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Gujarat Glass FI Blueprint

Gujarat Glass FI Blueprint

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Published by Anil Kumar Sripati
it is a nice blue print
it is a nice blue print

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Published by: Anil Kumar Sripati on Dec 06, 2011
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To cater for external and internal accounting requirements, SAP database is designed with
organization structure objects, which are configurable according to users requirements. Overall,
these organization objects, such as company code, are hierarchically integrated to ensure that any

business data are properly stored and linked within the organization.

Considering the modules to be implemented for US, and the following Financials organizational

structure object is relevant for external accounting purposes:

As per the understanding, it is assumed that GGPL has got two subsidiary companies in US. GG-
USA is involved in Trading Operation while GGI is involved in Glass Operation, Plastic Operation,
and Parma-tech Operations and also in UK. Accordingly we are suggesting one Company Code for
GG-US to manage Trading activity and one Company Code for GGI to manage Manufacturing
Activity and one company code for UK. These Company codes will be using the year independent
fiscal year April to March in SAP. The Fiscal year is considered as April to Mar to ensure common
Fiscal year across GGPL subsidiaries. Since GGPL Group Company is located in India and its legal
reporting period is April - March and it has to submit its group company financials, hence the

common fiscal year variance across subsidiaries.

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