I had to take the short trip to Grand Rapids to catch my flight home. Always nice flying out of Grand Rapids security is easy to get through and you don’t need to get to the airport as early as many other airports.

My Connecting Flight to St.louis was in a different terminal, so a brisk 20 minute walk was necessary. Got there in perfect time to board and took off in fifteen minutes.

Home is in Chesterfield, Missouri Where my parents, two brothers, and sister live. Also my Siberian Husky Kyanne.

Off to Grandparents House

Grandparents are from Decatur, Illinois. •It’s a tradition for my mother’s side of the family to come together on Thanksgiving. •My mother has five other siblings, so I have twenty cousins. •My family always has a great time on thanksgiving. •This year we had turkey ham, oyster stuffing, sweet potatoes, and my favorite my grandma’s home made crescent rolls.

Being away at school now, I don’t always get to see my friends who attend different colleges. Most of my friends go to University of Missouri. Over Thanksgiving I got to see all of them.

Need to stop by the bank.

Next year I’m going to be living in the apartments off campus at Oakwood. So me and my mother had to stop by the bank to get a notary for proof of payment.

Lastly some hockey games!
My Younger brothers Sam and Trevor both play for the local high school. (Marquette) I used to play on the same high school team when I was a freshman at Marquette. Sam plays on the varsity team as a junior. Trevor plays on the junior varsity team as a freshman. Watching them is very fun for me because I feel as though how the play is a reflection on how I’ve taught them how to play.

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