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Final Presentation

DurIng LIe IInuI exum perIod you wIII eucI gIve u Iour mInuLe presenLuLIon. or LIe presenLuLIon you wIII
sIure one oI your projecLs Irom LIe semesLer. TeII us wIuL IL Is ubouL, Iow you cume up wILI LIe Ideu, und
wIuL you cIunged LIrougI revIsIons. You muy cIoose Lo reud u smuII excerpL. ObvIousIy, Iour mInuLes Is
noL u IoL oI LIme so you musL be creuLIve, reIeurse, und decIde wIuL IL Is you mosL wunL me und LIe cIuss Lo
know ubouL LIIs projecL.

Pleuse note: the Iinul exum is mundutory. Iuilore to uttend will resolt in un ubsence und u o
on yoor Iinul exum. In uddition, yoor Iinul grude will be docked hulI u letter grude.