Weekly Plan

Monday 12/5/11 8:30-9:00AM Breakfast
Chex apples/oranges 1% milk PBJ pretzel snaps strawberries oranges 1% milk Yogurt apples 1% milk Marble painting in a can Christmas tree craft Playdough

Tuesday 12/6/11
Yogurt ww toast apples 1% milk
Santa pancakes bacon

Wednesday 12/7/11
Cheerios bananas 1% milk Chicken noodle soup quesadillas apples bananas 1% milk crackers apple slices 1% milk Clay tree ornaments Beaded jinglebell necklaces Making apple pies ABC stamps

Thursday 12/8/11
Chex bananas 1% milk Pizza muffins green salad fruit kabobs 1% milk

Friday 12/9/11
ww toast apples 1% milk Macaroni and cheese broccoli bananas 1% milk bananas crackers 1% milk Candle holders

11:30-12:00PM Lunch

bananas apples 1% milk

3:00-3:15PM Snack

crackers cheese sticks 1% milk Cinnamon applesauce ornaments Painting with rubber brushes Gingerbread playdough Name hunt

hummus and pretzels 1% milk Paint swirl ornaments Marshmallow trays Potato flakes and sifters Movable alphabet


Fine Motor/ Manipulatives Science/ Sensory table Literacy/ Writing

Cutting practice

Gingerbread playdough Playdough mats

Movable alphabet


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