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رسالة تضامن من حزب اليسار الألماني

رسالة تضامن من حزب اليسار الألماني

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Published by: الاشتراكيون الثوريون on Dec 05, 2011
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Heike Hänsel Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages

Tübingen, 28.11.2011

Solidarity Statement to the Demonstrators in Tahrir Square
With great respect, we do follow up your ongoing resistance in Tahrir Square, in the factories, and all over Egypt. We are appalled at the brutal course of action taken by SCAF, which cost the death of many people and the injuries of hundreds. We mourn those who lost their lives during the latest protests. We express our deepest condolences to their families and friends. Our thoughts turn too to the thousands who were and still are courtmartialled and thus put to jail, and who did not, even after the fall of Mubarak, seize to fight for freedom and justice. The persistent violence against the demonstrators must stop immediately! The human rights violations committed under the rule of SCAF must be investigated and cleared up by an independent committee and the Emergency Law must be lifted. As representatives of the German Left Party “DIE LINKE,” we espouse the necessity of supporting the democratic transition in Egypt by the German government, and above all, we demand that the German government must stop supporting SCAF by preventing further armament supply by certain German firms to the Egyptian military. We declare our solidarity with your struggle for a free and democratic Egypt! We are truly impressed by your bravery and your perseverance. We wish you strength for the coming days and weeks. We shall always support you in your struggle.

Tübingen, 28.11.2011 Bezug: Anlagen: Heike Hänsel, MdB Am Lustnauer Tor 4 72074 Tübingen Telefon: +49 07071-208810 Fax: +49 07071-208812 heike.haensel@wk.bundestag.de Berliner Büro Platz der Republik 1 11011 Berlin Büro: Unter den Linden 50 Raum: 3.007 Telefon: +49 30 227-73179 Fax: +49 30 227-76179 heike.haensel@bundestag.de Entwicklungspolitische Sprecherin Fraktion DIE LINKE. Vorsitzende Unterausschuss Vereinte Nationen und Globalisierung

Heike Hänsel MdB for the faction DIE LINKE

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