We have done our project on MORE retail shop in koperkhraine. We would firstly like to thank our respected Prof Ashwin Khair for giving us this opportunity which has helped us & guided in every way to get the best possible knowledge about retail. We would also like to thank the management of MORE retail outlet who have cooperated with us & helped us in completion of our project.

The objective of MORE is to provide better service and quality product to their customer.

Our mission is to change the way people shop; we will give them “more”.

ADITYA BIRLA GROUPS “MORE” outlet is located in Koparkhairane which serves consumers from morning 9 am to evening 9 pm. Outlet is spread over the area of 2460 sq ft. It also has free space outside the outlet. Outlet is near Koparkhairane station and is in between the main residential area. The colour of the walls here is white and orange which gives a pleasing experience to the visitor. There is one watchman on the gate who does the checking of the bags and arranges them on the shelf. There are two billing counters for the billing procedure to take place. Outlet is divided in two sections, on the right hand side they have three walking spaces with 2 shelves which have four sides. On the left hand side they keep all vegetables, fruits and cold drinks. Conversion, how many customer come and shop for e.g. number of bill / number of customer * 100. These indicates 98 luggage from 100 customer. Ticket size suppose 4000 bill 1000 bill. They have lowest ticket size bill.


Q1.How do you define your target customer? Ans. We don’t target customer and do not segment them because FMCG product is for all and this is open for all types of customers.

Q2. How do you try to communicate to your customer? Ans. basically we are doing lot of promotions and many programmes for attracting customer. One is LOYALTY programme which we call the CLUB MORE CARD. We create loyalty among customers. For customers loyalty we have a program called CLUB MORE. Before billing we pitch the customers for CLUB MORE CARD. We register the name and address of the customers. After becoming a member they get one point on each purchase of Rs.10. All the points are summated together till it becomes 500 points. Customers get special gifts, prices or discounts on these. Customers can also redeem their 500 points with cash discount of Rs 25. Redemption has been started in Pune and is shortly to start in Mumbai. Another benefit for the CLUB MORE CARD holder is that we have started SPECIAL RACKS system. SPECIAL RACKS consist of several products of FMCG, ELECTRONIC GOODS, APPARELS ETC which only a CLUB MORE CARD holder can purchase at very discountable price. MORE does not have fix marketing strategy. To increase their sales they use different marketing strategies for different period of time such as DAYS OFFER - On Wednesday there will be discount on fruits and vegetables. MONTHLY OFFERS - Buy one get one, flat 50% off, combo offers etc.

OCCASSION OFFERS - Discount on product belonging to that occasion. FESTIVAL OFFERS - Discount on product belonging to that festival. All these above offers are printed on pamphlets and are distributed to that limited areas nearby outlet. Even these pamphlets are put in as newspaper inserts. Also pamphlets are personally placed at the customers doorsteps.

Lucky draw offer
On the 1st anniversary of MORE a lucky draw Housie was done. Offer was only eligible to the customers who purchased goods worth more than Rs 200. The results were announced on FM radio. The grand prize was Bolero car, Scooty, Plasma TV etc.

Product & Offers July ka dhulai offer.
A coupon was provided on purchase of 2kg Henko detergent powder. One coupon was randomly selected as a winner. The prize was washing machine.

Q3. Looking at the competition what is your offering to your customer for customer satisfaction. Ans. We don’t have any competition. We are not considering any other retailer, because we are providing best facility, best services and best price to our customer.

Q4.What is your method to maintain inventory in your store?

Method used by MORE to maintain their inventory is MBQ level - Minimum Base Quantity or Mass Base Quantity. In this method if 50 qt is sold out of 200 qt then immediately the sold qt of 50 is maintained.

Q5.What is your outlet’s staff hierarchy?

Posts of employees

Opening of outlet
Business Development Team decides where, why and how to open a new outlet. Mostly they decide to open at the residential area or high class society.

MORE is using the same strategy as WALL MART. The strategy is that in area of every 2 km there must be an outlet of MORE.

Colour of the wall is white and orange. Centralised AC has been installed all over the premises of outlet. AC’s are on time basis. Like 2hr for chocolate section, 2hr for household section and likewise. AC’s was continuous on at the section of fruits and vegetable. Flooring was of a white granite stone. Floor was very clean and was not slippery. At vegetable section there was carry bag roll. If consumer wants vegetable, the CSA pull out one carry bag from the roll and put the vegetables in the bag. It becomes convenient for customer and CSA too. Mirrors are displayed at the upper side of vegetables and fruits rack to see the upper image of vegetables and fruits they had placed.

Product placement
Product placement was divided into four sections: These below mentioned things is hanging on the selling and mentioned where product is actually kept. 1] pickles/chutneys Health drinks Tea Biscuits

2] break fast cereals Ready to eat

Canned food Sugar/ salt

3] more- freshness Skin care Sanitary needs More -vale

4]Baby needs Household cleans Disposables More.variety

Walking space was very small. If somebody brings a trolley from front, then the whole space is blocked. Some of the products has been placed in middle of the walking space like vim bar and fry pan. Some of the inventories were stored in the corner of the outlet itself. Entrance was very small. They had kept some of the stocks at the entrance and there is one gate use for entrance and exit. Frozen items were at one corner and refrigerator was at another corner with frozen item they kept packet of tea which is not understandable.

Some of the boxes were kept on top of the refrigerator for managing inventory which is not looking good. There was only two billing counters. These can create a problem when there will be rush and also there is no space for queue. Brooms were kept next to fruits. As an customer we felt very bad impression. At one section there was a water leakage on the floor from AC. Magazines are sold. No proper arrangements of merchandise every product kept together no special attention on particular product and also they mix one product in to another. Product placement was very unorganised. Like chocolates were kept next to fruits. Without any offer they were keep fruit with fry pan. Many things was unorganised like socks, towel and hot pot. Manager office: there is only one fan no ac because they are doing cost cutting. One computer, printer, phone, many drawer and shelve, target boar, mike system, locker, main switch boar. Negative point we come to know about CLUB MORE CARD was that retailers gives them expired goods.
Feed back form for customer complaint and suggestion. Shop not in the good condition they are doing cost cutting like decreasing the employee and not running ac all time. Bar coat system not mentioned offer when offer is there this is make bad impact on customer mind.


Our own analysis regarding to shop are as followe. First of all there are lots of inventory in the shop wich is really hard job to maintain it in proper manner company keep sending inventory without thinking capacity about the shop so there is no fault of manager to keep product unorganise for making shop organised manager keeping some invwntory in his office which is very bad,some where they also done many mistake for managing the shop like tea, chocolate, magazine, apperal etc are not keeping properly and these thing give wrong message to the customer that shop doent have any standard.hey are using some FX fenal for cleaning the floor which is very limited and that aso provided by vendor. The main problem which we saw was company send some inventory which had some damags around 3000 rupees and vendor not ready to take bck taht goods we asked to the manager about that but he dint answear us. The were telling us thire main service that was providing one to one service to the customer suppose when any customer come in the shop than one of employee assessing him but we find that was very irritating for some of customer. Over all branch manager and remaining employee was very hard worker they love to their work and maintain proper communication between them they feel proud to work with aditya birla more.


If we will be the manager first of all will stop the QMB inventory system which is makes non sense becuse of that manager has to maintain un nessesary inventory, Second thing about the offer some time offer is there but bar coat not showing it this is very embaracing situation, we will not bothered about bar coat for the offer we directly provide to customer. Last thing will using the free space outside the shop there is empty place outside the shop which we will use for increasing the customer like will srart food stalls for attracting more customer towards the more


We have learned a lot from this project. After this project we have a fair knowledge about retail management. This project has helped us a lot to know about the various aspects concerned with retail field which people rarely know about like marketing strategies, promotions activities involved, inventory management, customer relations, method of advertisement, services etc. Most importantly after this project we are able to easily understand several segments of retailing and also our observation skill has increased because we have observed many aspects during our project like the area of retail shop, design of outlet, method of stock keeping, promotional activities involved and also the problems faced in this field. Lastly we would like to thank the management of MORE outlets for their cooperation and support without which this would not have been possible and successful. Also we would like to thank our Prof who gave us this golden opportunity which has proved to be very helpful and will guide us throughout our career.

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