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Gujarat Glass FI Blueprint

Gujarat Glass FI Blueprint

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Published by Anil Kumar Sripati
it is a nice blue print
it is a nice blue print

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Published by: Anil Kumar Sripati on Dec 06, 2011
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Requirements and Expectations

Accounts payable will have to be record and manage the accounting data relating to all vendors. It
will also need to be closely integrated with the procurement and inventory management system. Any
transaction in procurement, which has a financial implication, would have to automatically be
reflected in accounts payable as well as the general ledger. Also, different GL accounts should be
affected based on the nature of the transaction, for example, advance payments and security

deposits given.

Business Mapping to R/3

The Accounts payable Application Component Records and Manages Accounting data related to
vendors. The AP module contains master records that control how business transactions are recorded
and posted to the account. These master records are also used to process posting data. The vendor

master record also contains all the data you require to do business with your vendors.

The master record is used not only in Accounting but also in Materials Management. By storing
vendor master data centrally and sharing it throughout your organization, you only need to enter it
once. The Process of AP will start from Invoice Verification, Advance Payment, Services payments,

Direct Payment and will end once the payment is made.

Presently GGPL is procuring Raw materials, Trading materials, consumables, Moulds and tools,
capital items, and also making payment to service vendors towards transportation, Annual
maintenance contracts and sub contracting vendors. Payments are released based on purchase
order, agreement etc. In addition GGPL is also making direct payment towards electricity charges,
water charges etc. In SAP all purchase related transactions are routed through Materials
Management and are integrated with FI Model and invoice is booked by Finance through logistic
Invoice verification for GGPL. All other direct payments are booked directly in Vendor bill booking
transaction and payment will be released after making necessary statutory deductions for which tax

codes are maintained in vendor master.

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