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Published by: Clevon John on Dec 06, 2011
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Clevon John Caruso English 1101- 052 23 August 2011 Literacy Memoir My English and writing classes have

been a mixture of both positive and influential teachers. However, one English teacher I had freshman year in military school didn’t seem to care much about teaching us the freshman curriculum. I didn’t learn some of the essential things I needed to know such as grammar, MLA format and how to analyze literature. Instead of learning about the history and content of the book, our class would watch the movies based on the books. My sophomore year I had been accepted to Franklin Academy. Thinking that I was a good writer, I wrote my first English paper the same way I would have at my previous school where I ranked top in the class. The teacher handed me back the paper with a failing grade and I was shocked because if I would have turned in the same content to my previous English teacher I would’ve gotten an A. The reason this didn’t work is because my new school was a college prep school and in my military school they weren’t so focused on education as they were on discipline. Sophomore year was challenging because where most kids in my class had already learned grammar, compare and contrast, MLA and how to analyze literature, I was just being introduced to it. It was challenging but my teacher really helped me and I ended up getting one of the highest grades on the writing test. Junior year, my teacher made me fall in love with writing, reading and poetry. She was one of the best English teachers I had because there was never a dull day in her class and she

really made you become passionate about learning. She made everyone involved in class, had a dry sense of humor and for me it was hysterical because I am a sarcastic person. She was always there to help me when I needed it and she pushed us to think outside the box and realize things in writing that I hadn't noticed before. She made me realize that I needed to be more confident in my writing and follow the rules of writing. She also helped me realize the wonders that writing does for stress relief and expressing myself. My senior year English class was about the senior project, which helped me find out a lot about my passion of helping others. She was energetic and only wanted us to be successful by helping us prepare for our college English classes. She tried making it similar to what we would expect in the future. Giving us deadlines and a lot of online assignments maked it a lot easier for me to adjust to the college environment. My previous writing course Senior year wasn’t too difficult but it helped me mature my writing skills to a lot better level then it was at my freshman year. I was required to do a couple research papers, annotated source list, MLA cite every paper and a lot of peer editing. It was taught by my sophomore English teacher, so a lot of the same things we were doing in English class were repeated in the writing course. It was difficult because the amount of papers we had to write but it wasn’t impossible. If I could do it all over, I would have given the class more attention. It was just one of the classes you were required to take in order to graduate so I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have. When it comes to writing and reading, personally I don’t like reading things that don’t have something I can gain from. I have a thirst for knowledge, but I don't feel that everything they give me in school helped me learn about the world around me but instead what the educational system wants me to know. I don’t enjoy reading and writing but in order to have a

better vocabulary and get a job you need to be able to do both. The value of reading and writing means a lot to because I know there are kids in other countries who would love the privilege of sitting where I am right now learning how to read and write. It’s almost like here in America we take it for granted how blessed we are to have free education and not have to walk miles to get to the nearest school. Reading and writing means a lot because 70 years ago I might not have had the opportunity to do either one. My best experience reading was when I used to lock myself in the room and read Harry Potter books and get them finished within the first 3 days. It was magical as if the world shut off and I was inside the book, seeing everything that was happening through the narrator’s eyes. The worse experience I had both reading and writing was a night that I procrastinated doing a U.S history project on George Washington’s speeches. I had to read all of them and write a summary of each one. It took me all night to finish, but it was the last time I procrastinated something so difficult. Out of everything I’ve written, I would say that I like writing poetry and free flow narratives the most. Poetry helps me release my inner thoughts that sometimes I didn’t know existed and free flow writing is something I learned in creative writing club, it’s a way of just writing whatever comes to your head on paper. It’s fun, entertaining and sometimes funny the way the stories come out when they’re read. Poetry is art and the paper is like the canvas so when I’m writing poetry I feel like an artist, this is why poetry is my favorite. My writing process always begins with writing what I feel my introduction and conclusion would be, while my teachers taught me to write the body first and introduction and conclusion last. I just feel that if I write a really good introduction and conclusion I have something to build off of and I also have something to build up towards. That way my paper

doesn’t go dull in the middle. I can always revise the beginning and end to make it flow better with the paper if needed. I think writing the introduction and conclusion first and working my way backwards also helps keeps me on topic. I do reread and revise my papers and often have other people read it and tell me what I need to change or make better. The one thing I would like to change about my writing process is the brainstorming part, I don’t usually do it and I usually jump right in and then change whatever needs to be changed after I’m done writing. I think if I had a bigger vocabulary writing would be a lot easier for me because I tend to use the same words repetitively and it could make my writing boring. Language is a colorful tool and I want to be able to add color to my writing when it looks a little bit gray. I believe this semester is going to be interesting; I’m excited and eager to learn new things. I am a little bit scared, because I’m scared of failure. My biggest concern is failing anything and not getting a high grade, but then again the only person that can fail me is me. My concerns are the work load because of how hard my work load is already but I’m sure someone has it worse. I plan to work hard and strive for success and let no one hinder my college learning experience, and make the most efficient time of my four years at University Of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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