Trevor Gudde Social Justice 9/14/2010 Dr.


Police Kill Unarmed Man “Manuel Jamines, a 37-year-old husband and father of three, was killed September 5 by police after allegedly threatening someone with a knife.” However, according to the groups of eye witnesses, the man did not have any for of weapon, nor apparently did he threaten the police. The LAPD police have, since the incident, had to deal with days of protests by the people angered with the apparent unneccesary murder. The crowds were throwing things like eggs, fruit, televisions, and other items. This relates to social justice in the aspect that we give our police all of this power, with hopes that they will use it honestly. But for a very long time police have been abusing their power, and there is nothing we can do about it. The way our constitution and society was formed was so that, in the case of an abuse of power, we the people are the ones responsible for correcting the issue. But when the ones abusing the power are supposed to be taking care of us, keeping us safe and enforcing the laws that we made to make our society a better place, what are we supposed to do? According to police chief Beck, they will be looking into the killing. But at the same meeting, the police presented the supposed “weapon” that Manuel used. The showed a bloody blade. And honestly that is all that they have to do. The police are in charge of investigating. So when they are investigating themselves do you think it will be fair?

like I stated earlier. . where a family man was killed but the police have and item such as a “bloody blade” so we assume that they were just in their actions. as simple American citizens fix this unjust scenario. But if you notice. Is there anything we can do? Of course. But will it work? Probably not until something even more horrid happens. And for a long time people have been talking about it. What about all of the other accounts of police brutality? And all of the ones that we never hear about. such as kill an unarmed man in front of a group of people. that we are angered enough to do anything about it. its only when the police do something so horrid. we can complain and file things to the government.So what are we supposed to do? How can we. Police brutality has been going on for a long time.