Matt- 1.1-1.3 Jonggirl-1.4, 1.5, 2.1, 2.2 Steph- 2.3-2.6 Boram- 2.7-2.9 Chris- 2.

10, 3 and part of Exec Summary Albert- Exec Summary

2.10 Brand community building (Chapt. 2, p. 72-73) The The Courtyard as displayed several examples in community building. Offline- NFL Community, Green Community, Family Community, Business Communities, Using the strong associations from marriott courtyard by marriott has establsihed a very user friendly and asthetcially pleasing website that is appealing to an online community that is responsible forfor a very large number of room nights per year. The innovativeness of the brand and parent company make it more appelaing to book direcr rather than to choose to reserve a room through an OTA. This is not to say that the guests do not view the OTA websites and rate shop. This is something that the industry should take assume to be a natural part of room night consumption. OnlineFacebook, Twitter, Courtyard blog, Marriott on the Move, Business One thing seems to be certain and that is that the courtyard name has managed to distinguish itself among developers, private equity groups realty companies and more in regards to the branding or rebranding of one of their prospective, nearly aquired or aging assets. 3.0 Apply Brand Equity model (Page 670-672 Figure 15-17) to your brand and provide recommendations how the brand could increase value for customers and the company. Apply Aaker’s Ten Guidelines for Building Strong Brands in your recommendations. need to ask courtyard's in manhattan th efloowing: who are your major targets? weekday? weekend? TO guests:

Business and Lesiure: do you feel an affinity or feel a sense of community with others that stay at Courtayrd? Brand Equity 3.5 Other Proprietary Brand Assets .4 Brand Associations 3.2 Reassurance 3.0.3 Perceived Quality 3.0.3 Attracting New Customers 3.1 Brand Loyalty 3.2 Brand Awareness Time to respond to competitive threats 3.3.2 Trade Leverage 3.1 Create Awareness 3.1 Reducing marketing costs 3.

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