Saturn is located in Aries with Rahu showing a penchant for masking abilities or factory-related working .96 EXAMPLE Vedic Nadi Ast. a sign known for show business.But in terms of degree Saturn has passed Ketu which means that struggles are behind his profession. Saturn in a sign of moksha and lagna in a sign of desires. This means a profession involving secrets or renunciation . Therefore" we have examine this chart carefully. the planet of power. Jupiter and Ketu aspect from Libra. has Rahu and Moon in a trine. he regarded his work as God (Saturn in a moksha sign). Moon in anartha sign. However. made this person a film-actor earning international awards. The 2nd house from Saturn is aspected by Mars and Jupiter (being in the same direction). Rahu's presence has 'eclipsed the Sun being in the same direction. the famous actor-turn edG politician..

d) e) . EXAMPLE . aspected by Sun. the second from Saturn shows Ketu showing struggles in career. See also the presence of Rahu with Saturn giving in thiscase masking abilities and not factory-related work due to the aspect of planets from Libra and the presence of artistic planets in the 12th to Saturn. See how most planets Career a) Saturn is in Gemini. Mercury and Venus aspect the second from Saturn showing tremendous financial potential for the native. The preponderance of show business has given the person acting capabilities. the planet of politics and government. This is saved by the fact that Rahu. Jupiter Moon Sun Mercury RASI Mars .98 EXAMPLE Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 99 the 3S Saturn Rahu centre around artha and kama signs including lagna. Moon and Venus showing artistic professions relating to show business. This chart shows the importance of the 12th house to Saturn.! I Mars I! Jupiter Ketu I Lagna I Rahu Sun Lagna c) In the 12th house to Saturn are two planets of arts and versatility. Moreover. The lagna being Virgo shows commercial pursuits. This is sure to give worldly activities. Venus aspects Saturn from Libra. . Jupiter and Venus are in exchange showing finances since after the exchange. However. in the same direction as Cancer showing respect in career. I Saturn I I 'I' II Ketu I RASI Mercury Venus ! . I Venus Moon 36 I.I. an intellectual and commercial sign. Moon and Jupiter are in Pisces.

Mars and Ketu aspect this combination ensuring that he cannot reach heights in any profession. d) e) Saturn is in Capricorn with Rahu giving the native the ability to mask. Now he is a person who has been publishing a weekly and he is an editor for the same. three in moksha and two in dharmic signs. Mercury and Rahu on the 2nd house from Saturn as wen as on the 12th house (being Taurus which is in the same direction as Capricorn) has given the person an acting career. This gives the person worldly activity but the person would have strong religious inclinations . The aspect of Venus. one in the sign of desires. 37 c) I I d) The presence of Ketu next to Saturn. The signs are earthy signs. Reaching the heights of any profession in terms of popularity is ruled out due to Mars and Ketu aspecting Career a) b) f) c) . Lagna is Leo with Sun occupying a commercial sign .100 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis EXAMPLE 101 b) Lagnadipathi is Mercury with Venus and Rahu showing career in commercial concerns involving show business. This strengthens each planet since each will come to his own house now. and Mars next therefrom did not allow him to continue in films but he reached the heights of his career. Saturn is in the sign of desires while Jupiter and Moon are in moksha signs. Sun and Venus are in the same direction as Virgo. Venus and Mercury gives a good intellectual profession after struggles (Mars and Ketu). The presence of exchange of planets in Libra and the Saturn and Rahu combination gave the person acting as a career. Thelagnais a commercial sign (artha). The 2nd house from Saturn is aspected by Jupiter and Mercury showing intellectual profession. Prior to that he was a lawyer (Jupiter/ Mercury/Venus interaction in Libra). Sun's strong aspect gave the person political power. The aspect of Jupiter.. Three planets are in the signs of artha. e) This is the chart of MGR who had an uninterrupted success but had to struggle in his early days due to Ketu's presence in the 2nd house to Saturn. Venus and Mercury have exchanged. Moon also Mars Ketu RASI Rahu Saturn I Lagna Moon Jupiter Mercury i Sun Venus 'I I aspects this combination (Jupiter and Mercury are located in the Western direction thereby aspecting Aquarius which is also in the Western direction)..

he would 'continue to be guided by that planet which is outside the circuit In this case. Mercury and Sun aspect Saturn from the . Jupiter is located in a moksha sign showing religion and contentment in the job. most planets centre around signs of desires and artha giving worldly avocations.This has given the person worldly activity.r. and ifthis sign becomes the 2nd house. EXAMPLE d) 38. the presence of Rahu and Venus in the 2nd house from Jupiter made the person follow a worldly profession apart from the factors listed above . the person could easily strike a balance between the two opposing pressures afteraround 30. sign of desires. Jupiter aspects the 2nd house from Saturn which win give the native money and respect. the person does not profession. However. Kern The lagna is Venus withR_ahu in Sagittarius showing a career in a business company. e) The person is a manager in an insurance company. Aquarius shows an intellecnral profession. This shows struggles in profession... house from Saturn has Mars and Ketti has ensured that reach great heights in his Jupiter's aspect on the 2nd given him respect. See the position of Saturn in artha sign. I I f) RASI g) Rahu Venus Jupiter Lagna h) The presence of Jupiter in the North direction sign of Scorpio signifying moksha has given the person powers to recite the Vedic mantras. worldly professions and one related to conventional callings.~ house 2th pointing to a profession of i~tenigence in govenunent circles.MQreove. The lagna is also in a sign of desires . Career Prospects Moon Mars Saturn Mercury Sun Thepresence of Moon.ofo.. Mars and Ketu in the same direction. I have observed that whenever Jupiter is the only planet outside the Rahu and Ketu axis. the person is under a tremendous pressure of choice between. However. years of age . See the presence of Saturn and Moon in signs of desires and as many as five planets centred around signs denoting arthaand desires. Even if the person would follow a worldly profession. since the axis is Ketu and Rahuand not vice versa. and Jupiter in .3.W2 Vedic Nadi Astr:ology & Career Practical Application . However. b) c) . Career a) Saturn is in Aquarius with Moon.ur Theoretical Analysis 103 Saturn.

Overall. it is Virgo. In the 2nd house from Saturn are Jupiter and Moon with Venus in a trine therefrom. He is a very pious man having a detached outlook to life (Ketu). Jupiter and Moon in signs of desires. Venus. 4 planets are in the direction of moksha. etc. If lagna were also to be taken into account.shows tremendous confusion of choice between worldly activities and religious activities. a commercial sign but Mercury is placed in Scorpio aspected by Mars and Rahu from Cancer. Ketu in e) b) Career a) Saturn is in Virgo. Director in an institution of learning and is a renowned teacher of Sanskrit. the combination of Jupiter. However. Venus in the 2nd house has given him a very superior voice which gives him singing abilities. arts.104 EXAMPL. This combination is aspected by Rahu and Mars from Cancer. This chart. Venus and Moon in the 2nd house to Saturn in a sign signifying desires has given him respect and position and made him follow a worldly profession. This is sure to give respect to the native with money. Finance-related jobs in commercial undertakings can be inferred. Note the presence of lagna in an artha sign. However. However. The presence of airy signs give intellectual professions and Venus in his own sign gives versatility in peotry. Mercury is conjunct with Sun giving him engineering education. Saturn. This shows a profession relating to engineering but the person would have considerable struggles to come up due to Mars and Ketu aspecting Saturn. It is aspected by an exalted Venus and Moon from a conventional sign. . I II signs of artha. Note as per our analysis the Jupiter.53. the aspect of Ketu and Mars over Saturn has not given him a profession relating to his education. Jupiter Moon RASI Ketu Saturn Mercury Sun Venus Rahu Mars Lagna d) Career a) Saturn is in Capricorn with Ketu. c) This person is an Hon. The person (Example 40) was born on 10. a commercial sign.E Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis lOS 39 .5. He is a poet with extraordinary talents and has written several original works. this is a chart of an extraordinary person with tremendous artistic capabi1ities who will find it difficult to balance worldly pursuits with religous activities. Moon and Venus combination indicates art and teaching.

9 . 4 b) Saturn is in the same direction as Rahu. The person is employed in a foreign bank.. The profession is likely to be one of dealing in finance or money in a commercial institution like a finance company ora bank or credit institution since more factors point towards this... Jupiter and Mars. Moreover. real estate.It is in exchauge with Moon. Moreover. etc . his shows the importance of considering T transits while predicting. agriculture.. Note that most of the signs involved are either signs of'artha or desires . the person would get a promotion since Jupiter was transiting Libra. the author admits that the prediction was based solely on transits. The person cannot stick to one profession. he was running Venus dasa. I ! I Rahu I I I I Saturn a) It was predicted that in 1993-94. The person (Example 41) was born on 9.This points to a very good position in life in jobs involving commerce. three planets are in moksha signs giving the person a religious outlook.. 6. more so since transiting Saturn had the aspect of transiting Jupiter also . Ketu is in the same direction as Saturn showing struggles and obstacles in profession. Even after the exchange between Saturn and Moon..Saturn Career a) Saturn is in Cancer which is capable of giving varied professions such as religion. Jupiter was just crossing Saturn which normafly gives promotions. Saturn bhukthi which is notorious for giving contradictory results. This points out to commercial interests. Career Prospects Moon Venus I Sun Mercury II !I I . which is a sign of Venus who is posited in the lOthhouse. This shows struggles and working as a subordinate but Jupiter's aspect gives a respectable position and may also give einployment mtreasury functions. The lagna lord is Mercury who is with an exalted Sun in a fiery sign .. b) As predicted the person had a promotion. thereby Saturn comes to an earthy sign. However. like merchant banking. factories. etc . However. I Jupiter Mars Keru RASI I . Saturn in Capricorn win c) d) b) .106 EXAMPLE Vedic Nodi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 107 4'6 I ! Lagna e) and Jupiter in signs of artha alongwith Mars and Rahu. The person was not confident of promotion since he had Saturn in the lZth house to Moon and Jupiter in the 8th house from Moon.

This means he cannot get the desired profession. He was also employed abroad for quite some time before returning to India. The person (Example 42) was born on 29. Career a) Saturn is located in Libra exalted. Sun's aspect on the 2nd house from Saturn would give engineering skills. This gives an intellectual profession. Moreover. b) . e) Rahu I . Ketu and Mercury.108 EXA_MPLE 'Vedic Nodi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 109 41 I. But steady employment in anyone venture is ruled out due to the basic characteristic of the chart. However.e. in the same direction as Saturn is Jupiter. However. This shows business relating to cinema. i.54 with the balance of Saturn dasa of 18 years and 9' months. Moon itself is in the sign of artha. a wealthy person by birth.I I. Jupiter and Venus are in signs of desires.7. Jupiter stands for self and Venus stands for wealth. Mars. a business sign. law. Lagna is Virgo. show business or other pleasurable professions. Saturn's transit over Pisces where Mars opposes the transit would mean struggles in finding a suitable employment but the person would be able to come out of it after 1997 when Jupiter transits natal Moon and especially in 1998 when transit of Satum over Aries is opposed by the combination of natal Jupiter and Venus.' Jupiter Venus Mars g) have to contend with Mars in Virgo.. Rahu and Venus are located in the East direction facing Saturn in the West pointing out to a fiery combination. Note the fact that Saturn comes to a sign of artha after exchange with Moon. f) Lagna Sun Mercury Ketu . !' Saturn RAEl Moon I The person was occupying various posts in good positions but had some breaks in career. and Mercury is located with Ketu and Jupiter aspected by Mars and d) The job may he commercial pursuits here and abroad due to Saturn and Moon exchanges with interests in agriculture and land-related activities. He was employed here as a production chief {engineering skills) but left the same to do activities relating to land/agriculture. the combination of Jupiter and Venus means that the person would be seldom short of money. c) Lagnadipathi is in his own house with Mercury which points to the fact that he will be able to get himself a decent life in future. Even that has not come out to his satisfaction and he is considering going abroad. This gives worldly activity.

Career a) Saturn is in Aquarius. However. a research-oriented sign.lI of our Theoretical Analysis In 42 Jupiter Mercury Ketu Moon Sun RASI Venus Ketu in the same direction as Saturn will definetly cause problems. The person was born on 5. c) The majority of factors point out to dealing in commercial ventures especially as agents either in housing or in securities . Jupiter.stockbroker who reached the heights of his career before coming to a sudden crash. The presence of Mercury and Ketu with Jupiter indicate very intelligent personalities but the Mercury and Ketu combination if not occurring in the North direction signs is prone to endow people with a crooked intention..Saturn. Mercury and. EXAMPLE 43 Sun Mars Mercury Ketu Venus II Saturn Mars Rahu Saturn Lagna RASI Lagna Rahu from Sagittarius . Mars and Mercury in Gemini . This gives a vigorous drive to the person to satisfy his desires.. Mercury and Mars can produce dealers In securities or real estate..Moon and Rahu aspect this combination. However. . EXAMPLE Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Pl'octical Applicatio. This fiery signcan give business ventures in law and real estate.7. Ketu. This is exactly what happened. Note the presence of4 planets in the signs of desire . Rah:u Moon Jupiter d) The person was a. Ketu. Ketu. Moreover.36with the balance of Venus dasa of 1 year and 9 months. The lagna being a commercial sign also confirms the person's attitude. in the same direction is a great combination of planets-Venus.

aspect Saturn showing • Lagna is Leo with"Sun positioned as above. combination of planets in signs of desires. The person was employed in a government department dealing in giving of licenses. Pisces has Venus and Rahu but is a spiritual sign. Jupiter's aspect 'Onthe 2nd house to Saturn finally got him the coveted position as head of the Department albeit at a time when he had just a few months to retire. The d) Career a) Saturn is in a commercial sign with Ketu.V. is also in a sign of desires. The 2nd house from Saturn is aspected by Mars from Aquarius being in the same direction.112 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis EXAMPLE 113 b) c) d) This factor shows commercial ~nterprjse (Gemini) possible in the government sector (Sun and Mars). Saturn. The person can get government employment dealing in commercial aspects. Lagnadipathi is Sun located as above. Moreover. However.5. The person (Example 44) was born on 20. he could attain the highest position in his office after considerable duration of work. Moon is in the same direction as this combination. Also. The combination shews austerity (Leo). struggles in profession (Ketu and Mars) before coming to light. 44 Sun Mercury Jupiter Rahu Venus Mars I I I RASI Lagna e) f) I Moon Saturn Ketu I b) c) Sun. the profession indicator. Mars and Sun being in the same direction as Saturn. This factor may be attributed to Jupiter's strong presence in a kendra sthana. This shows e) f) that he may be commercially employed but would have a renounced attitude. honesty pays ultimately. His juniors overtook him in promotion. because of this attitude. Struggles in earnings are indicated. This can be attributed to Ketu.1894. Raman. After all. lagna being Leo shows struggles as per Dr B. See the great. One noteworthy feature of this chart is that this person was known tor his honesty and austere living during his tenure in this office. Sun in the 10th house gives digbala but with Mercury and Jupiter do not point to politics but to ~ highly intellectual profession. . Moon in a dharmic sign and Jupiter in a sign of rnoksha gives honest approach to profession. Venus and Rahu aspect this combination from a very conventional sign. However. Mercury and Jupiter respect from the profession.

Venus and Mars .Sun. Kern. 45 Lagna I Ketu Saturn Venus RASI Moon h) This is the horoscope of Kanchi Paramacharya who was the leading spiritual light ofthis century. her career was marred by frequent upsets and all her money was lost in the last moments of her life... This is definitely going to ensure that the person does not get very far in career. I b) Examp. e) Since arts is indicated.. g): The presence of spiritual signs and the factors considered in "e" above alongwith the combination of Sun and Jupiter show a person close to God.U4 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application ofour Theoretical Analysis EXAMPLE. Note the presence of four planets in the signs of desires-Saturn.This shows fine arts and very good earnings since Venus is present with Saturn. HS Moon and Venus combination points out to earnings and expenditure of equal proportion. . Jupiter and Rahu gives masking abilities.. the lagna being a dharmic sign with Iagnadipathi with Jupiter makes the person take up religious work .The presence of Saturn ina trine to Jupiter and Sun shows him coming to the top in the profession. with Ketu. Sun Rahu Jupiter Mars Example 45 Career a) . (Sun stands for God and Jupiter standsfor individual. the person was a famous cine artiste earning a very good name but due to "b" above.) The presence of Saturn. Mercury means intelligence. and Moon opposes this combination . The person uses his mind and intelligence to reach God.le46 Career a) Saturn is in Cancer with Rahu. whatever it may be .. The disturbing factor is that Ketu in Gemini and Mars in Libraare located in the same direction as Saturn. three planets in signs of moksha. this possiblity is ruled out. and Moon showing some artistic vocation.Four planets are in dharmic signs . Lagnadipathi is Venus signifying treasury aspected by Saturn. This can give masking c) d) abilities but being a spiritual sign. he had the loftiest profession ofheading a mathaand he set a personal example of how spiritual persons should conduct their affairs in public . This gives' a tremendous dedication to the profession .. In fact. Saturn is located in Aquarius with Venus. Jupiter and Moon. Rahu.

Th~ above chart shows a person who is capable of becoming a law officer or judge. Mars and Ketu are in worldly Saturn J Career a) Saturn is located in Libra exalted but is aspected by a very strong Mars. However.js 117 46 signs of artha and kama. I EXAMPLE 47 1 I I IL 1 Lagna RAS} I I Saturn Rahu Jupiter Rahu I Mars :1 I I I I I I Venus Ketu RASI I I Lagna Sun Mercury Moon Ketu I I Mercury Sun Jupiter Venus Moon Mars I \ b) In the same direction as Saturn is the Jupiter and Venus combination in Scorpio.n6 EXAMPLE Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application ofour Theoretical Anafys. Moon. the same analysis would hold good . a fiery sign. the person would have to struggle and be very active in his profession. a lawyer of good repute. the person was honest and straightforward. Also note that as many as four planets including Saturn and Jupiter are in moksha signs.. in fact. has put paid to such prospects. Since Saturn is lagnadipathi. c) d) b) . lagna. The redeeming feature is that in the same direction as Satumare Jupiter and Rahu in Aquarius and Venus in Libra. This gives a worldly profession but honesty all the same. Therefore. the iJ] effects of Mars will only show in the person requiring to do hard work and he may not get timely promotions but he will be able to get money and respect. Keeping in view that profession indicator is aspected by Jupiter and Venus all in North direction signs. Jupiter and Rahu would have given him masking abilities but Mars' aspect from Aries. While commerce is indicated. This shows a career connected with arguments wherein respect and money will be earned. The person was.

See the congregation of planets in signs of moksha . not a d) e) e) d) e) These factors point out to a subordinate position in empIoyment in a bank. Sun.However. or commercial organisation.118 Vedic Nodi' Astrology & Career Practical Appitcauo» of our Theoretical Analysis ]]9 c) Since commercial and luxury signs are involved.9 . 4. the person would possibly get employment in banks or big commercial concerns. The person was employed in a bank and later on in a multinational company.. b) Pisces shows some conventionalcalling. Jupiter and Moon are in signs of artha showing apractical attitude to life. He was dashing and had good earnings but could not get promotions as desired ." " EXAMPLE 48 Mars Saturn Mercury Venus Sun Ketu EXAMPLE Lagna RASI Jupiter Lagna Ketu Mars Sun RASI Rahu Moon • Rahu Mercury Career a) Saturn is located in Pisces with friends Mercury and Venus. Lagnadipathi is Moon in her own house assuring the person of a decent life. Jupiter's aspect is absent. Note the presence of Saturn and Jupiter in signs of desires.. Since Saturn has Mars and Ketu in the next house. Moon Saturn . his enemy. The lagna is Leo with the lord in the Sth house good position. However. is located there with Moon aspecting this combination. the person cannot go very far in his profession. Mars and Ketu in the 2nd house to Saturn limit his career to where he started. This gives worldly employment.. The person was employed as a clerk in a commercial organisation .

he cannot come out of his worldly occupation. the life-force.11.we find that the 5 planets are In signs of artha or desires. This gives a thrust for worldly activity. I c) d) I. I b) Saturn has Venus in the same direction giving wealth and enjoyment. in moksha sign with Ketu in the same direction). though the person is religious (Jupiter.Note the position of most planets including Saturn in the signs of desires . Though three planets are in the signs of moksha ... employment. Jupiter aspect of Sun from same direction). as per our analysis.120 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis . Venus and Rahu aspect the 2nd house to Saturn. . He can preach (Jupiter and Mercury behind Saturn) but will find it hard to practise. The lagna is Taurus and Venus is located in Gemini aspected by Moon from Sagittarius.E 121 Career a) Saturn is exalted profession. etc. Therefore. in Libra showing a luxurious is in the 2nd house getting the Cancer (Jupiter and Sun are in the This shows high government 50 ~etu !II . This points to an employment in a government service in a high position but the person will have to lose his position due to the Mars plus Ketu combination . This denotes lawyers.59 but since the time is not known the position of lagna is not shown..Jupiter. accountants. Jupiter and Mercury are in the 12th ho use signi fying a tremendous learning to the person in his profession. b) Moon. c) . However. Mercury and Ketu . The Mars plus Ketu combination robbed the otherwise good work that he may have been capable of doing and in fact gave him dictatorial tendencies and blameworthy practices.The heights he reached was only followed by a sudden exit. Mars and Ketu are also in the same direction pointing out to an untimely exit from career and blames and obstacles. I RASI Moon . Ketu in a trine to Jupiter and Mercury shows the person to have expertise in law (Ketu stands also for law). Career a) Saturn is in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. The person is a chartered accountant having exclusive and excellent practice in law and is known for his The person (Example 50) was born on 6.EXAMPL. I' Saturn Mercury Jupiter Sun Mars Venus Rahu e) However. This is the chart of Zia-ul-Haq who was the former President of Pakistan .

Ketu in the same direction as Mercury in moksha signs gives religious inclinations. But the presence of Jupiter with Mercury in Scorpio shows a person with secret desires..122 Vedic Nadi Al~trology & Career Practical Application of our Theoretical Analysis 123 thoroughness of subject matter.But the presence of Venus in the 2nd house to Saturn is a redeeming factor for earnings. However. . Moreover. EXAMPLE This ]5 sure to give a commercial pursuit. EXAMP.. b) The position of Mercury and Jupiter next to Saturn in terms of degrees gives intellectual profession related to commerce. . Mars and Ketu are also there to put a block on Saturn's progress .I I Sun Mercury I Mercury I RASI Venus I .Therefore. lagna is Libra. ... with Venus and Sun in a sign of desires. The readers would note that even without the position of lagna it would be possible to bring out the basic characteristics of the individual. ! Career a) Lagna I I I Lagna Moon Mars Saturn I Jupiter Rahu I The first noteworthy feature of this chart is the great congregation of'planets in the arrha sign of Capricorn.lE 51 I I I I I I I Sun Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn I I I Rahu II I' I I Ketu I Ketu I RASI Moon !I ! . The presence of artha and kama signs have however countered his ability to excel in religious activities . The position of Satum with Jupiter behind bas given the person honesty in profession. 51 'c) The person is an accountant ina multinational company drawing a good salary but not very highly placed in the organisation . the person would not be able to go very high in his profession . a sign of desires.

Jupiter. The Rahu and Jupiter combination gives the person the ability to hide things but at the same time makes the person a master of his game. In the same direction are Ketu and Moon. All the signs are fiery. is Sun with Mercury. Jupiter. etc. these general principles may not always apply to our charts and we would like to know why there are deviations from these general dicta. The position of Mars. Rahu and Ketu-over the natal planetary positions. the means adopted may not always look fair. an intellectual 6 TRANSIT RESULTS Introduction This chapter is intended to give the readers a brief outline of transit results that arise. The explanations may be given by noting the dasa and bhukthi but it must be remembered that some bhukthis run for over a period of one year.. Therefore. The sign involved is also Sagittarius.. he transit results given here are transit of slowT moving planets-Saturn.The saving grace is that Venus is located in the 2nd house to Saturn ensuring enormity of earnings.124 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Career a) Saturn is located in Sagittarius. Very often.. Note the position of 10th lord Venus in the 6th house ruling disputes . You will note that transit results do b) c) The profession must be related to law as seen by the Saturn and Ketu combination in the same direction with Jupiter's aspect on Ketu. Positions SATVRN'S TRANSIT OVER SUN This transit is seen to give tensions to the person in his professional field due to the fact that Sun is inimical to . This chapter is meant to hone the astrologer's skills to interpret charts . It is alongside Mars.. d) not mean either positions from lagna or positions from Moon. However.. However. Ketu and Moon in one direction to Saturn cannot make the man come up in life as expected . a sign for lawyers. we will have to delineate the exact results keeping in mind the transit of the slow-moving planets Saturn. This is sought to be done in this chapter without specific reference to a profession. chartered accountants. Lagnadipathi planet. Rahu and Ketu.. we read that Jupiter in the third position from Moon and Saturn in the 12th house from Moon give very adverse results. Transit of Saturn over Natal.

This transit would not only increase money but also increase the respect to the person. immovable property. In the above chart. conveyances. or in a trine to Mars'position in the nata] birth chart. This transit is likely to give the person lands. . the evil effects of Mars may not be felt SATURN'S TRANS(T OVER MERCURY RAsr Ketu Transit Jupiter This isa favourable transit since the two planets are friends.If you observe closely.If Rahu were ~nthe second to Mars in the birth chart. there is no doubt that the person would be put to endless travels. 7th. earnings and travel are ensured. The person may start new ventures in trading. Mars win have very little power to trouble Saturn and in such cases. However. the communicative ability or gains in trading ventures.. SATURN'S TRANsn OVER MOON This is an extremely favourable transit since the person is sure to get promotions or get an increase in professional status. 7th.. However. Jupiter or Venus in the next house to Sun the results will be quite favourable and the person may be able to come to the limelight due to such transit. The person's financial position in the profession would strengthenas a result of the transit. 5th.. This win happen irrespective of any time period . Saturn transited Aquarius where Venus is located in the year 1993. EXAMPLE 53 Mars Sun Moon Mercury Saturn Venus Transit Saturn Lagna Rahu Jupiter There is no doubt in the author's mind that unless Jupiter or Venus happen to aspect this transit either being conjunct in the natal chart or being 2nd.126 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Transit Results SATURN'S TRANSIT OVER JUPITER 127 Saturn. The health of the mother would need to be watched. the person is sure to experience obstacles in his profession and may have breaks in his career. SATURN'S TRANSIT OVER VENUS This transit is normally considered unfavourable by ancient texts and we find no reason to differ. if there is Rahu. 9th or 12th house therefrom the chances of fame. and marriage. Jupiter or Venus in the 2nd house to Saturn would mean comfortable earnings to the native while Rahu in the 2nd house to the Sun would subdue the powers of Sun. SATURN'S TRANSIT OVER MARS This is an extremely favourable transit giving the person assured wealth. Jupiter or Venus were to aspect Saturn either by being in the same sign as the Moon or in the 2nd. The person may also have a change of job for the better. Problems from the government are not ruled out. If Moon were to be alone. if Mercury. This is because.

However. The second transit of Saturn. SATURN'S TRANSIT OVER KETU During this year 1995. Mars . Saturn I I Jupiter ® Rahu I This transit wilI give the native tremendous hard work in the profession and may also give the native wealth through secret means. One must note that Jupiter's transit is of vital importance since he is the most beneficient planet and in favourable signs. IfKetu or Mars were to be . By way of information. it is most likely to give changes in career. Jupiter in the 8th house to Moon and Saturn in the 12th house to Moon are unfavourable. This is not at all a good transit and is likely to displace the person from professional pursuits. See the position of transit of Saturn over natal Venus with aspect not only by natal Jupiter but also by transit Jupiter. during 1993-94 the person had increased earnings in profession and could buy a car without any loan. The next transit may see the person quit his profession. During the first transit when the person is around 29 to 30 years.. is significant since it covers the active period of the person's life. the person was running Venus dasa.I . As per conventional transit principles. benign aspect over natal Saturn or transit Saturn is to be considered a boon. in the 2nd house to Saturn. the transit of Jupiter indicates that the person himself is walking through the zodiac sign. Transit of Jupiter over Natal Positions As we have mentioned 'earlier.. the person had to face innumerable difficulties since Mars was aspecting Saturn in transit and unfortunately Ketu was in the 2nd house to Saturn. This is an extremely important transit. His. It would be interesting to note that he is running Venus dasa. This transit is very strong and can give shins in career.128 Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Transit Results EXAMPLE 54 II I 129 Jupiter is in the same direction as Venus in the chart. This displaced him from the profession and gave him no earnings . As Saturn transited natal Venus position to the degree. the person acquired landed property. . SATURN'S TRANSIT OVER RAHU Venus . It may make the personenter into mammoth transactions in the professional field. Mercury bhukthi. he is capable of giving excellent results.However. SATURN'S TRANSIT OVER NATAL SATURN Ketu I Sun Lagna Mercury Moon I I Transit Saturn RASI I I :! This occurs approximately once in 29 or 30 years. Venus' aspect over Saturn gave him some money through other means. similar difficulties are likely to be felt.

r I ' I Moon Rahu Jupiter I' I Lagna Saturn® RASI Mercury This is considered an unfavourable transit in ancient texts and we have no reason to dispute this . the person was married. The person may be given to quick temper and hasty decision making during such transits.TER'S TRANSIT OVER Sun MARS Ketu :1 This normally gives the person blood pressures and may make the person subject to surgery. increased respect and gains in his life . It may give professional changes for the better or the person may start new ventures. he is sure to get married.. He released booklets on various aspects of his profession. well as give the native impetus in writing activities.lts iEXAMPLE 13] 55 This may give the native governmental contacts and he is likely to come to the limelight. Mars' aspect on Jupiter is also likely to give surgeries. JUPITER'S TRANSIT OVER MOON I. this is a good transit for the individual. However. At the time when Jupiter was transiting Mars in the year 1'994. JUPI. This combination gave him a love marriage which was accepted byparents. the person's health may be affected due to anger or tension. . This transit is capable of giving interest for the person in divine 'contemplation . It may give him religious tendencies and a thirst for knowledge... JUPITER'S TRANSIT OVER JUPITER This transit is favourable for the native to gain lands and take interest in educational matters as. This person (Example 55) is aged around 30 and was running Rahu dasa Saturn bhukthi since ]'993.Depending on Saturn's transit. This gIves displacement. This event occurs once in 12 years of the native and gives him mental satisfaction. It would be seen that Jupiter's aspect from Gemini over Mars gave the native a marriage after observing the regular rites. The person also got a site. If the native is unmarried. But the peculiarity is that Satumand Sun oppose each other across the 1stand 7th houses and Venus and Rahu are in the same direction.'esu.1TtER'S TRANSJT OVER MERCURY I Marrs In this example chart. travels and tensions to the native. JUP. If Sun is exalted in the chart or otherwise well placed.130 JUPITER'S Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career TRANSIT OVER SUN Transit R. Jupiter was transiting Mercury In 1995 and the person was able to get new teaching assignments.

reased professional standing. I Saturn I' Mercury Jupiter Sun I Mars Venus Rahu Venus I I Saturn Rahu Mars Mercury Sun Jupiter I I JUPITER'S TRANSIT OVER VENUS This is a good transit showing increased wealth for the native. the person got a tremendous jump in his profession and got a change of place. Lagna : RASI " ~ RASI I Moon I II I ! I. Inc. Rahu well positioned in the chart may actually give comforts to the native in the form of worldly pleasures. I Moon I 'I Ketu I I. Sun.may also give palaces or unexpected secret earnings. increased earnings and doing respectable things in the profession are seen in this transit. At the time when Jupiter was transiting natal Saturn position in 1995 degree to degree. JUPITER'S TRANSIT OVER SATURN In this chart. Rahu and Mercury from Libra (being in the same direction).The person may get increased earnings from various sources and he may be able to acquire houses. This gave the native more than twice his present earnings. This may also cloud the thinking of the native. Changes of jobs for the better.. However. This combination did not come in the way due to the above Jupiter's transit. .132 EXAMPLE Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career Transit Results EXAMPLE 133 56 III 57 Ketu II . Note the fact that Saturn is transiting Aquarius as that time and had the aspect of Mars. ~his transit helps the native's wife also . This is sure to give the native unrest. The combination of Venus and Rahu'occurring during Jupiter's transit. The person would have to work hard and suffer in his personal life. the person is running Moon dasa since 1994. JUPITER'S TRANSIT OVER RAHU Th~s i~ a fortu~ate transit and is sure to strengthen the ?atlve s professional front.

but may also give divine knowledge to the native .. RAHU'S TRANSIT OVER JUPITER Ketu I' I I This transit affects the individual in terms of his perception to and Mercury has made the native Withstand all difficulties. . EXAMPLES8 Transit of Rahu over Nn#:tI Positions RAHU'S TRANSIT OVER SUN This transit normally brings problems to' the father or the son in tenus oftheir health.HU"S TRANSI.. Moreover.. RAHU'S worries.arne direction as Jupiter's transit. it gave the person divine know]edg~. travel to various places and health problems to the native. However. The prospects of doing ceremonies to dead people win also arise .This ~an~tt.RANSIT OVER MOON Moon Mercury Saturn Venus Mars I. this transit brings health problems to the wife of the native. RAHU'S T. tho~gh n?t of major proportions. problems for the mother. RASI RAnu's TRANSIT OVER. on the ~hole is unfavourable from the point ofview of worldly pursuits. being in a N~rth dIrectIOn sign. RAHU'S TRANSIT OVER SATURN The person would do shady things in his profession unless this transit is aspected by Jupiter. The e~'~hange of~upit.oVER VENUS . Moon ~nd Ketu 10 the s. nevertheless the person may have to' face ugly situations with his friends or business partners. it is quite possible that the person's bodily health itselfmay suffer. RA. gave mc~eased professional standing. Apart from this. writing powers. The person may become more materialistic and may adopt devious tendencies hitherto not found in him.However. Sun Lagna Rahu Jupiter This leads to delusions. Mercury. tensions and health T!RANSIT OVER MARS This transit is sure to give accidents or injuries. MERCURY While this transit may help mammoth trading transactions. it may be time for the native to himself build a massive house . this transit would mean troubles to the husband. The prospect of the native getting extraordinary wealth from properties is very likely.134 JUPITER'S TRANSIT Vedic Nadi Astrology & Career OVER KETU Transit Results 135 This transit may give obstacles to the native in his health front. In the case of females.T . .Jupiter's transit over natal Ketu position who is posited In the 7th house gave the person innumerable health problems. The combined effect of Saturn.

. This transit may also giveeducarional attainments in the field of law.This transit is not favourable for the mother's health . TRANSIT 'OFKETU 'OVERMERCURV The person may get into disputes with his friends or his partners. The native's mind becomes attuned towards godly activities. TRANSIT 'OF KETU OVER . This transit is sure to give religious tendencies to the person. The person may suffer some bodily injuries or sickness during such transit. TRANSIT OF KETU OVER SATURN The person's profession would face impediments and he may even think of giving it up for some other profession..JUP.. it may give the person thoughts about hatching plots . Where Moon is not strong enough. Apart from this.T 'OF KETU OVr.R VENUS This transit may lock the person's money in disputes or may give problems to the health of the wife . TRANSI.~ology & Career Transit Results 137 Transit 'of Keta over Nata~ Posltions TRANSIT 'OF KETU OVER SUN This transit would bring health problems to father or son.136 Vedic Nadi As. either of them may take sudden or deeper interest in religious matters.fTER . TRANSIT 'OF KETU 'OVER M'O'ON You will kindly note that these are genera] transit results and cannot be made absolute dicta since during such unfavourable transits it may be quite possible that other favourable transits may 'counteract and actually give results that are favourable. . TRANSIT 'OF KETU OVER MARS This transit win trigger off blood pressure problemsand is likely to give problems to the husband of the native (in a female's chart).

Chawdhri Handwriting Analysis Made Easy Jess E. L.- BOOKS 'ON OCCULT SCI. Ravindra Kumar III' 'll 'I .e.R.K.R.I " Seizan Fukami i I I Secrets of Numerology Dr.R.cnd through . Moles. L.ENCES The A to Z of Astrology Mahan Vir Tulli Secrets of Astrology t». Vas The A to Z of Palmistry Hari Dutta Sharma Secrets of Yautra. Mantra and Tantra Dr:.Handwriting I ~ !I Jess E. Chawdhri Everybody's Guide to Palmistry 8. Dines Lucky Fortune: Four Basic Principles to Make Fortune Roll Your Way I II :1 ~I .L. Chawdhri Choose the Rigbt Maf. Dines Secrets ofOrcuU Sciences: How to read Omens. Dreams and Handwriting t». Lover or Fri.

95 . Raghuraman is a chartered accountant by profession. hence astrology was put to this use. V.Astrology ! Occult Sciences It has been a well-known fact that astrology was called the eye of the Vedas. He specialises in the Nadi system of astrology purely as a hobby on a noncommercial basis. He is also an author of a book on central excise . ISBN Bl-207-2092-x I 6 ~~:. The conduct of Vedic rituals had to be timed at a specific period. The book deals with this analysis at great length and enlightens a lay reader about the subject.~ PAPERBACKS STERLING PUBLISHERS PVT. In the modem context. LTD. for it threw light on matters relating to timing events. this divine science is used to interpret birth charts to have an overview of an individual's persona] and professional future in terms of success and prosperity. 9 788120 720923 II I II Rs..

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