List of Course Books – Bachelor's Degree Programme - 7th Semester Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Communication and Public Relation - 2010/2011
Subject English for Academic Handout Writing Communication Research 3 Book Adopted Since September 2009 Price Notes

Data Analysis with Copy SPSS, 3e Sweet Allyn & Bacon ISBN 9780205483877 Introduction to Media Copy Production, 4e Musburger Elsevier ISBN 9780240810829 Handout Global meetings and Rp. 270,000 exhibition Krugman, Carol John Wiley ISBN 0471699403

Media Production

Adopted Since September 2010

Multimedia Presentation Event Management

New Course Adopted Since September 2010

Social development Essentials of Business Copy and media ethic Ethics Collins John Wiley ISBN 9780470442562

Adopted Since September 2010

Entrepreneurial skills Entrepreneurship and Rp. 220,000 and management Small Business, 2e. Schaper; Volery John Wiley ISBN 0470810823

Adopted Since September 2009


Rp. 490,000


QF 20.01/Rev. 0

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